Top 10 Episodes

Below are the top 10 episodes in which we see Nick the darkest, giving in to his true nature. There are others (most are just short scenes), but these are the best ones. They are in order from 1 to 10.

1. **Sons of Belial** & **Games Vampires Play**

These two are equal for being the best. "Sons of Belial" wins, because of that extremely dark and sensual scene at the Raven and of course the other parts with Nick out of control and his true nature kicking in. "Games Vampires Play" wins also, because of all Nick's true nature coming out in the game and even in the actual life! Therefore, these two have both been rated as the top ones.

2. Feeding the Beast

Nick is at the Raven, again out of control, lusting for actual human blood from the source! He finally feels mortality is not such a good thing and this episode features that one line... "Then maybe you'd like to die a little.." That was SO close!

3. Crazy Love

Nick is feeling all his old desires coming to the surface. His need to kill and possess is awakened, thus leading him to feed and make vampire love to Janette. In the past, we see Nick possess the rich merchant's daughter.

4. Dark Knight

We see new-born vampire Nicholas, who makes his very first kill. Also, in the present day, Nick seduces Alyce and is tempted to actually bite her!

5. Dance By the Light of the Moon

A stripper brings out Nick's darker side, featuring some very steamy and dangerous scenes.

6. Francesca

Vampire love with Francesca

7. Fallen Idol

The pit of condemned women!

8. Trophy Girl

Nick takes Lacroix's planned meal.

9. Last Act

Vampire Love with Erica

10. The Fix

The seductive biting hallucination and cool flying at the end!