On this page you'll find different assorted things you can use on your computer, such as icon packs I made and toolbar skins. Please don't post any of this on you own websites with out permission. Enjoy!

White Rose - High-quality Wav (1:44, 19 MB)

Download the other more slow and sensual version of "Black Rose" taken from a Hi-fi DVD recording of "Love You to Death."

Tool Bar Skins

These can be used by saving the file to your windows directory in Windows bmp format. You then go into Internet Explorer and open the file from the tool bar menu under Toolbar Wallpaper (this is one of the accessories that comes with IE 5.0). The size is fit for 1024x768 resolution, so you may need to re-size it for your screen.

Skin #1: Nick Eyes

fkskin.jpg (5770 bytes)

Skin #2: The Seductive Bite

fkskin2.jpg (12174 bytes)

Skin #3: Immortal Lovers

fkskin3.jpg (13419 bytes)

Skin #4: Vampire Family

fkskin4.jpg (17073 bytes)

Skin #5: Nick Bottle

fkskin5.jpg (8473 bytes)

Skin #6: Nick w/ Lover

fkskin6.jpg (7549 bytes)

Skin #7: Nick and Janette at Raven

fkskin7.jpg (17629 bytes)

Skin #8: Nick and Nat Close

fkskin8.jpg (11502 bytes)

Skin #9: Nick with Gun

fkskin9.jpg (12321 bytes)

Skin #10: Nick with Gun Again

fkskin10.jpg (10696 bytes)

Skin #11: Nick Dark at Raven

fkskin11.jpg (9843 bytes)

Skin #12: Nick and Janette Kiss

fkskin12.jpg (14569 bytes)

Skin #13: Nick

fkskin13.jpg (10476 bytes)

Skin #14: Dark Kiss

fkskin14.jpg (20560 bytes)

Skin #15: Nick and Janette Blue-light

fkskin15.jpg (26441 bytes)

Skin #16: Janette Tempting Nick

fkskin16.jpg (24664 bytes)

Skin #17: Vampire Nicholas

fkskin17.jpg (10096 bytes)

Skin #18: Silvery Nick

fkskin18.jpg (29124 bytes)

Skin #19: Vampire Trio

fkskin19.jpg (47927 bytes)

Skin #20: Knight Longings

fkskin20.jpg (47639 bytes)

Skin #21: Vampire Kisses

fkskin21.jpg (20431 bytes)

Icon Packs

These are icons I made and have zipped into sets. They look best on at least High Color 16 bit or above.

1. Nick Pack

2. Nick and Janette Pack

3. Nick and Nat Pack

4. Nick and LaCroix Pack

5. Nick Pack Two

6. Vampire Pack

Movies Screensaver Programs

How many of you have downloaded loads of movies? How many of you adore these movies and want to do more with them? Well, there's some really good programs that can play AVI and MPG files as a screensaver!

AVI Screensaver

A great program! Can play your AVI or MPG movies in random order, different places, and more! It also has many screen size options. Click above to download.

AVI/MPG Screensaver

AVI/MPG Control Panel

This is another good one. It can play the clips in different ways such as reverse, slow, or fast. There's also options to make different play lists under control panel. Click above to download.