Top 10 Episodes

Below are the top 10 episodes in which we see the immortal lovers at their best, full of passion and lust. There are others (most are just short scenes), but these are the best ones. They are in order from 1 to 10.

1. **Crazy Love**

This one is very full of IB passion, starting when Nick calls to Janette and actually gives in to his nature by once again exchanging blood with hers in vampire love. Nick is then standing with Janette some more by the water front holding her. Even though he leaves feeling bad for using her to fill this need, he comes to her once again, just to love her, and more passion erupts. This episode was just so full of IB passion and is at the top because of it.

2. Partners of the Month

This episode shows how long Nick and Janette's love has lasted back in the past. The last scene shows extreme love still there after so many centuries, and the deep kiss was amazing!

3. Cherry Blossoms

Nick gets into a bit of trouble, but Janette comes and faces the sun to help him. In the end, he shows great "gratitude" to her, including a vamped lick to the neck!

4. Dark Knight

It's 1228, and when Nick awakens Janette greets him passionately. The Raven scene and lustful look in Janette's eyes as Nick leaves is also glorious!

5. Dance By the Light of the Moon

Janette leads a mortal Nick into the darkness, as they both realize how badly they want each other... forever...

6. For I Have Sinned

A nice short dance followed by Janette offering Nick a special vintage.

7. If Looks Could Kill

They have a nice discussion about youth and time, followed by some passion unfolding in a very nice, deep kiss.

8. Dead Issue

Very playful interaction at the Raven, along with a lovely kiss.

9. Hunters

In the past scenes, Nick saves Janette from the hunters when LaCroix would not, then later violently protects both members of the family.  There's also a nice kiss at the Raven.

10. Blood Money

Janette helps comfort Nick's burden with some affection.