Underworld Queen of the Damned Interview with the Vampire

Recently, I spoke with Michael Rymer, the director of Queen of the Damned, about "lost footage" from the movie not shown on the DVD. He admitted that many scenes were cut, including more blood sharing scenes with Lestat/Akasha, the slave girls scene, and even more Jesse/Lestat interaction including a romantic kiss at the very end (see some images featuring these lost scenes at the bottom). Mr. Rymer stated that if there was enough interest, Warner Brothers might release his longer "Director's Cut" of the film. Let's make this happen!

1) Postcard Campaign (Most Important): Please print and send the following postcards to this man. He is in charge of future DVD releases. Sign your name on the back and feel free to add any further requests/comments:

Mike Radiloff

VP of DVD Marketing

Warner Home Video

4000 Warner Blvd

Burbank, CA 91522

Submissions are also welcome. Just make sure your graphic is 600x400 pixels and asks for a director's cut. Also, be sure to put the warner bros logo on there or text stating "copyright warner bros."

2) Please add your requests to get a director's cut of the movie at the Home Theater Forum. The studios do read requests by the fans on this site! (Registration is free and easy, but you must use a real first name). I started a post for us here.

3) You can also contact Warner Bros here and here. Their phone # is (818) 954-6000 Please let me know if you get a good response.

4) Lastly, there is a petition you can sign below. However, these are the least efficient way to get DVDs released. It doesn't hurt to sign though:


Please participate everyone! We may just get a Director's Cut if enough of us write. Here are some images that are from the lost footage: