~*Feeding the Beast Scene*~

The scene starts off at the Raven with a very angry Nick sitting at a table. He holds a glass of blood in his hand...

Nick watches a young woman in black dance seductively. She exchanges looks with him several times. Nick looks at his glass then back at her, wanting blood from the direct source, rather than just a bottle.

The woman starts to approach him, but Janette intervenes when she comes to sit with Nick. He talks to Janette, gulping down lots of her supply of human blood. He has just told her that from now on he's a vampire and proud of it. Just a little later on, after more dark words, she thinks he's had enough to drink.


Nick: [looking up slowly with golden-green eyes and taking bottle]  "I'm hungry, I feed!"

Janette: [a little nervous] "Your eyes. I can not have a scene Nichola."

Nick still stares at her with wild, vamped, eyes.

Janette: "Dance... Work it off a little."

As she says this, Nick looks again at the woman in all black. She dances in front of the crowd, still watching him.

Nick: [still vamped with an anxious look on his face] "Yes!" 

Nick gets up and slowly approaches the dance floor. The music gets darker as he does this. He joins the girl who stops to face him, as he holds her.

Nick lures her into a back room, brushing through some red curtains. They're still dancing some as he holds her leading her on.

Gothic Woman: "What is this place?"


Nick: [takes her hands cuffing them together] "It's a private club." [pulls her toward him, leaning back against a wall] "For VIPs and denizens of the night."

Nick: [brings her hands up to rest on his chest and holds her face, brushing back some of her hair] "I think you belong."

Gothic Woman: "I'm not sure."


Nick: [kisses her] "Maybe it's just your make-up."

Gothic Woman: "How does it make me look?"


Nick stares at her, and brushes his hand slowly down her arm. He then, violently, turns her around against the wall facing him.

Nick: [with an evil look in his eyes] "Like death!" [he then holds his hands around her neck]

Gothic Woman: "Is that sexy?"


Nick: "Oh, it's more than that." [he then kisses her again]

Gothic Woman: [in awe] "It is to me."

Nick: [looking at her, aroused, with his mouth still open] "Death..."

Gothic Woman: [still in awe] "Sexy?"

Nick: "Oh, yes." [he then sticks his tongue near her mouth, turning his head wildly, before going down her neck]

Gothic Woman: [looking over Nick's shoulder as he still wonders near her throat] "That's incredibly sexy to me." [grabs some of his golden hair]

Nick: [fangs descended] "Then maybe you'd like to die a little..."


Nick leans his head back, slightly growling. He's fully vamped with his fangs ready to sink in to her throat and moves in for the kill. Suddenly, Janette walks through the curtains, before the woman becomes his snack.

Janette: [surprised] "Nichola!!"


Nick madly turns around to Janette, letting out a loud hiss. He then turns back to the gothic woman, hissing and growling. She gasps, seeing his eyes and fangs, then runs off. Nick is still hissing and growling deeply, as he turns back to Janette. He glares at her with a very angry and threatening look, then sits down still vamped...

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