Forever Knight is a dramatic/adventure series that chronicles the life of Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies). Nick's a handsome, 13th century vampire, living his current life in Toronto. In an effort to regain his mortality, Nick decides to atone for the last nearly 800 years of blood-thirst and evil living, by fighting crime on behalf of the Toronto police force. The series focuses on Nick's quest for redemption and explores many morals and themes along the way.

"When the sun goes down, so does the crime rate..."

As Nick works, Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher), the only mortal who knows the truth about Knight, searches for a cure for his immortality. On the other side, LaCroix (Nigel Bennett), the vampire master who originally converted him to the darkness back in Paris, 1228, works against Nick's quest for a cure. Nick is often drawn back to his eternal lover and companion, Janette (Deborah Duchene), who was also brought across by LaCroix, despite his mortal pursuits. Both his master and the beautiful seductress try to lure him back into the darkness and accept his true nature.

Ironically, neither of Nick's assigned partners in Forever Knight's three season run (1992-1996) discover what he is when working with him. They note the odd behavior, such as allergy to the sun, lack of appetite, superior strength, and other abnormal traits, but never actually discover Nick's true identity. Though, Schanke (John Kapelos), Nick's loveable, wise-cracking partner from seasons one and two comes very close in the end.

"This is my city...the night is my beat...and the evil I have seen will haunt will seduce will chill you...and if you're not will drain you...


It's going to be a long one..."

Forever Knight is truly eternal. Although, it has been canceled since 1996, fans are still fighting for a return movie and more merchandise. We recently succeeded in getting all 3 seasons on dvd. The interest in this show is still alive and stronger than ever. To see how you can help, visit the "Save the Knight" section.

**Watch the Forever Knight Trailer and other promotional clips I made here.


Forever Knight currently broadcasting on:

Canada: Space the Imagination Station

United Kingdom: Sky One

Australia: TV1

Germany: Tele 5

Forever Knight's three seasons are all available on DVD (3 of my music videos are also featured on season 3)

Forever Knight is produced by Columbia Tristar Television/Sony

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