~*Dark Knight Scene*~

Nick has just awaken, after being brought across into the vampire world. He is standing with Janette close by, as LaCroix approaches...

LaCroix carries a young woman in his arms and brings her over to a candle-lit table laying her down.

Nick walks up to the woman.

Nick: "I can hear her heart." 

LaCroix: [pacing behind Nick urging] "It beats for you." 

Nick: "Her life..." 

LaCroix: "Mortals die... Does it really matter how or when?" 

Nick is looking over the mortal woman, anxiously. Janette and LaCroix are on both sides urging him on.

LaCroix: "Can you smell her blood?" 

Nick: "I'm so hungry..."

Janette: "Then take her..."

LaCroix: "Yield to your thirst..."

Janette: "You must..."

LaCroix: "Drink out her goodness. Her life for yours."


Nick is looking at the life before him. He moves his hands near her neck. He then lowers his head, brushing along the woman's throat, smelling her blood.

Janette: "Drink, my love... drink..."


Nick then bites into her neck, digging in and pulling viciously with thirst. He drinks every bit of her essence, for it is his first kill, and he's very hungry...

[the above quotes were all spoken in French]

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