~*Sons of Belial Scene*~

The scene starts off with a very dark, vamped, and dangerous Nick entering the Raven...

The Raven is full with many customers and the lights are flashing back and forth. Nick walks in and moves along a table. He then throws his head back, with glowing golden-green eyes and fangs extended, letting out a loud, ferocious, hiss. Afterwards, he lowers his head back down, still vamped and golden-eyed. A female vampire, dressed in a black, see-through, low-cut dress, slowly approaches him from behind, as she lays down her vintage.

Eva: "Hi!" [saying so as she strokes his shoulder with her gloved hand]

Nick turns around to her now un-vamped. He looks at her, aroused.

Eva: [stroking his chest] "You look like you could use a drink... Care to join me?" [then twitching her eyebrows, suggestively, with a smirk on her lips]

Nick moves toward her, as they break into a deep, lustful, kiss. Eva wraps her arms around the back of Nick's neck, kissing him even deeper. He then turns her, wildly, still kissing before letting go.

Nick vamps out once again behind her back, bringing his tongue, sensually, down her shoulder and applying a kiss to it. When he brings his head back up, there are obvious signs of arousal. Afterwards, Nick turns her around some what roughly, facing him.

Eva: [stroking the back of his head, exited] "Is that a yes?"

Nick looks at her with a sly, evil, look on his face. He then sinks his mouth into hers once again, with another very passionate kiss.

Nick twirls her around, wildly, holding her in his favorite feeding position. He looks down at her neck, rubbing his face in her hair, before kissing it and turning her neck further out. Nick leads her across the Raven, still in position before twirling her again.

Nick and the female vampire enter a back room closing the door, violently, behind them. They knock/pull each other against the door, still kissing. Nick is kissing more wildly and seductively, along with Eva.

He kisses her neck and other places as well. A seductive lick from Nick occurs, before they fall on to a couch.

As Nick crushes Eva to the couch against him, she wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him so he can't let go. 

Suddenly and violently, Nick  jerks up choking the female vampire. The look on his face is wild and dangerous, as he snarls and grips harder on to Eva's throat. She vamps out struggling and confused...


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