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I'm glad there is someone like you out there who takes the time to make such good videos and other assorted FK goodies =) Good luck in your career choice.. You will be perfect for it =) - Midori

You have really outdone yourself in the last few Forever Knight Music Videos!! Awesome!! Excellent!! Bravo!! Outstanding!! Brilliant!!
Exceptional!! First-rate!! Superb!! Where's my Thesaurus--I need more positive adjectives??!! Keep up the good work!! I'm glad you are going into the field! At this rate you may be another Steven Spielberg or George Lucas or ...!! And we will have known you "when..."! -
Linda Stoffey

Kristin those videos are so cool. My mom just fixed the computer so now it will finally download stuff so far I have seen Frozen and Touch the Night and am downloading secret now and I bet it will be just as great as the other ones but I am partial to Nick and Nat :) - Phoeba Mead

I just finished watching both Mea Culpa (Yum) and Possession (HOT!!) and there's no question that Possession wins. I love Mea Culpa, but Possession is even more delicious and a more "polished" video. You just keep progressing in your talent for making those, Kristin. They are really works of art and passion! It doesn't matter that you only have so many scenes to work with, you still make them look new a fresh and your song choices are superb! - Diana Foster

I finally got to see the videos you made. I saw The Hunger, Dark Side Of The Glass, Gravity of Love and Erotica. You were right it was worth the wait. I plan to see more of the videos. I would just like to say you are very good. All four videos held me spell bound. Can't wait to see the others. -  Karin

I would Just like to say that your videos on your site are Awesome I
can Watch them over and over again. -
Garnet Zaremba

I've got to tell you, you are a genius! Lovely, lovely work, with a real feel for the music AND the subjects. - Lyn Palmer

After viewing your videos it's clear you have a real talent for film and photography and should consider a career in it.  These videos are very impressive! - Patty Costantino

WOW, How do you come up with such GREAT VIDEOS. You amaze me. One day I bet if you are not already, working for films or TV you will be! You have a great talent. We are always looking forward to your next CREATION!!!! Thanks for always making us SMILE!!!! :o) Oh yes....even the MUSIC you pick is do you do it! - Amanda & Kristin (a different one ;))

I have all your fabulous music videos downloaded. I am just bowled over by what a superb job you did making those. Last night I watched them all straight thru - nearly a solid hour of Nick/Ger kissing & biting & looking gorgeous. Droool! - Diana Foster

The videos are incredible. I'm speechless! Please keep it up, I love every download. I do them at night so that in the morning I have a reason to face the day <g>. It has been your videos that have kept FK alive and fresh. Every time I see a new creation, its like seeing a brand new episode. - Edna Walker

I have been slumbering in lack of interest and with no Ger, no Fk on the tube, and then came Kristin's music videos. These are so good and are Ger-enteed to wake up the sleeping Nick fan inside you. Its a big download but worth it. No matter who your favorite pairing is you will enjoy. - Linda Sriro

I just finished reading the reviews, WOW! I don't think I can possibly put it any better. Every video I've downloaded I LOVE!!<G> I have 7 but want them ALL! My husband thinks I'm really bent and I just tell him he's jealous. The man could use these as training  videos on how to "Kiss Your Wife Right" By Nicholas B. Knight! You are truly gifted when it comes to editing. If you don't do this professionally you should! I need a stiff belt of Ribena and a shower! - Debbi Henson

About your videos. Certainly everybody has his/hers own favorite. The most amazing part is that they are based on the actual fk material. It is really marvelous to see those songs of the soundtrack becoming in life. You must have spent hours and hours choosing the material and synchronizing them with the music. Naturally I have enjoyed all of the videos, and these new voiceovers are quite an excellent invention. As a hole I think of your videos as a 'virtual 4th season'. There is no actual storyline but the atmosphere is there and the feeling of this vampire family still spending their time at Toronto. I can watch these videos at my leisure time and think of Nick sharing his time with the vampires and his mortal friends, Janette being at Raven and LaCroix as  the Nightcrawler. And that is what the virtual 4th season is all about: to keep fk alive. - Juha Tuomala

You are amazingly talented, I've never seen a more professional job
of editing music and show clips. There is such a smooth progression
and the choices of clips are too perfect for words. I've been showing
the MV to everyone, and people were impressed at your abilities. You definitely have a future in this line if you choose to pursue it. Anyone here who has not gone to see these videos...what are you
waiting for?!?!?!?, yow-ee, whew, talk about erotic! I
wanted a cigarette afterwards, LOL, and I quit 25 years ago!!!  Thank you so much for all your hard work helping to keep FK and GWD in the frontlines...nothing will ever take him from our hearts, and now, thanks to you, he can be in our eyes as well, FOREVER!!! - Linda Kestner

What I have seen has been absolutely brilliant, outstanding, magical, awesome, amazing - so on & so forth!!!  The quality is fantastic and you seem to know the best songs and lyrics to go with certain scenes. I especially love "What is..." it actually brings a tear to my eye as it is such a passionate clip. Please keep doing more!!! - Kim Angel

I LOVE all your music videos! THANKS AGAIN for your wonderful site! Your music video's are to die for!!! What a talent you have!!! - Donna Welborn

'Jesus, these things are hot!' These things should come with a
Roman General's Warning or something! 'Do not watch while operating heavy machinery or while attempting to do homework. May induce comas. I think you and your site have as many devoted fans as the series and its stars! - April French

I just watched the first two Volumes of Music Videos, I really enjoyed them, WoW they are amazing!! I especially like the way you faded in and out of scenes, always a different way never the same shape. Nick looks hot with long hair, and in the long white shirt. Very polished, Keep the Good work, you have great talent. - Trista Pierce

I LOVE ALL the videos you've done so far. The new ones seem to have more pizzazz if you would, but as I said before, they're ALL very well thought out and put together. You do very good work, not many people would be able to string together various images that convey as deep a message as the videos you've made. Keep up the good work. - Ann

I must say, on behalf of all the lurkers, I have quite enjoyed the number of videos that have been appearing lately. Quantity and Quality, a rare combination. I for one, greatly appreciate all your hard work. I appreciate them over and over and over and over and over..... - Rachel Oke

A song is something that deserves your acknowledgment and the adrenalin that rushes through our very veins. Forms into reality in our minds that FK will never die and can be re-born in the flames of a song. You have that fire Kristin...and it's always magical. Thats what your vids do to us all. - Myrhia Chmilar

Your work makes it seem as if Forever Knight were still in production. Each time I watch your videos, no matter the subject or couple, I feel I've watched another episode or FK movie. You always put a fresh spin on the video, and that is talent, especially considering you have limited footage to work with (only three seasons). - Deborah Hymon

I downloaded the Character theme last night, and I just watched it a couple of hours ago. I loved it, just like I love every video of yours that I have seen. I've also watched the newest Principles of Lust, Tower, Surrender, and Voyageur. They were all excellent! - Stacy

I love all of your videos, not just the NN centered ones. I think that you're amazingly talented and have often wished I could make music videos like you do. They're simply breathtaking. - Megan

Kristin, you are a one of a kind artist! I bring your video's to work with me EVERY NIGHT. The only thing that keeps me going some nights are your videos (which, by the way, security & housekeeping love also!) & the episodes I have downloaded from your website!

Presently my favorites of your videos are, of course, My Immortal. :-) I also love Forbidden Love, Away From Me, Bring Me to Life, Come Undone, Die Another Day, Erotica, & Eyes of Truth. And I LOVE your newest ones. Your video's & your website are the lifeblood that is keeping Forever Knight alive! Please know that your efforts & creativity are deeply appreciated! I, personally, do not know what I would do without your videos & website! Keep up the good work! All of us FK fans rely on your creativity & your website to feed our 'incessant hunger' for all things FK related. :-) You have a talent that is unequalled!
- Donna Welborn

As always, you amaze me with your ability to create new spinoffs on each one. I'll admit that My Immortal has been my favorite thus far, but I do love the N&J Tears From the Moon as well. It's probably my favorite one of the Immortal Beloveds. And the last five, Tower, Hunters, Character Theme, Where will you Go? and Principles of Lust Part 2 have all been sensational!!!!! Keep them coming!!! Pleeeeaassse!!! - Patty Costantino

Know that we *do* love and appreciate all the hard work you put into making these music videos. They keep FK alive and new. As to subject matter, Nick & Nat are me favorite characters (you know that!!), but I've become fascinated by Janette, her history, her emotional responses, her relationships with both Nick and LaCroix. I would no more want to see only NN videos than I would want to eat the same food every day. Variety is the spice of Life. Odd that what you like least about "My Immortal" ("it's just too simple and slow") is what appeals most to me. It's the simplicity that makes it stand out from the others - variety. Not every story requires technical wizardry for the telling, but the ones that do, ah there you shine. You have an uncanny ability to marry music and images with a technical expertise that leaves most of us speechless (no pun intended ;-)!) -  Gloria Price

Your talent is totally incredible, and I was astounded at the quality of your productions. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !! You are muy, muy talented ! My 16 y/o daughter and my 10 & 12 y/o granddaughters are fans as well...they said "Tell Kristin we love the videos and the music!" - Linda

We've come to expect excellent work from you. I personally think you should be doing these professionally if you're not already. I love the videos mostly because they're about Forever Knight, but I think I'd enjoy them anyway just because they're so well done. You definitely have a gift. Give me all the best equipment in the world and I could never make anything even close to as good... - Katherine LeBlanc

I love 'What is FK', 'Away from Me' Bring me to life' and 'Dark side of the Glass' simply because you have the talent of choosing the best clips that add to the raw emotion of the songs that you use. You make it in such a way (at least with me) that you give an inside look at what Nick (or other character) is thinking and/or feeling. It's plainly obvious that you work extremely hard on your videos and take great pride in them. I'd defiantly advise you to look into something like this for your profession, you're an artist! - Mary Stettner

The videos I have downloaded and watched are absolutely amazing! Every time I think you've had to have run out of ideas, you pop up with something else as good as or better than you've done before. You have a very, very talented, creative mind. I would not be a bit surprised to be able to say sometime in the future "yeah, I knew Kristin way back when......." What fun! - Terri Collier

Your latest video's are again, fabulous! Thank you for feeding our need for a Forever Knight fix with your website & the videos! You are brilliant! - Donna Welborn

What can I say except I want more music videos and more teaser trailers. You work is just so good. - Lucrezia

::Thud:: There you go, you struck me speechless and the thud you heard was my jaw dropping. I just love your music videos!! - Rachel Oke

All of your creations are magnificent. Awesome to the extent of me having to watch it all over again. You really have a gift in merging scenes together. I was amazed by the technical creations you made on THE EYES OF TRUTH. How did you do it. I wish I could be as genius as you when it comes to computers and stuff. - Julie Herera

I have seen your music videos, and I love them. I have looked at others, like Buffy ones, and stuff, but yours are much better quality. I like how you make the videos themselves follow the music. Seeing videos and it being completely detached from the music really throws me off. But yours always seem to interest me :-) - Michelle

I've downloaded every one of your FK videos and a couple of non-FK ones and they're all great - even when I'm not crazy about the music, which doesn't happen often. You definitely have the "touch". Next time I'll try harder to send a "well done", okay? In the meantime please don't stop making videos! - Nicholai

I have downloaded several FK videos that you have made and WOW! are they great!! Love them!:-) In fact your site in excellent overall- a bright spot in my day every time I visit. - Becca

Just finished watching your recent videos - it's really hard to find the words to describe my feelings, and, being an N/N, particularly about MLB. Your talent and creativity just keep growing, and, yes, I love the Janette- centered videos almost just as much as the Nat ones.
After all, Nick is in all of them and he loves them both. You continue to give FK fans new videos to look forward to, and I, along with so many others, really, really appreciate all that you do for our obsession. Once again, many thanks for sharing with us :-)

I honestly love every one of the music videos you have done and picking one is just not possible. Over the years I can definitely see a progressive change in your abilities to put it all together and the professionalism that goes into them. I know that someone mentioned the limited scenes that you actually have to work with (you've made more music videos than there are episodes!) but the order you put them in and the songs you use make new stories every time. I think Knight Vision is the standard that ALL websites should aim for. It is an incredible site that you deserve a lot of credit for. We thank you. - Terri Collier

Knight Vision has become one of my favorite sites lately. The videos that you have created are amazing. You have captured the essential conflicts of FK in a very sensual way. - Elyse Allen

I'm a big fan of your videos. There's not one of them that isn't top notch and absolutely gorgeous. - Danii

Kristin's videos are absolutely wonderful. I own All of them, including the newest one, and will definitely get all of them that come out. They are not only great for the graphics, but the music as well. Each video tells a story and that is one of the things I love about them. I am glad I met Kristin. She is a sweetheart and great friend. Thank you Kristin for all your hard work. - Penny

THANK YOU. I only found your amazing site about a year ago. Without it, I never would have been introduced to fan videos (or Evanescence). Since that time, I've seen tons of videos for other shows, but none even approach the quality - both technical and creative - of yours. I must say that your work has got me through many a cold, dark evening when it's snowing and pitch black at 4:52, and the middle of an exam period. - Ketyra

I think Kristin's videos are amazing, I own Volumes 1-3, watched all
of them and I really enjoy them, especially the changing colors, slow
mo and voice overs, they are very professional looking. They are
beautiful. You have a lot of talent. - Trista

You have class and hot sizzling chemistry in your vids...A piece of your inner self that is wild and ready to tell the world of passion that can go on Forever...You're a gem and I will see other vids...but you are always the star in the heavens that shines with beauty and truth in your artistic nature in videos. It's a power that holds and captivates you like no other... - Myrhia Chmilar

Kristin, you are a goddess! Fantastic videos, I want to show them everybody who's interested and who is not! I Love them all! - Carhith

Kristin, you have the most unique videos I've ever seen...they are very interesting to watch! - Elena

I love your website! I have d/led and watched all of your music videos and they are amazing, much better than anything else I've seen. - Maureen

Just wanted to drop a line of appreciation. Your site has GREAT vids!! I remember watching FK when USA used to play it. And I am also a Nikita fan, two great shows that I miss very much. Thank God for DVDs! LOL! Doing a great job here and I love the newer ones with Evanescence songs!! "Missing" and "Farther Away" are awesome!! - Jackie

to my favourite movie creator. I really hope you never stop because I just don't know how I would manage without your constant updates.

Here is a poem just for you to say thank you for all you do.

Forever Knight was just a name
till one night when kris turned on the light
and made the name forever right

In all his films from start to end
all see his loving care where
every frame is made to share

for one and all
pronounce and name
that kris is the one
would made the knight live again
- Lucrezia

Your work is the best I've ever seen. MTV or VH1 would be proud to have you, or any of the music artists for that matter! I am completely addicted to your videos - they seem to make my day a little brighter, especially when I've had a rotten day. For everyone out there that watches the videos but doesn't give feedback - it only takes a few minutes to send an e-mail. Let Kristin know how much you appreciate what she does for us "addicts". We all know we would be lost without her and her videos! :) - Kris

You already know how great I think your videos are. They blow me away! You have such GREAT taste in music and the effects are just awesome. Keep up the awesome work. Yes, MTV and VH1 could use someone like you. - Penny

Your vids mean a lot to me. As a fan who's watched FK episodes countless times, I thought that I'd seen all that the show could show me. Then I discovered Knight Vision and was proven wrong. I am astounded at how each one of your vids gives FK a look that is totally original and intriguing. It's made see FK in ways I never could've imagined. Your vids keep the show alive and fresh for me. So I ask you to please continue making new vids so the Knight may live forever! - Joe Salazar

You have the best Forever Knight site on the internet and I always enjoy your videos. You bring a lot of enjoyment to the people who follow your websites and you are appreciated. - Sheryl Landry

What in the hell do you use to make these masterpieces? I mean, this goes way way beyond mere vidding, in my opinion. You create a movie unto itself, a new form of silent films {'cept they're not cuz, ya know, music and all} and ones that captivate the audience entirely. The photomanips/new scenes are like nothing I've seen before; they're so damn well done! The scenes you create with your characters seem as real as if you'd film them yourself. Really..that damn good. - yuna_firerose

I absolutely love your videos, and all the work you do in your web site! You are most definitely gifted and I not only hope you continue feeding my beast with your videos but I also wish you all the success in the world in school and your career. And incase nobody has said it in a while - you are very much appreciated! So much has changed since I have been away but it was great to know that the fans of Forever Knight have kept this group going and that you are still at it - creating the great videos and keeping us all up to date. - Moe

I just want to pass along how much your videos are a treat when a new one comes out because they always cease to amaze me to no end. Thanks. - Melissa

You asked that I let you know what I thought about your video. I occasionally do the same thing for a hobby; use clips from movies and videos to make a music video with carefully chosen scenes, weaving them so that the images dance with the tunes that I have selected. I thought I was fairly good at this until I ran into you on the net. You are amazing! You have a talent that I wish I could one day have. Please keep up that magnificent work that you do because you have made a Knight-Long fan for as long as your site continues its immortality. - Bryan Holland

I absolutely adore Kristin's videos. I've been a fan of FK for years, and her videos are a wonderful way of keeping the show alive. Long may she continue making them. - Nick Cook

I think you have come a LONG LONG WAY with the Vids. Even though I think your older stuff is great to. I think your work is awesome and like I always say, your choice of music is GREAT! I am always DL the songs you pick!!! Great as always Kristin! Keep up the great work! It nice to have something that takes me somewhere else and lets me forget things for a while! It's your Vids.....Thank You! - Amanda

I stumbled across the equilibrum music video you did. I then went to your Forever Knight website and took a look around. I downloaded your Forever Knight trailer and saw that you really have an eye for editing. I would guess you are somewhat of a perfectionist. You have an impeccable snack for transitioning between non-linear scenes. I only saw two videos you did, but I can see you definitely have your own style. It is almost a "scattered" transitory effect interlaced with an "attention-getting" sound or visual. It reminds me of a film technique I saw a few years back. A director by the name of Darren Aronofsky coined a technique called the "hip-hop montage." The basic concept uses fast moving frame cuts with high motion. The extreme fast motion coordinates with very shrill, loud, attention-getting sounds. The sounds exaggerate the action moving on-screen and challenge the viewer's eyes to keep pace with the current frame. I am hoping to look at more digital video that you have edited. I absolutely love your editing. I don't know if it is just personal taste, or maybe your editing style lends itself well to the material you choose to edit. - Steven

I've started watching your music videos. They're *awesome*. And this comes from someone who is a huge critic about editing and film. They're soooooo much fun. - VA DeCapula

I saw you site and was really impressed. Really nice "Queen of the Damned" and "Forever Knight" videos. But what really caught my attention were the ones you did yourself. You've got a real talent. Not many people now-a-days seem to know how to use a green screen properly, but you did a terrific job. - Mark

I LOVE your music videos! Thanks for all the AWESOME music videos, and the great website. I also LOVE the way there vampires are, unlike those shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel where there just.... Demons. I have never got to see Forever Knight, with the exception of your music videos and the cool preview. - Rave

Thanks for the video' do not know how long I have wanted to see Ger in Airwolf...finally from your music video I got to see him. You are very talented and I have waited a long time to have an internet server good enough to down load your video's and watch....It now only takes seconds where a year ago it took me a complete day. Good luck with school and from what I've seen you will go far and I can't wait to see you debut on the big'll make it because you have the heart and passion. - Tina

Your videos are so wonderfully done and render me speechless at times. Please continue with your work and I do hope there is a N/N video in the future!! :o) - Shanel

Yes I FINALLY downloaded several last night and let me tell you, they're EXQUISITE. Kristin, I'm quite impressed. You are very talented. Please keep up the good work. - cousiniguana

As usual you've moved me to tears of happiness again; I just came off of a 10 night work week, so last evening I spent the night watching videos, the ones on your site of course, I don't want to sound too repetitive or insincere, but you really are the most talented one I've ever known, such passion and appreciation and dedication.. Surely you've got many others just fawning all over you with compliments, so I don't want to be like them, much as Id love to just go on and on about it, I hope you'll not get tired of hearing it.. So, thanks for all you've done and will do and I expect some night to read an email telling me you're famous or in film production.. - James

BTW, my daughter loves your videos and thinks they're as good as anything on MTV, etc. She's 17, and not impressed by much, but she was impressed by your videos. Not to mention jealous of the ones you did of you and your sister. - Deb N.

I honestly think you make the greatest vids I have ever seen. Every video of yours that I've watched has just blown me away. Along with that, you're graphics are amazing. You are truly talented. - MartoufMarty

They are INCREDIBLE!! Especially the black and white video with the red blood splashes. Fabulous, simply fabulous! I am an old Forever Knight fan (I watched the Rick Springfield movie and then Crime Time After Prime Time). The videos of yours that I have seen bundle Forever Knight into the scenes and feelings that I loved and that spoke to me. I can't wait to discover more of your work. I am happy to see you also have La Femme Nikita videos as well-- another favorite show of mine! Take care and thank you for the wonderful videos! - Donna

Ditto to what everyone said. I think your vids and your movies are so asthetically beautiful. You have an eye for editing, or so my humble opinion believes. - coeurnoir

Be you lady or gent, you are master! These are *the* best vids I've seen made to the Vamps or to any other fandom ... ever. And believe me, I've enjoyed and/or suffered 'em all. Thank you very much for sharing your talent! I can only hope you get all the f/b and kudos you so richly deserve for your efforts. - Margo

Kristin for 3 years now , maybe longer, you have held me captivated by your wonderful videos and such. You are a true stroke of genius that I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. Thank you so much for keeping my love of the knight from dying. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I love both of your styles, the artistic and effects videos, which shows how creative and advanced you are and can be; but I also love the simple ones, which also shows how complex and artistic and creative you are; I once read, I think its in a book of poetry I have on my shelf, that " there are a great many things that are more beautiful when seen only in half light"; I think the passage I read from was attributed to gowns, how women wear some clothes that show all of themselves, or some who , like someone I have loved since 1992, would wear long dresses, long gloves and a black neck band.. ( my dearest Janette, as if I had to mention it ) , but I use that analogy to say that some of your video work, where you dont add or subtract anything at all to them, can tell such an emotional story , and at times it would be so much more moving than if you had added to it; like for instance, old films in black/ white, and with static lines in them, it shows a time and a place thats gone forever, frozen moments in time,, but truly, I really am so moved by each new work that you make,, I've seen all of FK, and underworld and hannibal, and queen, and interview, not yet equilibrium but I will.. but you take scenes I've seen countless times, and add your own touches, and its if Im seeing them for the first time.. I do love simplicity in life, I always have.. but then on second thought- the way you have added colour and effects, maybe shaded or lightened some things, it really makes it a completely new scene.. I'd be a horrible critic, although I'd never be able to comment on your work with anything but positive thoughts, but if I were one who was in the editing room and choosing which scenes to add or cut, I'd surely fail at that... honestly though I love every work you've ever made.. lately though the 1st one I go to is Dangerous Mind, and Sister of Night.. and I still love Glass Knight and hungry like the wolf... - James

I can say that I'm really hoping and expecting to see these in the dvd set, when its released.. I have to watch them again,, I'll be back in a few minutes...Back now.. each time I see your work, Im so relieved to know that FK is never truly gone.. true its out of production, but you've brought it back to life so many times, in so many different ways- I hope sony sees that and appreciates you for that, and doesn't look at you or your works as only a financial arrangement. - James

Congratulations on getting your music videos on to the Forever Knight season 3 box set. I got a hold of the set yesterday and just had to say that your work is nothing short of incredible. They made a wonderful addition to an already very anticipated set, and I feel very privileged to own them. :) - Enola

OMG..... I really really love it and I have always loved your work since I stumbled across it a few years ago. I Have found you Forever Knight videos to be very beautiful and just so enjoyable to watch. Thank you for sharing your work and letting fans like me download them to save so I can show my friends. Keep up the good work. - Star

My Video: Dark Side of the Glass

It's mind blowing! Amazing in it's seduction of alluring depths of the vampire psyche. I LOVE IT. I thought it was genius. Your video is top notch. God the red eyes are so way's so real looking. You could make your own tv movie or series. Huge hugs on a Beautiful video..very poetic. It's perfect and brilliant sure can act. You're mesmerizing. Don't change a thing... It's a gem. A vampiric angel you are in this masterpiece... - Myrhia Chmilar

Wow! Creative and innovative as always, that video rocked! And of course you were as beautiful as always. - Ashley Dinning

I can say one thing if you don't win award for that video I'd be very pissed off. And I think I'm gonna start calling you Janette now lol loved everything about the video. - Sarah

Bravo! I love it! I love the color blending! Awesome job! **bows** - psychoangel

Wow. That was really awesome. I love the way your eyes were so expressive. Congratulations. The video was awesome, I can't wait for Imaginary! - Diana

Woohooo! Fantastic! Your vampire alter ego in fact seems to be distinct from our human world. And you look so fantastic in the dress! I especially like the part where you show the glowing eyes and the fangs!
I am a "Dark Kristie"! Keep up the good work, I'm tensely waiting for the video featuring your sister! -

Kristin I am so impressed! This is excellent. You have so much talent going for you and I'm sure you will go far in media. I'm looking forward to watching the one you made with your sister. :) - Charmax

I just got to see your video "Dark Side Of The Glass".
I know you have to be proud! I hope you make more, I enjoyed watching it even more than the other videos! Get ready for a flood of praise!!!!! Very professional! You know, you may start a trend....wouldn't it be great if more people started making video's of their own , they sure beat the ones on MTV, and VH1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us PC lovers. - Lisa Dixon

Kristin, I'm impressed. Very very impressed. I join Charmax in saying: you have a talent! This film is very impressive for a home made one! p.s. cool dress and fangs :) - Zohar

Wow! That was amazing! Great editing! - Trisha

It was really great! You are so talented! The video was very exotic! - Nova

Your grace shows in this vid Kristin! The one thing that "The Dark Side of The Glass" has shown me is that you definitely do have what it takes to model Kristin! This is the first time I've ever seen you live in motion on the camera and you were stunning! - Joe Salazar

It's great! You're very creative! I have to say that you're are definitely one of my 5 fav. vidders. I always enjoy seeing what you have coming out next. - MJade

Egads Kristin! Dark Side Of The Glass was fantastic! I loved the effects and how you managed to blend your own image into the film, it was very seamless with excellent timing, graphics etc. I'm not sure how you did it or where you got the 'green screen' from, but it was a wonderful bit of filming. You do show a great talent, not just for editing as such, but also for general filmography by adding special effects, direction etc. (And I'm not just saying this 'cos I still want to a Nick, Schanke and the Caddy rockin' to Deep Purple Vid ;) ) I know very little of the filmography process except the short .avi captures on me rusty trusty Canon A70 didgy and a well antiquated VHS Camcorder ;), but I have friends who have studied and work in media etc as professionals, and your work is up there girl. Can't wait to see some more of your work with your sister.
Well done m'dear! -

Wow! I think you should contact speilburg - the media say he is always looking for fresh talent, fresh blood so to say Lol and you have it girl. I say go for it, show some of these media big wigs some of your work. I'm telling you, it's great. - Lucrezia

Just one word - AWESOME!!!! The effects were spectacular. It was cool to see you singing along with the song, and when you turned your eyes fire red (you bad girl, you!). Maybe next time, you can find a way to sneak Nick into your video!!! Awesome job, my friend!!! - Kris

I downloaded and watched your new video. You did an awesome job. You are very talented and have a great future. Keep up the good work. - Sheryl Landry

That video is awesome. ~gasps~ I think I downloaded it the night you put it up because I don't remember seeing a topic for it on here earlier that day. If I could take screen caps from it...I think I'd use a few of them as a wallpaper. Every frame of that is just gorgeous. I love that purple background and you look great in that famous dress. ~applause~ - Nutamu

Just saw the video for “Dark Side Of The Glass” and, er… wow! Amazing! It actually reminded me a bit of a video for one of Imogen Heap’s solo singles (before she joined Frou Frou), so very professional. Yet again, I am in awe of your graphic talents. I loved the background, and the way that the gnarled tree framed the shot gave a beautiful ambience while creating a more intimate feel – I think that if it weren’t there it would’ve made the space feel too open, dwarfing what I have to say was a great performance. Once again, great video! If you don’t fulfil your dreams of becoming a professional editor it’s the world’s loss, and there’s no justice! - Keith Disley

OK the videos are amazing! As usual... ~claps~ Lauren is older or younger? She looks just like you!  - Brin

That was a cool video!!! I was amazed how long those teeth are!!! lol I really liked it. I could never have done something like that!! While you were dancing, it looked like you put a spice of Akasha in there! It made me giggle some! Cool movie and I hope I see some more soon! It blew me away, It's really cool looking! You are amazing! I look up to you! - Shannon

I just wanted to tell you I envy you getting to play a vampire in your own music video WOW. Maybe there is a way you can put Nick in one with you. These videos are amazing. - Hope Erie

Wow, just wow. I don't think any one has produced such quality. I hope you follow your dream because you are freaking awesome and you will go far in the film industry. I just love the work you did with imaginary and dark side of the glass. Well done <3 - Alicia

I think both of the videos are great!! Fantastic job!! Keep it up!! - Atomic Kitten

I downloaded and watched your video on Friday, but due to my hectic weekend, I haven't had a chance to let you know how cool I thought it was. You have real talent! Just looking at the behind-the-scenes screencaps and then viewing the final product, it's amazing!!!
And also the fact that Janette's dress fits you, that is really cool!!! :-)
- Amanda Berendt

I saw them few days ago and I'm impressed by the editing, and the production of those clips, the quality of the picture is quite well, and the way everything looks pro; very good job :) - Ben

Wow! All I can say is wow. That was an amazing video. The editing, the quality, the effects, everything. Very professional looking. I am really impressed. The fact that there is such a pretty girl in the video doesn't hurt matters either ;) . I really enjoyed it. - Elizafan568

Wow... that was amazing!! Seriously, I can barely think of words to describe the awesome musical form of editing artistry I just witnessed. You have amazing talent, darling, there is no doubt about it. The backgrounds made those?! Okay, you said you did in the post so, the question is answered, but STILL. Ye gods... the clouds, trees, moon, reflective-glass... I am in awe.
Ah, but let us not forget our vampiress editor. Beautiful, hauntingly so. Sad and lonely, her immortal sensuality still shows. The audience is torn between offering her a hug to solace her eternal pain or bare their throats to ease the burning hunger she constantly feels. Either way, the audience is drawn to her, unable to look away.
That was an extraordinary story told through color and motion. Everything is a purple and black, glowing and dark colors that emphasize the beautiful sadness we are witnessing. Mourning for humanity, our otherwordly vampiress is no less seductive, charming the audience and making us feel as she does.
The clouds swerve and dive and mistify in a constant moving pattern, never-ending as the vampiress's depression. The trees are like her fangs - sharp and jagged, inflicting piercing wounds that bleed - yet they are also like her gloved hands, calling us forth.
Green screen, though noticeable, is so easily dismissed. It blends perfectly with the glowing form of the lonely vampiress editor, giving her silvery blonde hair an added sense of ethereal unrealism. In fact, most of the time, it seems to be a mere darkened tint of the silver, and that is all.
Ah, but green is the color of envy, is it not? And she is mourning and pining for humanity, perhaps jealous of their freedom.
All together, one of the most amazing {its the word of the day, you know}, astonishing, AWEsome videos I've ever witnessed. -

Wow. Those two were so awesome! I got my sister to watch The Dark Side of the Glass and she loved it! - MartoufMarty

WOW! 5 stars! That was excellent! Amazing. The effects are gorgeous. I love the coloration! You've got the rhythm of the thing down to a fine art. The red accents were absolutely perfect in that color scheme. Those are some very sharp-edged colors. VERY tense. Fit with the music beautifully. - Lyn Palmer

I tell ya what Kristin! That vid kicked ass!! That was awesome!! Looked like fun!!!! - DisturbedVG

I just finished watching your self-starring video and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! You are very talented! Your portrayal of a vampire was really great and you make it seem so real! Your lips synched to the lyrics of the music flawlessly! The background effects were astounding and very well animated. You looked great in the Janette dress and I really liked the glowing eyes and fangs! You are a true pro at this, keep up the incredible work! You also showed what it's like to feel isolated from society because you're different. A very powerful message, indeed. Two works: You're incredible! PS: Tell me the truth, are you a real vampire? : ) - Joe Raygor

What can I say they're great! You rank up there with george lucas and steven spielberg. When you make it big I can actually say I knew you before. - Karen Voutsinas

I've just watched your videos and even though I'm not prone to using the word Awesome! that is the best I can think of to describe them.
You have done a magnificent job with the effects, not to mention the two hot stars of your videos! Keep up the good work and I hope you can put that talent to good use in the future. -

Wow BEAUTIFUL film. Loved it! You are simply gorgeous and cute. Brilliant work. You have the talent for acting and modeling. - Jawad

Too damn cool. The green actually worked for you, went with the rose stem. - Jane

Wow! The colors were just, wow, and you had fangs and everything! The ambience, and there was blue fire behind you :D So cool! The mirror added a lot to it, and the tree branches. - BalePJ

Great video Kristin. You did an outstanding job plus you look very sexy. But you always look sexy!! I look forward to many more of your vids. - knightfever

I'll do these two together since I think they complement each other so well. They both have a beautiful dreamy/nightmarish or fairytale look to them, as well as lovely colour schemes. I particularly like the shots of Lauren in Imaginary in which the red of her dress contrasts so strongly with the white of her skin. My favourite images in both videos are of you/Lauren with the rose. It conveys such a sense of isolation and longing, but also an innocence. The red eyes and fangs make the isolation even more concrete. I offer big congratualtions on your work filming and editing these pieces. I hope you get the chance to experiment with it more in the future. Give my compliments to Lauren also for her role. - Mary Lim

Very cool, site. I finally got a chance to see your original music videos and you have some real potential as a film maker. - vampiremouse

Wow! Amazing intro! You look hot! So clever. Inventive. You have a real talent there, you'll go far. Fantastic, 9/10! - Martin

You did a good job. I always like your Batman Begins Music Videos and the two you and your sister did. Speaking of which; are you gonna make more MVs that are original by you and your sis? Because I kinda like that, and maybe love you both too. Man, I think I have to make a folder for these MVs. - Binker

I watched the vampire video, the one with you in it. I thought it was great! It looked fantastic! You looked great in it, everything was so pretty. - Eccentric Feline

First off, I would like to say Wow. Your videos are great and I am awed by your graphics skills (seriously). I was also really pleased as a big fan of Evanescence's "Imaginary" to hear a version of it that's new to me! Both of the videos have an incredible style and are really well set against the music. I think "Dark Side of the Glass" has a more solid style, however "Imaginary" is a better video. In all though, I think what you've made is incredible. If you don't go into film editing or some sort of image manipulation, then there's clearly something very wrong with the world. - James Corrin

Okay now this was a cool video. I found it cool to watch. I love how you made it very purple. The effects were great and the editing to get more than one clip in the frame at once was neat. I really don't have any negative comments on this. The acting was done good. I got what you were telling and you did it quite well. So keep it up you seem to have a lot of talent in this area. So yeah I can't seem to think of much to say about it. It was well done, cool to watch, and the song matched with what you were showing. So awesome job. - Jessica

Just watched Dark Side... OMG, you're so sexy in that one!! And a very mesmerizing video... I love the effects and coloring... - Amie

Wow!!!! I just watched your vid "Dark Side of the Glass. Absolutely amazingly edited vid... Also your very attractive. Most of the time when you see a vidders picture its like a middle-age overweight Anyway....The vid was beautiful and the first vid Ive seen that someone was in it themselves with the greenscreen...Really awesome!!! The Dark side of the Glass vid still just wows me..Ive watched it a bunch of times and amazes me on so many levels...Has to be the best vid I've seen done especially since you did all your own material... - Lane

You and your sister were the bomb digitally in those vids of yourselves. I had no idea someone could have such talent and ability to create something as wonderful as that. Good job. =] -Lauren Newman

I've seen your videos, "Dark Side of the Glass" and "Imaginary" and they are fantastic! They are so surreal and hauntingly beautiful. Both you and your sister Lauren are very lovely and talented ladies. - Julian

I've just watched both.......twice already.words fail have an amazing talent. They are so beautifully done. You are going to go very far in your chosen field. I truly am speechless. I love all things Vampyre. I gonna have to watch them again........NOW! - Gary

My 2nd Video: Imaginary

Amazing! You're very talented my dear.. I thought it was very poignant. - Ashley Dinning

Really kool video I love the red and the flowers! Really neat! - Sarah

All I can say it WHOAH, I thought mine was good but when I saw this I almost fell over (in a good sense). Its absolutely brilliant!!! Is making videos part of your career? its absolutely amazing. It looks like a film clip you would see on TV ... definitely! - JLC_ROCKS05

OK the videos are amazing! As usual... ~claps~ Lauren is older or younger? She looks just like you!  - Brin

Wow, just wow. I don't think any one has produced such quality. I hope you follow your dream because you are freaking awesome and you will go far in the film industry. I just love the work you did with imaginary and dark side of the glass. Well done <3 - Alicia

That was Awesome Kristin..She is very adorable in it..Your video was more flowing in the acting, but she is good and it's very artistic in this..Very Beautiful, both of you. I loved how in the two vids you had glorious backgrounds to make your vids high masterpieces...and you both had a beauty that outshines the norm.. Bravo Sweet Kristin - Myrhia Chmilar

Ok, took my time (couldn't resist, lol) - I think I love it even more than Dark Side of the Glass! I love the colourful effects and the fields, it's so gorgeous! Oh, and when your sister lies down, the main white&red is just... really beautiful ^^ You really have a talent, and good luck with developing it!!! - Zohar

OMG!! you left me without words!!!!!!!!! that video is Rockin' Awesome!!!It taked a lot to see but it is amazing! U rock! and I really want to see some more..... - ateniux

Loved the vid featuring your sister Lauren. The Harris Girls are gonna take the world by storm and break a few hearts I think! Anyway, well done and I hope you will do some more of your own filming soon. - Heather

Oh Wow! It just finished downloading and I had to watch it right away. You two look a lot alike! Very nice video. And I love the remixed song you used...I thought it was going to be the same one as the one you used on the Nick video. I think I like the one you used in this newest video more than the other Imaginary song version. And you took screencaps of that one too I see. Cool! Did I ever mention I got hooked on Evanescence watching the videos on your site? The first Evanescence song I ever heard was "Bring me to life" on one of the Nick Videos. After hearing them on a few other vids I had to buy their cd. lol - Nutamu

*claps* Amazing video Kristin. Great quality, you have talent !! Great production! I simply loved it. - Euge

Your videos are very creative and original. I might watch the vampire one after Imaginary. -

First of all, I downloaded the Lauren video and loved it – I’m only used to the album version of “Imaginary,” so that’s new to me, and the video which accompanied it was great also. I can see the family resemblance between you and Lauren. Again, beautiful backdrops – warmer colours this time, and the fields of flowers looking verdant and pure against the slightly more edgy stuff that I guess is the harsh reality she’s trying to hide from. I noticed a bit of a vamp fantasy going on during the guitar-solo choral-voice bit, where things get faster-paced and the blood starts pumping (if you’ll excuse the expression…!). I especially liked that “blazing eye” shot. Anyway, that was a marvelous video, and I hope to see many more (with both FK clips and original visuals and actors). - Keith Disley

Imaginary was wonderful! You did a good job with dark colors in this vid Kris! The dark gray was very impressive. The backgrounds were well-done also but my favorite part were your sister's all red eyes! That effect was totally awesome! - Joe Salazar

I think both of the videos are great!! Fantastic job!! Keep it up!! - Atomic Kitten

Very cool imagery. I'm impressed! I really love the use of selective colors on black and white. - Feyith

Wow! The video is fantastic! Song and pictures fit perfectly! Your sister is as beautiful as you and did a very good job! I especially loved the dream sequences outside in the nature. I must say that I even like this video more than your first one, cannot particularly say why, maybe it's just the overall impression. In a nutshell: Excellent work (both videos)! - Carhith

"Imaginary" was great! You can certainly tell that Lauren is your sister! I absolutely loved the dream sequence. Excellent job, as always! - Kris

I saw them few days ago and I'm impressed by the editing, and the production of those clips, the quality of the picture is quite well, and the way everything looks pro; very good job :) - Ben

Wow. Those two were so awesome! I got my sister to watch The Dark Side of the Glass and she loved it! - MartoufMarty

I watched Imaginary. It was awesome too. You got some real talent there. I am most impressed. - Elizafan568

I really liked that video too. It's a warmer feel. You & yr sister look a lot alike! - Lyn Palmer

The Vid ROX but I feel that I would love to see it redone with the song Haunted in the place of this music (though I love that song/version of it) I feel imaginary is more a "dream" rather then a nightmareish thing IMO, yours is more nightmareish then dreamish to me but I LOVE what you have done and it is obvious that you KNOW what you are doing. LOVE YOUR WORK! ann_j97

What can I say they're great! You rank up there with george lucas and steven spielberg. When you make it big I can actually say I knew you before. - Karen Voutsinas

I've just watched your videos and even though I'm not prone to using the word Awesome! that is the best I can think of to describe them.
You have done a magnificent job with the effects, not to mention the two hot stars of your videos! Keep up the good work and I hope you can put that talent to good use in the future. -

Kristin, Excellent video. Just as sexy as your other one. Love your fangs. I want more!!!!!! Thanks for the great entertainment! - knightfever

I'll do these two together since I think they complement each other so well. They both have a beautiful dreamy/nightmarish or fairytale look to them, as well as lovely colour schemes. I particularly like the shots of Lauren in Imaginary in which the red of her dress contrasts so strongly with the white of her skin. My favourite images in both videos are of you/Lauren with the rose. It conveys such a sense of isolation and longing, but also an innocence. The red eyes and fangs make the isolation even more concrete. I offer big congratualtions on your work filming and editing these pieces. I hope you get the chance to experiment with it more in the future. Give my compliments to Lauren also for her role. - Mary Lim

Very cool, site. I finally got a chance to see your original music videos and you have some real potential as a film maker. - vampiremouse

You did a good job. I always like your Batman Begins Music Videos and the two you and your sister did. Speaking of which; are you gonna make more MVs that are original by you and your sis? Because I kinda like that, and maybe love you both too. Man, I think I have to make a folder for these MVs. - Binker

First off, I would like to say Wow. Your videos are great and I am awed by your graphics skills (seriously). I was also really pleased as a big fan of Evanescence's "Imaginary" to hear a version of it that's new to me! Both of the videos have an incredible style and are really well set against the music. I think "Dark Side of the Glass" has a more solid style, however "Imaginary" is a better video. In all though, I think what you've made is incredible. If you don't go into film editing or some sort of image manipulation, then there's clearly something very wrong with the world. - James Corrin

You and your sister were the bomb digitally in those vids of yourselves. I had no idea someone could have such talent and ability to create something as wonderful as that. Good job. =] -Lauren Newman

I must say I was also impressed with your original works - In particular the film done with your sister and nightmare/fantasy. WOW! - Margo

I've seen your videos, "Dark Side of the Glass" and "Imaginary" and they are fantastic! They are so surreal and hauntingly beautiful. Both you and your sister Lauren are very lovely and talented ladies. - Julian

I've just watched both.......twice already.words fail have an amazing talent. They are so beautifully done. You are going to go very far in your chosen field. I truly am speechless. I love all things Vampyre. I gonna have to watch them again........NOW! - Gary

Special Feature: What is Forever Knight...

I don't want to curse but I will, Damn, Damn, Damn!!! I'm a Nick and Nat fan and you know that! Honey, I love Secret, Frozen, and Gravity of Love, but "What is Forever Knight" is the ultimate video! I sat here, alone as I viewed this work, and that was the words I said aloud as I viewed it, "Damn, Damn, Damn." Oh my Gosh, Kristin, this is your ultimate creation. I'm blown away and feel such awe watching this. This work is filled with all the love and passion for Forever Knight. I don't know what else to say. I'm overwhelmed with emotions for this piece of art; and that is what it is--ART! Girl, you've done it again, but you've finally reached the ultimate
goal--This is untouchable. Thank you for sharing this with us. -
Deborah Hymon

Deborah already said it so well, but WOW! The new video IS certainly another work of art that you have given us. It's beautiful and haunting and just plain WONDERFUL! What a great New Year's gift! THANK YOU - Diana Foster

Dear Kristin your ((What is FK)) was a stroke of genius...I wish
Space or Scifi can put that on the air! Just to show what Forever
Knight is all about in a few minutes. It was intriguing to the
mind, pleasing to the senses, and was uplifting to the soul. Amazing is a good word for it and all that you do with your site Kristin... -
Myrhia Chmilar

The site is excellent and I love the What Is Forever Knight video. Watching it just wow! It fits and you can feel the emotion as they play out on the screen. It was fantastic! Kristin not to take away from all us other fans but you are the ultimate fan Keep up the great work :) -
Phoeba Mead

WOW! Kristin! You have outdone yourself with "What is Forever Knight?"!!!!! It gave me GOOSEFLESH!!! I am headed off to watch it again! - Donna

Your new videos----wellllllllllll.......I'm speechless. Those who know me will realize just how incredible THAT is....Kristin, you are the REAL wizkid! - Lyn Palmer

I am at a total loss of how to describe how good this was! The download time (nearly two hours) was well worth it. I love the music Kristin picked for this. (I would suggest keeping this selection of music and possibly making another version with the FK sound track files) Kristin, if there is any way that you can send this to Sci-Fi Channel or any other station that airs FK, DO IT! You have so much talent. I'd hate to see it not shared with the rest of the world who don't know about your website. - Jennifer Pruiett

I love it! The video was most awesome - I only wish it had been longer <g>. Thanks again for all the great stuff you're doing and creating! - Stacy

Just want to drop a line on how Fantastic your music video is on "What is Forever Knight". It should be aired on SciFi or whatever station airs the series....its so perfect. - Edna Walker

If I had to pick my all time favorite of your videos, it would have to be "What is FK" simply because you managed to condense the emotion of the show into several minutes. I actually have it on my desktop and watch it quite often. Even friends I have shown it to and who know absolutely nothing about FK are impressed. It's such a perfect over-all view of FK. If TPTB had any interest in reviving FK (or REALLY marketing the DVD's), they'd hire you to do the promos. Thank you again for sharing your talent with us. I hope you will continue to do so for a VERY long time! - Terri Collier

I just watched the "What is Forever Knight" video and I am speechless.  (well almost)  It was phenomenal.  Too bad TPTB didn't do something like that for a commercial.  (idea, maybe?) The music went perfectly with it. I might have to go to my dad's computer with it's 19 inch screen to watch it again.  I would love to watch it on my 27in tv. Keep up the wonderful work - Amanda Berendt

The music was beautiful and the scenes were ideal.  Again, another sensational video. - Patty Costantino

That is just fantastic.  Terrific, Beautiful, etc, etc, etc.  That is so kewl! - Phylis Sullivan

You are a damn genius. I had to download "What is FK..." Its fantastic. Thumbs up. It sent dang chills down my spine and about brought me to tears. - Jo Rita

I also downloaded the video "What is Forever Knight", and, believe me, that's one I'm going to keep on my desktop so I can watch it whenever I want (or need!) to have my "fix". Keep up the amazing work. It's people like you who bring such joy to the fans of FK. - Kris

Everyone is right..."What is FK" is very good.  It gave me
goosebumps when I watched it.  I guess I'm a softy at heart when I
watch something that shows a review of episodes back to back. 
Makes me realize that an end to a great thing has come and what I
now see is a combination of that labor all put together and
flashing before my eyes.  It is like a tribute to many years of
work and great stories carried out by great actors. -
Ruby Houldson

What is FK? Perfection. The video is a seamless piece, a masterwork. It's almost as though the music was composed especially for this collection of images. Kristin, you're the best. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be a "Returning This Fall" caption at the very end! - April French

If I didn't know better I would think they where actually ads for Forever Knight. Both What Is and Character Theme are excellent. I really enjoyed both of them. You are exceptional with these videos. Keep up the good work. - Phyllis

What is FK illuminates every aspect of why FK fans love the show.
You've demonstrated in a few minutes why the show is truly timeless. If there was ever a video that should be shown to TPTB (or anyone else for that matter) to make them understand why we want more FK this is the one! Simply brilliant! - Joe Salazar

This was another phenomenal video! The selection of music matched very well with the mood of the video, a look at various emotions the show displayed. The tempo of the music always seemed to match with what was going on at the moment! This was a very well timed and made video! - Joe Raygor

Special Feature #2: Character Theme

OMG Kristin that was AWESOME!!!!!!! I just got to download your newest addition...Well I'm just blown away. It was Spectacular! My favorite part was how it introduced the characters and the way it was woven was ALL OF IT THAT I LOVED! The voices and the way you got to show the characters was truly Amazing. It gave me goose bumps. It was like it was done for FK professionally. You make FK live again with a whole new feeling. - Myrhia Chmilar

If I didn't know better I would think they where actually ads for Forever Knight. Both What Is and Character Theme are excellent. I really enjoyed both of them. You are exceptional with these videos. Keep up the good work. - Phyllis

I love the video, fabooo daarrrling! Just one, tiny thing. At the end, the "Only two ways to escape eternity, on is to join the dead, the other is to join the living." It would have more impact if you could actually hear the last little " join the living" It kind of gets drowned out. But! Other then that... absolutely wonderful, fabulous!!! It had Nick and Schanke in it... can't go wrong :) - Rachel Oke

What can I say that I haven't already said?? I guess I'll say them again! Excellent job - AWESOME video! This is another favorite of mine. I hope you will do this for the other two seasons as well. GREAT JOB!!!!! - Kris

It is such a pleasure to see Character of seasons. To be able to hear Ger's voice is great. I like the video very much. - Jeannie

Your videos are fantastic! I just finished watching "Character Theme". It was great and I had no problem hearing Nick say "...the other is to join the living." - Katherine LeBlanc

I have watched your newest SPECIAL Video. It was really awesome. Great collaboration! You never fail to amaze us. Please don't ever get tired of doing so. The tug of war between mortality and immortality was really portrayed in this videoclip. It was amazing. - Julie Herera

I just wanted to say that I just watched the theme video you made. I loved it and I had no problem hearing the ending to the video. - Karin

Very good . Kudos again and again and again. - Areanna WhiteWolf

"Character Theme" is an excellent introduction to each character's personality, motivations and hopes. From Lacroix and Janette's struggle to make Nick embrace his true nature, to Nat's struggle to help Nick regain his humanity, to Schanke's jovial and charming wit, and finally to Nick, who's struggle was captured beautifully with the last line in the video from "Last Act". This vid would be perfect for converting people who don't know anything about FK into lifelong fans. Phenomenal job! - Joe Salazar

Wow! Sony should hire you to promote FK! Maybe then it would still be on the air. You really get to the heart of the series with these videos. Keep 'em coming! - Amanda Berendt

INCREDIBLE! This is how the first season's intro should have went! Everything about this video was great! My favorite part was the Natalie's "You can be human" and LaCroix's "You can't become human!". A nice comparison between the sides fighting for control of Nick. If and when they bring "FK" back, they should definitely hire you as the intro maker! - Joe Raygor

Special Feature #3: Damascus

OMG Kristin! That was superb! What a wonderful trailer Damascus would make to a 4h season/movie series that I'm sure we would *love* to see for FK - one can but dream...LOL!! But you captured the mood of tragedy very well. Cool stuff! - Heather

I enjoyed your newest, as always. Loved the look. - Beatrice incredible distillation of sorrow. The events, as you say, are tragic, but for me, the pervasive emotion is sorrow. This video, unlike any of the others, touched me in a very personal way. The sorrows of my life washed over me as I watched Nick endure one tragedy after another. It left me emotionally drained. Do I ever want to experience that again? Not really, but... I find it astonishing that a two minute black and white video could evoke that kind of response. What do they say, "less is more"? In this instance, it's everything. What an extraordinary video!! Thank you, thank you, thank you... - Gloria Price

Wow!!! The video is amazing! You've truly shown how hard it is for Nick to deal with all of the tragedies he's seen (or caused). You're right, immortality isn't always a good thing.......but I still love Nick as a vampire!!!! I love the video! Great job!!!! - Kris

I just want to let you know that I enjoyed very much your newest music video call Damascus.. You did a great job. I hope you will continue on making more music video when you will be able to do it. - Stephanie

I agree with everyone on the new video. Kristin did a brilliant job in living black and white. - Jeannie

I really liked that one, Kristin. Nick's anguish is almost palpable there. And of course I loved the old b/w movie effect of the monochromes ;) Keep those coming. - Doris

I loved watching your video because it evoked the same feeling of tragedy that FK has shown in the past 4 years of its television existence. I love the way you collaborated and merged every various scenes. Its like a refreshing outlook of FK but never under any circumstances have you violated the essence of the tv series. You maintain the premise of the show with a beautiful presentation. Its like presenting the same gourmet in a silver platter. I could almost feel the pain and the agony of Nick Knight. Its very effective. Muchas Gracias for never ever getting tired of keeping the memories alive. - Julie Herera

Love the new video. Black and white seems to give a different perspective on something that is very familiar. - Terri Collier

Your use of black and white for the whole video was an awesome touch.
This vid was meant to be depressing and painful and you couldn't have done it any better. The scenes, music, and text blend together perfectly to create a truly awesome display of the tragedies of immortality. - Joe Salazar

Wow...what more can be said. In fact nuff said except more please more. - Lucrezia

Just saw your Damascus video. All I can say is WOW! You captured Nick's emotions perfectly. - Mary

I just finally got to see Damascus, and I just about cried! It was beautiful. - Jennifer

I liked this video because, it showed a lot of nick's tragic experiences and it had some very creative effects too! - Lauren


Special Feature #4: Forever Knight Trailer

That was f*cking awesome lol. The fast part was my favorite. It went together so well. Ahhhhh your so talented lol I must say this is one of your most extraordinary creations! Such professionalism my dear, you will undoubtedly go far! - Ashley Dinning

I think the trailer totally kicks ass. I love the fact that it's like a movie event coming out soon :) (I just showed my bf your trailer and he thought it was a real movie) - Sarah

Oh My GOD! Kristin, I LOVED IT!!!!! and Marisa loves it too...It was like the pro's did it...but we all know you are so very talented and did way better then anything sony came up with...Your Vids are top notch in every way. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! - Myrhia Chmilar

Once again you have out done yourself with your videos. This one does look like it would be a trailer for a movie coming out. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. - Phyllis Russ

I don't know if I'm one of the first but I love it :)) I know, I'm a lurker, but love what you do, never do I see any repeat of any kind with your ideas. I also want to give you a standing ovation to ALL of your video's. (standing and clapping with big grin on face) I know I'm not alone with this, soon the whole room will join in on the ovation. Keep up the stupendous work in giving us our fix of the Knight. - missyj1228

 That is a way cool trailer! What a great last line from Nick! ha ha.... - Brin

Love your fk trailer! Now if only they did make a movie ;) - Karen Voutsinas

One word - AWESOME!!! That is, hands down, the best you have ever done. I always say you outdo yourself every time, but this is the ultimate! I am ready to Embrace the Darkness this Fall!!!! And I love the ending. That's one of my favorite quotes from the show. And you used the same music that you did for "What is FK?". Loved it then, love it now. You should turn that one in for a college project! If you don't get an A+++ for that one, tell them to come see me! - Kris

All I can say to the 'movie trailer' Kristin is *WOW!!!*. Now, if only we could get the other $80,000,000 to complete filming and have you direct and edit that as well!! Top of the class as usual m'dear! - Heather

"FK Trailer" was very professional! The musical transitions were awesome in "FK Trailer". Each clip from Enigma and E.S. Posthumus really created the perfect mood for the vid. And the Ger quote about Betty Ford not taking vampires was the perfect way to end the trailer. Awesome touch! - Joe Salazar

Oh my f*cking God! Woman, you have made my night! I watched your FK trailer and was entranced. Your videos are always superior in quality, but this one just took my breath away. You, m'dear Kristin, are such a mega-talented lady. And, as always, you have outdone yourself. You singlehandedly achieved one of my most treasured dreams -- seeing a sneak preview of FK in a movie theatre. And holy moly, it even sounded like I was actually *in* the movie theatre! The graphics and editing work was, as always, flawless. Your work just keeps getting better and better, and I am waiting with breathlessly for the next installment of your oh-so-addicting FK videos! You go, girl! Hell yeah!!! - Knightmuzic

Wow....all I can say is...well, wow! Very well put together. The DivX player really sharpens everything up. Now I really wish they would make a reunion show or mini movie. Oh I wish I wish...Great work Kristin! Keep it up! - Jennifer

All I have to say is WOWWY WOWWY WOW! That trailer is fantastic. I am definitely jonesing for a reunion movie. Maybe if I wish hard enough it'll come true. BTW, Kristin I love your videos. They are fantastic. I watch them so much. Thanks so much for making them. - Beth

Oh, Kristin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whimper, whimper - this is absoluately the VERY best overview of FK I have ever seen or even thought of (including "What is FK?). Now I'm really nostalgic and a little bit sad because it's highly unlikely we'll ever get a movie (although Ger has said he would be interested). You just keep getting better and better and more creative as you get older (btw,
belated Happy Birthday). I've put this on my desktop with
"What is FK?" to watch again and again :-) -
Terri Collier

Kristin, the best compliment I can give the trailer is that it really tells the story of Forever Knight; not the whole story of course, but the central one - Nick's quest. It offers just enough to grab someone's curiosity without giving everything away, as all good trailers should. The juxtapositions of flashbacks/present day scenes and good Nick/bad Nick are beautifully done. Relationships are hinted at subtly. I had no idea that the very core of the show (alas, no movie) could be successfully condensed into 2 minutes! I'm impressed. Now I know exactly what to do when the uninitiated give me that skeptical "a vampire cop show?" look: your trailer will change their minds in a heartbeat! (And it certainly looks a lot better than the real movies coming out now...) Thank you, as always. - Mary Lim

I enjoyed your new music video trailer soooo much. I have watched it over and over and over...... - Beatrice

I really enjoyed your trailer video. It is the first thing I have downloaded with the new DivX. Keep up the good work! - Sheryl Landry

Just want to let you know you did an excellent job with the Forever Knight Trailer it's one of my favourite music video. I enjoy very much the phrase that we hear at the beginning of FK every time you put a phrase the image that fallows it is always a great way to understand what the phrases mean. I give you two big thumbs up. Keep up with the great work. - Stephanie

WOW!!!!! If only we could see that on the big screen!
Too bad it might create copyright issues to tell Sony, but really this would be an awesome commercial for the upcoming dvd release.
The different music styles and the voiceovers were perfect. I even liked the little touches like the greenscreen thing prior to the trailer and the credits at the end. Once again a phenomenal video.
- Amanda Berendt

Great job, and a little spooky, too, in that since watching FK in wide screen mode, I've seen FK as a viable candidate for big screen treatment; I had always thought that the intimate, claustrophic, introverted nature of the show made it a poor prospect for transfer to the theatre. Anyway, I noticed that you latched onto at least on of the compositions that grabbed me when I started watching it in wide screen-- the shot of Nick and Lacroix on the balcony in the church-- great diagonal composition-- what other series, low budget or otherwise, shot during that time had such carefully worked out compositions? Not many. - Robert

I love the trailer. I think it is one of your best pieces. I have said it before, you can have technical mastery of many skills, but without the right music and images, the results can be empty. The trailer combined your wonderful choices of music and imagery and a sprinkling of your fantastic technical skill. Perfect. Just perfect. That trailer could easily, very easily, be shown in a theatre right now, you're that good. - Deb N.

I finally was able to watch your latest video fktrailer. I love it, the quality is excellent. You do wonderful work. - Alicia

I downloaded the trailer you made last night, totally awesome, best of the vids I think I've seen there! - fictionbya

Genuinely awesome trailer...Kristin, u r 1 hot chick when it comes to this stuff...You r gonna make the $$£££ when u finish Uni... - Nazo

Absolutely fantastic!! "Embrace the Darkness this Fall"? Don't I wish! Great trailer - too bad it's not real, huh? - Katherine LeBlanc

Tonight, I downloaded the FK Trailer. Darn! I want to go see this movie!!! I watched the video with a non-partial view (yes, I can do that) to see how a non-FK fan might view this. Yes, I've always loved vampires, but the way you put this one together it grabs you, the music timing to the special affects is awesome. This is a very powerful trailer and I think anyone who saw this and weren't a FK fan would want to see it. - Deborah Hymon

I loved the new "Trailer"! Would make a good ad if ScFi ever decides to run FK again. Keep up the good work. - Debbi Henson

I finally got a chance to catch up with your videos and I have one word for you. WOW! You keep getting better and better and don't you ever forget that your work makes a lot of people happy. It has gotten me through a tough time lately. - Mary

Dude, that ROCKS! Way to go! Too bad it's not for real. I would totally go see the movie if that was the trailer. Mere words are not enough to express how totally awesome that was! - Patti

Your video "FK Trailer" should be in use on Sony's website (and the Sci-Fi channel). It's the ultimate promo for the show! - AnotherLight

Just watched some of your videos, I liked the Trailer for FK very much, very professional and cute. - Nancy

I just want to say WOW.....GREAT WORK! I love all the Vids!
The Trailer is Awesome, Immortal is Great and "I wish for it"! LOL
I love sanctuary and everybody's fool. Your Special effects are awesome... I love the Music you pick and I find myself rap up in it and DL it from the web. LOL PLEASE keep them coming....they are my sanity!!!!!!!!!! - Amanda

Happy Dancing here! I downloaded the Divx...and my oh my...what a masterpiece your FKtrailer is!!!! I'm off to download more of your fabulous works!!! - Betsy

This was awesome! I could have sworn I was watching a real movie trailer on tv. The song and voiceovers , effects , editing , everything was perfect! - SlaveofSpike

OMG Your trailer is excellent! I just wish I had half your talent. - Billy

This was very good! I actually felt like I was in a movie theatre watching the previews! Very well done! I'll give it a perfect 10! - Shannon

Overall impression: Though the vidders intent was to make a movie trailer, the vid itself attempts to do a lot more, perhaps too much. The Forever Knight trailer is full of strong visuals, good timing and a few well placed effects, however, by the end of it the viewer has been given the entire story minus the last chapter. A trailer should leave you with more mystery.
Titles: The vidder added a "The following preview..." screen at the beginning of the vid and studio credits at the end to let the audience know that this was a trailer that they were about to see, but neglected to put their own name on the editing job. Though this style adds to the feeling of the trailer effect, it will make it hard for viewers to feedback or credit a vid if they don't do it directly after downloading.
The narrative titles in the first half of the vid establish the story, fit the source well, and are easy to read.
Music choice: The music by E.S. Posthumus is used by so many professional trailers that it reinforces the intent of this vid. The first edit from song one to song two is very well done but the second transition doesn't work so well and could use a little more tweaking to make it seamless.
The Enigma musical pieces fit the content the best and work well with Nara by E.S Posthumus, however the change to the second E.S Posthumus piece doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the trailer. It feels like the vid started off saying one thing and finished by saying something else; like this trailer was for 2 completely different movies. If just the Enigma music or Enigma plus Nara - E.S. Posthumus had been used, then this vid wouldn't feel like it had so many potential endings. Perhaps a crossfade from one song to the next would solve this problem since the full fade-out and fade-in chop up the vid.
Narration, Tone and Movement: The narration is clear, but like with the musical choices it changes half way through the vid. In the first half of the vid the titles tell the viewer what the storyline will be and what they are witnessing, in the second half of the vid the villain takes over along with voice overs from the lead. It again makes it feel as though these are two different trailers. Perhaps if the titles and the voice overs were more interwoven throughout the vid it would not feel so different from one section to the next.
The tone is fluid; building with the time and music. It begins as a very sensual vid and changes to one of action and desperation.
The movement is steady at first and then gains momentum as the vid does. As a whole the trailer keeps increasing its pace and feels much shorter than its run time because of it.
Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring:
The cuts and transitions are timed well and their speed is determined by the music. They are a mix of fades, crossfades, fade-to-black and straight cuts that are never over powering or repetitive, however, those mixed with the blood cell overlapping don't play very well in either Real Player or VLC. I am assuming that this problem was it how the vid was exported and not with the source itself.
There are no over powering effects, just a couple negatives to aid the storyline. And there are no visible colour adjustments made to the source.
Specific vid & music notes:
1:00 - The use of this scene (fire passing from hand to cross) works as a good divider as your shots go from period pieces to more modern times. It also stands out amongst the shots around it, which makes me want to see what scene it belongs to.
1:46 - Though this scene (Villain: "Give in to what you are.") and the dialogue are important to the storyline, the dialogue is a bit too loud over the music which makes it feel too jarring.
1:51 - This scene where you see a finger dipped in a glass full of blood is a beautiful shot.
Final notes: This is a well put together trailer that succeeds in its intent; the storyline is clear and it would present the movie/series very well. I think the vid would have been more cohesive if the titles continued through more of the trailer and replaced some of the voiceover, especially since the amount of song changes work against the vidder in making this piece feel like one solid trailer. Despite the audio problems, the scene selection supports the storyline and the vid moves very well. -

My response to deathisyourart: Thank you very much for the elaborate review! To be honest, I've memorized all 70 episodes for the most part and it really does not give away too much IMO (nothing from the series finale is even shown). It basically just shows the struggles Nick goes through - mortality vs immortality - and hints at some of the relationships. I went for a faster pacing at the end like I often see in official trailers. I think it made for a more climatic ending.
I know some of the voiceovers didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. It was difficult applying them since many had background music. I tried to drain it out, but in some cases it was still obvious.
You mentioned you preferred titles to voiceovers. I have another video similar to this one in style (it's a bit older though before I started using premiere pro). I used only titles for that video. It's at the same url and called "What is Forever Knight" if you're interested.
When watching my videos, I recommend either windows media player or the divx player for best results. All my newest are in divx format ( They look very nice and sharp in both of those players.
I'm glad you enjoyed the video overall. If you're not familiar with the series, it may have seemed cluttered in a way, b/c I was trying to fit a lot in, but fans of the show especially seemed to enjoy it. - Kristin

I like the trailer a lot, but agree that maybe it attempts to do a little too much. Overall, very good though. I especially like the line at the end since it gets across a little of that Forever Knight humor/camp. - fictionbya

Wow! That was amazing. I'm a huge FK fan, thanks for the vid! - Spiked

Love the Trailer, if I had the financial backing I would buy the rights and make the movie version and hire you at the film editor. - Crucial Progression

Very good trailer. I was impressed at how well it was made to resemble an actual movie trailer. It built suspense and anticipation.. It made me interested in watching the movie. Nice use of voiceovers, great effects and editing. - Cora

Oh my goodness, that was incredible! You've got a raw talent. Its amazing! When I first saw this I thought it was a professional trailer for the begining of the series. - Jennifer Rose

First class work Kristin.
It is no wonder why you got three of your vids on the FK S3 DVD set. Great mixing of various music tracks, great VO work, awesome scene selection, and great editing. It is great to know that there is someone out there that actually has talent that is doing our show justice. -

Excellent editing...very nice montage sequences. Its too bad artistic and stylized versions of the genre fall to the wayside while cookie cutter programs stay on the air for years. - Wolf Trap

It is OUTSTANDING, AWESOME, GREAT, etc. etc.!!!!!!! If only Sci-Fi advertised this video when they were running FK I believe there would have been tons and tons of more viewers. Keep up the good work, K.! - Shane

You've single-handedly rekindled my dormant love for this fandom. Thank you. Honestly, this was possibly the most exciting trailer, fanmade or otherwise, that I've ever seen for a television program. Your work has always been of substantially high quality, but this really takes the cake, and I can't believe it's been available for a YEAR and I've only just found it! Bloody well done. - April


The Hunger

I think that your Nick/lovers vids are the best of your new ones. These vids are HOT! The Hunger was sexy and seductive. It shows not only the power of Nick's bloodlust, but also the indescribable ecstasy of being under the control of a vampire. That a person's life could be drained away and yet they would enjoy it to the very end. Awesome! - Joe Salazar

I thought this was great. Even the first version is impressive for you being new at it! I'm not familiar with the source but still found this very interesting and well done. I always love your work batman/christian bale work so it was cool to see some of your other stuff! - whereistheluv

I've never cared for Forever Knight but this was really great. You editing is always superb and your vids always interesting. -

As always, you did a great job! you went with the flow of the music very well, and you showed the relationships nicely.. although there were not many strong beats and such, your timing was pretty good... i didnt see any errors in synching, and you pretty much hit everything you wanted to. you also did a great job at lyrical timing! - PowerMonkey

The Hunger says "you must give in" could I not? Um, I mean it's a serious, in-depth look at Nick's inner turmoil, bringing out the revulsion and ecstasy that struggle in his heart every time he feeds. (Or a very hot and seductive piece - but the first explanation sounds so much more thoughtful!) The first few shots sets up the tone of the entire series - very vampiric. The images that match the lyrics are done so that the 2 elements reinforce each other without being too obvious and gimmicky. - Mary Lim

I've never seen Forever Knight but your video kept me captivated while I was watching, editing was wonderful and your scene selection matched the song very well. The biggest improvement I found between the old and new versions was the transitions, I think having less obvious cuts made all the difference Your editing was also much tighter. It is a great video! (both old and new!) - Aimee

Old Version:

Kristin Wow! I have only seen the first music video (The Hunger) and am downloading the next as we speak. Your stuff has always been so cool. Such wonderful quality. This is no exception. It brought back a lot of old feelings and memories I haven't had in awhile. Great job! Thank you for doing it and being part of this fandom. - Linda Sriro

Could there be anything more intense? Nick feeding his need for blood while in the passionate embrace of one of his lovers. This video was hot. You've shown you've possessed great skill with your videos since your first! - Joe Salazar

The Night Calls My Name

I saw your vid on NCMN, and it is Awesome! The scenes match the lyrics to the song. I Loved It! Janette calls to him, which means the night calls to him of it's seduction. So much chemistry between the both of them ;). Their both intertwined in a future and past. The star colored cut effects are so cool :D. It's like the heavens of the night sky embracing N&J love story. The flashes are eternal in soul and body, passion, lust, re-birth, angst, teasing, and the overall the haunting beauty of their love. In the night they are walking through the passage of time, together. :D That's what came to mind Kristin... - Myrhia & Marisa

Out of all the vids, I think this is the best. The cuts were excellent and the flashing lights were perfect for the transitions. Excellent all around! I love the way that the quick cuts match the beat of the drums throughout the song. It displays Nick and Janette's passion wonderfully. - Joe Salazar

I just watched the newest "Night calls my name", its wonderful, as usual, and I especially love how you keep using the scenes of Nick and Janette when they were "married", the ones from "Partners of the Month" I've always loved their scenes together, but for some reason, among the ones that stay with me, the medieval scenes from that episode are so sentimental to me, and the scenes before Nick is changed, how you go back and forth between showing Janette, then Nick, and you've got the words,"night calls my name", set so perfectly to the images, even if I learned video editing, I could never do what you do.. Reminds me of Lacroix in the tavern in "false witness" when he talked about the violinist, "I'll never compare to her". -

I like the use of cuts within the same scene as it provides fast movement in a scene that is otherwise slow. -
Yuna Firerose

I love this one, "Night Calls My Name", it moves along good, is interesting, and keeps you engaged. -
Lisa Dixon

My favorite of the three. Very sensual, very well crafted, soft and yet not dragging. I liked the glint transition, worked with the feel of the song (80's, early 90's a bit). Would have been cheesy in another context, but worked well here. -

Oh, I always love a little Nick and Janette, especially when scenes from Crazy Love get worked in! My feeling is that Nick and Janette are losing themselves in each other, but the jumpy cuts (sorry for my lack of technical terms) have an interesting way of separating them as well. Nicely done. - Mary Lim

Old Version:

They are great videos and you know what you are doing. I saw Night Calls My Name today. It showed just how connected those two are. Karin

I finally got "The Night Calls Your Name" to download and play. It is phenomenal, and I am totally with you on the Nick/Janette connection! I am def an Immortal Beloved fan and the scene where Nick and Janette share blood in the moonlight is sooooo hot !! You cannot make too many of the videos N&J for my taste!! - Linda

I see The Night Calls My Name as a vid where Nick and Janette both revel in their eternal nights. One thing that I never understood about Nick's desire to become human is how could he bear growing older and older while Janette continues to live forever? It's also selfish of Nick to only think of himself in his quest for humanity without taking Janette's feelings into account. How does Nick think Janette would feel if she had to watch him grow old and die while she had to keep on living? Anyhow, this vid does a great job showing their eternal love for each other and you have done a great job with all your Nick and Janette vids starting with your first. - Joe Salazar

Touch the Night

This Nick/Nat vid was very well-done. I was very happy that you used alot of footage from "Only the Lonely". That ep is the perfect place for newcomers to the series to get familiar with Nick and Nat's relationship. Nice job! - Joe Salazar

I truly was moved by "touch the night", the way you so perfectly timed the words with each time Nick and Natalie would touch, its so moving... -

Touch the Night tells the story of Nick and Nat's relationship from its beginning to its (tragic) end. I see the video as being Natalie's perspective, focusing on her conflicting emotions rather than Nick's, which is a welcome change. Nick does not have the exclusive rights to angst! The video shows that despite their moments of closeness, the mortal and the vampire really are from separate worlds, and the video's/series' conclusion is inevitable. - Mary Lim

Old Version:

Whoooeeee. I managed to download the Touch the Night and Frozen videos yesterday and last night. Girl, I am totally impressed! You have a talent for putting all that together! Those 2 videos were so good, I'm going to tie up my phone line for the next couple of days
so I can download the rest. -

Just finished watching touch the night and it was excellent! It illustrates that humans and vampires can never really consummate any romance that exists between them. In the end, Nat's attempt at this leads to her death. I found this vid to be one of your more depressing ones. A great tragedy all around! - Joe Salazar

Heart of Darkness

Wonderful vid about Lacroix's struggle to make Nick accept his vampire and end his quest to become human. You really showed how much they can hate each other at times and I had a blast watching the vid. - Joe Salazar

Very nice look at the different facets of the Nick-lacroix relationship. Combining flashes of closeness and violence highlights the changes in their relationship through the different seasons. There's a lot of energy and the pulsing or flashing effect is very Goldilocks - not too much or too little. This could be my favourite video out of this batch. - Mary Lim

Old Version:

Heart of Darkness was the perfect song for this vid, your first one with Nick and Lacroix. Out of the trio of vamps Lacroix is indeed the most cold-hearted. This vid showed his heartless nature beautifully. - Joe Salazar

Dark Side of the Glass

Evening dearest Kristin, the one and only Queen of the Knight, who has given so much , so many wonderful works and sony would be foolish not to use them.. Sorry for the long, run on sentence.. but I just watched Dark side of the glass..That was absolutely brilliant, I especially loved the scene of Nick sitting in the sill of one of his higher windows in the loft, the one near the end, I've always loved the scenes when he's sitting or laying on the floor, just lost in thought and dreams. But, as I hoped you'd expect me to say, thats yet another piece of your brilliant imagination.. its wonderful, its perfect, its exquisite, its flawless.. ( I love it).. you've created another work of art..
I hope you do get the appreciation and gratitude that you deserve from all who see your works.. but still I love getting to sit here and not think about it and just watch words appear on the screen, I just sit and type what I feel, at least you know Im grateful for all you do. -

I muchly enjoyed "Dark Side of the Glass" - a very beautiful (and angsty, can't forget angsty ;) character study of his torment. -
Yuna Firerose

Good one! Thank You for sharing the video, I enjoyed watching it, it does look good, sometimes simple works better, good shots of Nick! ohhh lala, I like the side shot of his face with the moon, that is always a nice touch. I like the end too, good ending! -
Lisa Dixon

The scenes in this vid were nicely put together and really illustrated Nick's pain. Nice job! -

The very first shot of the moon sets up the video as an exploration of Nick's loneliness. You put those filler scenes (like Nick with the Tarot cards) to better use than they ever got in the series, and even when Nick does appear with other people, I still get the sense throughout the video that he's truly alone. Your decision to end the video with Nick's little spin hints that he can find happiness in his lonely world; not sure if that's what you were going for, but it's interesting and provides a bit of a twist. - Mary Lim

Old Version:

I watched "Dark side of the glass" video, and had to restart my heart. ;) It'll take me forever to get through all these wonderful videos, but its definitely worth the wait.... - Jennifer

Dark side of the glass demonstrates Nick's loneliness masterfully. Once again your ability to evoke emotion and empathy through sound and video is nothing other than spectacular! - Joe Salazar

You have talent, I mean to say that not as a meaningless or empty compliment, but if you'll accept it from someone who knows art, music, culture, and perfection.. I want to tell you that you are so far above anyone I have known who can take something so seemingly simple as a tune, and make it into something so touching. Your video was very emotional, you truly are a person with talent and appreciation for art... - Jameson

Break the Silence

The best vid of the bunch. Very erotic, very sexy vid that got my heart racing and left me gasping for air. Now that I've seen it I'm have to take a cold shower to cool off. Phew! - Joe Salazar

It's a nice little video, though not (I think) your best work. It has more of a greatest hits (bites?) feeling than any strong narrative element. Still, it's technically well done, as always. - Mary Lim

Old Version:

You picked the perfect songs from the show to match the themes of your vids and Break the Silence is no exception. The song is slow and seductive and does a great job creating the right mood for this Nick and Lovers video. Even though some of the transitions are not as smooth in your earlier vids, your choice of music more than makes up for that flaw. - Joe Salazar

I love the song and i love the video. Another masterpeice kristin. - Peter Addison

Black Rose

As for the others, well you truly do have me lost for words, yet again, Black Rose is wonderful, I love the shade that you used in it, and again, when you match the words and the scenery, its so moving... When Janette appears, and the "my only true love" part of the song is played- I absolutely love it..They are truly the most romantic and perfectly meant to be together couple I've ever known... - James

Black Rose is very beautiful; I love the use of clouds and grey-purple-green color palette and the fades are well-timed; all combined, they provide a nice compliment to the slow, soothing, and sensual song. -
Yuna Firerose

The misty overlay you used was awesome! And the effect making the lights and candles shine brightly worked perfectly with the overlay. This is my favorite song from the series as well. Very beautiful! - Joe Salazar

We both saw your two new music vids for FK 3rd season, and it was Beautifully done pal..Huge Hugs. Your masterpieces are truly a display of artistry and talent. The colors and effects are hypnotic to the flow of the song, and the scenes. It was like seeing a story been told to us. It is truly a visual connection to the soul of FK. - Myrhia & Marisa

timing/editing: everything was edited very nicely, and the timing was perfect.. i liked how you used the glint and glow effects, and the whole purple color filter thing was very suiting for the footage... the only complaint i have is that i thought that the smoke thing on the bottom of the video felt a bit cheesy sometimes.. dont get me wrong, there are moments that it works great, but there are also moments that i felt it was too much.. this may just be an opinion difference though, so dont take that too heavily
flow: flow was perfect.. you created a very steady atmosphere.. the vid was screaming "goth" lol
song: it was in perfect quality.. I personally hated the song (personal preferences of course) but it suited the footage very well.. meaning that the song was well chosen
enjoyability: I was never a fan of the show, so I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as the people who followed it.. but its still a great vid in itself, so very nice job... it is definitely dvd worthy .. keep it up! -

I think the vid was really a complete package. The song, while I didn't much like it on a personal preferences level, was perfect for the color, the aspect of the vid, the feel of it. I personally liked the smoke effect, I think it worked well with the songs and the colors. Very 80's feel to it, very lovely. I think without it, the video would have seemed way too bare, it gave motion to stationary shots. As far as editing goes, obviously, it's not your most stunning work, but that's not a problem here because the song didn't call for a sharp, stunning editing, but something soft and precise, which is what you accomplished here. -

The candle lighting to the soft beats is really nice, I enjoy it.
The intro of Nick and Janette is really well set up.
I like the repetition of the light door, when the singer says light.
At 2:30 there is a wonderful gasp by Janette with the music. I like this.
At 3:03 I like the symbolism for the sunset/rise as heaven.
The fade at the end is nice and I barely noticed the first time, but on a second viewing I saw that you had Janette getting the rose tatoo. Very good matching of words to imagery.
Overall, very well done and put together.  -

I understand why you're so proud of Black Rose. The candles being lit set up a world of romance and fantasy reinforced by the misty effect. The lyrics, rhythm, images and colour scheme convey a beautiful sense of sadness. Nick can never reach the light he longs for, but (the video seems to say) being trapped in the darkness isn't quite so bad as long as he has his Janette. - Mary Lim

I couldnt possibly put into words what you have done.
Being a big time Janette fan, I absolutley love Black Rose. I love that smoke effect. -

Old Version:

I found Black Rose to be a very sweet and touching vid. I'm just starting to get into the vids that feature the classic Fred Mollin songs from the show and I'm enjoying them greatly. Out of all your vids using songs from the show, this is the most innocent and tender. - Joe Salazar


Destiny's Edge

I enjoyed the use of scratchy film - the first line I saw, I thought it was the original source, as it was so fleeting. Then it occurred again and I'm like 'Oh, -d'uh-' - that combined with the use of fiery colors worked well to emphasize a flashback, of sorts, and Nick's fragmented emotions towards the events (I've not viewed the original eps, so I may be way off base ^^; ) The walk on the beach and glowing door was a kind of 'Que..?' moment, but I took that as metaphorical to depict him searching for meaning in this new existence, and his soul. As always, very well edited and not too many effects that I could discern - simply a great story. - Yuna Firerose

The scratchy film look you used was very well done. But with some of the darker scenes I couldn't see the overlay because it mixed in with background. I think that this would be the perfect vid to use the antique-film look you used in "Forsaken". It would really bring out the overlay and would fit with the theme of Nick remembering his past. - Joe Salazar

You've made the story so much more emotional.. Nick's at the door, he can choose to die or to follow Lacroix's voice. (I've not seen "Near Death" in so long, but watching just a few scenes from your works brings back the entire series..But, where was I ? Oh I have forgotten, I've gotten lost again in thoughts... -

We both saw your two new music vids for FK 3rd season, and it was Beautifully done pal..Huge Hugs. Your masterpieces are truly a display of artistry and talent. The colors and effects are hypnotic to the flow of the song, and the scenes. It was like seeing a story been told to us. It is truly a visual connection to the soul of FK. - Myrhia & Marisa

timing/editing: you did a great job here.. timing was pretty spot on and the editing was very smooth.. you were able to tell a story about the 2 vamps and there relationship very well.. i liked how you used the scratches to create an old/aged type of atmosphere.. it gets the job done and doesnt over-do it like the typical grain effects tend to.
flow: perfect flow and atmosphere.. everything was very smooth
song: again, its not my thing at all, but it suited the footage very well.. it also goes with/sounds like the song you chose for black rose so its very well chosen as part of a series of related vids
enjoyability: as a non-fan, i thought it was kinda "meh" but im sure fans will love it.. personally though, i enjoyed this vid more than blackrose so great job! -

I only had time to watch Destinys Edge, and while I too am not familiar with the series outside of your videos its simply another case of a job well done. You married the overall style of the vid quite well to the song - the old school sepia/scratchyness was particularly effective. Im sure fans of the series will really dig on this video...Thumbs up! -

The orange coloring was warm and beautiful, the aged feel perfect for the footage, and the opening with the fades was great. Again, not a big fan of the song, but it's fitting with the show. Loved the glow too. In some parts, it seemed a bit slow, but the song is slow as well, so you obviously couldn't do quick editing over that. -

You've created as coherent a picture of Nick's crossing over as could probably done given the inconsistencies in the various episodes dealing with it. The flickering effect definitely creates a sense of remembering a time long ago. - Mary Lim

I Love You ... I'll Kill You

Sensual music immediately captivates the viewer as they begin to
sway in time to it and scenes fade in and out in sync to the changes in the music.  Glimpse a side a Nick as he sits alone contemplating his lonely life,  He has come to the realization that if he loves, he'll kill... but in taking their blood, they'll live forever. This music video is a great work of art that captures the imagination and the heart.  A must see for FK fans. -
Ruby Houldson

I love you, I'll kill you shows Nick's pain for the killing of his many lovers throughout the centuries and the guilt that he feels for their deaths. This vid shows us why he's terrified to let any mortal get too close. He means no harm but his vampiric nature may emerge anyway and destroy those he cares for. An insightful vid into Nick's dilemma. Nice job! - Joe Salazar

Principles of Lust - Omen Mix

I really liked your video because, I like the clips shown from sons of belial in it and the effects used in it. I also like the part where you show Nick biting a bunch of people. It was a cool video! :) - Lauren

My favorite parts of POL - Omen Mix are when Nick's lovers feel the rapture of the vampiric embrace. We can see the power of the vampire bite on their faces as Nick's fangs pierce their skin. Very passionate! - Joe Salazar

Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa, WOW! Absolutely sexy. That video was so hot. I like the relationship between Nick and Janette, but I also like the relationship between Nick and Natalie. - Karin

I really liked the Mea Culpa video with N&J. Very appropriate for the immortals. - Patty Costantino

For me one of your classics is Mea Culpa. It has something of the mood of the show with it's flashbacks between medieval and modern world. And Nick being a former crusader, the gregorian chant fits quite well with the historical background of Nick and Janette. - Juha

I just finished watching both Mea Culpa videos and thought they were outstanding. I think that they perfectly illustrate the sexual power between Nick and Janette. The choice of music was perfect. It is slow and seductive and sets the perfect mood for the videos. Once again you've done a great job. - Joe Salazar


DAMN YOU ARE GOOD!!! After seeing frozen I had to have a smoke, some chocolate and a cold shower!!! -
Denise Chambers

The whole website kicks arse, but "Frozen" was the most amazing montage ever. You need to find a way to do that for a living. Gave me a funny feeling in my stomach and all. - Mary Kroll

I have to agree Frozen was pretty damn good =) I spent allllll night downloading it because of my sloooooow connection... - Midori

This video is the best. There are some effects that you used in "Frozen" that are so absolutely right for the subject matter, as well as being visually gorgeous, that I still think it's the best composition. -
Gloria Price

Of course, and I'm sure you're not surprised, my favorite was the N&N Frozen video.  You outdid yourself with that one.  Madonna's words matched the scenes and described their relationship perfectly. - Patty Costantino

You did an incredible job with the videos of N&N; my favorite is "Frozen". You have the music synchronized exactly to the right photo shot--AMAZING AND SO PROFESSIONAL! - Deborah Hymon

Well I finally got to download "Frozen". WOW!! After seeing it I wanted a stiff drink and a cigarette, and I don't smoke anymore!! Another perfect job! Even my hubby liked this one. I think he's about ready to be "brought across." Keep it up! - Debbi Henson

Whoooeeee. I managed to download the Touch the Night and Frozen
videos yesterday and last night. Girl, I am totally impressed! You
have a talent for putting all that together! Those 2 videos were so
good, I'm going to tie up my phone line for the next couple of days
so I can download the rest. -

This video is so beautiful. I never would have guessed that you are IB :)>. Anyway thank you for creating this! - Catharine Clemens

I just saw Frozen and all I have to say is that your heart would have to be frozen for a person not to be moved after seeing this video. The song was perfect! I can't think of a better choice! I think the title of the song illustrates Nick's behavior towards Nat at times; he has to keep his heart frozen when Nat is involved because if he does not, his vampiric nature may emerge and he may end up hurting Nat. You've illustrated Nick's pain beautifully once again. - Joe Salazar

I'm also totally enjoying Frozen. Madonna is one of my favs... love the song frozen it has a lot of deep meaning for me actually. - Laura Savidge

Beyond the Invisible

Beyond the Invisible was a very surreal video. I felt like I was watching a dream as it unfolded. The special effects were excellent.
The mist at the beginning of the video set the mystical tone and was a great touch. Also the fire and kaleidoscope colors that appear throughout the vid really add to the theme; transcending reality.
The song matched the theme of the vid beautifully. It's slow and added to the dream-like quality of the video. Couldn't have picked better music.
Good job all around. Joe Salazar

Desert Rose

I LOVE!!!! the new video for Desert Rose. As always it's fabulous, and (eye candy!!!!) AY AY AY AY AY AY!!!! Yummy! I can't wait for more. I've been using the video as my screen saver since, and I've had nothing but VERY pleasant dreams. Thanks again Kris keep up the GREAT work and keep coming with the VIDEOS!!!! KNIGHT VISION RULES!!!! - Ann

I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make all your wonderful music videos. I am particularly fond of the
'Desert Rose' video (I'm not shallow, I just think Ger is immensely pretty), but your compositions have helped me to understand the series in ways I don't think I would have discovered on my own. - April French

I was really stunned by the quality and your talent at putting this together when I first saw it. It was like my dream video of Ger. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven! - Diana Foster

Just finished watching Desert Rose and I'm still panting! This video is HOT! Geraint in the arms of a bevy of beauties; what could be more erotic! You chose the right version of the song Desert Rose. It was the perfect addition to the passion played out on the screen.
Geraint fans must've jumped for joy when they saw this video.
You've shown that G is a master of passion in whatever role he's in FK or not. - Joe Salazar

TNT For the Brain

The new video is GORGEOUS! Definitely one of your best! -
Lyn Palmer

Just downloaded and watched TNT For The Brain - Beautiful! Looking forward to the next one. Thanks! - Terri Collier

Some of your Nick and Janette vids show the tender side of their relationship but TNT for the brain is definitely not one of them. This is a no nonsense vid that shows the power of their connection. The strength of their love is not a fluke; they have developed a bond over the centuries that has a power that is truly explosive and this vid captured that explosive energy perfectly. - Joe Salazar

Gravity of Love

Just one comment: Love it Keep it up. :) - cut3z1d4n3

ABSOLUTELY IN AGREEMENT! this could be the best one yet! and
definitely my favorite... -
Lyn Palmer

I have listened to gravity of love by enigma....the video was another stellar performance, if I must say so myself. You just watch, I'll make it through all of your music videos...I can't get enough. - Lady Kylara

I really liked "Self Control" and "Gravity of Love". Not only do you have a knack for picking out really awesome songs, but you have a whole lot of talent when it comes to blending the scenes for the show with the music. I like how the scenes just flow right after the other and are very vibrant and well-placed (not to mention well paced, too) - Megan

This is one of your more intense Nick and Nat videos. The music and scenes demonstrate the passion of their relationship. Of course Nat loves Nick deeply, but Nick is more attracted to Nat's "humanity" rather than Nat herself. Anyhow, this vid displayed the passion of their connection and was very well done. - Joe Salazar

Self Control

WOW!!! Kristin, you have outdone yourself! This video is FANTASTIC and yes the best one you've made yet. You have a real talent for it and just keep getting better and better. You have to eventually go into doing something like this professionally. Also, even tho I remembered the song "No Self Control",  I didn't realize how perfect the lyrics were for a FK video. Thank you, Kristin, for getting this video out to us. Keep up the GREAT work. - Diana Foster

What a delicious video!!! Self Control really fits to the Raven<g>
Thanks for that damn good video:-)) -

AWESOME - The images, the music a perfect fit. Kristin, thank you, thank you for bringing the idea to "life". It's becoming more and more self-evident that you have a passion and a talent for this. Continue to follow your passion and develop your talent. After that, the sky's the limit. - Gloria Price

Kristin! YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! The Self Control musical video is wonderful. You just continue to amaze me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I can't help but ask ‹WHAT'S NEXT??? <grinning> I know I speak for all of us out here ‹WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH!> - Deborah Hymon

I finally got around to downloading your latest video, and I sat
watching it with my mouth hanging open. I could not take my eyes off of it! Of course, this was a problem because I had a pizza in the oven and it burned while I was watching "Self Control". I could even smell it and I still didn't move. Wonderful, wonderful work, my friend. You must find a way to do this for a living, because you have a natural talent for finding the downbeat and bringing out the passion in a song. -
Lyn Palmer

The self control video is great. I personally think it is one of your best. - Lucrezia

I really liked "Self Control" and "Gravity of Love". Not only do you have a knack for picking out really awesome songs, but you have a whole lot of talent when it comes to blending the scenes for the show with the music. I like how the scenes just flow right after the other and are very vibrant and well-placed (not to mention well paced, too) - Megan

 This video was awesome because, I like all the raven scenes with the song, it made it look very cool! :) - Lauren

I can't think of a better choice than the Raven for doing a vid with "Self Control". The Raven is where all the denizens of the night come to let loose their inhibitions and let their vampiric natures run wild.
As the song says, "It's the night time that matters" and you've shown that perfectly with this video. - Joe Salazar

Your videos are truly terrific. I've always thought Laura Branagan's "Self Control" would make great theme music for the show, and here you've brought it to life. Thank you. Plus, it's a damn good video. You do terrific stuff; keep up the good work. - Walt Doherty

A Thousand Years

Another GREAT new video. I LOVE it. Thank you, Kristin. - Diana Foster

Just finished downloading and watching Thousand Years - WOW!! And we definitely want more, more, more. I think you are spoiling us. If we can't get new episodes of FK, then your videos are the next best thing. Thank you! Keeping a lookout for the next one. - Terri Collier

I'm oooing and aahing over your newest music video, "Thousand Years".  It's beautiful, better than I hoped for and Sting's music is, as always, fabulous. - Gloria Price

This music video is a piece of sculpture. The way you've arranged the images to fit the lyrics of the song is superb. A work of master craftsmenship. - April French

I just love them, especially 'A thousand years' there a bright spot in my day. I like 'A Thousand Years' because I'm a Sting fan and have an extreme interest in ancient Europe. It was just extremely interesting to see all of the things that Nick has seen and done in his 800 years. Keep up the great work. - Mary Stettner

I really liked this video because, I like this song a lot and all the different flashbacks looked really cool with the song. It is a excellent video!!! - Lauren

Even though there are some of Nick's other lovers in this vid, the theme of it is Nick's undying bond with Janette. The song says it best: out of the love, pain, passions, and struggles that come with centuries of life, the one constant for Nick has been his unending love for Janette.
This video shows their their romance throughout the years beautifully.
Thank you for making this vid! - Joe Salazar

I let my computer stay running for four hours last night downloading two of your music videos from Knight Vision, the ones for Evanessence's Surrender and Sting's A Thousand Years. I was totally blown away. Very, very awesome. - Lauren


OH MY GOSH! KRISTIN, YOU'VE STRUCK GOLD! Man, I can't say enough about this video. Your creativity with slicing together Nick and Nat is awesome. OF course being a real Nick and Nat fan I love all the kissing, nibbling and biting. <G> I never can get enough of those two together. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the best! I'm off to watch it again! - Deborah Hymon

WOW!!! Kristin, you continue to outdo yourself, amaze and delight us with your incredible videos. Yea, I have to say that SECRETS is the best Nick & Nat video to date - as much as I LOVE all the other ones. It's so wonderful how you've told their story so clearly, linking it to the music and lyrics and making it SOO DELICIOUS!!!! You are so talented and we are lucky that you use that talent to make these lovely videos for us. I don't know how you keep coming up with new and different ideas, but don't stop! -
Diana Foster

Finally got it downloaded, boy, it was worth it! It is fantastic!!!! I LOVED IT. You are a genius. - Jo Rita

Oh my, Kristin. Just downloaded and watched "Secret". It is absolutely beautiful. All of your videos are so good, but I do think this will be my favorite (even though I seem to think that every time you come out with a new one:-). I'm really looking forward to your next ones. - Terri Collier

Good on you again hun. Geez if I keep going I am just going to break down and cry for joy. Secret was the very first one I saw last year when I found your page. Since then out of 54 videos I have downloaded thirty. - Areanna WhiteWolf

Secret does a great job illustrating how Nick's vampirism has affected Nick and Nat's relationship. Nicely done! - Joe Salazar

A very nice Nick and Natalie video! The music was very appropriate, because of what Nick is was definitely a secret between the two. It really showed the passion between the two lovers and was very entertaining to watch! - Joe Raygor

Die Another Day

One word ‹AWESOME!--I love it!!! You continuously amaze me. I love the lightening; gosh I love that! Thanks a bunch! This is so different than all the others. I like that there's very little of Nick (even though I love the man) and you kept true to the female vampires. FANTASTIC!!!! - Deborah Hymon

Thank you for another great video. It's different (so little of Nick), but still brilliant and so fitting, as always. I love the lightning too! And even tho there's not a lot of Nick you still managed to get my favorite shot in. :-) - Diana Foster

Um was F****ing great. Pretty pretty vampiresses. Eye candy even without the large amount of Nick. Course that one small part for the second that he showed up sent my heart a flutter....wooptie doo. kudos girlfriend, pure kudos. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I thought this video was good because, I like how used all the different vampires in it! I also like all the neat effects you used too! Everything matched the song perfectly!! - Lauren

I just saw Die Another Day and I have to tell you that it is one of best you've ever done. It's very original because no one has ever tackled the subject of every single female vampire all in one video. This is the way I've always imagined female vampires should be: beautiful, seductive, passionate, and most of all free of human constraint. This vid shows them with fangs barred and green eyes glowing rejoicing in their vampiric nature. I found that aspect of the vid very erotic as well. <Pant! Pant!> This is one of the most unique videos I've ever seen. You've taken on a subject that is rarely touched on in FK and because you've shown me something I've never seen before, this is one of my favorite videos.
By the way, I think that your use of the scene in "Games Vampires Play" when the female vampire turns and Madonna is laughing was a great touch! - Joe Salazar


Your wonderful talent is showing again. I loved the work you put into this one. I really like the music. You know I'm a die hard N&N fan, but I did enjoy it. You continue to amaze me with all your hard work. You make it look so easy. I can't wait to see where your career takes you. I hope you'll stay in touch wherever that may be, and remember your humble fans way back when. Congratulations on another success! You're awesome. - Deborah Hymon

Just got to download the new music video and it is absolutely LUCIOUS!!! Although I slightly favor Nat, I love Nick and Janette together too. How could I not with scenes like that?! Thanks so much for another TREAT, Kristin. - Diana Foster

Liked that possession video with Sarah Mclachlan singing. Keep it up. - salthefd

This video is the best, right after "Frozen". Never thought you'd hear me say that about a Nick/Janette video, but it's the truth. The visuals are gorgeous; beautifully edited. I loved the new special effects you used. That "dance" sequence in the middle of the video is exquisite. That's the effect that put it "over the top" for me. That, in conjunction with the split screen images of the two of them alone and "thinking" was a perfect combination; it captured the mood and the theme of the video. And the music choice...perfect. Every time you create a new one I can't wait to see what's next!<g> Congratulations on another winner!! - Gloria Price

I liked this video because, I like seeing Nick and Janette together and the effects looked really good especially the part where you show both of there eyes flashing green at the very end. The video is a must see for all Nick and Janette fans! - Lauren

This is your first video that made me think of your artwork as I watched it. The theme of "Possession" and your piece "Fallen Angel" is very similar; Nick and Jeanette's love for each other that does indeed possess their souls. In the art piece, you made it look as if Nick is in Janette's eyes and Janette in Nick's. We can see the power of their bond in your art. The vid does the same thing, but with music and video instead. Both are beautifully done. - Joe Salazar

I Want You

OH MY GOSH!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! This has to be your most artistic creation to date! I love this! You know I don't like seeing Nick and Janette together, but this is wonderful with Natalie thrown in there. The song is so appropriate. The video definitely tells the story; the man could never make up his mind! Thank you for giving Natalie equal air time. <BIG GRIN> I know we talked about this.<LOL> You were very fair! Thanks for another wonderful creation. Hey, I'm your biggest fan! I'm off to watch it again. - Deborah Hymon

EXQUISITE!!! You are a marvel, Kristin. This video clearly shows the
different love Nick feels for Nat and Janette so beautifully. And what a great way to get all those luscious kisses in one video! I was having a meltdown watching it. YUM!! Also, you've succeeded in turning me into a Janette fan, tho I still love Nick with Nat too. Bravo and many thanks for adding another gem for our viewing pleasure. -
Diana Foster

Beautiful! I'm basically a N/N person, but always loved the scenes between N/J also. Actually, I love anything with Ger in it. Kristin, thank you so much! I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating - your videos are the next best thing to new episodes :-) - Terri Collier

I also loved your N&J&N video. Great music selection with the Madonna song, I Want You. It went well with the scenes in the video. - Patty Costantino

I AM ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS. This is the most beautiful video you have ever done. The visual effects are perfect, stunning. I was so mesmerized I don't even remember the music.<g> The visual effects fit the theme of the video and blend with the music. I really like the overlapping images, heck, I like all of it!! What can I say, thank you so much for keeping FK alive and new for all of us. - Gloria Price

OMG! OMG! Kris You've done it again! I just watched the new vid I want You, and all I can say is I WANT YOU! keep on crankin out the vids. You got My blood boilin girl! Once again You've taken a kick a** song and weaved some techno magic, and BANG!! produced yet another droola-licious vid the masses can dream about. I thank you and my over active imagination thank you, can't wait for the next one. - Ann

(Nods her head briefly) good on you. I must say the way you string together images and stuff is excellent. Lovely just lovely. (jumps up and down) You leave me wanting more and more. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I liked this video because, I like how it shows Janette and Natalie both wanting Nick!! It has very creative effects and it is all put together very nicely!! It is extremely good! Everyone should go watch it!!! - Lauren

I want you was about Janette and Nat's frustration over Nick for both of them do indeed want Nick but in totally different ways. Janette is frustrated that Nick will not accept his true nature while Nat's frustrated over his sruggle to become human. As the song says both women want Nick but they want him "the right way". And then there is Nick stuck in the center being pulled both ways. What a dilemma for them all! Great job showing all the characters struggles! - Joe Salazar

Painted on My Heart

I LOVED IT!!! I know, I know, you're surprised because I'm not a N&J fan, but Janette is growing on me. <G> I love your work; the music was perfect for the video. You are very talented and I love watching anything you create. Thanks for doing this for all of us fans. - Deborah Hymon

It was wonderful! I think some of us,, start taking the serious coolness (phew ditz moment) of your videos for granted. You are great chica! I am happy just to get to see the Blond One so much and with some very cool music. But I loved Painted on my heart. As always! I am anxiously awaiting the next one! ::giggles:: - Rachel Oke

Fabulous job, Kristin, as always! <waves> Even though I'm a die hard N&Npacker, I always love all the beautiful scenes between the IB's. You did a great job, too with the music. - Patty Costantino

I loved the new video. It's right up there with your usual high standards - YUMMY - great job! You are really spoiling us........keep it up!!!! -
Diana Foster

It is wonderful as always :-) You just keep coming up with such great arrangements for so many scenes. And the music fits so well. - Terri Collier

I thought this video was good because, it was a awesome video of Nick with Janette!! It had some really cool effects and I like the scenes of Nick and Janette kissing they matched the song perfectly!! It is yet another must see for any Nick and Janette fan out there!!! - Lauren

"Painted on my Heart" demonstrates the unbreakable bond between Nick and Janette. For me, this is a video that will break Nick and Nat fans hearts for it shows us that Nat will never break the bond that is shared by Nick and Janette. Nick may love Nat's human qualities, but Janette was and always will be Nick's true love. Their love has lasted eight centuries and nothing will break it. - Joe Salazar

Forbidden Love

I WANT MORE!!! I WANT MORE!!! I WANT MORE!!! OH KRISTIN, YOU'VE PRODUCED AN ACADEMY AWARD winner here!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Where do I begin? Well, first of all I'm pulling my heart out of my mouth and wiping the perspiration off of my brow and bosom.

1) I love the opening special effects with Nick's face on the right and the images on the left; it appears he's thinking back when he brushed up against Nat to see if she had forgotten their meeting. I love how you put his apparent flashback in a misty image.<GREAT!>

2) Thank you for the new scenes in this video. I've always loved how he grabbed and kissed her hand (once a knight, always a knight) in Be My Valentine. His smile and eyes in this scene is the famous smile and look that made me fall in love with Nick/Ger!

3) I love the special effects with Nick running his hands over Nat's face. Oh my gosh! Is it hot in here or what???????

4) I love the scene with Nat in morgue, she's thinking! WOW! Love it!

5) Love the scene with Nat in Loft waiting for Nick, he arrives and the looks on their faces.... (My Boyfriend is a Vampire)

6) Love the scene of Nick with golden eyes hugging Nat and touching his forehead to hers (in that episode he says, "Don't be afraid"--YES! LOVE IT!)

7) My favorite Ger/Nick photo is where he's smiling and the words to
Madonna says, "Forbidden love, in your smile, Forbidden Love" Oh My Gosh, is he too cute or what? <Deb falls on floor and faints. Someone call the paramedics! Call them now!>

8) I love the special effects of "wishing on the stars above". Awesome effects!

9) ***OH MY GOSH!!! I'VE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG!! I told you some time back I would love to see this scene played over and over again, the passionate kiss in Azure restaurant (Be My Valentine), well you did it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I think I could watch this scene played over and over to an entire song. (Hmmm, think of that one!)

OH MY GOSH!!! This was incredible!!! I also love the background words of Madonna in this scene, "Rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac". Oh my gosh, SO TRUE in this case!!!

10) Again, I love the way Nick looks and smiles at Nat when he kisses her hand in the morgue. WHEW! I think the temp in here is over 100F. <LOL> And the way he smiles at her when he turns her desk chair around to look at him <morgue scene>. :-)

11) "Love should always feel like this" and Nick bites Nat on the neck and she feels all the erotic sensations--WOW! (this is all we're going to discuss, the rest of Last Knight DID NOT HAPPEN!)

12) I love the way you ended the video even with me denying Last Knight ever happened. I like to look at your ending and visualize something else happening. Sorry, but that's the eternal romantic in me.

Okay, Okay, Okay. Kristin, this is the ultimate video. I love it, can you tell? You are so talented. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This was the best Valentine's present. -
Deborah Hymon

<LOL> Well...I thought I *might* be the *first* one to congratulate you on a magnificent video!!!! *But*...I guess I was *slightly* behind someone else! <Still LOL> You're too much, Deb! (I mean that in a nice way!!) :-) Since Deborah did such a splendid job of explaining what I also loved about the video, and I can't think of anything else to add, :-) I'll just simply agree and go take that cold shower now. Whew! That was something!! WOW! I'm still in awe! What a great Valentine's gift from you, Kristin, to all of us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You were so sweet and thoughtful to put together this gorgeous video. I, too absolutely adored all the new scenes of N&N. I'll probably wear out this video, just like the Frozen and Secret ones, watching it at least 20 times a day. <g> Just kidding! - Patty Costantino

Well all that is left to say is wow I loved the video but I am a NNpacker.:) I do believe Deb has said all that needed to be said lol but next time Deb could ya save some compliments for the rest of us to give Kristin :)lol - Phoeba Mead

Well, let me add my WOW's to everyone else's....Kristin, you rock. Simple as that. I have had a FANTASTIC morning - first I watched the video over and over when I first got up. Then I watched Be My Valentine on Sci-Fi. I love the video, love it, love it, love it. Want more more more! It was simply delicious! Keep up the fantastic work, Kristin! - Stacy

Happy Valentine's Day to all, but especially Kristin for the FABULOUS new music video she's given us for this day. I can only agree with all the words of praise that have been heaped on it already. It is a STUNNER with all those gorgeous shots of Nick and beautiful scenes between him and Natalie. Thanks so much, Kristin. -
Diana Foster

Just downloaded and watched "Forbidden Love". Wow! You just keep coming up with wonderful, creative arrangements of scenes that FK lovers have always wanted an easy way to watch. I've been known to put a tape into the vcr and fast forward to something just because that moment in Nick's life was what I wanted to see. With your song themes, you have taken various and sundry scenes (oh boy, a rhyme) and made it not only an exceedingly easy way to watch (over and over again!) but given us starved FK fans additional episodes. I say additional episodes because each song represents a new way of looking at material that is very, very familiar to us, but you present it in a new, exciting way. Thank you! and please keep your creative fires burning! - Terri Collier

Ok, I am behind the times and everyone's already taken the superlatives, so all I'll say in reference to Kristin's latest masterpiece is...





Whew. D'ya get my drift? - Lyn Palmer

Wooo can I get that close to Nick, huh can I. I want to practice "Forbidden love" in dark corners with him and do naughty ( Shakes head) back from never never land. A shame too. Anyway Nice work.
screw that, great work. ( sits dumb founded then weeps) I wanna be able to do that please. Can I huh can I. Noooo, Cause I can never be as good as you. - Areanna WhiteWolf

The intensity of the love between Nick and Nat which was captured on your video was I would say the turning point of my interest in FK and and their would be love affair. FORBIDDEN LOVE is definitely the perfect title. I am not much of a Madonna fan but sure is refreshing to realize her music and your creations definitely works. 2 thumbs up and have u seen my two other toes raising up along. Their was this strong sexual tension and am not embarrassed to admit that it has and will always be one of the greatest force to lure me more into their unrequited love. Take note I am kneeling and raising my two hands praising you as we speak. Imagine that! The thing your videos do to an FK fan. - Julie Herera

I thought this video was great because, it shows Nick's love for Natalie and how it is "forbidden". It also has creative effects in it as well! You must go see it if you like Nick and Nat together!! - Lauren

Forbidden Love was very well done, Kristin. The song was perfect in describing Nat's love for Nick. My second favorite Nick/Nat vid behind "My Immortal." - Joe Salazar

Bring Me to Life

Absolutely amazing, as usual. - Mary Kroll

Beautiful, as usual. I love new "episodes by Kristin". Patiently awaiting the next one. Thank you! - Terri Collier

Anyone have any smelling salts? Because I feel positively yourself a favor, everyone, and download Kristin's newest work of art. SHEESH! - Lyn Palmer

Want to sing your praises, again! Excellent video. Love the different shots, all of our favorite Knight. Yummy, yummy, yummy (I got love in my tummy - no, wait, wrong song, wrong decade....) Anyhoo, keep it up please. I agree with those who've said that your vid's are like getting new episodes. - Stacy

Oh My God! That was the greatest video! I'm listening to it for my second time right now. Will watch it like 10 times more tonight only to start again tomorrow. Nick looks so vampy!!! Brings a smile to my cold dead cousinly heart. - Tanya Rinehart

The images are just spectacular, but this is the first time I haven't been crazy about the music. Maybe it will grow on me. Really terrific job on the video tho. - Diana Foster

I got to download your Nick video and just adored some of the new
scenes of him, especially the one in False Witness where he’s sitting at the counter talking to Schanke during the court recess, wearing sunglasses and looking especially yummy. Also liked some of the lyrics to the song: Save me from the dark. Save me from the nothingness I’ve become. Breathe into me and make me feel free. Very appropriate for Nick’s feelings and situation! Nice
one! Kristin! -
Patty Costantino

Kristin, you are the best! The newest video HAS to be the best one yet! It's so dynamic, and I love the way that you've played with the textures on the movement! You and I evidently agree on when GWD looks his most beautiful, because you picked some real beauty shots for this work.....I'd type more but I'm going to go watch it again. I may become addicted to this thing. - Lyn Palmer

I just saw your music videos in the Nick files, " Bring me to Life" and " Away from me" and woah, it stopped me in my tracks. They were f***ing incredible. I couldn't believe my eyes, they were great. They took my breath away. You have some excellent talent, my knightly fan. Bravo. ( Give the air a kiss) - Lady Kylara

I really liked both 'Bring Me to Life' and 'Away from Me'. Those were two of the first videos I ever downloaded and after that I was hooked! You've got some amazing talent! I don't even know how to create music videos, let alone with the quality you do. You really put a lot of effort into it. - Megan

I finished viewing BRING ME TO LIFE videoclip of Nick. It made sense that he has charisma to lure women into his darkness without even trying so. Your video captured his essence. The fact that he's really gorgeous. No other actors can really portray Nick better than Geraint. This clip evoke a sense of desire over this vampire with a conscience. I love what you did with the combination of the song. It was fantastic. No wonder women pined for him. He's definitely sexy and adorable at the same time. I could almost feel the intensity of his darkness and goodness merging, fighting struggling within him. Well done! - Julie Herera

 I liked this video because, the song goes good with the scenes you picked and it's like Nick wants to be saved from his hunger!! - Lauren

My first pick was BRING ME TO LIFE....Awesome job girlfriend!!!!! - Brin

My daughter and I loved 'My Immortal', 'My Last Breath', and 'Bring Me to Life' so much we ordered the Evanescence CD. Now the whole family is nuts about it and we play it constantly. I can't believe the talent you have in those videos! - Chris


Okay, Okay, Okay, I'll admit I'm heading to the shower and believe me it's going to be a COLD ONE! Whew! Nicky baby was heating up this gal!! I love the erotic scenes. One of my favorites has always been the scene in the Raven with the Vampire and he takes her to the back room. Whoa! That scene has always made me a little warm. I have a few friends that agree with me on that one! I also love the way you end the video with him having Vampire sex with Janette. Okay, that's the dark side of me coming out. Yes, I do have a dark side even though I'm a N&N gal! I love it! This was a total different theme and that makes it very refreshing. Thank you so much, Kristin! Thanks again. This truly was like another episode! - Deborah Hymon

OMG!!! Kristin how do you do it? Just watched your new video before heading off to work, but now I'm gonna be late because of taking another shower! That was one hot video!!! MORE!!! Whew!!! Need the air on!! - Shanel

GULP ! I liked it! I'm afraid to say anything more about it! - Terri Collier

Whoa, Kristin, you weren't kidding about the need for a cold shower
after *this* music video! <VBG> As always, gorgeous and each one more professional than the last. Keep 'em coming!! -
Gloria Price

Three words: HOT! HOT! HOT! Phew!!! Brilliant job on a very sexy, yummy, new video. THANK YOU!!! - Diana Foster

WHEW!!!!!! Another fabulous job on the video....I'd write more, but I'm going to have to go sit in the freezer for a while.....Oh wait, I might defrost all of my TV dinners....guess I'll just go stand under the hose outside in the 40 degree weather....That MIGHT cool me down! SHEESH! - Lyn Palmer

I downloaded your latest erotic delight <g> this morning and loved every moment of it.  I, especially liked the red filtered effect you used in many of the scenes.  It set the mood for the seductiveness of Nick's many conquests and the lethal effect he had on women!  <g> - Patty Costantino

 I thought this video was great because, the effects looked awesome especially at the beginning and then the parts where you turned it red. It was also fun to see Nick with lots of women! :) Oh and I like the way you ended it with Janette making it look like she said "ca". - Lauren

The erotica one is great. Your editing is super tight and looks fantastic... almost like the show was meant to go with the song. - Laura Savidge

Come Undone

They just keep getting better each time! Excellent job in showing Nick and Lacroix's complex relationship! Something else that I do and don't know if anybody else does, is that I take the songs that you use and make a "songs inspired by Forever Knight CD" Makes for a nice commute to and from work!! Keep up the excellent work!! - Shanel

"Come Undone" is fantastic as usual. I don't think I've ever mentioned that some of the clips you use in your videos send me off to the FK videos to watch the entire episode (again!). I think it's really neat the way you keep coming up with new ways of presenting FK. - Terri Collier

Wonderfully different new video! It brilliantly shows the sometimes
hard-to-define relationship between Nick & LaCroix. Love it!!! I've always loved that song too. You are on such a roll, Kristin. Keep 'em coming! -
Diana Foster

I just watched Come Undone for about the 30th time. It took the first 5 times to get over the initial intensity of their early stares, but then the next 25 were quite enjoyable. I really do enjoy your music videos Kristin. -

KRISTIN! WOW. I'm speechless. You surpassed your own record yet again. This is the best FK music video I have seen, EVER. And it reflects the song so well. Heck, it's like someone took my thoughts right out of my dream and made it into a music video. It couldn't have been better. - Sunny LaCountess

EXCELLENT!! EXCELLENT!! EXCELLENT!! I just watched your new video "Come Undone" and (as you can tell) I love it! I have always loved Duran Duran and when you combine them with Nick, nothing bad could result!!! I'm keeping that one on my computer!! Also really liked "Erotica" too! - Kris

I just downloaded "Antissa" and "Come Undone".  Of course, I was completely mesmerized by them.  I just kept thinking, "imagine what'll happen when this girl gets her hands on the Pro dvds."  Keep up the good work for those of us desperately jealous of your talent. - Mary Kroll

 I liked this video a lot because, it was a very good video of Nick and Lacroix and it helped explain there relationship better and how well they get along with each other. It also had some very unique effects and it is a must see for all Nick and Lacroix fans!!! - Lauren

I think "Come Undone" is the best Nick and Lacroix video you've done so far. The music and scenes blend together beautifully. It also is deeper than the other Lacroix vids. I got more of a sense of Nick and Lacroix's complex relationship that I did with the others. You show more aspects of their VERY complex friendship over the years and have shown new ways to look at the two vampires in relation to one another. - Joe Salazar

Away From Me

Just watched "Away From Me". Absolutely beautiful, as usual. It just
amazes me how you keep coming up with all these combinations. Greedy person that I am, I'm already anticipating the next one! -
Terri Collier

Kristin, You are truly the Queen of Forever Knight. The things that
you do for everyone with your FK site touches my heart. You are such a talented young lady Kristin and we are so proud of you of all you create Heart & Soul in the Forever Knight web world. Your future is filled with talented greatness Kristin...I wonder if the world is ready for you because you always leave us speechless every time we see your music video's and more...You make our day Kristin and I Thank You for it... -
Myrhia Chmilar

I think that this video is rapidly becoming my favorite so far! Amy Lee seems to be singing directly to/about Nicholas. She seems to feel his pain in the choices he has made. Keep up the GREAT work! your videos keep us happy until TPTB give us more!! - Debbi Henson

I just saw your music videos in the Nick files, " Bring me to Life" and " Away from me" and woah, it stopped me in my tracks. They were f***ing incredible. I couldn't believe my eyes, they were great. They took my breath away. You have some excellent talent, my knightly fan. Bravo. ( Give the air a kiss) - Lady Kylara

I really liked both 'Bring Me to Life' and 'Away from Me'. Those were two of the first videos I ever downloaded and after that I was hooked! You've got some amazing talent! I don't even know how to create music videos, let alone with the quality you do. You really put a lot of effort into it. - Megan

The best part of Away From Me are the shots at the beginning and the end of the video. When we see Nick looking out over the vastness of the city we get a sense that the weight of the world is on Nick's shoulders as he struggles with his vampiric nature. Awesome touch! Those two scenes really captured the essence of Nick's despair in the vid and your use of them was perfect. - Joe Salazar

Mea Culpa Part II

Oh. Very Nice. Very Nice indeed. Once again I am in awe. That video was awesome. the flipped images were so nifty and the way you made it seem like she was talking with the music..... whew.....Normally I am not a huge immortal beloved but after a video like that I starting to have my doubts...Very good job Kristin. I am in awe. - Rachel Oke

I saw Mea Culpa Part II and really loved all the special effects,
the blurred and reverse images, etc. It was great where you placed N&J scenes with that heartbeat. It is a beautiful video.... I can tell you labored over this one. Great job. I hope you don't mind, but I still prefer the first one only because I like the musical version of Mea Culpa Part 1 over Part II. But, again the special effects are much better in Part 2. -
Patty Costantino

FINALLY got to watch Part II - It's beautiful! You amaze me anew every time you create another video, each one is so different from the last even with the limited amount of scenes you have to work with. - Terri Collier

Ah, "Mea Culpa, part 2", let's see if I can still remember my
reactions. First, as with the first video, I loved the juxtaposition
of the flashback scenes with the present day ones. Sorrow and sin
are not new concepts for Janette, as I've just discovered. ;-) The
coloring is different, a bit darker than the first; it sets a
different atmosphere, more somber, I liked that. Unlike some of the
other fans, I wasn't crazy about the effect of syncing the lyrics
with the images, 'nuff said. But, I loved this version of the song.
The first one had a decidedly "Catholic" tone; you could hear the
Kyrie sung in the background, but this one had a more "Islamic" sound to it that I found exotic, a lovely compliment to the images you chose. -
Gloria Price

Well, mademoiselle, you have certainly done it again! Mea Culpa #2 is extraordinarily beautiful! You are slowly luring me over to the Nick and Janette camp. The effects are beautiful, and it FLOWS so well; you're right on target with the rhythm and the colors. Also, you incorporated one of my favorite little scenes, where they're sitting on the floor in the corner and Janette laughs---to me, that's more telling than a zillion blatant scenes.... - Lyn Palmer

I just finished watching both Mea Culpa videos and thought they were outstanding. I think that they perfectly illustrate the sexual power between Nick and Janette. The choice of music was perfect. It is slow and seductive and sets the perfect mood for the videos. Once again you've done a great job. - Joe Salazar

Bad Girl

Finally got to watch "Bad Girl"....Terrific! As always, you
manage to show what a wide range of emotions FK embraced (and what terrific actors portrayed them). -
Terri Collier

This one I found intriguing on several levels. As always, the the
composition was beautiful, the integration of music/lyrics with the
visual images was not only well thought out, but flawlessly
executed. But what intrigued me the most, especially being a
NNPacker, was the aspect you presented of our girl that I'd never
considered before, her inner conflicts. I guess I'm use to "our
Hero" periodically wallowing in guilt, riddled with angst and self-
loathing, but I've given little or no thought to Janette's "issues".
So now, for the first time, I'm taking a deeper look at her actions
and their motivations. You've put this character in a whole new
light for me, and for that, I thank you. Food for thought is always the tastiest; I thank you for this banquet. -
Gloria Price

At last, I had the opportunity to download your latest video, Bad Girl, and I just loved all of the scenes where you showed the emotion and turmoil Janette endures, especially when she tries to convince Nick to accept his nature and not pursue his quest for mortality.  Well done! Also, the music and lyrics tied in beautifully with the scenes.  I, especially, loved the times when Janette was smoking her cigarettes and Madonna would sing "smoke too many cigarettes a day."  I didn't realize the *number* of scenes in the show where she did have a cigarette until I watched this video.  <g> Anyway, looking forward to your next music video. - Patty Costantino

This video I liked because, the scenes of Janette you picked matched the video perfect! It's also true that Janette is a naughty bad girl!! :) - Lauren

Although there are many moments in this vid that display Janette's power, it is the tender moments that make this video special for me. A smile came to my face as I saw the tenderest moments of Nick and Janette's romance. One of the sweetest videos you've made! - Joe Salazar

I'm just writing to tell you that I really enjoyed your "Bad Girl" video. I just saved it to my favorites section. I've always been a fan of Forever Knight (I still have to get season 2 and 3 on DVD). I've always liked Janette and I was sorry when she left. She and Nick did have a special relationship and your video really captured that. Good job. I will return to your site. - Phillip Rogers

Age of Loneliness

OMG!!! Kristin, that video was so HOT!!!! Loved the voiceovers, they made it even more erotic. If there are awards given for videos like that, you most definitely should get one!!! Off to to take a very long cold shower now! - Shanel

Oh Wow! ohwow ohwow ohwow ohwow ohwow.......Kristin, as big a Nick & Nat fan that I am, I honestly think this video hits the top of my list. It's so dark and seductive...I love it love it love it! And whew! Those voice overs with Ger's awesome voice...<runs to take a cold shower> - Stacy

Kristin you always outdo yourself every time. You put us in Awe, and catch us into the hypnotic spell of your music video's...It's so sexy it's sinful (smiles a Evil grin). This one is a Dark Nick all the way...And his voice (Myrhia fainting to the floor).. is to die for. The temperature has risen, it's sizzling. No cold shower is going to be enough to cure this obsession we all have for your art of FK music video making ~_^. A true Masterpiece indeed...Toast to the future for more of your vision of the Knight. - Myrhia Chmilar

Regarding that new phew.... ::rubs hair with a towel:: ... I needed that shower.....You're good chica. Muy buena. - Rachel Oke

Wow!!! Brilliant new music video, Kristin!!! Each time you make a new video I think you can't possibly come up with anymore fresh ideas using the same footage.......but you DO! The sexy throb of the music, the luscious scenes seen thru a red haze and Ger's sensual voiceovers.........I nearly had a heart attack. I LOVE it!!!! - Diana Foster

I just got done downloading/watching the new video " Age Of Loneliness". I really loved it! Dark, sensual, lustful. All of the  above. My sister nearly fainted a few times, lol. I liked how it was like looking through Nick's eyes with the heat vision. Very cool. The music went along with everything really well. Nice work. - Nicholas de Brabant

Whew!!!! That was marvelous, extraordinary, sensational!!!!! I'm
running out of adjectives here to express my feelings about this
video. My heart could barely take it, myself. Wow!!!! <heavy sigh> -
Patty Costantino

 I thought this video was great because, it had some really unique effects and like how it turned red and I liked hearing Nick talk in it! It was one of your best ones!! - Lauren

This is your first vid that uses quotes exclusively from Nick and it was very nicely done. You get to the essence of being a vampire. My favorite quotes are when Nick is describing how vampires feel life when they feed and the quote from "Feeding the Beast" when Nick is about to go for the woman's throat, "Maybe You'd Like To Die a Little". That quote is so intense! - Joe Salazar


Beautiful.. ::wipes a tear:: ...Un video muy buena. Me Gusta! Yet another shameless display of talent... - Rachel Oke

"Antissa" is absolutely wonderful!, beautiful!, etc., etc. I really, really like the voiceovers - what a great idea. The scenes you chose showing the three of them down through the centuries are perfect for depicting how close they were/are. This one, too, goes on my desktop (pretty soon, all I'll have on my desktop will be "Videos by Kristin" :-) - Terri Collier

I watched this one 3 times before I was able to move out of my chair. Just beautiful, Kristin. This will definitely be one of my favs. Is it possible to overplay a file? <VBG> -

Great work. Really like this one. Just how many of these can I
download into my computer before it bursts at the seams? (ha-ha).
Keep up the great work. You are saving a lot of lives out here
now that FK is not showing on t.v. right now. -
Ruby Houldson

I approve it's about time we had a few voice-overs by Lacroix - WOW - Lucrezia

It was so beautiful. I have not been so touched by a song selection. And the words, the choice of scenes. It gave me a very special feeling. In fact it inspired me so much as I listen to it on a loop I wrote a poem titled "Captivity and Freedom." Your skills with what you do is excellent, with or without Forever Knight. You are an excellent creature of creativity and music. Way to go. ( tears ) You have touched me, become my muse. Thank you. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I just downloaded "Antissa" and "Come Undone".  Of course, I was completely mesmerized by them.  I just kept thinking, "imagine what'll happen when this girl gets her hands on the Pro dvds."  Keep up the good work for those of us desperately jealous of your talent. - Mary Kroll

This vid showed the emotions that the vampire trio experiences; happiness, fear, anger. What was unique was that you showed the three vampires together and that was absolutely phenomenal! It really displayed insight into how each character relates to each other. You also showed us something new when you showed how each of them was brought across! Awesome touch! - Joe Salazar


Another dose of eye-candy like that and I'm gonna have to go on a diet!!! It really ought to be illegal to look that darn good! I was expecting to see Ger vamp out in any one of those scenes. Major drool splatters on my desk now. I'd love to be able to see this series but don't have anyway possible and you go and tease me with that video!!! shame!! ;) Keep'em coming girl! - Shanel

Ditto! My sentiments exactly! I downloaded the video during the night as I slept and just watched it ('cause I just got up <g>). It was very good and I also wish I could see the series, but don't have a way. Good going Kristin! It was yummy! - Stacy

Brilliant stuff Kristin! *Goes to drool some more* I have all of your
music vids to date and have enjoyed every one of them so far...keep up the good work! -

Oh lord have mercy... Your music videos and cold showers are starting to become synonymous.<g> As always, a great pairing of visual images and audio soundtrack. And I loved the very straightforward composition of this video; it suited the subject. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Gloria Price

Well, another "Kristin special" video for my desktop. Wow!!!! This time even my glasses got steamed up! This was absolutely fantastic!!!!!! It's been about three years since I watched the "Black Harbour" series, so I'd forgotten just how sexy Ger was in those scenes. I actually kept expecting to see yellow eyes and fangs in some of them! It's really neat to see him smile and get passionate in a loving way. Anyway, thank you so much for "Underwater". I swear you always seem to be outdoing yourself. - Terri Collier

I wanted to add my thoughts about your latest video. Wow!!!! This
one is a keeper!!!! As others have said, you continue to outdo
yourself with each new one. I think you picked a perfect song to go
along with the beach and love scenes. Loved the reverse pictures
with Kit and Nick making love. That scene in Home Sweet Home is my favorite one in the entire series. :-) Season 3 is my favorite,
too; Ger looked the yummiest in that one. -
Patty Costantino

Underwater is your most romantic GWD vid to date. People will have to go under water to cool off after seeing it! - Joe Salazar

Thank you so much for all those great FK and GWD music videos! my favourite one is "underwater". great job! - Plasmatica

The Eyes of Truth

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Love the dark Nick! Man, and that voice! Causes shivers to run through my body. And it sure was nice to see N&N together again and their desire to share the blood. Whew! THAT MAN CAN HAVE MY BLOOD ANYTIME!!! Move over, Nat, I'm first! <LOL> I still think those are some of the most sensuous words ever spoken! Kristin, your wonderful talent for creating beautiful masterpieces still amazes me. Whew, time for another cold shower...I can feel my carotid artery throbbing.... - Deborah Hymon

Kristin, Kristin, Kristin <shaking head> What are we gonna do with you? They say a picture speaks a thousand words or something like that. But your videos make me speechless!!! Hot, erotic, sensual, TEASING!!! All can say is MORE, your dedicated fans need MORE!!! He has the sexiest voice I've ever heard. And with you adding the echoish sounds, I was definitely a puddle of goo!!! Can't wait for the new E5 to come out, just can't imagine what kind of videos you'll put together then. WHEW!!! Need to make sure my air conditioner is working cause it sure is HOT in here!!! - Shanel

I was simply melting! Hot! Hot! Hot! I loved every moment! The
special effects were great and set the mood for some very erotic and sexy scenes, especially that Baby Baby one. I'm glad you added the Fever one when Nick goes for Nat in a *hungry* way! <eg> Thanks so much for creating another N&N video for us N&N nuts and everyone else. As usual, I loved the Enigma song. Can't wait until you find some selections off their newest CD. -
Patty Costantino

Delicious! <wipes drool> Very hot! <fanning self> You've done it again, girl! Absolutely wonderful! - Stacy

Five straight viewings and I feel as if I'm only beginning to
appreciate this video! ;-) This one has a luminousity unlike any of
your previous videos. I really love the new special effects. But
more than anything else there is *His Voice*. Ger's voice resonates
with an otherworldliness that ties music and images together. You've
created a truly beautiful new video. What can I say...thank you... -
Gloria Price

Kristin - you are unbelievable....."The Eyes of Truth" is absolutely beautiful. Every time I think you've done the best you can, the next one is better. Thank you so much for keeping the FK vision alive through your talent (if they ever do a TV movie, with Ger, etc., TPTB would be very smart to get your input as you obviously show a deep understanding of the entire show. Another video for my desktop :-) - Terri Collier

I agree. Your new video is absolutely MESMERIZING! I love the echo too. Really brilliant - again - Kristin. Thank you!!!! - Diana Foster

I'm finally able to download the music videos. I've only seen two so far - "My Immortal" and "The Eyes of Truth" - and all I can say is "Wow"! I'm really impressed... Katherine LeBlanc

Hot hot hot! Throw me a bucket of H2O cos I am parsed. The video was terrific. How in the world did you merge all the various scenes without making it so obvious. I really am stunned. But whats new anyway, it seems u wont stop making each and everyone of us feel the way we do. And I will beg you not to. Even if it caused me my last ounce of dignity. LOL! Strangle me now for being a glutton but I will really ask for more. Need I say more. What can I say your videos left me wanting more. - Julie Herera

I liked this video because, it was a very creative video of Nick and Nat! Also, I liked how you put Nick's voice in the song, it matched it very well!! It is a must see for Nick and Nat fans out there!!! - Lauren

Gotta tell ya, I've been watching your music videos...spectacular. I LOVE the Eyes Of Truth!!!! :) You are exceedingly talented! - Kristen Fife

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight

A familiar song combined with familiar images to give us new look at our Immortal couple. And what a combination! Kristin's newly acquired DVD technology in conjunction with the FK DVDs provides sharp, clear images for her to weave into a mesmerizing collage. The smoky special effects add a surreal quality to the flashback portions of the video, highlighting them as the nighttime musings of a present day Nick. If this beautiful new video is any indication, then we have wonderful things in store for us. Keep them coming Kristin!! Thank you, thank you, thank you... - Gloria Price

That was awesome Kristin! The song was perfect and scene selection was definitely well thought out. You made it all so emotional. Well done and I can't wait to see what you'll think of next! - Shanel

I went, I watched, I drooled. Ohmygod, that was incredible...... ::goes to watch it for a fourth time... - April French

Wow! Kristin, I gotta say the quality and imaging in your latest video using this new program looks fantastic. You did a splendid job with the lighting and special effects to keep us captivated with the few scenes from Dancing by the Light of the Moon episode. And what scenes! Yummy! It took my breath away! More...MORE! - Patty Costantino

Wow! The cuts are so clean and precise. It really carries the music, and the music carries the movie. The images are spotless! and the transitions...I love the transitions. You know, I think you could have made a great video with a Radio Shack CoCo (WAYYYY before your time), but the new equipment really lets your talent soar! I can't wait to see what the future holds for all the wacky FKers out here. - Lyn Palmer

Beautiful, Kristin! Love your new editing program - you just keep getting more creative. Please keep the goodies coming...Thanks. - Terri Collier

Yumm yumms and Numm numms all around. Anyone wish they could be in Janettes place (or in nicks if you swing that way). I would die in his arms anyday, or in hers. His more though. Loved it, loved it loved it. Great always. You never fail to amaze me. - Areanna WhiteWolf

 I liked this video because, it was another really good Nick and Janette video!! I also loved how you used all the scenes from "Dance By the Light of the Moon" in the video, it matched perfectly!! - Lauren

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight was the perfect song for this video because Nick did indeed die as a mortal that night to be reborn as a vampire. Using the scene of Nick in bed was a good touch. We can imagine how often Nick has sat in his bed thinking about that fateful night when he met Janette and was brought across. Keep up the good work. - Joe Salazar

I love hungry like the wolf, and died in your arms tonight. Those 2 are my faves. Love the videos! You are excellent at making them. - Alicia

AHH!! Ever since I started watching FK, I've thought that 'I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight' was perfect for Nick and Janette. And you went and made it into a video! Marvelous. - Lauren


Oh, yeah, super-fast! Oh, those images are soooo clean and clear. I LOVE the broken mirror transition! Once again, you've raised the bar! You've engineered images that carry the music that carry the words, all cut together to illustrate the crazy, complex dance that is the LaCroix/Nick relationship! - Lyn Palmer

Kristin, you have me speechless on this new video. The song was so perfect and the scene selections and manipulations you did were just awesome! It's a definite two fangs up in my book. What more can I say?
Your loyal fans still cry out for more!
- Shanel

You've done it AGAIN!!!! I would gladly SURRENDER My heart and soul, if only to have one ounce of the raw talent and imagination you possess.
Surrender is PHENOMENAL!!!! I loved it, but then I'm biased I LOVE ALL the videos you've come up with so far, and wait in sweet anticipation of the next one. Kris don't YOU EVER lose that eye for detail that you have girl, it's gonna take you pretty far kiddo. Once again You've hit the bullseye, You've taken the Vamp I LOVE, and the one I LOVE TO HATE, and made video history. Can't wait to see what You come up with next. Until then keep up the FABULOUS work. - Ann

Really enjoyed "Surrender" - you have an amazing amount of patience in getting just the right scenes and putting them in a great sequence :-) - Terri Collier

Loved 'Surrender', with the music and the hint of LaCroix and Nicholas being more than just Father and Son over the years. And looking forward to the next one as well!! - Heather

I just downloaded surrender ---that scene with LaCroix biting Nick is priceless :) Love the video!! - Macie

Loved your two newest Music Vids of Forever Knight. Surrender & Voyageur are moving art that brings you under it's spell. Very Yummy I may add!!! Your talent is like God working trough you...Your simply AMAZING!!! - Myrhia Chmilar

I love the new music video on Nick and LaCroix! Not enough is explored about their obviously deep but troubled relationship. More, more, more! - Scott

Dark Knightie fans must've jumped for joy when they saw this video! The title says it all. LaCroix's quest to make Nick submit to his nature is shown beautifully in this vid. The Dark Knighties must've been screaming, "Yes Nick! Do what the song says! Surrender to your nature!" Excellent job! - Joe Salazar

Woo hoo and yippee. ( standing ovation ) I gave you the suggestion for the song but I never thought it would turn out to be better then I could have hoped. Excellente. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I downloaded music video of "Surrender" WAY COOL! Kristin, you do an awesome job! I was searching through all the videos and I have found at least four more I DEFINITELY will download. What could be better?
My favorite songs with pics of my favorite Vampire Family :D By the way...thank you very much for going one better and making music videos with Sting's music!!! He is my most favorite! - Brin

Just watched "Surrender". Fantastic. I don't think I ever really noticed the sexual overtones in their relationship watching the series but they're obvious in your video. I'm going now to download the others. Keep up the good work... - Katherine LeBlanc

I really liked this video and when I listened to the song by itself, I was amazed about how well the lyrics fit the characters of Nick and Lacroix. It describes them wonderfully and you have put the perfect visuals with the song. It would be awesome for Sony to put some of your videos on the dvd sets as 'extras." Again a wonderful video. - Amanda Berendt

I let my computer stay running for four hours last night downloading two of your music videos from Knight Vision, the ones for Evanessence's Surrender and Sting's A Thousand Years. I was totally blown away. Very, very awesome. - Lauren


Er, to put it mildly....OMG!! Wow!! Brilliant!! Fantastic!! ...What's the editing proggy you have again? Superb work m'dear! A slightly different take on FK and even the *shudder* cerise pink shirt looks good in this one! LOL!! Your imagination knows no bounds. :D - Heather

HOT, HOT, HOT!! Ever since I saw that episode, I've wanted that game but only if Nick came with it. <eg> I loved the way you did the scenes with that echo effect and mirroring. What else have you got up your sleeve my dear? Ok, off to take a cold shower.
Keep'em coming girl!!!
- Shanel

First I looked at the e-mail saw your name and beat it over to KV and was downloading faster than I was thinking. I am still out of breath over it. Always loved that pink shirt. Ger said he ended up with five of them.
Did I see a hint of the Hunter in that? I swore for a second I did.
Anyway Brilliantly done. Can't wait until the next one. - Jeannie

Loved your two newest Music Vids of Forever Knight. Surrender & Voyageur are moving art that brings you under it's spell. Very Yummy I may add!!! Your talent is like God working trough you...Your simply AMAZING!!! - Myrhia Chmilar

I liked this video a lot because, it had some really awesome effects and I like how it was just about "Games Vampires Play". It was extremely cool!! - Lauren

"Games Vampires Play" is one of my favorite episodes and I can tell you had alot of fun making Voyageur. Almost as much fun as I had watching it! Playing sections of the episode backward at various points throughtout the vid was a nice touch. Also, giving the female victim three heads was an off-the wall touch that fitted very nicely into the mood of the video.
I knew you would make a video based on this episode because its one of the most original in the series. I had a ball watching this vid.
Very entertaining! - Joe Salazar

Tears From the Moon

(((OMG))) Kristin... Superb music video. It's an AWESOME N&J vid and it's like a walking ~Dream~ of their love. Tears from the moon is a Fast~Slow pace like their relationship. A great feel of the words that express a moment. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT>>>>>>>>>>Mystic and spellbinding. Eternal Love all the way of the magic of the night. Great Big HUGS for you Kristin!!!!! You have outdone yourself in this N&J vid. Bravo! While a lush blood red rose flown in your wake. You are Queen of the Knight, true to the title. You~ Kristin, know of the innermost desires of the heart that make us want more of your videos. - Myrhia Chmilar

I've just finished watching Tears From The Moon and all I can is, You've done it again, I only have about a zillion words for Your latest, feast for the eyes and ears of the multitude of Forever Knight fans out there but I will try to sum it up in just a chosen few. BRILLIANT, EROTIC, SEDUCTIVE, DARK, DRAMATIC, EMOTIONAL. I'll be waiting on pins and needles for Your next mind boggling creation, in the mean time, ( kiss, kiss, drool, drool, pant, pant ) I'll be shuffling the videos to use as my screen saver. Smiles greedily, rubbing My hands together, waiting for the next video, as my eyes glaze over watching the screen. - Ann

I think Myrhia summed it up the best. But this video is so hot that my PC is has steam coming out the back! I just don't know how you do it, but I'm just glad you can. I place this one just ahead of I Just Died, but those to are real close in my book. Of course all of your videos are so awesome, I just can't pick a favorite. - Shanel

Just finishing watching 'Tears from the Moon'. That was not only flawless, it was absolutely seamless. Honestly, you just keep getting better and better. Now that song and those images will always be melted together in my mind. - April French

OK, Kristin.....I don't know how you did it, but this is actually the very best music video you have ever done!! And, I have loved every one of the videos before this one. But.......with whatever magic you used, everything in this is just perfect. Although I am a basically a Nick&Nat Packer, the scenes between Nick and Janette are just beautiful - what a couple they make. You continue to amaze me with your creativity and your love for Forever Knight- thank you so much for sharing so much with us!!!! As always, I await your next project with great anticipation. - Terri Collier

WoW!! that was hot. Congratulations on another great video.  - Kelli

Ya done it again gal! Lovely vid and I found myself pondering the lyrics to the song. Again, excellent music choice and fab effects! :) - Heather

Words escape me! This new N&J video is simply the best so far of the IB's. It even surpasses Mea Culpa, which I still hold deep in my heart. Everyone has already expressed my thoughts. I can only add that the lyrics and music were perfect for them. As usual, waiting breathlessly for your next video. You certainly spoil us so, Kristin! - Patty Costantino

Wow. OH. My. God. That was....whooo.....More, many More. Quickly please. You are the goddess of the music video. I am in awe. - Rachel Oke

I just watched Tears... It's really wonderful! My heart was breaking for poor Janette; even as a written in stone Natpacker....just goes to show you don't appreciate what you have till it's gone. The editing was particularly good on this one, and I really enjoyed the effects! It lent new life to the images that were so familiar to me. - Lyn Palmer

Tears from the Moon was a really great video from Janette's point of view. You are slowly starting to sway me from a Natpacker to N&J, even though I always believed Nick should not find a cure and embrace his darker side!! Keep up the excellent work. You are SO talented!! - Kris

I just downloaded and watched Tears from the moon and I have to say I was totally blown away. The scenes show the passion between Nick and Janette while the song Tears from the moon was the perfect choice for this video. It really sets the tone for the emotions that Nick and Janette feel for one another. Once again you've shown your brilliance in yet another masterpiece. I have made my New Year's resolution. It is to make sure that you never feel unappreciated again about the phenomenal job you do on your videos. I intend to watch all your videos and tell you my impressions! - Joe Salazar

A stellar performance does not even begin to cover. OOOO la la is more like it. All I can say is this: La felicite pure et poesie veritable ( Pure bliss and sheer poetry ) . I was most pleased with everything. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I liked this video because, it was a very good one of Nick and Janette together also I liked how you used the moon in it! It was a super cool video!!! - Lauren


My Immortal want to make the N&N people cry. That was a tear jerker. It's a very beautiful music video Kristin. You did very well at capturing the sadness of a forbidden relationship. You are going to remind the N&N lovers why they write fanfics of them together. This is an very emotional music video of N&N, it had to be done sooner or later. You're a God working with your magical talent. Smile! and be proud of all your Arts of FK. It's like a ocean of emotion that sweeps us all away with your sirens tide. - Myrhia Chmilar

You totally succeeded Kristin. I'd say that's the best video you've made, it wasn't even a minute into the video and I had tears streaming down my face. What can I say I'm a big softy lol. Excellent song to use too and keep up the great work. - Sarah

Clap Clap Clap Clap, ~ whistles shrilly ~ Bravo Bravo!!!! Encore encore!!!! Bows to the Queen of Darkness, The Mistress of Magic. You have done it once again, You have pulled the proverbial rabbit from the hat ~ is that what they mean by "hat trick?" ~ shrugs ~ Kris You most truly are unique in Your abilities, this may have been Your first attempt at using a song that has a slower rhythm and tempo, but once again You've made FK magic. And the words mirror the clips beautifully, Nat may only be Human, but as We all know she has a LOVE IMMORTAL. for this enigma of a Man that has lived far longer than she has and then some, to be able capture that love and emotion as You have done is no small feat. I'm sure that I speak for not only Myself but all the rest of the Forever Knight fans when I say ~ You are the Mistress of The Knight!!!!. Bows to the Mistress, taking a step back into shadow to eagerly await the next video. - Ann

Oh my dear girl, you certainly evoked emotion! *grabs another tissue*! The vid shows how, sadly, Nick and Nat's relationship was doomed at some point, although as an NNPacker, in my universe Nat survives and Nick finally faces up to his humanity, although that doesn't mean either
of them stay mortal, but that's another fanfic.....;)
- Heather

"My Immortal" is music video for purists. It's storytelling stripped to the bare bones. You'll find no glitzy special effects in this one. What you will find is a love story. Images and music woven together to evoke the yearning and the longing for all that has been and all that might yet be. This one tugs at the heartstrings with the lyrics, " still...have...all of me." It's filled with images of tenderness, caring and the soul deep ache of unspoken love. What more can you ask for? - Gloria Price

Nothing, Gloria, it was perfect in every way. The music, the lyrics, the images. It reduced me to a blubbering mass of tears and ripped through my heart. Kristin, you are a master! Thank you! Excuse me while I go off now and find another box of tissues! - Patty Costantino

Thank you so much for making that song into a n&n video. I love it It's the best I've seen so far. - Rachel Garner

 I watched my made me want to cry It was so sad. But very well made as are all the music videos. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I think your new "My Immortal" video is my favorite yet! I love the song, and love your editing job. Fantastic! Keep up the great work. - Erin Butler

::Sniff:: ::wipes vigorously with tissue:: ::Sniffs again:: I need another box of kleenex cause you better believe I am watching that one again! - Rachel Oke

"Last Knight" made me cry. "My Immortal" has also brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Kristin, for another beautiful video and reminder as to why "Forever Knight" was, and still is, such a powerful, passionate message. - Terri Collier

Okay....I don't know if it's because that song nails me every time, or you've caught me at a weak moment, but I actually felt tears welling up while watching "My Immortal". Good job, kiddo. as usual. The images coupled with the lyrics were EXTREMELY evocative and yet you didn't lose sight of the technical niceties, with the beats perfectly orchestrated.
Wonderful work once again!
- Lyn Palmer

My favorite relationship in Forever Knight is the one between Nick and Nat and the "My Immortal" video captured their relationship perfectly.
I'm so glad that everyone else is admitting to having tears streaming down their faces because I did, too! One of your best videos ever!
- Kim

I just watched My Immortal, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who had tears welling up. You did an excellent job of showing Nick and Nat's relationship, and that song is so perfect for them. This one's definitely a keeper!!! You'll have to excuse me while I find another tissue!!! - Kris

Did you really need to make me cry today?!?! ::takes deep healing breaths:: Okay, I guess that the point of the video *was* to make me cry... ::grin:: Nice job, Kristin, as always! - April French

When I watched the My Immortal video I was in awe, I was stunned. It was an overwhelming experience for me. Believe it or not I have been dreaming and hoping that you might use it for your Nat and Nick video clips. Just wishful thinking. I had this secret longing when I first heard it. So when I first realized that you have used it. I thought "there is a GOD. He heard my prayers." - Julie Herera

I saw your new video for 'My Immortal' last night. You really captured the passion between Nick and Nat. It was beautifully breath taking. I love every minute of it. You have really out done yourself once again. I can't wait to see it again and again. - Karin

Can one possibly wear out a computer by viewing something over and over???? I finally found time to download and watch this. I cried! The emotions that this video stirred in my heart and very soul was incredible. It's been a long time since a movie or book made me feel this way. Thank you, Kristin, for making this tired body and heart feel with such intensity. This was a wonderful time of year to give us this special gift. I consider it an early Christmas present full of love and hope. You have an incredible talent, and for you to so freely share it with all of us is a testament of the type of person you are - an incredible, giving soul. The way you put the clips together flow so smooth that I forgot that these were mere scenes from a TV show; they became a powerful mini movie that told a beautiful story. Everyone will take what they want from this powerful masterpiece, but being the romantic that I am I see it as a new beginning. I choose to throw the tragic TV ending out the window, look at your movie and rewrite my own story for these two lovers. Kristin, thank you so much for giving us this special gift. The video was full of raw emotions that pulled at ever fiber of my heart. This is truly your best, and I don't think anything will ever compare to this one. I always tell you this, but each video you surpass your last one with creativity. I don't have to tell you, this will always be my favorite. - Deborah Hymon

All I have to say is you did it again, the video is fabulous. The song goes so good with the scenes. You're remarkable with what you do on here. - Karen Voutsinas

I'm finally able to download the music videos. I've only seen two so far - "My Immortal" and "The Eyes of Truth" - and all I can say is "Wow"! I'm really impressed... - Katherine LeBlanc

I just downloaded/watched 'My Immortal' and 'Liquid Man' and loved them both. :) 'My Immortal' was beautifully done, you really captured the emotions well. And the other video was also darn good, I liked how everything flowed together. Keep up the good work! - Megan

"My Immortal" does for Nick and Nat what "Here With Me" does for Nick and Janette. I don't know how anyone with a heart could watch this video and not come away crying. Truly touching vid. - Joe Salazar

I like this video because I think it is a very romantic video of Nick and Natalie and the song matches the scenes perfectly! It is yet another must see for Nick and Nat fans!! - Lauren

Downloaded My Immortal last night...Awesome! I cried through the whole thing :) - Brin

My daughter and I loved 'My Immortal', 'My Last Breath', and 'Bring Me to Life' so much we ordered the Evanescence CD. Now the whole family is nuts about it and we play it constantly. I can't believe the talent you have in those videos! - Chris

Your music videos are so wonderful! I have to admit I am a Nick and Nat fan. "My Immortal" was one of those that begged for a box of tissues! - Pam

I love your work! My favorite video is the Nick and Nat one set to the song My Immortal by Evanescence. It actually brought tears to my eyes! I am a die hard Nick and Nat packer and you captured their tortured love affair and longing to be with each other perfectly! It was also a great song choice. - Amber


Principles of Lust - Everlasting Lust Mix

Kristin Baby..WOW!!!..My blood is working on sex endorphins in my head and bringing in the sweet rush of adrenaline to my body... Ahhh... the heat is rising... A very sensual artist you are in every manner.~Kristin~ our dark vampiric Goddess and how it picked up speed on his hands, mouth, kiss... Oh I've Died. LOVED EVERY MOMENT! AWESOME NICKY VID! - Myrhia Chmilar

I think Buster Poindexter said it best, "Hot, Hot, Hot. "Congratulations Kristin on another winner!! - Gloria Price

I'm wondering how many cold showers it's gonna take to get in control after seeing your latest creation! Excellent effort there Kristin! :) - Heather

I don't think you can produce a bad video!! Principles of Lust is just so.....hmm....let's just say my husband will be really happy that I watched it!!! Excellent video!! - Kris

I like this new version of principles of lust because, it has a lot of better effects and I also like how you made it look like Anne from DBTLOM was talking. - Lauren

This is one of the most sensual vids you've ever done. You used the panting in the song masterfully! I think I'll have to jump in a freezer to cool off! Very sexy! - Joe Salazar



LOVED IT!!! It was expressive in Nicks emotions and the words matched him perfectly with how you did the scenes of this gorgeous man... Yummy... LOTS OF DELICIOUS EYE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!! You always out-do yourself and we never get tired of your creations of Forever Knight music videos. - Myrhia Chmilar

Excellent as usual Kristin!!! I like this one as it shows Nick to be somewhat of a prisoner of his own past and his isolation from the rest of the world, quite claustrophobic at times. Yet you get the impression that his 'tower' i.e. The Loft is also a castle keep to protect him from the outside world as well as vice versa. - Heather

I just watched Tower and I think that it is one of your best yet!!! Plenty of gorgeous shots of Nick - makes me want to take a cold shower!!!! Excellent, as always!! - Kris

Ahh.... Nick, lots and lots of Nick...You just never get tired of seeing him in new ways... I just never get tired of seeing him...Very bravo, muy bien chica, me gusta mucho! - Rachel Oke

Lovely, lovely effective showing of the haunted, contemplative, self-destructive aspects of the Nick personality. Great use of the flashbacks as part of the story, fabulous new transitions (especially that light flash on the cross--loved that!). I REALLY like this one... - Lyn Palmer

I just downloaded and watched Tower. WOW! I love all the scrumptious scenes of Nick by himself. Your talent definitely shows a very lonely man trapped in his fortress of darkness. Thank you for another wonderful gift! - Deborah Hymon

Your use of Nick's loft and screen shots of the city added to the oppressiveness of the vid. As I saw them I felt that the weight of the world was on Nick's shoulders as he struggled with his hunger for blood. Your choice of scenes display Nick frustrated, alone, and confused and added a vicariousness to the vid that was very appropriate. I could feel Nick's pain as I watched this vid. Great job! - Joe Salazar


Where Will You Go

My God!!! Kristin...Make me shutter for more. It was Amazing with the three of them and the words matched to the vision of N&J&L together. (WOW) The ups & downs with their relationship. What a ~*Rush*~ Dark, Seductive and so full of Passion. Emotions running! Nick has to see that is where he belongs. This Awesome FK music video says it all...Great work Kristin. Once again you take us away... - Myrhia Chmilar

Oh, I like this one a lot. I Love how dark it is... not exactly a good comment for the season of light but that is what I like about it none-the-less...Very nice... I love it! - Rachel Oke

Just watched "Where Will You Go" and found another favorite! I've always thought that Nick should embrace his dark side and realize that he is what he is. Excellent job!!! - Kris

Wow where can I get the song. Damn wouldn't I love to have the song alone. But the Video along with it was...there is no words. It send shivers down my spine and tinkles up my ....never mind the rest of that sentence. I was amazed with your work. Bravo. Manefic. - Areanna WhiteWolf

It was very good because, it shows how Nick wants to escape from being a vampire and he cannot do it. I like the part where you showed him in the jail and he had no where to go. It was a very awesome video! - Lauren

Where Will You Go gives us a taste of how difficult Nick's quest for mortality really is. Yes, this vid shows Lacroix and Janette's battle to make Nick accept his true nature, but it also illustrates Nick's questions and fears about becoming human. No pun intended, but where would he go? How could he relate to the world without his vampiric powers or the deep vampiric connections he has with Lacroix and Janette? He may hate Lacroix at times, but their complex and poignant relationship is deeper than most imagine. Could he find happiness without this connection? As for Janette, could he live with the pain that he will grow old and die while she continues to be immortal? These are all questions that came to my mind as I watched this vid. It really made me think. Great Job! - Joe Salazar

I Love it!! I can see why it was an award winner! - Nicky



The video music words match the story you're telling about Janette & LC...It's Awesome! You did Great with it Kristin...Hugs. Her becoming a Hunter again and him letting her go. A Fathers love for her... - Myrhia Chmilar

I loved the video with Janette trying to break from Lacroix in the Music Videos section. It was a masterpiece. That's all. - James

Hunter is an excellent video! It truly shows the love that Janette and LaCroix have as father and daughter, but that she does wants to be free of him. Like I said before, I don't think you can produce a bad video. One of your best yet!!! - Kris

Thank you Kristin for adding another facet to the jewel that is Janette. Born in an age when women were considered chattel, she found the strength to chose her own life path. But accepting LaCroix's "life" style is not without obligations and the blood bond ties her to him...Forever. Forever is a very long time and here you have shown us another example of Janette's unique strength, her individuality. Without angst, without regret she knows when it is time to move on assured in the fact that another revolution of the Wheel of Life will bring her back together again with LaCroix, her father, her teacher, her protector. Thank you again Kristin for this gorgeous video. - Gloria Price

I just finished watching hunter and you did a great job. You show us a side of Janette and Lacroix's relationship that is generally overlooked. We overlook this because we see Janette and Lacroix as being on the same side when it comes to Nick accepting his dark side and embracing his vampirism. You illuminate us once again. Great job as always. - Joe Salazar

This is definitely another in my long line of favorites. See I always pictured Janette standing alone and like a female panther, huntress in her own right. And this video for me that very well. She is clearly saying to Lacroix :'you taught me well, I'm all grown up. Let me try this all on my own without your help'. I loved it a lot. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I liked this video because, I like how it showed Janette being a hunter and it's nice to see a awesome video of Janette!! It is a must see for all Janette fans!! - Lauren


Liquid Man

OMG...Very captivating and the graphics are AWESOME...The Raven is the place to be if you have glowing eyes, fangs, and an eternity to have a bit of fun. Expressions of the dance, charming in their seductive web. To embrace full body in blood or pleasures, or the dark vampires kiss to any living person. Exquisitely screams Raven and vampire life to the beat of seduction from now to Forever. It's like a vampire's life with Nick's love for Janette shining through in this vid and in the places of the Raven. It rocks. Great masterpiece! - Myrhia Chmilar

I think this one has captured the flavor of The Raven itself wonderfully, as being a dangerous place at times! I liked the music as well and will follow it up. Due to your tracks Kristin, I have also discovered Enigma in a big way!! Anyway, keep up the good work!!! - Heather

Oooh baby! That one will fuel a few fantasies!!!! You can keep bringing out those kinds of videos. Seeing Nick like that is never a bad thing. Great job!!! - Kris

I finally got a chance to download Liquid Man. Wow!!! Loved it. You really captured the dark atmosphere in the Raven and the seductive, sexy denizens of the night, who venture there. I especially enjoyed the swirled, clouded look, the flashes of light and the inverted images of Jody, Jacqueline/Monica (whatever), Janette, etc... over the scenes. The music and lyrics were perfect, too. Fabulous job, as always. - Patty Costantino

I just downloaded/watched 'My Immortal' and 'Liquid Man' and loved them both. :) 'My Immortal' was beautifully done, you really captured the emotions well. And the other video was also darn good, I liked how everything flowed together. Keep up the good work! - Megan

Liquid man displays the denizens of the night doing what they do best; living unlife to the fullest. This is the way I've always imagined vampires should be. They have an eternity of nights devoted to pure hedonism. Every night the celebration begins anew in the Raven, a celebration uninhibited by mortality, morality, or any other petty human constraint. Eternity is theirs to enjoy and enjoy it they will. You bring the vampires' passion for unlife to us in this video in a way that is very cool. Great job! - Joe Salazar

I liked this video because, the raven scenes looked awesome with the music and the effects looked very good!! I also like how you ended with Nick walking out of the club! - Lauren

The song was terrific , Upbeat in some parts to go with the dancyness , sultry in others for the sexier parts. Editing and effects , perfect! Loved it! - SlaveofSpike

Wicked work Kristin!Nice editing and you've matched the right beat of music,fitting to each scene!Love the ending,Very stylish!!! - kurtkords



Another great video Kristin, I totally love the black and white to color
then back to b&w and the song you chose was an interesting and sexy
song to choose. Keep those videos coming. - Sarah

You've done it again!! Excellent video!! It's so cool how you make all the episodes seem like Natalie's memories after Nick is gone. It really shows their love for one another too. Great job!!! - Kris

I just wanted to say GREAT WORK AGAIN!!!!!!! Sleep is Awesome and I love it. Your ideas are amazing and I love looking forward to your next creation! - Amanda

I loved Sleep! Certainly does get you thinking of what poor Nat would be missing if Nick just up and left, but then again she's a strong gal....
Loved the music and lyrics too, definitely something I'll be looking up. Well done as usual...
- Heather

This is one of the most touching videos I've ever seen. You've taken the most passionate and poignant scenes in Nick and Nat's relationship and woven them into a video of sorrow. The song set the mood perfectly. It's tone added to Nat's pain and the dreamlike quality of the video. Also, I think that your use of fading from color to black and white and then back again gave the impression of Nat waking from her dream only to face the stark reality of Nick's departure. The most powerful scene was at the end as Nat is leaving the loft and we see the door slowly close in front of her. It's as if in that moment she finally comes to the realization that Nick is indeed gone and that she has to live without him. Truly heartbreaking. - Joe Salazar

I loved this musical piece alone....without the video attached. With the video to go along this was exquisite. Very emotional. ( Claps hard ) it was perfecto. - Areanna WhiteWolf

This video really dealt with the frustration of Natalie over her relationships with Nick. I am very very grateful indeed. But this video have evoked a certain aspect of Natalie's feelings and elaborated the part which mostly fans cant and wont actually see. I felt so sad and lonely for her. I've realized how much your video have helped me to relate more to her emotions. It was with a sad note that only through dreams when she slept will she be able to express her real thoughts and feelings. I'm aching inside. Your videos have helped us reconstruct events that was not properly shown during the episodes. Great collaboration indeed. - Julie Herera

I liked this video because, I thought it was a very good video of just nick and nat. Also I like the part where Natalie is sleeping on the couch and I like the ending where the door shuts with Natalie standing there. It is another must see for all Nick and Nat fans!!! - Lauren

I just wanted to send a quick note about your vid "Sleep"--just very beautiful and evocative. I had it on repeat the other day and watched it several times and then just listened to the music repeat for a while. I liked how the color and the black and white contrasted along with the beat of the music. Just a very well done vid. - Tray


Here With Me

LOVE IT Kristin...It was showing the relationship of Nick and Janette in such a touching way of the heart. Ups and downs from their love and how they can't hide their feelings for each other...Simply Wonderful and moving. - Myrhia Chmilar

Okay, you've convinced me!! I am no longer a Nick/Nat fan. I have now become an official Nick/Janette fan! After seeing your video, Nick and Janette belong together. It's obvious how much they love each other. No "mortal" can replace that kind of love! Great job, as always!! - Kris

Loved your new Nick and Janette video. It showed Nick's need for Janette and that no matter how far they are apart from each other their love is never ending. Can't wait for another one. - Karin

Loved the latest vid. The images are so romantic. You can really feel that eternal bond between Janette and Nick...and I say that even though I'm a NickNat/Caddywhacker ;). Good work as usual. - Heather

A work of art, good song, good show, fabulous video. We're not worthy.
Excuse me, I have to go watch that one again. Better get some more paper towel, I don't want to have to buy another keyboard due to drool. -
Rachel Oke

Brilliant as always. Love Jan and Nick together. I am going over to look at the other one. - Jeannie

Here with me was one of the most romantic videos I've ever seen.
The scenes and music illustrate Nick and Janette's love in a way that was very tender and touching. Somebody bring me a box of Kleenex! This video proves that you are not only a master of passion and seduction, but tenderness and innocence as well. - Joe Salazar

This Nick and Janette video was very well made. The love song, as it obviously was, was touching and slow, but with just enough Darkness to be totally Janette, for it seems to me like she is singing this one. Bravo. Very beautiful and well made. - Areanna WhiteWolf


Silence Must Be Heard

I LOVED the new video of Nick Janette and Nat...It's an awesome view on how Nat isn't the woman in Nicks life. The Fire burns brightly and only for N&J. It's Great for N&J fans. I liked it's smooth overlays with effects to what you showed with the characters. That Nat was behind and N&J was the focus. You showed passion gone in N&N but Fire PASSION in N&J. - Myrhia Chmilar

Interesting video just to let everyone one I'm a total Nick/Nat person but I loved the Nick/Janette images in this one. Another great job Kristin :) - Sarah

Kristin what can I say except that has to be a master piece. Very good job on this as always!!! - Phyllis

It's a good thing you converted me before you did this video!!! This truly shows that Janette is THE only one for Nick. All that Nat ever did was starve Nick (both by denying him blood and denying him what he was). Now, more than ever, I am a N&J fan!! Excellent job!!! - Kris

I Loved 'Silence...' as well! Yeah, ok, so I'm an NNPacker, but I have to agree that when it comes to a toss of the coin between Nat and Janette, Janette would have had the edge. - Heather

I love the new video I think it is terrific. I always love Nick and Jan together this one with all three was imaginative. - Jeannie

Silence must be heard was beautifully done. It shows his love for Janette and Nat and the struggle for what both of them represent; Mortality versus Immortality. In the end tough I think that Janette would eventually win over Nat. Nick just has a bond with Janette that has lasted for centuries and I don't think anything can break it! Can't wait for your next vid. - Joe Salazar

It was awesome as usual. 2 thumbs up. Just great! Great collaboration. I have my inkling that no matter how I want to believe that Nick loves Nat, I cannot possibly eliminate the fact that Janette will always have a special place in Nicks heart. Its hard for me to accept. But with ur videos, it made me see the reality between their relationship and what transpired during fk episodes. - Julie Herera


Candy Perfume Girl

I loved the mix of Janette and Nick as always and the fire in her eyes. The effects were AWESOME! I LOVED the soft like rock of the sound with Janette...It was Sooo Sweet... - Myrhia Chmilar

This video shows Janette's passion for unlife. Sultry, seductive, uninhibited, passionate. You've captured every aspect we love about the Dark Vampiress. I especially want to compliment you on your use of black and white in the video. It gives it a classical film noir quality that most contemporary video makers tend to ignore. The black and white footage conveys a sense that Janette's personality and passions are truly timeless no matter what age she is in past or present. Truly innovative. - Joe Salazar

Another excellent video! I loved the black and white parts of video that were mixed in with the color ones. Janette is such a classy lady. The best part of the video was where you show her looking at Nick and licking her lips. Don't we all feel that way about Nick?!?!? YUMMY!!!! Great job!!! - Kris

I see you are at it again! Great work again, as always. LOL! I really liked the special effects in this one. I like the beginning were you used the OLD video look, made it seem dark. This was a bit different but I have to say I like it a lot! I like dark! Haha! Especially those clips you made look old, it seemed as if the video was real and happening now. I wish I could explain it better but I just wanted to say GREAT JOB....AGAIN!!!! Thank you Kristin :o) - Amanda

Just thought I'd let you know that your newest music video, "Sadeness" was wonderful. I also thoroughly enjoyed "Candy Perfume Girl". It was delightful. Keep up the good work! You amaze me. - Beatrice

I liked this video because, I like seeing Nick with Janette and it matched the song really good! Oh and I like the black/white effects and how ended with close shots of Nick and then flashing to Janette that was cool looking too! - Lauren

I love your video candy perfume girl for janette. i felt she was a very underused charecter in the series. keep up the good work. - DARKE RAVEN



You did Awesome Kristin...HUGS ^_^ I liked it long...since it's N&J with all that chemistry that sizzles in this entire music video. The voice thread added with full colors & images weaved in this video. Once again a Kristin FK Masterpiece has made me proud. You are so talented Kristin, and I just wanted to say that from my heart..- Myrhia Chmilar

I just saw Sadness and I love it. I am putting it on my favorite
list along with Desert Rose. I really love it and you did a brilliant
job as always. Now I will say you surpassed yourself with this one. I love Janette and Nick together and am looking forward to more of them. - Jeannie

OH MY LORD!!!!! If that video doesn't get you going, nothing will! You can tell from all the clips in this video that Nick's heart always and truly belonged to Janette. I really loved the voiceovers too - very seductive. I hope that you will do more voiceovers in your future videos. I never get tired of hearing that sexy voice of Nick's. - Kris

You did an excellent job (as usual). Liked the choice in songs too :) I am still more of a N/N person, however, the video worked with N/J. - Don

Just thought I'd let you know that your newest music video, "Sadeness" was wonderful. I also thoroughly enjoyed "Candy Perfume Girl". It was delightful. Keep up the good work! You amaze me. - Beatrice

Loved your newest N/J video, especially the voiceovers. Great song choice for the IB's. - Patty Costantino

While I am only partial to the song alone, The video makes it all the more interesting. Nick and Janette's Relationship and Love echo just so with this song. Not only is their love timeless, but the song with the video ...the whole music video seems timeless and enchanting in and of itself. Once again four shiny star stickers for you on a most tasteful and excellent love piece. - Areanna WhiteWolf

I loved Sadeness with it's take on N/J, Forever Erotic of course :). - Heather

I just finished watching Sadeness, and I wanted to tell you that it's an excellent piece of editing. I love how you've taken all the N&J clips and artistically brought them together to tell a story. Once again you're videos are proof of your talent. Thank you for all the work you do to give us a fresh story of Forever Knight. Kristin, YOU'RE AWESOME!!! - Deborah Hymon

"Sadness" is one of the best Nick and Jeanette videos because your use of sound clips from the series throughout the vid was very fresh and entertaining. I definitely think that you should use this technique in your future vids! I especially like your use of the clip from "Dance by the Light of the Moon" - "Brave knight, brave crusader, Conqueror... Are you ready to be conquered? YES! A chill goes down my spine every time I hear that line and you used it beautifully in the vid. Also, your use of the flashing lights to simulate heart beats was a great effect. I really enjoyed it. - Joe Salazar

I downloaded sadness the other day. That is one of my most favorite videos you have. I always wonder how you make your videos because there always soo good. - Hope Erie


Morphing Thru Time

Your a God! I'll worship the path your trodding on. I AM ASTOUNDED, left me breathless and stupefied. The scenes were really captured and seemed made only for your video. Your video has a life of its own. You really have a great musical taste in addition to you as being a computer genius. I cannot contain the emotions you have evoked upon me. Its indescribable. On the scale of 1-10, it think ill give you 100. It is poignant and erotic at the same time. Only your videos can have that effect on me. How can I possibly express my deepest gratitude? If only I am rich I would definitely give you half my fortune. Now Im gonna tire my computer off. Cos Im gonna watch this over and over again till my eyes and laptop scream UNCLE. Merci, merci merci, muchas gracias, terimah kasih, maraming salamat, shi shi, merci beaucuf, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I will not forget this and the fact that God created you as one of the greatest gift in the FK cyberworld. Forever Knight and your creations are inseparable. Definitely I surrender and Ill be a captive of all your creations. - Julie Herera

Just watched "Morphing Thru Time" and thought it was really great! Should really satisfy the N/N packers. You can't deny that Nick loved her, but if Nat really loved him, she would have accepted him the way he is, and not try to change him. The voiceovers are really cool! I could listen to Nick's voice all day!!! Another great job!!! Have you ever thought of doing this type of thing as a career? You are so talented!!! - Kris

Excellent video with great voiceovers Kristin, a very seductive video and it's top notch. - Sarah

Excellent N&N video! With the voiceovers, I think you captured their deep, abiding love for each other. Great job! - Patty Costantino

Kristin, what can I say except it was excellent like all the rest of your videos. I love the voiceovers. Very well done. Keep up the good work. - Phyllis

'Morphing..' has me squealing with delight!! Excellent!! As a dedicated NN/DarkNNPacker, I love the dangerous erotic undertones and would hope that Nat and Nick would wake up to themselves, and have their deep friendship/love become *really* eternal! - Heather

As usual a great job. I was salivating by the end of Morphing Thru Time. I'm one of those who tend to flit from Nick and Nat together to Nick and Janette together and back and so on and so on. Maybe I just like Nick with anyone. lol. Anyway, your videos satisfy all my needs. I think someone said it a few posts ago, you keep Forever Knight fresh. I'm always awaiting for the next installment to get a new fix. - Beatrice

I LOVE IT!!! Not just because it's N&N, but I felt as if I'd watched another episode. You take three seasons, and bring them to life in so many different ways that we feel we're watching more episodes. This video reminded me why I fell in love with Forever Knight. The emotions between characters were incredible, something that few shows of that time period had. Once again thank you for all the time you put into these projects, and thanks for another wonderful N&N video. - Deborah Hymon

Morphing Through Time is another vid that uses a lot of dialogue from the show to great effect. Your choice of sound clips really added to the struggles Nick and Nat encounter in their relationship. I also wanted to mention your use of black and white in the scene where Nick and Nat first meet in "Only The Lonely". That was a truly awesome touch. It really added to the sense that Nick and Nat are reminiscing on that event throughtout the vid. Great job! Your use of dialogue is second to none. - Joe Salazar


Paradise (Not For Me)

LOVEEEEEEEEEE THE VIDEO. It's one of my new faves. - Ashley Dinning

Thanks Kristin! "Paradise" is beautiful - up to your usual exceedingly high standards. One of the things I like about your videos is the use of such a wide range of scenes from all three seasons. It's interesting to see all the changes that Ger went through as Nick (hair, not shaving, etc.) Looking forward to the next one :-) - Terri Collier

Just watched the new Nick Video. I want to let you know that I think it is well done. You keep out doing yourself. Brilliantly done and I liked the music. - Jeannie

Wow, that was fabulous. It was something a little different, it had a lonely...sort of sarcastic quality to it, I love the song. Fabulous choice (I loved the marimba rift at the beginning, that's my instrument, representin'!) I really really loved the layer images during the first part and the chorus. That was faboo. Every time you make a video I want to go watch Forever Knight, somehow those same 70 episodes that we have seen over and over again just look so new and fresh when I see them in a Kristin Music Video. - Rachel Oke

Just finished watching "Paradise" and can't say how it tugged at my insides. Beautiful and sad at the same time. I know I tend to just write one-liners most of the time (I tend to be a bit reserved LOL), but I did want to let you know how much I enjoy the creativity and work you do with your music videos. They bring hours of pleasure, help me to see all the different perspectives of Forever Knight, and are just absolutely incredible. You have a great talent and future ahead. - Beatrice

Paradise was great! I loved the music and certainly I felt an air of claustrophobia on Nick's behalf. He certainly has paid a price or six for his 'eternal youth' and I feel 'Paradise' reflects that. Excellent as always! - Heather

Just watched "Paradise" - you've outdone yourself again! Excellent job!!! It was great the way that the video went right along with the song - talking about his eyes and taking to the air - really great work!! And we all really love the "one face that remains" - his vampire one!! Who needs to be mortal?!?!? Again, great job!! - Kris

For me, Paradise was about Nick's regret for making the choice to become a vampire. The lyrics say it all, "Your paradise is not for me." Once again, great use of black and white, and I especially liked your use of the scene where Nick is on his back flipping the cards. You can see his pain beautifully in that scene. Once again, excellent work. - Joe Salazar

I thought this video was good because, it was a good Nick video with lots of neat effects in it! Oh and the close ups of Nick looked real good with it too! - Lauren

I just saw "Paradise" for the first time and wanted to tell you how great it was (as usual). - Katherine LeBlanc

Interesting video and with the song you could almost call it a depressed Nick video but it works. - Sarah



I LOVED was like living fire on the flesh of his desires. This vid is very sensual...slow but very Hot like under a trance. I liked it a lot Kristin...Nick is sexy in all ways drawing us in. - Myrhia Chmilar

As always you're very talented. I cannot wait for more. Keep up the talented work you do. - Karen Voutsinas

Just thought I would watch "Tempted" before I went to work this morning. What a way to start the day!!!! The effects in this video were just awesome - the fire at the beginning and end was so cool!! And, of course, it has Vampire Nicholas in it - my favorite!! YUM YUM!!! Thanks for starting my day off right!! - Kris

Wow Kristin! "Tempted" was hot! I liked the way the you did the video like you were looking thru flames. Definitely need to go and jump in a pool after that one! Awesome work girl!!! - Shanel

The red mist that appears all throughout "Tempted" really added to Nick's aura of irresistibility; it was as if we could see his lovers falling under his hypnotic charm right before our eyes. Your shot of his vampiric eyes also illustrated his desirability; I don't know how any woman could look into those eyes and not be taken with Nick! The song was suitably seductive and had a very exotic flavor to it.
A very appropriate choice. Good work! - Joe Salazar

The music is so seductive and the images complement it very well. I always watch this one when I've been having a bad day. The first few seconds alone can improve my mood. - Ketyra


Hold the Sky

I just saw the new one and I love it. I am really proud of your work. Janette and Nick are so good together. - Jeannie

Just watched Hold the Sky - another great job! The effects were really cool in this one, plus Crazy Love is one of my favorites!! Excellent, as always! - Kris

I just watched "Hold the Sky" (Wow!!!) and it made me think of why I like the relationship between Nick and Janette. She (teasing and making fun aside) is most of the time, the only one who takes him for who he is. No matter how much you are striving to make a change in your life, it is nice to have that person who will take you for who you are right now. I see Janette as that person in Nick's life. - Amanda Berendt

I Loved your new N&J music vid! It was touching with lots of chemistry...You always take our breaths away with your undying talent. - Myrhia Chmilar

"Hold The Sky" was a sweet video that was very touching. It illustrates a tender side of Nick and Janette's relationship. Nick's ability to confide in Janette his deepest pains and fears was demonstrated perfectly. I think that "Hold the Sky" and "Here with Me" are excellent vids because they show us the innocent side of Nick and Janette's relationship that is often overlooked especially by Nick and Nat packers. I want to thank you for reminding us of the sweet side of their relationship because we often do forget. - Joe Salazar

I just finished downloading & watching your two new videos! Wow, Kristin! It amazes me how you can take clips & set them to music as artfully as you do! These are WONDERFUL! I've always loved 'Hungry like the wolf' & set to clips of Nick & his lovers, well the only word I can come up with is AWESOME! Hold the sky was soulful & touching. You captured the love & unspoken loyalty between Nick & Janette beautifully! The ladies at work are going to LOVE these!! Thank you for two more wonderful videos! What would we do without you & your talent?!?!? - Donna Welborn

Even though I'm a die-hard NN Packer, 'Hold To The Sky' was wonderful as well. I often think you could add Janette being like a 'mother' as well as lover/sister/friend to Nick over the years, they way she not just offers her blood but comfort to Nick at the end of 'Crazy Love'. - Heather


Hungry Like the Wolf

Wow what a roller coaster ride that was! - Jeannie

Kristin...I finished the vid and LOVED IT! It's really good...even if the song is older. You always make Amazing music vids. - Myrhia Chmilar

Excellent video, I liked the hyper-speed street bits. - Ashley Dinning

I just finished downloading & watching your two new videos! Wow, Kristin! It amazes me how you can take clips & set them to music as artfully as you do! These are WONDERFUL! I've always loved 'Hungry like the wolf' & set to clips of Nick & his lovers, well the only word I can come up with is AWESOME! Hold the sky was soulful & touching. You captured the love & unspoken loyalty between Nick & Janette beautifully! The ladies at work are going to LOVE these!! Thank you for two more wonderful videos! What would we do without you & your talent?!?!? - Donna Welborn

I loved the last 3 videos that you did, and it's good to be able to harken back to my youth with 'Hungry Like A Wolf.' It does get the heart racing with Nick on the hunt, and how those ladies mortal or otherwise just went down like nine pins, unable to resist his charms *sigh*. - Heather

EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! I think I've told you before that Duran Duran is my favorite group, and to pair them with Nick - nothing bad could ever result! It's also great seeing his "bad boy" side as well. That's one wolf that can come see me any day! Great job on the video. Really love it when he bares his fangs for the "Hungry Like the Wolf" verse and seeing his vampiric eyes in the background! - Kris

Just makes me hungry for your next one - like a wolf... - Katherine LeBlanc

I finally got a chance to download a music video.....WOW Hungry Like The Wolf is AWESOME!!!! Besides the fact that it's one of my favorite songs... You definitely deserve the awards you got. I can't wait to download more !! - Brin

Many of your videos deal with Nick's sadness over his vampire nature.
This vid shows just the opposite. Nick's having a blast using his powers and revels being a hunter on the prowl in this video. You did a great job showing Nick having some fun being a vampire and that's something we need to be reminded of because most of the time Nick hates his nature. This vid was a lot of fun! Thanks for taking us on this phenomenal roller coaster ride! - Joe Salazar

Ok just got a partial on hungry like the wolf....HUGE D2 fan... love your video on it. Great job! - Laura Savidge

I love hungry like the wolf, and died in your arms tonight. Those 2 are my faves. Love the videos! You are excellent at making them. - Alicia

Oh, thanks again for all you've done- ( I know I've said that, hope it doesn't get too old, or you get tired of being showered with compliments, but you are so talented), I"ve got the words, "Burning the ground" stuck in my head; been watching your version of "hungry like the wolf", and towards the end of it, its the last time in the chorus where he sings " burning the ground" I love that scene of Nick standing in the alley, Oh, and just to make a game out of it , I've been watching the scenes on your videos and Im actually truly accurately able to tell the episode that a particular scene is from, ( does that mean that I've devoted too much time to FK?- not possible I think ), but I absolutely love love love those video's you made. - James

I'll just say.....we enjoyed that. A lot.
I really shouldn't watch those things when I'm going to be Frustrated for a while... :) -


Beneath the Skin

I just saw the vid and it was CARNAL HOT!!!! So hot it was smoking the screen - explicit and not for the faint of heart...since the women in the group would fall off their chairs. I LOVED IT! - Myrhia Chmilar

WOW I really love that video. I think it's one of your best yet..- Ashley Dinning

I downloaded your new video this morning. What a way to start the day off! I like the lighting effect it really was powerful. Congratulations. - Jeannie

Wonderful as always, Kris. I especially liked the lightning bolts and the "spider web" look... - Nicholai

Undoubtedly, your best video yet!! The lightning, fog, and spider web effects in the background were excellent!!! Of course, seeing Nick's vampire eyes throughout the video was great too! And, you know me, I can never get enough of Vampire Nicholas. Fantastic job! - Kris

Just wanted to say love the video beneath the skin, as always. You've outdone yourself again. - Karen Voutsinas

I just finished watching "Beneath the Skin". I loved it. A tasteful piece of poetic grace and dark sinfulness. I love seeing Nick get all vamped out and losing control with hundreds of different women. You never stop ceasing to amaze me with you wonderful talents. I just don't know how you do it. Your videos originally were what put me into the mood to write my own Forever Knight Fan Fiction. I listen to the songs to your videos and that's when the ideas come flooding in. You were my very first muse. Another Stellar Performance and a standing ovation to you. You deserve every award you get. You have my vote that is for sure. Bravo on your cunning ingenuity in every aspect of your love for forever knight. - Areanna WhiteWolf

The passion that's displayed is what impressed me most about this vid.
The best part was the effect of the mist flashing in step with the music; I felt like I was hearing and seeing a heart beating! Awesome effect! I can tell you put a lot of effort into this vid, one of your longest, and I want to let you know that I appreciate the effort. - Joe Salazar

OMG that could almost be x-rated lol! I love how it looks a lot like Underworld with the silvery blue colors and the song is totally awesome! - Sarah

Wow this was a beautiful vid. I love the effects and zoom in/out transitions on the beats. the purple look of it was soo cool. The lightning was very cool as well. Awesome job! - SlaveofSpike

WOW! Ummm. And again, WOW! I downloaded it last night and watched it this morning. Really, Really good. I like the purple coloring and at the very beginning when an image of Nick flashes from normal to vamp and back again. Thank you so much for doing the videos. What a great way to keep our favorite show alive. - Phylis

I really like your "Beneath The Skin", I can tell you put a LOT of work into it, the results, a mesmerizing journey that rocks!!! - Lisa Dixon



Kristin that was a Great music vid! Love the flowing silk effect of this amazing N&J vid. I LOVE the new and is sexual with the night as it's aura ^_^ - Myrhia Chmilar\

Its B-E-A-utiful! Excellent silk overlay and scene usage. I give it 5 stars. - Ashley Dinning

Very cool. Felt like a voyeur watching them behind sheer curtains... - Katherine LeBlanc

As for 'Lust'...well, that is one heck of a vid! I loved the effects of the curtain, dark colours and the seamless images merging to show the eternal relationship between Nick and Janette. The vid was very erotic IMHO, so if you'll excuse me, I'm just heading towards the shower for a cold dip... - Heather

You did it again. That was very hot. - Kelli

Just watched Lust, and being a newly converted N&J fan, you know I loved it! Showing it in black and white was really cool with the silk flowing in the background. Nick may have "liked" Nat, but you can really tell how much he loved Janette! Excellent job, as always! Perfect birthday viewing!!! - Kris

Oh yeah, Lust. Love it. That was quiet an idea putting it in black and white. - Jeannie

I just downloaded 'Lust' and I really love the atmosphere and coloring of it. The scenes are so amazingly in touch with the song... very nice :) - Germaine

You did it again! Love the video 'lust' What can I say yes I do know what to say, more nick/janette music videos! - Karen Voutsinas

Lust SIZZLES!! - Gloria Price

Shooting "Lust" in dark colors was absolutely phenomenal! It gives the vid a very unique look. Also, the mist effect that runs throughout the vid blended very well with the color of the video and really added to the passion of Nick and Janette's relationship. One of your best Nick and Janette videos to date! - Joe Salazar

Wow! Hot! Need a cold shower, right now! I think this one ranks up there with Mea Culpa. Between the song's seductive lyrics and music, and adding the black and white colors, the curtain special effects and lovely IB scenes you have revealed to us the dark sensual relationship and physical chemistry Nick and Janette had. - Patty Costantino

Lust was awesome! You rock! - Diana

That was hot!! That is how I pictured the song..being used..perfect Kristin!! Kinda like a dance, seductions thing..I always see flowing many what you did as well as the gowns... that was marvelous! - Kimberly


Sunglasses at Night

Mmmm Ger in leather pants. The overlay is cool. Its very 80's-esque. - Ashley Dinning

I just had a total 80s flashback with that song lol. Fun video to watch. - Sarah

Sunglasses at Night is SO AWESOME!!!! 8-) - Brin

I finished downloading your newest video of Nick and as always you did an amazing job. Keep up the good work. - Stephanie Forget

Saw the Video. Love it. Love it. Love it. I say again Love it! - Jeannie

Kristin the video is very impressive. The graphics have a retro type of blending to the visuals of Forever Knight. - Marisa Chmilar

Loved "Sunglasses", very creative look! Also, congrats on your awards. - Terri Collier

I downloaded Sunglasses at "Knight" on Friday morning and just now had a chance to watch it! Of course, you know I loved it! Gotta love a gorgeous man in sunglasses, even if they do cover up his beautiful blue eyes! I even liked the shots of Janette in her sunglasses. Great job, as always!!! - Kris

I love it very much one of my favorites. The song goes really well it. And he is really cute with his shades on. - Hope Erie

The only words I have for this video are...

- Rachel Oke

You used a great deal of style making "Sunglasses at Night". You created a vid that complimented the 80's classic song very well. The rainbow-colored bars that appear at the top and bottom of the vid screen really added to the mood and were a phenomenal touch! I was also very surprised about something I didn't expect to see in the video. I knew that I would see Nick with his shades, but I didn't realize how often Janette wore them as well. You've shown me something I hadn't noticed yet again. Thank You. - Joe Salazar

As someone who really enjoys 80s music, this one was definitely enjoyable for me! As expected, there were loads to cool scenes with Nick and Janette wearing their sunglasses! The fluid blue graphics were simply amazing to watch! You work too hard on these! :) - Joe Raygor

Kristin I just can't get enough of " I wear sunglasses at Night" video. It is so great. :) I have to give you 4 stars! - NickLives

This is a great one. It's the first one I ever watched. I love that song. - 35HMV6

Same here - first video that I downloaded. It's wonderful! - Carhith


Farther Away

Ohhhhhhh that was awesome! The effects were really well done. You're a pro! - Ashley Dinning

It was fast moving and I liked the moon popping up like it did. Different and interesting. Your imagination has no end. - Jeannie

Um hold on a minute ( wipes drool from her mouth) that was...yyyuuuuummmmyyyy .You had me rocking in my chair. In fact I am watching it for the third time now and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. ( does a mock growl and licks her lips and runs her tongue across her teeth)! I am stunned into silence. Lets see, try to find the words to reply through the fog of heat in my brain. It went right through me, it did. great work ...excellent, wonderful, stupendous, marvelous, Sexy and Gorgeous. Just ...( takes a breathe) ( bows ) I'll respond better when I don't feel the heat .... - Areanna WhiteWolf

Only 2 words love it. LOL! Keep up your good video's especially of Nick and Janette. - Karen Voutsinas

I saw your newest vid and It was AMAZING!!!..Always N&J is a treasure that touches my heart like no other. It always fills my day with hope. You are a precious talented beautiful person, and your gifts of magical visional art is Forever felt by me and everyone's soul... - Myrhia Chmilar

Just watched Farther Away, and I don't think that I have heard a more appropriate song for Nick and Janette. I especially loved the references to Crazy Love in the video for the chorus of the song ("I run to you...."). Another great job!!\- Kris

Wow, Farther Away is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the special effects and the color to BW, the music is great how u fit it to the vid, you are amazing! But ya know this already!!! - Amanda

Just finished watching "Farther Away" and was very impressed by the transitions. They blended seamlessly with the overlays and music.
Great job all around! - Joe Salazar



You did an AWESOME job AGAIN and I love the Special effects, the light and in and out so cool, the fire.....You have it in perfect timing with the vid, unbelievable. You know I had to watch it 4 times before I could write to you and now I am forgetting all the great things I want to say. Oh yeah, the part now I am free....what a perfect scene, you have a great eye for video. I hope you are one of our future movie producers! I love it, I love Nick and Lacroix vids the most but all the rest are great too. Thanks Kristin for another great Video. You did I GREAT JOB...did I say that already!!!!!!!!!! LOL - Amanda

It's incredible how with each video you raise the bar and somehow you surpass the new standard every time. - Mary Kroll

Well, I just found a new favorite. Lies is wonderful....I get to see two of my favorite vampires. I really love Nick, but LaCroix is definitely second in my book. I also like the Father's Day reference at the end...especially when you see the watch with Forever on it....really cool way to end it! GREAT JOB!!! - Kris

Another wonderful Nick and LC video! Thanks so much. It makes it so much easier to a quick fix of my two fav vamps. *drool* Love the song, it fits their relationship (whatever it may be) so well. - Amanda Berendt

Great Kris! Enjoyed it very much! - Jeannie

AWESOME vid! 'Lies' is sexy in it's show of affection with LaCrox & Nick ^_^ the darker side is where Nick belongs if he can still be good and just accept his nature in the same way... - Myrhia Chmilar

Wow, Kris. I wish I had your talent. Another great video, naturally. We've come to expect it of you... - Katherine LeBlanc

Good depiction of Nick and Lacroix's turbulent relationship. Great song choice! - Patty Costantino

This was a very emotional video. Nick's anger and struggle to break free from Lacroix's grip are displayed passionately. You also did very well in showing Lacroix's satisfaction at Nick's failed attempts to break free of him. VERY INTENSE VID! - Joe Salazar


My Last Breath

AWE AWESOME!!!! Cool ending with Janette to comfort him in his time of need. Nicely done with the flashbacks with Nat in the light of heaven and memories. The N&N relationship is not meant to ever be and it is doomed to begin with...It is a truth that N&J are FOREVER! Great Vid! - Myrhia Chmilar

It was really good! It made me cry lol - Ashley Dinning

Wow. That's all I can say. This video is everything I envisioned it to be. The effects were just awesome. You completely outdid yourself. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Even though I'm not a NN packer anymore, this was so great...I got goosebumps! Although, I loved it at the end where you show Nick with Janette...where he should be, of course!!! LOVED IT!! - Kris

I always thought that song was perfect for "Last Knight". That was a tearful yet wonderful interpretation. Awesome as always Kristin!! I loved the way you made it so dream like looking thru Nat's eyes. And I liked the way you ended with Janette. Of course I have always hoped Nat was brought across. :) How do you come up with all your ideas?!! - Shanel

I got the last video last night and saw it. It was done very lovely. You know that I like N/J but this N/N was beautiful. Well done. - Jeannie

LOVE IT!!!!! The video turned out great. The stylizing of the LK
scenes were beautiful. Yeah, it is sad that Natalie dies and I don't doubt that he had deep feelings for her, but I do agree with the end as Janette comforts him. It fits so well with their characters.
- Amanda Berendt

I have seen My Last Breath. I loved all of the special effects; they really worked with the music and the video's theme. - Gloria Price

I really liked the vid, just the ending was kind of a shock. I guess I'm just a die hard NNer! Keep up the great work! I truly enjoy your work. - Deb

They are all wonderful! I am amazed at all the new techniques you have incorporated into them. Wheel of Time, My Last Breath, Sanctuary, etc. I've been watching them all and then re- watching. Keep up your wonderful work! - Beatrice

Great special effects and perfect song for NN, though, the ending caught me a bit off guard. Didn't expect it at all. - Patty Costantino

You used a rainbow of overlays wonderfully in "My Last Breath" and the transitions were perfect. Beginning with the misty look and then cutting to the dry, sandy overlay as the drums kicked in was great! The white cloud-like effect really brought out the color of Nat's eyes and lips and was very beautiful. One of your most original vids yet! - Joe Salazar

My daughter and I loved 'My Immortal', 'My Last Breath', and 'Bring Me to Life' so much we ordered the Evanescence CD. Now the whole family is nuts about it and we play it constantly. I can't believe the talent you have in those videos! - Chris

I am currently watching My Last Breath. It was awesome as ever. I felt uneasy at the end, being a die hard NatandNick fan and all. But the collaboration are indeed as impressive as ever. Then I'm going to watch your other superb creations. - Julie Herera



That was great! I liked how you used a few different scenes this time. I like the "who needs the sun when the rains so full of life" where is shows Janette for the rain part and I like the new sky effect. The red eye effect is awesome too. It turned out perfect. ;) - Ashley Dinning

Sanctuary is like a liquid heat of love and home...for N&J to be together for all time...who needs that lie of the sun when he has her to fill his life with a light like no other. You wove a spell of flowing emotion that N&J have for each other...The Sanctuary of them being close and the biting scene is a always fave. The fire in her eyes was pretty cool too. Very Wonderful Kristin. - Myrhia Chmilar

Love the music video "sanctuary!" More...more of Nick and Janette :) - Karen Voutsinas

Just watched "Sanctuary". I'm not a Madonna fan at all but those words are SO perfect! Another excellent video... - Katherine LeBlanc

Glad to see we're getting back to Nick-Janette videos (even if I did suggest My Last Breath!). I just love seeing them together, especially since Crazy Love is one of my favorites! Janette will always be his true love. Excellent job, as always! - Kris

Wow!!!! I loved it. I think Janette truly was Nick's sanctuary. She was the one he always went to when he needed to talk or just needed someone. It wasn't Natalie. I think that was one of the problems with the third season... he didn't have that outlet for his emotions and frustrations.. Once again a superb video. Too bad I have to go to work, I want to watch it again... and again.... - Amanda Berendt

Kristin I saw Sanctuary and loved it, but I love to see those two together. - Jeannie

They are all wonderful! I am amazed at all the new techniques you have incorporated into them. Wheel of Time, My Last Breath, Sanctuary, etc. I've been watching them all and then re- watching. Keep up your wonderful work! - Beatrice

You've made the ultimate Dark Knightie vid with "Sanctuary"! You've made the strongest case one can make for Nick remaining immortal; his passion for Janette. They are as close as two beings could possibly be, and I can't see how Nick could give away their immortal relationship for anything. - Joe Salazar

I just want to say WOW.....GREAT WORK! I love all the Vids!
The Trailer is Awesome, Immortal is Great and "I wish for it"! LOL
I love sanctuary and everybody's fool. Your Special effects are awesome... I love the Music you pick and I find myself rap up in it and DL it from the web. LOL PLEASE keep them coming....they are my sanity!!!!!!!!!! - Amanda

A fantastic Nick and Janette video! The music showed, in my opinion, Nick's comfort in Janette's presence. Janette was his "sanctuary". His sure thing throughout eternity. The person Nick could always find solace in. Very well made! A real winner! - Joe Raygor


Even in Death

Its wonderful, a nice change from the others. I thought it sufficed quite well with the lack of footage you had to use. Great job! - Ashley Dinning

Even though he let her go LaCroix's love for his Fleur is still Forever in his heart...Fresh and pure and beautifully filled with sweet passion ..sorrow of rose white dreams of blood tears...It was Beautiful Kristin.. It shows effective emotion through his feelings and how powerful Love can last through time...a Wonderful vid. - Myrhia Chmilar

I just downloaded your new video "even in death." It's very well done and the song really goes with it. You're really good Kristin at what you do and don't let anyone tell you otherwise especially in the society we live in today. - Karen Voutsinas

Kristin, that was utterly beautiful. I'm a die-hard Faithful, and to see the relationship so clearly and visually expressed was very moving for me. You've got me crying in public!!! The split screen and the use of black-and-white, as well as the haunting final image... it was all perfect. Thank you. - April French

I really like it. Thank you for this one! - Shenandora

I want to thank you for the one of LaCriox. It was beautiful. I always associate that Rose with him and Fleur. Congratulations on your talent
and the love for Forever Knight. - Jeannie

I have never heard a more appropriate song for LaCroix and Fleur. It was great to see that even LaCroix could have a softer side to him. Fleur was truly the love of his life Excellent job, as always!! - Kris

I just watched the LC/Fleur video, and I have two words for you - ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!! From now on every time I watch Be My Valentine I'll always think of the great work you did with those scenes. - Krista

I fell in love with "Even in Death". I never really felt particularly moved by LaCroix's feelings for Fleur until this, and your video gave their love for each a whole new depth and made me reassess that relationship. - Beatrice

Amazing! A superb job in capturing the everlasting love between Lacroix and Fleur and with minimal footage to boot! Beautifully done! - Patty Costantino

Whoa! Totally awesome vid Kristin! You've shown us Lacroix's pain exquisitely. Going back to him holding the flower many times throughout the vid was a great touch; one look at the pain on Lacroix's face says it all. The song was PHENOMENAL! It was slow, dark, and absolutely depressing. It was the perfect compliment to this video. - Joe Salazar

I never really thought too much about Fleur and Lacroix, but you really gave depth to their brief relationship. Excellent video even with the lack of source footage. I *love* your videos...
- Amanda Berendt

Hey Kristin, just watched Even In Death and for someone who doesn't really care for LaCroix too much I really liked it and the song was awesome. Plus I loved the tid bit from The Crow in there where Sarah says Real Love Is Forever. - Sarah


Wheel of Time

What can I say? FABULOUS! Wheel of time is all Nick - WOW! - Karen Voutsinas

Yummy! Lots of Nick eye candy...I LOVED this vid!!! He is so mesmerizing - his eyes and the look that he gives. sweet a vision. - Myrhia Chmilar

It never amazes me how your imagination keeps on going. This is pure Nick and I love it. It was breathless. Your love for Forever Knight, is unbundling. I never get tired off them. I look forward to them all the time. We must thank you for your generous of time to do these. - Jeannie

Just watched Wheel of Time, and I just found another favorite. I loved the way you showed all of the "people" Nick has been in his lifetime. And, of course, lots and lots of eye candy!!! Yummy!!! You are truly gifted with your talent, and we are so lucky that we get to enjoy the "fruits of your labor"!!! LOL - Kris

oooooooo yum, eye-candy!! What a tasty treat you've given us this time.<BG> I do believe there are scenes in this video that you haven't used before. That's a good thing. There is nothing like a new Nick video for sheer, unadulterated viewing pleasure. My dear Kristin, take a virtual bow; your audience salutes you. - Gloria Price

I am forced to agree with Gloria. I loved this new video. I loved the black and white shots, too. And I really enjoyed the fact that you used scenes that you hadn't before. It makes it seem as if we were viewing the scenes for the first time. The entire time I was watching, I kept thinking...oh, yeah, I forgot about that scene, oh and that one, too. I went back and watched it several times. It must be difficult to try to take something that people have seen numerous times and to come up with something different each time, but you always manage. Your talent and aptitude for this sort of thing is obvious to anyone who visits this site. And of course, Ger looked gorgeous. Or as Gloria so aptly said "yum, eye-candy". Looking forward to more of your wonderful work. - Deb N.

There's only two things I need to say about Wheel Of Time... 1.WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.Total Eye Candy yummy :) - Sarah

I *loved* Wheel of Time! This could be yer best yet Kristin! Anyway, keep at it m'dear *Chains Kristin to her pc!!* - Heather

I just want to let you know that I just watched your newest video Wheel of time. I enjoyed it very much cause I'm a big fan of Ger... You still did an excellent job choosing the clips and the music as you always do. - Stephanie Forget

They are all wonderful! I am amazed at all the new techniques you have incorporated into them. Wheel of Time, My Last Breath, Sanctuary, etc. I've been watching them all and then re- watching. Keep up your wonderful work! - Beatrice

I just got a chance to view your two latest videos, and all I can say is....yum! I am just blown away by your talents Kristin! I can't wait to see new ones that you have planned. - Jennifer

Yum! I think this is your best Nick video yet! Lots of *new* and delicious shots of our favorite blond. Glad to see the Nick and Gwyneth scene. One of my favorites!!! - Patty Costantino

I can't remember if I let you know how much I loved "Wheel of Time". It's another one that's gone on my desktop! - Terri Collier

Good job showing Nick remembering all the experiences of his 800-years of life. My favorite parts were the very beginning when Nick has that intense look on his face as he's remembering his past and giving the black and white footage from "Spin Doctor" the scratchy antique film look. It really gave the vid a sense of being timeless.

I was watching "Wheel of Time" again and only now realized what phenomenal transitions it has. It's absolutely incredible that you were able to fit clips from all seventy episodes into one vid and have the clips flow so seamlessly.  - Joe Salazar


Out of My Mind

As always Kristin your talent continues to amaze me. I loved the *new* scenes! The dreamy fog was a really kewl touch too. You keep this up I may have to change my following to the "IB's"!!! May you never run out of ideas! - Shanel

That was an awesome video! The manipulations looked great! It was a definite unique change from your old videos. - Ashley Dinning

This music video is fabulous! There's some scene's in this video where you combined two scene's within one! Love the fog affect and the image of the rose. You are going to go very far with your talents. - Karen Voutsinas

Totally different and totally cool video and I love the green light in the video too. - Sarah

Your Vid was AMAZING!!! and it was N&J eye candy all the way! Yummy and so deliciously sensual ^_^ I Loved it and it was like a sexual illusion of N&J in a dream of erotic visions...Very Cool! ~_^ - Myrhia Chmilar

Brilliant. Clever and different. Love some of the mixes that you did. Smart idea. One of the best since Candy perfume girl. You know that I like those two together. That made it more enjoyable. - Jeannie

Thanks for your new masterpiece ;-) Outstanding, really. It came out fabulous. Anyways, your new vid is pretty hot, awesome how you always manage to create new stuff of old, so well-known scenes. ;-) - Anja

"Out of My Mind" was so great, I don't know where to begin! The effects were awesome (really cool fog), and the new scenes were amazing! It's so cool that you can piece those new scenes together.
And, of course, since you used my band, Duran Duran, this is one of my very favorites!! (Hypnotized)....I am an IB, I am an IB, thump, thump...thump, thump...I am an IB.... -

I just finished watching "Out of My Mind", and all I can say is "WOW!!!!" It left me breathless. The new scenes you've created really add a new excitement to your work which is already exciting. I can't wait to see what else you are going to create. - Beatrice

I just got a chance to view your two latest videos, and all I can say is....yum! I am just blown away by your talents Kristin! I can't wait to see new ones that you have planned. - Jennifer

Just finished watching your newest video Out of your mind. It is excellent. Your newest video is in my top four favorite videos. Once again you have out done yourself. Keep up the good work.  - Stephanie Forget

Very nice. The new 'scenes' are neat. - Phylis Sullivan

Love the new manipulated scenes of Nick and Janette. The greenish, black and white tones and clouded special effects really set the mood, showing the dark passion between them. Kudos again for another brilliant video. - Patty Costantino

Wow, Kristin - very different, very good. It's a little scary how video images can be manipulated. Great entertainment value, but not so nifty for real life :-( - Terri Collier

Very shiny vid. While I knew the scenes that had been converted,
which was both cool and kinda irksome, I must say that the
manipulation work was top notch. Thanks for sharing. - Danii

Your new Nick and Janette video takes my breath away every time I watch it. In other words I really LOVE it. Thank you!!!!!!! - Hope

I finally got around to seeing this video. It was very well done. Considering the relatively limited amount of scenes you have to work with, it's not surprising that you'd come up with alterations. Which you did so ingeniously. :) - Knightmuzic

Wow Kristin! The new scenes you created for "Out of my Mind" were absolutely phenomenal! I thought that there might be some choppiness with the new scenes fitting with the vid, but I was wrong. The new scenes blended so perfectly that if I hadn't know better, I would have guessed that they weren't manipulated at all.
Brilliant job! - Joe Salazar

Wow this video was so visually beautiful. I love the whole look , and the green looked fantastic! And the flowing red parts, awesome!!! - SlaveofSpike



Oh My GOD! That was Awesome! And Thrilling with heart pumping dreams that makes blood run cold and aching with emotions that overflow with conflict. A lost soul trying to find peace. Very well done Kristin and you have done it again with a masterpiece that is full of what Nick goes know the true heart of FK. Thank you Kristin for this Wondeful're too good to everyone...You are a Goddess. - Myrhia Chmilar

That was really good! I love the red overlays and all the new scenes and the flashy overlays and because you used the spaghetti part hahah - Ashley Dinning

Very good video, especially because it's a nick one. Don't ever stop making music video's especially fk videos even when you're big and famous and who knows one day if ever they do a fk movie you'll be directing it. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us here in the group! - Karen Voutsinas

WOW!!! I LOVED Imaginary! The scenes that show Nick thinking about his "dark half" are so cool!! As usual, your talent is just amazing! You also have used some scenes that I don't remember seeing before in your videos, which are also some of my favorites as well (when he's stuffing his face and flashing his fangs in The Fix). And you know me, I can't get enough of Dark Nicholas!! Great job, as always, my friend!! - Kris

I just want to let you know that I downloaded your newest music video Imaginary and I love it very much. Once again you out done yourself . So keep up the good work. By the way I'm glad that you used a lot of the fix caption from FK . Cause that episode the Fix is my favourite episode of Forever Knight season 2. - Stephanie Forget

Another totally awesome video Kristin - Sarah

Yep...ditto that! I also really loved the effects in this one, especially the 'sepia tone' like quality of the 'day dream' sequences, that implied dreams whereas the dark somehow is more 'real'. Also the sequences where you see a montage of vampy nick floating over himself as he awakes is nice and scary because you see the reality of the vampire as well. Top of the class as usual m'dear! - Heather

 GREAT work on the new vid. Loved the flashes of Him vamped. - Areanna WhiteWolf

Gotta add my own "totally awesome" vote to theirs, Kris. Another great video. - Katherine LeBlanc

Wasn't that just fabulous? How can she keep on doing them better and better. Just when you think she has reached her peak, she comes up with another one. - Jeannie

I really enjoyed Imaginary and as usual, your talent is just awesome. - Beatrice

Love the new video! The dream sequences are really good.......great idea to let us see what Nick might be dreaming about :-) - Terri Collier

Your manipulations in this video really added to the illusion that Nick was living out the nightmare of the beast. The opening scene with Nick in bed envisioning all the faces of the vampire was great! - Joe Salazar

You never cease to amaze me! This time I got IMAGINARY and EVERYBODY'S FOOL, two of my most favorite EVANESCENCE songs.
Truthfully? When I want to hear my favorite songs I watch your videos instead of putting the CD on. I can't wait to get more!!! - Brin


Push the Limits

Dear Kristin...Extra Yummy on this Airwolf video of Gerr you made..The music was soft and flowing in a smoothness that made you be swept away by the visual young sexy GWD in action. Wow it's so Awesome and Hugs for making a Wonderful Vid of Gerr. You Always create Beautiful Masterpieces ..~_^ - Myrhia Chmilar

Mmmmm Airwolf Ger hahah. Wow! - Ashley Dinning

All I can say is "hubba hubba" what a hunk Ger is in Airwolf! lol Keep making your video's especially more Airwolf and Nick and Janette videos. Your music videos are very good. After viewing them let's just say I'll be getting through our Canadian winter's very well...loll- Karen Voutsinas

All I can say is total eye candy and I totally loved it. I hope Canada gets Airwolf on some channel up here. I can tell you one thing, Push The Limits was totally worth the wait. - Sarah

Just watched Push the Limits...<sighs>...6 minutes and 20 seconds of eye candy...gotta love that! Great job on the video. I'd tell you how great the special effects were if I were actually paying attention to them. ;) It's funny, while watching that video, I half expected him to vamp out! Especially that scene where he's fighting that guy on the boat. And wouldn't you have LOVED to been the person who pulled the gun out from the front of Ger's pants? (Is it getting hot in here, or is that just me?) :) - Kris

Just watched the video...Yum! I prefer Ger as a blond though. For some reason the darker hair just doesn't suit him that well, but he's still yummy. ;-) - Jennifer

I watched your Airwolf video and as usual you did a excellent job making the video. Keep up the good work. - Stephanie Forget

I finally got to see the man last night, lovely. Ever lovely. The smile could melt an ice burg. Damn that man is beautiful. Great job worth waiting for. Brilliantly done and oh so much candy, I gained 10 pounds just by watching it. - Jeannie

I love the Airwolf video you made... I've watched it a ton of times so far :-) - Laura Savidge

"Push The Limits" is your best GWD video to date! It's a fun rollercoaster ride from beginning to end and it's a blast! - Joe Salazar

I like your vids. I'm still drooling over Push the Limits. - Doris

Finally got to see Airwolf - it was well worth the wait. What a cutie. Although I find Ger actually more attractive in FK and even now. In
person, he is absolutely gorgeous :-) Pictures do not do the man justice. Talk about charisma! Just a little P.S. It's kind of chilly in our house, but I had to take my sweatshirt off while watching Airwolf. Wow. -
Terri Collier



Ohhhh la la lol That was great, loved the new effects and all the yummy Nick shots hehe - Ashley Dinning

The music video of Nick was Awesome! I loved the way the blue and entwining twigs & branches surrounded him, gave off a Gothic feel. - Myrhia Chmilar

Loved the new video and again loved the silvery blue Underworld look, and it a great song too. - Sarah

The overlay you used for "Immortal" was very original. Matched the dark tone of the song nicely. Very creative! - Joe Salazar

Beautiful, Kristin. I loved it, and I think I now have a new band to listen to as well. - dark ravenette

I just watched "Immortal." It's beautiful! It really highlights Nick's confusion about who/what he is and wants to be. The colour distortions create a strong feeling of detachment from his existence - and they're pretty too I love the blue-grey: very cold and deathly. Lots of great angsty Nick shots. They make me appreciate Ger's acting abilities everytime I see them. Great music, too. Not something I would normally be exposed to, but it suits the video perfectly. Thank you for your amazing work, as always! - Ketyra

Just got to watch "Immortal" and thought it was wonderful! It really shows how sad Nick's immortality makes him. Oh yes, and lots and lots of eye candy too! YUMMY!!! Great job, as always! - Kris

I finally got a chance to catch up with your videos and I have one word for you. WOW! You keep getting better and better and don't you ever forget that your work makes a lot of people happy. It has gotten me through a tough time lately. - Mary

Downloaded your latest music video Immortal and I enjoyed it very much, especially the special effects. You can certainly feel Nick's loneliness. - Stephanie Forget

Immortal is a video that focuses on Nick and shows a flow of his lifetimes..a nice touch. I like the 'weave look' which gives the feeling that you are moving through time with Nick, in his different lives. Really nice artwork.. Keep up the good work! - Nazo

Another cool video. I really liked the layering you did - great effect! Also the new format is really smooth. Thanks! - Amanda Berendt

Immortal was just awesome. Truly you have a gift! Keep up the beautiful videos my new friend. I love watching them. - Penny

I just want to say WOW.....GREAT WORK! I love all the Vids!
The Trailer is Awesome, Immortal is Great and "I wish for it"! LOL
I love sanctuary and everybody's fool. Your Special effects are awesome... I love the Music you pick and I find myself rap up in it and DL it from the web. LOL PLEASE keep them coming....they are my sanity!!!!!!!!!! - Amanda

Reality bites, doesn't Nick? This video was awesome. Left you wanting more of Det. Knight. - Pam



Boy and I thought Beneath The Skin was hot lol (or x-rated) this was awesome Kristin :) - Sarah

That was so good! I really liked the video, especially the red/ gray contrast- made me think of those old 40's mystery movies :) - Ashley Dinning

I saw the vid and thought it was Awesome with a erotic dark feeling to it..full of lust. it's Amazing work as always.. Lots of eye candy and the song matched it... - Myrhia Chmilar

As always, excellent job on the video! It IS kind of a misleading name, huh?? :) Great job! I've always wondered when I've watched that episode why Nick never vamped out when he was making out with her. Guess she didn't excite him THAT much - it seems like he always vamped out with Janette! - Kris

Cool video. I like the contrast between the black and white and then the red highlights. You did a great job with the few scenes you had to work with. Keep 'em coming! - Amanda Berendt

I saw your pornstar video hot very and love your new website. I think with every year you get more talented. - Karen Voutsinas

Very stunning video, Kristin! It really made Nick's relationship with Anne a lot more interesting to me. Seriously, how can she even compare to Janette? The colour scheme is beautiful and warm despite being mostly black and white - a good complement to the hot subject matter. I particularly like the ending, which I found to be much more emotional than the same scene in the episode itself. It's both touching and haunting. Overall, the images suit the flow of the music very well, although I'm not too sure about the flickering effect. I find it's a little bit distracting, especially since you design your work so well that it doesn't have to rely on flashy effects to succeed. That's a tiny quibble, though, and I enjoyed this one very much. Thank you for sharing it. - Mary Lim

You picked the perfect song for this vid's subject. It matched Ann's dark nature to a tee! I've been anticipating a DBTLOTM vid for some time and you did a great job. - Joe Salazar



A caress of golden emotion...Flames of sensuality and crying to your loved one to hear your tears. I Loved it deeply and it was beautiful Kristin. I loved the blood shows a deeper sorrow of something inside crying in her and in their nature of what they are. That he won't embrace it, or her in his search to find the lie...when in truth was in her all along. it showed that he should follow his heart and it will flow to her. - Myrhia Chmilar

Oooh the videos gooood :) hehe. The blood tears looked cool. - Ashley Dinning

Just viewed your latest effort. A lush and sumptuous mix of lyric, music and image with a judicious amount of effects. Perfectly chosen images were married so correctly to the melody and lyrics as to create another jewel of a video. Bravissima! Loved this video. Can't wait to see more. BTW, I enjoyed the "blood tears" effect that you created for Janette. - Deb N.

Kristin, what can I say, but bravo! - Karen Voutsinas

Hey Kristin! Missing was totally awesome! Can't wait for your next video with the second season dvds. - Sarah

Missing is a very touching look at Janette's perspective on her relationship with Nick, Kristin. It reveals Janette as a vulnerable, even lost, woman beneath her carefully calculated surface. It emphasizes her sadness at not being with Nick and perhaps even a fear that he doesn't truly love her and will never forgive her for leaving him. Compared to the style other NJ videos, this is much quieter and more minimal, which creates an introspective mood that really serves to highlight the emotional rather than physical bond between the characters. A nice bonus is that all the close-ups showcase Ms. Duchene's wonderful, subtle acting. Thank you for yet another piece of art! - Mary Lim

I loved 'Missing'. I loved the way you used the scenes and even the blood tears for Janette. I really loved the song to begin with and you matched the mood perfectly with the images. Really beautiful video... I really like their relationship. Thanks so much!!!! Well worth the waiting in the cold during the 4+ power failure and then waiting for the long download since the network was still funky after the power came back on. Great job again! - Amanda Berendt

Wonderfully done, Kristin, as always. - Knightmuzic

"Missing" has got to be the best N/J video you have made to date! The song really sounds like it's from Janette's point of view. I also thought the "tears" were a great effect! I'm so glad you convinced me to be a N/J fan! Excellent job, as always! - Kris

Missing just finished............WOW....How did you do the blood on the face like that, coming down....Great work Kristin, you are unbelievably creative! I love the Video. - Amanda

"Missing" is absolutely phenomenal Kristin. You've captured Janette's pain beautifully. "Partners Of The Month" was the perfect setting for this vid. It contained the scenes that set the right tone for this tragedy. It goes without saying that the song complimented the vid masterfully. The overlay of Janette crying blood tears was AWESOME! I wanted to cry myself when I saw it! One of the best you've ever done. - Joe Salazar

I downloaded "Missing" late tonight...WOW As always you amaze me! I am a SERIOUS Nick/Janette fan and let me say I was reduced to tears. SO AMAZING. The song was perfect. I know I don't always remember to post about the videos, and I apologize, but please know that I FORCE people to watch your videos all the time because they are just so amazing! - Vampcop


Everybody's Fool

Awesome! I really enjoyed the urs/ divia blurring effect and the negative flashes it was all very fitting!! As the Phantom would say : " Bravi, bravi, bravisimi" ! - Ashley Dinning

Wow! What a AWESOME vid..hehe evil little diva. How sad and it matched the music wonderfully. LC really loved his little girl but was sad that she turned so evil. - Myrhia Chmilar

Love the "Everybody's Fool" video. I had always thought of Divia for that song. Great job! Can't wait to see the next one. - Amanda Berendt

WOW! You know I love all of your videos, but this has got to be one of my very favorites. I've never heard a song describe Divia better than that one. Excellent, excellent job! - Kris

I love that little she-demon! The video has a really strong beginning and end - perfectly timed. It seems a little more episodic than your other ones, if that's the right word. It's more of a narrative than a lyric piece, encapsulating Divia's existence as a vampire. The visual effect you used throughout hauntingly revealed the monster lurking behind the mask of a sweet, innocent little girl. I really like the pairing of the line "You don't know how you've betrayed me" with the scene of Lucius opening his arms to his daughter as she turns away. That one moment sums up their relationship for me. Thanks as always, Kristin! - Mary Lim

I finally got a chance to see the video. And, OMG, I loved it! The song's so fitting for her, too. Great job! :) - Knightmuzic

Awesome vid Kristin! We always see Lacroix as a dominating figure and "Ashes to Ashes" is one of the few times that he's treated like a ragdoll. You showed his powerlessness beautifully. - Joe Salazar

I just want to say WOW.....GREAT WORK! I love all the Vids!
The Trailer is Awesome, Immortal is Great and "I wish for it"! LOL
I love sanctuary and everybody's fool. Your Special effects are awesome... I love the Music you pick and I find myself rap up in it and DL it from the web. LOL PLEASE keep them coming....they are my sanity!!!!!!!!!! - Amanda

You never cease to amaze me! This time I got IMAGINARY and EVERYBODY'S FOOL, two of my most favorite EVANESCENCE songs.
Truthfully? When I want to hear my favorite songs I watch your videos instead of putting the CD on. I can't wait to get more!!! - Brin

I was surprised to find a wonderful Music-Video about LaCroix and
Divia on your site, Kris (Everybody's Fool). I really like it. - Shenandora


Before the Dawn

I loved the new effects and the way you tilted the pictures to make it look as if they were flying over the city :) - Ashley Dinning

WE LOVE THIS VID!!!. It does have a magical flying look and feel to this one...The feeling was just as powerful to show a flying of souls in the night of skies and everlasting Love. It was Wonderful Kristin...I loved this vid as did Marisa. It was so beautiful and powerful. - Myrhia Chmilar

What a video! Not only does it have my favorite couple in it, but it also has my favorite group. Thanks again for doing another Nick and Janette video. - Karen Voutsinas

Just saw Before The Dawn another awesome video! I love the song, the rain, and the flying. :) - Sarah

Oh, my god, Kristin. It is so beautiful. Just as I imagined it would be.
What chemistry those two have!!! I love the rain effect.
- Amanda Berendt

 Love the effects - the rain, the illusion of flight. Another excellent job, as always! - Kris

The song suits the tender side of Nick and Janette's relationship that you chose for this video and fits their situation perfectly. I loved the slow, soft opening that contrasts with the kinetic feel of the rest of the piece. You used the flying effect to great, well, effect - I especially liked the first time the couple takes to the air. All in all, it's a very sweet look at the relationship without all the nasty complications that poor guilty Nicolas drags everywhere with him. Thanks for your hard work, Kristin! - Mary Lim

This vid has the most impressive camera angles of any you've done so far. I felt like I could reach out and touch the sky as I saw the vid. - Joe Salazar


Following the Sun

It was great! Nick looks yummy either way. It doesn't always have to be jam packed with effects to make its point. - Ashley Dinning

The one I've been waiting for you to making for awhile ~claps~ and I LOVED IT! - Sarah

Following the Sun is a beautifully bittersweet video - the sweet stemming from the pure joy of the romance between Nick and Gwyneth and Nick's life in the sun, the bitter arising from Gwyneth's murder and our knowledge of the darkness into which Nick will soon be drawn. The style is very simple, much like My Immortal, and works very well to put all the emphasis on the innocent emotional content and skillful combination of the music and images. The brief scenes of present-day Nick running his hands over the harp are a lovely touch that creates a good bond to the flashbacks and highlights what Nick has lost. Beautiful work, Kristin, and thank you for it, as always. - Mary Lim

Love the new video "following the sun." Boy is Ger good looking in that episode. Thanks you made my, Keep up the great videos. - Karen Voutsinas

Oh WOW!!! 'Following the Sun' is totally FABULOUS! I love the montage of scenes from 'Queen Of Harps' and although I love the special effects so often in your movies, this was a wonderful piece of editing that highlighted Nicolas and Gwyneth's story so well, and the Music! Kristin, you have helped to open up my experience of music so much and I love this track from Enigma which I have never heard before. Can't wait for the next one! - Heather

Another fantastic video! I love the ones that center around a certain episode. Makes me really want to watch that episode now! Great job!! - Kris

You really captured the essence of the midevil era in this vid Kris! The song was perfect. It had a strong Celtic sound to it. I felt like I was riding along with Ger in the Dark Ages as the scenes and music blended with each other. This vid was alot of fun to watch! - Joe Salazar

Such a innocents and sadness at a loss of a love before Nicks life as a vampire.. It's so beautifully moving. I loved your new was sweet and so very lovely. - Myrhia Chmilar

Love the new video! I wish we could have seen Nick more as a mortal - kind of as an opposite to the vampire he is now.
Beautiful song and it fits perfectly. Keep 'em coming!
- Amanda Berendt


Dissolved Girl

I absolutely loved it! One of your best videos yet. I really love the flashing overlays of Janette, and how you sped up the dancers to make it look as if it was a haze. I think it was wonderful and the music fit perfectly, a slow yet sultry beat that really fed the atmosphere. - Ashley Dinning

This was a wonderful suave vid, it had a hypnotic feel to the way it played out with Janette and her gracful ways around the Raven. Great vid! I loved the effects and how you made it so dream like. There is a are so talented! It flowed like blood in the swirls effect. Flow of passion. The Raven and her aura was so dreamy. - Myrhia Chmilar

A very kool and very different kind of video and it rocks ~claps~ - Sarah

Cool! I loved the special effects in this one Kristin, as well as the music of course. You really do get the feeling of Janette living outside of 'normal time', always hunting, seducing and searching. 10/10 as usual! - Heather

Queen and huntress, indeed. I love the way you've been exploring Janette's character lately - first Missing, then Lost Soul, and now Dissolved Girl. Right from the first few seconds, you created a beautiful, otherworldy mood. It's dizzying, but seductive. The colour scheme and blurring effect work so well to bring out a new side of some familiar scenes. A few of my very favourite parts: the red overlay of Janette from HF, the flashing Raven sign and the way you made it seem as if Janette is stalking the dancers. She truly is the queen of her domain. The music is gorgeous too - not quite as hot as Tempted, but definitely getting there! I can't wait to see what you do next. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece, Kristin. - Mary Lim

Love the new music video! bravo,bravo! - Karen Voutsinas

Just watched your latest creation. Really loved the effects on this one! Also saw your dress in that one a lot!!! Janette wears it good, but you wear it better! :) - Kris

The dark colors were excellent in "Dissolved Girl". The vid captured the mysterious atmosphere of the Raven. And of course you showed Janette is THE leader of the Raven. Great job again! - Joe Salazar

Love "Dissolved Girl" Beautiful!!! You've really captured Janette.
Thank you so much for doing these!!!!
- Amanda Berendt

Watched it. It's in a very special mood, matching the song perfectly.
I think you'll have no problem to find a excellent job after you finished studying at college, eh? *g* Need more to say? Noooo, I don't think so! - Stephanie



Kristin it was very cool..with the blood spats to the way the flow was intertwined with a dark pleasure. Passion of vampires with what they do best..hehe! Your vid was so wicked. - Myrhia Chmilar

Well that was different lol - Good, it's very artsy! The paint splatters on the clap was tres cool. ;) - Ashley Dinning

Saw the the film noir effect...the music works...not my style..I'm an old I love the video! All the vamps, of course look hot...and can bite me any old time. I love the way you do the blending and vibration effects... - Betsy

I just watched your new fk video very good ~applause~ I liked the look, especially the way you put in the color red. - Karen Voutsinas

Sweet video my friend love the Sin City look to it and loved the blood coming up on the screen *claps loudly* - Sarah

WOW WOW WOW What an AWESOME video! What a world of difference it makes when you use instrumental music! I LOVE all the videos I have downloaded, but sometimes I get distracted by the lyrics (that's just me). I couldn't take my eyes off the screen with this one. I watched it through twice to make sure I saw everything! What can I say? It's an ADDICTION!!! ;) - Brin

Okay, this one has me conflicted. I love the video. I think it may be your most purely vampiric one to date: no story, just flashes of our favourite vamps in all their glory. It was quite nice to see Urs and Francesca included. The grainy black and white look with the red splashes and hints of colour here and there are a great visual style. I think it might be too overpowering for someone who doesn't "get" vampires though, especially the blood-red splashes, so I probably wouldn't use this as a way to introduce them to this world. As someone who is interested in vampires, however, I think you captured them well. Every single image worked together to create a unified picture. I liked the variety in having fast cuts as well as more drawn-out scenes like the one of Nat and Lacroix from BMV. My only problem is the music. You worked really well with it, but it just gets on my nerves after a couple of minutes. Still, I like the more experimental style of this video and I congratulate you for going in a different direction. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you for your hard work, Kristin! - Mary Lim

Just one thing to say. WHOAH!!! Very sexy - you definitely got it! - Anya

WOW! I think I have a new favorite video now! That was excellent!!! I loved the black and white "film noir" and the blood splattering on the screen. And, of course, seeing all those naughty vampires! ~sigh~ Great job!!! - Kris

God Kristin! You've made some dark videos in the past but this one blows them all away. This vid is the flipside of "Hungry Like The Wolf". Where HLTW was happy hunting through the town, Superpredators shows vampire killing at its darkest. You really showed the beast that is within all vamps. This is right up on there on my list of top faves. Great vid! - Joe Salazar

I have to say once again that your work is pretty, pretty good - I watched your latest video "Superpredators" today and so far I can tell the quality of your work is going better and better. - Stephanie

 LOVE your new music video called Superpredators. I love the black and white with the red that looks like blood I LOVE IT!! You do a great job with your videos. WOW. - Hope Erie

Just got to see your new video. Amazing! And soooo different. - Katherine LeBlanc

Your latest video, "Superpredators," is really awesome. Until I can find the song I've had it on ambiently while writing my paper. - bene_gesserit

I agree, Superpredators is absolutely amazing. The music is greatness, and I love the style (I'm a huge Sin City fan, so seeing it mimicked here was wonderful) - Dark Ravenette

WOW! That is soooo wicked! How did you do that? And the smokey edge was perfect. LOVE IT, WANT MORE. - Jane

~in shock~ This is sooooooooooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!
The effects are so amazing... I love the b&w with the blood stains every once in a while... and colours tints... oh... so perfect... It fits the vampire theme so good, so dark (I mean the vamps ;)). So great. Just.... Wonderful! ~2 Thumbs up~ I love it so much!!!!! -

Wow. That was awesome. I'm lovin all the vampire sex. - Diana

Wow I love the song , it was so creepy. Gotta love creepy . The whole look of the vid was awesome. I love how you used mostly black and white with some punches of color here and there , like in their eyes , and of course the blood hitting the screen on the beats. That was so cool! Awesome job! - SlaveofSpike

I watched your "Super Predators", it is different than the others I have seen, It's cool... Lisa Dixon

You make amazing videos. I love your 'Superpredators' vid. - SassyKitten

It's one of the best fan videos I've ever seen. - Dervila

It was very nice. I liked the blood splatter..every now and then. - Kim

They are INCREDIBLE!! Especially the black and white video with the red blood splashes. Fabulous, simply fabulous! I am an old Forever Knight fan (I watched the Rick Springfield movie and then Crime Time After Prime Time). The videos of yours that I have seen bundle Forever Knight into the scenes and feelings that I loved and that spoke to me. - Donna

I thought that video was a amazing vision of genius. I to am a big fan of Forever Knight, and my favorite season is the second season. GREAT WORK!!! - Juan



I Loved it Kristin..the song I would have to get used to but it worked so Wonderfuly together.The feel and the lyrics matched the aura of what his friendship/and working friendship meant to their time as partners. The overlays give a cop feeling to it. It's very creative. Great vid! - Myrhia Chmilar

I usually watch your videos 2 or 3 times before writing any comments, but I just couldn't wait this time! "Cells" just made me smile right from the beginning. You captured the differences between Nick and Schanke while showing the sweet relationship that exists between the partners in spite of those differences. I love the way you handled the line: "The sun goes up and the sun goes down" - beautiful contrast. The video is so full of emotion, both the joyous moments between Nick and Schanke and the sadness when Schanke is gone. I miss "Donut" more than ever now! It's also nice to see you shift your focus to the more mortal side of FK. (Not that there's anything wrong with the vampire side!! I just like variety.) Okay, I must go watch it again... Thanks as always for your work, Kristin! - Mary Lim

Saw your vid! I loooooooved it, so funny and very fitting to the song. I was actually going to mention that song for a schanke/ nick vid. Great minds think alike haha - Ashley Dinning

Aww Man O Man!! Cells was brilliant!
Catchy Tune and images I was rocking along to very happily, and enjoying the special effects. Then came that very moving and thoughtful reminder that the Schanke we all grew to love died tragically, and how Nick would always remember and miss his souvlaki- munching partner, who probably had a lot more brains than we gave Schanke credit for.
And the words of the song saying 'I will always be with you' as Nick carries the memories on through eternity. It kinda mirrors how I've missed seeing Schanke in Season 3 as well. In life we can get a bit complacent and tragedy can strike when we least expect it.
Excellent Work as usual!!! -

I'm sorry to say's FAN-TAS-TIC!!!! It ranks on place two of my personal hit list of KFKV (Kristin's Forever Knight Videos). - Carhith

I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!!! It really shows the bond between Nick and Schanke. I really missed him in Season 3 (Tracy who??)!! Great job, as always! Man O Man!!!! - Kris

At Last! You've finally done a Nick/Schanke vid and the result was well worth the wait! The overlay of the gun and handcuffs...LOL...that was a great touch and I crack up every time I see it! Great vid! - Joe Salazar

Cells......What a Beaut, man!! Schanks my man! and your video says it just right!! ~applause~ - AnotherLight

I know I'm in the minority when I say I'm NOT a Schanke fan (sorry everyone; he got on my nerves) but the video was still excellent. I particularly liked the way it seemed as though we were sharing Nick's thoughts about his friend as he sat at the piano. And the way you ended it with the Partners of the Month Award. Great job as usual... - Katherine LeBlanc

I really love your new music video,you really saw the chemistry between nick and schanke,but also you saw the chemistry between GWD and John Kapelos and that's why season 3 went downhill,keep up the good work. - Karen Voutsinas

Loved the new video...Nick and Schanke...never realized until I watched it just how close they had really become...and that Nick wasn't all doom and gloom when he was around. - Dot

I waited nearly four hours to watch "Cells" and I must say, after finally watching it, that it was more than worth the wait! The graphics were well presented and the music was very cool, a nice tune that really sticks in your head long after it's over, in a good way. You really showed the laughs, trials, tribulations and tears of Nick and Schanke. The ending with Schanke grave was very sad but touching, as it showed just how much Nick cared for him. Don Schanke will always be my favorite mortal character! Thank you for making a video celebrating his great life!
Keep up the great work! This was my first FK music video and I'm confident to say it will not be my last! -
Joe Raygor

WOW!!!! Definitely worth the wait! This video is outstanding! I think you captured the relationship between Nick and Schanke in the best way possible. It was very moving. I am unfamiliar with the song or the band but it was perfect! - Brin

Cells is a great vid. ~applause~ It seems like the Nick & Schanke relationship is often overlooked, but in reality it was one of the things that made him most 'human." - Amanda Berendt

I love "Cells", the way you have the gun and hand cuffs flash with the beat in red, blue, and green, and the song fit it was just awesome, also loved the way you had the moon and sunset overlayed beautiful! I sure hope you get to do this for the movies some day, wouldn't that be incredible? - Lisa Dixon

Just watched your Cells vid with Nick and Schanke. Really cool video! - Pam


She and Her Darkness

Watched it and it was very enchanting. It was like a whisper of emotion that is full of passion and regret. Very well done...I LOVED IT! Cool effects but not too overdone to take away from the moments...very Beautiful. It was done so wonderfully. It showed a piece we have seen and you made it was Great Kristin. I LOVED IT! - Myrhia Chmilar

Woooohoooo! I love that video especially nick playing the piano in the beginning and the end. You did a fabulous job on this video! Congrats and glad that you're back and waiting for next volume to come...hehehe! Excellent choice in songs as usual! - Karen Voutsinas

Janette is beautifully done in this vid. I absolutely love the black and white shots of Janette in SAD Kris! My favorites are when she shed blood tears that are black and the quick shot from "Father Figure" when she's walking down the hall. She has such a regal air. She looks like a queen. - Joe Salazar

Just downloaded and watch your newest video She and Her Darkness... Like usual you did an outstanding job once again. Your video was excellent. My favorite part of the video is when you see Nick play the piano and in your vid you put a piano symphony when we see our favorite vampire play the instrument that I mentioned just a few lines before... Keep up with the great work. One of your Canadian fans. - Stephanie Forget

I loved it! Another great video Kristin it seems like forever since you've done an FK one and the song it totally awesome! - Sarah

Awesome video! I liked the use of different scenes here, they were more candid. :) I like the video as a whole. It was put together really well ;) But I did like the tinge of green you used for the glowing effect. I thought the makeup effect was cool, you need to switch it up to keep it interesting :) - Ashley Dinning

I've just seen your newest video and it's absolutely fabulous. I was really surprised to see that you've chosen Diary of Dreams. They're one of my favourites and I didn't know they are recognized overseas. It's great :) I'm really looking forward to new stuff. Getting something about FK here in Germany is really difficult. So please hang on. You're doing an excellent job. - Meike

Great video. I am in such a N&J mood lately. It fits their relationship perfectly. You have such a great talent for fitting the images together just right, then adding the music to make a wonderful video. I also liked the soft focus you used in the beginning. Keep 'am coming. Beautiful vid!! - Amanda Berendt

Excellent video!! It actually looked like Nick was playing the piano for the song. And, being an IB, it was such a great video that showed Nick and Janette's eternal love for each other! Excellent, as always! - Kris

Wow the effects in this were beautiful. I loved it. You told the story of their eternal love so well. I also really loved the scenes of Nick playing the piano, kind of matching the music. Very nicely done. - SlaveofSpike

The opening and ending sections are my favourite parts. The slower pace and combination with scenes of Nick at the piano are moody and romantic and also very painterly in a way. There's a feeling of sadness and loss, of the distance separating Nick and Janette despite their history together. I think there a couple of lines that go something like, "Why is your violence still haunting me? Why are your eyes avoiding me?"
which really brought out those emotions for me. - Mary Lim

I also watch the She and Her Darkness video ~ I liked that one a lot too. I made me sad for Janette though. Her and Nick are so cute ^_^ - Michelle



AWESOME! I think it was one of your best Nick video's by far. The contrast of the choppy beats and quick scenes flowed well and I like the sephia tone you used :) - Ashley Dinning

Nicks delusion of lust and hunger for blood, runs so deep, it almost drives him insane with emotions, of a predator he can't control. This was a look into the psyche of the inner beast and human heart, and of the pain and pleasure he experiences, while the bloodlust is on him..a very intriguing video Kristin. - Myrhia Chmilar

Very kool video loved how it's all in a golden/bronze color. The song totally describes Nick to a t ~applause~ - Sarah

Hey Kristin, "Woven" is one of the best videos you ever made! I watched it three times in a row! Music and pictures fit perfectly!!! Nick looks awesome by nature, but you gave him an additional mystic touch in this video. I'm overwhelmed... I want an autograph, please! - Carhith

The transiitions in "Woven" were wonderful Kristin! Their quick pace set the tone for the vid perfectly. And the gold color was stunning. - Joe Salazar

Just one word: wow... - Anya Rolfe

Finally got "Woven" to download...took a little longer than usual, but, WOW was it worth it!!! I love the "old time" appearance of the video, and, of course, you know I love to see Dark Nicholas....YUMMY!!! Just the thing to see the day before my b-day!!! - Kris

Beautiful, Kristin!! I really liked seeing Nick's conversion all in order at the beginning. That was great! You are so awesome!!! Great vid!!! - Amanda Berendt

Just a quick stop in to say that I LOVED "Woven." You never fail to amaze, Kristin. - Dark Ravenette

Where I liked the slowness of the previous video, I like the fast pace in this one. There's more of a narrative quality, with the flashing images highlighting the inner turmoil and constant struggle that haunt Nick.
It's probably tempting when assembling short clips to just pick random shots, but I did get the impression that each one was chosen here for a specific reason, which is much more satisfying to watch! I especially liked the short section with Alyce. Again, the ending is very strong. - Mary Lim


A Perfect Lie

Oooh that was really good! Very seductive and empowering. I think it was great! A real creative vision. - Ashley Dinning

This is not a perfect lie when I say: "A perfect vid!" Love it! It steps into my personal top ten! - Carhith

Neat and interesting video Kristin and loved the song it works perfectly ~applause~ - Sarah

"A Perfect Lie" is beautiful Kristin. Not only was the Baroness displayed nicely, but your choice of the other women; Urs, the Leper Girl from "I Will Repay" and Lucy Preston from "Love You to Death" were perfect compliments to the vid that really brought home the theme of eternal beauty. - Joe Salazar

I Love your newest Video's "A Perfect Lie", and "Crazy Boy"
Your work has come a long way fast, and I didn't think it could get any better! Awesome! Excellent!
- Lisa Dixon

Bravo, on yet again another Awesome Masterpiece pal ~_^ ~A Perfect lie~ is a work of passion,beauty and the seduction driven towards vanity, when asking to become a vampire.:D Great Vid - Myrhia Chmilar

I just had to tell you I loved "A Perfect Lie" - the video and the music were perfect! Thanks go out to Joe too for the idea :) Thanks again for all your work - Moe

I loved 'Perfect Lie' and the theme of that as well, all those ladies seeking eternal youth but at what cost, even if that's not what they wanted as in the case of Urs for instance. Excellent stuff m'dear. I see you maturing, becoming more sophisticated with your editing :). Top of the class as usual m'dear. Carry on! - Heather

A Perfect Lie was awesome! Great job, as always! - Kris

I downloaded your newest fk video " a perfect lie" and I must say BRAVO,BRAVO - your #1 fan - Karen Voutsinas

This is my favourite of the bunch. The simplicity of the lyrics emphasizes the emotions, especially a melancholiness. I like an occasional look at the sadder side of vampirism. The layering and blurring of the images added to this mood. You included a lot of my favourite minor characters like Urs and the baroness; I always love seeing them. The video has yet another strong ending - I've seen some other videos out there that fall off a bit near the end, so I praise you highly for not losing your focus. - Mary Lim


Glass Knight

It was soothing in a cool hypnotic atmosphere..Making the aghast of the decisions of vampirism so life altering, in a good or bad way. Guilt was playing in parts that was moving..To understand the lust and the why in changing someone...Very well done Kristin..It's a emotional vid at Nicks darkest and saddest moments.His loneliness is touching and heartfelt..Again you did it pal. You are always and forever Queen of the Knight! - Myrhia Chmilar

Just saw it - beautifully made Kristin and the song is awesome. I loved it! - Sarah

I really love this video, keep them! Keep up the good work! I love seeing Nick at his best. Your fan - Karen Voutsinas

Awesome! I really loved the light effect. The ambience was great. :) - Ashley Dinning

I've been waiting for a "Glass Knight" vid for ages! I think that all FK fans have been dying for you to make a vid with this song forever and you did a wonderful job. - Joe Salazar

I just visited your site earlier and I saw the new music video Glass Knight that song is freaking awesome! I love it! You are very talented, gifted, and not to forget beautiful. Bring on more music videos. - Laura Verdon

I downloaded the new video. You just get better. - Jeannie

Excellent video! I've been having withdrawals lately - so glad you were there to give me my "fix"! And with lots of Dark Nick too! \/~~\/ - Kris

The quality of the editing is up to your usual high standards, but this time I think the video really works better at the points without any lyrics. Although I like the song as background music in the Raven, it seems to lack passion compared to some of your other recent choices. It's almost too light to be the only companion of the dark images. As I said before, I still admire your editing work, but the video just isn't one of my faves. - Mary Lim

Ah...bliss...high-speed internet...I can DOWNLOAD! I'm loving the new vid, Kristin. - Laurel Aimé



Heroine was Awesome!!!..I loved the blue overtones in the visual. It moved like a dream, and the music connected with the characters situation. Their illusion and feelings for Nick..With the both ways it could go. It was so sensual~. ;) - Myrhia Chmilar

I just watched it. It's beautiful, as always. You never cease to amaze! - Dark Ravenette

I agree with DR; it was great as expected. - Jonus

Ooooh la, that was great. I really love the new effects. Especially the sheer curtains rustling in the wind. - Ashley Dinning

I love it!!!I was waiting for a nick and janette,a good job well done... - Karen Voutsinas

Love it! :) I give it Four out Four. - NickLives

Absolutely awesome overlay! It worked with the beat of the song wonderfully. I love it that you gave both Janette and Natalie equal attention in the video. I think that it was essential that both characters express their feelings equally and independently. - Joe Salazar

Excellent work!! ~claps~ as usual :) Great work! - Sam

I loved it :) I really loved the colors of the video! - Sarah

WOO HOO!!!! Excellent job, as usual. I really loved the "two sides" from Janette to Natalie. Then seeing Nick between them at the end. AWESOME!!!! (also got an AWESOME from my daughter too!) - Kris

I wanted to tell you that I downloaded it the other day. And I think its one of your best. Me and my mom have bought a new dvd player and it is soo much fun to watch your music videos on it. - Hope Erie

Absolutely stunning as usual. - Melissa

I downloaded Heroine yesterday and it is Awesome!! ~applause~ -

I truly hope this isn't going to be another email with me mindlessly going on and on about your unique talent and unimaginable creativity , but of course I just cant help myself, as usual.
I read your last email, and just had to go the site and see "Heroine", oh Kristin, I absolutely love it... -

I have to say that I, too, loved your new video. I needed an FK vid fix in the worst way. I love your Christian Bale videos, but for me an FK vid is like taste and you're enslaved...LOL! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it. I liked the Janette/Nick/Nat thing. Enjoyed the video and I hope for more. - Deb N.

I love this video, it's very dark and sexy.....yummy! - Carhith

 I want to tell you that I really liked your new video on FK. It was awesome! Good job! Looks very sensual. =) - Jesse

It was awesome! Very nice work. I was feeling hot when I was looking at it . I loved the video Kristin. The song is awesome and the video is dark and sexy as always. More sexy videos of Nat/ Nick/Janette! Bravo! - knightangel

I've just watched "Heroine" for the fourth time - there's something intoxicating about it. The colour and the effects create a dreamy quality that complements the idea of Janette and Nat both seeing the illusions of Nick that they want to see. I love a lot of things about this video, including the transition between Janette and Nat as well as the final image of the two of them together to reinforce their sameness despite their different views of Nick, but more than anything else, I admire the synchronization of images and music. You always go beyond the simplistic approach of matching up scenes very literally to the lyrics to somehow match the rhythm of the music too. I don't know how you do it, but it's the touch that makes your work great rather than just good, and it's marvelous in "Heroine." Thanks for your wonderful efforts! - Mary Lim


Absence of Light

Wow, I loved that! The new effect is divine. I really like the sweeping motion of the ethereal mist you used this time around. Very atmospheric, as well as the smokiness and dramatic light. Excellent. One of the best. Makes me want to go watch FK lol - Ashley Dinning

Brilliant MASTERPIECE, Kristin! ~applause~ - Joe R.

Totally awesome and beautiful Kristin! - Sarah

OMG..that was so Beautiful pal :D The lighting, colors, and smoke effect made their love and environment magical. Awesome work and we both love it very much! - Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

Stunning. You're going places... - cousiniguana

VERY great video, Kristin! Wonderful work! I love it! - Carhith

Love the video Kristen nice work Love it Bravo Love ya! -  Knightangel

I saw your latest creations the new Nick and Janette video,wow, hubba hubba,bravo bravo,more more Nick and you're the greatest! Your #1 fan. - Karen Voutsinas

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! And just in time for Valentine's Day! All romantic and everything! :) Excellent job, as always! - Kris

Happy Valentine's Day Indeed!!!! Absence of Light was just perfect - you just made my day. I loved the look and feel of the video - I watched it 3 times already! Thanks again Kristin - Please keep them coming, I hope you never lose interest in creating them - as I never seem to get enough of them :) - Moe

Gorgeous vid, Kris! "Absence of Light" is very beautiful. The mist overlay and dark coloring were absolutely gorgeous, and complimented the music perfectly. Great job as always. - Joe Salazar

Just had to write a quick note, I just watched your latest video , "Absence of Light" and of course couldn't resist writing a note.. Thanks for yet another priceless work of art.. Each time you make a new video or I watch one I haven't seen yet, I feel as if the show is still in production, and while there is no actual dialogue, the theme music you add to it seems to tell a story and it makes a new episode all in itself, hope that you'll continue in the fine work... - James

Incredible as always my friend, esp. "Absence of Light". :-) I like watching the videos almost more than watching the series now. LOL - Penny

"Absence of Light" is filled with romance and tension. You've taken many of those brief but meaningful moments between Nick and Janette and really drawn out the emotion in them. The music is great! I hope you're planning on using more songs from this band. The smoky effect on the images complements the vocals' hypnotic quality. Once again, you've edited the video with a keen sense of rhythm that always impresses me. I especially love the way you've incorporated the bite from Crazy Love. Thanks for sharing your latest effort! - Mary Lim

Great vid! I love it! HOT! HOT! HOT! Great job, babe! - Arkaad

I did see the Absence of Light video, I like the fantasy type effect that it has. Her and Nick are so cute ^_^ - Michelle


Bleeding Heart

The manipulations were very well done. I think they fit the song famously. - Ashley Dinning

YES! YES! YES!!! Kristin you're so talented!!!!! Those words don't even begin to describe your work. I've watched this several times and it's amazing the manipulations you can do. I LOVE the part when Nat opens her eyes for the first time, the golden glow‹makes me shiver with delight. The part where Nick bites her neck and we see the blood oozing down‹Whew, that¹s hot, just as hot as the scene with him without a shirt, standing behind her. This is so awesome because I always did want Nat to become a vampire. The only thing that could have made it better is more Nat vampire shots. <BG> Your talent just keeps getting better. This is a long way from those earlier videos, but they're still dear to me. Thank you for making another N&N video. - Deborah Hymon

Thanks ever so for the vid! It must have been really hard to put together the manips and the effects, and those EYES! Fabulous! And again 1000 out of 10 for your work! Well done m'dear! - Heather

If you can see me now you'll laugh at me cos my mouth is wide open and my tongue out in great amazement. Oh you will never fail to amaze us FK fans, Nat and Nick packers and DarkNN alike especially, not in a million years. You have been a great inspiration for me. I could watch it over and over and over again. I could understand how difficult your manipulations are. It was one of the great efforts you've done so far considering the limited scenes of Nat and Nick together not to mention in a vamp mode. Nobody could measure up with your patience and your skills. I salute you girl! All I can say is I crave for more. More Power girl. You'll go far in this field that I can bet on! - Julie Herera

Saw your announcement today on the forkni-L and downloaded your special NN video. What can I say? Except...Wow, it was awesome! I love the manipulations you created, especially the one where Nick is biting Nat and the blood in dripping down her neck. That was one hot, erotic scene. Left me all a quiver. Thanks for creating this for us NNpackers!
- Patty Costantino

I just watched your new video. I loved it. You did such a awesome job of vamping Nat. Thanks for another great video. Please keep up the great job you are doing. -
Phyllis Russ

Yet another brilliant work of art, Kristin. I just saw your latest creation, Bleeding Heart, and as usual you've surprised me again.. Thanks as always. After the bite, and when I saw Natalie's eyes glow green, I got lost in thoughts for a moment and felt as if I were sitting in front of the tv 10 years ago and it was the week after Last Knight, and this was the beginning of the next episode... good dream while it lasted. Thank you so much for all that you do. I hope that all your fans continue to support you and all of your works.... I was moved to tears by "Bleeding Heart"; as you know the 10 year anniversary is near, you truly have kept FK alive, for those who truly care; Thank you ever so, for all you've done... -

I don't know who you made more happy hun me or Deb hehe I so luved it hun another excellent job you did! - Sarah

Amazing, as usual :) My BF just introduced me to Curve in the last couple of months, I sent him the link as well. Thanks! :) - Kristen Fife

Thank you Kristin...just got to see your new video..WOW it just amazing. Loved the music too.... -

I liked Bleeding Heart . Good job, liked the way you made that blue loop look like blood! I always love watching Nick neck bite! - Lisa Dixon

Excellent, awesome, sexy, seductive,.....the list just goes on. WOW! Kristin that was some really talented manipulations you did. So when do we get to see your name on the big screen for video editing and all that other good stuff? Loved the song too, it was definitely fitting and gonna have to add it to my collection of FK songs. And a BIG THANK YOU for my NN FIX too!!!!! <bg> - Shanel

What an awesome follow-up to Last Knight... almost as if Last Knight didn't happen! I *loved* the new scenes. This video was so hot, I thought my computer would melt! - Pam (Jaxie)

Wow, that was fantastic,encore encore,you have such talent,,now more more janette and nick...lolol - Karen Voutsinas

Your Bleeding Heart video was great! You are so talented. When it got to the end, I just wanted it to last longer!! Thanks for giving us Nick and Nat fans something to keep us hooked. Hope you give us more. You are so appreciated!!!!!!! - Sheryl Landry

I saw your N&N vid and it was very good. You did great manips in it..
I'm glad you did one for the N&N fans..It has been a long while for them. It must have been hard to do the N&N video, when they are not your favorite couple But you did Great! -
Myrhia Chmilar

The "Bleeding Heart" video is incredible! I love it!! Much Love! - Pen

(SIGH) Kristin, Thankyou! I have to agree with Patty. I love that scene with Nick biting Natalie and the blood running. WOW! The colors you used in this were wonderful. And that swirl of red at the beginning was fantastic. Eagerly awaiting more. -
Phylis Sullivan

Well, you've certainly proved that Nick and Nat haven't lost their ability to inspire you! You've succeeded on putting a whole new spin on their relationship. I know that the idea of Nat as a vampire has been explored in fanfic and photomanipulations before, but it takes on a lot more power in video form. You build up great tension right from the beginning in the rhythm and colours. At first, it seems like just another look at the sad events of Last Knight...but then those eyes! Nat is absolutely stunning - and haunting - as a vampire. Some of the manipulations work more successfully than others, but most are perfectly convincing. You've given totally different meaning to familiar scenes. The dream-like quality of the video got me thinking - this could be seen as a continuation of Nick and Nat's story after the end of the series...or is it just an unattainable fantasy in one of their minds? The song, combined with the final image of Nat much more as a victim than a lover, conveys the sense of tragedy and impossibility that always infected the characters' relationship. But maybe I'm just reading too much into it! I really appreciate all the hard and time-consuming work you must have put into this one. I always enjoy when you take a new and unexpected turn in your creations. Thanks so much for sharing "Bleeding Heart"...but now I'm not sure if you've satisfied the NNPackers or just left them begging for more! - Mary Lim

Whoo! Score for the NatVampCamp. I may not be an NN'er, but I love seeing Natalie as a vampire. Like Nick said in BMV, "she would at least improve our kind." It is lush and beautiful, Kristin! - Melissa

Bleeding Heart is a tour de force of your constantly developing skills in video creation and editing. Your passion for the craft is evident in every manipulation, special effect, song, coloring, in short, the total composition. We fans are so fortunate to be able to no only share in the results of your hard work, but also to be able to chart your artistic progress from one new video to the next. Brava Kristin, we applaud you! As always, I look forward to your next sultry, hot, sexy video no matter the subject!(BG!) - Gloria Price

All I can say is W O W! What a fantastic job you did! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Thanks! - Susan B.

I liked your NN video very much. You did a fantastic job. - NdB1228

Even though I'm a devoted IB, I really enjoyed "Bleeding Heart". The manips were beautifully done and watching the new scenes in the vid was like watching an all new episode of FK. - Joe Salazar

All I have to Say Kristin is Brava! Another Great Video, Like fine wine that has aged you just keep getting better and better! :) Can't wait for the next one! :) - Michael

Just got a chance to watch the new video, and I thought it was excellent (even from an IB like me)! I loved the manipulated scenes and the wonderful job you did on Nat's eyes! Great job, as usual!! - Kris

I just saw your video and it was GREAT!!! I miss the show so much and it was like a new episode. Thanks for that. - Ruth

My favorite part of the Bleeding Heart was Natalie's vampire eyes ~ those were really neat. You did good with the manipulation. I bet that was tough! It was really fun to watch because of the different manip scenes that were added!  - Michelle


Dangerous Mind

Awesome video! I really like the new effects: The bursting of light when they thought of one another, and the red hue that you added. I also really liked the bit at the end. Definitely, couldn't have picked a better song! - Ashley Dinning

I love the Nat/Lacroix music video the music is beatuiful and haunting more please! Bravo Kristin! - Knightangel

Wow, Kristin... this video is one of your best, I think.
I admire the way you put different scenes together to give them another appropriate meaning matching with the theme of the music video.
I love the scene where we can see Lacroix in foreground and Nat runnning through the market-garden in the background.
Also fantastic: the scene where Nat is lying in Nick's chair and Lacroix is watching her through the roof-light!
I also love the scene where Lacroix catches Nat spying at the door.
And, last but not least: grandiose ending! -

I really enjoyed your new video and I thought the subject was very interesting. I can't believe how fast you make these videos. You are very talented. Your videos and other Forever Knight work keep the show alive for all of us fans. Keep up the good work.
Sheryl Landry

I finally got around to three videos that I hadn't downloaded. To say brillant is an understatement. The one with LaCriox and Nat was excellent. Congratulations. You just keep better if that is possible. - Jeannie

Myrhia & I saw the vid,,my god, you created a visual connection between the two, like a mental link within the's like they see each other as a (sort of equal). But it's like light & dark, (in Nicks life) they both represent two sides of his existence. If anyone should of gotten together, Nat & LC should of, cause LC started to warm up a bit with humans...and Nat wanted to embrace the dark side for a bit. And plus you can see in the series, they fight in a intellect level, of understanding in some way. It's hard to explain, but they could be a match to understand each other. -
Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

"Dangerous Mind" is a deliciously dark N/L vid. I think that your darker themed vids are your best ever, and this one is very well-done. - Joe Salazar

"Dangerous Mind" certainly falls into that category. As much as I adore Nick, well, it never hurts to take a break from him and his angst, right? This video really lets the strength of Lacroix's and Natalie's characters shine. Others have already mentioned the great ending and the way you've turned familiar scenes into something new and fresh - all I can say is that I agree! I don't know what else to add except that you really seem to have had fun making this one; I know I had fun watching it. - Mary Lim

You've done it, yet again.. I recently watched "Dangerous Mind", and I have to say that while I'm usually able to sit here and type out something impressive, I confess I'm somewhat at a loss for words, It may take a few nights to come up with something worthy. I've always looked on your works with amazement, but this is truly different.. I have seen it several times, and I'm going to download the song now, thanks to you I've recently added a few songs to my library things I never would have thought to notice until I saw them in your films.. But, as I was saying, this is truly moving. I absolutely love it, I'm so glad that you've shown the softer emotional sides of lacroix and natalie, I have always loved the episode when he lures her to the restaurant, I always loved their conversations and interactions; throughout the series we usually saw lacroix as the protagonist, but only later did we see the softer emotional side of him, I always knew that he wasn't so bad, I read someplace a description of him as "the vampire you love to hate", or maybe" the vampire you hate to love" , but that episode was always so moving, and the way you ended your film, the scene of him crumbling the flower, then the way he just gazes, that was so moving. Thank you so much for this one.. you've always been the best at your work, and I honestly cannot choose any one video as a favourite.. but this one is moving to the top of the list, if I were to have a list of favourites.. maybe better to say that when I log in, this is the first one I'll go to look at before anything else... - Jameson

Dangerous Mind was a neat video! I like the song! Also you could definitely get the idea of the whole Natalie & LaCroix fascination. I like the ethereal effects!  - Michelle

A dear friend just told me about your LC/Nat video and I just downloaded it. What can I say, I really love this one. Great job! Thanks! - ShiningMoon

I enjoyed your LC/Nat video too what a beautiful song that you picked for the vid . I love your videos Kristin Bravo nice one! - Knightangel

I totally agree with everyone. The LC/Nat vid is very well done and quite enjoyable to watch. ^^ - Silvere

I really like your "dangerous mind" vid, it makes you consider LaCroix and Nat as a couple.....hmmm...they would have made a handsome pair...You know LaCroix is kind of sexy in an evil way lol...shame on me... - Lisa Dixon

That Music Video made my heart hammer in my chest and my muse flare up. Wow. It was just..I am at at lose for for words . It was just spetacular in every way. I don't know how you do it . Just keep it up. I don't know what esl;e to say. Words are not enough sometimes. And in your case , alot of times. - Areanna WhiteWolf


Sister of Knight

Oooh I loved all the new effects, such as the rose and flickering light/flame. The out of frame sequence was a nice touch too. It was lovely as always. - Ashley Dinning

What a breath taking video. Great combination with the scenes and as always, LOVE the effects! - Amanda Wilcoxen

Absolute perfection...
I just saw your newest creation, not only was I unable to look away from the screen, but the songs fits the scenery so perfectly, and I was so moved by not only your using scenes from "stranger than fiction" I've always loved when Janette was in the loft with the writer, the wardrobe she had and the way her hair was in that episode, but then you added the ending from "Partners of the month" and when I saw nick and Janette in each others arms, and the way they were turning.. it was as if I were seeing it for the first time.. I dont watch television often , unless its discovery or history or programmes about ghosts or hauntings... but the few times I've seen other shows, I notice that the characters are so dull, and there arent any romantic moments, but when FK was on, there was true love and passion each time.. I think, that of the greatest and most tragic loves of history, Nick and Janette were/are truly the most wonderous that I can imagine.. If only those qualities were still true; Its a comfort that we still have Fk to look back on for comfort.. Well, Im going to watch it again. Kristin, thanks again for such a wonderful work. -

It has been impressive to watch your talents grow over the years. This last Janette video is truly your best yet, the imagery is perfect for the subject. Outstanding! Thanks again for keeping the fun and magic of a great show alive past its time. -

I saw your new Awesomely gorgeous N&J *Sister of the Night*video..Amazing pal!. It expressed a softer expression to the story of their love. Like silk and passion, and a glowing light on their love. The effects was so well done. It gave a softness to them, and when it picked up it was savage distortion. ;) The music flowed with the scenes and effects Beautifully. Hugs of another masterpiece. - Myrhia Chmilar

"Sister of Knight" is stunning, Kris! I especially liked the earthquake rumbling effect you used in the vid. - Joe Salazar

I watched your new vid Sister of night, those are some cool new transitions! - Lisa Dixon

The languid pace of the music and the dreamy effects and washed-out colour scheme create a seductive feeling of intense passion.
Janette's skin seems to glow at times, as if her "body's on fire." The fast section provides a jarring (but good) contrast to the rest of the piece.
Overall, the video gives weight to many of Janette's small expressions and moments and seems to emphasize her loneliness in spite of the action of the world around her. -
Mary Lim



This is probably the best Janette vid you've done so far. ;) It's not only lyrically perfect, but the sequence and effects are so fluid. Collide was a great choice. - Ashley Dinning

Oh, honey, this video is absolutely stunning!!! A dark, deadly, black life - fantastic! - Carhith

I just watched your new Janette video ... again ... I love it! Keep 'em coming and Thank you for all you have done. -

I always what your vids, regardless of fandoms.
I watch them because WOW they are always so awesome.
I really liked this one. It just flowed and it was so pretty...
*stares* Every Forever Knight vid of yours I watch really makes me wanna check out this show lol. -

Very cool fast paced editing. The colors are beautiful. I'm not sure if the coloring is from the source or not, but if it is, you used them to the full extent. I basically sat there the time thinking, "ohh, pretty." - kiki_miserychic

The Video shows Janette has a strong sense of Charisma, she's a Sorceress, conjuring her black magic into the atmosphere.
In this vid Janette's presence displays her as a elegant yet, silent killer, whom has history & a dominate role as a powerful vampiress .
The ultraviolet lighting creates an edge of Janette's lifestyle, as a Lover to Nick, a successful Mistress of many roles (as she lived many lives, throughout the ages). For though she radiate a dark & dangerous side, she has sensuality, that you show within the black fire in this Masterpiece you've created.
This video has become another of our favorites, we are listening to it many times, cause it has such a great impact. What can we say, Awesome song to use for a Janette video, this one stands alone as it only focuses on her. The visual effects give a vampiress dark existence, as she walk into shadows, she is truly a vision, of a true Beauty of the night. A true Masterpiece Kristin, but then again the videos reflection only shines, though the person who created it.
~Your respect & love for Janette's character truly shines through, in this music vid~. Very impressive! -
Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

Black is one of your best vids ever. I love it that you made a video that concentrated exclusively on Janette. I love Janette even more than Nick. This vid is in my list of top five favorites. Please make more vids that focus on Janette exclusively! I love her character to death! - Joe Salazar

Beautiful as always. I love the music of Collide. Congrats that some of your vids are on the third DVD box ^__^ - freaky_nerd

Lost for words, yet again... I just watched your newest creation, Black, and I loved it. I especially loved the fog throughout the entire piece, it added such a mood. Anyway I absolutely loved it. thanks again for each new piece you create. - James

Beautiful as usual, Kristin. You really expressed the sensual decadence of the character very well with the coloring and overlays. It's all very gentle but... rich. Love the dancing at 0:50, but it's tough to pick it apart into moments because it's all about the whole - the feel and ambience of the vid. Just a gorgeous mood piece. - bradcpu

I finally watched it Kristin and let me tell ya it is amazing keep it up! - Knightangel

I loved the smoke curling overlay and the overall colourisation of the vid. Like Steph says *stares* I was mesmerized, so I guess that would make me an easy victim for the vamps. Very interesting to see another vampire fandom other than my usual. Great work. - thedothatgirl

It was beautiful Kristin *applause* You're very talented! - GothicKnight

I was looking at more of your work and I just had to come back and say wow... The work you did on the black video is impressive to say the least. You definitely captured the feel and the mood. - Aud

Pardon my language in advance. Holy Shit. You are GOOD. Really slick and professional. The effects, timing, lighting changes, editing, content, background music, everything. Wow! When I think of the character "Janette", this would be the exact image I would have come up with. You, self-taught, came up with this video. Even the song is dark and sensual just like the character, and sounded like a Raven background song. I am glad that Sony used some of your work for the upcoming 3rd season release. - Nathan

This video shows a more playful side of Janette and includes many of her "iconic" poses (like standing at Nick's piano smoking). You put a totally different spin on the same scenes from Sister of Night just through your music and editing choices. - Mary Lim


Lose Control

Lose Control starts off hauntingly. I cannot think of a better word for it. I never get tired of watching Nick at his piano as if he's the one playing the music. The pace, the images, the softness and the fire make the opening of the video slow and seductive. The contrast with the harder, choppier sections with so many vamp-y shots is wonderful. I did notice that you used more of the vampiric scenes than in other vids, which is nice for a bit of a change. Anyway, the effect is one of this great, burning passion lurking just below the surface in every encounter between Nick and Janette. Even when they're just looking at each other, as in the confrontation at the loft in HF, the tension is always there. The same goes for the "new scenes" mixed in with the dancing. Sure, they're only dancing, but we know what they're really thinking about... To be honest, at first I didn't even realize that the new scenes were manips! I actually caught myself thinking, "Hey - what episode is that from? It looks familiar, but not..." Well done! Lastly, the pearls bouncing on the floor at the end sum up the video as a whole and the idea of lost control in a beautifully simple way. What a fantastic way to welcome the release of Season 3! - Mary Lim

Yes! I am going to watch this again!
You just keep outdoing yourself Kristin.
I love the fast cuts, the arrangement, the atmosphere, the song was a good choice as well, the looks between them, and love the pearls falling, hehe.. Hot! It's like a roller coaster slowly climbing dreamlike, then fast, intense, it lolls you then it grips you, and shakes you, like a love affair. The part where Nick blows out the match, I was swooning, and again, the ripped off pearls falling to the floor with the candle going out, Yes!
Thank You for making this! - Lisa Dixon

I love the idea of Lose control, love the mix of episodes and it just perfect, great work! - evillspell

I just noticed that you've put your latest creation up, I just watched it and Im lost for words, I loved every frame of it, and the ending, I've always loved those scenes with the candles being blown out and the pearls falling.. its so emotional - you're absolutely the best. - James

Lose Control is awesome! I love how it starts out innocent and sweet and then exposes the dark side of vampire nature. - Joe Salazar

AGAIN a wonderful video by Kristin, as we used to expect it...! I LOVE it! You mixed text, music and pictures perfectly, as always. - Carhith

I loved it very much Kristin beautiful work. - Knightangel

This has to be your best yet! The song is a great choice to tell the story of Nick and Janette, and your video scenes follow perfectly. It really brings out their passion for each other. Keep up the good work!! *applause* - AnotherLight

Your N&J vid was so magical pal. So intimate with with their hunger for eachother and of being lost in their passion. I loved your work of the dream like and real ;) It was really breath taking. - Myrhia

I love the blurry, dreamy look of the video. It really helps to enhance the overall mood. I LOVE the overlays too, especially that of the spinning golden light. The abrupt changes in tone were also handled masterfully, switching from the soft gold to a harsh red overlay and much darker, fiercer imagery. Really liked the jerky cutting, like at 1:24. It helped add a more chaotic feel to those portions of the video. Nice use of external motion at 4:03, especially combined with the overlays. All in all, fantastic work - as always. :) - dragonchic

Great to see some of Evanescence's new stuff in a video! First off, great manipulation of the first scene - it really looks like the character is playing the piano. And as dragonchic said, loved the dreamlike feel of the whole video. Even when it picked up at the chorus it still maintained that feel. The subtle light overlays at the beginning are very pretty and the eye shots at the beginning of the chorus worked very well. Another wonderfully edited video Kristin! - Aimee

Beautiful as usual. The manipulated scenes are also much smoother. - Melissa

Your editing and effects are really good, the stop motion look of scenes is good! And the editing of the clips flow with the sound of the song. I like the scenes around 3:57, the blending is good there, and you did a good job of showing his dreams or thoughts being haunted by her. Nice job, Kristin! - Kelly



That's probably your best nick/lacriox vid yet. You can tell there was a lot of meticulous thought put into it scene wise, such as certain cinematography to fit with the music. I also loved the panning of the scene when lacriox is close up in the raven/ the blowing kiss/smile shots at the end. - Ashley Dinning

*squee* Hell's bells! This is bloody AWESOME!!! You've made this morning a good one ^_^. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much =D - freaky_nerd

That was fantastic! You used the effects so well -- they weren't just there to be pretty, they really advanced the character interaction. I love it! - giandujakiss

Great video, Kristin! Your artwork is very good, as always. The video describes Nick's and LaCroix's relatonship very well. Great work. -

I saw it and i am over the moon, i loved the work. Your special effects were incredible! You are a pro lady! -

Terrific vid! You displayed Nick and Lacroix's relationship wonderfully. - Joe Salazar

Whoa M80 - This is absolutely fantastic !!!! - Man, if Slave was ever released as a single, U've defo got my vote for video director !!! - Stevie

Excellent video here and Slave works really well with it. Nice one!
I've not actually seen or heard of the TV show it's about, but it looks pretty cool. Cheers for sharing this Kristin. -

I loved it Kristin the song was perfect for the relationship between LaCroix and Nick you've out done yourself this time simply amazing!!!!  I love the colors that you used in the vid and also I love the song it was perfect for the relationship between Nick/Lacroix outstanding work!  -

Excellent ----- Slave is my fav from Jagged too, so an added bonus. -

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! I love the misty overlays and the gold-green color scheme-just like a FK vampire's eyes when the beast emerges. I also liked the song choice, the driving electronic drumbeat added to the possessive, desperate theme. - Melissa

My, my...As Lacroix might say:" delicious." It's hard to pick out specifics about what I like in "Slave." There's just too much goodness! I can say that I like the combination of the text and dialogue at the beginning to set up the theme of the video. The love. The hate. The possibilities. The way you put together the images and scenes gave completely new meanings to the original material in a lot of cases. The greenish tint gave me a hint of the jealousy in Nick and Lacroix's relationship as well as - I don't know how to say it - a poisonous quality, perhaps. Nick, as always, is lost in turmoil, but as Lacroix's devilish smile at the end shows, the master knows that his slave will always return...forever... - Mary Lim

Kristin, wow! I think this is my favorite of your Forever Knight videos. Love the green coloring and the way you edited to the tempo of the song. The manipulations are also very masterfully done - I wish I knew how to do that! Excellent editing at the chorus, around 1:15. The flashes really added to the video. You did a very good job of convincing me that these two characters had something going on beneath the surface. Great job! - Aimee

I think this is the best Nick Lacriox vid so far.
The song is great, love the effects, coloring, and voice overs! I look forward to each new video! loved it! - Lisa Dixon

I recently saw your latest creation, and once again Im lost for words, I know I keep saying Im lost for words, and I truly am, but one night Im going to have to find some words worthy of a compliment.. everything along the lines of how amazed it is to see your works, seems like empty flattering comments that you get every night of your life, I want to try to find some truly moving words... - James

That was very good...incredible actually. I can't remember this show being so sexy...but yeah, man that was incredibly sensual and well-paced and just all around good. - anashi

That really was impressive. The effects were very, well, effective, with one exception: the kind of white light tunneling effect from about 3:48 to 4:26 didn't quite work for me, but over all I really enjoyed it, and it's good to be reminded how much I love that show. - uberfrosch

I really liked this vid! your timing was spot on, and your effects were hot.. i really really like how you did the beginning titles!!... very top notch stuff! your editing was great.. i really liked how you did the strobing overlays.. the song was also perfect, and created a dark and mysterious atmosphere...i really liked this! it is definitely the best of your forever knight vids!! keep it up! - Jake

We wanted to mention that your video was again a wonderful masterpiece, showing LaCroix & Nick. How we saw it, is that Nick & LaCroix has a connected bond towards each other, living off each others existences. As they lived with their own company in many ages, & went through the struggles over the years. Nick's life choices, do reflect on LaCroix's speculations on Nick's loyalty, as well as how they have,, not only conflict, but also a tense sire/fledgling relationship. The song Slave was a wise choice, for intermixing the atmosphere of Nick & LaCroix. For it shows a great vision of two versions, of the vampire world. One: Of Nick's living by his standards, & second: LaCroix wanting him to follow by his path alone, & only his order. Basically the video shows a struggles of co-existences between LaCroix the father, and Nick, the child of LaCroix. And taking that type of title, comes with specific obligations of their pact. - Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

Wow, that was just...wonderful! Your feel for these characters really shines through. I absolutely loved it! And am now off to download your other vids :) I haven't seen this show in long, but you've reminded me of why I used to love it. And the Nick/LaCroix relationship was always my favorite part of the show. - sol_se

Just watched 'slave''s brilliant...well done...i feel loads better already just down to watching that.....(you just know its gonna get the 3gp treatment by me and end up on my mobile..).. - Langy

"Slave" has got to be my favorite video now. I honestly didn't think that "Come Undone" would ever be replaced! The talking at the beginning and end is an awesome effect! Then, of course, my two favorite vampires are in it as well! EXCELLENT JOB!!! - Kris

This has got to be one of the hottest, slashiest, sexiest vids I have ever seen -- all done by manipulating scenes from a PG-13 television show. Of course, the subtext was always there, but ... yowsa. - Giandujakiss


In a Dark Place

Wow, that really felt like a journey - you really ride along with Nick emotionally. I love that many of your FK vids have a dreamlike look to them, but I don't think it's ever been more effective than it is with this one. You're really a master at the use of overlays to create motifs for each segment of the music, and this was some of your best work on that front as well. My favorite segment - maybe my favorite segment from any of your videos - was the black and white "dream". It had an incredibly powerful look. Reminded me a little of "Nosferatu". Also love the time toggled external movement on Nick at the piano near the end. Wonderful vid, as usual, Kristin. Can't wait to share this one with my wife, who loves FK and your vids as much as I do. - bradcpu

We both watched the new vid..Amazing and very artistic. It was a mix of the main characters, with noir gothic background aura, and then turns into very colorful in the mixed scenes. Very powerful. We loved your style in this..God you are a Goddess in this field of dreams and fantasy.  - Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

I loved the music choice. It fit perfectly with the overall mood of the video. I especially enjoyed the black and white shake movie effects. Very nice touch. - vtress29

I loved the video... you're getting a lot more fluid, even with the numerous overlays, they work well together. - Ashley Dinning

Freaking awesome Kristin! I loved it loved it Loved it! This vid is the best one yet to come! Amazing work bravo Kristin - Knightangel

It's your birthday, but we get the present and what a beautiful gift it is! I just can't say it enough, Kristin, but you have such a talent. I must say I love the blood moving slowly through veins intercut with the rest of the FK footage, it reminds us of Nick's simultaneous repulsion and enjoyment of feeding. And the use of Janette, LaCroix, and Natalie is what ties everything together. Separate they may be, they are equally Nick's family, even though Janette/LC will be there long after Natalie is dust in her grave, unless she would be brought across. Why? Because they all want to take Nick out of his dark place-the guilt that sears his soul. - Melissa

Wow, I love it!
Amazing, I love the old film look, and the overlays of the road in the background go so well with the music to, the blood cells is a perfect touch also, timing is great, and you put a lot of thought into the clips you chose, it just all blends in so seamlessly, wow! I don't know what you are doing different, but there is something about this video, more depth perhaps...hmmm.. even more professional looking.. Great job!
I have a new favorite! It is beautiful Kristin. -

The vid is - as always - wonderful. I can't find as many postive words as I'd love to. But your vids always make me shiver. Thank you so much *bows*. -

This is beautifully put together, with perfect song choice and really great editing. I particularly love how you contrast the images of him with Janette and Natalie during the chorus. I got chills! Thank you so much for sharing this. -

The opening to this is stunning! And the song choice is very fitting - I think you've found a new companion to your Forever Knight fandom I liked the black and white effect you applied around 1 minute - it fit the eerie mood the music evoked very well. It also served to contrast the very bold colors with the rest of the video beautifully. Great work as always Kristin! -

Great song choice. I like your choice of scenes, very dynamic - this is so atmospheric! -

Great video kristin as always...I hope your passion for fk and your video work pays off. You do deserve it. -

Again another excellent vid! Numans music lends itself well to the vampire theme. -

It's simply brilliant! The music fits so well with the visuals. You are very talented Kris. This is superbly edited and works very well indeed! I will have to check out this show, if i can, as it looks right up my street. Well done again for creating yet another brilliant video Kris! -

You are so wonderfully gifted young lady! The scenes chosen are spot
on, and the marriage of images brings so much to it. You do not
overshadow the main scenes with a great deal of effects - and that
gets big points in my book. Keep up the great work Kristin! And congrats on getting your videos on the Forever Knight DVD. I will be buying it for that reason - but I'm sure... thanks to you... that I will become a fan of the show. -

Man, what an awesome video this is !!! - Quite stunningly superb ! Love the choice of scenes here. Fits the song to a T - Perfection in my humble opinion. -

Kris In a Dark Place is your best damn work yet. I am soooooo impressed... THIS SO FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May your birthday be filled with lots of creations and love girl. You FUCKING ROCK. I'm so honored to know you... Keep up the great works This Vampire loves them. -
Le Vampire LeStat

Love the video you have a great talent for telling a story through images. -

Thank you for sharing your work with us! I saw it and it made my blood freeze, the soundtrack is perfect to the characters, i loved those places where LaCroix face appeared. You are a master of the videos, i hope you will find the best place for your thoughts and creations. Once again THANK YOU! -

In A Dark Place has many excellent qualities. Your increasing skills in modifying the original FK scenes are quickly overcoming the fact that there is a limited volume of original material to draw from. You are expanding the depth and breath of your ability to express feelings, ideas and concepts in this media. Your newer pieces demonstrate that your amazing talent and creativity are continuing to develop. I always look forward to viewing your new projects and hope you will continue making them available to us. - Glenn

In a Dark Place is deliciously decadent! Very well done as always. - Joe Salazar

I really enjoyed your new Nick video. It is really cool to see how your videos have grown and evolved from your earlier stuff. You make the video and music mixed so perfectly to tell its story and I just want to say that it's great to see your videos show just how great and timeless forever knight is as a show. -

wow! how do you do it? another brilliant combination of film preview and music. i love it :) - jaggedhal0

Another emotionally moving video.. I just logged onto your site, watched your latest work of art and I'm going to watch it again, I really loved that you used black/white for the images.. I think that using black/white does give things a sense of the past and makes it "older",, the memories of nick were perfectly matched with the music too. Thanks again for all the wonderful remembrances of FK that you do... - James

I think you have done a brilliant job. The imagery definately goes with "In A Dark Place". I have never seen "Forever Knight", but I still found this video of yours an entertaining watch. - Kuiama

I have finally had the time and place to download "In A Dark Place". Let me just say, What a treat!! :-) You are just getting better and better all the time. You keep coming up with new tricks all the time. Great Work. And Gary Numan has moved on from "Cars", which I always thought was a catchy tune (but now a bit dated), but after hearing this newer work of his I can see he hasn't been resting on his laurels when it comes to creating good music. - Sam

"In a Dark Place" was excellent as well. The words of the song seem to be talking about Nick in a way I've never heard before. - Kris

In a Dark Place is a moody piece that captures Nick's confusion and isolation. The song isn't one of my favourites, but it matches the dark tone of the video and you worked well with it, as usual. All the religious imagery gives this one a slightly different perspective than some of your other vids and highlights how important the spiritual aspect of his existence is in Nick's turmoil. Images like Nick lying and bleeding on his sun painting or looking at his icky maggoty corpse emphasize the fact that no matter how much he tries to connect with Lacroix or Janette or Nat, he'll always be alone until he figures out who he really is. - Mary Lim

Wow! I have the original music video for this song, but it's uninteresting compared to this one. I'll agree with bradcpu's comments, especially the Nosferatu comparison. I've always empathized more with the vampires in most TV shows/movies because they don't have a choice as to what they are, which is something I can relate to quite a bit. Vampires still have a sense of humanity about them, and I think watching the struggle (even through a vidding like this one) is quite intriguing. Fighting the good and bad parts of ourselves, seeing who will win out. Kudos, Kristin!! - DJK8T

Wonderful work, as usual Kristin. But of course, I've come to expect nothing less. ;) Gary Numan certainly puts out some very unique music. It sounded very different from "Haunted." The song seemed to fit the source material incredibly well, even if I know nothing about Forever Knight. If I didn't know better I might even think Nick's voice actually sounds like Gary's. I liked what you did with the quick intercutting of clips, especially in the very beginning with Nick and the crucifix. And it's always a treat to watch the way you use overlays - they're definitely turning into a signature of your vids. You know I think this vid serves as a good "recruiter," in that more than with any of your other Forever Knight vids, I find myself quite interested in the show. I might have to check it out sometime. - dragonchic

GOD, I love this! Your taste of music, is just so good! Very vampire liking! - butterflyeffeect


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