These are some common questions I've received about my videos. I hope you all find this helpful. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

1. How do you create your music videos?

I am self-taught and have been video editing for nearly 10 years. I regard editing as a form of art just like graphics, painting, etc. so it came naturally to me. Art has always been a passion of mine and when I started video editing I simply experimented. My techniques and software have naturally advanced over time. This is the process I go through when creating a music video.

My favorite and key editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. It's the top of the line, although Pinnacle and Avid Xpress are good as well. I also use Ulead Video Studio for certain effects at times. Windows Movie Maker is ok for basic editing, but if you really want to dive into it and make professional videos, I highly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here are the steps I take when making a music video:

1) Find an inspiring song. Write down ideas to match the song lyrics and instrumentals. Basically, I just listen to words and listen to patterns in the song such as certain choruses. This mainly involves writing down specific scenes that match the words or music. I also write down rough ideas for effects and overlays.

2) Record and extract all the footage to the computer for your video. You should always work with uncompressed avis to get the best results in your final, especially if you want to convert back to DVD later. (more info on extracting footage can be found at

3) Create the video. This is where you lay everything out on the timeline and add effects, transitions, and overlays. Be careful with transitions though. Sometimes they can look cheap and overdone. Also, think about the beat of the song when you're adding effects or overlays. Match the tempo and mood of the music, not just the words.

4) Save the final and convert it for the web. I do not recommend wmv format. It's the lowest quality compression you can use other than realplayer. I recommend mpg or DivX - I started using this format recently and it looks incredible.

5) Show off your video and don't forget to always credit the song artist and material you're working with.

Hope these tips are helpful to you! You can find more useful video editing tips here at the editing community on

2. Do you accept requests?

I am open to song ideas, but I usually do not take requests for a movie or tv show I am not familiar with or if I am not a fan of the material. If I am not fond of it, it's difficult to put my heart into my work. The same applies to my graphics. If you have a request, please contact me.

3. Your work looks very professional! Are you planning to do this for a living?

Thank you! I always love to hear what the viewers think (see Video Reviews). Yes, I am now a professional editor and graphic designer, partially because of the wonderful support from my website visitors. I can't thank you all enough! I graduated from college in December 2007 and I plan to make trailers, promos,  and music videos for a living, similar to what I have been doing already. To view my official projects visit my Portfolio.

4. May I use clips from your videos on my own site?

Please do not! Video theft is an absolute no, no. I always personalize my videos with my own effects, overlays, timing, etc. and this would basically be stealing my ideas and hard work. While I don't own the material I work with, I do change it up in such a way that it becomes a unique work of art. Please keep these videos for only your personal viewing pleasure (yes, you're welcome to share with friends too). If you wish to upload my videos to youtube, etc please credit me, although I have most of my favorites on my own account already. Thank you.

If you'd like to learn more about me, visit the About Me page here. You can also contact me at if you have any more questions.

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