About "Atonement"

"Atonement," is the title of the "For I Have Sinned" fanlisting, because of Nick's desires to do good and face his fears of crosses and other religious symbols. In it, Nick and Schanke investigate murders where the victims all wore crosses. The killer believes them to be defiling the church and confesses to his priest, Father Broadford. The priest, however, must keep this secret or violate the confidentiality of the confessional. Nick can not understand this and tries to face his fears of crosses and the church, which he spends the day at in hopes of finding the murderer. Schanke goes to the Raven and almost gets snacked on by a vampire, feeling very guilty about cheating on Myra afterwards. He goes to the church and confesses to the priest, whom he does not realize is Nick. Eventually, Nick takes care of the killer, saving another murder from happening, while also helping to regain his faith. He is given a cross as a gift and holds it with out burning as badly. Nick feels he may be a step closer to God and mortality...

In the flashbacks, France -1428-31, Nick meets Joan of Arc on her way to meet with the Dauphin and notices she is not afraid of the vampire. They meet again on the night of her execution and Nick attempts to bring her across, but she declines his offer. She gives him a cross as a gift to help regain his faith. On both occasions he debates with her about spiritual vs. actual immortality and is very disturbed by what she speaks of.

Favorite Quote: "I can give it to you...A life that never ends...A power beyond your imagination..." - Nick to Joan of Arc

About The Fanlisting

What is a fanlisting? Well a fanlisting is a place for fans who come together and build a list of other fans with the same interest, this one being the "For I Have Sinned" episode of course. The Fanlistings is the brilliant idea of Janine, who originally created the Buffy fanlisting and thought it would be interesting to find out where all the "Buffy" fans were from. Now, there are thousands of fanlistings for actors, tv shows, movies, books, and practically anything you can imagine. However, for each topic, there can be only one fanlisting.

Is this the Official For I Have Sinned Fanlisting? Yes - in a matter of words. It is not approved by anyone to do with Forever Knight, but it is approved by Janine. If you see another For I Have Sinned fanlisting, report it to Janine.

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