Kickstart the Knight - Learn how you can help bring FK back with return movies, merchandise, and more Features a message board where you can talk with fellow fans

First Unofficial FK Site - The place to go for FK info, including an episode guide, flashback timeline, character bios, actor bios, quotes, and much more

Mr Happy's FK Page- An informative Forever Knight page full of great content

Nancy Taylor's FK Page- Great site with original screen shots and more

Forever Knight Story Board- Nice illustrated summaries with pics

Sunny's FK Site- Great character summaries, fanfic, pics, and more

Knight Vision Forums - Join us!

Check out the newest and most active messageboard for FK

The Black Rose

Melissa's new site featuring stunning artwork, vampire humor, avatars, and more

Knighteyes' Immortal Beloved Page

Dedicated to the most passionate couple on FK with a beautiful graphics gallery

Knighteyes' Women of the Knight Site

Featuring the Knight and all of his many liaisons with a gorgeous graphics gallery

The Women of Forever Knight

See how FK's main women look in other roles, with bios, pics, and more

Hollywood Vampires

A site featuring its favorite vampires including a nice section devoted to Nick

Sensor's FK Dreamland

Lots of pretty graphics, pictures, links, and more

Cloudrider's Fansite (FK & GWD)

Lots of great pictures from Last Knight, GWD, and much more

Volta's Forever Knight Website

Good source for FK sites and other goodies

FK: Immortal Beloved

Has lots of neat stuff for Nick and Janette, like collages, fanfic, and more

Knight Walker: April's FK Fanfic

Features the special "Sons of Lilith" series, stand-alone stories, and terrific songfics

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Forever Knight: the Fanlisting Nick Knight Fanlisting Janette DuCharme Fanlisting

Geraint Wyn Davies Fanlisting Dark Roses: Nick and Janette Fanlisting Aching Hunger: Nick and Lovers Fanlisting Deborah Duchene Fanlisting

Le Premier: Dark Knight 1&2 Fanlisting Atonement: For I Have Sinned Fanlisting Dark Desires: Dance by the Light of the Moon Fanlisting Addicted: Feeding the Beast Fanlisting Envisioning: Stranger Than Fiction Fanlisting Intoxicated: The Fix Fanlisting Forbidden Love: Be My Valentine Fanlisting Rebirth: Near Death FanlistingMesmerized: Crazy Love Fanlisting Possessed: Sons of Belial Fanlisting Take Me: Games Vampires Play Fanlisting

Blood Line

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Curiouser and Curiouser Fanlisting Complexity: N/N/LC A More Permanent Hell FanlistingHunted Fanlisting Fever Fanlisting Ashes to Ashes Fanlisting The Raven Club Nat and LaCroix Fanlisting


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Enigmatic: My Christian Bale Site

Enigmatic: Christian Bale

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Blood Ties - Vampire Movies

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Burning Hearts: Hannibal & Clarice


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