About "Envisioning"

"Envisioning," is the title of the "Stranger Than Fiction" fanlisting, due to everyone's fantasies throughout this episode. In it, Nick discovers that a sloppy vampire is the likely suspect trying to kill a famous author, Emily Weiss, who writes famous vampire novels. Nick finds her work to be very close to the truth and suspects LaCroix may be trying to be rid of her because of that. Nick and Schanke are assigned to protect her from harm. Nick discovers that LaCroix is not the one behind the feeble attempts, but does want Emily killed, specifically by Nick. Meanwhile, Nick, Nat, Emily and Schanke each have their own fantasy daydream scenes from the book, "The Denied." Nick takes Emily to the loft, so she can be safer. The two become romantically involved, but Nick stops himself before his beast emerges. He continues to protect her at a book signing the next day and, there, discovers that the suspect is actually an obsessive mortal. Nick saves Emily from him by revealing the vampire. She is astonished and wants Nick to bring her across like in her book. LaCroix shows up killing the mortal and urging Nick to take Emily. Nick struggles with his desires and finally decides to hypnotize her into forgetting about him and to stop writing the vampire sagas for good. Nick learns that sacrifice is just another part of love...

Favorite Quote: Nick: "Emily Weiss. She kept staring at me in the police station. " Nat: "You know, Nick, women do sometimes take a second look at you."

About The Fanlisting

What is a fanlisting? Well a fanlisting is a place for fans who come together and build a list of other fans with the same interest, this one being the "Stranger Than Fiction" episode of course. The Fanlistings is the brilliant idea of Janine, who originally created the Buffy fanlisting and thought it would be interesting to find out where all the "Buffy" fans were from. Now, there are thousands of fanlistings for actors, tv shows, movies, books, and practically anything you can imagine. However, for each topic, there can be only one fanlisting.

Is this the Official Stranger Than Fiction Fanlisting? Yes - in a matter of words. It is not approved by anyone to do with Forever Knight, but it is approved by Janine. If you see another Stranger Than Fiction fanlisting, report it to Janine.

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