Dance By the Light of the Moon Scene

Nick has just decided to fly in and give the stripper, Anne a visit, who is a suspect in the murders. There at her apartment, he finds out that she did do it and she tells him that it was purity and she wanted to see the victims civilized selves slip away...

Nick: "You think that murder is civilized, huh?"

Anne: "Are you? Or are you lying?" <rubbing her hand against his neck and face> "Is your whole life a lie?"

Nick lifts his head up some as she moves her hand to the back of his neck. Heart-beating starts as he looks at her tempted by the closeness. Anne starts to rub one finger against his cheek...

Anne: <leaning close to his ear, seductively>"Tell me, you don't want me to have an alibi. <moves in front of his face holding his shoulder> Tell me, you don't want me right now so badly you can't even remember your name."


Nick: "Don't. Believe me, you don't want me to forget myself."

Anne: <still holding him close> "I want you to forget half of yourself...and bring me the other half."

Nick: <after moving close to her face then back again> "Don't."

Anne: "The dark half. <pushing his back with both hands> "I want the darkest most dangerous part of you."


Nick: <moving his mouth against hers, as she rubs against his cheek> "You don't know what you're asking."

Anne: <still rubbing against him> "Yes, I do. I can feel it in you." <arching her neck back as Nick's head moves by her neck> "I can feel...the evil...and it make me want you so badly...I want you to do something for me. I want you to do something to bring me that part of you."

Nick brushes his face near hers as she speaks more...

Anne: "There is so much more to life if you're willing to play a little outside the rules...<rubbing their lips together> <whispering>Take a few chances..."

Nick rubs against her neck, then back up by her face...

Anne: <arching up on him while holding her arms around his neck> "Do something to take us over the edge." <rubs her face against his smiling> "I want you to steal for me."

Nick lifts his head up suddenly. He gazes at her seductively.

Anne: <stilling holding his shoulder> "Have you ever stolen anything? I want you to steal for me and tell me how it feels."

Nick still stares at her as she squeezes his shoulder.


Anne: "I want you to take something important, something that will be missed." <Nick moves toward her mouth, but she lifts her head back, still close to his lips> "That's a dangerous thought."

Anne: "I want you to bring me Burcart's casebook."

Nick moves his mouth very close to hers, as he turns his head rubbing his lips against her cheek. He turns his head completely behind hers, with a evil look on his face...

Second Meeting, after Nick has taken the book

Nick is back at the apartment kissing Anne very deeply, who has her arms around his neck and the casebook in her hand. He kisses her wrist as she moves near the fireplace. Anne tosses the book into the fire.

Nick: "Why are you burning it?"

Anne: "I never really wanted it."

Nick turns away then looks back with an evil look in his eye.

Anne: "How did it feel... <approaching him> to steal?"

Nick kisses her deeply as she wraps her arms around him.

Nick: "It was simple. <rubs her cheek> It was easy. It was good."

Anne rubs her arm against his hair, before he kisses her again once more, this time even deeper. 

Anne: <as they pull away> "It's just the beginning. There's so much more for us. <Nick strokes her neck> So much deeper we can go."

She strokes his hair as he holds her neck a moment. They kiss once more with passion.

Anne: <pulling away, holding her arms around his neck> "Do you want to? Do you want to go deeper? Wouldn't it feel good to do something far, far, worse?"

Nick looks at her seductively, with a look of evil on his face. Anne runs her fingers through his hair, as he grins at her. Nick then kisses her again very deeply...


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