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Jagged - Gary Numan (Live in Australia 2009) +Youtube HD

Features some of the best highlights from the Australian 2009 tour from Sydney and Melbourne. The fantastic HD footage was filmed by Ryan Streat. The featured music is "Jagged (Ade Fenton Mix)" by Gary Numan. Created: 4/3/09  Reviews (12) | Send Review

Replicas - Gary Numan (Live in Manchester 2008) +Youtube

An ensemble of the best moments from the Replicas Manchester Birthday concert in 2008 from the new DVD. You can order it here. The featured music is "Replicas (live)" by Gary Numan. Created: 3/2/09  Reviews (11) | Send Review

Before You Hate It - Gary Numan +Youtube


An experimental music video highlighting some of the best moments from Gary Numan's live appearances and music videos over the years. The featured music is "Before You Hate It" by Gary Numan. Created: 11/19/08  Reviews (11) | Send Review

Remember I Was Vapour - Gary Numan & His Fans +Youtube


A special video dedicated to all the Numanoids out there. It features over 100 photos of Gary and his fans spanning 1979 to 2007. It is quite rare for a celebrity to devote so much time to their fans and I think that makes Gary very special. On behalf of myself and all of the Numanoids out there, thank you Gary! I hope you and the fans enjoy this special compilation. The featured music is "Remember I Was Vapour." Created: 11/5/07  Reviews (44) | Send Review

Down in the Park - Gary Numan (Berserker Tour - London 1984) +Youtube


An ensemble of the best moments from the London - Berserker tour in 1984 - one of Gary's most unique images (from the Berserker DVD & VHS). The featured music is "Down in the Park" by Gary Numan. Created: 8/20/07  Reviews (19) | Send Review

Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan (Micromusic - Wembley Farewell Tour 1981) +Youtube


An ensemble of the best moments from the London - Wembley farewell tour in 1981 - Gary's largest and most famous show ever. I also remastered the footage enhancing the color and reducing grain. The featured music is "Are Friends Electric (live version from Micromusic)" by Gary Numan. Created: 6/13/07  Reviews (31) | Send Review

Haunted - Gary Numan (Fragment- Shepherds Bush Empire 2004) +Youtube


An ensemble of the best moments from the London - Shepherds Bush Empire show in 2004 (from the Fragment 2 DVD). The featured music is "Haunted (live version from Fragment)" by Gary Numan. Created: 5/5/07  Reviews (39) | Send Review

M.E. - Tribute to Gary Numan +Award Winning +Youtube


A tribute to my favorite musician Gary Numan, which explores all of his different incarnations over the years spanning 1979 to 2003. The footage is from his wide array of music videos, brought up to date with my own special color scheme and effects. The featured music is "M.E. (Hybrid Version)" by Gary Numan. Created: 3/2/07  Reviews (114) | Send Review

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