Most of these videos are compressed in high-quality DIVX format and require the free codec from here. (To disable the logo, go to Program Files/Divx/config utility: quality settings - disable logo). Please email me for any questions or comments. If you upload these videos to youtube, myspace, etc. please credit me. Thank you.

Going Under: La Femme Nikita +Award Winning+


This video features Michael and Nikita's explosive relationship and their feeble attempts to deny their feelings for each other. These scenes from La Femme Nikita are combined with Evanescence's "Going Under." Created: 11/4/04  Reviews (43) | Send Review

#1 Crush: La Femme Nikita


Another favorite tv series of mine is "La Femme Nikita," because of the strong chemistry between Michael and Nikita and excellent writing. This music video focuses on the deep, yet tense, love the two operatives share and their loyalty towards one another. These scenes from La Femme Nikita are combined with Garbage's "#1 Crush." Created: 9/21/04  Reviews (48) | Send Review


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