Below are links to my favorite Christian Bale related websites, along with fanlistings. If you have a site and would like to have it listed here, please e-mail me to trade links.

General Fansites

Christian Bale An Unofficial Appreciation - Another incredible site featuring many wonderful interviews, tons of info, large picture galleries, games, and other goodies.

YABF - Contains original screencaps, a very elaborate links section, beautiful fanvids, and more.

Pigeon's Fansite - This site is only in Japanese, but they feature some great material including a very large image gallery.

Mystic Bliss - Features info, screencaps, and more.

Mind Your Surroundings - Images, info, interviews, and other goodies.

Psycho Fan Girls Music Videos - Awesome music videos featuring several of Christian's films.

Friv's Equilibrium Music Videos - More awesome videos by Friv mostly for Equilibrium and a couple other great films. She has a wonderful sense of humor, too.

Vidawn's Videos - Contains several great Equilibrium videos and other fandoms

Radioactive Strawberries - Features beautiful wallpapers, avatars, and more; also includes other fandoms.

Caryn's Corner - Multifandom site with lovely wallpapers, avatars, and other goodies.

Visions - Another multifandom site featuring wallpaper, icons, music vids, and more.

Bruno's Honeypot - Contains many amazing wallpapers, mostly for Batman Begins, and lots of other goodies.

Asphalt - Zoe's gorgeous artwork including Batman Begins, CB, and other fandoms.

Portraits by Kim - Features incredible drawings of CB and other actors.

Christian Bale Italia - Italian Fansite dedicated to CB

Movie Related

Christian at the IMDB - Bio, list of all of his movies, messageboards, quotes, and more.

Batman On Film - Get all the latest batman movie news here.

Equilibrium Fansite - Huge site dedicated to Equilibrium with images, info, fanart, videos, and much more. - Fansite devoted entirely to the Cleric.

Batman Reborn - Fanart, info, news, forums, and more.

Batman Begins Official Site - Images, screensavers, windows media player skins, and info.

American Psycho Official Site - Pictures, info, screensavers, and other goodies.

The New World Official Site - Photos, info, behind the scenes, and more Note: refresh the main index a few times to see a gorgeous shot of Christian

The New World - HD Trailers and Featurette

Christian's E! Online Interview - Definitely the best CB interview out there (an hour long). It was done around the time of American Psycho and is available in video and transcript.

Film 2.0 Batman Begins Interviews - Has several great interviews and some behind the scenes footage.

Velvet Goldmine Fansite - Contains fanart, downloads, info, quotes, and more.

Forums & Livejournal Communities

Christian Forum Forum

Resistance HQ : Equilibrium Forum

Christian Bale Daily: Pics Community

Bale Fan

Christian Bale Community

Christian Bale Icons

Batman Begins Community

Legions of Gotham Forum


The Planet: Batman Begins

Superhero Hype Boards

Batman On Film Messageboard

Batman Reborn Forum

High Quality Scan Resources

Hires Hunks - Community that shares tons of high quality pics of male celebs, including 100's of Christian. (visit the 'memories' section under 'user info' for CB's threads)

Faces - Another Community similar to hires hunks. Has one post for Christian so far.

All Stars Scans - Good resource for magazine scans featuring a nice section for Christian and dozens of celebrities.

Sarah's Scans - Has a couple scans of Christian along with tons of other stars.

Photo Actor - Elaborate image galleries for many celebrities including Christian

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