On this page I will be putting events occurring where you can help support the Knight. We all want NEW episodes right? With original cast as well, and of course more merchandise. Well you've come to the right place to see what you can do to get it! Check out the events below to see what YOU can do for our Knight, and remember if we want results we ALL must participate!

Current Projects and Events

New CD Soundtrack Box Set of Forever Knight:

Box Set Picture

I just found out some wonderful news. GNP/Crescendo Records just released a Box Set of both Forever Knight soundtracks for 2002! To order visit their site below:

Quoting from their site:

"Now back on the Sci-Fi Channel, FOREVER KNIGHT continues to have a very strong fan base. Now together for the very first time are two volumes of the best music from the hit series by Fred Mollin as well as songs by Lori Yates and Molly Johnson. Special guest artists on both volumes are series stars Geraint Wyn Davies, John Kapelos and Nigel Bennett."

While this may not be actual new merchandise, it's very close. I already have both volumes, but I am ordering this neat looking box set for backups and to show my support. I hope you guys will too. Who knows... maybe this will lead to future merchandise like a 3rd soundtrack or those DVDs we all want.

Request FK on DVD through

I just thought of another way to help get FK on DVD. I'm sure just about all of you have heard of They are one of the largest online stores on the internet. Last I spoke with the owner of, they said it would be most likely that if Forever Knight was released on DVD, it would only be online. Well, then why not send requests to the most popular internet store online?

Amazon takes requests for items not available when you perform searches. This is a feature that is not that noticeable, but after an "advanced" search for "Forever Knight" under the DVD section, I noticed this option at the bottom of the page. I then clicked it and requested our show. Follow these steps to do the same thing:

1) Go to

2) Under "All Products" in the search box, select "DVD." Leave the form blank.

3) The advanced search form now shows up. Type in "Forever Knight" for the title and select "exact title." (then hit search)

4) You'll then get the page with no exact matches. Scroll all the way down and you'll see right above the "Shipping and Returns" the request link: "Is there a specific product you'd like us to sell?
Tell us about it." Click it.

5) Just follow the 2 steps after that: category "DVD" and then all you have to put is the title on the next page. You can write more about FK if you like.

Shows such as "Charmed" and "Alias," after having so many requests, have pages that come up in searches now. They are not on DVD yet, but Amazon totals up the # of requests for the title and sends them to the studio, so they know how many costumers are waiting for it. If enough of you do the above steps and request FK as an item at Amazon, maybe it will get a page like those as well.

Remember it takes *all* of the fans to make Forever Knight on DVD a reality. Please take just a few minutes to help make this happen...

KTK DVD E-mail Collection:

As you all know, we are focusing our attention on getting FK on DVD, but we can't do it without your help. Having said that, what we need for you to do is this: write a short to medium-sized email asking for all three seasons of Forever Knight on DVD. Susan will be collecting these from now until the last week of November. After that time, she will send them out on your behalf.

Send these emails to:

TV Shows on DVD: Great Way to Get FK on DVD!:

This place actually specializes in getting TV shows on DVD. This is definitely not a place to ignore. Here's a little info about the site:

The purpose of the site is to get more TV shows released on DVD.
How do they plan to pull it off? Well, they plan on having a working relationship with the studios. The site has users who come and register on it (for free) and show interest in their favorite TV shows. They then let the studios know how many people want to see the shows they own released on DVD, and how they want them (season sets, best of, or individual episodes). Once the studios can see the interest in their product they will strongly consider releasing more TV product on DVD.

This site has already helped lots of other shows get to DVD and Forever Knight can be found on their voting list. Here's the current stats:

Voting Results

Overall Rank: 3rd
Season Set: 660 (97%)
Best of: 192 (28%)
Individual Episodes: 318 (47%)
Total Number of Voters:

Let's get this rank higher, shall we, like to let's say... #1? Go to this address and register to vote for Forever Knight on DVD:

I will be posting Forever Knight's updated ranking here often. Remember, the higher it goes, the better chance it has to go on DVD. Click the link above to vote. It's easy, free, and most importantly, it can lead to Forever Knight on DVD!

Forever Knight Comes to Space Channel in Canada:

Space Airing Forever Knight

Forever Knight premiered on SPACE Tuesday September 3rd at 12pm EST having repeats at 6pm and 4am EST on this Canadian channel. Visit their site here or by clicking the the banner above (taken from their cool flash sequence). Feel free to also use it to help spread the word.

Thank Space at this address and also take the time to request new FK:

Forever Knight on DVD (IMPORTANT):

How many of you are lacking FK tapes or the ones you do have could use some improvements? How many of you would love to see *extra* footage and goodies of the Knight? I'm sure that is a yes for everyone. Well, then here's how to get FK on DVD! 

A friend recently e-mailed me a very important address to e-mail about getting FK on DVD. It was Columbia Tristar's DVD feedback address and they do respond to the e-mails. They do *read* these e-mails. Columbia responded telling my friend, that requests concerning the addition of a particular series are forwarded to the appropriate department for review. *If* sufficient interest can be found to add a new series, their Marketing and other departments become involved. So, we have to show them we *are* a big following of fans that want *this* show on DVD! 

*Every* Forever Knight fan on the internet, or reading this, must e-mail this address. If we do not all join together as one, there's no way we can show enough support for the show. Please who ever may be reading this, e-mail this address and ask them for Forever Knight on DVD:

You may also call their # at: 1-800-457-0866

Just say "I am a fan of Forever Knight and would be willing to buy this series on DVD." And sign you name or, you may be more in depth with what you say, but at least copy and past the above, if you are limited on time. To show a longing interest, please try to e-mail this addy monthly. 

Latest KTK Ad (May 2002):

Below is the latest Ad that appeared in the May 14-20th issue of "The Hollywood Reporter" on page 30 at the bottom half of the page. You can obtain a copy at your local Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores. This issue is also available online at:

Look below for a picture of the ad...

Hollywood Reporter KTK AD

Sci-fi Channel Phone/E-mail Blitz:

Recent e-mail blitzes have been focusing on multiple powers that be. This particular time, we are focusing on Sci-fi. As you all know, they have returned Forever Knight to their line-up and even continued advertising the show, after the marathon, throughout this month. Sci-fi is giving people a chance to discover Forever Knight and also reawaken old fans. Now we must ask ourselves why have they done this? Why have they suddenly returned our show to their line-up? Well, of course Kickstart the Knight has sent goodies to them, along with the e-mail blitzes, and that could be the main reason why they are airing it. However, what if Forever Knight is under consideration for a return movie? What if Sci-fi is willing to do something more with it? There have been rumors on the Sci-fi FK Bboard that Sci-fi is going to make a return movie for one of their older, canceled series. Forever Knight is one of those choices under consideration and they want to see which series has the most popular following. The time to act is now. This could be our last chance for a return movie with original cast!

How are we going to catch their attention you might ask? Firstly, everyone in the USA needs to show their support and viewing credit to show that Forever Knight is being devoured by a large audience, even with its poor time-slot. Just simply leave your cable receiver on in the mornings before work, if you need to, or like many set a timer on your recorder to catch it.

Secondly, I am starting an e-mail blitz only for Sci-fi for the next few months. Please write to these 2 addresses thanking them for airing Forever Knight and then also requesting a return movie with original cast. Write to: and/or

Lastly, I have found Sci-fi's phone #, in which you can actually talk to real people. You will want to speak to the programming department stating the same basic things, thanking them for Forever Knight's return and of course the asking of a return movie. Here is the #:


I hope you all will participate in this. Remember, it takes a large fanbase and hard work to get what we want. The Forever Knight fans must show Sci-fi that we exist, appreciate what they have done, and that we still would love more of this terrific series. If you are international, please still e-mail Sci-fi, because if we are granted a return movie, I am sure you will have a way to see it also. If any of you get decent responses or important news please e-mail me at:

Forever Knight's Return to Sci-fi:


Forever Knight fans across the USA satisfied their every immortal desire with SCI FI's 12-hour Forever Knight marathon April 1st. Forever Knight now airs on Sci-fi's schedule regularly at 11:00 a.m. ET/PT, 5 days a week. Please check for your own listings at

Please thank Sci-fi by writing this address: and/or

There is also a new bboard post started at Sci-fi's site to specifically thank them for returning Forever Knight. This is also an opportunity to request that return movie with original cast:

Feel free to use the banner above or Sci-fi's to spread the word.

FK Marathon

Kickstart the Knight's Breaking News:

It seems that the ads we have been running all this time in the trade papers have gotten attention!

Kickstart The Knight has news from a reliable source that Nick Gray, producer of all three seasons of Forever Knight, got a phone recently from Columbia/Tri-Star. They were asking him about the ads they have been seeing in Variety and Hollywood Reporter. Here's a direct quote... "Maybe we should start paying attention." That is exactly what Nick says the Columbia/Tri-Star caller stated. This was told to our source by Mr. Gray himself.

We are all very encouraged by this! Because of this, it's more important than ever to keep doing what we have done all this time. We need to keep the momentum going on the ads--to place more of them, more frequently. However, at the moment KtK does not have enough items to hold the kind of auction that would bring in the amount of funds needed to place ads, that would continue to bring us the attention we need.

In addition to continuing to do what we've been doing all along--writing letters to TPTB--there are two ways you can help Kickstart the Knight now:

Go here to find out:

Important News

We hope this news has made you all as excited as we are.

Letter Writing Campaign:

Letter Writing Campaign

The best thing you can do is write, write, write to the powers that be!! Send letters, lots of letters!! This is the only way our voices can be heard, so get a pen and paper and get ready to start working those fingers. If you don't have the time to write your own, scroll down for some sample letters. Please show your support by linking back to this page with the above banner... Here's the addresses, plus NEW addresses to the sponsors that help pay for FK's broadcast on Sci-fi:

*Sci-fi Channel
(keep FK on Air and possible NEW movies)*

Bonnie Hammer
President of Sci-fi Programming
Sci-fi Channel
1230 Avenue Of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Thomas Vitale
Senior Vice President of Acquisitions,
Scheduling, and Program Planning
The Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10020-1513

*Tristar/Sony (owners of Forever Knight: license merchandise, movies, etc..)*

Click here for a feedback form on their website also.

Mel Harris
Chief Operating Officer-Television
Sony Pictures Entertainment
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City,CA 90232

John Calley, CEO
Ken Lemberger, Co-President
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Tri-Star Bldg.
10102 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

SPE Columbia Pictures
550 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY 10022
(212) 833-8500

Sony Pictures Entertainment
150 Roger Avenue
Inwood, NY 11096
(718) 868-5800

*USA Networks*

Stephen Chao
USA Networks
2049 Century Park E., Ste., 2550
Los Angeles,CA 90067

Mr. Jean Marie Messier, CEO
Vivendi/Universal Corp.
375 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10152-0192

*For more general FK merchandise*

Marci Gordon
Sony Product Development
TriStar Building, 3rd Fl.
10102 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

P.O. Box 13131
Reading, PA 19612-3131

*For more FK books*

Grace Ressler
Publishing Manager
Sony Signatures
TriStar Building, 3rd Fl.
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Boulevard Books
The Berkley Publishing Group
200 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Berkley Publishing Group
Susan Petersen Kennedy, President
David Shanks, CEO
Penguin Putman, Inc
375 Hudson Street
New York City, NY 10014

*For FK on video/DVD*

Columbia House Video Library
1400 Fruitridge Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47811

Columbia Tri-Star Home Video
2800 South River Rd
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(847) 699-6340

Columbia Tri-Star Home Video
22W645 Armitage Avenue
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 469-0411

Columbia Tri-Star Home Video
2722 Kenwood Drive
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 813-0067

*For fans in the U.K.*

Customer Relations Department
British Sky Broadcasting PLC
Subscriber Management Centre
P.O. Box 43
West Lothion
EH54 7DD

The Sci Fi Channel
77 Charlotte Street

*Sci-fi's Sponsors (USA)*

Click here for the current list to write to.

If you need sample letters or don't have time to write just use one of the letters I wrote below...

Dear (one of the powers that be): I am an addicted fan of the show "FOREVER KNIGHT". I have been a fan for a long time and couldn't help but notice the lack of merchandise and especially no episodes on tape or DVD. I do want to thank you though for the CDs and books. I would love to see more merchandise. I'd be more than willing to buy merchandise if there was going to be more made in the future. We'd love to see the series "emerge from it's world of darkness." Please not only keep airing it, but make NEW episodes or even a movie! I want to thank you for reading this and hope you will consider bringing the knight back for not only me, but also many other Forever Knight Fans out there. 

Sincerely, __________ 


Sci-Fi Network:  Thank you for airing Forever Knight! We'd love to see the series "emerge from it's world of darkness." Please not only keep it on air, but make NEW episodes or even a movie! I want to thank you for reading this and hope you will consider bringing the knight back for not only me, but also many other Forever Knight Fans out there. 

Sincerely, __________ 

The  Return of Forever Knight  Petition:

Susan Field will be sending this petition every month to Columbia Tri-Star, USA and Sci-fi asking for new movies, episodes, and merchandise for Forever Knight. Please sign this and spread the word about it. Also post the banner I made below on your pages. Click it for more info and to see the petition.

Return of FK Petition

Forever Knight on DVD Petition:

This is an online petition: "Get TV Shows on DVD!" Sign it to get FK on DVD! Every signature helps!

Go Here:

The Forever Knight Video/DVD Petition:

Make sure you all have signed the main petition to get FK released on Video/DVD. Currently there is over 2,000 signatures, so be sure you've signed! A copy of this can be attached to the letters you send. Click HERE to sign!

Past Projects and Events

KTK Ad (Sept 2001):

Below is the latest Ad that appeared in the September 27th issue of Variety, and was the only ad that large (approximately 8"x 8 2/3"... they called it a half-page, but it appeared more like a three-quarters page) in the whole issue! For information on how to order a copy of the issue directly from Variety contact Variety's customer service at or call (888)674-5656.

NEWS: This one and other Variety ads *have* been noticed by Columbia Tristar (verified in the upper announcement)!

Look below for a picture of the ad...

Variety AD

Bamboo Plant Project:

KickStart The Knight sent Bonnie Hammer at the Sci-fi Channel a very nice gift wrapped Bamboo Plant  on the fans behalf with emails asking that FK be restored to the line-up last fall...

Here is some pictures of the plant Ms. Hammer will get and the box it went in, along with the 60+ e-mails people wrote:

Thanks ahead of time to everyone who has participated in this...and please remember to keep E-mailing Sci-fi online!!

KtK Full Page AD (Dec. 2000):

*Kickstart The Knight* had our very first FULL PAGE Forever Knight Ad in the December 12-17 2000 issue of "The Hollywood Reporter"!

The December 12th through December 17th issue....Page 49 on the right side page. See ad below...


KtK backed this Ad up with a special X-mas package sent to Bonnie Hammer on your behalf.

Fangs for the Knight!  A Halloween 2000 Project:

Fangs for the Knight!

Halloween of 2000, Kickstart The Knight  did something special to encourage The Powers That Be to provide us all with not only a return of the original series of FK to the schedule, but also renew it as a series with the original cast and/or return it as one or more made-for-television movies, and for more merchandise.

We purchased vampire fangs, in an assortment of neon colors. We collected your emails and letters and attached them to the fangs and mailed the whole lot in coffin shaped boxes to TPTB. 

Here are pictures of the fangs and of the packages we sent! Thanks to all who sent their messages to be included with the fangs!


**The Fans asking for Forever Knight!!**... A BBoard Letter Post:

This is a post on the Sci-fi bboard asking for the return of Forever Knight. I would like to see ALL of you add your names and letters about what you want and more. We ALL would like to see it stay on Sci-fi wouldn't we? Along with more merchandise and return movies? 

The post can be found here:

Please add your name and letters, and also help to spread the word about this.

Those of you that signed also send copies of your comments to

Early KTK AD (March 1999):

This ad appeared in the Hollywood Reporter in March, 1999. It's one of the very first ones with the character's pictures on it. See picture below...