Push the Limits


Features Ger as Mike Rivers in "Airwolf" season 4 being a chunk of eye-candy while saving the day at the same time. These scenes are combined with Enigma's "Push the Limits." Created: 10/14/04  Reviews (12) | Send Review



Features Geraint as Nick Haskell in "Black Harbour" and shows him submerged in several passionate romances. These scenes are combined with Delerium's "Underwater." Created: 7/7/03  Reviews (8) | Send Review

Desert Rose


Features Geraint in many different roles (non-FK). It consists of multiple looks and hair-styles, lots of steaming passion, and of course eye-candy. These scenes are combined with Sting's "Desert Rose." Created: 5/26/02  Reviews (4) | Send Review


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