~*Games Vampires Play Scenes*~


As Nick enters the game, he sees a blonde woman in a low-cut red evening gown, leaning against a fireplace. The woman turns toward him seductively.

Nick walks forward as Rita, the VR Vampire, tells him about the game.

Rita: "In here you may do as you please. In here you are a vampire." [bares fangs]

Nick turns around and sees the girl in red approaching him, slowly.

Rita: "To win the game you must kill and keep killing. The victim's blood will be your source of power."

The virtual beauty walks up to Nick and strokes his chest.

Rita: "Go ahead. Sink your fangs into her flesh. Drink her essence. She will not resist."


Nick takes her by the hand uncertain, while the beauty starts to lean in towards his neck, feeling his hair. 

She starts to nuzzle Nick's neck and brings her hand up to the other side of it. Nick grabs her arm, trying not to respond to the closeness.

The virtual beauty rests her hand on his chest, as Nick turns taking her arm and looking at her.

Rita: "Why don't you do as she asks?"

Virtual Beauty: "Take me...Please. Take me."

Rita: "It's just a game."

Nick is holding her by the waist now as the aching hunger inside him builds. The virtual beauty has her hands near his neck again, as she draws closer to his face. Nick closes his eyes, as she arouses him more by kissing his neck.  

Nick starts to breathe heavier, hissing, as the virtual beauty nuzzles his sensitive spot and brushes her hand along the other side of his neck. She brings her hand, gradually, down to his chest, arousing the vampire more.

Nick grabs her by the waist, looking at her.

Virtual Beauty: "Take me...Please. Take me."

Nick: [taking her hands in his own] "I can't!"

Rita: "It's not real. Nobody gets hurt. Indulge yourself as you please."

As Rita talks, Nick holds the virtual beauty by the waist again, as she strokes his hair and nuzzles his neck once more. 

The virtual beauty runs her fingers into Nick's hair, while he turns to smell hers. Nick grabs her arm again, as she starts to nuzzle and kiss his throat once more.

Nick then touches her hair and looks at her, grabbing her by both arms.

Virtual Beauty: "Please...Take me."

Nick is still holding her.

Nick: "What is the point of the game?" [baring fangs]

Rita: "Pleasure, fantasy fulfillment, although I have made a few adjustments for this particular game."

While Rita speaks, Nick is still holding the woman, as she brushes her hand through his hair and continues kissing his neck. He closes his eyes and rubs against hers too.

Nick: [suddenly looking up at Rita] "Adjustments?"

Rita: "Incase somebody came looking. You are looking for something detective, besides escape I mean? You will find what you're looking for if you make it to the end, but first you have to play the game."

As she talks, Nick is rubbing against the virtual beauty and she does the same to him. 

He then nips at her shoulder, before pushing her aside slightly, still holding her.

Nick: "I am looking for who killed Lowe."

Rita: "Well, that would be me."

Nick glares at her slightly, rubbing the beauty's back.

Rita: "But tell me detective, is there a court of law in reality where a virtual confession is admissible?"

The virtual beauty rubs Nick's cheek with her hand, while kissing and nuzzling him on the neck. Nick is baring his fangs more now looking at Rita, then away.

Rita: "I didn't think so."

Nick then kisses the woman's hair, before drawing her back. 

They look at each other for a moment and he kisses her. Nick looks back at Rita with a "leave now" expression. She then disappears leaving the vampire and its prey alone.

Nick kisses the virtual beauty's neck. His hunger is building rapidly now. He then draws his head back, with his fangs fully bared, and bites into her neck. After he has fully drained her, Nick wipes his mouth very satisfied...


Rita: "Where have you been? I was beginning to worry."

Nick: "I've been doing a little scavenging." [approaching her]

Rita: "You found it? The skull."

Nick: [fangs bared] "Yes."

Rita: "Not bad at all. But of course you have a long way to go yet, and the challenges, well they get harder. Like Megan over there. She's all yours, if you can get her." [laughs]

Nick smirks a grin with his fangs and flies in front of Megan.

Nick: "You have nothing to fear."

Megan: [begging] "Please don't kill me. I haven't done anything, please."

Nick moves toward her. Suddenly, she brings out a cross putting it out far in front of her. This causes Nick to draw back before flying off. Megan is still holding out the cross, breathing heavily. She walks backward, nervously, as her heart beat comes to Nick's ears.

Nick, suddenly, flies out grabbing her against him, pinned by both arms, knocking the cross out of her hands. His fangs are completely bared.

Megan: [still pleading] "Ooh, oh! Please! Please don't! Don't kill me! Please, I don't want to die!" 

Nick puts his hand on her forehead, pulling her neck to the side.

Megan: "Please. Have mercy. Please..."

Nick brushes her hair to the side, listening to her heart beat and staring at her neck.

Megan: "Please..." [crying]

Nick pulls Megan's head back and widens his mouth. He then sinks his fangs into her neck, as she screams. He drains all her blood, before laying her down...

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