Below are some of the best things said by our favorite immortal couple through out the series.

Dark Knight- Janette: (French) "You are awake, my handsome one. Come...come. [She pulls Nick onto the scene. They kiss.] We have an endless parade of nights before us."

Dark Knight- Janette: (French) "Drink...my love, drink..."

Dark Knight- Janette: [seductively, to Nick:] "I'd heard you were in town." Nick: "Three years. Do I still call you Janette?" Janette: "If you like.... Wasn't it Chicago before?" Nick: "It was time to move on." Janette: "Ah, yes. The Dorian Grey syndrome." Nick: "Although if I'd known they were going to install lights at Wrigley Field...." Janette: "I hate baseball. And slow games make eternity seem so much longer." Nick: (French) "This seems to be going well for you." Janette: (Also in French) "Yes...I guess it does remind one a little of Paris. The young men...[licks her lips]...the music...."

Dark Knight- Janette: [offering Nick some blood] "The night is dark, I am the owner, and I find I am able to mix it with a little wine. My bartender thinks I am a lush. Would you like some?"

For I Have Sinned- Janette: [she dips her finger in the wine glass she's holding and holds it seductively close to Nick's face. A droplet of blood dangles at the end of her fingertip.] "Just taste it." [He leans forward, then resists.] "You can't deny what you are. You need it." Nick: [still tempted, but duty calls] "If you hear anything.... [Janette smiles.] Bon appetit."

Dance By the Light of the Moon- Janette: "How badly do you want me?"

Dance By the Light of the Moon- Janette: "Nichola... Brave Knight. Brave crusader. Conqueror. Are you ready to be conquered?" Nick: "Yes." Janette: "But can you truly surrender after all you've won... surrender to the darkness of the soul, the richness of the night, the weakness of desire... How badly do you want me Nichola? Just how strong is your weakness?"

Dance By the Light of the Moon- Janette: "Brave crusader. Strong, good, defender of the cross [laughs, nervously]. Who are you really?" [leans in towards a mortal Nick]

Dance By the Light of the Moon- Janette: [leaning seductively above a mortal Nick] "Can you feel my darkness Nichola? Feel it absorbing your light... can you feel the power and the danger of my darkness? The beautiful risk..." [arches against Nick]

Cherry Blossoms- Janette: [gazing at Nick] "An immovable feast..."

Cherry Blossoms- Janette: "Sweet Nichola."

Cherry Blossoms- Nick: "I'm grateful for that." Janette: "Are you? Then show me...show me Nick." [Nick leans down kissing her on the neck] Janette: "You may become one of them some day, but right now...right now I know exactly what you are..." [Nick vamps licking her throat]

I Will Repay- Janette: "Here to renew old acquaintances?" Nick- "I need something from you." Janette: "That's a promising start." Nick- "Advice." Janette: "You're such a grind."

Dead Issue: Janette: "What would you do with out me?" Nick: "Oh, I don't want to ever have to face that." [they kiss] Janette: "That...was the correct answer..."

Dead Issue: Janette: "à bientôt cherie." (see you soon dear)

Love You to Death- Janette: "Nichola, what a nice surprise." Nick: "The surprise is all mine."

Love You to Death- Janette: You can not deny our connection. We are both still the children of LaCroix. And the threads of that connection have been vibrating lately...my love"

Killer Instinct- Nick: "Janette." Janette: "You felt me. That's very good Nichola." Nick: "Is it?" Janette: "The threads of our connection have strengthened..."

A Fate Worse Than Death- Janette: "You really think it's possible, don't you - to start over?" Nick: "Yes." Janette: "I hope you're right." Nick: "You do?" Janette: "If that's what you want."

Stranger Than Fiction- Nick: "I know that I can trust you." Janette: "Mon cher, you have been spending too much time in the sun."

Forward into the Past- Nick: "I need to get in touch with Aristotle." Janette: "Oh, you've finally decided to move on?" Nick: "Not yet." [kisses her] "You'd miss me too much."

Forward into the Past- Nick: "I owe you." Janette: [seductively] "And I assure you...I will collect."

Bad Blood- Janette: "Hmm, are you trying to entertain me?"

Can't Run, Can't Hide- Janette: "Poor Nichola, so many burdens. I'll tell you what. One night I will close the bar early and you will be my only guest and I will help you to... [leans close to his lips] relax..." Nick: [smiling] "Janette?" Janette: [still leaning close] "Yes?" Nick: "Don't cheat." [in reference to her taxes]

The Fix- Janette: "Oh Nichola... you're such an eternal... BOY."

Blood Money- Janette: "Cover your assets [leans up and kisses Nick's lips], mon amour.

Blood Money- Janette: "To your burden then... and to what I might do to ease it for you. [takes a sip from the glass, Nick pulls her hand down and kisses her]

Partners of the Month- Nick: "Eternal friends." Janette: "Maybe more..." [they kiss]

Partners of the Month- Janette: "Maybe one day our eyes will meet and we will fall in love all over again..."

Partners of the Month- Janette: [about Nick] "Or I see his face in a crowd...or remember the softness of his kiss..."

A More Permanent Hell- Janette: "Nichola, live a little..." [kisses him]

Curiouser and Curiouser- Nick: "I thought I could use a little shelter from the storm." Janette: "Ah, indeed? Well we are honored. Now, don't you worry your pretty little head a thing, and if rest and relaxation is what you require, then I have a few suggestions..." [leans in as they kiss]

Near Death- Janette: [gazing at the sleeping Nicholas] "Oh... I want him."

Crazy Love- Nick [turns to Janette vamped out] "I wasn't sure you'd come." Janette: "We all have our needs, [approaches him] and it's been so long. [vamps also, followed by Nick biting her]

Crazy Love: Janette: "I like it when you need me."

Crazy Love: Janette: "We have needs, Nichola, just as mortals do."

Crazy Love: Nick: "I have to control it." Janette: [leans her neck towards him] "Not with me...ever."