I'm a film editor and graphic designer from Texas. After exploring my site, you will see that I am very passionate about video editing and graphic design. They've been hobbies of mine for about eight years. In 2006 I finished my first official project for Sony's Forever Knight: The Trilogy Part Three DVD set. I edited three music videos for this classic vampire tv series. Visit my portfolio site below to learn more:

Innovation: Web Portfolio

Here is the story of how I fell in love with Forever Knight and Geraint Wyn Davies. I discovered the series in 1995-96 (I was in the 5th grade) when I ventured into the entertainment room to see what my parents were watching late that night. It was "Human Factor" when Forever Knight was doing its first run of season 3. I fell in love with the show and thought the vampires were fascinating and so multifaceted! At the time, I was more of a casual fan and saved some episodes on tape, until I finally saw all of the series in reruns on the Scifi channel several years later in 1999. After seeing all 3 seasons, I became an eternal fan of the show. I fell in love with the characters and became very intrigued by the storylines and Nick's struggles for redemption. I also adored the dark, moody atmosphere of the series. It still remains my favorite portrayal of vampires to this day.

This website came to life in 1999 as a mere picture gallery with wallpapers and some movie-clips, until I got my own video capture card in 2001. Then, I began to create everything on my own and the music video creations started. Now, I mainly focus on creating original artwork through my music videos and graphics to keep the series alive and fresh in the hearts of its fans.

My hobbies include anything relating to film, art, photography, and reading. I also love to draw and paint. I'm a huge animal lover, so they're often the inspiration for my artwork. My music videos of Forever Knight are one of my greatest passions although I have started a large series of non-FK videos in recent years.

I love to listen to dark, mysterious music. Gary Numan is my favorite artist of all time. Most music I hear these days is so mundane, but his work is so rich and atmospheric. I've only been a fan for about a year and a half now, but no musician has ever captured me like he has. Check out some of the music videos I edited featuring his music. Enigma, Evanescence, Collide, Conjure One, Theatre of Tragedy, Hednoize, Duran Duran, NIN, Depeche Mode, and Madonna are some of my other favorite artists. I had the pleasure of seeing Evanescence perform live back in August 2004 and Nine Inch Nails in June 2006. Most recently, I saw Gary Numan in England and was completely blown away. I even had the pleasure of meeting him and really admired the time he devoted to his fans.

Another interest outside of FK is Christian Bale. He's a truly passionate actor - the best of our generation, in my opinion. I really admire his dedication to his roles. I have a site dedicated to him here.

Glamour portraits of me in my original Forever Knight, Jean Paul Gaultier, costume

Photos from my trip to Toronto and the FK filming sites

Original Artwork:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me an email.



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