Below are some of the best things said by our Vampire Nicholas through out the series.

Feeding the Beast- "From now on I say I'm a vampire and I'm proud of it! To hell with the mortal world!"

Feeding the Beast- "I'm hungry, I feed!!"

Feeding the Beast- "Then maybe you'd like to die a little..."

Feeding the Beast- "Come to ogle the beast?"

Feeding the Beast- "Monica says that recovery is just the space between fixes. I think I'll show her what backsliding really is!"

Feeding the Beast- "Are you writing some medical paper on me Nat? Or are you just seeking some dark sexual thrill?!"

For I Have Sinned- "I can give it to you...A life that never ends...A power beyond your imagination..." 

Games Vampires Play- "Oh, I'm not a detective in here. In here I'm a vampire. You may call me Nicholas de Brabant!"

Games Vampires Play- "If you're going to play a game, you should know who you're playing against!"

Dark Knight- "I can hear her heart...."

Dark Knight- "I'm so thirsty.."

Dark Knight- "Screw the sunrise, give me the bottle!"

Dark Knight- "I am what I am and I don't think Betty Ford takes vampires!"

Dark Knight- "Close the blinds and get out!"

Last Act- (Nick's dangling the killer out the window) "He doesn't deserve to live, Schanke!" 

Crazy Love- (vamped out talking to Janette) "I wasn't sure you'd come." (she walks over to him and he then bites her)

Hunted- "Come to me..."

Dance By the Light of the Moon- "Believe me, you don't want me to forget myself."

Dying to Know You- "This is what I am..." (growls)

Dying For Fame- "Actually, I was with the Grateful Dead."

Love You to Death- "Then I will take you..."

Sons of Belial- (choking girl) "Get OUT!!"

Sons of Belial- "De Brabant has been many people, all of them murderers. They are inside, restrained by some sickening moral conscience. They want to be released, they want to kill again…"

Dead of Night- "Then close your eyes... and give yourself to me."

Fallen Idol- (after biting one girl on pit) "There now... you may rest until morning, and then I will come to you again. I am afraid I will only have you to help me through the day."

Fallen Idol- (about to finish off other girl in pit) "I have been saving the last of your life for tonight. I have thought of nothing else..."

Only the Lonely- "I am a vampire."

Fatal Mistake- "I can take you some place right now."

Outside the Lines- "Traitors die!"

Francesca- "You have to understand that every drop of blood has your whole life in it. It's not just our food. It's the way we feel life. Imagine if you could know someone's soul, just by sharing their blood. Everything you know, everything you are transformed into touch and taste.  Imagine the temptation to take just one sip, one sip and then another, then another.  To take them inside you and know every secret. To let them know yours. To be them.