~*Crazy Love Scene*~

Nick is feeling very hungry after thinking about the aching hunger for physical contact, the lust... He calls the Raven and says he needs to talk to Janette...

Nick is standing by a river, looking off  with his back turned, as Janette flies in. She's wearing her low-cut strapless evening dress, which happens to be very neck revealing, and her long black gloves. 

Janette: "Nichola"

Nick turns to her with red-orange eyes and fangs glistening. He has a very exited and lustful look on his face.

Nick: "I wasn't sure you'd come."


Janette: [approaching him] "We all have our needs." [she's now facing him] "And it's been so long..."


Janette now too is vamped with red-orange eyes meeting Nick's. Nick looks at her then quickly sinks his fangs into her immortal flesh. He puts his hand against her back lifting her as she moans slightly.


Janette's expression is content, as she enjoys mixing blood with his once again. Nick then turns her still sucking away at her throat, with blood dripping down her back...


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