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Immortal Passion

Love lasts forever...and ever...and ever...

Welcome to my page dedicated to the Immortal Beloved Faction. Immortal Beloveds favor the eternal love, compassion, and darkness of the two main vampires, Nick and Janette. It was "love at first bite" as they say. As soon as their eyes met, they captured each other's hearts forming an eternal bond. This love has lasted 800 years and we believe it will last FOREVER...

On this page you will find lots of cool things related to the two Immortal Lovers, Nick and Janette.

"Eternal friends?...Maybe more..."

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Dark welcome... Tempting her lover... A soft kiss...

For more pictures, movies, and wallpapers of  Nick and Janette please browse through my main page. (The pictures shown here are just some of my favorites out of 1,000s).

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