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About "Dark Roses"

"Dark Roses," is the title of the "Nick and Janette" fanlisting, because it is a symbolic name for this immortal couple. Each character is beautiful and sensuos like a rose, yet they have a darkness to them because of their vampire nature.

Background Info: Nick and Janette met in 1228 when a mortal Nicholas returns from a crusade with his companions. After laying her eyes on him, Janette knows she must have him with her forever. This leads to a passionate night of love-making followed by Janette's request to her master, LaCroix, to bring Nicholas across into the vampire world. Nick is seduced by the idea of living forever with Janette by his side and easily agrees.

Nick and Janette shared nearly a century of marriage during the Renaissance which sadly ends with Janette feeling smothered by Nick's love. However, even after the separation, they still remain very close as both lovers and friends with a passion that continues to flare and cool over time and an unbreakable bond. They are always there for one another both in the past and still in the present. Nick and Janette's love is, indeed, truly eternal...

About The Fanlisting

What is a fanlisting? Well a fanlisting is a place for fans who come together and build a list of other fans with the same interest, this one being "Nick and Janette." The Fanlistings is the brilliant idea of Janine, who originally created the Buffy fanlisting and thought it would be interesting to find out where all the "Buffy" fans were from. Now, there are thousands of fanlistings for actors, tv shows, movies, books, and practically anything you can imagine. However, for each topic, there can be only one fanlisting.

Is this the Official Nick and Janette fanlisting? Yes - in a matter of words. It is not approved by anyone to do with Forever Knight, but it is approved by Janine. If you see another Nick and Janette fanlisting, report it to Janine.