Crazy Love Scene

Nick had been possessing her for quite some time now. Now he comes to see her once again.

Amalia is standing alone until she hears Nick fly down. She watches him as he approaches her. Nick takes her hands in his, then touches her lips. He turns her neck looking at three bite marks from previous encounters with her. Nick then kisses Amalia's neck softly, as she smiles with pleasure.

Nick: "Did anyone see you leave, your father, the servants?"

Amalia: "Everyone was asleep."

The two then kiss deeply. Nick is listening to her heartbeat.

Amalia: "They ask me why I'm looking pale. I'm ill. I want to laugh. I want to tell them about you and I, about what we've been doing... If they only knew."

Nick gazes at her with a lustful look in his eyes as she speaks, then brushes her chin with his fingers, before diving into another deep kiss.

Amalia: <happily, holding his shoulder> "I'm yours Nicholas. You're my world."

Nick stares seductively, holding her by the chin once more.

Amalia: "Drink from me again."

He then kisses her lips softly.

Nick: <still listening to her heart beat, as he looks at her neck>"Each time you grow weaker, nearer to death."

Amalia: "Help yourself with my blood, take it all, please..."

Nick kisses her deeply, before letting go suddenly.

Nick: "No Amalia."

Amalia: "Then take only what you need."

Nick looks at her for a moment, then kisses her slightly rough before letting go.

She gazes at him as he pulls her chin to the side revealing her pale neck. Nick draws his head back baring his fangs, and then sinks them in to her for another drink. Amalia smiles with desire for him, as he arches her up, digging deeper into her flesh.

A few nights later Nick is standing out in the spot they met before, as Amalia approaches him weakly. Nick holds her by the arms.

Amalia: "I knew you could not leave me."

Nick: <as he listens to her weaker heart-beat> "No Amalia, but you must leave me, before it's too late, before this obsession consumes us."

Amalia: "I do not have the will Nicholas. I am as helpless as you. <touches his chest with one hand>"

Nick: <grasps the hand tightly> "But you have a life time."

Amalia: <with weak gasps> "You are my life. I could never hope to meet another man such as you. You are worth everything to me, worth life itself."

Nick leans toward her kissing her lips softly.

Amalia: "Take me... Let me die in your arms...go ahead my last time."

As she speaks Nick kisses her softly once more. He then holds her by the neck giving her a deep kiss. Nick turns her looking at her throat and listening to her heart.

Nick lowers Amalia to the ground kissing her once more. He starts to then move down-ward kissing her neck.

Nick lifts his head up, fangs extended with red-orange eyes, looking at Amalia, before back to her throat. He then bites into her, deeper than before. This time Amalia is struggling unable to smile. Nick opens his red-orange eyes, sucking the life away from her. He then closes them, drawing out the last of her life, as the heart-beat becomes fainter and fainter... 


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