Most of these videos are compressed in high-quality DIVX format and require the free codec from here. (To disable the logo, go to Program Files/Divx/config utility: quality settings - disable logo). Please email me for any questions or comments. If you upload these videos to youtube, myspace, etc. please credit me. Thank you.



Both Janette and Natalie have false illusions of the Nick they want and believe him to be - Janette the vampire side and Natalie the mortal side. These scenes are combined with Asy9's "Heroine." Created: 12/17/05  Reviews (19) | Send Review

Silence Must Be Heard


Features Nick entangled between two different kinds of love - a love truly immortal and a love for mortality. However, he must decide which he desires most before things get too out of control - the silence must be heard. These scenes are combined with Enigma's "Silence Must Be Heard." Created: 1/24/04  Reviews (8) | Send Review

I Want You


Features FK's love triangle: Nick, Janette, and Natalie and shows Nick tied between his two favorite loves. These scenes are combined with Madonna's "I Want You." Created: 1/28/03  Reviews (9) | Send Review


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