Where Will You Go +Award Winning+


Features Janette and LaCroix's views on Nick trying to become mortal and leave them. It shows them trying to make him understand that he can't escape. He is a vampire and needs to face the truth. These scenes are combined with Evanescence's "Where Will You Go." Created: 12/24/03  Reviews (7) | Send Review



Features the magnificent vampire family: Nick, Janette, and LaCroix, and their travels together over the centuries. It also shows how they each became vampires and their importance to one another. These scenes are combined with E.S. Posthumus' "Antissa." This video also includes voiceovers, mostly by LaCroix. Created: 6/8/03  Reviews (8) | Send Review

A Thousand Years


Features "flashbacks only." After nearly 800 years, Nick has been all over the planet, usually with his vampire family. This video features Nick's travels and events leading to him becoming a vampire in 1228. These scenes are combined with Sting's "A Thousand Years." Created: 10/24/02  Reviews (8) | Send Review


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