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In a Dark Place +Award Winning+


Explores Nick's pain, remorse, and guilt as he remembers the sins of his vampiric past. Searching for salvation, he struggles to emerge from his world of darkness. The video also reveals those who Nick reaches out to the most in his time of need. These scenes are combined with Gary Numan's "In a Dark Place." Created: 11/7/06  Reviews (31) | Send Review

Woven +Award Winning+


Features Nick's roller coaster of emotions and his struggles with his dark side. These scenes are combined with Hednoize's "Woven." Created: 6/20/05  Reviews (10) | Send Review

Immortal +Award Winning+


Features Nick unhappy about his eternal life as a vampire and the realization that he truly will never die. These scenes are combined with Hednoize's "Immortal." Created: 12/9/04  Reviews (14) | Send Review

Imaginary +Award Winning+


Features Nick's false dreams of mortality and his torment from his nightmares. These scenes are combined with Evanescence's "Imaginary." Created: 10/4/04  Reviews (14) | Send Review

Wheel of Time


Reveals Nick's many lives and changes over the centuries. These scenes are combined with Sandra's (of Enigma) "Wheel of Time." Created: 9/8/04  Reviews (15) | Send Review

Sunglasses at Night


Features Nick with one of his favorite accessories - his sunglasses. Not only do they make Nick even more gorgeous, but they are also useful for hiding unearthly eyes. These scenes are combined with Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night." Created: 7/28/04  Reviews (15) | Send Review

Paradise (Not For Me)


Features Nick's sadness and reflections of the past. He will forever drown in the depths of his mortal coil. These scenes are combined with Madonna's "Paradise (Not For Me)." Created: 3/27/04  Reviews (11) | Send Review



Features Nick's loneliness and anxiety about the past. The loft represents his fortress of solitude. These scenes are combined with Babble's "Tower." Created: 12/15/03  Reviews (7) | Send Review

Away From Me


Features Nick's regret about becoming a vampire and wanting to be taken away from his condition. These scenes are combined with Evanescence's "Away From Me." Created: 3/30/03  Reviews (7) | Send Review

Bring Me To Life


Features Nick's anguish about being a vampire. It shows him tormented by his condition and longing for something more with his life. These scenes are combined with Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life." Created: 2/23/03  Reviews (14) | Send Review


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