Underworld Queen of the Damned Interview with the Vampire

On this page you'll find different assorted things you can use on your computer, such as icon packs and toolbar skins I made. Please don't post any of this on your own websites without permission. Enjoy!

Internet Explorer Toolbar Skins

These can be used by saving the skins to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Bitmaps. Then go into Internet Explorer and click Tools - Toolbar Wallpaper - and select your skin. The size is fit for 1024x768 resolution (you can also e-mail me for the 1280x1024 resolution). Note: If you have IE 6 you'll need to download the toolbar accessory here (the site will say it works for version 5, but it also works for 6).

Skin #1: Lestat and Akasha

Skin #2: Lestat in Leather

Skin #3: Underworld Vampires

Skin #4: Mesmerizing Lestat


These can be used for your msn display pictures, livejournals, messageboards, etc. Please credit me - thanks!

Icon Packs

These are icons I made and zipped into sets (open with WinZip or WinRAR). They look best on at least High Color 16 bit or above.

Queen of the Damned Pack

Underworld Pack