Immortal Beloved Quotes

Below are some of the best things said by our favorite immortal couple through out the series.

Dark Knight- Janette: (French) "You are awake, my handsome one. Come...come. [She pulls Nick onto the scene. They kiss.] We have an endless parade of nights before us."

Dark Knight- Janette: (French) " love, drink..."

Dark Knight- Janette: [seductively, to Nick:] "I'd heard you were in town." Nick: "Three years. Do I still call you Janette?" Janette: "If you like.... Wasn't it Chicago before?" Nick: "It was time to move on." Janette: "Ah, yes. The Dorian Grey syndrome." Nick: "Although if I'd known they were going to install lights at Wrigley Field...." Janette: "I hate baseball. And slow games make eternity seem so much longer." Nick: (French) "This seems to be going well for you." Janette: (Also in French) "Yes...I guess it does remind one a little of Paris. The young men...[licks her lips]...the music...."

Dark Knight- Janette: [offering Nick some blood] "The night is dark, I am the owner, and I find I am able to mix it with a little wine. My bartender thinks I am a lush. Would you like some?"

For I Have Sinned- Janette: [she dips her finger in the wine glass she's holding and holds it seductively close to Nick's face. A droplet of blood dangles at the end of her fingertip.] "Just taste it." [He leans forward, then resists.] "You can't deny what you are. You need it." Nick: [still tempted, but duty calls] "If you hear anything.... [Janette smiles.] Bon appetit."

Partners of the Month- Nick: "Eternal friends." Janette: "Maybe more..." [they kiss]

Blood Money- Janette: "Cover your assets [leans up and kisses Nick's lips], mon amour.

Blood Money- Janette: "To your burden then... and to what I might do to ease it for you. [takes a sip from the glass, Nick pulls her hand down and kisses her]

Cherry Blossoms- Nick: "I'm grateful for that." Janette: "Are you? Then show me Nick." [Nick leans down kissing her on the neck] Janette: "You may become one of them some day, but right now...right now I know exactly what you are..." [Nick vamps licking her throat]

Crazy Love- Nick [turns to Janette vamped out] "I wasn't sure you'd come." Janette: "We all have our needs, [approaches him] and it's been so long. [vamps also, followed by Nick biting her]

Crazy Love: Janette: "I like it when you need me."

Crazy Love: Nick: "I have to control it." Janette: [leans her neck towards him] "Not with me...ever."

Dead Issue: Janette: "What would you do with out me?" Nick: "Oh, I don't want to ever have to face that." [they kiss] Janette: "That...was the correct answer..."

Dance By the Light of the Moon- Janette: "How badly do you want me?"

Curiouser and Curiouser- Nick: "I thought I could use a little shelter from the storm." Janette: "Ah, indeed? Well we are honered. Now, don't you worry your pretty little head a thing, and if rest and relaxation is what you require, then I have a few suggestions..." [leans in as they kiss]