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About Geraint Wyn Davies

Born in Swansea, Wales to a Welsh Congregational preacher, Geraint was seven when the family relocated to Canada. As a graduate of Upper Canada College, he spent three months at the University of Western Ontario studying business and economics before deciding to pursue a career in acting. Geraint has attracted many fans with not only his great looks, but his classical acting style. Geraint's first start was in the theatre, which he still, lovingly, does today, and he has become a very accomplished television and movie actor. He's best known for his role as Nick Knight from the popular vampire tv series "Forever Knight." Geraint is not only a fantastic actor, but also a very talented musician and director.

For a list of his credits visit his page at the IMDB here.

About The Fanlisting

What is a fanlisting? Well a fanlisting is a place for fans who come together and build a list of other fans with the same interest, this one being "Geraint" of course. The Fanlistings is the brilliant idea of Janine, who originally created the Buffy fanlisting and thought it would be interesting to find out where all the "Buffy" fans were from. Now, there are thousands of fanlistings for actors, tv shows, movies, books, and practically anything you can imagine. However, for each topic, there can be only one fanlisting.

Is this the Official Geraint Wyn Davies fanlisting? Yes - in a matter of words. It is not approved by anyone to do with the actor, but it is approved by Janine. If you see another Geraint fanlisting, report it to Janine.