Geraint Wyn Davies Photos

Below are Geraint Wyn Davies Photos that most of which I scanned, except some enhanced of the net. Please do not directly link to any of these. Click image to see true size, shape, and quality. Enjoy!

Ger_photo.jpg (222640 bytes)    Ger_photo3.jpg (75930 bytes)  Ger_photo4.jpg (20517 bytes)  Ger_photo5.jpg (47409 bytes)

Ger_photo6.jpg (250648 bytes)  Ger_photo7.jpg (65006 bytes)  Ger_photo8.jpg (35830 bytes)  Ger_photo9.jpg (163387 bytes)  Ger_photo10.jpg (138975 bytes)

      Ger_photo14.jpg (139921 bytes)  Ger_photo15.jpg (94126 bytes)

Ger_photo16.jpg (239146 bytes)  Ger_photo17.jpg (96923 bytes)  Ger_photo18.jpg (135960 bytes)   



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