What is NEW in the Knight?

This page is for your info on what I add on each of my  updates. I update at least every few days. Look below to see the most recent 10 updates on what I have added.

*~Re-vamping for 2003~*

December 17, 2002- Ok, so you guys get a sneak preview of what's to come in the re-vamp for 2003. :) I wanted to do something besides making graphics last weekend, so a new music video has been created. Check it out by visiting the music videos section here.

December 6, 2002- I made a new Nick and Janette wallpaper called, "Sinful Beauty." The colors and style make it a good wallpaper for the Christmas season. I also added a new high-quality scan of the season 2 cast to the group photos in the "Cast Photos" section.

December 5, 2002- I added 18 pictures from "Hangin In: Plasma Suite & Barnum & Baby" and 24 pictures from "Not My Department: The Hand That Feeds" to the GWD Image Galleries on my Geraint Wyn Davies site. These are both rare and very early Ger roles, especially the 1st one.

November 28, 2002- I created 10 new sites for FK! They are episode fanlistings, featuring a united list of the fans of these episodes, special graphics, info, extra goodies, and more. Visit them through "Blood Line" or click on the icons below for each episode:

Forbidden Love: Be My Valentine Fanlisting Mesmerized: Crazy Love Fanlisting Dark Desires: Dance by the Light of the Moon Fanlisting Le Premier: Dark Knight 1&2 Fanlisting Addicted: Feeding the Beast Fanlisting Atonement: For I Have Sinned Fanlisting Take Me: Games Vampires Play Fanlisting Possessed: Sons of Belial Fanlisting Envisioning: Stranger Than Fiction Fanlisting Intoxicated: The Fix Fanlisting

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2002- I made a new Nick and Natalie music video called "Secret." It features Natalie being the only mortal who knows Nick's dark secret and how his vampirism keeps them from being together.

November 20, 2002- Major Update Announcement: I have been working on 10 new sites for Forever Knight Episode Fanlistings. These will be featuring special graphics, goodies, a united list of the fans of these episodes, and more. I am half-way finished and plan to have them ready by Thanksgiving. I also have been working on a new Nick and Natalie music video which should be ready this weekend.

November 15, 2002- I added a new FK commercial to the "Bloopers/Misc section (page 3)." It's from "Space" in Canada, who recently started airing FK on their channel. I also added new "Save the Knight" info about getting FK on DVD through Amazon.com.

November 12, 2002- I added 4 cut scene pictures from "A More Permanent Hell." They're from the Natalie and Janette scene at the Raven. I also re-made the movie-clip of this scene to a much higher quality version (found in the season 2 movie archives: page 3).

November 7, 2002- Today's my birthday (I turn 18 hahaha!), so here's sort of a present for you guys. :) I made a new Nick wallpaper called, "Aching Hunger."

November 2, 2002- I created a new fanlisting called "Aching Hunger." It's a Nick and Lovers fanlisting for all people who enjoy seeing Nick with many different female companions aka "The Necks of the Week." Check it out by clicking on my "Blood Line" site in the main indexes. Also, this site will only look right at 1024x768 screen resolutions or above.

October 31, 2002- Happy Halloween! :)= I made a new music video called, "A Thousand Years," a flashbacks only video.