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Season 1

Le Premier: Dark Knight 1&2 Fanlisting

Atonement: For I Have Sinned Fanlisting

Dark Desires: Dance by the Light of the Moon Fanlisting

Addicted: Feeding the Beast Fanlisting

Season 2

Envisioning: Stranger Than Fiction Fanlisting

Intoxicated: The Fix Fanlisting

Forbidden Love: Be My Valentine Fanlisting

Wonderland: Curiouser & Curiouser Fanlisting - Not updated?

Rebirth: Near Death Fanlisting

Mesmerized: Crazy Love Fanlisting

Hunted Fanlisting

A More Permanent Hell Fanlisting

Father's Day Fanlisting

Season 3

Possessed: Sons of Belial Fanlisting

Take Me: Games Vampires Play Fanlisting

Fever Fanlisting

Ashes to Ashes Fanlisting

These fanlistings have closed, but if anyone decides to reopen them, you're welcome to use the banners I made:

A Fate Worse Than Death Fanlisting - Moving Adieu: Last Knight Fanlisting