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About "Le Premier"

"Le Premier," is the title of the "Dark Knight" fanlisting, due to this being the first Forever Knight episode ever. "Dark Knight" parts 1 and 2 first aired in 1992, beginning this eternal series and one of the greatest tv shows of all time. In "Dark Knight," Nick Knight, vampire cop, discovers a series of murders where all the victims have been drained of blood. He is partnered up with Donald Schanke to investigate. Meanwhile, Nick becomes attracted to Alyce, the museum curator, while trying to find the second jade cup that may make him mortal again. When discovering that LaCroix is in town, Nick finds out that he has the other Jade cup and fights him violently. Eventually, after drawing out the main killer is not a vampire, Nick starts to believe that Schanke's theory about type-O blood may be the key in the murders...

In the flashbacks, 1228, we see new-born Nicholas De Brabant awaken and meet his lover, Janette, and then his master, LaCroix. Nick is very hungry and with persuasion from his vampire family, he makes his very first kill. Later, he feels regret about this new "gift" of immortality and questions LaCroix about it. However, LaCroix reminds Nick the pleasures of being a vampire, easing Nick and giving him a need to repay his master...

Favorite Quote: "I am what I am and I don't think Betty Ford takes vampires!" - Nick to Natalie

About The Fanlisting

What is a fanlisting? Well a fanlisting is a place for fans who come together and build a list of other fans with the same interest, this one being the "Dark Knight " 2-part episode of course. The Fanlistings is the brilliant idea of Janine, who originally created the Buffy fanlisting and thought it would be interesting to find out where all the "Buffy" fans were from. Now, there are thousands of fanlistings for actors, tv shows, movies, books, and practically anything you can imagine. However, for each topic, there can be only one fanlisting.

Is this the Official Dark Knight fanlisting? Yes - in a matter of words. It is not approved by anyone to do with Forever Knight, but it is approved by Janine. If you see another Dark Knight fanlisting, report it to Janine.