Most of these videos are compressed in high-quality DIVX format and require the free codec from here. (To disable the logo, go to Program Files/Divx/config utility: quality settings - disable logo). Please email me for any questions or comments. If you upload these videos to youtube, myspace, etc. please credit me. Thank you.

Slave +Award Winning+


Features the multifaceted, obsessive relationship between Nick and LaCroix. This video also includes special video manipulations aka new scenes I made. (Note: Implied slash) These scenes are combined with Gary Numan's "Slave." Created: 10/24/06  Reviews (23) | Send Review

Lies +Award Winning+


Features the violent side of Nick and LaCroix's relationship and LaCroix's deceptiveness towards Nick. These scenes are combined with Evanescence's "Lies (Remix)." Created: 8/15/04  Reviews (9) | Send Review



Features LaCroix's desire to keep Nick at his side forever and surrender to his nature. These scenes are combined with Evanescence's "Surrender." Created: 11/20/03  Reviews (14) | Send Review

Come Undone


Features Nick and LaCroix's very complicated relationship and the love that dare not speak it's name. These scenes are combined with Duran Duran's "Come Undone." Created: 3/12/03  Reviews (9) | Send Review


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