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You have class and hot sizzling chemistry in your vids...A piece of your inner self that is wild and ready to tell the world of passion that can go on Forever...You're a gem and I will see other vids...but you are always the star in the heavens that shines with beauty and truth in your artistic nature in videos. It's a power that holds and captivates you like no other... - Myrhia Chmilar

I have seen your music videos, and I love them. I have looked at others, like Buffy ones, and stuff, but yours are much better quality. I like how you make the videos themselves follow the music. Seeing videos and it being completely detached from the music really throws me off. But yours always seem to interest me :-) - Michelle

I've got to tell you, you are a genius! Lovely, lovely work, with a real feel for the music AND the subjects. - Lyn Palmer

After viewing your videos it's clear you have a real talent for film and photography and should consider a career in it.  These videos are very impressive! - Patty Costantino

WOW, How do you come up with such GREAT VIDEOS. You amaze me. One day I bet if you are not already, working for films or TV you will be! You have a great talent. We are always looking forward to your next CREATION!!!! Thanks for always making us SMILE!!!! :o) Oh yes....even the MUSIC you pick is do you do it! - Amanda & Kristin (a different one ;))

I'm a big fan of your videos. There's not one of them that isn't top notch and absolutely gorgeous. - Danii

I LOVE ALL the videos you've done so far. The new ones seem to have more pizzazz if you would, but as I said before, they're ALL very well thought out and put together. You do very good work, not many people would be able to string together various images that convey as deep a message as the videos you've made. Keep up the good work. - Ann

I've downloaded every one of your FK videos and a couple of non-FK ones and they're all great - even when I'm not crazy about the music, which doesn't happen often. You definitely have the "touch". Next time I'll try harder to send a "well done", okay? In the meantime please don't stop making videos! - Nicholai

Kristin's videos are absolutely wonderful. I own All of them, including the newest one, and will definitely get all of them that come out. They are not only great for the graphics, but the music as well. Each video tells a story and that is one of the things I love about them. I am glad I met Kristin. She is a sweetheart and great friend. Thank you Kristin for all your hard work. - Penny

THANK YOU. I only found your amazing site about a year ago. Without it, I never would have been introduced to fan videos (or Evanescence). Since that time, I've seen tons of videos for other shows, but none even approach the quality - both technical and creative - of yours. I must say that your work has got me through many a cold, dark evening when it's snowing and pitch black at 4:52, and the middle of an exam period. - Ketyra

Kristin, you have the most unique videos I've ever seen...they are very interesting to watch! - Elena

I'm very impressed by your talent and have seen some of your graphic art along with the H&C videos. (BTW, I really like Evanescence and thought you using one of their songs was so cool. The other music choices were very apropos and fit nicely.) You are very talented and the quality of your work is tremendous!! I just saw the vampire and Forever Knight graphics (used to watch that show) and they were really good. Of course, I'm very partial to your H/C ones. A bit of an obsession, I confess. Hehe! I just wanted you to know that I'm very impressed and think what you have done is excellent. thanks for the enjoyment and beauty you share with others!! I know I, and others, DO appreciate it! - Susan

I just wanted to say, your music videos RULE!!!!!! I have ALL! CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! I also think your Louis/Lestat video rocked! Your loyal fan - Serena

I'm looking at your videos... WOW ! I can't believe you've done this ! They are so Gorgeous !!!! Mucho mucho bravo !!!! - Manikido

I visited your site when I saw it in a different entry, and wow! I'm in love with the music videos (^_^) I take TV and Film classes, and that is some excellent editing you are doing. Keep 'em coming! - jedistardust

Wow...your stuff is so amazing, especially the vids! You managed to get some really fantastic scenes there! Keep it up, you made my week! Amazing h/c site! The best Hannibal related site I've seen so far, and I've seen many! - Marta

I've seen some of your non-Forever Knight vids, and I love them. I forget which ones I've seen... But they're awesome. I love the effects you use. - MartoufMarty

I've always, always, *always* loved your Hannibal/Clarice videos! Your effects and skills are amazing! What in the hell do you use to make these masterpieces? I mean, this goes way way beyond mere vidding, in my opinion. You create a movie unto itself, a new form of silent films {'cept they're not cuz, ya know, music and all} and ones that captivate the audience entirely. The photomanips/new scenes are like nothing I've seen before; they're so damn well done! The scenes you create with your characters seem as real as if you'd film them yourself. Really..that damn good. - yuna_firerose

First off you are so very good at what you do with those videos. I'm amazed how you put it together so smoothly with the music. Anyway mainly just wanted to let you know you are so talented. - Cheri

QotD/IwtV/UW music videos ROCK!!!! I've got about 5 or 6 on them on my comp and I especially adore her newest "Tainted Love"
Your site is the best unofficial QotD (with equal amounts of Underworld and IwtV) site out there. AND Her QotD QotD/IwtV videos just kicks ass ( Forever Gone Forever You; Louis from IwtV/Lestat from QotD) -

I think you have come a LONG LONG WAY with the Vids. Even though I think your older stuff is great to. I think your work is awesome and like I always say, your choice of music is GREAT! I am always DL the songs you pick!!! Great as always Kristin! Keep up the great work! It nice to have something that takes me somewhere else and lets me forget things for a while! It's your Vids.....Thank You! - Amanda

Absolutely beautiful. I look forward to more of your videos and work that you do. Thank you soo soo much. You are expertly skilled in what you do. - Kimberly

I stumbled across the equilibrum music video you did. I then went to your Forever Knight website and took a look around. I downloaded your Forever Knight trailer and saw that you really have an eye for editing. I would guess you are somewhat of a perfectionist. You have an impeccable snack for transitioning between non-linear scenes. I only saw two videos you did, but I can see you definitely have your own style. It is almost a "scattered" transitory effect interlaced with an "attention-getting" sound or visual. It reminds me of a film technique I saw a few years back. A director by the name of Darren Aronofsky coined a technique called the "hip-hop montage." The basic concept uses fast moving frame cuts with high motion. The extreme fast motion coordinates with very shrill, loud, attention-getting sounds. The sounds exaggerate the action moving on-screen and challenge the viewer's eyes to keep pace with the current frame. I am hoping to look at more digital video that you have edited. I absolutely love your editing. I don't know if it is just personal taste, or maybe your editing style lends itself well to the material you choose to edit. - Steven

I've started watching your music videos. They're *awesome*. And this comes from someone who is a huge critic about editing and film. They're soooooo much fun. - VA DeCapula

Oh wow! I feel like I am talking to a celebrity cause I've been a fan of your vids for so long ^_~ Thank you for making kick ass CB vids! He is a wonderful actor and I adore him. Thanks!!!! - Wendy & Renee aka HeraldtaliaW

I saw you site and was really impressed. Really nice "Queen of the Damned" and "Forever Knight" videos. But what really caught my attention were the ones you did yourself. You've got a real talent. Not many people now-a-days seem to know how to use a green screen properly, but you did a terrific job. - Mark

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos. I stumbled upon your site earlier today while I was doing a random search for Christian Bale. I'm a huge fan of his, he's an amazing actor. I also love Stuart Townsend and anything that has to do with vampires, so I loved your videos. I'm going to school for film editing too. Good luck to you! I can't wait to see more of your music videos. - Heather

Oh Kristin - I just opened one your videos for the first time - and ended up opening all of them. You do a fabulous job on these. What do you think CB would think of them? He's so non-narcissistic - he would never enjoy as much as we all do. I'm glad I finally took the time to download. - gapeach

Kristin's videos are amazing. Well worth the download time. I am trying to do something similar myself when I get some spare time. Truly amazing. - Martin

My roommate showed me your Christian Bale videos and I was really impressed. First, your taste is impeccable. :-) Secondly, you've done an excellent job choosing the music and then synching it.
Artistically you are worlds above others I have seen. -

I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the wonderful music videos you make! I love them! I think that they're great! You're really really really talented! - ada

Kristin, you are great artist! you made beautiful videos!!! I love every one! Thank you!!! - kari

All of your videos are really well done and I enjoyed them all. Kudos to you mam. - Bane

I've been watching a lot of premiere made vids, and none have been as technically visually yours. I don't know what you'd like to pursue in life, but you'd definitely excel at production or editing. You&your vids are amazing. - laura4lad

I mean, they are just...wonderful, beautiful. I love them, and I'd like to be able to do that too. ^_^. I didn't know you could do that, it never really occurred to me that people could make music videos out of the movies. Don't ask why it didn't occur to me, it just didn't. Anyway, thank you for the wonderful artwork you take the time to lovingly make. - Foster

Just wanted to say that your vids are the best I have EVER seen! I especially enjoyed the Christian Bale vids, specifically Here. I've been recommending your site to everyone I know. Can't wait for more!
Very impressed -

I just watched some of your videos again, Kristin, and I must say they just keep getting better with every viewing (it helps that I have better sound system now). I love the BB vids as well as your EQ vids, especially the action ones. - Amie

Sometimes I couldn't follow the pictures so fast but your songs match with the vids perfectly, you have such an artistic style of your own. I wish I had time to do such things, but I like watching the vids, too. - BAiLEys

I just want to say how much I love your work. You really have a talent for this. I also love the fact that you use movies that I love (Queen of the Damned, Hannibal, Underworld) and Christian Bale is my favorite actor of all time. - Jessica

I'm just amazed at the beauty of the Christian Bale videos. - Janni

Hey Kris!! I have to say,first of all that i LOVED your vids!!i couldn't believe how great they were!! and i am a christian fan but even my sis who is particularly not,loved your vids.. :) they look really professionally made and i think they would make very good trailer work :) especially 'here' for Equilibrium..They REALLY look so professional!! CONGRATS for all that great work!!! :) - Elisa

I came about your website a while ago from surfing the net and was blown away by your awesome videos that you have created. (My fav is forever gone, forever you) You are very talented and it makes me giddy to see my favourite vampires in a new way. - Erika Knudsen

first, i wanna thank you for ur hard work! ur music vids are great!
i especially enjoy the christen bale music videos! ur effects are great and u cut it perfectly! -

Hi! I stayed up until almost 3 am last night watching the music videos on this site. They've made my life 100% better. On behalf of baleheads everywhere, I thank you. - Pamela

I've seen a couple of the Christian Bale vids you've done and WOW. You're good (and he's hot)! - Jesse

Hey, I'm mimi, just writing to compliment you on your videos...i've watched them all and absolutely love them. I'm a big vampire fan and i loved the videos of queen of the damned, and interview with the vampire they were awesome. I wanted to know if you will be making any more. You have great talent, keep it up! - Mimi

I love your videos, I was in awe when I download the first one of bale as bond so I couldn't hold it and download them all lol! I'm amazed of the quality of them are better that the ones they put on MTV as soundtracks! You're indeed an artist! And to tell ya the thruth your videos helped me for some inspiration since I'm a fanfic writer so thank you ;o) Indeed you do an awesome job *thumbs up* - Sandra

I have just seen your videos and they are great, better than every cinema preview. You should make money with your talent. - Da Vinci

I just want to say...WOW! Sooo awesome videos of Bale! WOW! I saved the DivX codec today. Before I couldn´t dare to save it..but I couldn´t wait any longer....I was too curious about these I did it!....You are SO awesome makin those videos..WOW!..I got blown away! Thanx very much for these videos, I will enjoy these very much! I just LOVE Bale! WoW! I just can´t imagine how GOOD you are at this stuff....WoW...I´m REALLY amazed...I´m in shock really!....All The Best.....a HAPPY Bale-video watcher! - Angélica

I just wanted to say and I know I'm not alone in it. I think your work is amazing your art and the music videos. I hope that I can get up to the level you are at. I'm only beginning to make some artwork. I love all of your videos My favourite is Complicated. - Lindsay

Kristin, I love your music videos. "Here" was the first one I saw then "Crazy Boy". I was blown away & you inspired me to do some editing myself & it's a lot of fun & now I appreciate your work even more. "Closer" is an amazing piece of work, you are so creative with this one. I love every single music video you've made. My top favorites are PAINT IT BLACK, HERE, RELAX, CRAZY BOY, ARMY OF ONE & the rest. I look forward to see more videos from you & your new Christian Bale site looks fantastic. - balefect

While downloading the video, I checked some of the comments and thought to myself, "Hell, she can't be THAT good." After watching them, I can safely say that I was right: You're way better. Definitely the best videos I've watched in a while. Beautiful, beautiful work. I'll be looking forward to your next video. (meanwhile you can be sure that I'll be watching the current CB ones 'till I'm nauseous) - TurkishPsycho

Girl, I watched your videos last night and I LOVE LOOOOOOVE them! They look so good. I really loved the Equilibrium one. Your vids made Christian look even hotter than he is. (If that is possible) - Crystal

Yay! I just spent a good portion of today checking out your main site and chilling with your vids {Bale Bale Bale!!!]. Fantastic work! You are my favorite by far. The humor in two of your Amer. Psycho vids is just priceless! - krymsen

I've managed to watch some of your other videos as well, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! You're amazingly talented and I'm very, very glad that you're a fan of Christian Bale, so we can enjoy your fantastic music videos! :-) - Lena

I honestly think you make the greatest vids I have ever seen. Every video of yours that I've watched has just blown me away. Along with that, you're graphics are amazing. You are truly talented. - MartoufMarty

Only today did I realize how much slicing and piecing together irrelevant scenes accompanied by a really good song can really make a fan made MV work. You must drop by this site and download any of the MV made by this dedicated and very talented fan of Christian Bale. She pieced together many of his movies, some were manic types of characters and transform it all into one piece of coherent story. - Funn Lim

I have loved your music videos for a little while now. I've watched almost all of them, especially those Bale vids. Puts me in super sexy mode. What's cool is, your bale vids can be so erotic and sexy which I enjoy alot since like Christian fits that high standard category. - Lauren Newman

Just wanted to let you know you are extremely talented. The music mix and cutting of the videos from what you have of the movie footage is brilliant. I hope you are picked up soon by production studios for bigger and badder gigs cuz I wanna see more. Love your dark mind's eye and ability to overlay a distinct sexy tone to your work.
Keep it up. Christian Bale is my idol and you manage to capture his essence perfectly. I'm sure he has personally taken notice of your work. From one inspired and "touched" human being admiring the work of another on this planet. -

I've downloaded all of the videos and I must say that I'm quite impressed! Real good work! I had never heard any of those songs before but I like them a lot! I already got addicted...I watched each of'em about 5 times during just this day...keep up the good work! - MikeH

I have seen most of your vids and i think they are brilliant.The music,editing,scenes just EXCELLENT. I have few more to download.My fave is 'Whisper' and 'Forsaken' - asdv

Kristin, I have all your videos, and they are SO SO great!
Thanks so much for ALL your beautiful work! (Touched is my all time fave. I watch it constantly.) -

First of all I want to tell you your absolutely Brilliant! Those Hannibal clips, and yes all of em are so ... Geesh I can't find the words, they are so Brilliant, so Wow... I love em. I watch em at least 10 times a day!!
Hannibal the movie rocks and Clarice & Hannibal is just the greatest thing ever! I love the songs you used in the clips, Evanescence is a really good choice for those clips. And so is Collide. -

Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do. Your Christian Bale videos touch my heart and I am humbled by your creativity and professionalism. You have brought me great joy. I truly think you are a genius! I have never seen videos that are so expertly done before. I enjoy them so very, very much. I think Christian Bale is a tremendous talent and your videos make watching him all the better :)

Firstly let me tell you how wonderful it was to find your site your music videos are so unique and i love them all and so does my ipod so thankyou so much for that :-) but you really outdid yourself on the la femme nikita video`s very rare and absolutely amazing by far my total favourites i have loved LFN for many years and finding these video`s made my life complete if you ever do anymore i am sure they will be forever more treasured among LFN fans worldwide as they are impossible to find. - Tracey

Hi Kristin! first of all i would like to say that your an amazing talented woman!! your a genious!! I love all your Christian Bale Videos and also i love your Queen of the Damned videos as well!! My god i truely love them! i think they're amazing!! Been a fan of Chris for so long and i never knew about this site...Fortunetly i found it by accident! hehehe and now i cant stop viewing your videos i see them everyday!! thank you for those videos you deserve an Oscar!! lol anyway now im one more fan of yours and hope to see new videos soon! CANT WAIT! - Dayra

I love the way you take the lyrics and the mood of a song and combine them with the perfect scene/facial ..everything) of a movie! You truly have a gift for story-telling. Take this from a dancer- I couldn't believe how well the dance steps you picked from Newsies and Swing Kids fit the song in the "I'm Too Sexy" video!- I swear you could have been a choreographer =) hee, hee. But it's obvious how passionate you are about the songs and the movies you use, and I think I like that best of all. I loved them all, but I'll get back on the site tonight and give you more specific comments about my favorite ones. - Marcela


The Crusade (Dragon Heart)

Kristin! You've done it again. If you don't get an A+ in this class, then
give us your teachers e-mail and we'll bombard him with our opinions!
YOUR VIDEO IS WONDERFUL. I'm not one much on dragons, but after watching your movie I want to rent "Dragonheart" and Enigma was a perfect choice for the music. Once again your talent is incredible. I for one will always look forward seeing your work no matter what it is.
- Deborah Hymon

Kristin, I finally got around to downloading your school project and
I cannot begin to tell you how bowled over I am with your work! If
your teacher doesn't give an A+, give me his name and I'll submit him
for psychological testing! Fantastic work---I am really proud of you.
- Lyn Palmer

Just had the chance to watch your Beowulf video and, as usual, it is incredible stuff! I don't know the epic Beowulf, but as a 'man vs. dragon' video this was spectacular. Your teacher should be duly impressed and give you an A+. - Diana Foster

I agree Kristin! Another truly amazing work of art! What a talent
you have! You will have to let your teacher know that if he gives
you anything less than an A+ that he may be bombarded by email from
your 'fans'. :-) I can only imagine the reaction when you turned this one in! Thanks for sharing it again with us!- Donna

I just watched your Crusade video last night during a break at my work, and all I can say is *gasp*! It literally took my breath away. - Jennifer

Just wanted to let you know I like your "Beowulf" school video! If I hadn't seen Dragon Heart, I would believe the Dragon WAS EVIL! EXCELLENT!!! - Linda Stoffey

Another excellent video and Dragonheart is one of my favorite films and song and the footage just bend together great and I loved the Godzilla roar you used. You got a big smile from that because Godzilla is a childhood hero of mine. I hope you do another Dragonheart or another medieval-themed video. - Sarah

I just thought I'd let you know that I just viewed your Beowulf music video and thoroughly enjoyed it. You have a great talent! - Beatrice

While I was ill, the 'Beowolf' vid cheered me up no end Kris! I love the Dragonslayer movie and love your treatment of it...One hopes you got top marks for that one when you presented it! - Heather

I also checked out your "Beowulf" video--equally impressive. I wasn't familiar with the song. I think it said at the end that it was by Enigma but it fit perfectly. I'll have to get the lyrics to that after I finish posting. Your ability to weave in the song with the film is wonderful; everything just slides in perfectly. You are very talented! - Mad Hatter

I downloaded Beowulf and the Dragon out of curiosity. I love the CGI in 'Dragonheart' and of course the sexy voice of that Scotsman Sean. No wonder you got 105% for it. Interesting choice of music--modern but with a mediaeval foundation. I hadn't heard that version of 'O Fortuna' before. - KathN

Crusade vid deserved a better grade! Just got done watching your Beowulf vid and you deserved 1005% for your work. I'm sure your videos for college will blow your instructors away! - Joe Salazar


Haunted (Hannibal)

WOW!! ...just... WOW!! I'm speechless.... that was very impressive... the way you weaved in the music with the scenes is FANTASTIC!!! Tis absolutely breath taking... well done, you should be very proud of yourself!! Thank you ever so much for sharing your beautiful creation with all of us. Oh and by the way if I haven't mentioned it before.... WOW!!! - Marcus Aurelius

Marcus, you took the only word that comes to my mind right now! Kristin, I just finished downloading and still can't believe what I saw. Took me two hours, but even four hours would have been well worth it. Are you doing that for a living? Or thinking to do it? Thank you so much for having shared. - Absolut

Wow...I'm not usually an Evanescence fan, but I think this song ties in very well with the video. Nice work. - Becky

Really enjoyed the "Haunted" video, Kristin. Anthony Hopkins is my
second favorite actor. I guess you know who my first one is! <g>
Must be something about the Welsh! Anyway, great job on capturing the unusual attraction between these two characters. Loved the part at the end where you inserted Hannibal's seductive voice saying, "That's my girl..." Gave me shivers up and down my spine.
- Patty Costantino

This is a fantastic video!. Very professional, with subtle but strong erotic undertones. For those who didn't download it yet, I suggest you do it ASAP. You are in for a treat! - Clariz

WOW! I don't think there are many words I could use to express how great this is. First of all, it deals with my favorite Hannibal series movie, and then to top it off, you use one of my favorite bands for the music. This is just great. Your talent is amazing. - Brian

Wow! On my pathetic little connection this took me over an hour to download, HOWEVER, it was SOOOOOO worth it! I really love the way you've got the images linked up with the music. You've got a very nice sense of tempo, and the overlay of the images looks very professional. - Natasha

Great video I LOVED IT!!!! I watched more then once. hehe - Shelley

That was most excellent! Your images and the juxtaposition with the lyrics was superb! Two enthusiastic thumbs up for you!! - Hannah

Very Good Kristin...The video ~Haunted~ was well done and it shows a eerie attraction between the two main characters. Composes power and possession in it's deadly dance with one another. Like a Beauty and the Beast on it's own. - Myrhia Chmilar

Just wanted to let you know I just watched Haunted and all I can say is WOW! Have I said Wow before :). I have to admit, though I have read all of Hannibal books and loved them, I've never watched the movies. Don't ask me why. Anyway, your video was very powerful and I may have no choice but to watch the movies. It's kind of exciting to see you branch off. I always love your FK videos and of course I hope you keep them coming, but it's enjoyable to see your talents spread. - Beatrice

You did a beautiful job with Haunted. Anthony Hopkins is a terrific actor and you did a beautiful job on it. - Jeannie

Just watched your Hannibal video "Haunted" and thought it was so cool!! I've really loved all of the Hannibal movies and always thought that him and Clarice were very attracted to each other. I especially loved the fire effects (or was that blood?) in the video. And, of course, the last thing you hear - "That's my girl". Great job!!! - Kris

Ooooooh creepy I like it! Really really good layout and effects and the scenes chosen couldn't be better. - Ashley Dinning

Most excellent!! The timing of the chosen clips was excellent and I especially liked the "blood" effect. Thank you so much for doing this! - Julie

'Haunted' was brilliant! You do wonder at how Clarice herself would have felt about Lecter if he *wasn't* a serial killer, but certainly the 'Beauty and The Beast' idea of those two is very compelling and the fact that Lecter sees Clarice as something of immense beauty and maybe pure? Obviously someone worth preserving at any rate.  - Heather

Wow! It was a fantastic video. I really think its very professional looking and sexy. - Linda W.

I am speechless, that video is amazing. I can't stop watching it! - LittleP

I saw your Hannibal-Haunted-Evanescence and it's amazing!!! The song fits perfectly as the soundtrack!!! You did a good job. I love it. You cannot imagine how many times I saw it these last several days. I told my friends about it, and they liked it too. My congratulations for this. You're an artist. It's so romantic!!!! Thank you for this. I am very very impressed. It's lovely & cool! - Aran

Oh it's a fantastic piece of work, so dramatically done. That's something for us Tony fans. It's brilliant. - Andrea

Thank you so much for the clip. It is wonderful!!!!! Wish I was Clarice! - Becka

I got it to download. It's fantastic! I can't do anything like that so I love it when other people do (and do it well). Great work. - Mad Hatter

WOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haunted is GREAT! The light is very interesting in this video! You've really worked well with the music beats. The ending kicked my butt! - Lyn Palmer

What a remarkable video clip! I am impressed and taken by it, completely swept away. The Haunted tone and lyrics become and match your video creation so well. I love the intensity of this video, and some very special scenes you chose to include. Thank you for all your support and help to download this video. It is very special and I'm looking forward to your next one. The words, I know, would be just as good, if not better... It is awesome! Very beautiful and elegant. Loved it!!! THANK YOU! - Susana

I love it! Good job....and I'm looking forward to the next! - Aneche

I've finally seen your video, Kristin....and it blew me away. I am in awe of your creation.....I do not have the exact words to describe what I think and feel about it. Those springing to mind are, magnificent, superb, mind blowing, excellent.....fantastic. You are a very talented individual and I am honored to have been witness to this masterpiece, congratulations. - H

I loved your video. Very well done and perfect song. Very nice. - Ardelia

HOLY MOTHER OF--*breathes* ok. I hadn't seen the first one and oh man....OH MAN....That is some freaking TALENT!!!! FOR BOTH OF 'EM! Absolutely stunning. Even better that I'm an Evanescence fan and it went SO well with the lyrics! And so did "I Love You...I Kill You"! AIEEEEEEE! *flails* You are my hero. - Shattered

I checked out your first Hannibal video yesterday. It was awesome! You did a fantastic job with that. The lyrics of the song fit perfectly as well. - Darla

I am a lover of the Lecter trilogy, Thomas Harris, and all things Hannibal. I must say your video work is absolutely incredible. Truly amazing stuff. I've watched them both about 20 times already. They are really awesome. - Gary

I like both the videos and can't decide which I like best--maybe the second by a slim margin. They are both so good! The music is a perfect complement. - Connie

I just watched your 'Hannibal' vid, and it blew me away. Seriously, you have no idea. That was amazing! The clips you chose, the transitions, and the music was perfect. Loved it!!! - AmyJ

The videos are very good! I had never heard either of the songs before, but I think I've become rather fond of Haunted. You are very talented and should you decide to ever take up another project, I think you would do a great job on the Mark Streitenfeld song "Clarice". Thank you for your hard work. It is very much appreciated! - Steel

These videos are fantastic!! I've been listening to "Haunted" a lot lately and now it's even better after seeing this video. You rock! - Lisa

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you don't work for a film/editing should. I was BLOWN AWAY by your skills in blending film, photo's, music, and your vision. Truly inspiring and a tribute to an emerging art form, and you are on the vanguard. Brava!! And such inspired musical choices! dang! I really don't know how to express how moving your Hannibal video's/montages/art pieces were. I was blown away. So beautiful in the way you acknowledged the bittersweet of the Lecter/Starling relationship. Wow. And your choices are beautiful. Thank you for your breathtaking work. I am waiting with bated breath for the next piece. - Kristina

I love the music videos! Very clever! I do like Haunted a lot especially the end...That's My Girl... - Jennifer

This vid shows us one reason why Hannibal loves Clarice: her will. Even though she's drugged and can barely walk, she still continues to resist. She refuses to give up under any circumstances no matter how dire. The last line in the vid, "That's my girl." was the perfect touch! - Joe Salazar

The vids were terrific. I especially liked Haunted. Your insight to their complex relationship was great. Most people twist it around and try make it their own, but you stayed true to the characters. Thanks again. - Gina

I love haunted!!!! The first time I saw it I went out to buy the Evanescence CD. Keep up the good work. - Dark Rose

In a word: splendid! Let me tell how much I really appreciate you work. I was kind of out of breath when I first watched the "Haunted" one, kind of "OMG! What marvelous thing we do have here!". - Hail Lecter

I just watched two of your vids! They're wonderful! I've honestly never seen such good music vids! - Jane Moss

Hey, just thought I'd drop you a line to say I absolutely love your 'Hannibal' vids =D I too, am a big fan of the movie, mainly because of the relationship between Hannibal and Clarice, and I thought you put the vids together very well. Great work! - Holly

I have listened/watched your music videos. They are incredibly well done! I loved them! I especially enjoyed Haunted. It was very moving. Great uses of the various scenes plus special effects. - BlytheBee

Splendid job, Kristin. It took a while to load but it was truly worth it. You have some real great skills. Keep up the good work. - Lecter

Yet more praise for your extremely well-done music videos. I'm sure you read it a lot but those m.vids you made...just incredible! I hate Evanescence yet I'm downloading 'Haunted'. I curse [love!] you and your brilliance. - Yuna Firerose

Kristin, I've got to say I've seen your videos and they are f***ing amazing!! Really and truly awesome! I've had them in my fav folder for sometime now and every time I watch them I still can't believe the skill that has gone into them. Sorry I'm gushing lol - Charmax

Wow your videos are AMAZING!! - buffyrokz

Even though it is some time since I saw your hannibal/clarice videos I have not gotten around to telling you how great I think they are. They look so pro. I think that you choose some great songs to with them, and they are in sink with movie it self. I think I prefer Haunted over the other two, though I love you I hate you is cool as well. All those choices. *LOL* Well thanks for sharing such great feature, they are a work of art that certainly are one of the best I have seen. - Guber

I have watched about 4 of your videos so far, and loved all of them. Very good effects in the right place at the right time. Love your style of editing. Keep up the great work. - Bob

Your videos make my weep, they are so heartbreakingly good. You create such astonishing, professional and superior result compared to ANYTHING I have seen on the net, even surpassing most "star videos".. I have watched a lot of fan "music videos" that purportedly connected with the audience, but ...(and trust me I've seen a LOT of bad movie maker stuff in the various fandoms) ... your work is truly *professional* movie making. You have taken the raw feeling , desire and magnetic pull from the books and have transformed *other* peoples movies into the perfect representation of the passion that is between Clarice and Lector. There are no words to express how magnificently you have caught the essence, the emotion, and passion ....I am stunned. Please consider doing this for a are AMAZING! - Kristina

I watched THEM ALL! I like what you've done with the songs and the movie, especially with sound clips from Hannibal. Thanks for sharing!! - big_edna

Wow! Love your work with the music videos! - J. S. Bach

I must say that your site is quite excellent. I am VERY impressed with your music video for haunted. - Hanna Rose

God I LOVED IT!!! It's perfect. It's very, VERY Beautiful! - Nova

Okay wow!! The video is freakin awesome so far. Oh my god! Holly shit, this really goes far beyond my expectations!! You're like a video pro. Haunted was AWESOME! - Diana

I am, put simply, dumbstruck, truly wonderful work. I cannot wait to see the rest!! I've just watched it through again and am so excited about the others - you have a gift :) - Broken Silence

OMG!!! I absolutely love this site :D! W000T!!! and the music videos rock! I've downloaded ALL of them and I gotta say, these music videos are very well-made :)! I love the effects that you've put in them :)! I always watch them every now and then. and now, whenever I hear torniquet on the radio, I always think of your music video. lol! keep up the awesome work :D! - Gabe

I'm a big fan of Kristin's videos but my favourite has to be Haunted. The song fits so well with the relationship between Hannibal and Clarice. I love how the scenes overlay and how Kristin has used quotes from the movie at the beginning and the end. - Ashleigh

Haunted played beautifully, I even saw a faint Lecter from the days in the dungeon when Starling was looking down in the abandoned asylum. Very crafty, I really liked that little touch. Sheer brilliance. - Foster

Love the way you've done this great! - SnowWhite83

Really good blending the history there. I commend you. - VendettaMan


That Is The Perfect Hannibal Music Video Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Cbt17


I Love You...I'll Kill You (Hannibal)

THANK YOU! It's spectacular. Great work!...I just love it. The video is magnificent! I think I like it better than the other. No! I like them both. You are amazingly talented. - Clariz

*mouth drops in awe* *drool starts to fall from mouth*
wwwwwwooooowwwww....Wish I could do that. Great video keep them coming and all keep on watching them! -

Another great piece of work....I am still amazed by your talent. - Brian

HOLY MOTHER OF--*breathes* ok. I hadn't seen the first one and oh man....OH MAN....That is some freaking TALENT!!!! FOR BOTH OF 'EM! Absolutely stunning. Even better that I'm an Evanescence fan and it went SO well with the lyrics! And so did "I Love You...I Kill You"! AIEEEEEEE! *flails* You are my hero. - Shattered

Cool!!! This one is lovely too. Well, I prefer the end of Haunted, but I prefer this one being slow. About the music, I like both and you chose them perfectly for each one. True, this one is more romantic and less scary. It shows more him, I think. And that's fine for me!!! I love the scene of the eyes and the way they mix. Haunted shows an aggressive love and this one shows a more calm love. It's great too! - Aran

Very beautiful! Wonderful! I love both of your videos. I think the second one is more sensual. I'm looking forward to seeing the next one... ;) - Sandra

Another wonderful piece of work, Kristin. I know this has been said several times already, but you really have a talent for these things. - Absolut

I got it downloaded - it's great! I love the audio track too - great job! Thanks for sharing these. :) - Mel

I just finished the download and watched your second vid, and it is every bit as excellent as your first! Lovely work. I really love the way you use the images. - Hannah

I saw your second video on Hannibal. I enjoyed it very much. Very clever. - Jeannie

Really Nice! I'm not a big fan of the song, so it's an even bigger compliment that I was still absolutely rapt. :) - Natasha

I am a lover of the Lecter trilogy, Thomas Harris, and all things Hannibal. I must say your video work is absolutely incredible. Truly amazing stuff. I've watched them both about 20 times already. They are really awesome. - Gary

Perfect as usual. ;) - Mad Hatter

I like both the videos and can't decide which I like best--maybe the second by a slim margin. They are both so good! The music is a perfect complement. - Connie

I loved it! I'm dying over what I saw. It was just awesome! - LectersGirl

The videos are very good! I had never heard either of the songs before, but I think I've become rather fond of Haunted. You are very talented and should you decide to ever take up another project, I think you would do a great job on the Mark Streitenfeld song "Clarice". Thank you for your hard work. It is very much appreciated! - Steel

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you don't work for a film/editing should. I was BLOWN AWAY by your skills in blending film, photo's, music, and your vision. Truly inspiring and a tribute to an emerging art form, and you are on the vanguard. Brava!! And such inspired musical choices! dang! I really don't know how to express how moving your Hannibal video's/montages/art pieces were. I was blown away. So beautiful in the way you acknowledged the bittersweet of the Lecter/Starling relationship. Wow. And your choices are beautiful. Thank you for your breathtaking work. I am waiting with bated breath for the next piece. - Kristina

I love the music videos! Very clever! My favorite one is still I love you I'll Kill you...liked the speaking and the Dante... - Jennifer

The thing that strikes me most about this video was your perfect choice of a song. It sets the perfect tone for the pain that both characters see in each other. Brilliant. The next thing is Anthony Hopkins' voiceover's. They are the perfect insights into Lecter's emotions. When combined with the music and video, they create a truly insightful portrait of his character. Great job! - Joe Salazar

I just watched two of your vids! They're wonderful! I've honestly never seen such good music vids! - Jane Moss

Hey, just thought I'd drop you a line to say I absolutely love your 'Hannibal' vids =D I too, am a big fan of the movie, mainly because of the relationship between Hannibal and Clarice, and I thought you put the vids together very well. Great work! - Holly

I must say It is beautiful!! I Love it!! Great work!! - Fona

I have listened/watched your music videos. They are incredibly well done! I loved them! I especially enjoyed Haunted. It was very moving. Great uses of the various scenes plus special effects. - BlytheBee

Kristin, I've got to say I've seen your videos and they are f***ing amazing!! Really and truly awesome! I've had them in my fav folder for sometime now and every time I watch them I still can't believe the skill that has gone into them. Sorry I'm gushing lol - Charmax

Wow your videos are AMAZING!! - buffyrokz

Even though it is some time since I saw your hannibal/clarice videos I have not gotten around to telling you how great I think they are. They look so pro. I think that you choose some great songs to with them, and they are in sink with movie it self. I think I prefer Haunted over the other two, though I love you I hate you is cool as well. All those choices. *LOL* Well thanks for sharing such great feature, they are a work of art that certainly are one of the best I have seen. - Guber

Brilliant site. Just watched the I Love You ... I'll Kill You video. Well worth waiting to download - amazing stuff. - Katy

Your videos make my weep, they are so heartbreakingly good. You create such astonishing, professional and superior result compared to ANYTHING I have seen on the net, even surpassing most "star videos".. I have watched a lot of fan "music videos" that purportedly connected with the audience, but ...(and trust me I've seen a LOT of bad movie maker stuff in the various fandoms) ... your work is truly *professional* movie making. You have taken the raw feeling , desire and magnetic pull from the books and have transformed *other* peoples movies into the perfect representation of the passion that is between Clarice and Lector. There are no words to express how magnificently you have caught the essence, the emotion, and passion ....I am stunned. Please consider doing this for a are AMAZING! - Kristina

I watched THEM ALL! I like what you've done with the songs and the movie, especially with sound clips from Hannibal. Thanks for sharing!! - big_edna

Wow! Love your work with the music videos! - J. S. Bach

Wow, it's very dark. I really love it. The video and the song are really good! - Diana

OMG!!! I absolutely love this site :D! W000T!!! and the music videos rock! I've downloaded ALL of them and I gotta say, these music videos are very well-made :)! I love the effects that you've put in them :)! I always watch them every now and then. and now, whenever I hear torniquet on the radio, I always think of your music video. lol! keep up the awesome work :D! - Gabe

I love all of your videos but I love "I love you... I'll kill you" the best.
It makes me shiver with delight, I downloaded the music to sleep too.... yes I'm insane. -

I like Complicated AND I Love you...I'll Kill you best. You are amazing Kristin. Three kazillion cheers for you! - Hannibal-Hopkins Girl

I liked this one a lot. You have an uncanny ear for what music to place with the video but I suspect the music helps inspire the clips. You have a good grasp of what the Hannibal book was all about I only wish fans like you and I had a hand in finishing the film from what was handed to us. Keep up the good work. - Jim


Complicated (Hannibal)

Yet another job well done! Very nicely done. I love all of your works. Excellent! Do more soon! - Ardelia

Excellent ! Wonderful ! Fantastic ! I LOVE it !!! I love all your music videos. - Sandra

Wonderful as usual! This one is magnificent! I loved it! I keep playing it again and again. Now I have to play them all back to back and figure out which one I like more and I'd hate to have to choose. Your work is truly great! - Clariz

Wonderful work!...It took a while to download it but it was well worth it! You are VERY talented. - Romula

I just finished downloading your newest video, "Complicated". Another brilliant effort & I LOVE the music! Can't wait to take this one to work on Sunday night! THANK YOU, this is another winner! - Donna

Complicated is great I would say my second favorite, after Haunted. But I do think the red effect was a little bit over-used. On the contrary, I LOVE the sequence where you alternated 'Clarice listening to the tapes on her couch' and 'close shots from Hannibal in his Memphis cell'. The trembling-cracking-black&white effect of an old movie is just great on Lecter shots. Thanks again to share your talent with us. - Absolut

Thank you for this new one!! Again a wonderful video for us Tony fans. I adore your abilities in making such media things, just great! - Andrea

*does an impression of a fish* It was... ummmmm.... wow... Hee hee it truly was great!!! Wish I could do that. Just another thing of I must learn. - Shelley

Evil genius. Is it all right if I call you an evil genius? You keep me up all night, downloading your videos! ^^ I loved it, sweetie. Loved it. It was a fantastic song and you put it all together wonderfully. I just wanted to let you know that you're an evil genius and I love it. ^_~ - LarissaFae

I must say you have a wonderful talent. I finally viewed the video and it lives up to your past videos. - Dark Rose

And now you just showed us something as good as Haunted! The song is perfect and it seems to me that you were able in this "Complicated" video to capture the most wicked (and oh! so charming) shots of our GD face - specially the ones from SOTL. Now tell me, do you intend to do some more? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease tell me you do! You have such a special talent to this! Thank you so much! - Hail Lecter

This video had a variety of elements that worked very well. First, the opening was terrific because it was very creepy. The music starts off on a strange and disconcerting tone and was an eerie touch.
Next, the red haze that was present throughout the entire video was awesome. For me it represented the theme of the video; Clarice's struggles to see through the veil of Hannibal's games and puzzles.
Lastly, your treatment of Hannibal himself was perfect. I think your use of black and white 1930's style video when illustrating Hannibal fits his character to a tee. Hannibal is a classical man in both education and style and your use of black and white demonstrates that aspect of his personality beautifully. Very nicely done! - Joe Salazar

Oh wow, this is incredible. The first time I heard it I was not particular on ‘complicated’ (the red annoyed me and the song did nothing for me), I preferred haunted (a song I know well). Then I listened to it truly, to which I found the song to be fitting and the red pattern wasn't so bad, in fact was less annoying than I first believed. Actually it seems that it essentially show the blood and passion between Clarice and the good Doctor . Which made it pretty cool. I mean it made shore there no choppy cuts and also blends the vid together so well. Now I find the song to be literally wonderful and I find no better words to describe this video than breathtaking. - Kay

I just watched two of your vids! They're wonderful! I've honestly never seen such good music vids! - Jane Moss

Hey, just thought I'd drop you a line to say I absolutely love your 'Hannibal' vids =D I too, am a big fan of the movie, mainly because of the relationship between Hannibal and Clarice, and I thought you put the vids together very well. Great work! - Holly

I have listened/watched your music videos. They are incredibly well done! I loved them! I especially enjoyed Haunted. It was very moving. Great uses of the various scenes plus special effects. - BlytheBee

Kristin, I've got to say I've seen your videos and they are f***ing amazing!! Really and truly awesome! I've had them in my fav folder for sometime now and every time I watch them I still can't believe the skill that has gone into them. Sorry I'm gushing lol - Charmax

Wow your videos are AMAZING!! - buffyrokz

I checked out Complicated, Very impressive :) - Sassy

Even though it is some time since I saw your hannibal/clarice videos I have not gotten around to telling you how great I think they are. They look so pro. I think that you choose some great songs to with them, and they are in sink with movie it self. I think I prefer Haunted over the other two, though I love you I hate you is cool as well. All those choices. *LOL* Well thanks for sharing such great feature, they are a work of art that certainly are one of the best I have seen. - Guber

Your videos make my weep, they are so heartbreakingly good. You create such astonishing, professional and superior result compared to ANYTHING I have seen on the net, even surpassing most "star videos".. I have watched a lot of fan "music videos" that purportedly connected with the audience, but ...(and trust me I've seen a LOT of bad movie maker stuff in the various fandoms) ... your work is truly *professional* movie making. You have taken the raw feeling , desire and magnetic pull from the books and have transformed *other* peoples movies into the perfect representation of the passion that is between Clarice and Lector. There are no words to express how magnificently you have caught the essence, the emotion, and passion ....I am stunned. Please consider doing this for a are AMAZING! - Kristina

I watched THEM ALL! I like what you've done with the songs and the movie, especially with sound clips from Hannibal. Thanks for sharing!! - big_edna

Wow! Love your work with the music videos! - J. S. Bach

I really loved the effect you created with the music you did with "Complicated" and "I love you, I'll kill you". Your work with "Complicated" held me in awe more than the rest, although all were fantastic. I guess you could say its my It's at the top of my playlist. - Amme

OMG!!! I absolutely love this site :D! W000T!!! and the music videos rock! I've downloaded ALL of them and I gotta say, these music videos are very well-made :)! I love the effects that you've put in them :)! I always watch them every now and then. and now, whenever I hear torniquet on the radio, I always think of your music video. lol! keep up the awesome work :D! - Gabe

Video 4 out of 5 now viewed and thoroughly enjoyed!! Thank you so much Kristin for "Complicated", once again it was well worth the lengthy download. Thank you for your help as ever. - Broken Silence

Hannibal and Clarice by my vampiress editor.. it will always be amazing. I loved the looping of the fanblades, the appearances of Hannibal on both sides, the red filter that runs throughout the video. I think one or more of them is from the trees in 'Hannibal', ja? *huggles video* And, ya know, almost all of the songs you've used for your H/C vids... I've downloaded. - yuna_firerose

I downloaded Complicated, and oh my god. I loved the techno-ish sound to their relationship. It adds flare by taking a risk against the opera that surrounds Lecter. I LOVE it. - Hannibal-Hopkins Girl


Wings of Steel (Underworld)

That was AWESOME!!! The music really matched Underworld. The way you did the illusions was so cool and haunting. Visual effects were woven like magic. Hugs on another masterpiece! You have creative sight. I LOVED IT! - Myrhia Chmilar

Hey, very cool! Better than the movie itself I think. Thanks. - Dexter

Your "Wings of Steel" video is awesome! I liked the movie, too, enough to buy the DVD, except that it was just a bit too dark and serious. A touch of humor would have been welcome. Watching "Wings of Steel" has made me want to see the movie again... - Katherine LeBlanc

Your Underworld video totally kicked ass Kristin! It ruled! You should do more vampire movie music videos. Keep up the excellent work :) - Sarah

Bingo! underworld turned out good I liked the music. - Jeannie

That video was awesome, better than the movie. The look was great. - Kelli

Your video is AMAZING! Great job! - Vampire Kissss

Oh man, the Underworld vid you created is fantastic. Great song as well. - brainfear

Your video is excellent! Very well done. I loved watching it. -

Wow! Your videos are the greatest and just when I think you can't do better, you do. It's great! Keep up the great work. - Lucrezia

I just watched the Underworld Video, once again you out did yourself. Thanks for another great video to enjoy. - Phyllis

It is really a great one. It has a very artistic, gothic flavour and I really admired the overlays you used. - huntress

Fantastic vid. Gotta say, I didn't really like Underworld all that much, but your music video makes it look amazing. I love your choice of music. Very eerie. I also love how you captured the gothic feel of the movie. I liked how you used the moon motif. Beautiful overlays. Flawless transitions. Very impressive work. - pirategal

I loved your Underworld vid. I didn't know where you got the Kraven/Erika scene until I watched the Extended cut. Loved your vid. - Anya

I downloaded Wings of Steel and that was AMAZING. I had never thought of that song going with Underworld but the way you've done it, frankly I can't imagine any other song which would work better. The song that Underworld originally has (I forget the band's name) didn't have the right feel compared to the film anyway, but against your vid of Wings of Steel it's amateur stuff. I don't know if WoS was ever released as a single (they are pretty unknown in England) so I haven't seen a video for it but yeah like I said I can't think of any being better than yours. I can't wait to see your other work on the site. - Diana

Anyway, I loved 'Forsaken' and 'Wings of Steel'. I haven't seen Queen of the Damned or Underworld yet, but will endeavor to do so when I can get them a.s.a.p. I loved the addition of the grain and scratches of Forsaken, kinda reminds me of the 'Nosferatu' movie which was a classic and a favourite of mine. Underworld looks interesting and I always love the idea of a Kick-a** vampire chick doing what it takes to win the day. Anyway, excellent as ever! - Heather

 I like this video a whole lot too!! The song matched really well with the movie and the scenes as well. It was yet another creative and really cool video you made yet again!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! - Lauren

The Underworld Video was fantastic as well! I really enjoyed that one. - Evenstar

Your ability to make material original is displayed in "Wings of Steel". I could watch "Underworld" (or "Hannibal" or FK episodes) a million times and your vids still give me a fresh look at material I've seen countless times before. Thank you very much for displaying your creative ingenuity to us all. - Joe Salazar

I watched all the vids at your site, EXCELLENT work! I especially love the IWTV vid :) The new one is awesome too. Thanks for sharing these with us! - kuroken

Great video, I like the song also. - Russ

As an avid lover of "underworld" I saw this one first, and let me tell you it was supreme. I loved it very much. The elegant display of the Warrior and Death dealer Selene was ooooh so wonderful. Excellent work. More More more give me more! - Areanna WhiteWolf

Although I've been a long-time FK fan, I must say that my favorite was the Underworld music video. It was nothing short of breath-taking, and I had trouble convincing myself that it was really a fan-made video. - Elyse Allen

"Wings of Steel" is my favorite video EVER! - JennMiller

I love this music vid. It's my fave. I love the Wings of steel song by Collide. At every viewing it reminds me of Underworld, like it would be composed for it, and I was wondering why it isn't on soundtrack. :) - Nyssa

We rented 'Underworld' and I found your video for that and downloaded it, and my husband was totally blown away. He doesn't watch FK (I know, I'm trying to bring him around) but he watched 'Underworld' and was very impressed with the video. We both really like the overlaying of Sonja and Selene in so many of the shots. - Chris I love it. Yup. I do indeedy. :) - Selene

I really LOVE it !!! :) Collide rocks! - Selene Corvinus

You video is magnificent. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it. I bought Collide's Chasing the Ghost because of this video. - Green Owl

I want to tell you that my sister absolutely loved the videos too. Her favorite was Wings of Steel. Keep up the good work. Your stuff is beyond professional. - dark_lestat24

I have watched about 4 of your videos so far, and loved all of them. Very good effects in the right place at the right time. Love your style of editing. Keep up the great work. - Bob

I can not wait to see more of your things!!!! I have watched most of your vid's and I utterly ADORE THEM!!! I cant pick a fave because they all rocked!! - DisturbedVG

I love the video - I had trouble believing that it was an amateur music vid! - ignosce mihi carissima

Kristin, you're such an artistic genius! :) - Shara

Yes, nice lil video you have there Kristin...luv the effects done a fab job on it! - Pandora

I've only made it through the BT videos, but thanx so much for sharing your creations. I can see why some of them won awards. Bravo, Kristin! I look forward to more of your creations, and I'm hoping to tackle the Knight Vision site soon. There's just too much Forever Knight goodness there. I am speechless. - NightJessi

Awesome Underworld MV! It's the first I had ever downloaded and still the best -- thanks for making it :) - uw fan x

Kristin, your videos are very lovely. I especially love your Underworld Wings of Steel video. - Celeste

This video was very cool! I like the song and I love the effects too! I love it! I'll give it a perfect 10! - Shannon

I just saw your beautiful and atmospheric video for Underworld that used the great song "Wings Of Steel" I loved it so much that I surfed the net for more on Collide. Great music. You rock! - Huntress

I first watched this vid last summer and said, “Wow, this wasn’t made by an amateur!” I’ve never seen Underworld, but this vid is my all time favorite. Underworld: Evolution is upon us, but this original Underworld vid remains my favorite vid ever. This was the first fanvid that made me sit up and take notice of the skill of the vidder. The world of Death Dealers, Vampires, and Lycans seems much closer than fantasy when seen through this vid. For any vidder interested in getting into adding layers and effects, this is the vid to study, as it does so flawlessly. The elements add to the vid and never distract the viewer from the storyline. The song choice adds to the eerie feel of the vid and winds up being the perfect complement to the storyline. This is a must see vid for anyone who hasn’t yet had the pleasure. - ZeroMuch

Awesome Music Videos!!!!!! My favorite is the Underworld one, Wing's Of Steel. You rock! - rpkain445

I saw your Underworld vid the otherday. WOW! I can see why Jenn loves it so much. Its as if that song was written for it. :) - Friv

hi i just saw this video and it is totally awesome!!!
i like the filter effects of sonja flashing over the video and also love all the other effects u put on it.
and the music fits the footage u used from the movie very well!!! -

This vid is totally awesome, the timing perfectly blends with the music. - specks

I really loved the style you did with the overlays!!! I just wanted to say outstanding job on those vids!!!! :) - Lane

I honestly think you make the greatest vids I have ever seen. Every video of yours that I've watched has just blown me away. Along with that, you're graphics are amazing. You are truly talented. - MartoufMarty

I've downloaded all of the videos and I must say that I'm quite impressed! Real good work! I had never heard any of those songs before but I like them a lot! I already got addicted...I watched each of'em about 5 times during just this day...keep up the good work! - MikeH

It is excellent! You do really good work, and again, best of luck on your endeavors, you will go far. Keep up the good work! - Shel

This is better than the movie - Laura

I am in love with this Video! AMAZING WORK OMG. - Niki

By the way, I happen to love your Underworld video set to Wings of Steel. I can't stop watching it. *g* - kazbaby

One of the most absolutely stunning videos I've ever seen. Thank you so much for this website. - Anna

I just saw your video, the Underworld version of Wings of Steel. It was awesome, a complete package I tell you, or that is how I see it through my eyes... thanks, you totally rock... - Frank


Forsaken (Queen of the Damned)

Wow Kristin! It is so awesome!! Great job, two thumbs way up :) - Jen

Oh my! That was great! I especially liked the very end fade. And now I'm going to have to watch the movie again this afternoon. - Kelli

I loved the music video. Very cool. - Jenna

I just saw the music vid of Forsaken and LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!! That was Awesome. You're a Goddess to the extreme of Great Artistic Talent and going strong ~_^ - Myrhia Chmilar

It is fantastic! You are so clever - I wish I could do stuff like that. Now I want to watch QOTD again - I am seriously obsessed with that film! Anything to do with QOTD get the thumbs up from me. - Besotted

Wow! Keep on going these are great. I may be a lady of few words but wow, this series of non fk music videos gets better and better ever time. - Lucrezia

I just saw your Forsaken video. It's wonderful, great job! Queen of the Damned is one of my favorite Vampire movies. I love the way you put it together. Please try it again sometime! - DG

I mean wow. You definitely have a gift. I loved EVERY moment of Stuart-ness. - Anya

I loved the video and totally love the song. Your video totally kicked ass. - Sarah

Just watched "Forsaken". Excellent video. Definitely had the feel of an old movie especially with those lines running through that made it look like film. You just keep outdoing yourself. - Nicholai

Wonderful video! I love the film noir look to it!! Very cool :) - Barbi

The Antique Film style is striking in this vid and what I was most impressed with. I get a sense of the timelessness of vampiric immortality when this gritty, black and white effect is used and "Forsaken" and "Candy Perfume Girl" use them beautifully. - Joe Salazar

Just watched Forsaken and loved it (of course)! I've never seen Queen of the Damned, but I know I'm gonna!! This Lestat is soooo much sexier than Tom Cruise ever thought about being! The antique quality of the video was awesome. Great job, as usual! - Kris

Anyway, I loved 'Forsaken' and 'Wings of Steel'. I haven't seen Queen of the Damned or Underworld yet, but will endeavor to do so when I can get them a.s.a.p. I loved the addition of the grain and scratches of Forsaken, kinda reminds me of the 'Nosferatu' movie which was a classic and a favourite of mine. Underworld looks interesting and I always love the idea of a Kick-a** vampire chick doing what it takes to win the day. Anyway, excellent as ever! - Heather

This video was my favorite of your vampire ones!!! I loved the way you put in it in Black and White!! The scenes you picked looked good with the song too! This one is very awesome and creative!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work! You have the best music videos!! - Lauren

I'm most impressed by the QotD vid. And that's saying a lot because I don't even like the film! The editing & special effects on that video have me in awe. The old film effect is just... wow! What program do use? Usually I don't care for effects in videos. They often look cheesy, but yours are so well done and classy looking. You totally won me over with them. I really hope you keep making them. You are extremely talented! - Evenstar

I watched all the vids at your site, EXCELLENT work! I especially love the IWTV vid :) The new one is awesome too. Thanks for sharing these with us! - kuroken

This video of Lestat from Queen of The Damned was very erotic of sexually classical . The black and white that you chose for it just gave a hint of old world charm. The rock music from the movie's sound track gave it such a new age slash of violence and romance. The clash of the old world and the new was just fantastic. It was what every true vampire lover sees when they watch any vampire movie. Bravo! - Areanna WhiteWolf

OMG! I loved your QoTD Forsaken vid! The effects were just WOW! I'm definitely gonna check out more :) - Claire

I've only had time to watch your Forsaken vid and I can see why you have all those awards from Video Elite :) I'm a sucker (no pun intended lol) for darkness and effects, what a wonderful package you deliver there! I will def be checking out more of your videos soon :) - Sassy

I really love those videos. There awesome and very sexy. That is my favorite movie. - Linda Cotton

I've already downloaded all of the QotD and IwtV videos, and I found them to be very impressive. I loved "Forsaken" especially. It was always my favorite video of QotD... I used to watch it over and over. I can honestly say that your video totally does it justice, and then some - it was very sensual. - Elyse Allen

Wow! Kristin - thanks so much for these amazing videos. I also downloaded the Queen of The Damned ones because it's one of my faves.
Awesome work. Looking forward to more! -

Hey Kristin - I adore Stuart as Lestat and was excited to visit your's so lovely!! And your video's are awesome!! Please do continue to create more media and post it up there, it's all excellent :) - 8 daze a week

System and Slept so long was my 2 favs. Forsaken was good as well. They look really professional and good quality. Also helps that I loved Queen of the Damned and Interview. Anyways, thanks again for the very good videos. - Supergear

Watched Forsaken and Whisper as well, it's a terrific job. What software are you using to make the clips? It's amazing. - Aurethil

Kristin, awesome job on your music videos. I absolutely love them! I can't imagine how you made these or just how long they must have taken you, but thanks for making them. They made my day! :) - dark_lestat24

I have watched about 4 of your videos so far, and loved all of them. Very good effects in the right place at the right time. Love your style of editing. Keep up the great work. - Bob

I can not wait to see more of your things!!!! I have watched most of your vid's and I utterly ADORE THEM!!! I cant pick a fave because they all rocked!! - DisturbedVG

I've only made it through the BT videos, but thanx so much for sharing your creations. I can see why some of them won awards. Bravo, Kristin! I look forward to more of your creations, and I'm hoping to tackle the Knight Vision site soon. There's just too much Forever Knight goodness there. I am speechless. - NightJessi

I just watched three of your videos System, Forsaken, and Whisper. I absolutely loved them. Fantastic. - hollowtear

Watched your Queen of the damned videos, Like forsaken very much, cause I loved the song just alone and with the video great. - Nancy

I usually don't like music vids with the original video clips, but you kept the style of it throughout all the vid, making it look like the scenes of the vid are part of the original video clip by putting in the footages from both sources effects - thus creating new style for both, the thing that makes them combine so well. Plus, it's unlike the regular music vid with original clips - this video clip shows the main actor of the movie singing. Very stylish and cool. - Zohar

I love the antique vibe you put into it and I love Lestat! He is one hot babe and you sure proved it in this video! - Shannon

I thought your Forsaken video was terrific. I loved the black and white. - Katie

Also, your 'Forsaken' video. Yet another I'm addicted to. You're too damn awesome. - yuna_firerose

I loved this video, I thought that the effect use was great and gave it the feel of Nosferatu, great job. - Nightmare Drusilla

This is awesome 5 stars I love this movie! - Inuyashafan1234

That... was... absolutely... perfect... -

Amazing. Absolutely amazing... -


I loved the original Forsaken video but this one just blows my mind, Lestat is so fuckin amazing, I love the song, the imagery, Lestat and the movie and Anne Rice, the incredible writer who made all this possible... - VampyricPrince

The 'Queen of the Damned' videos were just like real music videos made from the movie, amazing! I especially love 'Forsaken' & 'System'. I watch them each at least two times a day. - Johanna

Oh my lord! This is the awesome. I LOVE it!!! Keep up the good work, love. - Imnottheonlyone


Whisper (Interview with the Vampire)

Yay for your Louis-Video!! *Louis-Freak speaking* Love it :-D - Anja

Wow, must say, I loved the QotD music video when you told us about it on BratsCoven. But, the IwtV one. It blew me away. I loved them both, and the site. Keep up the amazing work. - Jenna

I just watched Whisper from Interview with the Vampire. LOVED IT!!! As much as I hated Tom Cruise as Lestat, seeing lots of Brad Pitt as Louis was wonderful!! I could look at him for a while! He's not Nick, but he's a cutie! Thanks for all your hard work on these videos. I love seeing the results! - Kris

I loved the new vid of IWTV. You know good...taste lol. You always amazing me and all in the group with your passion and eternal burning imagination... Such talent and fire. - Myrhia Chmilar

 This was another awesome music video! Brad Pitt made a good Louis! The scenes you picked match perfectly!! Two Thumbs up!!!!!!!! - Lauren

Wow! 'Whispers' is fantastic showing our poor Louis in a world of grief and then seemingly getting on to a good thing with becoming a vampire, only to find it another trap of sorts (not unlike a certain vampire detective!). - Heather

Wow!!! I am so stunned by your vid-making skills! When I saw you had an IwtV video, I was really hoping it would be a good one. There are so few of them (I've only seen one other one besides yours). I was not disappointed! Seriously, I watched it like 4 times in a row. I just love the way you sped the video up and slowed it down to match the tempo of the song. I also thought it was very clever that you flipped the scene on certain parts of the chorus. And of course, the song fits Louis perfectly. I'm so in love with this one! - Evenstar

I watched all the vids at your site, EXCELLENT work! I especially love the IWTV vid :) The new one is awesome too. Thanks for sharing these with us! - kuroken

Now here is where the words begin to fail me. I have been obsessed ( and I don't say that word often ) with Interview with the vampire forever. In fact I typed the whole movie in a script from mere memory alone. It was the first vampire movie I ever saw and the one I am most in love with as far as vampire movies go. And being that Louis is my favorite vampire in the movie, this video was out of this world. I have watched it so many times, I can almost remember every scene in the video. Like I said the words fail me. I just don't think there is a word good enough. OOOOOh I loved it so much I could...well I could just kiss you right on the cheek. Wonderful just wonderful.( As Claudia said ' I want some more') - Areanna WhiteWolf

WOW!!!!!! I have just watched your fantastic music video for Interview with the Vampire "Whisper". Firstly, my favourite character in my favourite book, secondly my favourite actor in my favourite film and thirdly one of my favourite tracks from "Fallen" by Evanescence.
You wonderful and extremely talented person have put them all together in this marvelous way. Why this one hasn't got an award yet I don't know!! Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!! -
Kath Nicholson

Watched Forsaken and Whisper as well, it's a terrific job. What software are you using to make the clips? It's amazing. - Aurethil

Kristin, awesome job on your music videos. I absolutely love them! I can't imagine how you made these or just how long they must have taken you, but thanks for making them. They made my day! :) If I had to pick a favorite out of them all. I would choose the Louis one (whisper). That one almost made me want to cry. Your video made me fall in love with the character all over again. - dark_lestat24

I can not wait to see more of your things!!!! I have watched most of your vid's and I utterly ADORE THEM!!! I cant pick a fave because they all rocked!! - DisturbedVG

I've only made it through the BT videos, but thanx so much for sharing your creations. I can see why some of them won awards. Bravo, Kristin! I look forward to more of your creations, and I'm hoping to tackle the Knight Vision site soon. There's just too much Forever Knight goodness there. I am speechless. - NightJessi

I just watched three of your videos System, Forsaken, and Whisper. I absolutely loved them. Fantastic. - hollowtear

I noticed that you made some music videos, and I watched them, and I have to complement you on your artistic vision. I had particular interest in the "Whisper" by Evanescence one - the flipping of the clip orientation was a clever and masterful way to portray the faint echo after each line in the chorus. - Rand

Your site is magnificent and your music videos.. oh my god, I've only seen 'forever gone forever you' and 'whisper,' so far but those two works of art are enough to make me a fan. You are very talented! I absolutely adore the music videos. Keep up the superb work! - Whit

Unlike the other vids, this one isn't charming because of the effects. in fact, effects aren't the thing that makes Whisper into one of my favourite Kristin vids: it's Louis. it shows how much Louis' life isn't so gothic, exciting and erotic as you'd think. and yet it looks like that. Kristin's music vid and IwtV pass the book's feeling so well. After watching IwtV I nearly got in the trap that Malloy (The Boy) fell into: Louis' life is exciting - everybody's dream. I too nearly wanted to turn into one. but it's the catch, the show. No life full of pain is exciting from the inside. Only from the outside. You know why? Madness. Madness is a beauty for the one who looks from the outside. Louis is beautiful, Louis is insane - Beautifully Insane. - Zohar

I love your Labyrinth video, it is sooooo good, I also loved your Interview with the Vampire Video. - Lisa Dixon

Whisper was a great video! It had Evanescence's great sound! Amazing! It blew me away! - Shannon

Hey.. I just downloaded your 'whisper' video and just had to say how much I loved it! Utterly fantastic !! Seriously I really love it :) :D - Jen

hey kristin, i just watched you video 'whisper' for interview with a vampire. just wanted to tell you it was awesome! and i can't believe i never thought of vampires with that song before, it works perfectly. - Katie

Oh my gosh that was such a well put together video and the way the scenes you chose went with the music was awesome. I LOVED it!!! - booger1818

I love this video....<3 two sweet things put together... - TheWandering


Before I'm Dead (Queen of the Damned)

I watched all the vids at your site, EXCELLENT work! I especially love the IWTV vid :) The new one is awesome too. Thanks for sharing these with us! - kuroken

It is really cool and I love the track you have chosen - it's one of my favourites off the QOTD soundtrack album. Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping me entertained. - Besotted

That was just great! - Kelli

It was awesome, I liked it very much! Great job :) - Ashley Dinning

Hugs on a yet another AWESOME Music Video ^_^.."Before I'm Dead" was done Wonderfully and I can't wait for more on your work. But I can try to wait because your so worth it ~_^.Art of vision and music from you is the most beautiful gift you can give to everyone.. Your an angel. ^_^ - Myrhia Chmilar

Really loved the video Before I'm Dead. You could really tell how much Lestat loved Jesse, and the effects were fantastic! Great job! I finally got to watch Queen of the Damned, and, again, you were right. It's one of my favorite vampire movies now! It's so great to see vampires portrayed with feelings and emotions, instead of the soulless, killing machines that lots of movies have shown! As for Stuart Townsend....that guy's got more sex appeal in his little finger than you ever saw in Tom Cruise. YUMMY!! - Kris

Again great video Kristin with one of my favourite songs from the film. - Sarah

I know you posted about your new music video quite a while ago.
But, I just now got it to download. Sorry. But, it was well worth the wait. Though, I've never known what the deal was between Jesse and Lestat in the movie, when in the books, they barely knew each other at all. But, I loved this video. It was greatly put together, and I just loved the editing. Keep up the great work. -

You did a great job on the video clip...enjoyed watching it very much! - Marie

This music video showed the hotness and passion of Lestat and Jesse was excellent. It was just perfect and I loved it. The video, as with all your other videos was so tastefully done. What more can I say. Great great great great great ..etc, etc, etc. ( blows a kiss) - Areanna WhiteWolf

I really love those videos. There awesome and very sexy. That is my favorite movie. - Linda Cotton

I love the music videos. I especially love the "Before I'm Dead" video. - Kaitlyn

"Before I'm Dead" illustrates Jesse and Lestat's relationship beautifully. You certainly deserved the award you received! - Joe Salazar

Wow! Kristin - thanks so much for these amazing videos. I also downloaded the Queen of The Damned ones because it's one of my faves.
Awesome work. Looking forward to more! -

Hey Kristin - I adore Stuart as Lestat and was excited to visit your's so lovely!! And your video's are awesome!! Please do continue to create more media and post it up there, it's all excellent :) - 8 daze a week

System and Slept so long was my 2 favs. Forsaken was good as well. They look really professional and good quality. Also helps that I loved Queen of the Damned and Interview. Anyways, thanks again for the very good videos. - Supergear

Kristin, awesome job on your music videos. I absolutely love them! I can't imagine how you made these or just how long they must have taken you, but thanks for making them. They made my day! :) - dark_lestat24

I can not wait to see more of your things!!!! I have watched most of your vid's and I utterly ADORE THEM!!! I cant pick a fave because they all rocked!! - DisturbedVG

I've only made it through the BT videos, but thanx so much for sharing your creations. I can see why some of them won awards. Bravo, Kristin! I look forward to more of your creations, and I'm hoping to tackle the Knight Vision site soon. There's just too much Forever Knight goodness there. I am speechless. - NightJessi

Before I'm Dead - I've seen it again today after months. It's so delicious. The simple effects you use work so well and I love the song. - Zohar

I really like this video! I like the relationship between Lestat and Jesse! I like the transitions and effects! - Shannon

When I saw the video about the forbidden love between Jesse and Lestat I was just numb... I thought it was absolutely perfect... - Karina

Marvelous !!! I can't found any words to say what I see.. The sound is good, the picture too, great video !! - jax77

omg, this is the type of video that shows what its like, people, watch it, and watch the left hand side top corner to see one few things in particular that will show you the true meaning as well. best of wishes to the maker. - BloD

I love anything to do with this song and queen of the damned so this video is like heaven for me! it rocks! great job! - durancey

Wow amazing :) I love the techniques u used, especially the negative with the white fade! Fantastic work :) - Artemisia

Right on Kristin, very nice work. I loved it. It's on my space page:D - BabehBella

love it,brings out love of art - hahaha21

Love it. Awesome movie and awesome song, and awesome music video. - KaenaRose

The best song on the film, and to add them clips to the music video is a work of art, i kneel down before you! - Toni

Just wanted to let you know i thought this was utterly brilliant. - Kerri

This is the best video made for QOTD! I have seen many more, but this makes me tremble every time I watch it!If I could, I would give it a 100 - Eleon

The video " Before I'm Dead" was Superbly done! The editing on this drew me in, as the video and music were synchronized and moved effortless throughout the entire run. So I thought I'd drop you a note to acknowledge your superb work on this. - Cat Gross


Slept so Long (Queen of the Damned)

That was good :) I liked the red overlay. - Ashley Dinning

This vid screams of sexuality... This is so alluring to the senses Kristin... Bravo it was Hot and smooth like silk with embracement of fire and blood. Very well done and the best one yet in the QOTD vids... Though I LOVE THEM ALL. You get better and better...not that I think you can get any better are at the top of all things great. You blow me away with your talent! - Myrhia Chmilar

Slept So Long is an excellent video! You continue to amaze me with all the effects that you put in your videos. Love the fire in Akasha's eyes! And you've included my favorite part in the movie - when Lestat is at the club and you can only see his glowing eyes, then you see him. Great job, as always!! - Kris

It's totally awesome - another award winner me thinks. Particularly liked the red wavy curtain effect thingy - that's the technical term. - Besotted

I really, really, really, liked it. God, I've watched it like 5000 times already! I simply say: AWWWWWWWWWWESOME! - Armand/Jess

Dear Kristin, you've done it again! I've just downloaded Slept So Long. I love the dominant red theme. Another success!! - KathN

LOVED IT! We just want to thank you for the great job you did on that video! Excellent work! Absolutely LOVE that song playing in the background, also. (almost blew the tiny computer speakers cuz we cranked the volume up so loud) Going now to watch the movie... thanks again! - LiliaKatie

I've not seen the film which always makes it difficult to comment. I can see it's really well edited though and it has a very sexual vibe. It's got that trippy feel that you do so well in all your videos. - Charmax

Great Vid, very dark and sensual which of course fits perfectly with the music and film. Wonderfully edited also. - Sassy

Wow! Kristin - thanks so much for these amazing videos. I also downloaded the Queen of The Damned ones because it's one of my faves.
Awesome work. Looking forward to more! -

Hey Kristin - I adore Stuart as Lestat and was excited to visit your's so lovely!! And your video's are awesome!! Please do continue to create more media and post it up there, it's all excellent :) - 8 daze a week

System and Slept so long was my 2 favs. Forsaken was good as well. They look really professional and good quality. Also helps that I loved Queen of the Damned and Interview. Anyways, thanks again for the very good videos. - Supergear

Kristin, awesome job on your music videos. I absolutely love them! I can't imagine how you made these or just how long they must have taken you, but thanks for making them. They made my day! :) - dark_lestat24

I can not wait to see more of your things!!!! I have watched most of your vid's and I utterly ADORE THEM!!! I cant pick a fave because they all rocked!! - DisturbedVG

I've only made it through the BT videos, but thanx so much for sharing your creations. I can see why some of them won awards. Bravo, Kristin! I look forward to more of your creations, and I'm hoping to tackle the Knight Vision site soon. There's just too much Forever Knight goodness there. I am speechless. - NightJessi

Wonderful Video . Effects were great , you perfectly showed the love-hate relationship of Akasha and Lestat. and picked the perfect song to do it , awesome as always! - SlaveofSpike

This was a cool video! It went with the song and it had a spice to it! - Shannon

This video really rocks my world...since I've watched the movie of aaliyah the queen of the damned...god... - dvileyez28

Love this version more than the one in the movie. :) - pgsmvenus

(stands up and claps) PURE GENIUS! YAY Lestat!Yay Akasha!YAY slept so long!^_^ - ReneeluvsKisshu

awesome video!!!! freakin beautiful!!! - hp2007

Love the song! love the video! they were meant 4 eachother. - <3 chass3ry<3

that was pretty cool! i liked how you set up the atmosphere of everything.. it was very dark and vampire-y lol.. your editing was pretty sweet (as always) and your timing was good.. song choice was PERFECT... i forgot how much i loved the queen of the damned soundtrack.. i really like how you used the overlaying footage of aliyahs face in a static/vertical scan line type effect throughout the footage.. the lumakeys were very cool, and added a lot of story and depth to the vid.. i really liked it when you had the red velvet-type blanket overlay going on, and showed lestat's face coming from the darkness.. that part was VERY eerie lol...your lyric timing was pretty good too, since you matched the footage up with the words very well.. overall, this was a very good vid, and i enjoyed watching it! it reminded me of how awesome aliyah was as a vampire! - Jake


#1 Crush (La Femme Nikita)

The Vid is HOT! I LOVED This AWESOME video of La Femme Nikita..Sexy and sizzling with chemistry. - Myrhia Chmilar

The vid was awesome! You captured their chemistry very well. The song worked perfectly also. - Ashley Dinning

I've just finished looking at your video, it's great. The quality is great really sharp. I loved it. - Claudia

Wow, finally downloaded, very much worth the wait. I really enjoyed this video, and the quality was way better than most I've seen. I love that you used #1 crush. - Sage

I downloaded your video and I really liked it :) Great work! - Teresa

It's wonderfully done, beautiful to see and to hear. Well done!!! - iammax

The video was wonderful and very well done. You have the touch girl. - centergirl

OMG!!! I love that site!! I often visit it to see if there are new QOTD or IWTV videos, it's such GOOD work And now you made a LFN video I'm soooo happy!! Thank you for sharing, I loved it. - LASUE CA

Must say looks very professional...Do you make these clips as a hobby or is this your profession? - Miss Samuelle

This is great! ~claps~ Thank you so much for posting the link, and please let us know when you have more. - Browneyes2

Very Very nice work Kristin1228! That was a super-cool video! I was particularly fond of the fire effect used during some of those transitions. Thanks for sharing :) - Homo Pocket

Wow. That video is amazing. Great job. - MichaelMouse

It's very good nice and simple effects, working well. pretty good. I loved seeing the s2 scenes again. I've always thought "push it" was a great M&N song and this one is nice too. Thanks for sharing! - Orchidee

Excellent job on this video. Certainly is a sexy one, at that! And that Michael....oooooh, he's a hottie! Nothing like a little eye candy to finish off the day! - Kris

I checked out your clip last night...WOW! You can really tell it was created from DVDs...the clarity is EXCELLENT! It's very creative and well done! Thanks for sharing it. - Kristen

Your video of LFN #1 Chrush, WAS AWESOME!!!! That was the best video of clips ever!!!! And I have seen many. Keep up the great work!!! - Michelle

Your new La femme Nikita video was absolutely wonderful. It was well worth the long wait to download. I look forward to more. - Jennifer

Another great vid Kristin. It's a very well done vid. You have done a similar style to your movie vids. I enjoyed it. - Charmax

Nice JOB! I loved it... - buffyrokz

This video was very well done... I loved it! kudos! 2 thumbs up!  - khris

I've seen it!! I've seen it!! Just AWESOME!!! Kristin....CONGRATULATIONS!! - mikiniki

Holy h*ll. That was easily the best music video I've ever seen - for any show. The editing is just amazing. *bows* - Steph

I am now so completely in love with you. This is the first LFN vid I've ever seen and I love it oh so much!! It was just perfect, and now that I think about it, the song is perfect for the pair too. You did such an amazing job... ::runs off to watch lfn reruns:: Can't wait to see if you do more!! - Ericka

This is amazing! It is some of the best I've ever seen! Well done! I can't tell you how much I love this! - Kevin

Wow! Kristin - thanks so much for these amazing videos. I also downloaded the Queen of The Damned ones because it's one of my faves.
Awesome work. Looking forward to more! -

Kristin, I just viewed the clip, I wanna say, I am totally impressed, you did a fabulous job! Really kicked ass, way to go! Thanks Babe! - Cyn

 I like it. I cried when I saw it. I miss the show so much. Here we didn't had re-runs, and the dvds can't be found here, and from the net are too expensive to buy. Now I have all the romantic scenes, so I'm happy. Thanks for the video. I'll keep it forever. - Mirabela

I just saw it!! It's beautiful!!! Great job :) - tflove

THUDS hits the floor. Sweet heavenly rulers above that was sooooo worth the hour and a half download on cable modem!!!!!! LFN AWWWW M/N are my original don't mess with um die hard fanatic couple! And you picked one of the songs I thought would be great for them! I am now soooooo in love with you!!! MORE MORE MORE!!! - Nxy

As for #1 Crush, it was the perfect song, and the video was awesome as well. I look forward to seeing more LFN-related videos in the future. Way to go, girl. - NightJessi

wooooooow! great job! thanx for making my day! - wpc195

Love your video!!!! Its totally the Dope! I'm a major Nikita/Michael fan and would Luv to see you make more videos of them/La Femme Nikita series. Again, fantastic work a wonderful piece of music/footage art. Keep up the great work! I'm a new Kristin Video fan. - Lapus

You did a great job on that video. I liked how you sped up and slowed down the images at times and how you zoomed in and also did some simultaneous images. - Sherry

Wow you two! Superb job, love the colours of yours Kristin, foreshadowing their passion and the dangers of that passion. - Angel Lima

Damn, it was brilliant. You had chosen so many of my favorite moments. New Regime and the blue neon...oooh baby, the dance in Love when he pulls her so close, when M shoots over N's shoulder in the lab in Off Profile. I picture my self downloading the video every night while I'm sleeping, so I can see it again in the morning. I only wanted you to know how absolutely great I thought it was. Thank you for the beautiful memories, music and images. - Judy Moore

You showed the intensity of the characters' personalities in your first Nikita vid. Your shots of Michael crying were especially powerful; to keep his humanity he has to keep his emotions in check. He usually wears an expression of ice. You did well to show his human side as well. You chose the perfect song for this vid. It set the perfect tone for their relationship. - Joe Salazar

I downloaded your LFN video and just wanted to let you know how much I loved it. It was gorgeous. You did an amazing job with the video and I hope there will be more in the future. We definitely need more LFN and M/N videos. - Tracy

"Crush" is a wonderful music video that you created as well!
I love both it and "Going Under" .... hard to choose which one is my fave.
Apart from neat special effects, awesome quality and great editing..... the "coreography" of the M & N scenes to the lyrics/music is awesome!!!!
Thanks again!! Can't wait to see what you create when you get your hands on seasons 3 - 5! -

Crush and Going Under are fabulous clips. I´ve downloaded the two of them, and recorded in a DVD, just to sit and watch them calmly, in order to learn about your techniques. They are terribly inspiring I must say. I particularly enjoy the overlays, and to see how much they match the music in the background. I've been visiting your site regularly, and I find the design is exquisite and very characteristic of your work. It conveys the ideas and atmosphere I imagine you wish to convey. I greatly appreciate your work, Kris, the colors, the changes, the lightning, it is so striking. - Lorena

You're the Kristin with the amazing videos? I LOVE YOU. Those were seriously some of the best fan vids I've ever seen. Beats all the Alias ones. ;) Heart them - you really make the song fit with the clips. lovelovelove. - labellamafia494

Just downloaded both videos. Wow! The solarization and effects create just the kind of mindscape that typifies the angst between Nikita and Michael. Thanks! - TheMaterial

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your La Femme Nikita music videos. Yours seem to be the ONLY such videos I could find & the fact that they're so well done is a godsend. I've watched them repeatedly & fervently hope you plan on producing more of them. Thanks. - Acidwit

Kris.....absolutely awesome videos!!!!! I love them!!!!!!!! Thanks a million! - formerly cupie

Your La Femme Nikita videos are awesome!!! I've never seen anything like these. Please please make more sometime! You have a great talent, they are exceptionally well done! -

LOVE IT! Saw the other LFN vid also, and just wow. That's some amazing work. I'm completely jealous. Go make more! - Jane

I just wanted to let you know that I reached your site through the LFN haven and very much enjoyed your video creations for La Femme Nikita - "Going Under" and "#1 Crush". They were wonderful! I like all the special effects and layering that you add to your videos. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing these videos with the fans. - Beverly

I saw your 2 LFN vids, which are really stunning, technically speaking. And I'm sure all of your other vids are as well done as those ones. - Milmiss

This vid is all about the mind games and the power play. It’s seductive in clip choice and in mood. - Charmax


System (Queen of the Damned)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome Video Kristin! It's so Great! Very much like the movie and you have gotten so good at making vid masterpieces... - Myrhia Chmilar

Oooooooh that was awesome! I think it's better than Forsaken! - Ashley Dinning

I totally loved System. I'd say that's your best Queen Of The Damned video yet Kristin. - Sarah

System is such a cool video! I love the way you merge scenes from the movie with the video. And, of course, lots and lots of eye candy! What a great way to end my Halloween! Great job, as always! - Kris

Really Kristin it is excellent! How you manage to make your video that well just in premiere is beyond me! It really feels like a proper MTV music video. It could have been the actual promotional video we were seeing. Truly stunning work. Another thing is you always manage to blend scenes and PIP's so well. And you always hit the right notes! - Charmax

That vid was great!!! I actually just watched that movie on Monday. It was pretty good!! - Steve

What makes "System" and "Forsaken" your best QOTD vids is Korn's music. It compliments both vids perfectly. You also blended scenes from the movie and the music video very well in "System" and using the DivX format was phenomenal. - Joe Salazar

Wow! I love this video! It's... exemplary! Fantastic! Gorgeous! *is way impressed* The video is stunning - I like it about 200x better than the movie! - sadique

I love it, in fact I have all of your VC-related ones, But my favorite is still "Before I'm Dead." - Buffy94

Love the new video to death :) Forgotten how gorgeous Stu looks in all that leather gear. Has the temperature risen in here? Thanks for all your hard work Kristin. - Besotted

Downloaded this last night and just watched the video and can I say.... WOW. Stunning. Really professional looking. Actually better even I think. - Nxy

I loved it! Great job! - buffyrokz

The video's great!!!! You spoil us, honey! EXCELLENT work, as always! You should give a film editin career a chance because from what I've seen, your already amazing... - Lola

Hey Kristin - I adore Stuart as Lestat and was excited to visit your's so lovely!! And your video's are awesome!! Please do continue to create more media and post it up there, it's all excellent :) - 8 daze a week

System and Slept so long was my 2 favs. Forsaken was good as well. They look really professional and good quality. Also helps that I loved Queen of the Damned and Interview. Anyways, thanks again for the very good videos. - Supergear

That is soo beautiful!! I absolutely love it a lot Kristin. Keep up the good work! :) - Shara

Just watched System, it's AMAZING! looks like a video from MTV :) Really good job! - Aurethil

Kristin, awesome job on your music videos. I absolutely love them! I can't imagine how you made these or just how long they must have taken you, but thanks for making them. They made my day! :) I really like System. I loved the transitions of Lestat and his rockstar self. Your stuff is beyond professional. - dark_lestat24

I just saw it and WOW! It's freaking amazing!!! Seriously, it's really really good. It made me forget about my cold for a few minutes. - Jen

I have watched about 4 of your videos so far, and loved all of them. Very good effects in the right place at the right time. Love your style of editing. Keep up the great work. - Bob

I can not wait to see more of your things!!!! I have watched most of your vid's and I utterly ADORE THEM!!! I cant pick a fave because they all rocked!! - DisturbedVG

I've only made it through the BT videos, but thanx so much for sharing your creations. I can see why some of them won awards. Bravo, Kristin! I look forward to more of your creations, and I'm hoping to tackle the Knight Vision site soon. There's just too much Forever Knight goodness there. I am speechless. - NightJessi

I just watched three of your videos System, Forsaken, and Whisper. I absolutely loved them. Fantastic. - hollowtear

I've watched your music video, and indeed, this is one of your finest vids. I usually don't like music vids with the original video clips, but you kept the style of it throughout all the vid, making it look like the scenes of the movie are part of the original video clip. the flashes, crosses, words and colour theme (greenish-bluish) are working so well! You also used very well the original effects from the movie - this is the great thing about vidding this movie: it already has effects that you can manipulate into a vid. Fast cuts, dark style, content- you put everything there. One of your best jobs, and I dare say - your best job. Just wow! - Zohar

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VIDEO! It has been one of my favorites since the very first time I saw it. The edits are flawless. The effects are brilliant and well timed. The combination of the original video clips and the movie clips and the beautiful overlays is wonderful. This video is captivating and in a word Perfect! - Wiccanslyr

Wow! What can I say. Wow! Great vid. - Mystical Jade

I love this video! It was a very sexy, dark video that was absolutely brilliant! You are amazing! I love how you made it fit with the blue/green atmosphere of the original video. And it combined into a great video! I liked the flashing during the chorus! Amazing vid! This is my favorite QOTD song! - Shannon

I loved the effects used and the video was beautifully done. It was eerie, but in a good way. - Dark Angel 0011

I loved this vid! I swear this could be the official music video for the movie. Awesome job! - Nightmare Drusilla

Very very nice! Loved the editing and the fact that you used the video to add to the dark them to this vid. Editing and SFX were incredible! - Jennifer

Fannish music videos made using actual footage from music videos either work or are an absolute mess. This is one of the few I’ve seen that not only works, it awes me. It’s flawless and professionally edited, coming together so smoothly it looks like it was done by the Hollywood big boys. It captures the movie excellently, showcasing some of my favorite moments from the film, and is simply spectacular to view. - Mishka

I also have to agree with the first sentence in Mishka's statement, but, Kristin's editing job is just absolutely mind blowing. Good god, I'm jealous.... - Elizabeth

I just checked it out, it is really professional-looking! Like something you could catch on MTV. I do have a problem with the strobe lights, because my eyes are too sensitive for that kind of stuff, but it is still awesome! - NoClockThing

Fantabulous job on the editing. Love the way you edited the video. This was great to watch. I really enjoyed the blending of the person singing with the clips of the movie. It felt like I was watching one of those professional mvids that comes as an extra on the DVD. =] - Cora

Your videos are absolutely brilliant! I love all the Queen of the Damned Videos, esp. System - Adarra

You've found one of my weaknesses. I'm a big Anne Rice Fan, and I LOVE the Vampire Lestat. I thought QotD was ok, but I think the music is phenomenal. I loved how you combined clips from the music video and the movie, to make a completely new music video that is worthy of MTV airtime. As you've probably noticed I'm really impressed with how you edited this (and all of your other vids). I loved the special effects because they went well the mood and feel of this video. Keep up the extraordinary work, because I love watching your vids. - Kris


That was BRILLIANT, i have watched the movie thousands of times( being my favourite movie) and seen the music clip. You have blended the two of them together very well. Thanks and praise goes out to whovever created it. - Adriel 

The 'Queen of the Damned' videos were just like real music videos made from the movie, amazing! I especially love 'Forsaken' & 'System'. I watch them each at least two times a day. - Johanna

Love the Video, Excellent Quality! Its nice to see a real video every once in awhile, but you have to search through garbage to get to it you know! - JaDeD hOnEy

Absolutely hot. the video is my absolutely favorite the passion. its sexy! its sex with out all the nutidity. - Butterican1979

An expertly constructed video with a charged, hypnotic atmosphere. The pace is excellent, and I especially loved the composition and movement of overlays. A fantastic editing job - this video looks extremely professional and is a joy to watch. - Obsessive24

Wow! This video is so well done and very professional looking! I don't know where the source footage for the overlays came from, but they were expertly placed. The way the singing is combined with footage from the movie looks very professional. The whole thing reminds me of a very twisted and dark music video you might see on TV. The continuous flashing and flickering of the overlays and color on top of the internal motion make this a very intense video. - Txlsplash

OK..... ya know it's just kinda sad when your video is better than the one they included on the DVD of this song! lol Once again... you shock and amaze me at your talent. - Anna

Excellent use of the music video blended with the movie. The cross overlays and such are beautiful. There’s a great sense of flowing with the music and I love the way you paced it. - Whitney Slone


Going Under (La Femme Nikita)

God, That was Hot! And full of blazing Chemistry. ;) It was Awesome Kristin, and each vid has their own flavor in a sense...I love both vids of Nikita. ;) Each has their own glory and beauty. - Myrhia Chmilar

Awesome new video. Lively, motion action videos and music with an edge sets it apart and steps it up a notch. Action, action, action. :) It adds a new feel/breathes new life to an old familiarity of the show. Keep up the good work! - operative ravenseven

So I've already downloaded the #1 crush video and watched it over 100 times and now this one is INCREDIBLE! You have such an incredible talent and the song is simply perfect!'s I love it! More please if I may beg...I'm officially addicted. You just have a real eye for the essence of MnN and your transitions are beautiful, add in the music and...~swoon~. Amazing, I love it! ~applause~ - AprilMichelle

Let me just say.......OH MY! What a WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE clip you made there! Actually- it's more like a high quality music video for the most awesome couple on tv EVER... Michael and Nikita.
Excellent! Give yourself a big pat on the back and take a bow.
It took me a while to download everything as I'm not very computer savy, but boy was it worth the effort and wait! Thank you so much!
I'm going to go watch it again now..... I've watched it about
4 times now this evening! I LOVE IT! -

Kristin -- Wow! That was amazing! Very well done! Thanks again for sharing it with us! - Kristen

What a great new Michael-Nikita video! You used some of my all-time favorite scenes of them. And your Lestat videos are wonderful. Keep up the great work!!! - SueR2

I thought #1 Crush was fantastic but this one blows it away Great song, great clips ~applause~ LOVE it! Now you've got me addicted, keep them coming! :) - Sage

Wow, Kris, what a beautiful clip!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent! The quality is really great - even when there are fast cuts and movements, the picture is so smooth, there are barely any pixels visible. Love it! - Antje

Lot of overlays to give that special wavy effect and pan zoom, blinking lights, inversions to create an eerie atmosphere that enhances the sometimes troubled relationship between Michael and Nikita. The dramatic atmosphere is stressed, they are going through several twilight zones. To produce videos is like writing a fiction of your own. You can give a lot of interpretations. Fantastic, Kris. - Lorena

Kristin...congrats once again!! ~bows~ It's just AWESOME!! - mikiniki

Thank you! I love it. kisses - petabeautiful

THUD!!!! Kristin great job loved the clip, and the effects too. The
song perfect it could very well have been a LFN song. Thank you for
sharing. Hugs -

This is awesome. I definitely like this one even more than #1 Crush, but that's not because the first one was bad. To the contrary, both clips are excellent and your newest one features so many wonderful HR moments between M and N. Keep them coming, girl. Wow! - NightJessi

I'm not particularly familiar with Nikita, but this video makes me wish I were. I really liked the haunting negative images throughout - especially of the hands. They highlight the characters' confusion well. Also, the scenes you chose for the line "I'm dying again" were not the obvious choices, but they give the video more emotional depth than more action scenes would. Great work, as always. Thank you. - Mary (Ketyra)

WOW! That was definitely worth installing DivX! Thank you Kris! All of your videos that I've viewed before are spectacular, but I think you've outdone yourself on this one! I'm very partial to Evanescence. Everything on their cd is so LFN/M&N!! Great choice & great work! - Mary

It was great! Loved the new affects ;) - Ashley Dinning

Excellent video! And loved the music, great job!! ~thud~ - safaph

Sweet Jesus... I am in love with you. Evanescence and my OTP... and the video it was just so THEM... I love love love it! - Nxy

It's been almost 2 hours since I downloaded your new video and I have already watched it 5 times or so. I like this song much more than the last one. Evanescence is one of my favorite bands. When I first heard their song I instantly thought it should have been in LFN soundtrack, and now I'm glad you used it and practically made it a LFN song. I didn't remembered so much love scenes between Michael and Nikita, but thanks for refreshing my memory. I also liked the special effects. - Mirabela

I've finally had the peace and quiet and solitude to download and watch this clip, and it's fabulous!! Thanks so much Kris, another awesome job! ~bows~ - Kaycee

Oh my!! You've excelled yourself ~drool and thud~ - MoreMichael

"Going Under" displays Nikita and Michael's powerful love in a fast-paced, explosive way. While "#1 Crush" was slower, "Going Under" was in your face no-nonsense passion. Your best "La Femme" vid to date! - Joe Salazar

I had to write and tell you how fantastic your work is. I absolutely loved Going Under- it totally blew me away! The underlying images of their hands, the beautiful way you blended the scenes with the music- it was quite explosive and enthralling. You are very talented! Thank you so much for sharing your work with Roy's fans. I hope you make many many more! - Debra

I just thought I'd let you know that I did enjoy "Going Under". "La Femme Nikita" is one of my favorite shows and I'm glad you have decided to use this show in some of your wonderful music videos. - Beatrice

Just watched the new video and really loved it (of course). The more I watch these La Femme Nikita videos, the more I think I need to watch the series. The chemistry between Nikita and Michael is so intense! May have to see if Blockbuster will rent this series! - Kris

Thanks! Appreciate your help, and once again Fantastic video! Girl you are the DOPE! Can't believe your not a pro (shakes head in wonderment) Please keep making more! Love Michael and Nikita 2 of my fav characters. Loved your vampire vids too the rocked!
A devoted fan... -

I just reviewed the La Femme Nikita clip with Going Under, and I must say it's probably the best work I have ever seen. Please consider make more. Can't get enough of the entire show. I just keep watching my DVD's and wishing it was still on the air. Thanks for this treat. I am currently downloading the second clip. - Revy

Crush and Going Under are fabulous clips. I've downloaded the two of them, and recorded in a DVD, just to sit and watch them calmly, in order to learn about your techniques. They are terribly inspiring I must say. I particularly enjoy the overlays, and to see how much they match the music in the background. I've been visiting your site regularly, and I find the design is exquisite and very characteristic of your work. It conveys the ideas and atmosphere I imagine you wish to convey. I greatly appreciate your work, Kris, the colors, the changes, the lightning, it is so striking. - Lorena

You're the Kristin with the amazing videos? I LOVE YOU. Those were seriously some of the best fan vids I've ever seen. Beats all the Alias ones. ;) Heart them - you really make the song fit with the clips. lovelovelove. - labellamafia494

I just downloaded and watched it this evening -- it's great. Awesome! - CynDaVaz

A masterpiece! And the larger pic format is really nice, too. Keep up the great work! - Sue

Just downloaded both videos. Wow! The solarization and effects create just the kind of mindscape that typifies the angst between Nikita and Michael. Thanks! - TheMaterial

Lovely blur-like effects, overlays, opacity and use of negatives. Timing is good, suitable song for the theme. - happyme

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your La Femme Nikita music videos. Yours seem to be the ONLY such videos I could find & the fact that they're so well done is a godsend. I've watched them repeatedly & fervently hope you plan on producing more of them. Thanks. - Acidwit

Wonderful clip !! That effect with the negative is TERRIFIC !! YOU REALLY CAPTURED ... THOSE INTENSE MOMENTS BETWEEN THEM ... -maaplovelfn

Kris.....absolutely awesome videos!!!!! I love them!!!!!!!! Thanks a million! - formerly cupie

Your La Femme Nikita videos are awesome!!! I've never seen anything like these. Please please make more sometime! You have a great talent, they are exceptionally well done! -

LOVE IT! Saw the other LFN vid also, and just wow. That's some amazing work. I'm completely jealous. Go make more! - Jane

I just wanted to let you know that I reached your site through the LFN haven and very much enjoyed your video creations for La Femme Nikita - "Going Under" and "#1 Crush". They were wonderful! I like all the special effects and layering that you add to your videos. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing these videos with the fans. - Beverly

I saw your 2 LFN vids, which are really stunning, technically speaking. And I'm sure all of your other vids are as well done as those ones. - Milmiss

This is a video that goes along the same lines as #1 Crush. The same couple are shown, the same mind games and entanglement between the characters etc. I am guessing that this is the more recent out of the two based on advancements in editing skill. This video has a lot more effects than the one below but both vids are very good in their own right. - Charmax

Just wanted to add my voice to the praise you've already received for your two La Femme Nikita videos. I especially love the water effects in "Going Under," along with the superimposition of hands at key points in the video. - SP

Great! This is just fantastic! Really captured the feeling of the show!!!!! - Linda


Forever Gone, Forever You (IWTV/QOTD)

That was AWESOME!~~~ Very sensual and poetic..Warms my heart and feeds my lust hehe...They look Beautiful, how you blended them...If there was the odd flaw, it fades out that you did an Amazing weaving of film, in the mist of dreams...It was a Wonderful show of artistry. Love the effects and the placing the characters. There are so many I LOVE!..I love the parts you made Lestat & Louis look at each other.Like they are in the same place, even the part that they look seductive towards one another.. and that other part that Claudia is looking at them in the beginning...there is so much to LOVE in this video Kristin did a superb masterpiece. - Myrhia Chmilar

I thought it was fantastic. I think your manipulations improved since the FK one. Looks awesome. - Ashley Dinning

I have loved the other videos you have done, but this one is now my new favorite! Thank you so much and I think it is soooo cool that someone else likes Forever Knight like I do. You are wonderful and I love your site! - nikkilaluna

I just watched it. Awesome job! I love how you ended it. Can't wait till you make more. :) Some of my fave manipulations were: 1) When Lestat is leaning in over Louis with Claudia in the background (:20)
2) when Lestat is standing behind Louis in what I believe is the grounds for those who must be kept (1:32)
3)I also like when you see Lestat on the bed and then you go past a curtain and glimpse Louis lying on a bed also (1:50)
4) when Louis is lying on the floor and Lestat is standing in the left hand corner. The looks on their faces just connected so well. (2:40)
5) and of course they ending is my favorite with Louis in the coffin and Lestat staring down like he is actually the one opening it (3:14) -

Wow Kristin! I never stop being amazed with the videos you do. These new manipulations go beyond words. Seamless. Awesome! I was just looking over your Hannibal ones again too and each time I watch them my jaw drops. lol - Charmax

I loved it Kristin and it was totally slashly lol :) - Sarah

Oh my GOD! it looks like if they have always been in the same movie!
No one can say they don't look good together, that's exactly how I imagine Louis and Lestat and it's so beautiful this clip.
My three fave parts: 1)where Lestat's with his eyes closed and Louis watches him from behind. 2)When they're face to face (the part that belongs to the louis-armand iwtv scene I guess) 3)and this scene almost at the end where Lestat's behind Louis. Thanx!! *hugs* -

I loved it!!! Seeing those two together (in a sense)... wow. I love vamp brad! - murphmehard

I watched your vid Forever Gone, Forever You and I must say....
IT'S BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! The effects are AMAZING! After the vid finished playing I stayed with my mouth open, muttering, "oh - my - goddess!" :) This vid is extra unique because of the vid's manips: Kristin combined footages from both movies to make it look like Louis and Lestat (as he is in QotD, not IwtV) are in the same footage - new scenes! Exciting! Keep going with the good work! -

 I can not wait to see more of your things!!!! I have watched most of your vid's and I utterly ADORE THEM!!! I cant pick a fave because they all rocked!! Ohhhhhhhh Ahhhhh!!!! Nicely Done My Darling- As Per Usual!! - DisturbedVG

AWESOME VIDEO!!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. The way you combined both movies was phenominal! And, of course, you used the "right" Lestat! (Tom Cruise??? Yuck!) The new scenes were cool too! - Kris

They are absolutely stylish Kristin! :) - Shara

I think it's brilliant!!! It must have been hard to make it look so real. Great job Kristin! - Jen

Nicely done, my congratulations and thanks. - The Watcher

I've only made it through the BT videos, but thanx so much for sharing your creations. I can see why some of them won awards. Bravo, Kristin! I look forward to more of your creations, and I'm hoping to tackle the Knight Vision site soon. There's just too much Forever Knight goodness there. I am speechless. - NightJessi

Wow!!!!! Well, you've done it! I've just downloaded your fantastic crossover video of Lestat and Louis and watched it three times through before taking pause to write and praise you and thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought you might at some time make such a video about their relationship but to cross Brad with Stuart is a marvelously erotic idea. You've done it so well, dovetailing scenes and facial angles and even glances, I'm overwhelmed by your skill. The choice of music is inspired as well. Having watched the video a few more times now, I'm even more impressed how you've it seem as if Brad and Stuart were in the same film! Of course, age differences would have prevented this, so it's lovely to see how it might have been. - Kath Nicholson

*gape* ...That is really, really well done. ^_______^ - finferwen

As always my dear- you never cease to amaze me!!! 10 outta 10!!! :) - DisturbedVG

Your site is magnificent and your music videos.. oh my god, I've only seen 'forever gone forever you' and 'whisper,' so far but those two works of art are enough to make me a fan. You are very talented! I absolutely adore the music videos. Keep up the superb work! - Whit

Love the new video - very creative. Interview with The Vampire was a great film - must watch it again the next time it comes on the telly. Stu is still number one vampire for me though - Rose

I just downloaded 4 of your videos and they are amazing!! 'forever gone forever you' is my favourite. it really looks like Lestat and Louis are in the same room. The clips really go with the music and the transition from clip to clip is flawless. - Franky

Your use of Stuart Townsend as Lestat is what I will come away with in this vid. I never cared much for Tom Cruise as Lestat and I always imagine what chemistry Stuart and Brad Pitt would've had together they had been cast in IWTV. Anyway, the manips were very professional and the vid had a wonderful dark quality throughout. - Joe Salazar

I love the video with the scenes from interview with the vampire and queen of the damned. It looked so real how Lestat and Louis were together like that. Keep it up! And I think your movies surely deserve those awards cuz they f*cking Rock!!! - Mimi

I'm seriously like your biggest fan now. I downloaded "Forever Gone, Forever You" and was blown away. I wish you could zip that project file and its sources and upload it so that I could see all the work that goes into your vids. I'm sure I'd be left speechless. - Jane

This is an amazing video! The crossover effect is amazing! You are very talented! - Shannon

My first thought when you mentioned the use of QotD's Lestat and not IwtV's, I'll admit surprise. QotD's version is younger, prettier, yet doesn't quite carry that maturity of Tom Cruise's version. But I've only captured a few glimpses of QotD; no basis to judge.
Your use of blends never fail to amaze me; they're so *perfect*! The two seem as though they really are in the same scene together. And your colorization throughout the video really intrigues me; greenish with a highlight of the reds and pinks.
The clouds that continue swirling over our two eternal beauties is entirely fascinating, intriguing how you maintain them throughout.
Ah, but that is the technical; not the emotional.

I love Louis's quiet fascination and gloomyness with his new life, both in awe, love, and constant fear of his immortal father. Him listening to Lestat's violin playing, or at least his memory of it, is the perfect picture of lonliness. Whatever happened, they're seperated, and he does not want it.
He loves Lestat, as much as he hates him. Lestat is cruel, inhumane, demonic, soulful, angelic, beautiful. Enticing and loathsome at the same time.
The scene where the two touch noses... that totally took my breath away, both from the emotional aspect and the fangirly, '*omg! that is teh awesome!one!1! *flail*'. I regained my mature composure, and continued.
Only to lose it once more to fangirlness with the next scene where Lestat is feeding from our sensual Louis. Unsteady, but off-camera, or what the audience does not see, is Lestat's hand gripping Louis by the hair, Louis writhing from the blissful agony of the bite, Lestat holding onto him, Louis clinging to Lestat's shirt, wanting and needing....
The violin is like a third character, summarizing Lestat: a haunting melody, jagged and cruel at times, soft and mourning at others.
Louis and Lestat play at cold distance, walking alone through empty streets of depravity, yet empty eyes and yearning music reveal the truth: they need one another. Mayhap not love, or hate, desire nor loathsome, but out and out need.
They finally remeet, thank the heavens, and your fade out from that is perfect. Just what happens after Louis awakens from his slumber to find Lestat standing over him? What do they say, or do, to one another?
Now, now. Not for us mortals to know ^^ -

LOVE the Louis/Lestat crossover vid. Very nice. And "Tainted Love" is awesome as well. ~claps~ - gentlemandeath

I thought that the use of effects was stunning and putting Louis from Interview with the Vampire together with Lestat from Queen of the Damned looked great. - Nightmare Drusilla

My ABSOLUTE favourite so far is your incredible crossover between the two VC movies 'Forever Gone, Forever You'. How captivating it is to see Brad and Stuart together--very slashy!! - Kath Nicholson

I really liked the Queen Of The Damned music videos, they were awesome, favourite one would be 'Forever Gone Forever You' I really liked how you combined the QOTD Lestat with IWTV Louis.
Excellent work! -

Very creative. Interesting cross-over and overall mvideo idea. The editing was fantastic. I love how you made new scenes and made it look like the two were together but in actuality, they were from two different movies. Great job on the editing. Loved the effects. - Cora

GLORIOUSSS!!!!!! So tempting to lose myself in it... - Vampirka

Oh goddess, I wish to put this on my profile for my friends to see. its fabulous. - Moon Kissed

Wow. This was just....WOW ! - Phoenix [LPcS]

Stuart can suck my neck anytime! Bad ass video Kristin!! - Kim

This video is absolutely brilliant!!! I love it!!! - 101WAY101

I love this song! And video is awsome! :D - vampireinderworld

This was an Awesome video .. I Love the way you Intertwined the two vamps. - wicked_desires13

That was a splendid video. I love the way you connected the two different movies together. I could actually FEEL the internal struggle between Louis and Lestat. Great Job!!! - Dom

KILLER SONG AND VIDEO!!! - Fallen Knight

OMG!!! Even though I hated Stuart Townsend as Lestat this is a bloody good video!!! so clever!! - Mary

Tom Cruise played a good lestat, But Stewart Townsend Was far hotter. And oddly reminded me more or the Lestat I read in the books. Being a big fan of Anne Rice, I have to say this video was just beautifully crafted. IWTV was the movie that made me fall in love with vampires in the first place. But any how, the music video was just....Well ...STUPENDOUS , GREAT , SPECTACULAR, FABULOUS.....Wonderful all the way from beginning to end. ( Claps ). - Areanna WhiteWolf

I love it utterly and completely. Two of my favourite movies, my two favourite characters put together. This inspires fanfiction on soo many levels. - Billy's Bitch

you are an amazing artist i love the videos you put on here i praise you truly. - SeRiAl_KiLlEr_bArBiE

Love it it absolutely intales the hostility between louis and lestat...beautifuland it shows the love these two characters have for each other. - The Unknown Poet

THAT IS SO F***ING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTT DAMN! - silviakitsune

holy crap.. amazing editing skills. - shahoney

Hott vid. totally in love with it. a great job on the editting to, kick ass. - Ch3rryphr34k amazing edited video... - bluRayne21

Wow, awesome effects!! I've never seen a video with QotD's Lestat and IWtV's Louis! Man, I wish Louis could have been on Queen of the Damned. ^^ - EternusEnigma

wow... they looked really quite good together. This coming from the original Lestat fan. - DemiShinigami

This is a very intense yet romantic video. Awesome ! - Undescribable

This video kicked major ass! I LOVE IT!! I about had a heart attack seeing this! - Vampiress Athame

First off I must say I really enjoy some of your vids. You can do amazing things that aren't possible with my little vid maker...Your vid with Lestat and Louis, Forever Gone Forever You is amazing!!! I show it off to everyone! Saying something ot the effect of "I wanna do that!" While I point out neat editing things you've done. - Julie


Tourniquet (Hannibal)

It's a dark Emotional Video Kristin!.. God you have Amazing talent. It's obsessive and possessive in nature of a killer and a hunter. - Myrhia Chmilar

Your work is marvelous as always. I truly wish that I had your talent for these kinds of things. - ClariceLecter

Ooooh good video, I like how it's very fast paced so that you can get a glimpse of their tender yet violent relationship. - Ashley Dinning

A very artistic and excellent video, I especially loved your use of color in the repeats and your transparencies in the rest, how you spiced up most of the scenes with an reverberation like effect, for example flip them and zoom in was also perfect. The ‘new’ scenes were also brilliant in particular the one were she reads the letter, while we see him write it in the background stands out for me. Your special effects were all in consideration of making your point more vivid, which I absolutely adore and in regard of the pairing, it didn’t make me squirm, so I suppose you did a great job here also. One of the best movie videos I seen, fantastic work, Kristin. - Astarte

Your videos make my weep, they are so heartbreakingly good. You create such astonishing, professional and superior result compared to ANYTHING I have seen on the net, even surpassing most "star videos".. I have watched a lot of fan "music videos" that purportedly connected with the audience, but ...(and trust me I've seen a LOT of bad movie maker stuff in the various fandoms) ... your work is truly *professional* movie making. You have taken the raw feeling , desire and magnetic pull from the books and have transformed *other* peoples movies into the perfect representation of the passion that is between Clarice and Lector. There are no words to express how magnificently you have caught the essence, the emotion, and passion ....I am stunned. Please consider doing this for a are AMAZING! - Kristina

I don't find the words to describe this new video... You have done a great work, Kristin, as always. The ''special effects'' are very well done and I love the new scenes you made. - Lectermate

This was great! Great work, as always. Nice music choice, and nice image line-up with the lyrics/sound effects. - Natasha Von Lecter

That is wonderful! I love it! I'd like to be able to project it on the wall in my bedroom... for some fulfilling dreams... ;) I am humbled by your imagination and precision you treat the characters with. Your latest video is one of the best. I am so impressed by your movie editing skills! - CloseEncounters

You really are VERY good! I enjoyed the video immensely. You've done some wonderful manipulations and I enjoyed the visual treat. The repetition of the kiss in the kitchen ... well ... need I say more. Whoa!
The words of the song are intriguing and apt.Thank you so much for sharing that with us! -

Just watched it... Wow that was really really good! Loved the video. - khris

That is a cool video! If you hadn't seen the movie, you would have never known that you added in new scenes. Excellent job, as always! As creepy as it is, Hannibal and Clarice do make an interesting couple. - Kris

One word: Outstanding. ~bows~
I can't decide if that is my favourite out of all four of your videos, but it comes close. I love the new video manipulations and the effect when Hannibal is signing the letter. The music also went really well with the images. -
doctor katy

Wow ! Very great video ! And very great website ! Again : very good job, this video is fantastic ! - marie_audrey

I think you've truly outdone yourself on this one! It's beautiful! - psychoangel

I see you are on the top of your creativity. The images look great! I love the scenes where you mix Hanni face moving at the piano with Clarice at the bed. Very sexy!!! You know, like in the wallpaper but moving, well done!! - Aran

Your new video is spectacular!!! You are such a genius! - Clariz

I watched THEM ALL! I like what you've done with the songs and the movie, especially with sound clips from Hannibal. Thanks for sharing!! - big_edna

That's cool, I'm still amazed at how people do stuff like that on
the comp! Pretty cool work! -

That was a great video. I haven't seen Hannibal, but I love Anthony Hopkins and your video has made me want to go rent it. Great job! :) - amysuzanne

Wow! Love your work with the music videos! - J. S. Bach

I always wanted to know what program you use for this clips. They are perfect - Irish

Ooh, Kristin, this vid! ~Cloud Nine~ Excellent work, as always! - AmyJ

I just viewed your latest video with Hannibal and Clarice. I am really in awe of you, I mean this latest video surpasses the previous ones. It is just so cool, and of cause I had to tell you. What is it about Evanescence songs that just fits so perfectly for our couple? Anyways it really is a great video, and I hope like the last time that you will grace us mortals with more of your work, preferable Hannibal and Clarice if I should speak for myself, but in the end it does not really matter. Your other work shows as much greatness as the Hannibal ones. Well that as much bout covers my high praises for this one... Your fan (yup you got one of those *LOL*) - Janne

Beautiful work as always... - Amme

A great job with the manips and overlays with this vid Kristin. I really liked the one where Hannibal is carrying Clarice and you colored them completely red. Awesome! - Joe Salazar

I like how you composed things. Seems like there's a lot more action and that it turned out smoother than the other videos. Definitely looks like you are continuing to progress in mastering the making of videos. It DOES look more professional. - Susan

Excellent! Your vids are always worth the download time! - Hannah

It's great! I love it! The manips are cool. I wish I could make cool stuff like that. - Diana

Kristin: the video is, as always, quite the beautiful spectacle to behold. The very high quality in fullscreen mode is a happy bonus. You really are talented and creative, not to mention more skilled every day with the FX (I loved the red frame of Hannibal carrying Clarice, stroke of genius). - iamtheblade

Kristin, your skill with a computer is only outdone by your masterful, unexceeded brilliance. Splendid, outstanding work!!! I eagerly await your next creation. - Drea

I just saw Tourniquet and it was totally awesome bravo ~claps~ - Sarah

OMG!!! I absolutely love this site :D! W000T!!! and the music videos rock! I've downloaded ALL of them and I gotta say, these music videos are very well-made :)! I love the effects that you've put in them :)! I always watch them every now and then. and now, whenever I hear torniquet on the radio, I always think of your music video. lol! keep up the awesome work :D! - Gabe

Once again, fantastico!! Thank you Kristin, I am thoroughly enjoying this flood of vids - great stuff. There was a part that was a little Bond-like too! Brilliant! - Broken Silence

Your work is marvelous as ever. Thanks Kris! - italvision

Ah, symbolism, let me bow down and praise thee. The blending shots with the trek through the trees and Hannibal carrying his Starling away could mean so much. Perchance he is rescuing her from all the rest of the world, taking her to a place where, just the two of them, they can be safe and together. They are distant from the world like a secluded home in the woods. Or maybe it symbolizes their feelings of seclusion, such being a kinship between them.
Jump cuts! His danger, his class, her defensive, her running. Contrasts with both, opposites of personality, dual sides. Yin and yang.
'Regret, then betrayal', I am in love with. She wants him to go and be free, yet her duty as a police officer and morals as a person speak otherwise. They say he needs to be caged, and damn her love for him.
Seeing Hannibal write the letter at the same time as Clarice reading is a nice, effective touch; binds them even closer together in a way the film should've done.
Once more, a beautiful video of lovers, fraulein; emphasizing entirely my earlier point. Lovers, yet they can never be {revealed in the shots of his escape, axe over their cuffed wrists}. Such tears them, we see, and both wish they were together to comfort each other. Fate and destiny do not allow for such a thing, however. -


Within You (Labyrinth)

SO AWESOME lol gave me chills :) - Ashley Dinning

God that was a Awesome video! I loved it as did Marisa. - Myrhia Chmilar

Totally kick-ass and absolutely awesome :) - Sarah

VERY well done, as always! - dark_ravenette

Wow! Good job! That must have taken you ages to make. I really liked all the blending of the frames. Very nice. :) - viennabanana29

The video is excellent! Great work! - Elena

That was a really good bit of video-editing. It showed all of the emotion in the film between the two and you put it together so well. It went perfectly to the music too. - gunbladegirl

I thought that was absolutely fantastic. Choosing 'Within You' was brilliant: that piece echoes so much of the tension and the frustration that both Jareth and Sarah went through. The snippets of their journey that you showed matched the music perfectly. I loved it! - kitessa

That was great! I felt all fuzzy at the end of it. In a good way. :) Great picture quality. I see that you are also well known for your other music videos...I will have to see them! Thanks! - Nina

I just downloaded it and watched it... it's really great, you do this very well! I think I might have to watch some of your videos for "Queen of the Damned" and "Interview with a Vampire" too ;) - Atrice

Wow that was a fantastic video Kristin! I love the way you blended the scenes together....and it fits well with the music. Awesome job! Quite a talent you got there ~thumbs up~ - cherokeelady

Hey kristin, I watched your labyrinth music video and luved it! It was really good. Great job gurl. - Sasha

I loved it myself. By the way, I also have some of your Forever Knight vids as well. You are such a wonderful video maker in my opinion!! - Shelia

That is such a cool video! I have seen Labyrinth so many times, I could practically recite every line! My favorite character is Ludo ("Smells Bad!") and the little worm that Sarah sees when she first enters the labyrinth ("Don't go THAT way!") Great job, as always! - Kris

Oohhhh... That was perdy. ~drool~ *goes to watch more* - Chicanery

It was soooooooo worth the wait. I am sooooooo in love with this vid. It is def going onto my HD to keep. This vid rocks guys download it now! - Nxy

"Within You" is a magical fairy tale video. It reminded me of a young child's wonder at seeing the sights at the circus. You captured the spirit of "Labyrinth" wonderfully. - Joe Salazar

I loved the video Kristin! It was so awesome! It went along really really well with the music and everything! :) It was done so well! - Michelle

I just got done watching your "Within You" and "Living Dead Girl" videos, and I wanted to tell you that I thought that they were amazing. I simply cannot wait to watch the rest of them now. GREAT JOB! ;) Keep up the hard work! - Rachel

You know, I thought your "Within You" vid was so cool that I went and watched Labyrinth. Your vid was much better than the actual movie. -Jane

I love your Labyrinth video, it is sooooo good, I also loved your Interview with the Vampire Video. - Lisa Dixon

I watched a couple on your site and they're awesome! I am a huuuuge Labyrinth fan and your vid was actually the best I've seen on the net so far. - Sam

Wow, those are really great! I love the Labyrinth one, too - it's really tough to make those look original because there's so little Sarah/Jareth interaction, but you really nailed it! - phurie_dae

Oh my Gosh! That Within You video was flawless, perfect and absolutely wonderful. :) Ditto to all the above comments. You did a very, very good job on it. Again, I love that video and am so glad to have it. Keep up the FANTASTIC work. Now I must go watch it again. :) - Marlana

truely amazing video...i really need to get the dvd again ...still believe she should have sayed with him...i would have. - Angelique Choiseul

amazing!! :X completly speechless! - Razor Cut Kisses

Wow I mean WOW!! Thank you! - Bytehard

great video..I especially liked how you layered the images together-very surreal...and the part where it says 'you've ran so long you've ran so far' and it shows her running though the labyrinth and Jareth watching. thanx for sharing! - di80

*adds to favorites and rates 5/5* That was the best Labyrinth video ever. ^^ And I agree here. Very surreal-looking, and very awesome. ^^ - AngelHael

This was really REALLY well done! <3 Excellent job! I especially love the use of the white flashes....really brings out the music. - mairzy


Taking Over Me (Hannibal)

I think it was a great display of your talent for combining visuals. A triumph over editing which produces an equally chilling atmosphere to the movie, 5 stars. I loved the maroon eyes, I thought the mirror sequence was tres cool. - Ashley Dinning

That was deep ..Very intriguing the web they weave and the tango they dance upon the flames. It's sad that they changed it in the end...they should of stuck with the book. The maroon eyes were really predatory under his gaze. Awesome work. I'm so amazed of the artistic stuff you do in your videos. - Myrhia Chmilar

I'm absolutely speechless. I love the black and white effects in this one and the one you did with the maroon eyes! The very last scene when they're facing each other is to die for! ~bows~ Great work! ~claps~ - psychoangel

Your latest video was a master piece! :) - Christina

WOW ~bows~ I have to agree with pyschoangel I love the last scene and maroon eyes. I thought Tourniquet was perfection but this is even better with the best special effects yet. The snappy black and white shots are great and I love the opening brilliant use of the piano scenes. ~claps~ - doctor katy

Excellent !! I love it. The black and white scenes and the last montage are great. You did a very good job, Kristin. - Lectermate

Kristin, I cannot remember the last time a music video made tears run down my face. Words can't describe how much I worship your work!!! ~applause~ - Drea

Taking Over Me was again awesome ~claps~ The eyes were sweet. - Sarah

OMG!!! I absolutely love this site :D! W000T!!! and the music videos rock! I've downloaded ALL of them and I gotta say, these music videos are very well-made :)! I love the effects that you've put in them :)! I always watch them every now and then. and now, whenever I hear torniquet on the radio, I always think of your music video. lol! keep up the awesome work :D! - Gabe

Absolutely breathtaking ~bows~ I particularly loved the inclusion of so many SOTL scenes. That is my favourite movie and it was a real treat!! A wonderful concept of the present fuelling past memories. Amazing stuff!
I am eagerly anticipating my next "fix." ;) -
Broken Silence

Your use of Black and White was awesome in this video Kristin! My favorite was the shot with Hannibal's eyes colored completely red against the Black and White background. Very freaky and totally awesome! - Joe Salazar was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. No, it's better than that. It's way indescribably good. LOVE THE WHOLE MIRROR SCENE. I love the scene where it says "You saw me mourning my love for you and touched my hand." It was just awesome! - Diana

Ooh, what a nice surprise... a new video not long after the last one came out! I think that you outdid yourself this time. The idea behind the narrative is extremely original, and a theme dear to fanfiction to boot... we all like seeing how Clarice struggles to come to terms with her passion for Hannibal, and after reading so many interpretations of the process it was extremely nice to have a visual interpretation. The fact that this entails many captures from SOTL is a very nice added bonus: I was completely enthralled by the one image where he smiles kind of sweetly, and the black-and-white choice just adds refinement and pleasure. Surprisingly, you also made me reconsider the song, which is probably one of my two least favourites where Evanescence are concerned: the line about touching hands complemented by the Memphis scene was really, really a good idea. - iamtheblade

The video is as usual with yours just brilliant, not one flaw in the whole thing. The song was a grandoise choice for this strange couple. Mentor and pupil and how they out grown these roles. Clarice repulsive fascination with Hannibal is her darkest passion and he is allured by her attitude. 'Taking over me' really reflects their changing obsession with each other and how they are consumed by their fervor and the hunt. Predator-Prey relationship and something more. More complicated. I always find it odd, how you make it seem natural that they are attracted to each other and more importantly that Hannibal seems human in your vids. Not the intellectual monster and that kills for pure pleasure. This one is no exception, I especially love the dream sequences throughout the vid and your use of her eye as focal point. It is hard to point out one scene, because they are all intoxicant. How you composed some images is extraordinary, your overlays and burning glows just emphasized the underlying emotion and it's hard to tell if these are nightmares or more sinister dreams of Clarice subconscious mind. 'Taking over me' is veritable dark, relatively evil and absolutely outstanding. Superb work, I know, why people are hesitant to comment, because they are utterly speechless. - Astarte

What a nice treat for when I'm staying home with a cold! This is my favorite video of yours since Haunted. The last scene was really nice! - Natasha Von Lecter

*smiles* You know I was wondering when you were going to use that song...I liked it very much. ;) It joins the others on my playlist. - Amme

That's really kool!! Great work!! I love the editing in this vid it is so great!! - Billy

Beautifully done! I love the new footage and you time the words perfectly to the images... - Close Encounters

It's great! You're getting better and better! and the ending was very beautiful... - virtual nova

I like it very much...Good work on the B&W clips. I liked the beginning especially... - Amme

Your videos are great, Kristin! And the black and whites and the very end of Taking Over Me are really good, you've done a great work! ~thumbs up~ - Nova

I think it's amazing! You're very talented! :o) - sadie_babe

It's such a great work. I can see you must have spent a lot of time and energy in it. I wrote an analysis about your video on my paper. Love your works! Analysis: Though she mentions nothing of Oedipal fixations in Clarice and Hannibal relationship, which many film critics have pointed out, the song she uses suggests the same. Anguish and dark atmosphere of the song fits perfectly into an overall tone of this psycho-thriller film. The singer’s angelic and yet hypnotic voice embodies neatly both Clarice’s charisma and vulnerability. Her obsession with Hannibal goes beyond one of a cop toward a criminal, but of a daughter toward a father, of a wife toward a husband. The song chorus, “I believe in you / I’ll give up everything just to find you. / I have to be with you / To live / To breathe / You’re taking over me” reflects Clarice’s conflicted feelings (one would be fatal attraction) toward Hannibal, a criminal who is, once her valuable mentor, now the subject she is hunting down. While the film hardly shows them together in the same space until the very end, the vid constructs another reality that projects only Clarice’s psychological state. The power Hannibal has over her mind is depicted with various image manipulating techniques: overlaying shots of their faces/bodies in the same frame [Fig. 1.], black and white flashbacks switching with Clarice’s troubled looks in the present, recurring extreme close-up of the eyes. The cutting and special effects correlates not only the words and tempo of the music, but also the action in the scene. Original narrative, however, is not strictly followed, for the goal of the vid is not to retell the film story. Rather, the narrative tends to run in circle, just as a haunted mind would. - Bow

I finally found the time to download your last videos and ... I'm speechless. I always thought Haunted was my favorite, but Taking Over Me just won the prize for me. It's just ... perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. I just added a few new emoticons, but this one is specifically for you: ~#1 gold trophy~ - Absolut

Gah! Silence of the Lambs cuts! *swoon* I love the juxtaposing of the flashes with her trying to not think of him...which, in turn, makes her think of him more. - yuna_firerose

Wow Kristin! After watching "Taking over me" I had to sit in silence and reflect upon what I just saw. The video almost took me to the brink of tears yet I was too busy admiring the way how everything is beautifully put together. I too would be bombarding you with such massive comments but it has been already expressed by the many who have posted before me…and knowing me, I don’t like to be repetitive. I truly admire your work in not just the videos themselves but the photo manipulations on your site (I love photo manipulations but I’m pretty much the novice at it). - darkenedlight

Just downloaded your latest hannibal movie.... what can I say, I am in awe, taking over me, just proves ones more just how talented and great you are... I so love your music videos, they are pro... wish I could do it....
the music video is just..... well can't describe it... -

BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL!!! ~claps~ Kristin you are the best! Compliments!!!! "Taking Over Me" is a beautiful song, adapted for Hannibal & Clarice's story! MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Hannibal Lecter Girl

I just watched the Hannibal and Clarice video you made, 'Taking me over'. I finally downloaded the player so that I could see one. I am speechless. I have never seen anything like it!! I have been a huge Hannibal fan since the movie. I waited until the early hours for it to download. You were right! IT was so worth the wait! I am still breathless. I never thought in my deepest dreams that I would ever see a visual as stunning as this. You are a master at visual imagery. The song you picked worked like it was meant for them. I was in tears by the end of the video and each time I watch it...the same warm feeling arises. It gave me chills! It was such a beautiful thing to see them again and in a new way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Kimberly

Ok.. I was speechless when I first saw this video... Early today (before I watched it) I had been listening to my beloved Evanescence cd and realized that the song was perfect... I am so glad you made it a music video... and a beautiful one at that. - Caity

This video drew me in within the first few seconds with its amazingly timed effects. The quick zooms and overlays at the beginning are quite gripping and set the stage for this vid. I loved the "touched my hand" match - with Hannibal stroking her hand - also the kiss between them was portrayed quite disturbingly. This video shows just how creepy the Hannibal/Clarice relationship can be. - Avenue Potter

I love it! People use the word love too often but I really mean it! Perfect song as well "I believe in you, I'd give everything just to find you" Thank you for this wonderful peice of art! ~bows~ - QuidProQuo

I just watched Taking Over Me music video, and I must say that video was breath taking... I'm totally speechless... I feel like I can watch it over and over again never getting bored of it.. Wonderful video, I can't believe that someone human can make so perfect a video than this.. Thank you!! You are my idol! ~bows~ - Annibal

A Hannibal roleplayer showed me that video, and I've always loved the song. So I just had to say that I loved it with a passion. It's the best made video I think I've ever seen, and so perfectly done in all elements of art that you deserve every ounce of praise pored on you. Great job. - DeceitfulBeauty

Ooh I only just watched it- ever so impressed! It's very clever. - Cor Meum <3

I'm a little late on this, but I am stunned by the video, I love it. I have watched at least eight times in two days!!! Congratulations on your awards you won, they're well deserved!!! - Libby

Congratulations on your endeavour. A superior work! - Sabian


Living Dead Girl (Queen of the Damned)

OMG now that's your best QOTD video and great song to use ~claps~ - Sarah

It's awesome! Great flashing effect and slower/ faster paced sequences ;) - Ashley Dinning

Wow!!! It's so erotic and destructive all at once. The music matched and it was way so Hot the way you put it all together. It was so Awesome! She was out to kill but she did it sexy. ;) - Myrhia Chmilar

One word: fricking awesome! well, Maybe two words! I really enjoyed it! :) Great editing, great beat, everything! I enjoyed it completely! Great job! - Glanz Feldi

I just got done watching your "Within You" and "Living Dead Girl" videos, and I wanted to tell you that I thought that they were amazing. I simply cannot wait to watch the rest of them now. GREAT JOB! ;) Keep up the hard work! - Rachel

I just finished watching the video and I must say that I loved it!!!! That song was perfect and the way you pieced it together was awesome!! I liked the way you sped up parts and slowed them down matching the music. When I first read that you were using that song, I honestly couldn't figure out how you were going to do that, but you did!!!! Great work as always Kristin!!!! - Shanel

Living Dead Girl was the perfect song for an Akasha vid. It is also one of my favorite songs. It was a blast watching this vid Kristin! - Joe Salazar

I just got to watch Living Dead Girl, and I don't think I've ever heard a song more appropriate for Akasha. Now, I have to watch the movie! Great job, but you already knew that!!! - Kris

I enjoyed this video thoroughly. Congrats on yet again another magnificent piece of work! - Dark Lestat

Wow is all I can say. Awesome editing and effects. Perfect song choice. One of the best vids I've ever seen! - SlaveofSpike

I checked out your video "Living Dead Girl"! it's awesome! This was an amazing video! I love Rob Zombie and It fit with Akasha's personality. I loved it! - Shannon

I grabbed some of your Queen of the Damned vids at random, and I really liked Living Dead Girl, the slower cuts are more up my alley :) - NoClockThing

Hotness all over the place. Akasha with a Flare of Rob Zombie. ( Dances wildly) I loved it girl. It is a fitting tribute to a wonderful actress who was in all her hotness with this movie. And that beat . You had me raging and head banging right along with the video. I love the beginning line " Who is this irresistable creature who has an insatiable love of the dead" . It was just prefect. ( Continues to dance to the video.) You deserve every compliment I can give you and more. - Areanna WhiteWolf

EFFING AWESOME! Great job! A great memorial to THE Queen of the Damned. Aaliyah, girl, ya done good! 5/5 - vundertowv



Tainted Love (Queen of the Damned)

Great Video. Lestat's charms are even more present in your beautiful interpretation of seduction and lust :) - Ashley Dinning

Lovin' the new video!! You keep getting better and better with each new vid! -

Another great video Kristin ~applause~ Never heard the song by Manson it works great for the video and it's high up there with System and Living Dead Girl as my favourites - Sarah

Hey Kristin..LOVED your VIDEO!..We both loved how you mixed red and a glow to some scenes..and it was so eye catching. Very sexy..hehe. It was Awesome! You're so talented Kristin... :) - Myrhia Chmilar

Wicked perfect effect with the glowing red. It turned out great. You seriously rule at the strobe light. Makes me want to watch QOTD again. - Jane

Ooh I'm just in love with the beginning of the vid. So fast paced. I need to follow closely to see everything. About that greenish-reddish tint, it's beautiful, but maybe you should make a vid with this tint only. It could look really good. - Zohar

Amazing video Kristin! The editing was wonderful of course but I love that green/red effect - made me feel like I should have some 3D glasses on and they'd be coming out of the screen at me Very cool :) - Sassy

You did a great job displaying how dangerous it can be to get emotionally close to Lestat, Kris! Very nicely done! - Joe Salazar

Ahhhhhh ..I have never downloaded anything like that before, but I really really loved it <3 I especially liked the effects and the bit where he wriggles about on the bed *g* Fantastic job ! :DDDD - Jen

"Tainted Love" was so cool! I never knew that Marilyn Manson remade that song. I'm used to the Soft Cell version! Lots of eye candy (Tom Cruise who???)!!! Excellent job, as always! - Kris

Wow !!!!! I just watched it... IT IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one of my favorites !!!!!!!!!! BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO !!!!!!!!! What a nice job.... !!!! - Manikido

I've been getting quite a lot of submissions lately at the Haunted Awards for this song. This is probably the best usage I've seen of it so far. I absolutely love the editing and effects. Fast paced is always great. But it wasn't fast the entire video, just in the perfect places. On the perfect beats. Awesome song for the movie. Amazing work. - SlaveofSpike

Hey Kristin! Me and Mum love the video Really well put together. Another great achievement! - Forsaken Angel

Nicely done Kristin! What a great idea to use a Marilyn Manson track - it goes really well with the video. - Rose

I loved this video! You are multi-talented! I love how it went with the song, the story you told, and I loved the green/red thing going on! It was hot. - Shannon

LOVE the Louis/Lestat crossover vid. Very nice. And "Tainted Love" is awesome as well. ~claps~ - gentlemandeath

This video took me forever to download, so I was like “it better be worth it”. First off, the song is awesome and I love Marilyn Manson, and it was perfect for the video. The video was like a work of art, it was very moving and well done. I loved it and it was well worth the four hours it took to download. - Dark Angel 0011

I was blown away by it, great song choice, great choice of clips and great use of SFX. - Nightmare Drusilla

Great use of SFX and awesome editing. I love the scene changes on the beat. Awesome job! - Jennifer

I really loved the tainted love video to queen of the damned... I probably will dl all of your videos ^^ Your work is amazing. - John

I saw your "Tainted Love" Video. Brilliant, of course! I loved it. You inspire me! - Spicy Chicken

A very dark and sensual video. The vampires look very badass. I like the old movie effect at the beginning, very old-school vampire. The flashes on the beat are well done. I like at 0:18 the flashes of the crowd and the misty effect starting at 1:00. The flashes of red are very nice. - Txlsplash

We just wanted to drop you a special note regarding your vid. We were *extremely* impressed by it, and it was one of our shortlisted vids for various categories. The vid is extremely well edited, with beautiful, dramatic use of source movement and some lovely effects. You're an extremely talented vidder with great control over your program, and we are blown away by the editing and attention to detail in this vid. - Nicky and Ilya


The compilation of scenes from the movie synced so perfectly to such a killer song made for a truly amazing video! You did an awesome job with this! - BL0ndie

Kristin you make the BEST QotD videos ever!!! I absolutely love them all! Esp. Tainted Love.. that one's my favorite!! The song fits sooo well with the images. :) I simply adore all your vids well done! - Belothien

Awesome goes well together!!!!! This is better than the manson video. - GOT MILF

Wow...major editing skillz u got there! - bluRayne21

i've seen your "tainted love".it's great!love it!
the rythm.the music you selected.your work does really catch the pulsing intense atmosphere of the movie,maybe even more than this.
thanx! -


Crazy Boy (American Psycho)

Dashing video, as always! The video shows the many devious facets that he possesses, at it's very finest. That was fantastic! I want to watch that movie now lol The overlays fit perfectly, because they show the many facets to his personality and psyche. I think it's brilliant. - Ashley Dinning

Watched it and it was well put together.The knives and effects was just the right amount in this video.It wasn't over done, and we got the feeling of the intense dark vision of this character. From normalcy to killer...It was good... You always make Awesome visual music videos. - Myrhia Chmilar

This was awesome. I love the song, I love the way you edited it, it's just great. And good quality, too! Usually I skip fan videos because the quality is usually so poor. I'm impressed as hell. - laughingspell

Very nice video. Made me wanna watch the movie again! - jb slasher

Wow, that's just... amazing lol... I think I may actually try to watch this movie again lol. Awesome and creepy! - MartoufMarty

Thanks for the video! It's great that you used high resolution. Bad picture quality would just spoil the fun of watching it. Love that clip. Especially the effect of putting different images over each other. - abczzz

Love it love it love it - Diana

That's really impressive. It's a work of art. I stared at the screen, envious of your mad video skillz WITH A Z, because that's how much skill I speak of. I had such a Bateman business card moment. - FlipyourFlip

Girl ya make me wanna see the movie again :) I liked everything but I like the chainsaw drop the best lol yes I'm a gore freak. - Sarah are awesome. That video was excellent. One of the best ones I have seen. Great job! - Lauren84

Oh. my. god. That video was awesome! That's prolly the best music vid I've seen in the way of effects and editing. How did you do all of that? - phoenix_angel_13

This vid rocks! The editing was amazing, and the song was perfect. I loved the overlays, and the red throughout was brilliant. - ViDawn

"Crazy Boy" is absolutely chilling, Kristin! You captured the monster that was Patrick Bateman perfectly. This video was absolutely terrifying! - Joe Salazar

Wow! Very impressive. Such a cool song and the editing was great. I love it! - calico321

I LOVE the video!.. congratulations, I liked how you used the red flashes when he is going psycho .. Nice editing and all the bits you used were really nice!! Thank you! - Monav

I watched your American Psycho vid. It was well edited with the repeated knife clip making a strong motif. I look forward to seeing another Christian Bale video from you. :) - Charmax

 Its way cool, in a very scary and bloody way, actually CB is looking frighteningly good for a psychopath!!!!!!!! I think because of your vid, I will definitely have to watch that movie!! I have avoided it until now, but there is no excuse any longer, LOL. - Ender

This vid was absolutely awesome! I dearly want to see American Psycho again now. - hrd02ca

Really cool;love the music, too. I'm such a big fan of the Bale's 'predatory' side...and it's always fun to watch him prowl around with murder in his eyes...Especially when he's dressed so smartly. - maitai

I loved it. Now I have to get this movie. I need to see it. - lilmellie

Kristin!!! Just wanted to tell ya that I saw your video and it was AWESOME The quality was amazing! You did a really great job with the transitions and everything--I will definitely check out more of your work soon! - Shel

Wow, the video rocks! I especially like the part where CB was "sashaying" his way around his victim's living room. Really funny. - Pauleen

The video looks really nice (haha especially the shower, work out and tanning scenes)! I like how his face keeps fading in and out in the beginning and how the knives fade in and out towards the end. It follows the themes of the movie very well. Thanks for putting in all the effort into making it for everyone! - Kim

Crazy Boy is a creepy and disturbing video. The music choice, footages chosen and editing made it so. You did a wonderful job :) I know, short feedback, but I think it sums it up: great music choice, footages, editing - what all videos need. Keep it going *thumbs up* - Zohar

Kristin, I saw it this morning. WOW! really, WOW! That was excellent. You're dead clever to make something like that. Brilliant! I'm sat here with a big smile on my face. That was super. I'm hoping you'll be doing an EQ one - pleeeease. - Friv

I downloaded it and I must say it's really good. Great job - 13ldvl

This one's really good hun! Fab! Now I want more! ;) I don't even know how to do those things. - Tini

Wow. That video IS different from what you usually do, but that doesn't mean it isn't really COOL!! And a generous helping of Christian Bale's backside helps too!! :) I've never seen American Psycho (wasn't Ger in American Psycho 2?), but I'd like to see it now. And you're right....Christian Bale is a cutie! Great job, as always! - Kris

The download worked! Yay =) And I LOOOOOVED the video. GREAT job. You did justice to Mr.Bale ;) Thanks again for helping me out with it. - Adilah

I am impressed. Great work. You are very talented. - Jawad

It's wonderful and you totally capture the persona of Patrick Bateman in the video. The music is well chosen and matches the mood and style of the movie. Great work! - dd2_edge

Kristin you're amazing!!!!! I've seen your video, is gorgeous, the way that you used all scenes, wow, I'm impressed , it's like a new AP. - Claudia

Beautiful video, Kristin. I'll definitely be checking out the other stuff on the website. - kitiara1217

OMG I love American Psycho!! :D This was a GREAT video, thank you so much for sharing it =) XD I totally giggled every time he was dancing in his raincoat hahahaha - smugglers_prize

I love the video, the effects were great! I really liked how you overlayed the different pictures over it. You did great! - Titania

WOW, it's absolutely amazing, you're SO talented! Its an honor for me to link it! - Nadi

Totally awesome. I downloaded it and watched it. It totally captured the true nature of Patrick Bateman. - Nanny

Very creepy vid. Seeing as that was your goal, good work. Lovely editing, BTW. - Jane

I Love your newest Video's "A Perfect Lie", and "Crazy Boy"
Your work has come a long way fast, and I didn't think it could get any better! Awesome! Excellent!
- Lisa Dixon

Blimey Kristin! I've just sprayed semi-chewed food over my monitor after being confronted with the 'Bale Bum' and er...*ahem* glimpses of other bits...*feels middle aged palpitations coming on with the desire to palpate...!* Loved 'Crazy Boy', dark and violent to say the least and I might be inclined now to watch the movie..LOL!! Excellent stuff m'dear. I see you maturing, becoming more sophisticated with your editing :).
Top of the class as usual m'dear. Carry on! -

Crazy Boy was well done. You just keep keep getting better. - Jeannie

Thank you so much for making the amazing vid!!! I loved it, I did! And a perfect choice for music also! Want more! Want more! You planning to do more brilliant vids for our viewing pleasure in the near future? - joannebateman

Again, great video Kristin. After watching "Here" I was determined to get this one. I will admit that I haven't seen AP (which will no doubt call for my public lynching I guess) so I saw alot of material for the first time.
That being said...there is nothing funnier than a naked man in sneakers running with a chainsaw. -
Aikido Al

It was well worth the wait. Excellent piece of editing, and it fulfilled my lustful urges towards CB. - Juanita Goossens

Wow, that was fantastic! Your editing is amazing, seriously the best I've ever seen. Makes my videos look stupid. lol I love the American Psycho one as well, you captured the movie perfectly. - carynscorner

Thanks a lot! I really love it! You got the music queues just right in the image ;) - NoClockThing

I really liked your video. The song was appropriate--dark, brooding--but I reckon a song from the 80s would have more suited the subject matter and complemented the original text's satiric intentions.
I know only a little about the process of making a music video, but it's obvious that you worked hard to make this. The best part for me was the ending, showing Bateman's emotionless face, the flames... that was the perfect ending. The flashing knives represented Bateman's hidden obsession with violence--little flashes of the real Bateman, taking place in the background, that you'd have to look really hard to notice. The technique you used, that overlay in red outline is very cool. Anyway, I'm definitely going to watch your other videos if they are as good as the American Psycho one! -
Jack Torrence

I really love the Christian Bale videos. You do such a good job. Wow. It made Equilibrium better than it was. Watching your two videos just makes me want to see more of your videos. - Lucy

I loved this video! It was awesome. ~shocked~ - batman

I also got done viewing "crazy boy". Freakin' awesome.
Keep up the good work and hope to see more in the future. (hopefully of more Christian *wink*) -

This was the first one I watched, I like how you show bits of the knives, like a heartbeat - like Bateman's mind. - Balepj

Hey! I just download your videos "Here" and "Crazy boy" and I don't know, I'm speechless! They're awesome! perfect! The effects left me stunned! - illyria1985 

I LOVED this video! I thought the music choice went incredibly well. I actually caught myself seeing and watching it again and again! I thought that it was a professional video that had hit MTV, in all honesty. I didn't realize until later that it wasn't. Very impressed. - speaker

WOW Kristin! I was finally able to take a look at your music vid "Crazy Boy", and I'm impressed! Even though AP isn't my favorite Christian film (sorry...) I still liked your video. How do you do it?? It's like a mini-movie! lol - moviequeen97

I am a fan of your work. I saw the video on Crazy Boy: American Psycho and it was just incredible. It was true work of art... - Karina

 I LOVED it wow, two things 1 to be that girl that's giving him a facial. 2nd I wish that they would have scanned down farther when he was in the tanning booth. My mind is blown away. Thanks so much! I will be watching them over and over. - Christiansdream

So I just watched the AP one and all I have to say is OMG I HATE YOU!! I wish that I could make videos like that, I wish I could make videos at all. I'm not that computer literate or w/e. That was really good. All I have to say is...HIP TO BE SQUARE DANCE IS THE BEST!!!! I love when he goes backwards cause it's fun to watch his face!! Thank you so much!! - obssesedfreak17

I`ve just watched your "American Psycho Music Videos".They are totally awesome-very well done.Thanks for making them!!!!!! - Maddie

I really enjoyed your AP videos--especially the superb 'Crazy Boy'--because they match the tone of the characters. You obviously have great talent in your chosen field, and there's no doubt you have what it takes to go far in that area. - Matt

I loved the editing, it was seamless. The strobing knife overlays were cool, and effective, but was kind of wearing towards the end. However, they did not detract from the piece as a whole. I thought it was a very well put together vid. Excellent work! - Kris

Crazy boy is one of my favourite vids.... maybe because it was the first I saw. - Martin

I am watching crazy boy right now...Seriously.... Your Editing is wicked crazy... Its unbelievable.. I haven't seen many vidders that can edit like you... completely Flawless... - charmedchick

He really is a Crazy Boy!..hehe...Love him!...Love these videos....hope for more of these videos of Bale...I´m saving your newest video now..hehe...AMAZING!... - Angélica

Love love love this vid!!!! WOW!!! - Lindsay

This is an absolutely brilliant and amazing video about American Psycho! I especially liked the recurring pulses of the red knives and the floating overlays. I also liked how the alleyway crept with him as he walked. Creepy! Slick sleek editing and powerful visuals combine to make this one of the darkest vids out there! - Avenue Potter


Here (Equilibrium)

Wow! I'd have to say that it's your best video yet. It has a very professional, sleekness to it. I especially liked the lie detector that was accompanied with the screeching orchestrals in the song! I really enjoyed it! - Ashley Dinning

Jesus......I'm speechless! It's gorgeous!! You are a very talented girl. The video is!!!!(sorry I can't find any english word to describe it). Equilibrium is my favorite and Kristin took the coolest scenes in a wonderful mix with this - Claudia

Excellent video my friend! Well girl ya know I loved it ;) Since I rented the film the next day and the song works so perfectly. - Sarah

ooo another great vid kristin! Great job! I think the clips worked perfectly with the music! - phoenix_angel_13

You are absolutely amazing, Kristin! Every single one of your videos is awesome! Thanks for posting!! - Zackery

I saw Equilibrium last week and found this vid of yours completely by chance. I love it. Editing is just impeccable. It matches the rythm of the music perfectly, as well as the mood of the movie. I would tell you that my favorite moment is the "all I know is that I'm here" at 1'50, but then I would have to add the evolution of the intro, and I would end up pointing out the whole vid. *g* Anyway, great work. Thanks for making it. - Milmiss

I really enjoyed that. I found that the opening sequence was a bit slow, but then it got into the action sequence and everything flowed from there :) Good stuff ^_^ - asgard

Downloaded I watched I loved it! :D Really nice one...reminded me to watch equilibrium again :) - a_red_spot

Wow. That's awesome. You did a really good job and picked an awesome song. It was like watching 4 minutes and 42 seconds of sex. - huntressofblood

From one film maker to another....bravissimi, mia cara. Quite an accomplishment. I loved it! - too_hopeless

Rushing off to go see it now...... eeeeeeeeeeek! I LOVE IT! Really love it. Now I can have mini EQ when ever I want :D :D The music is perfect and the visuals are excellent. Kristin, thank you. XXX *mwah* I've played it about a dozen times, Kristin. I really love it, and the way you've made it has meant my son has been able to see it (no dead bodies as such, but lots of the exciting gun shooing and sword/baton waving), and he loves it too. Thank you for making this video. It's smashing. :) - Friv

I loved it!!! Nice work. Of course I love the movie too. - lilmellie

I'm speechless... How can you be so good? Wow!!!! Honestly that was the best music vid I've ever seen! My little vids are nothing compared to that! Gonna make more CB vids for our viewing pleasure in the near future? :) Thanks again for the brilliant vid, Kristin! - joannebateman

I have just one word to sum up that effort. Special.
I really enjoyed that Kristin, that was very tightly edited & well thought out. You used some really nice effects during quite a few sections that really enhanced the mood. Great track too....a much better choice than the other Vast EQ video, IMO. Your Equilibrium video is the best I've seen & is in my all time top ten fan made videos. -

Just downloaded it to give a view. It's fantastic. Mr. Anderson stole my critique, so I'll have to say "ditto." Definitely a keeper. - Aikido Al

That was REALLY fun to watch--CB overload!!...wait, that's not possible, and back I go to watch it again... -

Oh. My god. That was really, really hot. The lyrics fitting the visuals, and the part with the lie detector going to a straight line, that was all just brilliant, and as a whole it's so energetic and angry and awesome. Plus it had most of my favorite shots in there, which is always a plus... Really, really great job, Kristin, thanks. - FlipYourFlip

Great vid! And do you know how much I LOVE the song "Here" and VAST in general??? Really goes amazingly well... fantastic work! And thank you for sharing!!! - Neaera

Great great editing as always. The rock music is really great with the video. So yeah, your video is really "classe" and it looks like the final sequence of a vampire movie trailer, you know with rock music, anyway, I understand what I'm saying which is important :) - Ben

I'm wondering how I missed this movie now. Excellent job, and outstanding feast for the eyes. - hrd02ca

WOW, Kristin, there is NO word good enough to describe your vid!!!!!!!! totally speechless here, its among all those (those you have shown me the links) vids I have dl, simply the best!!!!!!!!! I just hope you will make more in the one for Batman begins.. - enderwiggin24

WOW...just...WOW awesome job!! - aredhel4

Another masterpiece! I love the colors and that song rocks! - calico321

OMG I loved it! The song was perfect! - smugglers_prize

Cool vid, thanks! The music in the beginning doesn't match the captions and thus emphasizes magnificently the monotony of Preston's grey, flattened inner landscape during the long time he took Prozium, he looks and acts like someone bereft of real attachment to or feelings for anything or anyone - then he stops taking the meds, and the flattened world around him and most especially inside himself explodes into relief again... - Arctic Warrior

Very good I enjoyed it very very much! And of course cos I love VAST
and then you add CB and its like holy whoa! -

I don't say this about too many videos but this one is a keeper for me. Simply excellent. The interlude with the orchestrated music was a nice touch and I love how it jumps into the song (great song choice by the way, never heard it before). The editing was on point and the lyrics of the song were perfectly correlated with the visuals. I also liked the filters used on some of the clips (1:45-2:06) which gave them a very unique look. The half second off-color cuts of the drug interspersed throughout was also a great touch. It's inspiring to see this kind of effort put into a video. I know it must have been some hard work and it's appreciated. - AJ

HOLY FREAKING CRAPPPPPPPPPPPP. That was amazingggggg! I now have a 4min 42 sec Equilibrium fix with badass music whenever I need it! You definitely did the movie justice. I love the whole beginning with slow music and then the hard music started out of nowhere. My favourite piece of editing was the part where you kept cutting between the lie detector test and the part right before he says "not without incident"....with other scences cut in there too. I loved that buildup. You grouped together the scenes really well it didn't feel thrown together. You picked up the subtle expressions on his faces that said a thousand words...and with the music in the background....simply amazing. You deserve like a prize or something...hehe. Plus today's my it was like a great gift seeing that video...hehe! - Adilah

WOW! Flash, and smooth swiftness with the movement of body and the scenes.Quite Eye catching.Liquid darkness bleeds from the mood and environment.It's full of energy, like lightning.Drowning in vengeance, and finding himself is very dark and captivating .To be controlled and then in control.It's sensual, and awesome in the way the video flows Kristin..Very Awesome indeed..and did I mention HOT! Intense! - Myrhia Chmilar

Oh my god.. You are like.... my hero. And I haven't even watched the vid yet! Going to download now...Oh wow. You just love Christian Bale, don't you? :) That vid was awesome! I don't know what else to say lol. Great vid - as always. I think I actually like the Crazy Boy vid more than this one :) - MartoufMarty

Wow. Your vid is gorgeous. I love the blending of different styles and what you did with the light. Thank goodness I know how to not blink for long periods of time. ;) *fangirls madly* - lannamichaels

It was AWESOME. Absolutely loved it. You picked a great song...I liked how it started out slowly. Great choice of scenes, too. And of course, fab quality. ;) I reallyyyy liked it. Watched it about 3 times late last night hehe. You are too talented! - Shel

WOW is all I can say! Your new Equilibrium vid rocks! Oh my God! It most definitely puts my vids to shame! Everytime I watch one of your vids, I'm amazed all over again. I've never seen the kind of special effects you use in any other music vids. I always thought that most of the effects were cheesy, until I saw your vids. Keep up the wonderful work! - ViDawn

Wow, that was fantastic! Your editing is amazing, seriously the best I've ever seen. Makes my videos look stupid. lol I love the American Psycho one as well, you captured the movie perfectly. - carynscorner

OMG! You're great! I make music videos too, and I can say that you are very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very GOOD! It's the best music video I've ever seen! - sirwen_alphluin

~wide eyed~ The Equilibrium video is fantastic Kristin! Oh, I feel like I have to watch the movie now. ;) LOL  - Tini

Awesome job, Kristin! :) - Lauren

Incredible work, as always! Your videos are always a pleasure to watch and the music was a wonderful choice for "Equilibrium". Since it's one of my all-time favorite movies I was so excited to see you'd tackled it. - illiriahrising

Wow, thanks so much. Love your vids. - abczzz

Holy monkey, the new Equilibrium one is spectacular! - Dark Ravenette

"Here" is your best action vid yet, Kristin. This vid was a fun roller-coaster ride throughout! You did a phenomenal job with the action sequence transitions. They were quick and set the frenetic pace that makes this vid incredible! - Joe Salazar

~gasp~ oh. my. god. Mind if I worship you now? Never seen the film, but your vid really makes me want to and the editing was PERFECT as with all your other ones, and the song was just plain cool too. :) Excellent job! - Freddo

Wow... I was stunned by how amazing the editing in that vid is. You have such a talent for cutting action scenes and piecing them all together in a way that flows so smoothly and perfectly in time with the music. I loved the flickering images of the drugs. Partly because I thought it was such a great idea that worked very well and partly because it just looks so cool. :) My favourite part was the polygraph sequence. The editing there was too good for me to even describe. :) - zero nephilim

Great job. I didnt like the song much but thought your video was excellent! I enjoyed it. - hilarykay

Finally got round to watching this and I have to say it was excellent. I really liked the 'subliminal' prozium ampoules that threaded through the piece. I think you have a great future in this genre and I hope you manage to forge a career with your talent! - Libby

I found your great Site! I am from Germany. I love your Equilibrium Vid!!! Its so perfect!!! I only wanted to say that :) Make more please!!!
Many greetings from Germany! -

I have to say AMAZING video. I thought the song went extremely well with the theme of the vid - contrasting the emotional aspect with the action. Wow, you must be a pro or something. I love this movie a LOT, but your vid makes it look cooler than it is! I didn't realize that was possible. :) This vid is one of my all-time fave vids. And I download a LOT. LOL I strive to be as good and professional. - Sue

Awesome as always. :) - laughingspell

Wow! I've found this at IMDB and D/N of course! Thanks! This is really nice and I keep watching it. - May

~shocked~ WOOW this clip is amazing I so like the editing. This movie is one of my favourites. Very good choice. - Angel's Riddle

Wow! This video was wonderful! The editing was excellent, I loved all the really quick flashes. (And Christian Bale is insanely beautiful.) The song is a great one! (I love VAST.) I definitely want to see this movie! - Cec

I really love the Christian Bale videos. You do such a good job. Wow. It made Equilibrium better than it was. Watching your two videos just makes me want to see more of your videos. - Lucy

I just got your EQ video as well and it so totally rocks! You even made the images match the lyrics :) - NoClockThing

I don't watch music videos lately, but I made an exception here, encouraged by the comments. Indeed, it's excellent. :) It's a display of a great talent and effort and it shows that you really know what you are doing. The choice of a song is no less than perfect and the song itself is awesome. Even for my amateur eye it shows that the editing is excellent and the effects you used are really cool. To put it in one word: Bravo! - MaWa

Just wanted to let you know that I thought it was absolutely brilliant! You have excellent editing skills (as well as good taste in music). You've managed to combine two of my's most impressive. - Elizabeth

Even though I'm usually not one for action vids, this was so powerful, gripping, and intense, I was drawn into the the surreal feel of the vid right away. The sharp timings with the hard music were absolutely impeccable and kicked the action scenes up quite a notch. I especially loved the flashing of the inserted sequences in perfect time with the ultra-fast beats - especially when the vial was used. And the flatline sequence that was matched to the scream was absolutely mesmerizing. This was insanely well executed! - Avenue Potter

It is very well done Kristin1228, good job. - Cleric Richard Hannah

Amazing vid skills kristin ;) Kudos! - Balepj

Hey! I just download your videos "Here" and "Crazy boy" and I don't know, I'm speechless! They're awesome! perfect! The effects left me stunned! - illyria1985

Superb work! :) - Cleric Wolf

Just watched it and it was amazing! Well Done Kristin! It was like watching the movie but like all at once! Fantastic. - Dead Cleric

Kristin, the music video is awesome, great choice of song too. I love the beginning change from dramatic to the fast paste action, great job. I'll be checking out your other works also, you definitely have a talent in this. - 13ldvl

I just wanted to say that the music video for equilibrium is amazin.
You should send it to some one and make music videos for films that can be shown on tv. You are really good. -

Here = wicked sweet. Christian Bale being all completely hot didn't hurt *grin* but it was your lovely editing skills that I was staring at... yeah, that's it, pretty editing... hehe. You're still the queen of strobe. Oh, and the overlay vortex thingie was nice. Other than that, I was looking at Christian Bale. - Jane

Wow! Another great video. I love how you first began with the dramatic music and showed the beginning of the whole story and then the Boom brokeout into the action part. Great job. I really like this video although I've never seen Equilibrium before, this video helped me see into John Preston's character. - Cora

My sister about fainted with the Equilibrium music video of yours..
I have to was a beautiful, handsome sight and what a great friend says you can really pick the songs..that match perfectly..
- Kimberly

O_O *blink* I finally got this to work, Kristin, and all I can say is. . . "*silence*" That was totally awesome! Got to be one of my favorite music videos of all time. All of your cuts are very well done and I love the effects that you used. Absolutely wonderful. Left me quite speechless. . . Excellent job!! - Marrisa

Thanx Kristin! It was fabulous :) I liked it a lot! - mimi_383

I also saw the music video for Christian Bale's film "Equilibrium and it too, has made a very pleasant impression on me.... I look forward to your following works... You are very talented... I am absolutely fascinated by your work. - Karina

I was like ~gasp~ I watched it about 5 times. I love the ending. I am on cloud 9. - Christiansdream 

*gasp* *fans self* OMG.... Kristin out-did yourself with this EQ vid! I like this one better than the AP video! OMG.... I'm still dizzy from watching it! ~in shock~ I haven't seen EQ yet, but man...this video was HOT! The gun fighting was out of this world! Throughout the video I was just saying to myself: "Go Christian, Go Christian!" haha. :) He makes gun fighting look! Oh, and when he woke up sweaty from bed *drool*'m just speechless...  - moviequeen97

Enjoyed it so much! You definitely have an interesting style :) - Eithne Ame

Damn girl! That vid was great. I didn't realize Here by Vast followed the theme of this movie so well. Excellent!!!!!! - Albert

OMG Kristin!!! That was perfect!!! I love the way you edited it to the music especially the quick edits with the red tinted images. I haven't heard the music before but it fit perfectly. Thank you for being patient trying to get this to me!! It was well worth the wait. - JenGe

Wow, this video is by far your best. I love all of your vampire and LFN videos, but this is by far my favorite. The song is absolutely perfect for this movie and the video... my god. What can I say? It's incredible. It brings the whole movie together. I'm insanely impressed. You put every music video I've seen on tv to shame. Thank you for creating this and sharing it with the world. - PhantJulie

I watched the "Here" video recently also! I really liked it, Equilibrium is one of my favorite movies of his! I was bad and bought the movie when it first came out on DVD because he was in it. - Titania

Just saw your Equilibrium vid, I thought it was excellent. The only tiny critique I have is that at the point when there hands are about to touch on the table you use the fade a few more times than I would've. Besides that, it is quite amazing. Great Job ~thumbs up~ - Superman007

I saw "Here", Love it!
Awesome!!!! I really love the way you get the bottle to flicker so fast in the red, the timing is great, makes it really stand out, of coarse I also love crazy boy, you do such a good job of telling a story also. I love the song "Here" by Vast I'm going to have to get their CD! - Lisa Dixon

I def. had to see your equilibrium vid and words fail me. I hope you do more from that movie. :D - paperdreams

Can I just say how much I love your vids! I've watched the Equilibrium one (Here) like a thousand times already . I love the music you choose for your vids and the way you make them, I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. Hope you do more of Equilibrium. - clericdreams

Its good to see that we have got ourselves another talented video director. I watched a couple of your vids, the batman and the equilibrium videos. Both were well done. - Deviant

Ok commenting again..your equilibrium video is the best fan video I've ever seen--and I've seen hundreds counciling over at LVI. DAMN!!! I hope your going to school for this shit. - Laura4Lad

The vids are just plain awesome! My faves are "Paint it Black" and "Here" - enchantaurora

Great videos! I especially like Equilibrium video "Here". - Scaperat1

Wow, that video was great!! - EccentricFeline

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. WOW! What a crazy vid. Kristin manages to take us from a slow build to frantic action and back again. I only wish the movie itself had been this captivating. No one can set a mood for a vid like this! Amazing! – Jenn

Hey Kristin, I've seen this video a few months ago and I just wanted to say that is the best I ever seen!The music is perfect for Christian in that movie and have to do many other videos because you are very talented!! - chiara

Kristin, I downloaded this video from your site and seriously it's been on loop ever since!! The song is so awesome! I absolutely love the editing and effects! - Sierra

Kristin u are very talented! The video is awesome and the song fits perfectly! u did as usual a very good work! Congrats! - sparkle

Kristin, your music video for Equilibrium "Here" is amazing. Creative and genius. I've seen music videos put together with the sole purpose of making the song look good, no respect for the subject at hand, but your video is a real achievement. I love the way you start the video calmly like Equilibrium and work up to a large powerful finale. It's beautiful. The song you chose was suprisingly appropriate for the setting and situation. Congradulations on the video "Here", a master-piece to say the least... - schuby

Excellent editing for this compilation of Equilibrium, a movie that my 16-year-old son and I are fans of. Nice job! - RPL

I have seen the movie before. The video makes it look a lot better than it really is. Thus, this was a job very well done. =] - tttisanttt

Recommended from The Reel - Why you should download this vid:
Because, although I have seen many vids done to 'Here', I have seen very few done this well. It's like happiness in 4:42. It makes the movie better. The cutting is captivating - walking (or possibly cavorting with glee) precisely on the line between 'enhancing' and 'overload', which just makes it that much more interesting to watch.
The use of colour and effects, and repeated imagery - as well as the use of the movement within the source itself - really drives the visuals along with the music. It very deftly manages to balance the narrative with the emotive moments in the music and the source and then cuts right down until you're pretty much waiting for the boom. And you get one. Can't ask more than that. Seriously, it's stunning, go watch it. Make a mental note to blink every thirty seconds or so. -

Thank you so much for that rec! I can't believe that's a fanvid. Dude! I don't even know the fandom and it blew me away. Thanks again. - _sharvie_

I think this is an *awesome* vid. Thanks for reccing it. I had downloaded it, enthused about it to several people, but couldn't remember where I had found it! The vid positively *shimmers*. - sockkpuppett

ooo, look at the pretty! Wow, thanks for the rec! Love the movie, love the vid, it's all kinds of good over here in my brain. - sextagteam

Awesome video! Equilibrium was a pretty cool movie; great job putting this together! - Matt

I saw this video last night and haven't stopped watching it yet. I'd never even heard of the movie until now, but now I want to go hunt it down because...well just because this video shows something I wanna see. And it just freakin rocks! I had hoped to make a more eloquent response to it, but all I can get out is: oooooo preeeettty! - kazbaby

Your work is outstanding and on a level not many have achieved! I love this vid and I know you are gonna be famous one day.... please don't forget about all of us little Baleheads cheering you on! - Lindsay

OMG, I LURVE the "Here" video! This one is my favorite of all of Kristin's (with "The Perfect Drug" coming at a close second) videos. IMO, this video fully captures the essence of the film and of our beloved Cleric Preston! As always...Good Job, Girl! - Crystal

That video was really good and had perfect timing, I still haven’t seen this movie yet because they don’t seem to have it here but now I really want to see it. Thanks! - VaNeSsA

A certain video - who's song is playing - has been practically on loop today. Your "Here" Equilibrium vid... *swoon* The softness and the kick-assness; you combine both of them so wonderfully! - Yuna

Incredible vid! I was really stuck by the hard, fast inter-cutting you used to up the tension and pacing during the action scenes, and then the contrast with the long, slow clips in the contemplative parts of the song. - Keera

I've seen this one before and I have to say that Kristin you probably made the best Equilibrium video I've ever seen. Superb. - july12prod

Kristin makes the best vids! This one is my fave! - EccentricFeline

I love watching your vids! And this one is just as excellent! I love all the action scenes! Your editing is flawless, and the clip scenes are wonderful! You’ve got amazing talent and I look forward to seeing more of your vids in the future! Wonderful job, Kristin! :) - Kelly

Each time I see a vid to this movie I'm totally astonished at how awesome it looks and wonder why I haven't seen it yet. This one was no exception! Very cool. - hafital

I'd love to see this vid again. Equilibrium is such a pretty movie, for all its incoherency, and this would be an interesting companion piece to another great Equilibrium vid I saw couple of years ago set to whassoname, that Eurythmix song. The prominent colours in this one were yellow and blue, blue representing the ordered, bloodless life of the protagonist before he stopped taking that emotion-numbing drug, and yellow the aftermath, when his senses were awakened. I remember thinking it was an interesting palette choice because the liquid drug in the vials was yellow, and to take the colour of the instrument of restraint and have it represent emotional freedom struck me as paradoxical. But it worked for me nonetheless. - vonnie-k

Overall impression: A tour de force of virtuoso editing that distills all the visual flair of the movie while laying its essential incoherence bare.
Opening tiles name-check the song and the movie in a striking futuristic font complemented by the movement in the metallic liquid texture behind them. Vidders name and site and the band’s name are given by end credits in the same font on a simple black background chosen presumably so as not to deflect attention from the final image of the vid proper.
Music choice:
The song is a dourly masculine grunge dirge that lightens a little in the choruses and even more in the bridge when the drums fade to allow strings and vocals to convey a brief yearning for something more. In emotional range it perfectly matches the movie. Lyrics are hard to follow but the vidder dips in and out of them occasionally matching images to the more relevant words most notably the opening lines of the second verse:
“Where do I put the books
There's so many I could read.”
The movie is a high concept riff on the classic dystopias so the story is a familiar one even to those who don’t know the film. It comes across very powerfully in the vid, which although roughly chronological, uses a non-linear accumulation of images and themes to carry the narrative forward.
The slow instrumental lead in to the song sets up the story through a series of key images, Preston injecting himself with the emotion suppressing drug, shooting a man reading a book, breaking down, reflecting, running through corridors looking for something Preston’s wife being taken from him. As the music changes the semi-automatic clatter of the drumline introduces the gun kata, which is the movie’s USP. Balletic monochrome fight scenes are intercut with subliminal flashes of the drug filled syringe and an ornate perfume bottle while the images shown in the introduction are enlarged on and given context. The softer central section of the song is used to focus on the love story, the subliminal image in this part becomes his wife’s face framed by a closing door. Then on to the story’s denouement, in which a wired up Preston suddenly breaks free of his constraints and turns on his former masters.
Tone, Movement, Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring:
The vid is very rich in effects used in concert with the music to further the story and express the full horror of the world in which it is set. The slow introductory section, the two choruses and the bridge feature sustained series of cross-dissolves all beautifully composed. For contrast, in the verses razor cuts jumping from image to image punctuate the rapid fire beats. A filter used in the two choruses very effectively coveys the sense of walking through water of life in the drugged up city as does the pervasive grey blue palette with warmer orange red tones reserved for the ‘love’ scenes. This aside the rarity of red/orange in the mix of colours emphasise the the repeated imagery of the perfume bottle/ drug. In the first part of the song relief from the dark is afforded by intercutting the early fight sequences with white-uniformed clips from the end of the movie. After the change that has taken place in the bridge the balance of black and white shifts so the later predominates marking the change in the story.
Specific vid & music notes:
Things I particularly liked:
0:56 when the gunfire begins to the music
2:17-2:21 the books sequence
3:21-3:31 the image of Emily Watson viewed though the gap in the door recurring
4:06 the tracer flatlining
Final notes:
Almost inherent to the action movie genre is the tension between the strict morality of the storylines (the villains always lose) and the camera’s delight in powerful displays of gratuitous violence on both sides. The thing that fascinates me about this vid is just how strikingly obvious it makes that doublethink. Christian Bale is as blank-faced and deadly in black or white clothing, the emotion–supressing drug is the exactly the same colour as the memory-inducing perfume, the ‘love’ scenes play like an almost rape. True the vid ends with the hero finally expressing an emotion but exactly what feeling lies behind that sociopathic smile is completely unclear. I like that ambiguity. -

What I love about these two vids in particular is that in addition to perfect cuts and timing, perfect cueing with the music, you also tell a story that goes beyond merely illustrating the song lyrics. Things like the flashing interval of prozium in "Here" add a whole layer of meaning to the action sequences and make them ironic.
Great, great work. I really like all the vids, and I admire your amazing technical acumen. -

This may be some of the most flawless video editing I've ever seen. She really gets both the movie and the song, and they dovetail perfectly. Awesome action, breath-taking angst and lots of highly pretty CBale. - jcathm

From the band - VAST:

This is Jon Crosby from VAST. My bass player sent me the video-trailer thing you made with Christian Bale and my song "Here". I thought it was excellent. - Jon Crosby

That was cool. I really enjoyed that. - Michael

Hey-This is Steve Berman, manager of VAST...GREAT JOB!!!! - Steve Berman


Relax (American Psycho)

Awesome as always was very eye catching...It draws you in, and makes you react to the beat. It was very professional from
what I saw in this video. I think even better then anything I have seen. Nothing can compare.The psycho character wants you to laugh, even though it's a serious predicament on his victims..and the border is pretty wicked with a red flow. It's like he is in love with himself when he is with the ladies..hehe and It does have a dark funniness about -
Myrhia Chmilar

WOW ~rock on~ The song totally works for it. I totally loved the flash-frame effect and the little funny bits too. - Sarah

I loved it! I really have to watch that movie again. I forgot how damn funny it was. haha the raincoat bit always makes me crack up. hahah mmmm bare nakedness. - Ashley Dinning

Fantastic work! I have to watch your other videos now. :-) - kmousie

That was great. The scenes you chose fit really well with the music. Nice job! - disposablesink

Wooooow. Great job. The ending was phenomenal. I loved the transitions and the amount of clips you used. (The dancing part [hip to be square] and bicep flex cracks me up every time... - belonged

Wow. That was great. :) - zitosballgirl75

That was really awesometastic!!! XD - ofnaivete

That's how I like to start my Sunday mornings! I've always liked the song, and the video is well done! :) - sushineko

ROTFL this is great! :) I totally love this vid *chuckles*. - NoClockThing

I loved the new did my sister...very cute...I loved the song for it! Fit it perfectly. My sister and I had to laugh at some points. He is sooo crazy in that movie. We also loved the many smiles of Bale. Gosh, his smile is adorable. - Kim

Speechless here! Awesome Job as always! I think you're the master of the AP music vids! - illyria1985

That was really great and you know how I was talking about missing the Hip To Be Square Dance on the awesomebale messageboards. Well, now I saw it and I am so glad even though I don't think that was all of it, LOL. I want to make movies like that but I don't know how, oh well. - obssesedfreak17

WOW! Kristin. That was FUN. :) heh heh! - Friv

Woot! I just watched it! I LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEE it, so much talent Kristin, so much! I'm your n°1 fan, keep it going! I'm linking it from AB asap - Nadi

That was totally awesome. I can't wait to watch the next one you make. I downloaded all of them so far. When I need a christian bale fix I know just what to watch. LOL - Nanny

Hahaha. That was great! Loved the editing. Especially those quick little bits that took forever. Great vid, made me laugh at the morbidness :P - martoufmarty 

OH, THANX!!! I adore your music videos!!!! - gris_diable

I really liked it ! Fantastic, as usual! - Luna

I really enjoyed that Kristin! More than your Crazy Boy AP vid, too.
You really do great cuts & effects in your videos. -
Mr. Anderson

Well, it was fantastic of course! Obviously, you are WAY better at dealing with effects than we are. ^_^ (Actually, it's only been recently that we even ventured into using fades and stuff much less what you do.)And the song was just perfect. I could totally picture Patrick Bateman dancing to that song in some snooty 80s club. ^_~ Relax was awesome!!!! Loved it. Very good stuff. Brilliant as always. ~bows~ - Wendy & Renne aka HeraldtaliaW

Relax is alot of fun, Kristin. I didn't think there was anyway you could make "American Psycho" fun. The fact that you were able to make a video so lighthearted with a character that is a sadist is nothing short of amazing! - Joe Salazar

Kick ass as usual... Now every time I hear that song I'm going to think of American Psycho. - blueeyedpanther

OMG that vid is excellent! I wouldn't even begin to know how to do that. I love when he puts on Hewy Lewis and is dancing with the rain coat, that kills me. - Christiansdream

I saw your new video...It was awesome! I was rather surprised when I heard the song that you used though - But in a good way... - Karina

This one is so much better than the crazy boy video, which I thought would be hard to top. You do great work. I think it might be the choice of song that sells the whole thing, but all the cuts back to the threesome during the chorus are hilarious. - tobywolf13

d00d..your editing continues to amaze me. I watched 'Relax' the other day and...I'm still in awe. Totally amazing how you can, or at least seem to, match up to every beat. And the major jump-cuts/blend at the end....Oh, and the fades/reversals in 'Relax'... {I'm thinking of the first few seconds where he's sitting at his desk...I think; then, later, rubbing his face in front of the mirror} Just awesome how they would come together; you own the magic of the fade, mein freund. *applauds* After a bout of insomnia, I wrote this up around 3am last night. Wordpad, yo.

Relax (going in chronological order)

• I’ve no idea what the red liney-swirly background image is but I like it; it adds a beautifully dark overtone to the pop song.
• The two opposing fades strengthen the idea set forth by ‘Crazy Boy’, in the sense that Patrick is two different people, one in the office and the other elsewhere.
• Jump-cuts! I applaud your bravery here for not editing the beats and just going with ‘em in your own style that has all of us hooked.
• The fade-in to negative (how do you do that, anyway?) fit the ‘Relax!’ beautifully, even further accentuating his idea of being inhuman, or not of the ordinary and false world that he’s stuck in. He’s an outsider, something almost alien.
• Hehehe… I love the inclusion of his scene with Lois; wonderfully morbid, blood-soaked, homosexual subtext, ain't it? Whee! Fills the heart with joy, it does.
• Ah, Patrick Bateman and his smarmy, cocky, arrogant, naive, sadistic, and childish humor. What’s not to love? (Aside from the, ya know, serial killer aspect). Man, I’d love to see this character taken completely out of his natural surroundings and put him in… say… Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Ignoring the obvious slash potential of the two sadistic pretties, I think Patrick and Sands could have interesting encounters. Guns and knives… tsk, men and their toys.
• The fade at 01:38 totally has the vidder and storyteller aspect of me squeeing with joy. The way the fade is separate…then comes together…then departs again. I love that; hell, all the fades (reversed, mirrored, otherwise) are just awesome.
• I paused-played the two multi-framed scenes you used – those 100 framed creations – trying to catch some of what’s included. Wasn’t able to get too much but the mere fact you would go through all that trouble not once, but twice is just amazing; shows off dedication to your art and further creates appreciation from your large fanbase.
- yuna_firerose

I LOVE it btw! Great music and awesome choice of scenes... Your videos just keep getting better and better, miss! :) - Shel

Whoooaa!! That's awesome... - isabelaw

Thanx Kristin I loved it! You make awesome vids! - mimi_383

Wow Kristin, this is really good and fun, but I love that you have included scenes of the new edition!!! I can see a few parts of that infamous scene....ahhhhhhh ~gasps~ Balegasm :) I just love it!! - Claudia

I LOVE this video!!!! =) - katalibria

Your last vid was perfectly edited as always. Loved the border, and how much time did you spend on the flashing? I mean, sheesh! Showoff! Your editing was stunning. - Jane

I saw the vid just now and WOW!!!! That was f****n' brilliant!!
Brilliant job!! -

Love it !! You are quite talented! Good choice for the songs as well... - Amanda

I watched this video recently! I really liked it - great song pick also! - Titania

OMG!!!! I don’t think I need to say much more than that…because your vid was AMAZING!! Not only is Christian Bale absolutely yummy, so is your vid! Those fast flash effects….actually all of the effects were just awesome! This one just blew me away! I only wish I had the time/patience/talent/energy that you have to create such a wonderful masterpiece!! I hope you enter more, because I’d love to see them!! - Kris

I watched Relax and I absolutely loved it. My favorite I've seen so far. It had me smiling big the whole way through. I think you've done a wonderful job capturing good ol Patrick in the videos. - Chris

I`ve just watched your "American Psycho Music Videos".They are totally awesome-very well done. Thanks for making them!!!!!! - Maddie

You really have a gift for making vids! This one is hilarious. I couldn't help laughing at Bateman's little "dance" before he literally axes his colleague, and all the posing he does in front of the mirror while he's "doing it". Great matching of music to the clips. Can't wait to see what's on the horizon! - christianne

WOW!!!!!!!! Just watched Relax. I LOVE IT!!! I don't know how you got the strobe to time so good, I assume you use strobe, I do, awesome, and I love the way you used the motion video under the widescreen to give it a "frame" I tried something similar using the "Cell Pattern" as the black bars, but that was incredible. I never get tired of watching! Thank You for sharing your work. - Lisa Dixon

Holy Cow! I'm totally blasted out of the water...and in a very good way. I've also just watched Relax....fantastic! It's great to see such superb editing teamed vision and imagination....And watching CB isn't too difficult either. Can't wait for your Batman Begins release. - Ms.3M

I really enjoyed your AP videos--especially the superb 'Crazy Boy'--because they match the tone of the characters. You obviously have great talent in your chosen field, and there's no doubt you have what it takes to go far in that area. I watched your "Relax" video yesterday: top-notch stuff! I actually prefer it over "Crazy Boy", though I'm not sure if it's because of the different editorial style or simply the choice of music. I'm in awe of your...what would you call them, videographic skills? Editing skills? Well, whatever, they're good, and as I explained in my email, I wouldn't be surprised if they take you far. - Matt

I just watched Relax... Well.. It was great editing.. great scenes.. I LOVED the ending that was awesome.. - charmedchick

Great video. I also liked the relax, american psycho one too. Keep up the good work. - DA Harvey Dent

I totally watched all of your videos and loved them all. Favorites: Paint it Black and Relax. - Claire

Kristin you have such an incredible vidding style. Your attention to beat (which imo is what makes a fan video brilliant) is awesome..the light techniques and clip cuts were fantastic. Very cool! - Laura4Lad

Wow Kristin I have just got around to downloading your fantastic videos, I have just watched 'relax' and 'do you think im sexy' they are wonderful the shots used are the best and the music you have chosen compliments them so well. - lisamarie

I have to say again .. that the Relax vid is my favorite. I love all of them but that song and Patrick's character just fit perfectly!! Oh I just cant get over how the music to this song .. you made it match so perfectly! I know you are gonna have a great career! We all love ya!! - Lindsay

I just love those sex scenes...soo I don´t know...but he´s sooo HOT in those scenes!..WOW! Amazing video!...You´re nr1 Kristin!!! - Angélica

Overall impression: A skillfully edited and fun vid, this self proclaimed study of "the humor and sexiness" of Patrick Bateman does an excellent job of combining the almost ludicrous behavior and obsessions of Bateman with the movie's more disturbing message. I loved the use of coloring and the intercutting between the pampered and successful man Patrick shows the world and the lunatic that exists within him. Although the rapid fire delivery of images may have become slightly overwhelming at times, the fast paced editing was successfully employed to create an engrossing and fascinating character study.
Titles: The opening titles are interesting (and tellingly bloody *g* ), the text subtly edited into the movie's original title card. The simple end credits use this same technique and are clear and informative.
Music choice: Even the title of this song serves to illustrate Bateman's absolute insanity, how "relaxed" and casual he is as he maims and kills. This is underscored again and again by the contrast between the song's upbeat tempo and the violent and disturbing images it is matched with.
Moments when he begins to lose his composure are also highlighted by the vid, jumping out between his cold calculations and disturbing calm. Changes in the music are consistently mirrored in the editing and effects, creating an amazing symmetry between the movement of the song and the progression of the vid.
Narration, Tone and Movement: To me, this vid really comes together in the final moments, lending deeper implications to the less tightly focused whole. But even without this eventual summation, the vid, while disturbing in its own right, is meant to be fun and energetic and is an immensely enjoyable watch.
Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: The cuts in "Relax" reinforce again and again the paradoxes inherent in Bateman, the pampered playboy persona and his murderous alter ego, the emotionless killer and the desperate man whose lies begin to unravel around him, the absurd and the chilling.
This vid employs effects frequently and successfully, syncing faithfully with the music and adding variety to otherwise static moments (such as when he applies the facial mask around 1:32) Overlaying and intercutting with flipped images are also used to great effect, especially in the opening sequence. The coloring throughout is skillful and deliberate, most notably in the song's final seconds; a moment that, for me, ties together the rest of the vid.
Specific vid & music notes: 0:26 – Might have been improved by just cutting between his eyes and the dancers, inserting him at the bar began to feel a little overwhelming.
2:20 – I love the coloring on Bateman for this series of clips
2:54 – Images felt a bit rushed for a second here, I feel like removing just one cut would have completely taken care of the problem
3:11 – 3:20 – This whole sequence works incredibly well
3:26 – Use of the flipped image of the sunglasses is really fun
3:44 – 3:54 – This entire segment is very impressive but I especially love the last half-second of Bateman's face, very creepy.
Final notes: The occasionally overpowering speed of the cutting in this vid is a minor flaw that only pops up a few times. Otherwise, the frequent cutting lends energy to the video, an energy which is increases and improved by the effects and coloring, culminating in an intriguing and entertaining piece. -

Hey what do you know, that's fab! That's like strange but so cool. your AP video is great. The song and the scenes simply go so well's just like I thought - him killing and murdering away like a true psycho while the lyrics go 'Relax, don't do it...'- this song is made for the movie. And others do realize it! Good job. It's funny really, I wondered how come no one thought of using this song for AP,and then you mention making this video...what are the odds of that happening? I'm psyched! CB is soooo amazing. - rma01


The Perfect Drug (Christian Bale: Multi-Movies)

You have done it again Kristin.Huge Hugs,...This is an Amazing Christian Bale video..Lots of nice eye candy..hehe ;D The special effects set the mood of the way the music flowed. Very well put together. It also showed the art in his character acting in so many roles. Not to mention the love making scenes ~Yummy~ A true obsession that is pure and mentally captivating...Another masterpiece to your awesome list..:D I loved it, and it was very entertaining pal.. :) - Myrhia Chmilar

Yummy! I can't imagine how much work it must have been selecting the scenes from so many movies. - NoClockThing

That was EXCELLENT, Kristin. Your best yet. It is brilliant. I LOVE it. Thank for making it. - Friv

Woohoo! I'm downloading it... I'm sure this video is going to be awesome. I'll comment again when I'm done watching it. Aaaaand... I'm speechless. I don't know where to start. First of all, you basically win points just for using a NIN song. And secondly, that was so incredibly awesome...I words. ~applause~ - Lauren

*splurgle* Stunning vid, Kristin...brilliant editing and excellent music choice. - Libby

Can I just tell you that I loooooove your videos? I have no idea how you do it, but they are always awesome. - laughingspell

Brilliant, and that is an understatement. - spacequeen

I'm really fucking impressed, Kris. You managed to get in half of Christian's films in one video. It was hot! *fans self* And I loved the song back in the day, and I still love the song now :) - blueeyedpanther

As per usual Kristin, a stunning job of editing and clip choice. You've also tried a few new things here & there (which is great to see) and they worked out very well. I don't think I'll ever tire of watching your videos, they are just immaculately composed & executed. Well done! - mranderson

I like watching your Christian Bale videos, because obviously he is attractive, and obviously you find him to be as well lol but man what have I missed. I maybe saw 5 of the movies which you have clips of in there. I am gonna have to hunt down what I missed and spend many hours watching them because of you, lol its a bit bad because I never have time, but I will enjoy them. Thanks for the vids of hotness :P - celtic_luna

Damn gurl can we say NC-17 lol loved the video and great song to use and thanks for putting the titles of all the movies at the end. - Sarah

Your vids are awesome. I've watched them all. The music is so good with the clips! Keep on keepin' on :) - llama_face

Exquisite...mmm...thank you!! - avorio_torretta

Kristin, you consistently impress me with your editing skills and the way you incorporate the effects into all your videos wows me. This is another fine video with much Christian Bale-ness. Though I’ve got to say, he is not as hot with a beard is he?! lol - charmax

Wow, that was incredible. I can't imagine doing a video so involved and articulate - it was truly amazing! Loved how the clips meshed perfectly to the song. ^.~ *Hops off to watch more of your videos* - lindi_of_rohan

Hey Kristin! I got my sister sitting here and we just watched your vid and let me say...WOW! This was the best one yet, and that is saying alot. ~gives roses~ - Wendy & Renee aka HeraldtaliaW

Holy crap, I don't know what to say. That was just... amazing! Wow...
I loved that little flashy thing. I don't know what to call it... The thing with the clip. At around 0:23 or so and at other places. Great vid! I can see that you love Christian Bale a lot :) I loved the editing in general, that little thing that I mentioned above, and the zooming in. -

I LOVED this one. I may be biased because of the song, but it was just awesome. the effects were great, and it had a raunchy edge to it, which goes with the song. - smugglers_prize

Sweet! Your layering was perfect and I've gotta strobe a vid again sometime. - Jane

Wowowowow Kristin that was AMAZING! Totally hot. You are way too talented! I'm glad you found the right song, too. It fit really nicely.
*goes to watch it again* -

OH! ................ MY!.....................GOD!!!! <drool> Kristin.. you ROCK! Sliding down a razor blade!!!!! That is all I can think of about this movie .. absolutely spine tingling!!! What a collection of Baleness! Balegoreous! Baleicious! BALE! - Lindsay

Once more, you astound me with greatness. And I gave you this song like, what, four days ago? Speed and efficiency and GREATNESS... astounding. - yuna_firerose

"The Perfect Drug" was edited masterfully. The way you cut the clips from CB's films together so beautifully was brilliant. - Joe Salazar

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO that was awesome! - Christiansdream

OMG. I feel so dumb. I saw these clip things before but I didnt know what they were so I never clicked them.. wow. haha so glad I did. ur so talented with this I cant even comprehend how to do this..
r u majoring in filmmaking or something like that? -

Oh my god. I've never watched one of your clips before... I had to pause it halfway through because I think I am going to die. I can't breathe. You are a goddess... - toilteanas

O. M. G. Best. Thing. Ever. I especially like the angsty slowed-down walking shots about 4 minutes in. Before that it was like hyper Christian overload, and I loved every second. It was like watching all my DVDs at once. *sigh* I think I just died. Death by Bale. What a wonderful way to go. You have an amazing talent!!!! - L. Bourland

Awesome....there's nothing else to say...awesome...awesome....awesome... there's nothing better than to congrat someone who deserves it... ~applause~ ..and seeing your skills you do deserve. =) - Monika

Whoa!!! I need a glass of whiskey, a cold shower and some chocolate. Stat! I. am. in. heaven. - Sicwitit

Perfect Drug was awesome! It's probably one of my favorites now. I have a few favorites now. LOL. - Nanny

Oh, that video played on a continuous loop shall bring me hours of fun ;) I love it. I still am in awe of how well you can cut the clips to match the beats of your songs, and this one's tempo changes quite a bit throughout, so bravo on that. It's a good thing I'm not an epileptic because it all flashes by so quick (but in the good way). I try really hard to not blink the entire time because I want to see if I can guess where every clip comes from. Great job with getting such a range of stuff. So nice for those without a way to find Royal Deceit or Velvet Goldmine, since some of the choice parts are there. And on that note, oh how many frames of Mr. Bale's Ass. Oh how nice! - tobywolf13

Love it!!! It's really cool! Great job :)))) - nida_yubari

How professional looking, Kristin! You are getting better and better with each video you make. Lord, Sibi Bale is one lucky woman! - Melissa

Yes! I saw that you made a new one, I watched it this morning! It's great, I loved how you included "Newsies" in it too. It's a great video, had a lot of fun movies in it! I can't wait to see your Batman Begins videos also! :D - Titania

Kristin that was an outstanding video! Your video is the perfect way for me to get a quick CB fix, without having to pop in a movie. It's nice to see a variety of his different roles within a short span of time. I also love the naughty scenes. HOT! The scenes you chose reflected the mood of the song perfectly. Only one prob, there was a tad too much flickering but I have a feeling that this was done to give the visuals a harder edge due to the music. Great job, thanks again! - Rizon

Really awesome vid. Please make more! - thestuckduck

Always awesome videos from you. You are really good at what you do. I really liked the video and the song goes well with it. - nytelady

I thought it was sexy :P lots of naked flesh and passionate thrusting haha those flashes and lighting effects went quite well with the the rhythm. - Ashley Dinning

Wow!!!...Amazing video.......NIN with Christian= Great Combination - spooky

Hot! Hot! I had no idea how many movies he was in, I love the overlays where you have a larger version overlayed too, that looks great! I know that took some time, all those short sceens, talk about steamy I feel like I need a bath, here let me wipe away the drool.... Your work is getting, not only better, but more sophistcated.
Kudos! - Lisa Dixon

 I just saw the new Christian Bale video you made... It is awesome! Good job... - Jesse

(and believe me, I only make up words like superuberfastic when i can't find another word in the dictionary to describe it). Remember me when you're famous! (and you will be, you'd make a fantastic film editor - you're great at choosing the right clips for the right tunes). Now if you'll excuse me, i have some more music videos to download. ;D -

Wow that's really good! I'll have to watch the rest of your videos later...That one was amazing though! - sporkin

That was great! Love it! I haven't seen any clips from the R rated movies that he's in so that kinda is the way I'm going to see some of them! - obssesedfreak17 are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus I still feel my heart in my throat ~gasp~ What a wonderful vid, you put together all those beautiful Christian images. :) This will be one of my faves, coz I haven't seen Metroland but here you give me a glance of how sexy Christian could be. I thought that he couldn't be more...but I was wrong ;) - Claudia

Kris, this video was amazing as usual! Gosh I love them all! Currently downloading the 'Im' too sexy' one, woot! - Nadi

You make the most amazing song vids, truly. Lots I've seen are just random clips stuck together to music. Others have some action matching with the words of the song etc. but I've never seen any that do it so well, or that have special effects in them. They're really special.
PS: Saw the "I'm too Sexy" vid today, showed it to my kids and we all wet ourselves laughing at Mr. Bateman's little shimmy. :P -

Another great video, Kristin. :-D - zitosballgirl75

Your music videos are amazing! It looks great! Especially the "I'm too sexy"-video is hilarious, and in the "perfect drug"-video the cutting perfectly fits to the music! Wow! Congratulations to that! - Ilona

Oh wow..... ~gasp~ This guy is not afraid to show it all off. Awesome job Kristin! - christianne

The new christian bale music videos are brilliant! I love the perfect drug muti movie and the batman one is great. Keep up the great work! - Shelley

Wow u r good! Talk about eye candy lol - Lisa Mendell

Kristin, I downloaded your "Perfect Drug" video and I enjoyed it very much. At first, the song took a bit of getting use to since I'm not a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails. But after a couple listens to it, it's actually catchy. Anyways, I like the fade-ins you used and I like how you got scenes to parallel each other...that was really cool. I also like how you switch to two different scenes when the beats call for it. Great video! - ma200

I LOVED the perfect drug! - Adilah

I've seen your other Bale vids and they're all gorgeous! My special fav is I'm Too Sexy/The Perfect Drug. Both work amazingly! - dd2_edge

I've seen all your videos Kristin. Simply awesome and The Perfect Drug is one of my fav songs. - Cinderella

I loved your videos. Saw today 'perfect drug'. That was really, really fantastic! - aurianne

I just saw the I'm too Sexy video for the first time, and its so awesome and funny! Really excellent work! I also like The Perfect Drug. - hilarykay

Well, it's a bit late but I finally watched your Perfect drug-vid. It's amazing, all those lovely scenes. I realized he always looks so different in his movies. But it's still our beloved man, great Kristin. - BAiLEys

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! ~in shock~ P.S. OMG! - Arkaad

Thanks for the fantastic vids. I'm downloading them one at a time. I must say I like the Perfect Drug because it enables me to see some scenes of his other movies. - cheenie

Very GOOD!...WoW...LOVE IT! - Angélica

Hello, Kristin, I have all your videos saved on my PC and I love all, but specially The Perfect Drug and I´m Too Sexy. Those music videos really took my breath away...Congratulations, one more time! - Julianna

I like this video because it shows so many different movies and roles that he has played. The editing and special effects are also amazing. Way to go Kristin. You Rock!!!! - Lorri


I'm Too Sexy (Christian Bale: Multi-Movies)

Hahaha that was awesome. I didn't realize he had such a great sense of humor. - Ashley Dinning

Ooh, genius! I loved it! It's really true, too. :-) Can't wait to see more vids. I'm so impressed with your talent. Thanks for sharing these. - Leslie

"I'm too Sexy" is a lighthearted romp and it brought a smile to my face as I watched it. A blast from beginning to end! - Joe Salazar

THAT was hilarious. I had fun picking out the movies I recognized. - Dark Ravenette

Kristin - that was priceless. You are very talented. I don't know what you do for a living - but if you aren't working with videos - you need to be. - gapeach

Man, are on a role! All you video-creators are making my day... I'm so excited to watch this one...As always, I'll post after I'm finished watching... I guess I don't know why I post before I watch it....too much excitement maybe? Yeah, I know...*loser* This was all kinds of hilarious. Just what I needed after watching Notre Dame get their asses beat by USC. You are so talented!!..AND...can whip these things up in record time. *goes to watch again* - Lauren

That is so awesome!!! I looooove it! I was just sitting here watching it and smiling :D It's wonderful! :P This is like the 3rd place I comment on this video but meh, I just love it that much It's amazing! And that song is perfect for Christian. - 2bass/sporkin

This one is currently downloading, but I must say that you. are. AMAZING. I love every single one of these-you are my god. Thankyou. *love* - freddy_f02_life

WOW! That's amazing! I'm definitely gonna watch it again and again later! Fantastic job! :D - minion_mel

I don't know what to say. I'm just like "...."
I just downloaded and watched all the videos and they're absolutely AMAZING. Like. I DON'T EVEN KNOW, BETTER THAN AMAZING. Sorry I'm gushing haha but when your a famous film editor think of all the Baleheads who owe you for your amazing talent <333 I love that there's so many different clips. It gives me a my daily Bale fix and I don't even have to pop in a movie. I love it! Can't wait for the Batman one :D -

Holy Cow! I'm totally blasted out of the water...and in a very good way. I've also just watched Relax....fantastic! It's great to see such superb editing teamed vision and imagination....And watching CB isn't too difficult either. Can't wait for your Batman Begins release. - Ms.3M

WALLOP!! That was sooo funny. :) That was brilliant, Kristin, especially love the way the Cleric did his little head bow to the 'Japan' line - heh heh! He's the sexiest. :) - Friv

HeHe...this one is funny...and one of the best I have seen......he is really Too Sexy... - spooky

OMG! *downloads* WAAAAAAAAA!!!! Brilliant!!!! - Nadi

Wow! That one was even better then your last one. ^_^ Kristin--in case we haven't said it enough, we ADORE this vid. So yummy. Leaves us drowning in drool. - heraldtalia

Oh wow this was so funny and soooooooooooooo SEXY! lol he really has played a lot of sexy roles.. many of which I havent seen yet.. (boohoohoo) has motivated me to order some more movies.. lol Great job on the vid .. I enjoy them all so much .. they are all so different .. even the ones that use the same movie still seem very different. You are very talented!! The humor here is wonderful!! Love it! I watch your vids at least once a week!! - Lindsay

This is so fucking good. Thank you so much, it was funny, very well done and best fanvideo I saw so far! Great! - robtengel

I downloaded and watched it! It's totally hot! ;) - dragong

You could not have found a more fitting song. Every word is true. Great vid. It's perfect. Cracks me up :) - martoufmarty

Heehee! That was perfect! I love that song, it's so funny. I love the way you put it all together to fit the lyrics and yet it wasn't cheesy. Great job! ^.~ - lindi_of_rohan

Oh, I loved this one. Great editing, as always, and a wonderful choice of song (so fit him perfectly). I'm sure when Batman Begins comes out on DVD, you'll create some insanely-good, too-awesome-for-us-mortals vid that will have me racing to rent it. I just know it. - yuna_firerose

You make the most amazing song vids, truly. Lots I've seen are just random clips stuck together to music. Others have some action matching with the words of the song etc. but I've never seen any that do it so well, or that have special effects in them. They're really special.
PS: Saw the "I'm too Sexy" vid today, showed it to my kids and we all wet ourselves laughing at Mr. Bateman's little shimmy. :P -

Kristin I can't find more english words to express my admiration for your amazing videos, so I will tell you in spanish: Eres fregonsísima!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) - Claudia

That was totally freaking funny :) and I loved it! - Sarah

I'm joining this community after much viewing to express my appreciation for the sheer awesomeness of this video. BRA-VO. I'm lookin forward to everything else you make! - reanix

Splendid !! - isabelaw

I watched your too sexy vid..Love the borders you have been using in your masterpieces..And to boot, the video was so *Hilarious* ;D . I didn't like the song before, but since watching this, it made me enjoy it. The scenes matched the beat smoothly, and also how he was too sexy for anything..LOL Very well done pal ;) - Myrhia Chmilar

Your music videos are amazing! It looks great! Especially the "I'm too sexy"-video is hilarious, and in the "perfect drug"-video the cutting perfectly fits to the music! Wow! Congratulations to that! - Ilona

I swear my flatmates think I am gay, but I don't care! Great video Kristin! She's done it again. Worth the wait, worth the download time, worth everything. Worth buying editing equipment to try to emulate!
Each video is looking more and more polished, with high quality synchronization between the audio and visual components. Furthermore, it's nice to see use of older footage so well. Newsies and swing kids used perfectly. I cannot wait for the next... I hope there is a next! I'll be thinking of a song for you to merge to.... good work! 9.5/10 -

Oh my god! Holy hot man! That was brilliant. You are truly talented... - mel_alethia

I downloaded this one as well. Let's just say I was smiling all the way through the video. Can't wait for the next music vid! Keep up the good work. - christianne

I love your Christian Bale videos! They are fantastic and funny, especially the "I am too sexy" one. - Tina

I also just DL I'm too sexy, very good as well I loved it :) - christiansdream

We love your I'm to sexy video..sis and I watch it..and the 'I'm a model...' Mom loved it too. - Kim

Just watched this video. Just got to say-- whew! It's just too sexy!
Great editing, the music is perfect, the content--- well, what else can I say about the content? :) -

You've done such a good job with the videos. The editing, the choice of music, the effects.. I haven't seen all of your vids yet but of what I've seen my favourite video would be 'I'm too sexy'. That's the best CB vid you've done so far :) Just when I thought you couldn't do any better you did another masterpiece, well done! All the clips went so well with the music, the effects were amazing once again just like the editing.. I was speechless! Great job my friend! :)  - Joanne

I just love the video! Looking forward to your new music-videos! - Tina

I'm too sexy was funny! lol - Adilah

I've seen your other Bale vids and they're all gorgeous! My special fav is I'm Too Sexy/The Perfect Drug. Both work amazingly! - dd2_edge

Kristin, your vids of Christian Bale are the best. editing was flawless and song use was just awesome. The vid was quite a treat for me. thank you for sharing this cool vid with us. - Jocelyn

I just saw the I'm too Sexy video for the first time, and its so awesome and funny! Really excellent work! I also like The Perfect Drug. - hilarykay 

Wow Kristin I have just got around to downloading your fantastic videos, I have just watched 'relax' and 'do you think im sexy' they are wonderful the shots used are the best and the music you have chosen compliments them so well. - lisamarie

Wow. This site is amazing! I especially enjoyed the top notch editing on the music videos. The 'Too Sexy' one had me drooling and laughing at the same time - marvelous! - Sora

I thought this video was funny..just see him in the younger years...soo cute!.... You´re the BEST! - Angélica

Are you trying to give me a heartattack with all the naked Christian and crotch shots in his tighty whities? It was a lovely experience but I barely survived it. Like my mom, I love a man who's a triple threat: can act, can sing, and can dance. And add totally hot along to that and you have Christian. Great job. My sister probably hates you because I had to share how lovely Christian looked in his underwear and in the naked butt shot. Sorry if I'm being too coarsely lustful of Christian. Normally I try to keep it clean but it's just hard in light of those lurid images of him thanks to Kristin! Really, great job and thanks for letting us see those videos. - Danielle

oh my god!!! i don't think i've laughed so much and so "out loud" in months!!!!! that's brilliant!!!!!! *applause, applause, applause* :) - boon

I must say, the videos are great! And that part from the shower, from AP.....girl, you are killing me! lol I still can't stop laughing! Brilliant work! - ruxanda

Hello, Kristin, I have all your videos saved on my PC and I love all, but specially The Perfect Drug and I´m Too Sexy. Those music videos really took my breath away...Congratulations, one more time! - Julianna

As for fans of Christian Bale, you might like to consider the MV entitled I'm Too Sexy. And indeed, she pieced together various unconnected scenes and clearly convinced me HE IS SEXY. Ermmm..make sure you don't let your parents catch you watching it! - Funn Lim

You're a genius. - msmandras42887

The video is so awesome! I always watch it before I go to bed.... :) - gennfa

aha! I watched this when you first put it up on your site. I love it. It's just great! hehe my mom likes it too! - sora

*giggles madly* That was the best thing I have seen in a long time. *runs off to download more* - lauchlen

Everytime I watch "I'm Too Sexy" it's seems to be better than before. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. ;) - Julia

Awesome Vid! Best i've seen. - nadiak

the BEST music vid I've seen in a while, fantastico! lol Thanks sooo much for sharing! hes HOT lmao - xArwenx

Awesome Vid! Best i've seen. - nadiak

It's so true! He really is far too sexy for his own good. Hmm, I think I'm going to watch this again. And again, and again and... Hey, why is my keyboard covered in drool? - JunkyardQueen

Fabulous subject, Fabulous editing especially loved the editing around the "pussy cat" lyrics....right on right said fred, could you get a more cameo song for the gorgeous C Bale - jinx2405


Army of One (Christian Bale: Batman Begins)

THAT WAS FRIGGEN AWWWWWSOME!! My sister and I both drooled. Delicious... dark... flowing... sensual... I loved it! You are really a this...and you have loyal fans right here! - Kim

LOVE IT LOVE IT great video and great song to use - Sarah

Very good. The movie does look interesting, with excellent cinematography. I don't think that you put any less effort into it. The cinematography is great, and sometime you don't always need effects to set the mood. Like you told me, it's all about pacing and emotion, and I thought you portrayed that, very well. - Ashley Dinning

...oh. that is... stunning. I'll give an earnest video review from the site when I have enough of a brain here to do it justice...for now let me just say, it was absolutely incredible, and actually had me noticing things about the source film that I'd missed. fantastic. - meletor_et_al

Great job as always, Kristin. I love watching your vids and was excited to see a batman begins one was up! I really liked the part where you combined bruce's parents lying dead on the ground with batman lying on the fire escape after he was just, well, torched by crane. great connection and the music fits nicely right there. -

Kristin, you're a goddess! I love your work and am always excited when you've finished a new video. Artmy of One is no exception! Thank you for sharing it with us. :-) -

The initial bat sequence is amazing, and you used the softening-up effect in just the right places and no more -

Downloaded the video. LOVED it! -

That's so really cool! Can't wait to see the whole movie back and this was the perfect trailer. Thanks! -

That's hot, beautiful, magnificent, stunning, and exquisite. Great Work! =) -

Although,it's not my kind of song,the video is very good.Nice job with the editing! -

The video is tight, the song is cool too.... I'm downloading the American Psycho ones too.... -

That was cool. The music fit the situations, and the picture and sound are excellent. Goob job. -
Dark Knight Prime

Oh wow. I swear, you make the coolest vids EVER. I don't know what to say. You know I'm bad at writing feedback :P ... That kicked so much ass! -

I sooo agree with the first commenter. You make the BEST vids I've ever seen. Awesome vid and amazing song, too! So perfectly done. I'm in awe. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. -

UGH. I don't know how you do it but you sure do it. I absolutely loved this one <33
And it amazes me how you find the most perfect music for the sequences. KUDOS! -

Army of One is terrific! You did a very nice job with your premiere "Batman Begins" video. I can't wait to see what your future vids based on the film will look like. - Joe Salazar

Very nice Kristin--I really enjoyed that. I totally agree, NCT--you used the soften effect in just the right places and you put it together very well. Great job! ^_^ - Marrisa

...Great Video (like always)... - Spooky

As always .......GREAT! ~dances~ - Monika

Absolutely awesome! Touche! - malarkeychrist

That was fantastic, great selection of music as well as clips from the movie...definitely worth downloading! - Bane

Very well edited, you've certainly got the feel for the good combination of visuals with the right music! - slangislayer

One of the best amatuer, and I use that word lightly, videos I've ever seen. Great use of the images and the music. I look forward to seeing any more videos you will create. - emaverick

awsum thanks man!! - Dark Knight88

Those were friggin' awesome! - iknowkungfu

Very nice music video, kristin. Well made!! - LoS_AnGeLes

Awesome!!! I loved how fast moving this video was. The movie and the song go so well together. The glowy effect you used on the flashbacks looked great! Wonderful editing! - kaycee

Great, powerful, awsome, beautiful, sexy, hot, freaking good, dark, moody (in a good way) menacing, lovely, delicious, yummy, cute, wonderful, wickedly hot, CB overload etc. Need I say more, that was simply the best!!! THANK YOU!!!!! - Amanda

I loved it. Nice work. - krazypantz

The new christian bale music videos are brilliant! I love the perfect drug muti movie and the batman one is great. Keep up the great work! - Shelley

That was phenomenal - you are very good. - Patty

I really like that. *keeps it and gives you credit* I don't have time, but I'm going to watch the others that you made. - cheshirecat8596

What prgms do you use? If you say wmm... I'm going to smack myself, because it was too pretty to be wmm. I enjoyed the reoccuring theme of the "bats, flying" in the beginning. Lots of seemless transitions, and the effects on flashbacks ala bluring-n'-tinting. I enjoyed it immensely, first BB vid I've seen and it was very good. - foodservicegirl

Excellent, a great work. - KGBeast

I watched this yesterday & while I enjoyed it, it wasn't up to the same uber quality of "Here" & "The Perfect Drug". While the editing was still quite good, it seemed that you didn't put quite as much effort into this one (effects-wise) as the aforementioned videos. This coupled with the fact that the song didn't really do that much for me personally & the fact that I didn't love BB also contributes to a lesser experience. Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure others will absolutely love it. That said, this video remains leaps & bounds ahead of most of the stuff people post on the LJ vidding community. Well done! - mranderson

That's a kick ass vid!! I love it! - Lost Mind

I'm sorry I must be biased but I totally LOVED it ! Excellent work! The movie spoke for itself I was amazed, so was my husband. Nope it's official I watched it again and LOVED it ! I like every time the chorus comes on you use 'batman' totally awesome I can't say enough. - christiansdream

I liked how you did the beginning and ending but yeah, there are less effects with the scenes than your previous vids. I noticed that you let the scenes just speak for themselves rather than add extra effects to be honest, I liked that! Most of the scenes are pretty busy, so I think it would have been a bit much to add a bunch of effects on top of it. But that's just my opinion, if it makes sense at all. For what it's worth, I really enjoyed it and I think you did a fab job! I think you have a good eye for knowing when to go more heavily on the special effects and when to leave the scenes as they are. - Shel

Loving the batman one so far! Woah! Really high quality! I forgot how awesome this film was! - Martin

Loved it!!!!! Wow! Thanks for doing that! We kept to watch over and over again. - heraldtalia

That kicked ass! You rock girl. - trashsmasher

I loved your Batman Begins video for Army of One. There's no point in lots of did a perfect job. - blueeyedpanther

Its good to see that we have got ourselves another talented video director. I watched a couple of your vids, the batman and the equilibrium videos. Both were well done. - Deviant

I just watched the Army of One music vid and you did an awesome job! Great song selection and the clips you used conveyed the overall darkness of the movie. I hope to see more of your work! - c_love

Damn, your "Army of One" video is just....DAMN, IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD!!! You totally captured the confusion, complexity and darkness of the Dark Knight himself. You can tell that he's a little nutty but he uses all that negative energy inside of him to serve the greater good. Anyways, great scene selections and awesome editing. The song is kick#$@ and Christian Bale is so sexy!! - ma200

That video was just unbelievable. You are an amazing editor. Seriously. Plus your scene selection was out of this world. I have seen maybe five Batman Begins music videos and yours is definitely the best one I have seen. Loved the intro as well. Made it look really professional. - vyperman7

Totally cool video! (And, I must say, I admire you and your love of Christian Bale. He is a beauty.) The editing and effects were wonderful! The song worked really well for the movie and for the character! - Cec

That's it First thing Monday morning i am going to rent this movie.. I totally agree with Ryan.. The beginning of the video looks so professional... The whole video does.. And the song choice. omgosh.. Did you have some kind of video editing training or something.. If not i think you need to getting video editing as a profession.. Seriously...

Wow, thats was seriously good, and very well produced! I liked the reversal of the footage at the end so Wayne closes the chest containing the Batsuit. I'm gonna check out your other videos too. I Hero you! - MuksC

Simply SUPERB in all manners of how to make a proper music video. Great song great editing and great everything!!! 4 THUMBS WAAAY UP! - digimatrix36

Wow, really good. :) The song suits surprisingly well and it's structured nicely, especially like the sequence of the hurt Bruce is feeling (i.e his parent's dieing) and then it returning to the upbeat action. - Izzet

I love the video. - lilmellie

Great video. I also liked the relax, american psycho one too. Keep up the good work. - DA Harvey Dent

Bravo! As usual. - Melissa

Nice vid, I think its pretty cool. I especially liked how you reversed the last clip and gave the vid a conclusive ending. - Superman2007

Dearest Kristin..I finally got to see your Batman video (Army of One), and it was so **AWESOME!!!!!!!** Christian Bale looked so hot, and very Aghast in his loneliness in the dark hero character he played..
I loved the effects and how you put it all together..It looks like a very cool movie and music vid...You always make such amazing videos pal..A true artist ;D -
Myrhia Chmilar

Great video..excellent quality, keep up the great work. - crazygangrel

Good stuff -

Great work! Loved the army of one video. - martoforever

Really cool video. Keep 'em comin'. - da_gr8_1

Excellent job on the video it looks great, very well done! - mcdav32

I enjoyed watching your Batman video, I like the Grey button overlay on the letterboxing where you put the title. It looks like an Encore Dvd button. - Lisa Dixon

Damn Kristin!!! Your latest video is the bomb... I mean it is absolutely... I have no words to describe it... And the song... OH MY GOD!!!!!! Not only it suites the video like a glove... but it seals it is just first class...Really I am totally a good way of course... I am glad that you did it... I know how you waited for it... -
Jesse Reevs

Kristin, you were so talented right from the first and we all can see that your technical skills have even improved since then. I've always loved your videos from the very beginning. I have to say that your most recent Christian Bale video is inspiring me to go out to see the movie, and I am not a Batman fan. - Deb N.

I have saved your Army of One music video to my hard drive because I loved it so much. :) I'm with you about the film blowing the others away- I have seen the film a total of seven times and am working on viewing #8. - Lisa Mendell

WOW! Kristin, how do you do it. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. :) - Friv

Fantastic!! Your vids are fantastic.. I hope you keep making them and making them!!! Again... you have risen to another height with this vid! The music is a perfect match for the material!  - Lindsay

This is great stuff! ~in shock~ How do you all video-makers do it? (Green with envy) The music is perfect. The cutting (is that the term?) is beautifully done. The bats did a great job. :) - Amie

Kristin, I have some time this morning, so I thought--why not download this. DAMN. I love fan vidding. This was exceptionally done. Love your attention to beats, and the song choice was stellar. Watching the AP one as soon as I get home from school tonight. Great job! Loved the effects of this. - Laura4lad

I was sitting in my seat slack jawed. By far the best vid I've seen in ANY genre. Loved the use of "flashback" images after the fear gas. Also, the film reversal (cabinet) toward the end... perfect. Made my day! - katyanicholovna

Fantastic video. I really enjoyed. Very well done. ~thumbs up~  I just want to say that I almost every day, watch your vids or listen to them. The music is great. - Zejr

Slick editing as usual - this was a real treat! Yes, you *SOOO* had to vid Batman Begins. *grins* - angelofate

I really enjoy your vids. :) I also saw your new Batman vid and loved it! - Mel

The new Christian Bale video - in a word *AWESOME*. Makes me want to run out and buy Batman Begins! You know I will always be there with a kind word for my favorite video maker! Keep up the great work, my friend! <HUGS> - Kris

*gapes, no clue where to start* Okay, wow, where to begin... the editing was remarkable, as always, you know that. A few places your choice of clips was right on... umm... the bats and police car, the kiss, his parents and the fire, the bat signal...sheesh, can't remember them all...umm, the entire vid...yep, whole vid, just easier than saying everywhere I thought worked really well. *points at clips* that scene, that one, that one, that one, that one also, oooh and that one...I'd give better feedback, but everything I want to comment on is instantly forgotten by the next clip which I also need to comment on. By the end of the vid, I'm speechless. *watches vid and just mumbles "pretty..."* - Jane

Of course I've seen your latest vids :) I LOVED them all! Especially 'I'm too sexy', that was the best :) And the Batman vid was amazing also, another great choice of music :) I'm a huge fan of Hednoize now thanks to your vids. - Joanne

Truly Outstanding video.I love your style of editing and I really liked the song...The vid quality was also outstanding!!! A lot of BB vids I find a bit slow in developing but you did a great job of balancing out the pace....Fabulous vid!!! - Lane68

Army of One was FREAKING BRILLIANT. It's seriously your BEST CB vid yet. The editing....the clips you meshed SO well with the music. It was sooooo smooth... the transitions and stuff. The one I'm super attached to is army of one. I wanna show them all off to everyone...ESPECIALLY army of one =) - Adilah

I saw army of one. It's very well made, it gets my super spiffy award. You'll definitely go far with this skill/talent of yours. - cousiniguana

To quote Gret “Kristin is the Godess of Christian Bale vids.” You have amazing vision, and this video is put together very beautifully. I’m serious when I say this, they should put this vid on MTV! It was that GOOD! - Kris & Gret

Wow Kristin every time you are better, wow I just love it! :) - Claudia

WOW! I love it! This video should be on MTV or something. - DarknessFalls

Excellent ~2 thumbs up~ well done that was brilliant!! Yup, it definitely should be on MTV. - JOKERFC

Congrats on the vid awards on "Army of One." The video captures Bruce Wayne's dark quest for justice. The song was perfect for the video. - Pam

I REALLY LUV the vid and Mr. Bale! - Lexi

Wow that is absolutely amazing. Good job. - Working Class Hero

I gave in to temptation and watched them. One word: WOW! I love your use of color and light in "Paint it Black." It definitely gave it a major Sin City vibe. The editing in both is fantastic, and "Army of One" is the perfect song for Bats. Very, very impressive. Both of them definitely rank among the best fanvids I've ever seen. - Dragonchic

Your "Army of One" music video was the first Batman Begins vid I ever watched and I'm a huge fan of it, so your comments mean very much indeed! :) - di_br

I am nominating Kristin’s Army Of One. She makes the most amazing vids, and am sure she’ll get lots of nominations, but I so like this one. - Anonymous

LOVE it! It´s totally Great!...WoW - Angélica

I will start off with a confession of ignorance. I didn't even know who Christian Bales was coming into this. I thought maybe he was a character in a TV show. And I hadn't seen any of the movies/etc. he was in that were among the vids to choose from, so I picked one where at least I knew something of the background mythology, viz. Batman Begins.
To start off, the vid is forgiving of *ahem* naïve viewers. You don't have to know a whole lot about Batman. Admittedly I may be missing nuances either from the mythos or the movie. And the song is well-suited to the vengeance/action theme, with its sinister instrumentals and almost creepy voice with that floating siren descant.
Blow by blow
The opening shows Batman (?) and the cave of bats, flying, different shots of the same scene; it's hectic and quite effective at establishing a dark tone. The transition out of that opening is marked by a photo-negative (?) white device thingy. I don't know what it is, but it signals something's about to change. And when the vocals enter, we see the man falling. That gets my attention right there. Then we have lots of action/spy/superhero stuff that I can't follow closely--but I get that it's superhero stuff. Sometimes it is all right not to catch all the details.
All this being setup for :54, when we first see the full Batman costume, and the vocals shift into higher gear. More superhero action! There follows an instrumental interlude, again with that floating descant, in which we see the skyline--a literal overview of what Batman is striving to protect. (I almost said NYC, but it's Gotham City, right? *slinks away*)
With the returning vocals we have Batman in his, um, more ordinary guise. At 1:30 I question the back-and-forth jump-cutting so that his face comes closer, then farther, then closer, etc. I think I understand that this is happening to make use of the beat, but this wasn't the right clip for it. The intercutting worked in the opening because of the visual almost-chaos, the helter-skelter movements of the bats. Here perhaps a personal hesitation is being indicated, but I'm not sure, and for something that looks like an iffy editing decision I want to be sure of the vidder's intent.
The reaction-cut of the face at 1:38, on the other hand, is jolting and effective, conveying a sense of being jarred into motion; forced back into connection with the world. This is confirmed by the couple scenes that follow, and I was pleased that the vid led naturally to this. The "army of one" lyrics that follow now suggest that part of what he's fighting for is not the city in abstract, but this particular woman. (Why does no one ever fight for the love of a sleek, beautiful car? Why, yes, I want a Batmobile. *shuts up*)
And once again we have the sudden descent, and the return of the bat costume at 2:00 in conjunction with the higher-gear vocals: visual and musical structure conjoined. (Aside: I am really disturbed by the glowy Batman shot at 2:11. I have no clue what it indicates, and I keep thinking that either he's losing his soul or being re-ensouled. No, I haven't watched too much Angel.)
Bridge is signaled by fire/explosion, vivid orange after the darker, mostly cooler-toned shots. Batman falls; we have a misty flashback sequence of his parents. I don't know whether the blurriness is from the source or not, but I guess that's standard for flashbacks either way. There are points, such as at 2:48 and the boy's face, where it looks like some luminous effect has been overapplied, and I wish it were less intrusive, but that's an artistic decision.
We depart the bridge by means of a photo-negative solarized whatever thing (can you tell these are not effects I use often? and that I do not know Photoshop filters?), which is another gratifying repetition of an effect: from trauma to action. And instrumentals: final montage of the city, with Batman putting his mask/costume away for a codetta.
Aside: I'm easily distracted by lots of cool gear. The vid delivered.
I now realize that I have managed to miss most of the lyrics. Again. Le sigh.
Most of the vid's structure is encapsulated in the use of motifs and effects, detailed above. I wasn't consciously aware of them the first time through; it took careful rewatching to see how they were applied. The vidder thought this through, and it shows.
Technical aspects
I don't have much to say here. There was cutting on beat in places for emphasis, but this is not a beat-whoring vid. Most of the vid goes by in a rush, matching the music. I am satisfied.
This is a fun, fast-paced action vid. It follows a clear arc from Batman's, ah, beginnings to his putting down his mantle. I think if I were familiar with the source and therefore the chronology/causation I might be able to see what spurred the decision more clearly. Presumably the city has been made safe (for now) and he can return to being a regular person. (Well, a very wealthy regular person with lots of gear. Did I mention the gear?)
I have no idea whether the movie is any good, but I kinda want to see it now, except I wonder if just watching the vid is the shorter better experience.
My husband, of laconic bent, summed this up as: Batman trains. Batman gets cool. Batman fights. :-) And my husband usually finds vids incomprehensible, so this tells me about the vid's strong sense of narrative. -

Great energy in the vid! - anita18

Brilliant video! - crazybeck

Perfect editing Kristin, I love your music videos especially the ones with Christian Bale and Batman Begins is awesome! - manicfilms

Nice Build ups! It was intense the whole way through making me want to watch that movie again right now! - shardak


Paint it Black (Christian Bale: Batman Begins)

1). That was the BEST Batman Begins vid I've seen. And really better than the movie I think.
2). One of the best edited vids ever posted here at Ksite.
3). Just one of the best vids by a vidder Ive seen.
There wasn't one part of it I didn't like. You must be using final cut or something cause I didn't recognize some of the effects...
The song was so cool with the topic...Loved the color and the fluctuation with the light source and loved the titles....Wonderfly Awesome vid!!! -

Its really good :) Well done! - Luna

Awesome effects! That video is awesome! I am going to watch it again... - Martin

Your videos are always so cool. You've obviously put a lot into them! - ScoobyDoo79

The Sin City style is very cool. A bit weird looking, but it's the best that one could probably do with a movie that was originally in color. I especially like the side-by-side comparison of young Bruce Wayne with Batman about to drop the sonar device. Good music choice. I was surprised, however, that you didn't use the actual scene in which Bruce actually paints the suit and gauntlets black since that is probably the best scene to fit in with your song choice. That would probably be my only criticism. - BatmAngelus

... Have I ever told you that I loved you? Seriously though, you rock so much! You just... that's so cool! Hehehehe. I could never do that stuff... I'm so jealous. - martoufmarty

It was very good and I really enjoyed it. My one criticism is that I thought you could have lessened up on the color. The thing with Sin City is that the vast majority of that film was black and white, with the occasional accent in the occasional. - JokersWild77

This vid rocks! The editing was great and I love the story. Also I'm normally not a huge fan of covers especially Rolling Stones covers but PIB by The Tea Party has to be one of my favorite covers. - fahrbotdrusilla

Oh Kris - that was great - as usual. Thanks for the pushups!!! - gapeach1939

Wow! I love the color effects! Great video!! - Amie

It definitely made me want to go watch Batman Begins again! I LOVE what you did with the colors, it would be interesting to see all of Batman Begins that way. A+ from me, it was great. - luckbeacreature

Very cool. Excellent effects. The flashing to the beats was very cool. My favorite effect was the side by side images, separated by the supernova, or bright light. I liked how you underscored the paint it black lyrics with the dark color throughout. Great job! - Chris

Videos like that make me want to do drugs. That was super trippy and super cool. I'm gunna show it to my buddies when they are stoned out of their minds and hopefully scare the crap outa them. Great job. - Deviant

Holy shit! Firstly, my net's been off the entire day so... this was certainly a treat to see upon my f-list. Second. Holy shit! Yes, it needs repeating. The Sin-City-look was just amazingly executed from beginning to end; it was mid-way through that I realized I'd stopped breathing with my mouth hanging open. Not a good look. I was in awe...complete and total awe. Your techniques from vid to vid will never cease to surprise me. Alright, I'll scamper away to rewatch your vid again and again and again ^_^ Almost every other day I'm watching 'Paint it Black'; just rocks so much hardcore awesomeness. Microsoft Wooord. - yuna_firerose

Kristin, once again you have created a unique and interesting video. I particularly enjoyed the split screen shots of Bruce and Batman. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your next project. - emaverick

That was soooooo beautiful! Great vid again! Love it! - Kim

I've never seen Sin City, so this is the first time I've seen anything in this style. Pretty neat, and undoubtedly you put a lot of work into the color changes. Though I must say, the pulsingly fast cuts at the beginning made me dizzy...I got pretty used to it at the end though. I find your earlier videos much more entertaining to watch because of that fact - I loved "Crazy Boy." - Anita

Kristin once more you did an incredible job. I am really impressed!!! Your new video is SUPER!!! Great job... congratulations!!! - Jesse

Incredible, Kristin! Really great! ~in shock~ I loved the juxtapositon with Bruce and the Bat, inspired! The colors were very cool...and you included the push up scene; what more could we ask for?? LOL Must be nice to be so talented! :) - outlawgirl

AmAzInG...very unique...I Like It so much!! - spooky

I always enjoy your videos. - cheshirecat8596

That was a fantastic video. I still enjoyed your Army Of One video more, but this one was awesome too. Great editing and timing as always. You are proving to be one of the most talented editors out there. There are people who are good at editing, and then there are people who are great at it, and you are definitely one of the great ones. Scene selection was good as well. Your use of effects in this video was awesome. I really loved the Sin City type feel your video had. It made the video visually stunning in my opinion. Liked your black flash work to the drum beats and the various color schemes that you had as well. I love split screen/overlay work and you had some great ones in your video. But my only gripe of the video would have to be the repeated split being shown over and over. I think it would have been cool if you had done this for different scenes, instead of just showing the same two shots of Bruce and Batman. You switched to a different set, and then started to repeat again. But other than that, it was truly a fantastic video. - vyperman7

That was an amazing video.. definitely one of the best video's I've seen so far! Awesome job. Loved the effects that you used in this video. It was truly amazing. - lucky_biatch

Very well done. Keep making vids. ~thumbs up~  I just want to say that I almost every day, watch your vids or listen to them. The music is great. - Zejr

You did a good job. I always like your Batman Begins Music Videos and the two you and your sister did. Speaking of which; are you gonna make more MVs that are original by you and your sis? Because I kinda like that, and maybe love you both too. Man, I think I have to make a folder for these MVs. - Binker

O.M.G. If you aren't editing professionally, you should be. That vid is amazing. - neytaritook

That's the best video I've seen in a lonnng time! - fishpaw

That's so cool. It works perfectly with the music. The color techniques you used are really interesting. - akakat

Oh WOW! The use of colour in this was fabulous, Kristin. :) - Friv

I really thought the sin city-esque style fit with the theme quite well. I also enjoyed the new effects, such as the blue-diamond like light. Very suave :) - Ashley Dinning

Yes I just downloaded it last night (thanks Kris ) I was like ~in shock~ Very beautifully done :) Another Bale-tastic job and pat on the back Kris :) - christiansdream

Wow, that was great!! Seriously, you should get a job doing music video editing or something and nice cover song too. - MuksC

Excellent video bud loved the red and the blue :) - Sarah

Yeah, love the color scheme. The Tea Party did an excellent job with the song. - Melissa

Wow what a great job!!! I loved how it was like Sin City, it gave the video a lot more effect..Awesome job! - Lexgirl33

I did enjoy that one so much more than your other BB video, Kristin - Paint it Black is a great song & it was a good cover by the Tea Party. Great editing (as always) & the "Sin City" effect looked sweet.
You've spoiled me with great effects in just about all your videos & so I guess I've come to expect it now as standard from you....probably why I felt Army of One didn't quite do it for I see this as a "return-to-form". Keep them coming! -

Very cool Kristin! - Super_Ludacris

It's freaking awesome! I love it so much. The effects you used worked out really well; it looks fab. It would be a shame not to let you know how amazing your videos are. The Bale-ness doesn't hurt either. ;) - Shel

I thought it was timed quite well and the effects to be very good. You certainly get points for originality, a Sin City-like Batman Music video is definetely unique. Although I admit to liking the original version of the song better, I must say that in the context of the music vid it fit well. Overall its an excellent effort. - Superman2007

The new vid's look is fabulous! The dark overlay you used in "Paint it Black" is stunning, Kris. It gave the vid a unique look that is very beautiful. - Joe Salazar

It finished loading before I left so i watched it. & Holy ****! That was amazing. You edited it perfectly. All the video fit with the music brilliantly. Overall one of my favorite music videos. My only complaint is I didn't like the flashes lightsources gave off. They seemed to flash a lot. But other than that Flawless! Later post: I thought about that. The flashes are in sync with the beat of the song. So now my only complaint is. You made it sooooooo good! & I can't stop watching it. You made it addictive! But I mean it as a compliment in a weird sorta way. You definitely should land a job as an editor. You're awesome. I'll give you another hero just because I'm addicted to it. Your movie is awesome! I just cant get it out of my head! I've told anyone i can about it I'm starting to drive my parents insane cause I wont shut up & I'm always watching it. -

The video is pretty cool. I absolutely loved Batman Begins, but the one area in which I feel it was lacking was that it did not have an easily defineable unique "style" or "feel" in the way the other Batman films did. Maybe its because of the relative realism that runs through every aspect it, or maybe its because of the subdued soundtrack, or maybe its just because I'm older and slightly less prone to "investing" in the film's reality than I was when I was younger. My favorite Batman music video was Seal's Kiss From A Rose...even though the lyrics didn't exactly "mesh" with the Batman character, the tone of the words and music and the mood/editing of the video felt perfect. I don't know if anyone understands what I'm talking about, but in any case, your "music videos" help to 're-inject' some of that mood into Batman Begins for me. Thanks for that. -
Earl Cooper

Excellent! Another great job, well done Kristin1228, keep making music videos. -

We just watched your vid, Kristin. Fantastic as always! I love that Sin City-ish color effect. -

Oh!! I love it Kristin!!!! ~in shock~ great work! wonderful vid!!! you're very talented!!! thanks to share it with us!!! -

Paint it black was pretty good also....I loved the head to head shots of bruce & batman =) I love his facial expressions....he says so much with suttle expressions...*sigh* the overall style was great but the one I'm super attached to is army of one. I wanna show them all off to everyone...ESPECIALLY army of one =) -

KICK ASS VIDEO AS USUAL! - blueeyedpanther

That was cool! I liked the opening with Bruce's famous line about the batmobile; nice introduction. Very imaginative video. - christianne

Oh I loved that video! It was so awesome. - Alice

That was So AWESOME..Paint it how he wants it..hehe! It was Great pal..It had some grays and with a touch of color sometimes..It had just the right amount of effects to it. Amazing work pal. - Myrhia Chmilar

I totally watched all of your videos and loved them all. Favorites: Paint it Black and Relax. - Claire

Amazing! as usual... not including the fact that batman begins is one of my fave movies i really like the black and white color scheme... :) - heartthedean

I downloaded this video and thought it was quite good. Thanks for posting the link. - alpha128

Hey kristin, WOW. The color choices you made just brought so much more to this video--i LOVED the red glow througout, and flashes to the beats. The video was well planned, loved the cuts you made--the order everything was placed. I even liked the cover, but would have liked to have heard the orginal because I'm a dork. - Laura4Lad

Those are pretty effing cool! Can I pass out the links to, I don't know...everyone I know? lol - janni518

Very nicely done! I love the song and am still impressed by how great the effects were throughout; you can really feel the Sin City vibe! Thanks for sharing it. - basketkase543

I watched your Batman video, it looked really neat! Great song choice and I loved the red and blue overtones. You did a great job, I also showed it to my sister and she thought you did really good with the style and she liked how the light went along with the beat. - Titania

I thoroughly enjoyed this video! The styling was great and the editing was just awesome! The mood of the video was just right for Batman Begins. That Christian Bale is still sexy. The song choice was also really good. Everything about this video just came together fantastically! - Cec

Well, you've done it again! Excellent video - loved the black and white scheme! Now I really have to see Batman Begins. Who knew that Batman could be so sexy! Also, this video earned a resounding "WICKED!!!" from my 8 year old daughter, Taylor! - Kris

Kristin! You outdid yourself this time on the "Paint It Black" video.
1. Great choice of music.
2. Beautiful choice in the color scheme. You really had a wonderful visual palette going.
3. I loved the pulsating lights toward the end syncopated with the music.
4. Great music-visual coordination over all.
You should be very proud. -

Very cool effect, I especially like the blue flower that just glows. :) Your stuff is in a league of its own. You're amazing! - NoClockThing

Again .. I keep saying it .. Kristin you are wonderful with these vids! You and heraldtalia keep us very entertained.. I watch the vids all the time... Does it Come in Black? THUD! - Lindsay

Wow Kristin, you always find a new way to amaze me ~in shock~ ....Beautiful ;) - Claudia

Awesome Video! Not normally do I download a vid over 35MB but I was curious! And It's fantastic! Well Done! - Shoopdancer

*Falls out of chair* Another fantastic video. Great sequence choices. The color... oh the color. Also, wonderful split screen shots. - katyanicholovna

Wow, amazing job. I love that look. I haven't seen Sin City yet, but that's too darn cool. I love the fire effect during the fight at the mansion. And the split screen of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The song fit perfectly, as usual. All of your vids are my favorites! Hehe. - sue866

Kristin.... I have to go buy Batman Begins now... you have created a real liking for Christian Bale... I haven't even seen any of his movies but the videos are such a plug that now I have to see them!!!! - Emma

The vids are just plain awesome! My faves are "Paint it Black" and "Here" - enchantaurora

I liked it. Paint it Black being one of my favorite Stones songs. Keep up the good work. - BatDemon

Let's just say that this vid that you made is better then the Blair Witch Project and the sequel where they go into the woods and dance around and have an orgy or whatever... Kudos to you. I liked it. - The Boy Wonder

Bloody Beautiful. - zackx78

It's good, even if I like the first one better, and the song for the first one was better as well.... But indeed, good work. - MurderCapital666

Outstanding music video!!!!!!!!! I don't have enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this one. Very well done!! - LoS_AnGeLes

WOW; I love this vid from all your CB most!! its soooooooooooooo cool , the sin city effects!!! I am totally overwhelmed, I like this vid sooooooo much, more than even your "normal" batman vids!! - enderwiggin24

I really liked "Paint It Black" I love the "Does It Come In Black?", and the overlays were a nice touch. - Lisa Dixon

Wow. You really have a talent. That is just...fantastic. You've gotten me hooked Kristin, I've uploaded that video to my PSP and I play it like every day at work. - The Dark Knight

Hey Kristin, great work. This color style was amazing. Kristin is a gifted vid-maker and touches with her vids everyone who watches them. I love the Paint in black-one, great work. - BAiLEys

Perfect song, great editing (as always), wicked sweet FX. Ya know all that endless praise. You took Sin City's style and made it your own, with changing FX through the vid, and a fast, exciting pace. - Jane

WOW! I really enjoyed that! I love that song, anyway, but the look was very unique and comes across very well! Well done! :) - Neaera

Another awesome video :) - Lisa

This is the first video I've seen. Absolutely great. I love the Sin City style and I love Paint it Black song. Now I'm going to see the others videos :)))) - Cinderella

It's fantastic! You perfectly match the visual with the rhythm and the mood of the music :) - dd2_edge

I gave in to temptation and watched them. One word: WOW! I love your use of color and light in "Paint it Black." It definitely gave it a major Sin City vibe. The editing in both is fantastic, and "Army of One" is the perfect song for Bats. Very, very impressive. Both of them definitely rank among the best fanvids I've ever seen. - Dragonchic

Oh now this is fantastic!!! - medie

I wanted to congratulate you on the amazing job you've done with the Christian Bale Videos. I loved them all, but Paint it Black was just awesome. You've done an incredible job of creating the right atmosphere to fit the music and the 2 combined paint an amazing picture. Congratulations! I hope to see more from you. - Simona

Dude, this is Euphony and I totally watched your vid. Visually stunning. You have gone beyond anything I've seen before with effects. What program are you using, because I am mighty impressed. The pulsing light. And the general glow of all the clips. The filters must have taken you a long while. Beautiful, really. You just have such a sharp, professional look to your work. Fantastic. - Meredith/Euphony

The effects are really amazing and I think you did a good job with that. The editing went with the beats of the song generally, some really good match ups. A good song for what you did with the gray scale and hints of colour. I found the flashy light thing cool, I liked that, went with the music too. I was very impressed with the effects and found it pretty damn cool. So amazing job with that part. - Jessica

Kristin, this was one of the most unique vids I've ever seen! Great job with the colors and song choice. -
Pam (Jaxie)

You´re the BEST! Awsum!.... Love it! - Angélica

 I *adored* this video. This one and all the other ones dedicated to Chris Bale. You are amazingly good at this. I hope I'm not the only one to tell you that :) - SpySyd

I was in awe about how you made the video. I love how everything but a few things were in black. The effects you used were superb. - Cora

By far my favorite video done by Kristin. I love the editing and the music goes perfect with the video. Simply put, her work is as stunning as her looks! I recommend checking out her other videos. - Josh

What a well done and choreographed video with my favorite song tied in with each shot. - Matthew W.

This video is definately gonna make it on my video rec's page on my site. The effects were just amazing. The editing was great and I love that you changed clips on the beat. I really loved the beginning with the different clips being shown at the pace of the song. Overall this was an awesome video. You will have to give me some tips for your effects you used! - jenniebug

Dang girl! That was amazing! I loved the red and black color effects. The clips and black flashes hit the beat perfectly. The clips you used around 1:30 went really well with the music. I also thought the split screen effect that started at 1:50 looked awesome! I always love your work! Batman Begins is a great movie to vid....I'm also in love with your army of one video! - Kaycee

I just came across your Batman Begins Paint it Black video, and wOw! You did a really super great job, awesome, awesome, awesome! ! ! ! - GoalieMassacre

There are some great color effects in here, an interesting use of reds and blues, and of course – black. This gives the video a very stylistic, gothic feel. I like the beginning, where we see Bruce gearing up. The section under the waterfall at 0:21 is very cool looking. The flower at 0:45, very nifty looking, the swordfight at 1:45, the segment starting at 1:25, and the split Bruce/Batman scenes. - txlsplash

This was just too WILD!! I loved it. You are a very talented person. - Yvonne


Bale as James Bond

~Wow!!!~..that man does sleek and sexy..hehe..Pretty awesome on the way, you put the James Bond aura to him flowed and matched the action,danger and seduction in the whole spy theme... Awesome work pal! It was fun watching this piece...Thanks put a huge smile on my face :) - Myrhia Chmilar

Very sweet my friend! Looks totally excellent dude as always! - Sarah

It's perfect. Very well done. - darkravenette

This is one of best videos I've ever seen! The sych was amazing! Even though I think Daniel Craig is a really good choice, this vid made me wish Bale could do double duty and be Batman and Bond. I was stunned by how awesome this vid was, I hope lots of people watch it and you get the praise you deserve for it. - Superman2007

OH MY GOD!!! Kristin the new video you made on CB as James Bond is SUPER HOT!!! =) I am speechless))) LOL And the new site is with out a doubt on of the most incredible one's I have ever seen...
Kristin... You are getting better and better. I am so glad for you. You should really be proud for what and HOW you do =))) -

OMG Kristin, the video was fantastic! I enjoyed it a lot. Wonderful editing, excellent video quality, the music was fun too. I've always thought that CB would make a stunning James Bond. Thank you for your incredible videos! I enjoyed it immensely! Like I said, it's the only chance I'll get to see Bale as Bond hehe. - Amie

Loved this vid, Kristen. I think CB would make a fantastic Bond. The thought sends shivers down my spine... - EmyLu

Excellent as usual! I think Patrick Bateman looked the most like a Bond. Well done! ^.^ - insocwolfv4

Very interesting vid! He makes a wonderful Bond in it :) Great idea to use the material this way :) The clips themselves are almost a bit too fast for my preferences, but fit to the theme and the music. And the vid is done very well. Thanks for sharing :) - syredronning

That was fun! :) - elistaire

Just watched it! It's exciting to see new vids available from you! Loved it - very sexy! You are right, he'd make a great, young Bond. For once, someone I like!!! Thank you for this vid. Do you give lessons? LOL - Sue

Hey Kristin, U've don it again!!! Great Parody!! Bale looks EXCELLENT as Bond. All those scenes u used all fit for Mr.Bale, I mean, Mr.Bond!! Thanx for the GREAT B-VID! - Lexi

Yay! These are wonderful; keep 'em coming! - Anonymous

As always, one kickass video! - The Dark Knight

Kristin that was fantastic. You are so talented. Even thogh I'm not a Bond fan, Christian would have be tremendous as 007. - Aleshia

Speaking of good movies, I just got finished watching your newest music video. It's great - I love it! Christian would have made a cute James Bond. It's a creative video, great job! - Michelle

Nice job with the video, Kristin. As always....It may seem like I am just saying that, but I'm not. :) - Lisa

Awesome trailer, Kris. This stylish vid really shows us what a great bond CB would've been. - Joe Salazar

Thank you so much, Kristin. Thank you so much... ~thumbs up~ Super video BTW. I'm, as always, very impressed. :) - Zejr

Well, another excellently produced video, great combo of music and images. you are very talented Kristin! Maybe some of the scenes from Equilibrium were a bit out of place, maybe if bond was set in another 50 years they might have 'fit' better. But I agree, i think he's better suited to Batman/Wayne than Bond. Well Done! - MuksC

Short & sweet...very nicely done Kristin! Lots of Equilibrium footage used to, so bonus points from me there :) Loved the light shine effect that poped up now & then throughout the vid, and good to see that it wasn't over used. Some other little subtle effects (light blooms & such) made it that more entertaining. Always a pleasure to watch your work! - MisterAnderson

That was friggen tight yo. definately keepin this one
sorry i just couldnt leave it at that, i had to tell you exactly how awesome this video is.
First of all, ive watched it about 6 times already, tryin to pick out the flaws first, cause thats what i do.
So far at :27 , unless you are plannin some hardcore lip sync, dont show people talkin in vids.
As far as everything else , you have a remarkable ear and creative angle for this type of collaboration of movies. now on to a more in depth review.
:00 - :04 i loved how you had the cleric's gun in the background. really helps bridge the gap between the two themes you put together
:05-:07 could have tightened up the beats just a bit but i can tell you were excited to get started on the video and the next scene makes up for it
:08 - :15 I liked how calm this segment of the vid is giving contrast to his life of pleasure as well as his other life
:16 - :22 , well what can i say ? classic. instant classic cuts
:24 - :27 great climatic building up here
:27-:28 you know how i feel about this , a suggestion would be to maybe cut the clip in half speed the first part up where he's talkin then slow the second half down to where its like he comes across the room faster similar to the way they shoot in Man on Fire. with a lil glow to mask the mouthmovement.
28 to 30 is awesome
:30 - :34 is probably one of my fav scenes. I laughed so hard when i seen him nailin that chick. and i like how the guitars built up to the scene switching emphasising more glamour
:40 - :50 was awesome , no complaints here
:50 - 1:00 the dancing part was very effective and went very well with the stringed instruments very classy!! and i like how you ended it with the guns goin together
1:05 i loved how the glint complimented this scene with the pictures being taken and it went with the snare perfectly
1:07 - 1:08 GODLIKE!! This is probably my favorite placed glint in this video , the timing and the positioning of the glint is perfect.
1:08 - 1:15 very nice scene switching here, liked the whole tub splashing . shows the playfulness of your character
1:21 now i dont mind not goin in chronological order of the movie , in fact i am all for skippin around , but there it one ittty bitty piece of repeated footage and thats another no no in editing. but nonetheless the transition to the next scene masked most of it and almost made me forget i already saw that gun get turned.
1:22 - End : i loved they way you wraped this up. and the overlay effect you used
overall i would have to say this is one of the better vids i have seen on fanmade sites outside the circles of editors i normally interact with. You show great promise with this hobby and I look forward to seein more of your work. -

That rocked! Bale as Bond......Hell Yeah!!!!!! :) - Arkaad V.

It was fantastic :) He would really do well as bond, I think. - Ashley Dinning

I think everyone would be looking forward to the new Bond film if Bale was in it. By the way great job on the trailer. It was totally cool. - WolfjFlywheel

I saw it Kristin, fantasmic. Balegasmic. Bondage with Bale mwahahaha ;) It's great. I love the way you've done it. - lostchild

Excellent, as usual, Kristin! - outlawgirl

I loved Kristin. Loved it indeed! - aurianne

Oh Kristin, that was EXCELLENT. You should see the grin on my face. I LOVED it. :) Thank you...The Cleric....*sigh* I LOVE your James Bond vid, for that. It shows him at his best. - Friv

I'm in love with these! Please make more! :) - crucifixia

Well, I'm not as good at reviewing vids as khameleon 808, but the vid is fantastic! Christian playing Bond is about the only way I would probably ever watch a Bond movie I have to admit. ;) - heraldtalia

I like your videos. They're superb. - David181920

can I simply second mranderson71??? coz i am short of time, and he already said everything I loved about the vid :) your work is always great! ... I have to correct myself after watching your vid like 20 times now, I could not imagine liking CB more then possible, but this vid is just like SHEER GENIUS!!! you should post this vid at and there vid forum, I know those male vidders there would love to see it :) of course, I know its for SV vids, but for such a great vid, I am sure, nobody would mind, if you make an entry :) this vid would be enough to blew half of the vids away from my personal ranking!! - enderwiggin24 

Wow, such an exquisite editing, I'm totally impressed. Hey, how much do they pay you? :) - BAiLEys

Hi Kristin - just looked at the Bond video. Fabulous as usual. I noticed you got a couple of pushups in there - thanks. I can't believe you are not already doing this "professionally". What else could you possibly have to learn? They all look great - with no room for improvement. - gapeach1939

Random tidbit learned from 'Stranger than Fiction' by Chuck Palahniuk: Marilyn Manson, when signing into a hotel, will sign 'Patrick Bateman.' I read that and had to giggle. Secondly, much love for the vid (as always...nigh impossible for you to vid something bad. Really.) Bale as Bond (say that three times fast) seems like such a natural fit, particularly in the way you exemplified, mein freund. Love the trailer-esque quality to it, too; makes me want to see it until I remind myself that it doesn't exist. Sigh. Ah well ^_^ - yunafirerose

Finally got to see your videos and they're great, especially Bale as Bond. Even my father complimented it when he caught me watching. - cheenie

The video was great! Loved how you choose just the right pictures of him that he looked the same throughout..I thought the effects fit in just right!! You really come up with spectacular ideas for all your videos... - Kimberly

~in shock~ Excellent video Kris !!!!!! Your videos are better every time!!!! I love this vid!!! - Kari

To be honest, I've never liked the idea of BaleBond because I think the 007 movies are not interesting (the latest I've seen is Never Say Never Again), but you video Kristin is awesome, as usal. Very enjoyable. - cinderella

Kristin.. yet another great vid!!! You created a Bond movie with excerpts of CB's movies which is wonderful and shows how good he would have played that role. He can do anything! AND from the looks of it so can YOU!!! - Lindsay

Ohhhh Kristin I'm sure I'll love it, now I'm downloading it......James Bond always be one of my faves...I'd like to see Christian as Bond...and you made my dream come true..... :) I'm pretty sure that you will be the best as a professional, some day, you will get an oscar for edition in a Christian's film, That's why I keep all your vids as a treasure. :) Kristin, I have already seen it...gorgeous vid. I know that Bond is no challenging enough for our man, but I like Bond, it would be great to see Christian saying: "Bond..James Bond..." - Claudia

Aww, that was so cool! I LOVE what you did with the text - it looked so professional! I think you did a great job of picking out Bond-type scenes, although sometimes I got a more Matrix-y vibe. ;) Your use of effects was great too. Somehow all the razzle-dazzle really fits the James Bond theme. I'd imagine doing so many videos about the same subject can sometimes present a challenge as to how to spice up the clips, and I think you did a great job adding a little something special. - dragonchic

WHOO! *jumps up and claps* How totally hot would that be?! Drat, you've left me wanting more, and I'll never get that movie! - Jane

That was a really good video, liked that lighting you put in it. It was perfect and entertaining! - Alice

I have just watched the Bond video. All I can say is Wow the music and the fantastic shots go together so well. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Off now to download the rest! Thanks Kristin :) - lisamarie

All your vids r amazing especially BaleBond I loved it! - mimi383

Thats awesome Kristin, your site is really improving. It's a really cool video too Keep up the good work! - The Laughing Cats

Great video. It shows that he would've been a great Bond. :) - BatmAngelus

a.w.e.s.o.m.e i luved it - mimi_383

I just saw your AWESOME video of Christian Bale as 007. You rock!!!! - Vanessa

I totally LOVE these videos that you´ve done...WoW! I´m shocked!....OMG! AWSUM mate! - Angélica

Love your videos! Especially the Bond Style one - oooh, I can so imagine him in that role! - intervain

This vid had a great concept. editing was flawless & exceptional. it displayed action, drama, and pure sexiness. watching Bale always puts a smile on my face. awesome job, Kristin. - Jocelyn

The Bond vid was absolutely awesome! Oh, he would have made a GREAT 007. Of course, I think he looks better behind the mask ;) - Pam

I got to watch the 007 Bond video. Totally awesome girl! I think that if the Bond producers had seen that one, well we know who would be the next Bond! - Danielle

I love the whole theme of CB being Bond, and the effects, time and creativity put into the vid were awesome. (Plus Christian, rocks! ^_^) Great job, Kristin! :D - Kelly

Kristin, this was the very first video that I downloaded off your site and after I got done watching it I actually had to take a moment to realize what I'd seen! This was frickin' awesome! The effects were stunning! You are very professional in your work and I continue to look forward to your other works. P.S. This was also the video that made me go check out "Equilibrium!" Thanks again! - Sierra

I actually have watched this before...many, many, many times, but it never hurts to watch it again...and again and again. I have even made my boyfriend watch it before. He loves Christian too, just not like I do :) - gyllenbale

My personal favourite is the Bond MV, where amazingly the maker successfully convinced me that Christian Bale should be James Bond. Amazing artwork, music and selected scenes all in crystal clear quality that I wish I could burn it and watch it with my big screen TV. Even non fans will appreciate the artwork involved. - Funn Lim

Great video and concept. You were able to show Christian Bale as Bond perfectly: the womanizing and the action. Great job. - Cora

A great selection of clips went into this trailer, making the AU context extremely convincing. The editing is clear-cut with wonderful movement and dynamics. I especially loved the intro with the close-up of the eye, and thought the lighting effects worked really well there. - Obsessive24

A very bad-ass, kick-butt and other rear-end phrased video. The clips are presented in a believable James Bond way. You've got the expensive Bond tuxes, you've got the ladies, and you've got the kicking ass. The video is a mixture of all these things. The quick black flashes definitely add a lot to the intensity. I like the flashes at 0:30. I also like the clip right after that (Bond has gone all out!). 0:45-0:48 is also very cool. Very cool title screens as well! - Txlsplash

Oh, my...where do I start? :)
I've seen a few of your Bale videos before, and before anything else I'm always impressed at how pristine they are, how fantastic the picture quality. You could eat eggs off your videos, they're so clean.
I loved the concept of this video. It was funny, but not silly, and charmingly earnest in its fannishness (and I mean that in the nicest, kindest way possible). The aural light motif throughout really helps blend all the different media sources together that one didn't pay attention to the hair, one might think it was all from one film.
There were a few shots that were so Bondish, I can really understand where the idea for this might have come from (aside from the vision that is Bale in a tux): the double guns at :17 (repeated at later points), the offered drink at :40 (Moneypenny, anyone?), the car door window, the motorcycle jump at 1:02 (Bond-y toys), etc. Your selection of images was really key to making this work, and in finding just the right phrase in the music to make what is a simple shot of the back of someone walking past and away from the camera seem like a carefully orchestrated move. Honestly, there are major studio film teasers and trailers that aren't anywhere near as well thought out.
There was really only one shot in the whole video that didn't work for me, which was the cut from "American Psycho" at :31. Maybe it's just the Bond fan in me, but that kind of detached and vacant narcissism that could characterize Patrick Bateman doesn't fit with Bond.
So, basically one quibble stacked against the other 2:09 that I loved. Great job, Kristin. :) Thanks again for submitting, congratulations on your award, well deserved, and I look forward to seeing more from you. -

Thats excellent and sums up how he would have been perfect. - caspianchick

wow! WoW! and WOW again. Would love to see him as Bond now . .i may have to have a lie-down now ;) - penfoldsglasses

Simply exquisite timing and use of effects. OMG, the way you timed the gun shots to the quick drum beats!! You GO girl! I’ve never seen Equilibrium, but I can see it’s a must add to my Netflix queue! - MelanieG

Bale. Christian Bale. Very cool action vid. Kristin Harris is an amazing vidder. Bale fans, check out her site for more Bale vids (I especially like Crazy Boy (American Psycho) and Paint It Black (Batman)). - Joanie


Closer (American Psycho)

So fuckin awesome! I love the fast pacing of the video and the color ya used. It looks so insane (but great insane) ;) - Sarah

Hah that video was fucking rad. I really enjoyed the new effects as well as the vigorous editing you must have gone through to coincide with the many beats of the song. I bet you everyone would love this video on the spiral. - Ashley Dinning

Beautifully done! Totally freaked me out, but I blame Trent and Christian for that. ;) -

Great video - top stuff. For those of you familiar with Kristin's videos, be prepared for a little bit of tangential development - i.e. you can still tell it's the mighty miss kris, but this is like no video before it. The choice of content is excellent, and suits the mood and feel of the song (as well as the lyrics) perfectly - a very tight AV link. I was most impressed with the correct amount of special effects usage in this video (in my opinion!). Anyone who's had a play with any kind of editing software, be it photo or video, will know how easy it is to stray away from the professional feel of a video and make it look very amateur. The effects are subtle, yet effective throughout the video, growing to be more complex and diverse along with the song. All in all, this video has shot into my top 3 Kristin videos. A great effort. Looking forward to more! PS MY top 3 are: 1 Crazy Boy (AP Vid)
2 Closer (AP Vid) 3 Here (EQ Vid) -

WOOOW!..........I REALLY like this one... :P ...WoW..You keep amaze me..well we all think Keep up the GREAT work! - Angélica

That was EXCELLENT Kristin. I loved the effects, it complimented the 'scratchy' feel of the music. And as I like using PIPs I especially LOVED the sunglasses bit at the end. :) Fantastic. XXXx - friv

Finally got around to watch it. Whew! What can I say. You have reach another new level with this vid. Its so different. This has an air of the sinister, the dark and the dangerous. Never been knowledgeable of technical terms, I'll say it has visuals which plays to the song. Great job. :) - cheenie

Kristin I have no words. Simply awesome! Maybe you're best video. I love the song ,you know, and the editing is perfect. All the visuals effects you used are outstanding. I'd like to say more but my english is poor and I don't know anything about editing software. My list so far:
1) Closer (AP) 2) Army of one (BB) 3) Paint it black (BB) 4) Here (EQ) Ah, also my boyfriend says your video is great. -

Kristin!! Oooo Oooo oooo OOOO oooooooooooooooooooo!!! Girl I want stock in your company when you go into business and I want a job as your assistant!!!!!!!! HOT! HOT! HOT! I love the texture of this vid and again you picked a great song to manipulate the material. Another fantabulous job!! - Lindsay

Ah girl, we give credit where credit is due!!! Just watched it now and I have to say OMG!!!! Fantastic! And I love the song too, so appropriate! Never been much of a NIN fan, but that song and the video you have put together may have just piqued my curiosity...Now off to have a cold shower, before I go though, just want to say BRAVO! hehe :) I just wanted to say (yet again) what spectacular work you do Kristin...I love this vid... And you're right, this is you naughtiest yet!!! ~applause~ Two very enthusiastic thumps up! - alexijia

It makes my day when I look at the moderation submissions and you've posted a video. You are really, really good at this, and I adore watching them! - spell

Oh my god.... *drools* Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
*stands up and claps* I love the vid and I love that movie! Plus, the song fit so well! Man Kristin! Awesome as always! Thanks for the kick ass vid! -

Wooohooo!!!!!! Heeeeelllllllllloooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, Kristin!!!!! It rocks!!!!!! Patrick looks sooooooo damn good in your luffly video!!!!!! Once again, bravo!!!!! Salud!!!!! :) - Arkaad V.

All I have to say is... that video have some kinky ****....I LOVE IT! lol My God talk about putting an accurate song for such VERY accurate actions. Kristin *Bowing* Is another great video ( u know I love them all) and now this one is one for the list too. Wonderful work! - ~Raven84!~

It was great! I love the grungy effect it had! <3 You did great, I was excited when I checked this morning and saw you had a new video! I liked the fast pace - it fit the song really well! :) - Titania

*drools at the new vid* wow. Very nice, excellent! - Amanda 

This video kills, Kristin! Loved the effects and the song is perfect. Go straight to the top of the class, my girl!! - Emylu

Eery in it's demented craftiness, and highly sexual lust..hehe! dark and unforgiving in it's capture of you, and yet so appealing! lol..It's a GREAT! Vid pal! Bravo! - Myrhia Chmilar

Great video. I luv it. You're very talented. I don't have any kind of patience to make a video. - babygurl_007

*gasp!* I just had to find this before I go to school. The exact time when I can't just go and watch it. So watching it when I get home :D  ... Dude! Like always, this vid has just left me speechless! I loved this vid. It really was naughty :) - martoufmarty

The stop motion to forward then back, the gauzy net-mesh frame, the monocromatic and duotone color effects add such surreal, spooky touches. You are going to be so successful when you graduate, Kristin, I can feel it! - Melissa

That is fucking sweet. Your other videos are great too. Please don't tell me that you make those on wmm, or I just officially suck, lol :P -

Wowwwww!!!!!! Kristin!!!!!! great, great video!!!!!!! ~in shock~ I think is your best video!!! I love the effects!!! I loooove Patrick!!!!!! :) - Kari

Just watched this last night, Kristin. WOW!! I loved the effects, to me they gave the feeling of being a hot, dark, demented dream... and the scenes matched the song so well. Another triumph for you, Kristin! :) Awesome!!! I love the effects, and the perfect sync between images and song. Another wonderful video!! - Amie

I did enjoy it oh so very much! Good thing to wake up to when it's Friday the 13th..or any morning for that matter :) - larrysgirl

"Closer" is nicely done. It was a lot of fun to watch. Great job as always! - Joe Salazar

It took four hours. But I will tell you it was totally worth it! Kristin I have always been impressed with your work but this totally takes the cake! I don't care how long it takes I'm downloading every single video now! I'm keeping it on my desktop so my husband can see it too! Amazing work Kristin!!! - AdrienneSmith

OHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! Kristin you did a professional work! ;) - Claudia

Kristin, this was a new level of your vidding. Great work, really artistic and fascinating, thanks for sharing!! - BAiLEys

Kristin, I love your music videos. "Closer" is an amazing piece of work, you are so creative with this one. I love every single music video you've made. - balefect

Yum! Awesome take, dear! - dd2_edge

I will give it the accolade that I know best, since the 2005 Dr Christopher Eccleston made my local phrase so famous: Fantastic! - ClericWolf

Hey Kris! Loved that video! SEXY!!! - zackzip

*clears throat* OK, listen up people - this what a music video should look like. There wasn't a dull moment during the entire video, and this is without a doubt your best editing yet Kristin. It was so close in style to the original film clip for "Closer" by NIN that I thought I was watching it from time to time. Can I ask, the burning film edges thats used to frame he footage throughout most of this clip.... is that from the original film clip? It sort of seems like it. My favourite section is from 2.41 onwards - the instrumental closer (no pun intended). You've done some awesome jump cutting as the music builds up & the interspersed, colourized sections make for a nice change of tempo from the insanity of the "jittery" sections. This vid is second only to "Here", due to the content of the subject matter. Kudos once more on a job well done! - MisterAnderson

Very twistedly, finely, creepy, beautifully done. I liked it! It fit with the song perfectly. - Kim

That was... freaking fuckin dark, twisted, & nasty!!! It completely fit the song. Your special effects worked perfectly, the timing was dead-on. Replaying the same scenes, but darker…nastier—it really worked! Excellent vid, but now I have to go watch Sisbet's version of Closer, lol, its tamer--then something funny & sweet before bed---if I don't yours will give me nightmares ;-) Seriously, thank you! - denyce36

'I don't have no'... *twitchtwitch...must resist grammar nazi mode*
*rewatches vid*
Ah, another fiery-esque border!! Much love for that; it very much helps the mood of the piece, constantly moving and shimmering.
I really enjoy the colorization; a lot of golden hues accompany the scenes, giving one a sense of blissful heaven of the main character. The slight glowing that appears off and on really fits the beat, even adding a kind of seductive, sensual caress...if that makes sense.
I much enjoy the zoom-in-half-opacity effect that accompanies the 'Help me's... the way you match every beat with your vids makes it all look so easy.
And, of course, who couldn't love the zooming in and out for the chorus, certainly adding emphasis to the 'fucking' aspect of the song ^^
Kudos for matching each beat for the last, oh, bout two minutes of the song, when there are no lyrics... such bravery for the endeavor, not to mention the patience for the cutting of frames and what not.
All in all, yet another masterpiece, my friend.  -

Without words!....just ~applause~ - spooky

Wow that was crazy haha.. editing was perfect and the effects ruled! Can you teach me how you did that cool dark border thing that surrounded the vid the whole time? I think thats what made this vid so dark and cool. - PowerMonkey

HOLY FRIGGIN COW!!!!!! GAHHH! That. Has. Got. To. Be. The. Best. Video. EPMVA. Has. Received. To. Date. This was the first video I watched for judging this round, and had to do so (in succession) 3 times. Then I didn't even want to watch the other videos.... GOOD GOD, Kristin! Are you trying to kill us?! lol. I humbly bow down at your feet oh mighty queen of the vidding world. No one will ever top that video....that is just...omfg. There is nothing more I can say that might even be remotely comprehensible... just stunned expletives and vowel sounds. (and also a little bit of drool from my gapping mouth that has stayed slackened by my amazement of how awesome this video is....and ok, from lusting over Christian Bale as well :P). - Victoria

Incredible work!! Keep up the amazing work, I love all of the videos, even the non-AP ones (hooray for Christian Bale)! - chournuts

Wow, I've made a short horror sequene before with simple cuts, but never anything this polished. - sally149

Wonderful Vids! I like it! ~applause~ Great! - Mysticgirl

Saw the latest "Closer" video...=) Good job. It was awesome! - Jesse

Thanks so much for making those. They look damn good. OOOH! I almost forgot to mention "Closer". My God. I'm really going to have to watch American Psycho. FAST! I had all kinds of impure thoughts while watching him do his floor exercises in his tighty whities. heh heh. - Crystal

Pretty good indeed!!! ~thumbs up~ ...I liked ur closer american psyco one ~thumbs up~ - drunkhomer

I just saw Closer, I loved it, I love the way you made it skip frames at the end, did you hand cut those, or use something like echo to achieve it, looked so cool, I loved the lighting, and tint too, and the film aged effect. - Lisa Dixon

Amazing. Simply chilling. The sex scene became 3 times less funny than in the movie. Haunting video. Keep at it. - doyoubelieveingod

The Closer video was awesome....I see it's a new style for you....very haunting...sometimes more than others though. - Adilah

I was happy to see there was another AP one I hadn't seen begging to be downloaded. Truly amazing. Another beautiful video. I wish I could do what you do! - kigg

Very nice work ! Really nice editing and effects, I thoroughly enjoyed watching American Psycho along to Closer - great for NIN / Christian Bale/Amerian Pyscho fans like me. Awesome stuff - steveyneo

I love your 'closer' vid. I've watched it LOADS of times! - balicious

That was freaking awesome!! I love Christian Bale!!! - Linda

I didn't know til the end of the credits, but great freakin job on the editing! You're on your way up that's for sure! You do amazing work! - Tommy

Loved this video, just catching up on all your work now Kristin - fantastic stuff! - Amme

This is an extremely well edited vid that keeps wonderfully in tune with the comic mania of the source. It also boats very innovative use of effects - I really like the sepia filter, as well as the constant zooming in and out. The repetition of clips and reversed clips in the bridge, starting around the 3:00 mark, is fantastic - it's so incredibly detailed and professional-looking. I especially liked how the cutting kept going back to him peeling off the face mask, which really summed up the overall "mask of sanity" theme. - Obsessive24

The effects and editing in this video are amazing. The consistent effects used throughout give the video a distinct feel - cold, gritty, old... psycho. The wavy black borders and the old-movie grainy look create an insane clash of atmospheres. I especially like the beginning sequence, the overlay zoom during the choruses, the line at 0:45, the zooms starting around 1:00, the sequence at 1:18. My favorite part of the video starts at around 3:00, with the unique cutting sequences and reversals. The part at 3:13 is very creepy. I like the jump-roping sequences and the video-tape sequences with the strange strand of light. At 4:11, I like the chainsaw part. A truly innovative and scary video, bravo! - Txlsplash

Ok. First off, I loved this video. The timing was excellent and the pace of the clips to the song was wonderfully done. I wanted to give this video a special award cause, well, the movie was disturbing enough and this video made it even the more better. I like movies like this. Song choice was great and I got a good little giggle out of the whole sex scene to the lyrics of this song. Very nicely done! - jenniebug

Wow! What can I say this video rocked!! I really got drawn into it. Pretty intense! The effects really made it stand out for me. Fantastic job. Gotta go watch it again!! - Alex


Batman Begins Trailer

Oooh that was fucking awesome! I think that's definitely up to par with the professionals. If you're not inducted into a big company after you finish school, they're crazy not to take you! - Ashley Dinning

AWESOME BB Trailer! it was did Beautiful It was masterful and genius It was so AWESOME!!!! flowed..and I got goose bumps. It looks so professional. You are so amazing pal. I know a star..hehe. You are shining pal. I give it a kitty paw ups..and that's for only the best... :) - Myrhia Chmilar

Sorry for swearing but.........HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AMAZING
How can I even say it more. ~gasp~ Just fantastic, wow! I am speechless. Very, very, very professional looking! Artistic genious! I really am speechless, seriously I am going to watch it again ;) My hubby really thought it was amazing too. He's like "that girl made that? I thought it was from a 'studio' :) You totally scored. -

OMFG its spot on (& Bear will love it - you have his fave line in "Where are you!?" "Here!" ) Kristin, I can't see how you'll not go where you want to go in your chosen career . Why aren't you employed already. Oh Kristin, we've both watched this trailer ooodles already. It's an excellent representation of the film. We love it. :) XXXx - friv

OMG,the trailer rocks!! I got chills watching it! You're brilliant, Kristin! It was absolutely professional. I love the music you chose...Pompeii is my favorite ESPosthumus. It was perfect choice. You're going to get an A+ in that course. Such a professional trailer!! Soon the studios will be knocking down your door to try to get you to work for them! - Amie

Wow!!! Tremendous work... I am stunned. Looks very good.
Thank you for such a privilege of letting me see it early... I think that people will love it when they'll see it on your site. =) -

Awesome trailer! Very professional! - Lexi

OH MY FREAKING GOD! OH MY GOD! Kristin.. me and my four boys watched the BB trailer and it made us want to see that movie over again right NOW! YOU GO GIRL! Geeze girl I will be able one day to say .. I knew her have to do this for a living.. it would be horrible if you don't...!!!! Me and my boys were VERY impressed with the trailer.. we all clapped at the end! It made such an impression on us that we had to go and watch the movie immediately. NO JOKE! You never cease to amaze me!!
Let me just say your trailer is MUCH better than any I saw for BB originally!!! You ROCK!! Keep up the great work!! Let me just say the Warner Brothers just go blown out of the water with this trailer!! It made me and all 4 of my boys want to go racing into the living room to see BB again!!! You are indeed an excellent artist and a wonderful person, it comes through with the work you do! -
Lindsay (one of your biggest fans .. one day I will be a KristinHead!!! rofl)

Finally got to watch your videos Kristin. I love it. I love that Bruce shows his anguish, his angst and everything on the path to becoming Batman. The effects used gives emphasis to the important parts of the film e.g. death of Bruce's parents. All in all a good trailer. well it makes me want to watch the movie (again) right now! :) Awesome job Kristin. Professionally done. - cheenie

WOW!!! Like we say here in PR Brutal! Cool is not enough to describe it. ~thumbs up~ It was better than the original. You have an awesome talent! - Raven84

I watched your Batman Begins trailer. It is fabulous. For a second, I thought it was the real thing from Warner Bros. I'm not kidding. I don't BS people, so believe me when I say it was great. - Crystal

I thought it was an interesting take on BB. I especially like the music that you used, really set the pace of the trailer. I'd really be interested in seeing you do a BB2 teaser trailer. Now granted the movie is more than 2 years away, but it would be interesting to see what you can do. As always, I enjoyed it, keep up the good work. - emaverick

You did it again Kristin, it's gorgeous, just awesome! They should hire you for the next Batman trailer. Your work is beautiful, Thank you so much for sharing. - balefect

great job, I thought it was awesome. - paschman

I've speculated on how cool it would be if "Pompeii" were used in a Batman trailer. :) That section is my favorite part. The edit from "I'm Batman" to that...genius! - BatmAngelus

thanks! sweet batman videos! - chintai80

very professional trailer ~thumbs up~ - achilles

Wow, that was a fantastically well put together trailer. You perfectly captured the tone of the film by highlighting key quotes about who Bruce is and why he fights and complemented it with signature trailer music. You even had the uber rise of energy at the end with the shift into more energetic music (also using a signature trailer song) and quicker cuts. The point of a trailer is to convince the audience that this film is worth watching and I'm completely sold (though it does help that I love the movie :P ) - basketkase543

That- was- awesome! :D - simbiani82

Again, I'm impressed. Your trailer is better than any 'Batman Begins' trailer I've seen. Congratulations, it's really great. Keep up the great work. - Simona

That's awesome Kristin!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us! - Christy

That was amazing kristin. I think they should have used your trailer instead of their own... - Shraddha

That's really good Kristin. Lots of suspense and mystery. - Emylu

Wow Kristin, you are the best vidder of the web!! I think that one day you will direct our Christian in a great movie! ;) - chiara

Wowww Kristin!!!!!! ~in shock~ I love this trailer!!!! Really, really good!!! Well, as usual, your work is excellent!! - kari

I've just finished to see it. Outstanding. This trailer is better than the original. Keep on making videos!!!! - cinderella

Oh, you dastardly fiend creating such awesomeness and getting me hooked. Put the movie on hold at the library -- 47th in line, and they have 40 copies -- so, hopefully, I shall get it soon. As always, masterfully edited, mein freund ^^ The music really enhanced the tone of the images, and you showed just enough to get the fans squeeing with joy, and the non-fans (ie, me) want to see the movie. - yuna_firerose

First I have to say that I HATED the marketing and trailers produced by the studio. I think BB could've topped Batman'89 box-office wise if they'd had a great marketing strategy like Batman'89. That being said I think that your video was miles better than some of the 'official' trailers. I liked the sense of brooding in the intro and the pace that the trailer was following. I did think it was a bit "effex heavy" in some parts, but mostly it was well used and quite dynamic. Very good work. ~thumbs up~ - Superman2007

Simply beautiful. ~thumbs up~ I agree with Superman2007 and the others. It was much better than the official trailers. - Zejr

Man, you have talent. Never stop doing this, it's superb.... it made my day. - Ruf Chiyuuk

You're too good at making videos! I just can't stop watching them... :) Love this trailer! Much better than the original! I think this is the original. :) - sparkle

Awesome Kristin! All your work is well produced and entertaining. 2 thumbs up! - The Dark Knights

Very nice, I really enjoyed it. - DCW

Just watched ur trailer for batman....that kicked ass! it's so cool cuz since I bought all those other films I haven't watched batman in awhile so I put it in while I was getting ready for class this morning. I still can't get enough of that show. but ya. that was really awesome ur very talented! - Erica

You know, I don't think there's much to say... this trailer was better than the original one... it's as simple as that. It's a real masterpiece. Again, fantastic job! Thanks a lot for sharing! - SpySyd

That should of been the trailer for Batman Begins. That was so awesome. LOL. Seriously you should work in that kind of business, cause you would do an excellent job editing and putting together trailers for movies!!!!!!!!!!!! - newsie__nympho

Hi Kristin, what can I say.... Another excellent work from yours, keep going!!! - KGBeast

Wow this was really good! you def have potential in this field! the audio for the most part was VERY smooth, with a few exceptions of slight changes in volumes here and there (not that noticable though lol)... your timing was well done because you used it to tell the brief synapse of the movie. This was awesome... great job! - Powermonkey

I have been meaning to post on this! I have watched your trailer at least four or five times. It KICKS ASS! In my opinion, it is far superior to the theatrical trailer that was released by Warner Brothers! They need to hire you!! AWESOME! - HalloweenRes

Wow! Better than the crappie ones you see on tv! You did an excellent job! - Lisa Dixon

Your new BB trailer is fresh and original. You definitely have the talent and creativity to become a top film editor and I know that you'll dazzle thousands with your work over the years. - Joe Salazar

Your trailer did rock, Kristin and you know I'm not just saying that cuz I LOVE all your videos. - Lisa

Awesome! Incredible! Perhaps, the best BB trailer ever came out. Trully, I'm a fan of your work, Kristin. Keep doing it.. - LoS_AnGeLes

Yeah, that was brilliant! Much better than the trailers I saw on tv! - Cristi

Hi Kristin - I just got around to downloading your latest. As usual it's the best - but no pushups.... LOL!!! - Patty

Awesome trailer my friend totally beautiful and great music ya used! - Sarah

Lemme just say that I've seen all the trailers for Batman Begins...and there were a lot...and yours was BY FAR....the BEST I've truly defines the essence of the movies. I love the phrases/lines you used. The ones you picked from the movie. I LOVED that you used that shot of him standing on top of the building. The music with the lady singing in the background was verrrry nice. - Adilah

BB trailer is awesome..hehe but that shouldn't be a surprise. all your vid's are amazing. :) - heartthedean

Wow - your trailer is AMAZING!! And I've managed to watch some of
your other videos as well, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! You're amazingly talented and I'm very, very glad that you're a fan of Christian Bale, so we can enjoy your fantastic music videos! :-) -

Wendy and I watched it this weekend and thought it was great. Made me want to pop in my DVD and watch the movie over again. Someday, you'll be in Hollywood editing trailers for real.....and good luck to you! - heraldtalia

You are amazing! That was sooo incredible. Nice job!!! - nature

You did it yet again, Kristin. I thought I liked the theatrical trailer. Forget that. I love yours more. Even the music was perfect! Excellent job. - danielle

I simply love it! Terrific! - World's Finest

Superb Kris, absolutely superb. Very professional indeed. - pjwares

Now, that. Was awesome. Hell, I've seen the movie about a billion times, and I'm pumped to see it again! Dare I say it, it was as good or better as the real trailers. - Lord of Tetris

Killer. Nice work. - MJZ

That Trailer was Amazing!!!! It bought back the excitement I felt the first time I saw Batman. LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! You are an Editing Goddess!!!! - Jaret

Kristin, I'm sitting here watching your trailer and tears run down my face. This is the greatest thing you've ever done. You captured the real story about a deeply hurt man so sharply, it hurts. My hubby stood right beside me and was thrilled, too. You are so meant to be in that business. Please remember us when you work with the big ones one day.. - BAiLEys

Wow, that was totally awesome. Great blend of emotion and just plain kick-ass action. Probably your finest piece so far if I may so say (And I'm not just being biased 'coz it's Batman.. ) - Izzet

Wow, great (as usual!!!) - Neaera

I'm speechless............ ~in shock~ - Claudia

That was very well put togther Kris - great cuts, and the clip & music selection were also well planned & implemented. The trailer flowed very smoothly from start to finish. As always, a very professional looking result! - MisterAnderson

That Batman Begins trailer was A M A Z I N shoulda been the offical trailer.....awesome job.... - Anthony

Loved the trailer. It's obvious a lot of time and thought went into it. Well done. The Wayne murders segment gave me chills. Two thumbs up! - MrTheEdge2u

Great work on the Bat trailer, I always enjoy the vids on your site. - theVillain86

Wow that kicks ass! Its a really great post-movie trailer! Keep up the good work dude! - The Dark Knight

Loved the new Batman trailer. It was so awesome. Keep up the cool work! - Pam (jaxie)

You've surpassed yourself with the Batman "trailer" video. It looks absolutely professional, not only better than the majority of movie trailers out there, but better than the ones I saw for the movie. I hope WB hires you to edit together their trailer for the sequel. Thanks so much for sharing. - Leslie M.

An extremely professional-looking trailer that evokes a great tense mood. The insightful selection and use of voiceovers is very driving and gives a tight and focused narrative of the film. The last quarter, with the increased pace and beat-driven editing, is my personal favourite bit. - Obsessive24

A very well-edited, exciting video. The progression is wonderful - building up tension throughout with very well placed voiceovers until the Pompeii climax kicks in. I like the flashes of bats at 1:06. I also like the shot at 1:34. - Txlsplash

When I showed the BB trailer to my husband, he said he wondered why they didn't use that one in the theatre :) He was of course very impressed when I clued him in. - Crissy

The beginning of the trailer sets up the mood very well and creates a bit of mystery that grabs the attention. (It kind of reminded me of the Xena credits...which is a compliment.) The end bookends that nicely and leaves the audience with an iconic shot. In between, you create a strong narrative through your choice of dialogue and glimpses of critical moments. Your choice of music suits the mood and helps create strong transitions between the different sections of the video. The action montage has a good variety of clips shown just long enough to tease the audience's sense of curiosity. You've matched the style of the genre and succeeded in engaging the audience without giving the whole movie away. - Mary Lim

Wow, Kristin! That is just awesome. . . I think I like that one more than I like the official trailer! Very professionally done--if I hadn't known that you made it, I would have thought it was official. hehe. Well done, I really liked that. ^_^ I've been watching it over and over and over again. . . - ClericWilkinson

Congratulations on your Batman trailer winning so many awards...What a marvelous job you did on it too...Would have never known it wasn't made by the studio... - Lane

You are producing one masterpiece after another. The BB trailer is unbelievable. I'm sure one of these days I'll be watching your trailers on television ... and I'll be telling everyone I knew you before you were famous! lol - ViDawn

Congratulations on a fantastic Batman Begins trailer. You're so talented, I love all your work. I don't know much about editing but I guess that must have been a lot of work! Thanks for sharing it with us, I know I can always count on you for my Bale fix ;) - Sami

I saw the BB trailer.. and I was blown away!! Wow.. Amazing! It was just like a real trailer, very well done *hugs* Can't wait to see the rest of the vids :) - Johanna

Great use of quotes and music from the movie. - Bryan

Pretty rad man. Really fun to watch this. - the amazing cardsharp

Dude, this is awesome!!! I think it's much better than the official trailers, they were actually a bit weak. - Dan

I agree with the guy above me....This is way more awesome than the orginial trailers/teasers!! Very awesome...Great job. Wow. Simply wow ^_^ - And now I wait my whole lifetime.. For you

Great video very well cut together if this was released before the official trailer came out people would of thought it is the official one. 5 stars - orange4444

My god! That was awesome! You should think about going pro :D - Dawnofthedusk

Your Batman trailer is incredibly professional, could easily be the real thing! - Sabra


Bedazzled Trailer

LOL!!! That was funny..You did Awesome work on this..You gave it a comical build up and it flowed nicely. - Myrhia Chmilar

Haha that was good. I like how you used music from Ferris Buellers day off. ( oh yeah) lol! It was cute. -
Ashley Dinning

Another great trailer! You can really see how versatile you are as you go from a fantastically done action-movie trailer (batman) to this fantastically done comedy trailer. It was really funny, had great use of sound effects, tight editing, and you made me want to watch the movie. I look forward to your next one. - basketkase543

Oh that was just fantastic! lol, I loved that movie. And the I believe I can fly? Classic! -

Your new Bedazzled Trailer is fresh, funny, and a lot of fun to watch. It brought a smile to my face from beginning to end. - Joe Salazar

Very good! I would like to try trailers once. I liked the edits. That was so cool! I love that movie! - heraldtalia

This trailer isn't as rousing as the one for "Batman Begins," but that's to be expected with the difference in genre. You still set up the mood and premise effectively from the beginning and develop a clear narrative thread. The timing is generally very good, which is essential in comedy. My only quibble is that I think the "I Believe I Can Fly" section lasts just a touch too long so that the humour starts to fade. Otherwise, the combination of that song with the clips you've chosen has a funny sense of irony to it and the section does end well. Again, you've matched the genre very professionally. - Mary Lim

Awesome! I love your trailer. It helps that I LOVE that movie. It's hilarious and greatly overlooked. Thanks for doing it justice. :) - Sue

I enjoyed watching your trailer for Bedazzled, I have that movie, love it, think I'll watch it again soon, I could use the laughter. - Lisa Dixon

First of all, the Bedazzled trailer is so great! Great job! - Kris


Eden (Pride and Prejudice)

Aw Kristin..this vid is beautiful. So many moments and feelings in their expressions between the lovers. You did an Awesome work with the flow and the way the music specks to us.. I didn't see the movie or read the book, but this was lovely all the same..simple but powerful. - Myrhia Chmilar

That was beautiful! You always choose excellent music. :) You did an amazing job! Bravo! - Eccentric Feline

Oooh lovely video. I think the simplicity of the song really helped the flow of the longing in the clips. - Ashley Dinning

Another lovely video indeed and I like the music as well. I havent seen the film but I could feel the emotions in your video. - Julie Herera

Very, VERY lovely! I love Sarah Brightman...and your editing is superb...the quick cuts to the music...the fades and layers...wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! - kellien-1

Very nice video! I really loved your choice of music and the editing was done well. Thank you! - zeonchar

It's sooo beautiful! Great job! Thank you! =) - mashka_g

Oh my. That was lovely. If you are not a pro, you should be. And please make more. Talent and vision like yours should not be hidden. - darcycharm

That's just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. - madam_rptr

Thanks Kristin, for this beautiful video. Another great music video I can add to my collection! - Marianne63

Thank you for the amazing things that you have done, included in your websites. This one is very beautiful. I love that song. - houseandcameron

What a beautiful video Kritin! I watched the film for the first time yesterday, and I really quite enjoyed it. I love what you have done with the vid, and I'm pleased that you kept the editing style simplistic and true to the style of the movie. I adore the music too. I can not think of another song that would have been better. - Charmax

Wonderful! That was a beautifully made, edited, and timed video! Also a fantastic song by Sarah brightman, so all around wonderful. Thank you for sharing! - missalee

I enjoyed your video. It's peaceful, sweet, pleasant and nice to follow. Nice work! - benmars

Beautiful video, as always! I didn't know that song, but it was a great choice :) - iwillrememberu

"Eden" is very different from your FK videos - less dark, more openly romantic - but still has the same careful editing, rhythm and emotion that make your work stand out. The dance scene is an effective way to set up the psychological dance between Elizabeth and Darcy that continues throughout their story and your video. I wouldn't have thought that the bursts of quick cuts would work for a period piece, but they add a modern feel without taking away from the romantic atmosphere at all. In fact, they contrast really well with those longing gazes that maintain the tension in this video. Although the movie disappointed me, "Eden" definitely did not. - Mary Lim

I have watched your video, and I liked it a lot. It was very well done and even the song has beautiful lyrics. - Charlene

OMG That was AWESOME Kristin! Thanks for making it and sharing!!!! - Andrea

Awesome (even if i'm not fan of Pride and Prejudice) all your vids Kristin. - PatheticDreamer

Woah snap, very much liked this. Matched the song very well and amazing editing going on. One of the best fan mv's I've ever seen! - sp4ztard

Wow, Kristin! That was fantastic. I normally don't watch vids to movies I haven't seen, but you've been talking about this movie for so long so I was like "may as well watch it and see what it's about". First of all, I LOVE that song. Sarah Brightman has a gorgeous voice and the accompanying music.... Lovely. And I especially loved your use of fading effects in this vid. I have to say, for the first time, I'm actually considering renting this movie. - Renee

What a beautiful video! I love how your subtle editing complimented the song and the clips. Maybe I'll add that movie to Netflix. - Wendy

Sooo pretty. You really drew attention to her eyes, nice work. There was like more expression there than it seemed in the movie. - Jane

Thanks, thanks, thanks! It's so beautiful, so great, so lovely, a sweet cocktail of passion and dream. Bravo! - Paola

"Eden" is very romantic. The music and scenes beautifully portray the passion between the two characters. - Joe Salazar

I just wanna say that the 'Eden' video was absolutely beautiful & amazing ! the song went so well with the images !!! It was lovely !!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! -

OMG Kristin! That was beautiful! I really loved that song. - Crystal

 My most favorite Sarah Brightman song ever! I have not seen the new P&P movie yet. I have however seen the A&E version with Colin Firth. I really like the relationship between Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth. I could definitely see it in your video. The composition of it went very well with the song. It's a very pretty video. It looks very professional! - Michelle

Just wanted to let you know what a terrific video that was the music was perfect....thanks for the hard work. - Katie

I just discovered your site this week, and I'm so pleased. As a writer, I often find inspiration in other artists. Your work is totally inspiring. I just want to thank you personally for sharing it. - Melinda Jane Harrington

Absolutely beautiful! The song and editing was lovely. Well done. - They call me Lafonda

Wow!!!! That is soooooo cool! Sarah Brightman rocks, and so does Pride and Prejudice! This is sooooooo well done! You are very very talented! - Melissa

that was amazing - just watched the film last night (for like the ten millionth time) excellent job - Helen

I really loved the clips you selected and the music is great! Awesome video! Captures the essence of the movie.. - Julie


Touched (Equilibrium)

I love it! I love that polygraph over flow. The radiant touches were fantastic. It almost looks like you have footage that no one else has seen. For instance when she Mary grabs the gun. Before it had only been a flash, but I got to actually SEE it and it seems that way with a lot of the frames which I love because I get to see more than I had been allowed before. The song is great too. There seems to be a ton of footage I hadn't seen before but I really had only too quickly for it to register and the fight scenes as always are great, but I like that most of it was bout Mary, about even. I love the scene in the room in Mary's apt, the way certain things glowed. I just want to say I love the radiant aspects used very much along with many more scenes of Mary and John. You are great! I cant believe you can make a vid that quick and they are always fantastic!! This one does have a different feel and I love it, I am glad you are so versatile! Keep vidding .... YOU ROCK!! (I only say that all the time!) - Lindsay

Great video ;) I liked how you intermingled the more gentler scenes into the part where it says" I looked into your eyes and saw a world that does not exist" as if he were seeing right through her. The sequence was well done. -
Ashley Dinning

O...M...G! Kristin, I may be biased... but I think this is the best video I've ever seen!! It gave me goosebumps! I think I like it more than Here!! I love the light effects...It just brought EQ to life again for me
It's incredible!! I really mean it! Loved the arrest scene... and how the light effects remind me of sunlight when the sweepers come in through the door. I got the impression that you've really stepped up professionally speaking! I mean, you were good before... but you're just getting so much better! I'm going to watch it over and over! I absolutely love this video, Kristin!! You go girl!! Another triumph!!-

*falls out of chair onto floor* *seeing stars and tweety birds*
Dude. Let me ask you something.*still shivering* Wait. that was really good. Are you sure that you aren't like touched by some film gods or something? Man the way you captured the tension between Mary and John...with the dead wife in the back of his mind. That scene where he is looking at her right before she is arrested...the effects you used to illuminate him. Wow. -
Crystal usual! - heartthedean

I luved it especially the b&w effects you used! - Sarah

"Touched" is an excellently edited action video. The scenes were beautifully cut together.  - Joe Salazar

Omg!! This was fuckin Awesome! Cool editing! Making it very on edge. This video is one of your best...CB is so sexy.....calm, collective in his presence and plus I like the effects of the fast pace of each footage bringing... a fast outlook of dangerous dance of death. You're a CB vid Goddess. I'm watching it again and plus a good song for this very calming watching and yet you don't lose interest while seeing the visuals. The vid is captivating. Good combination. This is a very good vid. - Marisa Chmilar

Cool. Nicely done! I'm a huge fan of Vast, actually - I have all his albums, so that was a definite bonus ;) I don't know if the music you use is representative of your own taste or simply because it fit the videos, but whatever the case, I like it a lot! - humblebumble

Wow Kristin, I've been waiting for a new video for sooooo long and with this one you made my day!!!! I like the "synchrony" between music and images! Thanks for sharing! -

Great job Kristin!!!!!! It came out great!!!! -

Just watched it :) How great was that!! A very interesting song, but it fitted perfectly. I especially liked the flashing between images... how long did it take you to get all of that timed spot-on, by the way? It looks like this video must have taken a very long time to do! -

Got it! Kristin, it's perfect as everything you do! The crossover episode with the ribbon/Hall of Mirrors just stroke me. And special thanks for Viviana - your vid gave a new vision of the scene wich I know better than any other scene :) -
Eithne Ame

I always love your videos XD -

Oh wow. Your vids always leave me speechless so I'm horrible at feedback. Your vids always rock, and... there's nothing I can say that will do it justice lol. -

*gasp* That was awesome. No, beyond awesome! Excuse my zero knowledge of editing jargon, but I loved the strobe kind of effect you used, flicking between two scenes. Brilliant! You have such a talent! I adore that song too, fits perfectly. And of course you have such gorgeous subject matter to work with, LOL. -

GAH!!! I say, GAhhhhh! Again! Simply wonderful! I also watched "The Perfect Drug" Raven's head has exploded now! Thanks so much for sharing! -

Ah, the timing in your videos is always perfect. Great job! -

WOO-HOO! I got it. I got it and it's SUPERB. I love it Kristin. Really love it. Fabulous as always, Kristin. Now THAT's what I call an Equilibrium video. This was lovely. The effects were gorgeous. The ending was especially fab - that was beautiful. Its one of the very best EQ vids - and when you think how popular this little film is....Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Thank you. XXXx -

I first heard this song in the second episode of the show "Angel" and instantly fell in love with it. Your use of it here evoked the same feelings and emotions I had when I saw it back then. The sense of complexity and confliction in one's duty and one's feelings. The way you were able to merge the division in Preston and how much Mary was a part of that was incredible. - Evan Ritman

Thanks Kristin for yet another fantastic video. Every time I watch your videos is like opening a present knowing there is going to be a wonderful surprise inside. Touched was beautifully done, I love the way you shed light on those subtle yet intense moments of this film. You bring all those beautiful repressed emotions of the characters into the light, I can feel their despair and aching hearts. -

I'm totally watching that one again later. Loved the color and B/W thing and that strobe thing at the end rocked. - Jane

Yea! I loved it too.... I LOVED the light effect... WoW! SUPER- AWESOME!! Another triumph from you, girl *thumbs up*.....*waaaayyy UP* - Angelique

Hey Kristin, Wonderful as usual. Thanks. - Christy

HOLY CRAP Kristin....I swear the more you do these the more kicka$$ they get. I can definitely see your improvement from the first video of yours till this one. I mean i'm not an expert on making this...but the improvement is amazing. The editing and blending of different images is on a complex level now. - Adilah

Awesome! I love that song and I love that movie! I can't believe you got that done so quickly. Damn Damn Damn does he look good in that movie! Thanks so much for sharing! -

BRUTAL!!!! Excellent! I luff it! It's awesome Kristin! *bows* - Raven84

Simply gorgeous, I'm touched. - LeProfesseur

I loved it Kristin. You captured the drama behind the movie perfectly. Good job!!! - Cheenie

Gorgeous vid and great story-telling. I didn't think there'd be enough vid of her, but there is! Love the song. I gotta get me some more Vast music. - Sue

Watching it now ^^ I love those zooms you do... like you did in 'Closer'... You really know how to match the beats very well and -yet- still tell yer story...awesome. Skippy frames~! *is paused at 02:45* Awesome technique, too - I get the impression of dueling emotions..the girl being the one to awaken these feelings that he's not supposed to have..and torment ensues. Along with kick-ass gun battles! - Yuna

The video is absolutely great, Kristin! The song is perfect for it and the special effects are very well syncronized! Awesome work! What more can I say?!? - sparkle

Unsuprisingly, it's brilliant. Kristin, don't forget your old pals when you're rich and famous, yeah? - outlawgirl

I've seen it. Gorgeous as usual. Kristin you rock! - cinderella

Hey Kris! Good to see you still doing what you do best. I enjoyed your version of "Touched" using EQ very much. Another great interpretation this time of the relationship between Preston & Mary by you. Some deft editing once again to create another fabulous effort to add to your growing list of videos. And even though "Here" still sits atop the pile, for my mind - its definitely a video that once again showcases your skills as an editor. Well done! - MisterAnderson

GOOD GRACIOUS!!! You are one talented woman!! And generous, too, for sharing. A MILLIONS THANKS!!! - Fox

Good GOD, Kristin, this was awesome!! And I'm not telling you that to please you, I almost forgot you used movie material. The way you put the pics together is so professional, thanks for sharing. - BAiLEys

Hey I love your new Touched video! watched it 3 times Good job! - Lisa Dixon

OMG Kristin, that was simply stunning!!! I absolutely love your editing and added effect. More than nice...exceptional!!! - JenGe

FABUOLOUS! loved it... -
flood and fire

Awesome vid to an Awesome film! Props!!! :-) - Josh

Touched, awesome video, great song and I love the effects! It looks so professional, you did such a great job on it. It definitely holds to emotions and feelings that you get from the movie. I love the fact that you put so much time and effort into your work. You can tell that you enjoy it! - Michelle

I've seen every single one of the CB vids you've made, and loved them! Especially the 'Touched' video, that's one of my favourites. The music just goes so well with the video and the editing is again fantastic! - Johanna

I really love this one its fab thanxxxxxxx alot! We are waiting for more. - Angelina

Great overall video. The editing and effects were great. I loved the end of the video, the action sequence was great. - Cora

I love this one Kristin hehehe i 'm becoming a VAST fan myself thanx to you i love it both EQ vids *thumbs way up!* - Raven84

Great vid! I love the starry light effects, and the images are edited just right. Here is still my favourite though, maybe because it's the first I saw of your works and it's still great! - NoClockThing

I guess, I have watched this video a thousand times. its just heart-stopping.. my mother and sister (both of them are bale fans) are enthused too! the video and the music harmonize perfectly.
my favourite point is, when his wife kissed him the last time and then he breaks open the door while the music plays up! you did a wonderful job! I cant wait to see new videos! -

 I love this song! The scenes flowed well with it, especially the action scenes. As always, very well edited, fun to watch, and oozed lots of Bale yumminess. Fantastic video. - Victoria

What I love about these two vids in particular is that in addition to perfect cuts and timing, perfect cueing with the music, you also tell a story that goes beyond merely illustrating the song lyrics. Things like the flashing interval of prozium in "Here" add a whole layer of meaning to the action sequences and make them ironic.
Great, great work. I really like all the vids, and I admire your amazing technical acumen. -

Damn I love this song! This video is just as high-quality, but less action-oriented as it focuses on the shippy/emotional aspects of the movie. I can't believe how good this vidder is. - jcathm

From the manager of the band - VAST:

Hey-This is Steve Berman, manager of VAST...GREAT JOB!!!! - Steve Berman


Sadeness Violent Mix (Vampire Movies)

Oh my god.
*jaw drop*
That was just amazing.
I'm always just blown away by your vids.
... I have no words... -

Now that was very interesting to see, and I've got a big smile on my face too because of it. Very nice use of the effects with the music. - kazbaby

Wow that was wickedly awesome, not to mention totally erotic. I love your videos, you never disappoint. - sunryse00

I sawwwwwwww it was gorgeous. Nice random bale. I thought it was one of your best vids yet. The bit with lacriox laughing is priceless lol - Ashley Dinning

Sadeness is VERY erotic, Kris! Your editing was absolutely brilliant. You cut the scenes together beautifully. And the remix of Sadeness was the perfect music. - Joe Salazar

We both Saw it..Wow! that was so Beautifully done. It was captivating to see it flow effortlessly, from one vampire movie to another. This masterpiece was truly mesmerizing, in what vampires do best..hehe (evil grin) Hugs Kristin, on your lovely artistic work. We both really enjoyed it! Oh..CB was Hot with those eyes..Sooo vampire like.Hot and sexy..It was very intoxicating to see everything flow into each other. You always deliver in your artistic vids. -
Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

I get excited every time you post a vid. You are incredible. - neytaritook

Your videos are always very well done kristin! -

Kristin, this is one of your best vampire videos. It's very erotic and wonderfully done. -

Kristin, your vids are always technically amazing. This video is no different. I enjoyed it. A lot. It is seductive in both the visuals and the audio. The motion is extremely evocative. I don't feel qualified enough to say any more than that. Really. You are amazing at what you do. - Charmax

Oooh, Kristin, niiiiice n erotic, and with my precious Cleric too. Plus it's always a pleasure to see Gary Oldman as The Count . - Friv am I ever speechless! Excellent video, definitely a keeper! - Kris

Kristin, I have found myself wordless. I have seen your work before but this is the best I have seen yet. Your work is excellent. I didn't think you could out do yourself but you have. I am thankful for your talent and that you share that talent with the rest of us. - Jeannie

Kris, you know that I always dig on your work & this video is definately no exception. Your effects are always extremely well done & never ever seem out of place. You've taken great care in with your editing style to capture the emotional cues from choir & the music and match them with the footage you've chosen. And LOL @ putting Christian in're definately one obsessed gal! :) The effect on his eyes is cool, but for some reason they don't seem to flow fluidly with his head motion - which is my only teensy gripe. At any rate the vid is top notch - its never a chore to sit through your shelf stuff! -
Mr. Anderson

I am so jealous of your vidding ability, I really am. - Nightmare_Drusilla

Very nice editing in this, the effects worked with the beat of the song and were beautiful to look at. Instrumental songs are definitely hard to vid to but you pulled this off with excellence. Brilliant, erotic, blood and sex - a total dedication to vampire movies (such a great idea for a vid, btw). - Aimee

Loved it, nice work! Interesting to see all your favorite charactors in one place including Bale. Bale with the gold vamp eyes.... Ya that was HOT !!! - Chris

Wow , amazing job hon, thanks for sharing with us! - maralyn14

A really good Music Video. I love how you've managed to pull off several movies in one video. I haven't seen alot of people pull it off as well as this. - Lioncourt

At a loss for words......I just watched your newest creation, I've always loved Sadeness, but you've shown me a new way to appreciate the song.. and also, I was looking so closely for a Lacroix cameo, thanks for that surprise.. I'm so glad I logged in today.. thanks for the wonderful treat Kristin. - James

Hey Kristin, I liked your vid, though I'm not into vampire stuff. I didn't realise it's so, well, kind of erotic (I'm ignorant on that, I guess). The music matched the pics perfectly. Your so damn good!!! - BAiLEys

Oh, you do rock my world. Guh!!! - spacequeen

I watched the vid and WOW! :O I was blown away, the vid's really well done *hugs* And I luv that version of the song, goes really well with the video. :) - Johanna

GREAT Video, Kristin! Very powerful. I love it. - Carhith

I loved it ... and I am especially interested in how Vampires float during sex!!!!!!! J/K It is wonderful, I now have about 8 more movies to rent!!! - Lindsay

Lets see. You took every vampire movie/show I have come to love. You chose tastefully wonderful music and then you added your own flare in there. ( Bows down and kisses your feet) Thank you very much. A true master are you. I loved every last bit of it. One day in my dreams maybe you can teach me the secret that makes you so god damned gifted. Anyhow, enough kissing ass. Sweet just sweet music video. Give me more please..... - Areanna WhiteWolf

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!! WOW. I have not seen Dracula 2000, and now I really want to see it. Damn, Its an awesome video. I saved it to my computer along with a few other videos. - nytelady

That was brilliant, may have to download more of them at some point!! :D - wolfpurplemoon

It was definitely worth the wait. :) I haven't heard much from Enigma, but the song fit the vampire theme so perfectly, with its driving beat for the action scenes and haunting vocals to accentuate the supernatural subject matter. I also liked the clips you chose to match the parts of the vocals in which we hear a female who, uh, sounds like she's enjoying herself. ;) Side note - I haven't forgotten as much French as I thought. I actually understood a good bit of the spoken lyrics. lol, whoulda thunk it. I can't tell if they were in the source footage or your own creation, but whatever the case, the silk sheet overlays like those around 2:48 did a great job of enhancing the sensual mood of the video. The shots of Christian Bale with what looked like eyes from Underworld were a neat idea. He's never been in a vampire movie, has he? Sometimes tells me you'd be pretty excited if it happens in the future. :) All in all, great great work as usual. I really enjoy your videos and this one was definitely no exception. - dragonchic

You rock Kristin....I LOVE this video and the entire vampire theme =)...I love what you did with Christian's I LOOOOVE that song by Enigma....did I mention I loved it? =P - katalibria

I saw Sadness -- my first immediate thought? "OMG Cappacata!" ... Now to explain. In my Vampire Masquerade game, someone built this gorgeous Cappadocian map with the non-remixed version of that song...yet didn't say what it was. I was glad to find that out ^^ The video was amazing, of course...particuraly with how well all of the fandoms mixed. - Yuna

Just finished the vampire video it was really cool! interview with the vampire is my all time favorite vampire flick! that one and nosferatu but they're all classic but ya definetely those videos of yours are so good! - Erica

Kristin's video Sadeness discusses the violence and sensuality of the romantic vampires from the movies Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire, Underworld, Underworld Evolution, Dracula 2000, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Van Helsing, Forever Knight (a TV show) and some Christian Bale manipulations from Equilibrium.
I believe Kristin has overdone herself in this video. She used an almost complete instrumental piece, "Sadeness (Violent Mix)" by Enigma, that keeps the viewers glued to the screen from the beginning until the end. Of course, she couldn't have done that without the fierce editing. With a great awareness to the beat and the music, she used interesting clips (such as the blood drops) to strengthen the erotic and sensual feel of the video. The song Sadeness itself has a strong erotic feel to it and the combination of it with sex, violence and blood has made a fabulous video. In sum, Sadeness by Kristin is a strong erotic/romantic video and her purpose of showing the vampires' violence and sensuality has been indeed transmitted to us. GREAT work, Kristin. I love it. Go download it, you won't regret! -

I  finally watched it totally awesome and hot and I recall you didn't really like either Bram Stoker's Dracula or Van Helsing but it pleased me a lot that you put scenes from both films in the video. - Sarah

My compliments on your latest vampire video. The Enigma song that you chose suits it perfectly. I downloaded the song as soon as I finished watching the video. I really am stunned by your taste and talent. Good work =) - Jesse

Wow, this is an incredible montage, it works beautifully. - Mercurius11

I just loved how expertly you threaded all these different vampire movies together. I enjoyed seeing all of my favorite vampire flicks included. I love your unique style of editing and SFX that keep things flowing, and interesting. By the way this video is uber hot and sexy too! - Kris

nice... very nice, indeed *slow grin* a worthy tribute. - CassandraMotou

Excellent video - love the music too! I want to watch all those films again now ;) - Rose

Nice video Kristin! You never cease to amaze! I haven't seen all of those films but i have to now. Keep up the good work! - ForsakenAngel

A nicely pieced video. I love how well edited the video was and all the effects that were used. The clips & transitions worked well with the music. - Cora

GOOD GRIEF! That has to be the most sexual, sensual, exciting video I've seen. There were scenes in it tho that I didn't recognize. May have to check out this "Forever Knight" and see what it's all about. VERY AMAZING video. - Anna

that music video sadness is really cool and good footage of taking it and i cant wait looking forward to see more new videos of your work well done Kristin! - vampgrul

A job well done Kristin! We all appreciate the work u put in making that video! - GothicKnight

Oh my god, Kristin your a champion!!! You know i've always loved you! And this kicks arse! - disturbedvg

Kristin's vids always seem so professional, and this is no exception. The pace is excellent here, with beautiful use of source camerawork and lovely composition on overlays. An extremely sensual piece of work. I especially like how it matches visuals to the moaning and breathing in the music. The Marquis de Sade would be proud. ;) - Obsessive24

A very dark and sexy vampire video. I love how so many different sources are put into this video, and it all comes out in a very cohesive way. The effects make the video much more intense, especially at parts like 0:29 with the black flashes. The constant flashing on the beat and the overlays make the whole thing look so professional and intense. The overlay at 0:40 looks great, and I love the clips that are sped up. The mirror images in the beginning and later in the video give a more psychedelic, torturous feel. And the Underworld clips look lovely, as always. - Txlsplash


Deliver Me (The New World)

OMG!..I'm crying at the end..The music was haunting and this was so beautifully done..It swept us both away. What I saw was so intense in your video.. with laughter, love and loss. You made it magical. - Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

good movie + great song = great vid :D -

Absolutely beautiful vid. I'm not big on romance, but I really liked the images, the music, and the overall effect of this one. Lovely work. - Grey

I am speechless and crying as well. I love this movie so much and you have done it justice plus a million! You have captured their relationship as it was presented in the movie. If New Line Cinema needs a trailer I think you are the go to person from now on!!! Fantastic absolutely spine tingling for me. - Lindsay

Kristin oh Kristin....i'm truly lost for words....i LOVE Pocahontas and Christian Bale of I couldn't wait to see this movie.....unfortunately i didn't get to see it till this past weekend...but it was so worth the wait....extremely beautiful....heart-wrenching....Rolfe and Pocahontas' story gives every heart broken person out there hope...i fell in love with Pocahontas and CB all over again...i've never heard Sarah Brightman's music but heard a lot about her...and i must say the song lived up to the expectations....what a BEAUTIFUL way to start my day....the video had me on the verge of tears...THANK YOU! did it justice ;) - katalibria

That was very beautiful, thank you for posting it Kristin! I see youre a huge Bale fan, hehe :P Im a big fan of Sarah Brightman and The New World, so it was a great match for me. Thanks again! :) - horatiohornblower

Thanks Kristin - that was great as usual. They really did have a sweet love story. I'm so glad it was just their story. Thanks again!! - gapeach1939

It was so beauiful Kristin, I loved it. Thank you so much, I'm going to watch it over and over again. - manicfilms

Kristin? Tender romance? :) Great video. You've chosen some beautiful footages to make it look like a beautiful fairy-tale (except for the end I knew Disney were hiding something...). Very moving :) - Zohar

Aw its beautiful kristin :) (as always!!) You've inspired me to give the movie another go. Cheers! - sarahkrogers

Very powerful opening. I love the opening graphic and shots of Pocahontas and John. You did an excellent job of pacing, especially in the beginning, before the beat of the song picked up. No scene looked like it dragged on too long. I liked the extra shine on the ring around 2:04. I don't know if that was in the source footage, but it seemed more like a Kristin signature creation. ;) I also really like the swell of music around 2:31 when Pocahontas is looking up at the tall buildings in what I assume was England. It was a great way to enhance what looked like a landmark moment in the film. Sad ending. Even though I knew it was coming. This was different than your other vids that I've seen, but it was, as usual, extremely well-edited and emotionally moving. The only thing that kinda bugged me was how young Pocahontas was! LOL, I know that's how it was in real life, but it's still kind of odd to see it on screen. :) - dragonchic

I've never seen this film but I was still able to enjoy your video. Lovely song choice, by the way. I've added the film to my DVD rental list and will view your video again with different eyes, once I've seen it. Thanks for sharing. :-) - yorkshirewench

I saw it Kristin and it's wonderful. You can see the relationship developing between Pocahontas and John Rolfe. A must-see for CB fans. :) - Cheenie

Hey Kristin :D, just wanted to say that I loved your latest vid. Visually poignant! A beautiful montage of the shots used to describe John Rolfe and Rebecca's relationship, and lots of yummy pics too. Another job well done :D :D :D - Alexijia

Wow! I like it so much! It's so moving and touching! It's very welcome to me, especially since I haven't seen the movie yet I like the song very much and I think it fits well with the feelings developed by the 2 characters. Great great work Kristin! You are an artist! :) - sparkle

You always match the perfect song with your videos :) [I'm a big fan :p] I haven't seen The New World yet, but this video was still much enjoyed. Thanks! - freddy_f02_life

OMG! I downloaded this vid last night, and I just saw it a few min ago....OMG! I SOOO love this video, sooo amasing and very touching....I almost cried during the watchin... You are truly an amasing artist Kristin! *standing applause*....WONDERFUL! I´m speachless....and I´m not kidding!!! OMG! that´s the only way that I can express myself... O M G! simply amasing.... Thank you soooo much for this wonderful video! I´m gonnna watch this one for ages...heheh...nah, just kidding, but I´m gonna watch it LOTS! :) - Angelique

Great job, Kristin! You've made yet another spectacular video... I haven't seen NW yet, but this really makes me want to. Again, great work!! - Marrisa

Hey kristin! I just watched that video you made from the new world that was really great! I wanted to cry...I also thought that was amazing how you put the clips and made a music video out of it considering he wasn't really in much of the film. Keep up the great work I know you'll be very very successful you have great talent! I just love your videos they rock! - Erica

Wow, I love your vid *heart* Good job! - sweetie_merlin

Thanxxxxxxxx alot for the amazing videos! We are waiting for more! - Angelina

Kristin, I cried, it's so touching, romantic, beautiful, gorgeous, etc.
Christian is a real gentleman here, so handsome, I love the scene where Pocahontas opens the door and he's front the door with his books under his arm saying "hello" or somenthing, aaahhhhhhh kills me!!!! I haven't seen it yet, so this is priceless for me, you show me the best part of this movie, thank you dear, again. ;) You're a great artist, I really admire you, coz you can take a great film and show us other point of view of's amazing. -

Oh Kristin, this is really one of your best video ever! ~in shock~
You did a wonderful job with the relationship between Rolfe and Pocahontas and the song is perfect! I waited for this video for sooooo long and now I'm very "satisfied" of the final result!Thanks again for sharing! ;) -

Touching video Kristin. Your work is perfect as usual. The editing of the final part of the video is amazing. You moved me. - cinderella

This vid is gorgeous. You cut the scenes together wonderfully. Not only could you be a great editor, but a stunning cinematographer as well! - Joe Salazar

I enjoyed your New World vid. :) It was really touching, the song is really beautiful. Without a doubt you're the most talented editor I know, I'm a huge fan of your work *hugs* VERY well done, once again! This video is now one of my all time favourite music vids. - Johanna

i just saw the vid all i have to say is WOW! is so beautiful the music fit so well to the images it awesome Kristin hell is better than the movie!!! HONESTLY! LOL! my goodness girl this may sound motherly but God bless your talent! your parents must be awefully proud! I know we are here in the board! - Raven84

This was a really lovely video, Kristin! I still haven't seen the movie but I could see the tender love that Rolfe has for her from your video. Beautifully edited, and I love Sarah Brightman. Very, very nice! - Amy

Great Job, Kristin! Too beautiful! *shocked* - Crystal

Kristin, I've been away for a while, and your video was such a special treat to come back to!! As always.....beautiful job!! - fox

I really liked it too. It shows you can also do a slower-paced, more "classical" edit, which is very fitting for the movie and the theme. - NoClockThing

You did great and you get a good sense of the relationship in it. I like the Sarah Brightman song you used also! *_* - Michelle

Surprise, surprise...another Kristin submission, another video I love. Of course, you vidded Maick which = "me love you long time". :)
Vidding Malick in the first place couldn't have been easy. The fact his visual style breaks most rules of conventional cinema must make establishing a new set of rules around it a bit tricky. Luckily, you have two wonderful performances to play with...
...which is part of why I think "Deliver Me" works so well. Restrained in its construction, you used the subtlety of Bale and Kilcher's performances to create your ethereal mood, which is very effective. It gives a beautiful emotion resonance.
On the negative front, I have few complaints. The sped-up effect that you used on certain clips was jarring at first, though if I weren't so familiar with Malick's aesthetic, I might not have noticed it at all. The light effect on the ring was very pretty, but I felt like it was an unnecesary ornamentation which didn't match the palette of the rest of the video.
Perhaps because the video doesn't follow a strict chronology, the end is a little abrupt: baby, death, home w/toddler in such quick succession. The son, perhaps, could have been included elsewhere. I was glad, however, that you end with Pocahontas' "frolicking". :)
Beautiful vid, very well done...keep 'em coming! -

That one blew me away---so, so beautiful---cannot stop watching it---well worth leaving the computer on over night to get to see all your great work and talents---I JUST LOVE THEM---WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
abracadabra--u r making magic---lol -

I just watched the video you made about "The New World", fantastic, it made me cry...this movie is really beautiful ! Thanks again for sharing your work ;) - universeandu


Haunted (Batman Begins)

I love how you are able to take songs that I initially would not think of for Bruce and, through the vid, make them seem so perfect. This one was definitely no exception. You did a great job of utilizing the song to show exactly why Bruce feels the need to create his Dark Knight persona. I really like the pacing in this video. While I am admittedly predisposed towards liking faster videos, I love the cinematography in Batman Begins, and so was happy to see you let certain shots, like Bruce running away at around 1:37, linger a bit longer. I also simply love your use of overlays in this. The one that combines the Waynes' murder with Bats jumping out of the window around 2:31 is just beautifully done. I also really like the added motion to the shot of young Bruce at 2:34. The zoom effect was also always used very well. I'd have to rewatch some of your older vids to be sure, but I think this is my favorite out of all your BB vids, Kristin! Awesome work! - dragonchic

Oh my! Yet another beautiful and brilliant creation! *applauds*
Extremely creative and very well put together. I always enjoy the music selection you choose. Thanks so much for sharing! ^^ -

Wow! I really liked it, a very impressive job! I especially liked all the little effects you used to, uhm, spice it up (?) and how well the song fit. Anyway, wicked cool. Made me want to watch the movie again. ^^ - vaeltaa

Man, that was a KICK ASS vid!!!!! I only have Windows Movie Maker and after watching that vid of yours, I KNOW I have outgrown that program!! Thanks for sharing!!! I mean seriously, that was awsome. It was really REALLY well edited. You should consider professionally editing movies, you would be great! - ewans_gal_4ever

Oh wow. Your vids always just... leave me in awe.
This is no exception.
I really loved how it wasn't completely full of effects. Though I do love it when you have awesome effects in your vids (they're always done perfectly), this wasn't effect based. I don't know what else to say. It's just such a nice vid! -

We both saw the CB batman vid and it was choreographed well in the scenes of the music’s a heartbeat of Gotham. The insanity of taking on justice, in Bruce Wayne’s vision of pursuit towards threats that the city holds. There is light & darkness when it comes into his life & his struggles in battle between villains & his original life..For he doesn't believe he has a normal life, for it was taken away from his youth. The music’s bass, provides a rhythm of death...for Batman prepares to become the most feared of heroes... -
Myrhia & Marisa Chmilar

Awesome video. Loved the rhythmic effects. - Ashley Dinning

Great video!! You never cease to impress! -

Wow kristin! that was really good!!! *shocked* I love how Kristin always slip in the shots of CB doing those hot pushups in her BB videos!!! Your Haunted video had some GREAT editing!!! - Crystal

WOW! Kristin, I think that's your best BB vid yet Too kewl. *mwah* - Friv

Congratulations on your new BB vid. Kristin. This vid really showcases the tortured soul of the Dark Knight. - Cheenie

Haunted is insightful. It is a wonderful look into Bruce Wayne's state of mind. You did a great job bringing his motivations to life. - Joe Salazar

I LOVED IT I LOVED IT! *dances* - Sarah

"Batman" is my favourite Superhero and "Begins" one of my favourite Comicbook-Adaptions, I just had to watch this. :) Dark, athmospheric, very well edited, perfect use of subtle effects, great balance between action-packed sequences and the more calm moments of the movie - Love it. -

Awesome use of movement here! Gives me a happy.
Also, I love how you use masks to create a dreamlike sort of pensive feel. Great job of interpreting the music and lyrics there. You're always really good at knowing when to edit and when to linger on a shot. Just seems instinctual. And you always pick such iconic shots - or turn them into iconic shots. The pan around on the rooftop at 4:49 was just the perfect way to sum everything up here. I thought "Haunted" was the best video I saw this month. And I watch a lot of vids.  You've got a world of talent. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Review 2: This is a well-thought-out and executed character study, presented through dramatic action editing and striking images. I love how Batman and his alter ego are separated within the music and the way the vidder shows us the man behind the mask. It keeps the pace with excellent use of motion right from the beginning, with the detail shots of putting on the costume. There's a sort of pulsing movement to the verses, using shots like the grasping crowd and pushups at :46 to great effect. I also like the effects that were used for the bridge around 3:24. The bat shots in the final segment really drove home the point of the vid. An extremely well-made video. - bradcpu

I really love the way you portray Bruce’s struggles to create a symbol, someone larger than life and how he sometimes feels disconnected from Batman. One of my favourite sequences is from 3:00 tilll 3:13, I think you captured perfectly how Bruce felt about his life sometimes and he knows that his parents wouldn’t approve his Alter Ego. They would try to fight the corruption and decay in daylight, they wouldn’t need to save people from dark alleys and instead build another train line or give Gothams police more forces. But they aren’t here and Bruce needs to prove for himself that he grew up to be more than the helpless boy watching in horror the murder of his mom and dad.
Your video is not only beautiful to watch, but also full of deep emotional layers and I’m really in awe how you related several aspects of his life, the outcome of them and the choices he made and how in the end, as a viewer you get the feeling that every single one is manifested in Batman. He isn’t just a statue anymore for Gotham or Bruce Wayne and instead one and the same. Darkness filled with the need to bring justice forth.
And on a complete shallow note, your glows and edits in this are magnificent. -

Great vid, Kristin, wonderful song and gorgeous effects. Keep going, you rock!! - BAiLEys

Wow, that was immense. Loved the cutting and the effects were beautfiul. 10/10 Awesome. :) - Izzet

What a fantastic, beautifully edited video Kristin. I love your music choices and Haunted is so perfect. I can't get enough of Bale of course, the more, the better. I love the way you captured some of those dramatic moments in the film and brought them into focus. I just love this video and I love your work. Thanks for sharing. Bale forever! - manicfilms

Great job again Kristin. I love each of your videos and always look forward to new ones. - emaverick

Awesome... haha im speechless! - BGryu

I thought it was great! Another winner!! You did an EXCELLENT JOB!! I especially liked the music you used!! I could really tell that you were focusing on Bruce Wayne and his quest to become Batman. Again, thanks for the video... - HalloweenRes

Amazing work again Kristen. Your videos are always so professional. Not to mention visually appealing. I loved the subtle effects you used - the black flashes on the beat and the color changes. I liked how the slower parts of the song were focused more on Bruce Wayne. I don't know what else to say, hehe :) Your video is flawless, really! - Aimee

Awesome possum!! *applause* *tips hat*:o Well done, Kristin! - coeurnoir

I've seen the video and certainly is your best BB video!
I have to say that my favourite video ever is Bond Bale followed by Here, but this last one is really GOOD!Thank you Kristin for sharing! -

YEAH! GO KRISTIN! Yeah, if ya don't recognize me, its me Dark Knight from Batman Reborn. I'm so glad you're still doing these, they kick ass! I'll always love "Paint it Black"! - Dark Guardian

You did a good job with editing etc. and your imagination is killer -- thanks for posting so everyone could check it out. =) - ginx21

That video left me was so damn good. As a matter of fact I am downloading the rest of the ones you have, keep up the good work. - No_Show

Yeah, that was really awesome. The awful memory of people making crappy music set to clips on youtube is blissfully fading! Keep it up! - seventhanomaly

That was very, very cool. Are you a professional video editor? Thanks! - bubdc1974

Perfect mate loved it keep it up more the better! - nate

I really enjoyed it... you never cease to amaze me with your editing talents. - Nightmare_Drusilla

Wow Kristin I've watched you vid's a little piece of art. I'm pretty sure that soon the important people on TV and even in movie business will notice your talent....We are very lucky to enjoy your work. :) - Claudia

I love the new BB video and the song you choose. I had no doubt.
You never disappointed me. ;) -

Watched the video last night Kristin and i thought it was fantastic, so professional! - amme

Kristin - Another fabulous vid! Thanks so much for doing them - I love this one - the 'tone' of it is just perfect! Your work really is properly amazing! - Meg

Kristin, I finally watched it. F***in' brilliant! You have a real understanding of the film, the music, what strengths each shot has, the rhythm of the music and the movement (rhythm isn't just cutting on the drumbeat)... So many vids out there are just a collection of shots with music running under them. Yours are a class above. You made Batman even more exciting! ;) - balicious

Yea, I finally saved and watched it and....OMG! WoW! *shocked* So awesomely brilliant!!!! Keep up the good work and I wish you the VERY BEST of luck with future companies! WE ARE YOUR NR 1 FANS! Right guys?.... ROFFLES! :) - Angelique

I downloaded this video awhile ago and enjoyed it quite a bit but I forgot to leave you a comment. There's always 2 words that come to mind when viewing your work...inspiring and innovative. It's always something (your unique editing styles or your obscure song choices) that set you apart from the rest. Great job Kristin. - hitmanyr2k

I love it. The music went with the clips very well, and it was beautifully molded together. - OperaVampirate

What can I say except... that it was fantastic, gorgeous, so well edited... just like each and every one of your vids. - SpySyd

Sweet, another one of your works!
editing/timing: you were spot on here... your timing was consistant and you hit all of the main things that needed to be hit.. i also really liked your effects in this one.. mainly the motion overlays! there were badass... and i see that you found the edge rays haha.. those are always fun to play with! what im really happy about was that you didnt go full out with "glint" in this one like your other works... imo, glint shouldnt be used in these type of vids and im happy to see that you kicked it for this one... overall, your editing was AWESOME!!
flow- perfecto
music- perfecto
enjoyment: i liked this one a lot! what can i say haha, it was simply fun to watch and you flat out did a phenomonal job! -

Very interesting video, it was able to portray a very tortured Batman/Bruce Wayne. The music was haunting. This vid was very well done. - Superman2007

Another fantastic vid from Kris. I also (like Friv) think its your best BB fanvid yet! And as it has been mentioned above, its not as effect laden as your usual work - but that definately hasn't detracted from it one bit.
Liked the song too - hadn't heard it but it definately suited Batman Begins and you really married the visuals quite well to it. Thumbs up! -

Another masterpiece.
*tear drop*
I listen and see your videos on a daily basis. -

Great use of effects and great work on the editing. Loved the storytelling of his life and character. - Cora

Ooooh, this was fantastic!!! *faints* I'm such a big fan of your videos! - ScarletVoodoo

I was torn between watching this and then waiting until I'd seen the movie. But I caved (no pun intended) and I am glad I did. Your editing was flawless as usual and this is a fantastic mood piece. Wonderfully dark. - thedothatgirl

I wish I had your videomaking talent. Good luck to you and looking forward seeing more videos from you. - voltes5

You've made another great one, Kristin. I love how the action shots are in sync with the beats in the beginning. - BatmAngelus

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I truly enjoyed this video.
Your editing was so strong I was absolutely impressed. -
Countess Mary

Haunted was, of course, great; the song fit the duality of his character. He wants to be the hero, but part of him is still the scared young man prior to the murderer's trial, where he's holding the gun. The struggle between fighting or running away from the nightmares -- it is very well portrayed in the vid. Overall, it was muchly enjoyable -- makes me want to rerent the film. ^-^ - Yuna Firerose

I really like the song you chose, and your effects and editing are wonderful! Your scene choices and editing are great, I like how you match the beats of the video, with the beats of the song. You did a great job at showing Bruce’s troubled past, and this is a great character video for Bruce! Excellent job, Kristin! :D - Kelly

A kickarse action vid with excellent timing and taut dynamics all through. The dark and nuanced development of the character is really brought out in a lucid manner. I especially liked the extended shot at 4:48, it matched the audio beautifully. - Obsessive24

kristin . i've gotta say this has got to be the best video i've seen in a long time...the work is trully spectacular. what more can i say about's beyond mere words to explain how good it is... well done - chris/langy71

That looks and sounds amazing , well spotted and thanks for posting, Numan could make great Film Tracks given the opportunity. - Bernie666

all I can say is................

What a good use of the track! It was amazing with the vid - mckenna

Hi Kristin,You have a great talent there! I thoroughly enjoyed that - Jaggy

I have to congratulate U on the Batman Begins video for Haunted. Absolutely stunning to say the least. - Stevie

It's very well edited and fits with the lyrics to the song superbly. I think you've done a stand up job with this Kristin! The lyrics to the song are kind of apt given the angst ridden Batman/Bruce Wayne character, as is the title. I especially like the editing in the middle eight where we see drug induced Batman with glowing eyes.

There are loads of cool little bits in it like when he jumps off the building and spreads his wings in the first chorus and at the end when Batman is standing on the edge of that skyscraper and the camera is panning round him. I want to make my own video now. - Rat

The intensity of your the editing skills comes through full-scale with this video. It has constant motion and really grips you when you watch it :) This was an exceptionally great character video and glimpse of Bruce becoming Batman. - Victoria

Outstanding. Nothing more. No need to overstate the obvious.Just outstanding.Ok, brilliantly edited. Now I'm done. -
Craig Mote

wow! that was absolutely fantastic! brilliant editing - great choice of music. the two complimented and complemented each other a real treat! must have taken you ages and well worth every second :) - jaggedhal0

Excellent, excellent video! You were recommended to me by a fellow vidder who saw your vid in Sooth (Amy’s) new contest site. Amazing technically, and just plain kick-ass! Loved your quick cut editing, and all the overlays and beam effects. This was your first video I’ve watched, but it definitely won’t be the last! - MelanieG

I saw the batman begins video you did last week and I was completely blown off my feet, that is one of the best, most creative and imaginative pieces of work I've seen in years. You are clearly very talented and I see you really making waves with your abilities in your chosen field. Thank you for that video, an awesome piece of work. -
Paul Goodwin (author of Electric Pioneer an Armchair Guide to Gary Numan)

Your Batman Begins video with Haunted is the greatest thing ever. I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love it. I am a huge Batman fanatic and it's just the greatest thing I've seen. Thanks a lot. - Kevin

Bruce (The Great Bale) Wayne rocks. And even more so with you editing his stuff. I demand more!!! - AdamDante

Nobody does Bale vids better than you. Can't wait to see what you do with The Dark Knight material next summer. -

Wayne can never have a rest, he'll always be haunted.
Great song and flawless match with the images.
Big fan of yours. -


Blind (Wolf)

I love the effects you used during the loud parts! Very good job pairing the mood with the music! - elishamarie

Excellent editing as usual with the 'Blind' clip - great job! - Erik

I sure was interested here, as I am every time U post a link to one of U're excellent videos. This was fantastic. A perfect example of drawing drama via nifty editing. Fits the song song to perfection also. Awesome !!! - Stevie

I really enjoyed that Kristin! Fantastic! Brilliantly put together, yet again. Love the effects you've used on the choruses there too. Wolf is a film i haven't seen for years. A good film with my favourite all time actor, Jack Nicholson, in it. The choice of Blind works really well with it. Yet another winner here Kristin. - Smiley

You are soooooo talented, love that video, I've got all three Jagged videos on my PC now. - Paul Goodwin (author of Electric Pioneer an Armchair Guide to Gary Numan)

Very nice! I like the Halftone screen Effects! I 'll have to watch the movie again. Good job! - Lisa

kristin..yet again you've stunned me to silence...this vid i *struggles to find a word*....*thinks*...awesome... gotta put this on my phone....
you really are talented....damned fine piece of work ...yet again...
keep it up..i'm sure everybody here at numanme shares my enthusiasm for your vids....numans music really seems to 'give life' to your vids...and it's an excellent choice of track....big thumbs up from me... -

Numan should be using you for an official release...Gr8 - rawhead

I just watched Blind (my niece, Amanda, did as well) and we both loved it! I have always loved Wolf and watch it whenever I can. The distorted images on the video were just amazing. Another excellent job - definitely a keeper for me! - Kris

Congratulations on another Amazing video. ;D
Truly spellbinding in it's power, and play of the raw predatory nature of the werewolf. We both liked the contrast of the seduction, and the lure of danger the two characters shared in the way you woven their dance of their relationship. The special effects go's dark and shadowy with the edgy call of Gary Numan's Blind song. Very well done pal! :D Awesome work pal.Major HUGS!!!.You always make a fresh approach with your vids, and the beautiful way you build excitement in the visual art form.Like we both say...Your gift is god given pal, have amazing talent.  -
Myrhia & Marisa

Kristin,you've done it again! Superb! Thanks for sharing and keep up the already excellent work. ~thumbs up~ - Jaggy

Hey Kristin I just wanted to say great job again on the new "Wolf" video, the imagery, color, and music come together wonderfully. Your fan. -

Blind is terrific, Kris! I loved it! - Joe Salazar

Amazing Video, I loved the overlays, the frantic Effects during all the choruses were great looking. Loved the Slow-Mo Sequence when he is hunting the animal and the transition to the scene when he's at the doctor or something. The buildup from 3:35 to the beginning of the action-scene at 4:03 was amazing. Your editing is spot on, everything's simply perfect. Loved the colouring and the Face-Overlay at the end. It has been a long time since I've seen that movie, it's always been a favourite Werewolf-Movie of mine and you did an awesome job. - Slayernator

This video was very very awesome. this is one of my all time favorite movies and you captured everything so well. the music fits perfectly! great job man! -

I just watched "Blind" for the second time, Im really moved.. in truth I watched Wolf years ago, and actually just a few weeks ago, but seeing your work made it seem like it was new to me, Im adding it to the list of dvd's I want to get .. your creativity and imagination are truly unending... - James

That's OUTSTANDING Kristin! And the music is perfect for it. That's one of the best music video's I've ever seen. Nice job! - MollyClark


Jagged (Queen of the Damned)

Kristin this video shows a dark entrance, as it reflects a deep level of a vampires life..The graphics are extraordinary, as you created a warped dark dream. The flowing of blood (that represents life & the dark gift)..and the price to pay for the blood for their chaotic life.
Kristin, the music's atmosphere shows a blackening of a vampire's conscience, & how they deal with taking in life..
It's like a place draped with madness, & sense of belonging.. That's what I see with your video. -

I just finished watching your Jagged video. It was awesome! You are very talented. -

I liked it! Another hit from the amazing Kristin! - darkravenette

That's superb, as always Kristin. In fact, i think this is my favourite of the Numan related one's you've done. The music fits the imagery so well, and the editing on this one works better than ever. Brilliant Kristin! - Steve

Hiya Kristin, Wow - My fave vid by U thus far. This is truly visusal feast and a half ! - Love this one massively ! - Stevie

Amazingly well made, it felt like a promotional music video for that movie. This is probably your best "Queen of the Damned"-Video, love the effects you applied, they look gorgeous. Those little red Flashes of the stone cross and the writings were beautiful, the blue-ish colouring stunning and the worn filmprint look very convincing. It also amazes me how you are able to make so much out of the limited source, it still feels fresh and new. Thumbs Up!!! - Slayernator

Awesome job Kristin! For some reason this video felt like a mix of "Closer" and "In a Dark Place," which are two great videos in and of themselves. ;) Really really loved the red overlays with what I assumed were masked-out backgrounds. It was definitely a nice change of pace from how you usually used overlays that took up the whole screen. You always manage to bring something new to your videos, so kudos for that. I also really loved the camerawork here, in terms of both added and source external motion. The 'bouncing in and then out' zoom like at 0:53 was probably my favorite. This vid definitely had a very dark yet sensual feel. The song probably contributed to that - I see your obsession with Mr. Numan is still creeping into vidding. Fantastic work, as always. :) - dragonchic

w0w man! i dont know how you did this but its genious! - quixoticmisery

Some of the best editing I've seen. - doublej42

great work on jagged! very dark ;) - Darke Raven

saaaaaaaaaaaweet jebus kristin............Girly.......i just finished watching ur new video.....keep on rocking.............I love that - Dracula's Daughter

That was all kinds of awesome. You're incredible talented and your vidding program rocks. - FaithMars

Kristin, your vids are always so professional looking and a pleasure to watch! - Friv

Synopsis: A well crafted video based off of Queen of the Damned. This video boasts some awesome video effects as well as having a myserious and silky smooth mood to it.
Music Selection: The music fits the fandom used. The music brings out the mysterious nature of the footage.
Editing: Beautiful use of effects in this video. There were some nicely used overlays such as crosses and ancient style text. Also used a red edge glow or overlay at certain points in the video. The effects flowed and did not seem used at the wrong time.
Final Thoughts: An excellent video from you Kristin. Some truly amazing work you have done here. From the effects to the eerie mood, you pulled it of perfectly. -

I absolutely love your new vid, Jagged. Gary Numan and QOTD are a perfect match! - Joe Salazar

Beautiful work with the Jagged video. You never cease to impress! -

I LOVED your Queen of the Damned Video! BRILLIANT editing! Extremely well done! I almost didn't recognize the footage! Wow! Based on your talent, I do see a nice career in editing in your future! And a fruitful one, at that! - Robin

I like it. Also, I like the song, it fit well with the video; I like how you put the flashing objects throughout the video, it makes it look very cool and dark. Thanks again. - soulqt

Amazing editing as usual Kristin! What a hypnotic video and the colours are gorgeous. Well done! - obsessive24

*concurs with all of the above said statements*
Its been a while since Ive watched anything from you, so I knew I had to rectify that situation. I dont feel I have to mention your editing anymore because I have simply run out of superlatives with which to describe them.
As has been mentioned, great use of colour/crosses in this video - really felt like I watching a music video on Video Hits or Rage (2 aussie music vid programs) the whole time.
Another well-cut notch on the Kristin Harris belt of vampire vids! -
Mister Anderson

I love the new one you made "Jagged", I liked the way you used the colors, and the flashes of Red. That really was beautiful, the way you tinted the video, using the Red and Blue that way, it looked like Glow edges... the song went so perfect too, I can't get it out of my head. The choice of clips was great too. Nice work! As always! - Lisa

Seriously, this is one of those videos that is so great I really can't comment on it because I feel my words wouldn't do it justice and it would take forever to list all the things I loved about it. The song choice is a perfect match for the feel of the visuals. Inspiring work as always continue to be my favorite editor. - AJ2K

Loved the vid kristin! Queen of the dammed a great film vampire film's are all about lust not just the killing's and the music fit perfectly. - freeyoursoul

Kristin.. The video & the song Jagged "WOW"... great job.I never did know Gary Numan was still recording, till I heard them in your videos. So I went out & got the "Jagged" cd.Very good cd. Thanks for the new video & introduction to Gary Numan's music. - Char

That was AWESOME!! i really loved the black and white footage with the red cross overlays thingy! that effect was what made this video for me... it perfectly expresses the atmosphere of the movie, and vampirism in general! your editing was awesome as always, and timing rocked.. i really liked your border in this video! it suited the movie very well... the song was also a great choice! what can i say... kristin+vampires = teh sex... haha great job! - Powermonkey

Damn Kristin! I think this is the best video I've ever seen and I'm not joking. It's just so mind blowing. The entire thing is beautifully edited and your use of effects is just incredible.
The song is very dark and fitting for this movie and I love the feeling it gives off. It's very different from the other songs of his i've heard and I really love it. It gives me chills.
The zooms were just amazing and so well placed and edited to the music. Everything was timed perfectly imo and every clip flowed right into the next. Also the graphic of crosses or something added a very unique and dark touch.
I enjoyed so many different parts but I especially loved the ending to this. It was so dramatic and stunning really what with the red filter and effects you used. I've honestly never seen anything like this in my life. -

I just wanted to say how much I loved your latest work of art- I just saw your latest video, and its absolutely wonderfull; your talent truly never ends, each time I see something new, I always wonder what you'll do next.. Right now, Im watching Queen of the Damned, I've been wanting to see it again for a while, glad you made that video... - James

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, the music and the clips go together perfectly. Your so clever. I bow down at your feet(do they smell?!!lol). If I had even a bit of your talent I'd be so happy. - Gary

Haunting. Hypnotic. Gorgeous. Amazing stuff. - powersgirl72

WOW! An absolutely awesome use of Numan's latest work. Fantastic! I thought this was a dead sexy song before.. but now?!!! lol! Well done. It appears to be what Numan was invented for... totally blew me away. Congrats on doing such a great job, it was extremely professional. - taniadevotee

Wow, I've seen something edited amazingly...
...Rare for alot of fan made videos. This should be the official video. -

I loved this movie, the movie was so goood, and so is this video, this song, and yes, you of course ;). You inspire me to believe in myself that I can be good at vidding someday too. I totally love all your vids. And like you, I think vampires is fascinating too. I just fancy them! :D - butterflyeffeect


M.E. (Gary Numan Tribute)

Here's a little feedback for U. Quite honestly, this is maybe the coolest tribute to Gary I've ever seen ! And I don't say that lightly either. I would personally find it completely impossible to describe just how cool this video is without using a whole boatload of swearwords. I'll spare U those of course, but OMG U've excelled U'reself this time around. As a matter of fact, I'm literally shaking here wiv excitement here - WOW !!!
I adore the fact that U used this version of the song too. A completely inspired choice, as it blends old and new Numan styles to perfection. The Footage is so well chosen, and seemlessly edited together (In fact it's about as slick as can be achieved).
Kristin, when this goes online officially, U are gonna completey blow apart the Numan online community. Everyone is gonna love this to bits as I did. absolutely outstanding tribute. -

oh my god...Kristin....I am not kidding..jeeez...that is the have EVER..seen...I am not just saying that either...oh pulse is like through the got the hottest moments..oh man...that is need to just calm down...oh my did an awesome job on that...oh my is going to LOVE THAT... - Carrie

really superb!!!!...i did not expect a different thing from're such gifted...i enjoyed it really...and will watch it again and your batman 'haunted' clip for instance...;-) - Stefan

OMG!!!! Kristin, you are my heroine!!!! I bow to you, seriously.
*tears in my eyes* Wow! What a brilliant job, Kristin. You know he's going to love it! My favorite part was of him walking down some sort of hall/tunnel and he was wearing glasses---and it would break away to a flash of progressions in his career...amazing!! Much respect for you, young lady! =) -

we watched it today. it is superb. i love how you took images from either the same or different videos and blended them. it really made the past videos seem much more sinister than they actually were. you really gave them all a new lease on life. if Gary doesn't ask you to help on future projects he'd be a fool. well done! - aaron & abby

just watched your amazing video, my knees have gone weak, like i needed reminding he`s a total sex god? great stuff. - Jo

Wow, that is so beautiful, I couldn't look away, amazing! I really like the color blending here, looks kind of like Jagged in that aspect. It's a work of art, like a moving painting. The editing was very well done, timing, and blending was great, the filters were not wasted either, you made very good use of them! He is going to love this! You most definitely have the Midas touch. Thank You, Thank You! Thank You so much for letting me see it now, it made my day! - Lisa Dixon

EXCELLENT WORK!!! *clapping* He's lucky to have such a devoted and equally talented fan like you! I confess to never having viewed Gary's older music vids before. But in your tribute vid, I did recognize clips from Rip, Crazier, and his newer vids. Not only were they seemlessly integrated, they were done so exceedingly well, particularly in beat to the music! And I still can't get over your visual editing style! I've seen vids with older footage before, but never in the way you used them! Congrats, hon! - Robin

That was so friggin awesome, i'm sure he'll love it if he gets the chance to see it! - Ashley

All I can say is...WOW... what an amazing job!!! Absolutely outstanding job - very professional - Dreammaker

You really do have skill. I loved the rhythm of the edit, the smoothness of the transitions and such. Brilliant work. - Adam

Just finished watching it...very good indeed..i love it...yet again i'm 'gobsmacked' at how talented you are... you deserve a brilliant career... you could bring so much to numan's music and profile....well done! great work kristin....i'm stunned for words to describe how good it is...(now that is a first..langy struggling for what to say..hee hee)....and yep it's on my phone already.....  - Langy

Wow, Kristin! That is simply amazing!! I am stunned. That is really very very good indeed. I think your choice of images and the song itself, are spot on. You couldn't have chosen a better song in my opinion. M.E. has always been my favourite Numan song of all time and this version is awesome! I think it works brilliantly with your edited material. This is a stunning video Kristin. Very well done! - Steve

thats really sweet kristin! your originality really showed through with this vid.. i havent seen many vids dedicated to musicians or anything yet, so great job! your effects rocked! your matte and keying skills are incredible.. everything blended very nicely, and i didnt see any rough edges.. maybe because there was a lot of black backgrounds in the original footage? ... iono, but great job there.. i liked the saturated bars and stuff that you slid across the video form tiem to time too.. they added a lot of intensity.. editing and timing was great, as always.. and the atmosphere was very fitting... great job! -

I love the fact you picked the new mix of M.E. A stunningly creative piece of work, as always. - Paul Goodwin (author of Electric Pioneer an Armchair Guide to Gary Numan)

Excellent, a masterpiece of music and video. Thanks for sharing it with us. - Warrior

Kristin, you are a true artist. I'm not just saying that, either. If I hadn't been totally blown away by this video compilation, I would have simply not replied to the thread. This is production-quality work, and I hope Gary sees it. Not only is it well done, the love transmits through it so that any fellow fan can recognize it. Well done! - Lono

WOW...that blow my pants off....excellent loved every sec of it! - Steve

Some brilliant scenes on there. Loved it!!!!! - oldcopbullshit

Top work ;) Thanks for sharing that. - Dannymoog

Kristin, you are supremely talented. *applause* - pacman

I think your Numan tribute video is awesome, but then again, that's what I've come to expect from you. I especially loved the intro. There's just something about eyes that I like. - Joey

Love cool is he x - DEBS

totally fanstical! absolutely lv it and well done! amazing, your very talented thank you :) xxxxxxxxxxx - Jo the waiter

Hey there again Kristin. I just watched the Numan tribute video and I just want to tell you that you did an amazing job with it. There were clips from videos that I didnt even know about, mainly the Warriors and Strange Charm related videos. I am going to at least watch it two more times after I send you this message. - Chris

I wrote to you once before, awhile back, when I first saw your Forever Knight and Gary Numan videos on YouTube. I complimented your talent back then, but when I saw your new tribute video I was blown away. You have really continued to improve and I am very impressed. Superior quality to any other videos so far. You really have an eye for choosing the best scenes in his videos (and his sexiest as well !!!) I believe that you will have a very lucrative professional career ahead of you. Looking forward to future works from you and wishing you the best of luck! - Sherry

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting me see this video. Gary is gonna love it & so are all the other Numanoids. You are truly amazing.It took my breath away watching it. You are blessed with a great talent. Simply stunning Kristin! I feel very honored to know you. - Gary

Me is deliciously dark. A very beautiful video. Great work! - Joe Salazar

thats a bit cool - a big bit cool! -

Absolute top marks there, that was a great bit of editing there, awesome video. Send a link to Nuworld, the man himself will love it! - Mataku

Brilliant !!!!! I´m sure, Gary himself will love it. - damon06

Well done kristin, love it. love this version of m.e, i still think it's better than the original. - wazajg

Must control myself!!! I'll echo what others have said here - you have a phenomenal talent. I feel privileged as a Numan fan that you have put so much love and effort into this. I am sure the G man will love it! - more to the point, I really hope this leads (and I am sure that it will!) to a profitable and rewarding career for you full time... I would love to see you produce the next Numan video! - fingers crossed! - DarkStar

Wow..knockout!! Turns even Numan's most average vids into a real viewing-fest!! Very well done!! - gneuman

Excellent! Now this is how you make a cool numan video! - deanodee

AMAZING. im not 2 familiar with garys music,but my favorite song by him is CARS. GREAT VIDEO. :) - pooppadoo

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did on the Gary tribute video! Wow! Your eye for art and video is incredible! Keep up the good work. - John

Kristin, the Numan Tribute video, OUTSTANDING! Absolutely love it. Mucho Respecto xxxx - Pancreasweed

Me, my mum and my brother crowded round the puta watching it but firstly waiting excitedly for it to download. haha it was fantastic must have taken you ages absolutly fab !! keep making more !! - Kirsty

I must say thank you for sharing your video with us . That is a fantastic piece of work and i truly enjoyed watching it . A brilliant choice of song to as there is only one gary numan. What else can i say other than its got to be the best tribute video to numan that i have seen and you should be very proud of yourself for making it . Thank you - Richie

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really awesome. A lot of the video clips I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing. :) - Karen

there has never been a video made that encapsulates the numan 'cool factor' better than your production. you have given us a gift. this comes from a 'closet' numan fan who would observe but never respond ... until now. - mr. c

It was brilliant.You're my favourite person of the day. Nice one you - Jeff

Absolutely amazing! It's going straight to my page as well! Thank you sooooooo much for taking the time to create this. You rock, girl! :-) - Miss Marlene

AWESOME,AMAZING,FANTASTIC, Wow I was blowin' away by the video,you've taken M.E. back 25 years..Awesome job...Am gonna put this on my page...Keep up your fantasic I said before you truly have an amazing talent... - Gary

Wow That kicks...Thank you for sharing. - jeffnuma

Kristin that VID was ACE OMUNDO more please ASAP thanks - steveo

Hi! The new video is quite excellent! You need to be put on the payroll.
I also like that version of "M.E." Great stuff! -

Really enjoyed watching the superb video! XX - Suzy

Your tribute video is nothing short of fantastic .......must`ve taken an age to research all those clips. - Robert

this is amazing! thank you so much for taking the time to put it together! - Jo Public

Jesus, this was good. This is a fantastic video for one of music's greatest talents. Thank you! -

Really cool video Kristin! I could see this being a real music video! You did a great job with the coloring - loved the contrast between the glowing clips and the more desaturated ones. Reallly helped set a mood that compliments the song. There were some really awesome transitions in here too. The way you used the light to move from the eye to the shot of him walking around 1:21 is one of my favorite moments. I also liked that you included clips from different parts of his career. This is a really great tribute Kristin. I'm sure Gary will love it! - dragonchic

WOW a great video work its a joy to watch a fine work kristin - paul

Absolutely stunning piece of work!...... no more needs to be said. - Alan

OH MY GOD!!! This is truly amazing, plus it's accompanied by my favourite track from Hybrid!!! - Useful Idiot

Hi Kristin, I like your tribute video! It really brings out Gary's eyes- He sure knows how to use them.I think my heart skipped a few beats! - NUMANiac

that new m.e. video is shows how true Numan lives up to his name-numan...somehow it seems to display more changes than even madonna had...some images are stunningly different, compared to others in those loooong years... - Zarkon

Brilliant editing. You ought to be very proud of your work! Love Numan. - Monica

Just want to add...bloody!...Fantastic! - monkeyboy

its excellent kristin you should be on his pay roll amazing. - spikeuk1

love the video - thanks for that! you've even made some of the dodgy stuff look good!! - Steve Malins

what can i say excellent kristin ur a genius xxx - dave

Absolutely brilliant, just watch it 5 times fantastic Kristin. Well done! - Lewis

Kristin - you are very, very talented. Great piece of work - good enough for tv broadcast - Numan should stick it up on his website. Not only technically good but it shows a lot of imagination and creativity in choosing the scenes. Congratulations! - flipmartian

absolutely brilliant!! kept me smilin so much the whole way through!!! - amanda

I have been a Numan fan for a long time (since 1979) and that was the single coolest video montage I've ever seen. Simply amazing work. It made me want to gather together everyone who's ever dogged me for being a Numan fan and say, "Look! This is why!" Great job! - Sean Caszatt

I have watched the Numan Tribute video you did a dozen times already and I have to say it's a work of genius.The editing is truely amazing and as others have said a great choice of track.I'm sure Gary and all at NuWorld will love it. - PureMessiah

Really impressive....never seen anything like it. With work like that you have a very bright future in store. Thanks for sharing. - Monday Trooper

I thought this was great I've wanted to do a singer tribute for a few months now and i just wasnt sure if it was something easily done. (I had seen actor tributes that are excellent but none for singers) Yours is really amazing though! The editing is flawless. Great job! - Katie

Awesome work as usual, keep it up, you are such a talented and amazing person :) - James DonaHue

Great job! You sure are a great fan of Mr Numan. Awesome editing job as well as video clips collecting. - Max Doppler

Wow ... O.o Goosebumps! Fantastic tribute to a fantastic musician! You gotta teach me how to make these videos, you have an unique talent. Five stars & favourited! - Johanna

This video kicks ass! It's great to see all the eras meshed together, and done so effectively! Great choice in music too. Brings the old and new together. I would also like to add that this video is extremely delicious ^_^ - FlyinyourSoup

Your video is absolutely awesome, only a true fan could produce something as in sync and wonderful as that, thank you so much for sharing it. - Becky

Brilliant work Kristin. The prospect of a similar treatment for some of the live material is something to really look forward to. I really hope you get around to completing it! Well done. - priest

This vid is amazing :D You always make the best vids,Kristin <3
Gary Numan rocks :D -

I have seen your latest - amazing as always! Absolutely wonderful! You spoil us all. - Troy

Thankyou for putting this're a star and a true fan! - Syd

Your video I watched this afternoon and its awsome. You have a talent which is second to none. I admire you and love the work you do too. - Ed Fielding

Im not one for overkill, but that is the best Numan video I have ever seen. - Anthony

THAT WAS FUCKIN' SUPERB!!! Uncle Gazza himself would have to be chuffed to fuck with that as a promotional tool, absolutely brilliant! Certainly a cool little birthday prezzy for him, extremely cleverly compiled. - Metal Micky

Oh My God!..That was way wicked pal. The ME vid is very artistic in a dark gothic rock style, that moves while it's silent in it's expression. It's very expressive through his different cool styles. It's piercing in the way he draws you in. You made that happen pal. I'm very impressed. - Myrhia

I believe I speak for Numanoids everywhere when I say: awesome tribute video you created to honor the great one on his 49th; way to go Kristin!!! Thank you very much. - Anthony B.

it may be my meloncholoy condition but this came over almost as an epitaph,a review, a compressed 4 minites of a man's life and career.Life flashing before your eyes but without any self congratulation.It did almost make me weep. I don't know if that was the mood intended... Numan's work per se... the track...or only M.E. But decidedly beautiful either way. Thank you. -

 I love the video, your abilities complement his amazing music and style very well. - alveryx

wow Kristin, that video is fantastic. For me it completely sums up everything i love and have loved for years about Gary Numan. Its just Gary Numan, the eyes, the stare, the music. I was completely mesmerized by it. You have successfully encapsulated 28 yrs into one song !!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE. I love it and shall keep it forever. - gailnumanoid

Lovely stuff.....a fitting tribute to a legend. - Graham

Absolutely AWESUM piece of work! All credit 2 ya, and please give us more. Amazing job for somebody not even around when Numan was first famous (unlike some of us..... ) - skeby

Perfection! Kristin, thank you very much for such a creative montage of Gary Numan imagery. You have a real gift and talent. My best to you. - ThisIsLove42

Get ready to be blown away. The video masterfully blends old and new and makes for an eye-popping retrospective of Gary's image and videos in the past 28 years. Watch it with all haste. It will be the most fun thing you'll do all day. - Jim "The Machman" Napier

I think it was blooming great! Wouldn't mind some of the full videos used in the montage. Things like this remind why i love Gary Numan and why he will ALWAYS be part of my life. Well done for doing the video so well, keep them coming in my humble opinion. - cleopatra

This video is more than a superb rate, it is more than 1000% wonderful. That video freaked me out. It is the best fan made video that I have seen. It is a respectable and very important video. Keep up the wonderful job. You are the best. - glamourzero

Just saw the video, top marks. Sent shivers up and down my spine just seeing all those old images. Some better than others. - mo shadow

Kristin i totally agree with all the comments before.Brilliant piece of work!!! Really enjoyable to watch.Hope you manage some more. Cheers - Steve

I must agree with all the other comments..Stunning peice of art. You are truly gifted! Thank you for taking the time and putting all of your love and hard work into making this video. I am an old fan! - QueenofMacabre' 666

Superb job! Excellent job, kudos to you Kristin! Definately a favorite! - Dunjindude

Blinding job there Kristin. That is totally excellent! - beelzebozo616

A Stunning tribute video to Gary Numan, One of my favorite songs linked to images which stir up memories which stretch right back to seeing Gary on Top Of The Pops when I was in my teens. Thank you. - Brian

Its awesome. Love what you did there. Best thing is that you've made a lot of the mid to late eighties videos that were slightly weaker due to lack of budget look absolutely fantastic and thats takes a real skill. Will definately check out the rest of your vids. - Ian

just had a flick through your G N tribute WOW!! brought back many memories seeing him through the ages... amazing!! - Kurt

I just came across the M.E. Tribute video you did...loved it! It is interesting to see how he has evolved over the years, he's so amazing...he's my Elvis! - Kim

Holy crap! this is THE greatest video ever! Great job! - NumberRed79

Wow - that was fantastic - some great memories came flooding back! - robmoz

Hello Kristin, your tribute video to Gary is Great! Really top rate, very professional. Gary truly does create amazing music doesn't he, timeless compositions. - South Croyden

Just wanted to compliment you on an outstanding tribute video of Gary. Well done! :) Gary and Gemma are dear friends of mine, along with other members of the gang/family so I TRULY appreciated your work. Cheers! - Bryan

Wow Kristin !!! You have done a fabulous job. You captured Gary at some of his best moments <3<3<3 Kick. Ass. - <3 Navi

I just watched the M.E. video you made and I feel very emotional..I love you very much! - Lee

OMG all the way back to Tubeway Army it takes me *wipes tear* After seeing your tribute, I decided that if not for the fact that I am married to a wonderful woman, coupled with the fact that I am old enough to be your father (I can actually remember Tubeway army), I would propose to you here and now, lol. Thank you for making my day, ;) - Darren

Something like this would look good on a screen behind him when he plays live.
Always loved his look in the I Die You Die vid.. -

An excellent and professional job you are obviously very talented and an great taste in music. - Michael

Everything about this is beautiful. Thank you. - Joel

Excellent, brilliant, perfect. I love what you did. This is one of my favorite songs ever! - Crickett

Wowzers! this video is something else.. Probably a better tribute video than Beggars Banquet could ever produce, loved the strange charm period shots taken from {New Thing From London Town} that brings back lots of fond memories... - Lee


Crazier (Christian Bale Multi-Movies)

Crazier is so Amazing in it's flashes of falling darkness. It bleeds into a darker world of madness and searching. Catches you in a slip of scenes, that you don't know where it's going to take you. Your on the edge of the seat. I loved how you mixed it so well Kristin, with Christian Bale movies and Gary Numan singing. Bravo! Your an artistic genius. - Myrhia

i loved that! The fluidity of it is great, it looks like one big movie and i like how you incorporated the green hue from garys video into the bale films and interchanged it with black and white. The overlays were flawless too! -

Holy crap.
I am in awe right now. That was beyond amazing!
The blending was made each of the movies and the music video all flow as one. The green color was FANTASTIC. I especially loved the part that began around 2.27 with 'Who Are You?', the black and white and the psychotic/crazy Bale character scenes. The use of the cat and other objects I'm going to have to watch it many more times before I can give you more coherent feedback. But basically, this is your best video to date (in my opinion :) ). It was brilliant! -

WOW Superbly done, Kristin! The editing was amazing and I love that everything (CB character study, music, etc.) flowed so well together. Thanks so much for sharing! :) - balence

Wow! I got goose-bumps watching it Kristin. I love it. Your choice of music is perfect for this. It's very moody and dark, a perfect match for capturing the dark side of his many disturbed characters and your editing is just perfect and flawless as always. Thank you so much. - manic

*iZ DED*
Good lord woman! You've out done yourself! Brilliant, simply briliant. -

Awesome Work Kristin....Great choice going with Crazier by Gary Numan! - The Techno Bat

Intense and never lets up. Powerful imagery and sound that'll stay with me and keep me coming back to watch it over and over again. - cynatnite

Awesome, Kristin.... very, very cool! - Trip

Simply Amazing Kristin! Excellent work. I love that you used Gary Numan's Crazier for your song selection, and I love the green tone! - James Donahue

congratulations to your 'crazier' video...i watch it already more than often..;-) big big stuff as your professional way... - Stefan

Wow! you make the best vids, I love the way you matched the footage of the band with the film clips. *Brilliant* - ewris

Oh God, your videos are really great, I love Christian so much, thanks for sharing ! - universeandu

Loving this vid Kristin, great to see HT, The Prestige, The Machinist etc. The way that you used the notes from The M was particularly inspired!!! - ammex

Once've knocked me out!
I have been so-so to the point of non-interest in Numan's latest "Dark Music" period, but these vids have made me listen to it all over again.
"Well done" seems completely inadaquate for these fantastic visual feasts...but I'll say it anyway...W E L L D O N E!!!!!! -

Another fantastic clip there. Absolutely adored this. The video footage was beautifully chosen and edited as always. Fitted the song to perfection. - Stevie

Um actually Aimee said pretty much EVERYTHING I was going to say. Especially about how the movies and music video flowed as one. It really really did. I was amazed by it. And the green really worked.
I just didn't realize how many movies he's been in considering I've only seen one of those lol. But yeah. Wonderful vid Kristin. I'm going to have to view more of yours now. -

This is absolutely brilliant. Vidding perfection. - vaeltaa

Crazier - wow wow wow wow wow, Superb as always. - Dark Blue

Wow, stunning! Great work. It looks very professional. - Jannicke

Just got to watch it right now - I thought it was really good. I liked the mix of the different CB movies - they blended well together. I also liked the dark feeling of the video - you really could get the feeling that there was some kinda mental angish going on.....nice work!!! - ginxy

Wow that was amazing Kristin! Brilliant editing of the film clips and the music and Crazier video clips fit perfectly. Nice one! Very well done again on the video there Kris. You really are extremely talented. - Smiley

You are an editing goddess---checked out your Crazier music video today and was blown away by the advanced and amazing work you did on that video! You need to be working for a major movie studio like yesterday--lol
If it was up to me I would be awarding you with an editing OSCAR--superb and brilliant work!!! -

That was so great!!! I never realized how many CRAZY characters Christian Bale has played recently! Your editing was awesome, everything flowed together so nicely. I liked the coloring of the video, and the music video clips you included as well... - ck2110

Great video!! I really love the MTV video feel - it reminds me of the time when music vids were artistic, interesting, and I couldn't get enough of them. Also, loved the visuals and the mix of characters. - felicitychan

well done, the film worked well with the numan video. - wazajg

Another piece of artistic brilliance. - Warrior

i'm speachless so i'm glad of everyone else's comments it worked really well song and video great stuff. - freeyoursoul

That was simply AWESOME, well done Kristin you are incredibly gifted, if i was Gary Numan i would seriously be thinking of getting you on board to assist him in the future. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for sharing it with us. - Bernie666

Just love it!! love the effects and the song! your so fuckin talented that kills - dayra

I've watched your new video and my reaction is the are the best vidder of the web!Seriously!It's always a great pleasure watching your new creations! - Silvia

Superb Kristin! Loved it! I always did prefer the dark and brooding themes. :) - Mirabilis

excellent video! Congratulations on a job well done!!! - kallista

Remarkable job, Kristin!!! The best so far I think. Music videoa are just your destiny... - BAiLEys

kristin the video is amazing !!!!!! Well done and thanx a million for sharing it with us lot. - christinagr1

F*cking awesome! >=)
I love how you mixed the band's video and the movie clips, this video should be the official version!
Another fantastic vid *applause* :D -

Yep Aimee pretty much summed it up for me too. Excellent, excellent stuff!
Putting all the Bale characters together with the band, mashing it all up produced one smooth mutha of a video. The green colouring & the way you cut it togther was sublime.
I havent really cared much for the Numan tracks you've used for the last couple of vids - but this one is killer & suits your idea perfectly. Shots were well chosen...the flow was never interrupted & kept me engaged the whole way through.
One of those rare vids that just feels right.
Great work...and as Aimz has already said, easily your best work! -

Holy bloody freaking hell that was hot and awesome all at once
Now that has been said I have to say that this video was perfect. The editing was absolutely perfect and wonderful. And I'm loving how you mixed in the scenes with the original video with all of Christian Bale's movies. It actually looks like a real music video and professionally done to. Also Im loving the song (Even though I dont listen to Gary Numan), but the song is growing on me. I think its beat thats working its magic on me. What this video is making realize though is that Christian Bale is totally crazy in mostly of his movies and its making me want to watch them. Although I might stay away from American Psyco and The Machinist.
Overall though this video is like bloody freaking perfect. The editing is awesome and the music is working it. Just awesome and beautiful job Kristin *applause* -

Your editing is fantastic Kristin. Really, just incredible! Aimee sat me down and said "You NEED to watch this" and I loved it Your effects were gorgeous and just so seamless. Everything flowed together perfectly. This was really great flawless video. - Katie

Wow Kristin!!!!!!!!! That was mindblowingly awesome!!!!!!
You have done an amazing job, I absolutely love this dark video and love the fact that you spliced bits of Gary into it as well. Wonderful job! -

Kristin, you are so talented and amazing! :-) I love all your videos. Your style is unique and one of a kind :-) And you keep on getting better and better with each new one :-) Keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing! :-) - FilmFigment

Just watched this one! This is a real show piece. Your work was excellent from the start. But this vid is mind-blowing in quality of its composition. You've added quite a bit to your bag of magic tricks. :) - mwyck7

hi kristin, just finished watching your new crazier video.
absolutely fantastic, such talent. mr numan should involve you in his next video i think. your work is superb and i look forward to your next piece. big fan -

just wanted to let you know that I loved your video of christian bales psychotic roles! I am a true fan of his and thought your video was stunning! im sure he would enjoy it as well! hope to see more in the future! - Nicole

What can I say?! You're getting better and better. Amazing job Kris, and thank you for posting them for us. The music, the overall atmosphere, the clips, it all fits wonderfully. I love your work and I hope to see more, I'm never disappointed. - S.

Very cool concept! I have yet to see anyone who can edit videos as well as you. - SHARKATTACK

Gorgeous stuff. Love your work. Love how you made the clips and the vid seem like they were meant to be together. Keep up the awesome work. - powersgirl72

very nice job, good movement and scenery matching, class... - carlos

Well done Kristin, amazing work as usual! I loved the interplay with the band footage, it looked fantastic. You really have such a talent. Thanks so much for sharing your work! - sami_y2j

Crazier is a blast and is very fun to watch. You blended CB's psychotic roles together beautifully. - Joe Salazar

Fantastic work, but of course, I expect no less. Really liked your use of the polygraph over the scratchy vocals in the beginning. And you included The Prestige! I was wondering when I'd get to see that featured in a vid by you.
What stood out to me most was how seamlessly you integrated the original music video footage through masks and overlays. And of course working with multiple sources is no easy task, but everything flowed together wonderfully. And the cat motif was neat. Wonderful job! -

*shocked smilie* <-- This is how I feel right now! Unbelievable! Amazing work, Kristin! This is truly a well done video, from the effects to the editing to the mood displays and portrayed. Outstanding! - Kevin

I just saw your Crazier video. OH_MY_FUCKING_GOD!!!!!!! It totally blew me away!!! I recognized the clips from The Prestige, Batman Begins, American Psycho, and Equilibrium! Too bad I have yet to see The Machinist and Hard Times. ;( And the way you blended the footage with the Gary Numan Crazier vid was once-in-a-lifetime-BRILLIANT!!!! *clapping* - Robin

Wow. I mean, holy god wow. :) I'm too in awe to be able to do anything but gush. :)) Christian is by far my favourite actor (I've seen 18 of his films, and counting), and thank you, thank you, for making such beautifully edited videos of him. - Anita

Kristin, as usual this is excellent! I love the coloring- it really drew all the movies together and made it all flow really nicely. One of my favorite thing about your videos is your great use of overlays. Great job!! - Elisha Marie

And they haven't hired you yet why?
I finally watched it and I think it's a perfect blend :) -

I think it's quite possible that you are some kind of genius. Your brilliance almost scares me, especially when used to make such a creepy awesome vid. All the overlays and masks and just the sheer amazingness of the way you position things on screen. I have no idea how you do it, but keep doing it! Just wow, you blow my mind every time! - whereistheluv

Wow! That is an absolutely amazing piece of work. Christian Bale was an excellent choice of subject for your montage video, and the overlays were masterfully done. Kudos! - MoonWolf

Wow!!! Thats really proffesional! Its awesome. all I can say its just...just awesome...*Rambles on forever* - kitkatcat6

Oh, wow, all your vids are just great and I adore them all. I love this one for the craziness—what a great theme, and Bale is so compelling in all these roles. This captures some of that intensity. - kylielee

All i can say is WOOOOW!You did an amazing job with this video and picking Christian Bale was an excellent choice. His roles are always edgy and daring yet he is such a talented actor that he manages to rock in them.Well done! - Veni

This video is pure perfection! Perfect song, perfect choice of clips. It's just plain perfect! - lifestyle86

wow!!!i hope this is what u do for a living!! if not,,, you missed your calling!! that was awesome! - pwabies

What a FUCKING OUTSTANDING video, cant say more!!!!!!!!! - mntmind

Utterly incredible. 1# best made celeb vid I've seen. - DeAnte85

Overall impression: I have on several occasions seen people merge the songs original video with clips from a show/movie, and rarely with good results. This video proves me wrong. Strong, powerful and well mixed, if I didn’t know any better I would think this was the video for the song on MTV.
Titles: the titles for this video are broken up into 2 pieces and look every bit the part of the video; they match in color and in feel. The title of the video is at the beginning and is black and white to match it, the rest of the information (song, vidder, clips used etc) are at the end and continue with the theme of the vid.
Music choice: I will fully admit I had no idea who the artist was and I have previously never heard anything of his. When the music started I was a tad bit afraid of it but it fits the mood of the video really well. There are moments when the lyrics are hard to understand so I had to go look them up to see how well they follow the mood and clips used. Still, even with that I don’t think I better sound could be used to cover the “travels” of Christian Bale’s characters. (I will also say that finding out this was the same guy who did the 80s here in my car song was a little scary) the song is a WEE bit reminisent of early NiN..
Narration, Tone and Movement: this video moves with the music like a zombie from 28 days later, Fast and Scary but in a good way. The song itself moves from a slower/faster pace and the vidder has followed with that theme. You feel like you are going down the spiral with Christian in his characters.
Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Coloring: this video is so well compositioned (don’t think that’s an actual word is it?) I cannot tell what original effects from the Numan video are and which are added by the vidder. There are tons of merges, cuts, blurs, overlays, coloring effect etc used in the video and all of them are good. I have watched the video 5 times today trying to suss out which are which with no luck. Even though the vid is effect heavy it is done with precision, nothing is used just to be “used” it all has thought and purpose.
Specific vid & music notes:
Okay I have tried now to find specific moments to comment on here, and I ever grabbed the hubby to get him to tell me possible moments that stood out amongst the others and we just cant find anything. The video as a whole is well timed, well thought out, and well put together. If I HAD to pick any particular moments I would say that near the end where there is an instrumental interlude, the vidder kept moving with the music without lagging or falling behind were some videos do during non-lyrical moments in a song. The video just pulses through that moment like it does the whole video from start to finish. I hope you can forgive me for not being more specific Kristin.. but just. wow :)
Final notes: I would only note here, Gah. Because yes. Gah, this is a wonderful video for any Christian Bale fan. After watching this I think Im going to go over and check out some of Kristin’s other videos! -

i've been waiting forever for someone to do something like this. completely professional looking, dimensions are perfect (all widescreen), great editing (the images and tone of the scenes change with the song), everything. really nice job. These are my 6 favorite Christian Bale movies, you nailed it right on haha. Excellent job. - Prosthetics1209

Oh-my-God. This is intensely AMAZING. You have a could totally do music videos for MTV, you certainly have a knack for it. That was great!! - kkarls1

fuck me, this is probably the best video i have ever seen on youtube in terms of prodiction values! Absolutely fantastic! - ninjadude666

Very sexy and dark. Christian Bale is an excellent choice for the psychotic and the music suited this VERY well. I've been waiting for someone to do a video featuring Christian at his sexiest and baddest! - catt36

This is great bit of editing, I really thought it was the original! Great work! Gary Numan is back ! - Ana4star

Pure talent, Kristin. Incredible vid. - TrentIsMine

I usually hate videoes like this, made by fans. But this was absolutely amazing. Really well done. Great job. - KalElTheGreat

wow. this is a ridiculously good video. - crazedgeek101

This video is pure perfection! Perfect song, perfect choice of clips. It's just plain perfect! - lifestyle86

Utterly incredible. 1# best made celeb vid I've seen. - DeAnte5

I think you did such a great job with this video...I just have to tell you. I've watched it quite a few times. The first time i saw it, I was like, 'oh, can't just concentrate on all the most horrific moments of Bale movies...there's just so much more to him than that!'...but, then, I just let go, and went with it...I love this video, now! Great work... just wanted to say I really love this video! Great work! ...another thing I wanted to say about Gary's just really great to see someone actually get better with age...really nice... - edenblackandcompany

This is incredible, you show such great proficiency. I was especially taken with how you took films with such diverse design concepts as Equilibrium and The Machinist and managed to make then all fit together so slickly. Well done! - mediocredave

This has to be a contender for THE most unbelievably well edited video on Youtube! I'm a MASSIVE Gary Numan fan AND Christian Bale fan, so for me this was the video equivalent of an orgasm!!! - gungadin29

This is one of the best, if not the best, video I've seen on Youtube. Your editing skills are superb, and I can tell that you genuinely admire the artist and Bale's work. - Louvonbeetoven


Haunted (Gary Numan - Fragment 2004)

I can't breathe and I need a cold shower now. Nice goin j/k, Kristin, wow. You really did a good job getting some of the really sexy parts together...I know what you were thinking when you made this hehe mmmm hmmmm. ;) -

An intriguing idea, and it works really well! That Fragment show is my favorite of the recent dvd releases, also the first Numan dvd I ever bought. So yes, I'm rather enjoying watching this video over and over ^_^ Looking forward to more 'best of's! - FlyinyourSoup

Nice 'Haunted' tribute, too. One of my favourites - but then again, Gaz has a pretty awesome catalogue of material. Hard to settle on just one. Keep up the good work, m'dear. - Trip

It's on the "down" right now, but I pretty much know what I'm going to see. .......... And I was right. This is stunning work again. - C-the-Boy

Excellent stuff Miss K , checked out your myspace page as well, cool stuf all round. - tik tok man

WOW....amazing edit! Numan should feel very lucky and can be proud if he watch it...BRILLIANT KRISTIN!!!! - Ingo

Loved it Kristin! Very cool! - The Caz

That really is very Good Kristin... Camp Numan should really hear about all your work , i am sure they would snap you up with talent like that..!!! -

i downloaded the high quality one, just brilliant. - bedpanbop

Very cool indeed ! Looking forward to seeing more highlight reels. - Stevie

Yes another brilliant video there Kris! Nice one! I can't wait to see the others you come up with :) - Smiley

I think that is the best video I have ever seen in my entire Life!! Love Love Love it!!!! You Rock girl!! - Lauren

Just an awesome piece... I think Gary would be proud!! I love it!! Very sexy indeed!! Yummie!! - Ms. Justice Teasen'

Just watching video, this is by far Gary's sexiest vid! - Jofazer

This is fantastic! I'm very envious of your technical skills!! Great video. Thanx for sharing! - Kim

Jeez miss Kristin you probably couldn't make a bad MV if you wanted to. - 6castor6

Very nice work!! Absolutely love it!!! - dpechem0de

That was an awesome video. I like how you left it pretty simplistic and focused more on his stage presence and the stage lighting to create its own atmosphere. - Ashley

just watched your music video about 10 times, totally absorbing, kept imagining i was there. Makes me look forward to the new gig. :) - Chris

just watched it....awesome and one of the best tracks on the album. - Telekon

I loved your Fragment remix excellent work. I loved the edit pace and effects! Well done and I’m sure we are going to get to work together again very soon. - Paul Green (Dash Productions)

I love your use of masks here and the way you used the source lighting with your effects. You really could do this for a living. It also made me go watch your Batman Begins vid again.
Neat idea - doing concert vids. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. -

i'm speechless...absolutely stunning...another vid
you can watch again and again...and the more you watch it the more you realize whow fine this piece of work is... -

That video you did of haunted was awesome, you captured him in all his GLORY LOL... You need to edit all of his videos from now on.... - Mardell

I just got round to watching your video, and............. wow!!!!!!! You have done a mindblowing editing job here!! Well done!! - Kuiama

Breathtakingly beautiful work, once again! - Johanna

Wow now that's a real music video! Incredible job! - h0neyb

Good job on this one too, I usually get bored watching live concert type footage, but you really spiced it up, lovely! great use of loops here and there, not overdone. - Lisa

Keep these videos coming. Really enjoyable and you show a talent for this. - Martyn

this is excellent Kristin.... your work just keeps getting better and better.... how you gonna top this one....i wonder? keep it up. - langy

Beautiful work (cliche but true nonetheless lol) as always Kristin. I've always loved your use of overlays and video mattes. - hitmanyr2k

That was great Kristin.Reminded me of a proper film trailer with the fast edits and sleek production. - oldcopbullshit

Only just had a chance to catch up with this one. Nice work again Kristin. You should give Dash Productions a call. You might just get a crack at a full gig. There's a few sitting there waiting to come out !! - priest

Awesome work Kristin, simply awesome. Very well done. - flipmartian

I really, really enjoyed your Fragment video!! What surprised me most was that for someone who has never had the indescribable experience of a live Numan concert, you have managed to capture the spirit of being there in person. - Jim 'The Machman' Napier

Awesome work!!!Something like this would probably take me a few years to complete,very nice editing. - kurtkords

One of my favorite songs <3 The video is just as amazing!! - Hailey

It's nice to see Gary still doing it! Sounds more powerful now with age, and he's yet to come into his prime. - Ba7raini 180SX

Love Love Love it!! he is sooooooooooo ooooooooo sexy!! mmm what i would do with that!! - RoCkIn' ThIs LiFe


Are Friends Electric Apple Commercial

OK, so maybe you have a little talent... :) THAT IS GREAT! ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I'm just going to sit here and play it 5 or 20 times. The more I play it the more I like it! - Rick Bell

That was amazing!!!
The feeling of broken and lost hope, to the light of life and possibilities. The song is suave, and electrifying in a haunting lure..Pulling the viewers in it's sway. It guides them through her transformation from Darkness to Light, by using a better choice in computer technologies. The song, lighting, special effects and blending makes me shiver in a good way. congratulations on another masterpiece Kristin. -

OMG...........just watched it on Divx..........AMAZING. How brilliant is that vid. It's unbelievably good. Thank you for sharing it with me. A perfect combination of music/video & incredible talent all round. Good Luck. Your work gets better & better. I'm gonna watch it again now!!! - Gary P.

Wow, I am floored. That Mac commerical was absolutely killer!!! How could that one lose? You have a true ability and talent to create videos that you just want to look at again and again (hey, a perfect quality for commercials!). The commercial begins dark and sullen. The paint is peeling off of the walls. She goes to the friend in the hallway, the MacBook. Because friends are electric. You simply have to see this video. - Jim 'The Machman' Napier

Your new Mac ad is very impressive. Great job as always. - Joe Salazar

Nice work. I've been using a similar lightning motif, completely indie of this, which I was getting ready to release for my Spective Pro launch. In any case, very attractive work. Good luck! - Spective10

I really enjoy watching this video. The song fit perfectly and it is a really great song. Really great job with the directing and the effects. Apple computers are really cool as well. I still think you did an AMAZING job! Its short, but it has catchy music and it is bound to get your attention. I love watching it! - Jackie

It does look and sound very professional sorry if that sounds patronising, but Mr N is very lucky to have you in the camp. looking forward to hearing the outcome. - C-the-Boy

Loved the ad - well done and good luck! - Puskablue

This is brilliant :) I loved it :P Keep up the great work too by the way :) - Dead Letter

Love it. A world away from the usual dreary c**p that calls itself advertising; this would grab my attention and make me wanna buy a Mac! Inspired choice of song too. :o) - taniadevotee

This video is edgy and smart, may take a bit for the average viewer to get the idea but I think it would keep their attention long enough for them to do so. The images are crisp and attention grabbing, but may be overly stimulating to the average viewer the first couple of times they view it, but I think it is smart enough for them to keep coming back. I will show it to some people who are not mac fans and some who are and give you their reviews if I am unable to get them to review it themselves. - Darren

This is so perfect, I love it! I hope Apple likes it too, this would be the best thing ever. I love you so much for making this, what a perfect combination! - alveryx

I'm going to have to go with some of the previous comments that talk about a sort of gentrification in the visuals. As a concept, it works fine with the song - but the image culturally could use a little tightening. Either that, or you could go straight for the freaky-meter by upping the apparent randomness of the images too. That would entertain me. All told, it's a really cool sketch of a Numanized ad, and I'd be quite pleased just to see one of these aired in the states. - Runicen

i hate commercials, but this one is very cool. - Freemasonry

WOW..Blown away.Powerful stuff. Love It!! - garygodsqwad

Hybrid AFE and Apple A perfect match. Although I take issue with some of the implications here (Winblows was a bit much, lol) I love this video. I own both Mac and Windows PC. 5 stars Kristin and Rick. - Front24237

this is HOT!!!! the colors... the sound... makes me want and apple now. - cyndromeda

I love this! Really great advert! And I love Gary Numan!! - Ruzdur

love the ad! very well put together, apple would be mad not to use it. - zips1980

Like the video, looks very modern and I think it gets the message across. The music, of course, rocks and I think give the whole ad that technological touch. well done!! - jaggedhaloX

awesome ad. they should do a test run on tv to see if how it works. What I like about it is that it is a different type of ad for apple. - omegasnake2007

very nice! i loved it ^_^ Mac should use this as a television ad. - ldizzle12

I LOVE IT, VERY UPBEAT! Better than the same old junk you normally get fed by Apple. - Ieuanlewis44

i think this is brilliant it totally shows how technological apple is plus its a great song : ) - poppy666rose

brilliant advert, loved it, the song editing completely caught me off guard lol. not sure how a non numanoid would take the ad tho, it may appear a little too random .. actually, its the randomness that I think people would like, it's fun, I think it could even stand to be a little more cartoon like lol, anyways yeah loved it brilliant. - jothewaiter96

Apple+GaryNuman = perfection. I am a die-hard, daily user of both. Love love love it. - CarolynSioux

I'm a PC user but if apple keep coming up with cool choons like that in their ad campaigns - then I'm in serious danger of being brainwashed!!! Help!!!! - MetalTiger777

Hate to admit it, only `cause I loath most advertising, but it fits nicely, would give Apple a woefully needed infusion of Numanoid class. Also, like you say, it would be great for Gary Numan: Yes, I hope it happens. - Anthony

excellent work there, goes really well with AFE which is a good slogan too. this will do gary alot of good too, i`m sure it`ll be a success!! - jofazer

Wow this looks awesome! Good luck with it!! - the Caz

Yet another example of your timeless creativity and unparalleled talent; Kristin- I truly am rather envious of how you're able to do such things - with pixels and images and sounds , seemingly as if you just toss them into a pile and they arrange to form these masterpieces that you make. - James

WOW great work apple will be proud to use it.. - Paul Easter

i love the advert it is great and i hope apple do use it. - killer pineapples

Interesting, and definitely above the quality of a lot of the commercials I've seen. Your talent is really developing well. And the "Windblows" screen is cute, too. I hope Apple likes the video, and your participation in the commercial really gets your name out there (if it wasn't already with the FK DVD set). It definitely sounds like things are coming together for you from where I sit. - knightmuzic

I thought the song flowed quite well with Apple and what they are trying to sell.
I liked the song and the overall cold and warm feelings of the vid. The only thing that was a little hard to follow was that the errors in the beginning were PC directed - I know that Mac error messages look quite different than the PC but it didn't flow for me. But everything after that part I thought flowed really well and I liked when the girl opened the door and the Mac was glowing and then everything else in the video turns to gold glowing too - lighting up your life with the Mac lol nice
Nice work Kristin. Let us know what comes from the Apple people You've certainly been busy lately lining up possible jobs for yourself - I know you'll go far. -

OMG - What an inspired concept this is !!! Really truly brilliant ! - Love U're video as well. - Stevie

I LOVE the concept!! Very clever indeed. And - how great would that be??!! I believe that Numan is an easy artist to market, given the vision. You certainly have that vision! - JoanneC

OMG, this just totally looks amazing
The song is perfect, the visuals are stunning. Loved the transition from darkness into the shiney white Apple-World (and I'm not even a fan of their products.) It looked better than any Apple-Commercial I've seen I wish you two a lot of luck (although seeing this I don't think you actually need it ) and hope that they like this project. -

great apple ad -just watched it, left a pos. comment, rated as 5, and saved to fav. on youtube hehe -honoured to have helped - Melanie

Just watched the apple ad. How cool! Loved it specially the way the tune changes emotion half way thru. Hope it gets used. -

This would definitely get me to buy a mac :D Excellent work!

Great work again,just gets better with everything you do, GOOD LUCK - Sean aka tik tok man

Kristin, this is utterly brilliant! But then, i wouldn't expect anything less of you, being the Uber Talent that you are. Keep up the great work and good luck with this ;) - numansacrifice

Hearing Gary Numan on this ad makes me wanna go buy an Apple! - gbrady1008

Too funny. I love Numan and Apple together. (Though given my lifestyle, I am more attracted to the Goth girl.. big deal, it's an ad for Apple, not my Dark Wave friends.) I love it. I especially love the montage of error messages. Great concept. Microsoft Blows! - sitzpinkler123

An outstanding use for the remix of the first vinyl record I ever wore out. The graphics and music meld and present a positive image of the product advertised. It is brilliant! Isn't this where it all started for Numan, Lee Cooper jeans anyone? - Rogue1963

Wow really cool!!! The beginning was kind of creepy lol. - Steve

Wow, that was incredible Kristin! Really great imagery and the music fits perfectly. And, as you've said, the tag line works a treat. I really hope this get's commissioned Kris as it's utterly superb! And, the other interesting point, is that Gary uses a Mac to create his music on...Well done Kris. Fantastic work! - Steve/Smiley

I think the song goes very well with the advert. Without a doubt the mass majority of people in the US have never heard AFE, so this will be something new to them. It will be interesting to see what sort of reaction it gets when hopefully it goes live on US TV. - Warrior

This is a brilliant video advert and definitly an idea that Apple should take notice of. The stunning graphics work excellently with the modern hybrid version of gary numans Are Friends Electric? I'm definitly gonna get an Apple when this heap of junk finally goes up in smoke and I really am getting Smegged off with WINDOORS.. Out Of Cheese Error.. Redo From Start . - prefectfordprefect

That was awesome Kristin! You are beyond talented. Great job to you both. - ck2110

WOW how CRAZY! Who ever would have imagined in 1979 that this song could be SO applicable in 2007? Gary was SO futuristic. Apple would be foolish to pass this up- the lyrics are so perfect and the Graphics really get the message across.That Apple computer really opens up that girl's world. It's very rock and roll: it's fresh;it's sexy; it will attract a wide demographic- teens thru 40's. It WILL SELL their product! - afriendcalled5

Best apple com. ever!!! - HisDarkMajesty

Wow Kristin! This looks amazing! Good luck on getting Apple to use this! - Deanna

hey Kristin, would like to say I am well impressed with that commercial love the way thats been put togather!! I think it really works, lets hope it does for you!!! I know when I like the look of something!!! and that really caught my eye!! would like to see more stuff like that!! xx - Dave

That ROCKS!! Seriously. - Miss November Tuesday

i just saw your add. and thought that it was quite well done. keep up your good work. - anitajoy

Top piece of work kristin. As i have always stated i feel you are highly talented, very imaginative and a total god send when it comes to Numan. - Paul Goodwin (author of Electric Pioneer an Armchair Guide to Gary Numan)

WOW! I wish Gary had more fans like this. Very entertaining and engaging. Plus it doesn't suck that the ad is for something as cool as a MacBook. My Microsoft/Dell days in hell are coming to an end. Vista is a nightmare. - thegnfc

I'm not surprised, not one bit. You're a magician. - 6castor6

An Apple Ad? How cool is that, huh? Can't get any tighter than fingers are crossed! - Denny

Looks like a winner to me.
Wonderful! I am so impressed, Kristin and Rick did a awesome job on this!!!!! -

I've loved Gary's music as long as Ive known it. I could'nt imagine a better salespitch for technology items. If they can use Pictures of you by the Cure for HP, why not Gary for Apple. The alternative voice has spoken! - onewhoknows69

Absolute quality, great job.
I think that version of AFE fits much better than the original would have. -

Kristin-my first visit to the website and what do I see?? A fantastic advert! If only it were really used by the Apple guys it would make me want to buy one! You are one talented numanoid. - wrestlingdude

I think your apple ad is amazing,your one very talented lady,good luck - Steve

Stunning! The graphics are awesome and the hybrid version of Numan's "Are Friends Electric" captivates and compliments the ad in a way that no other artist can do.
Almost 30 years old but even more relevant in today's computer generation. -
The Diamond Dogs

Superb work Kristin and Rick.
Numan v Apple = Technology.
Apple ......... Go For It! -
Sue (Nu-Girl)

Quality and AFE fits perfectly :) - numanami

That was amazing and it just blew me away! I love it! Keep up the good work! - sugarjlea

10/10.A match made in heaven!!! - scottishdevil2001

Kristin, that commercial is awesome. You have to send it to whoever needs to see that at corporate headquarters. Your so talented. - White Falcon

5 stars! This is so cool. I love it and the song is PERFECT..I LOVE IT..Good job Kristin and Rick! :) - Carrie Moon

Awesome! Very well made, Kristin :) - check20008

Great job Kristin... I told you YOUR edit would do wonderfully! Keep up the great work! You too Rick. And thanks for the offer to let me help - I am honored! - Troy Walters

I think it's awesome and perfect- I'm 41- I showed it to my 13 year old girl and she thinks it's perfect and cool. Apple pay attention! Wide demographic range! - afriendcalled5

its super cool kristin well done again - spikeuk1

Great concept & execution! Apple should use this!! - hallreis

I dig the Mac video. As always, you have got one hell of a skill. - Trip

hey kristin, I really hope this does work, it IS a perfect match, he uses macs himself, hell I'm thinking of getting one, as the ad says, "windblows"!!!! and maybe, it will be advertised in the U.K. too!! BRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIING IT OOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!! - comebackcrazier

Awesome seems to be a popular description & that is pretty accurate. Fantastic combination of music & video creation. Very impressive. - Gary121068

Great way to put gary out there for the masses great thinking!!!!great work! - samantha

Nice Vid! Eye-catching and makes a point. May be a little too edgy for the general public. Since Macs do tend to appeal to a more intellectual crowd this may not be too bad. - dilemma2k7

Oh my god, thats awesome! I love the transition through the video and of course, I loooove the song. It is edgy but that is exactly what 'dull' america needs, a new perspective!! :) - Narakusslave26

No Brainer, Truely Awesome! - numanmad

Heaven! What a great ad, shame ads are only approx.30 seconds. Both top favourites of mine! What a pairing to the core!! Apple ARE 'FRIENDS' ELECTRIC? - YOU better be!! - merton69

What a fantastic concept, Are Friends Electric? vs computers! Don't pass this one by, Apple... - neuronite

only one word can describe this FANTASTIC well done! - numanoidcomplex

Great stuff great theme and imagination use of imagery in realtion to subject top class. - trpsarge

Yes this is cool, high energy! - gummybits

This video it totally DRAGON or BANGIN' if you prefer. Basically, it rocks. The girl is awesome, she does a great job of showing the change from a life of depression and lame computers to that of happiness and GOOD computers. Way to go-DRAGON POWER ON! - CelineDionPants

This commercial rocks! Secretly, I've always wanted to get a MAC. - hoohany

Excellent. I might even purchase a Mac after seeing that. - 64Warrior64

Finally a comercial that i could watch over and over! I totally LOVE it!!! IT definatly makes me wanna buy an Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOO HOOO - spgoofyfoot

Will wonders never cease? Once again Kristin, you have outdone yourself! You and Rick have truly captured the darkness in Gary's music. - Davezilla

You guys did a fantastic job on the commercial. It really should be a "go" for Apple! - malcolm

if this doesn't win i'll eat my shorts..
damn fine work young Kristin....
yet again you dazzle the whole forum with your brightness...(ermm...hope that sounds's been a long night shift) -

just saw the Apple it!...that song is timeless and there shouldn't be any reason why they wouldn't use it...good luck! - Kim

this video is like something from the future its amazing,...i love the way videos like this are put together,... - Luciasverus


Are Friends Electric (Gary Numan - Micromusic 1981) are so kind/sweet/amazing/talented..words really fail me! Thank you so much for letting me watch this....FIRST??!! I can't tell you how honoured I feel. You have made me so happy. It's incredible. I've not seen this concert for a few years........oh to have been at one of them!! You have capture the essence of the concert brilliantly. Cutting to various clips perfectly...even in time to the! I love the way you have managed to lip sink some of the key lines too. If you were in front of me I'd bow down in front of your talent! every video you make just seems to take my breath away more & more! Gary really really must be exposed to your creations. He cannot fail to see you would/are great for his career! I've watched it about 20 times already. I was enjoying it the first time so much that when it came to the end of the song...I was hoping so much that you would end on the Everyday I die bit (I loved the way they ended each song on Micromusic with a still) & you did end it that way....spooky!...I missed Nash completely! lol I had forgotten I'd asked for you to add him doing Cry the clock said or Joy circuit!....You are the sweetest. There was lots of OMG's when I spotted it. If Gary walked through my door then I would not have been happier than you had made me! I'm so touched that you did that. Perfect in everyway. I'd give you a big kiss & a hug if you were not a million miles away!...well maybe not a million, but my arms won't stretch that far! :-)
You are a very special/talented TTYL! Thank you! -
Gary P.

just watched the AFE video, thats bloody done it!!, there was one clip, Gary looked sooo hot i came out in goose bumps, really good quality, played it on divx, he looks soo fucking gorgeous on it it defies belief!!, not seen any of that footage before i dont think, thanx a million for that! cheers mate! - jofazer

Brilliant as always, Kristin. I love those days. The vari-lights, Gary's ad-libbing. Thanks very much for posting this. Great picture and perfect sound on my end. As always there is your unique point of view throughout the video. - ThisIsJay42

Thats so cool :D I've seen a few of Gary Numans concerts on dvds and they don't look this good so you did a brilliant job in cleaning them up :). - DEAD LETTER

just lovin it Kristin...keep 'em coming *big thumbs up* - langy

You have a real talent there..this I really loved.....great stuff! - Monday Trooper

Oh Great...A day off, things to do...I watch this, now I have to sit and revel in two hours of the glory that is Micromusic...well thanks alot. Running out of superlatives...... - C-the-Boy

This is really my scene - my favourite era married to my favourite song. Excellent Kristen. Keep up the good work. - pacman

Fantastic, you're a little gem, made me feel like a kid again, like CTB, i'll have to krank up the vcr now - tik tok man

Amazing! Kristin is really talented! Keep them coming Kristin! It blew me away! - sugarjlea

Great stuff, quality is top draw...oh how I long for a complete remastered version of Micromusic. - Jonny S

OMG - U've done it again - Wow ! - This is superbly well put together. I love this in a big way !!! - Thanks for sharing here. - Stevie

Brilliant Kristin. I think it makes ALL the difference when video is taken and/or compiled by someone who is first and foremost into Numan as an artist, rather than someone to whom Numan is simply another artist on their schedule. This is one of the reasons why your Numan stuff is sooo great. - Joanne C.

You did a crackin' job on the micromusic vid. A Job Very Well Done.Think Gary Should Employ You to Get Micromusic Done An Out Onto Disk!! - GaryGodSqwad

great new video Kristin :D I love it ! - Melanie

great job on this classic Wembley farewell tour enhancing it & the editing - Paul Easter

Hey Kristin, I was only a kid at the time of this - the first concert I ever saw, and still the best. I can only imagine how many hours of painstaking work you put into creating this video. It was worth it, you've done an amazing job, well done! - Vade Retro

Wow! Just watched your micromusic film - fantastico!! Thanx for that, wasn't he ooooh so adorable in them days? (aawwwww!). - Tessa

these videos are a perfect tribute to Gary and carried off with pure class. keep `em coming! - Robert

loved the micromusic video u put together, so much that i put it on my profile. - Dave

Love the new Are friend's Electric. Kristin, your fast becoming the media center for all things Gary that is top notch! - White Falcon

Ah the memories...we'll never see the likes again.
Well done again Kristin...superb as usual. -

Mega Excellent Kristin. Keep em coming babe. - Warrior

I was at the concert and it was without doubt the greatest experience ever and will never be bettered by any artiste. Great work Kristin! - Bernie Hawkins

0.0 I...Love...It! Great Job! *dances* Still love all your work lol and Im looking forward to your future work. - Jackie

That was brilliant Kristin!
Great choice of images and this version of AFE has always been one of my faves. Nice one Kris! -

you go girl. I've just watched your Micromusic video, WOW, now that is a classy promo... - Paul Goodwin

Another fantasic piece of work again Kristin - I loved it.
Ohh, the sweet memories of that time......takes me right back to the days when I couldn't see my bedroom walls for posters of Gary! -

I finally saw the new video. Pretty cool seeing that vintage stuff. You find some amazing clips. And I love how you have a knack for synching with the music. - Rick Bell

Fantastic - good work, nice editing and so much more colourful than the original VHS. Thanks :-) - ArtyFishal

 Nice job cleaning up that old 1981 footage! I really enjoyed that video too. I loved the beautiful collages you created. That is truly a gorgeous creation. Excellent job!! And I loved the little mini-collage of Gary raising one hand in the air. Made me smile. :-) And the transitions with the fast drumbeats were killer. Really cool!!! - Jim Napier


Supernatural Promo (CW Making the Cut Contest)

Thats so good, looks really professional, i'm sure you'll be recognized! - Ashley

OMG! Kristin,.. That was *Fabulous!* It sure has the darkness, and thrill of the show. It draws you in and gives you chills. Gary Numan song (I Can't Breathe) is so terrific in this piece. God that man has a haunting voice. It's a perfect match. I don't watch the show either (once ep I did), but this was very good pal. You should win the contest pal, since this art vid is so Amazing. - Myrhia

oh my god that was awesome!!!!!! that song goes so good with that! bad ass! - Carrie Moon

Oh wow. That was really amazing, I loved that song choice, all the effects and how at the beginning you used Dean saying "What's Dead should stay dead". That was excellent! - tinytrinity05

oh wow that was unbelievably AWESOME!!!! congrats on being a finalist! - MadMidgetTwins02

Congrads on being a finalist. After seeing your vid I can see why. That was AWESOME - sherrymsmb

dude, that was REALLY good. great job! - Kiimit

That's an incredible promo! Congrats on being a finalist. - magickal

WOW. That gave me chills. I thought it was fantastic, great work. Loved it. - addictedtosn

Awesome Kristin - I'm really enjoying the work you keep putting out! I can't breathe is an excellent choice for this promo - loved the way you built to such a crescendo given the limited time frame you had to work with...Well - a very big congratulations for making it to the finals! - a huge achievement and incredible exposure for your video talent combined with the inimitable Mr Numan... - DarkStar

Hey I saw the winning promo yesterday when I watched Supernatural, though I liked yours a lot better! Thats amazing Kristin! Congratulations for making it that far! - kevin

Wow you did a great job. A lot of the shows I watch have something to do with the supernatural and I watch a lot of horrow movies, but if I had seen your trailer prior to ever seeing the show, I think I would be too scared to think about watching it. - Steve

the winning one was nice but i prefered yours! - Ryan

Yeah, I prefered yours to the one that one. That was really kick ass. - martoufmarty

Wow that was awesome. I can't believe that other video won. Yours was definitely better. - Kitty

Kristin, yours was absolutely amazing!! It kicked so much ass! I think maybe the copyright issue was what it was. They are so stupid to have picked the other one!!
Those clips were so scary, I now remember why I can't watch the show. I really wish I could because your video sucked me in. Awesome. -

Super sweet. Great song choice. :) - vtress29

Your works are perfect! You have a style! And you are very talented! - vivalavita_v

omg, i saw this through a link on my supernatural flist. THIS IS AMAZING! i am just in awe. this completely blew me away. excellent work! you are very VERY talented, and thank you for sharing this. - buffyaddict13

Congrats just the same on being a finalist!
Personally, I loved your vid! (Then again, I suppose I'm biased, as I've been a fan of your work for some time already!) Having seen the winning vid, I do still like yours better! *LOL* -

hey that supernatural video is awesome!!! MORE MORE MORE please hun!! - Dave

Well done on the 'Supernatural' video, Kristin. Athough, admittedly not having seen the show before, I enjoyed the editing style. - Trip

I saw your trailer in New York. You were the first runner up. When I saw your trailer, I was completely BLOWN AWAY! You did an incredible job! I don't know if they are planning on posting the other finalist as well, they didn't tell me that. I certainly hope they will though, there were some amazing entries. - 42laugh

Wow!!! That was an excellent promo: loved the music, loved the clips and the editing!!! Well done and congrats on making it that far!!! - immie_8

Great job Kristin! I prefer yours to the winning one but then I'm a "gary" fan....haha cheers :) - SecondLifer2000

I think yours is more compelling and chilling than the winner. Great job!! :D - alexisabove

well done kristin, that is a fine piece of a work. - Paul Goodwin

That was, like, wow, really really good. Congratulations!! Can see why you made 1st runner up. Gotta tell you, between your promo and the one that aired last night, man those would attract a lot of ppl to the show. For once I hope the CW showed some smarts and will recognize the good work y'all did. - justannanow

Wow! Just brilliant.... combination of the 2 things I love most in life Gary Numan & Supernatural!!! It's a shame you didn't win but well done in being the 1st runner up! what more could a girl want?!! Well done in being a finalist and for sharing this wonderful video! - zomzoms1979

You know, if the CW had promos like this more people would probably watch the series. - wolfcasull

much much better than the winning promo! - replicas79

LOVE 'I Can't Breathe' with this trailer, it really fits. Congrats on being first runner-up, though of course I'd have made it the winner ;) - FlyinyourSoup

Awesome!It's also got the Sin City touch to it,Black,nWhite and a bit of red in the eye's,very nice work! - kurtkords

it was FABBY!! Beautful work--and great effects. A terrific, non-stop blending of sex and violence and really creepy monsters! wOOt!! You rock, sista--there's no way this doesn't get you 'noticed'. I am so happy for you!! And congrats on your very-near-win!! - outlawgirl

Many congratulations on doing so well Kristen. I really love your work and I'm totally sure you have a phenomenal future ahead of you. Well done! Txx - taniadevotee

It's a great achievement Kristen and so close, well done. - Bernie666

i'd just like to mirror what has already been said on here....well done Kristin....such an excellent piece of work.....
you were robbed.....*puts on battle where are them judges*..keep it up hon...we all love to see such talent being used to benefit others.. -

First runner up in the comp,but a winner on numanme.
keep up the good work. -

Hiya Kristin, Congratulations on a very well deserved top 9 here. Cracking video as always !! - Stevie

Congrats! That is so awesome! Seriously! And I just watched both of the promos and I agree with everyone else. Yours was much better, definitley more action packed. - BreakingFree

wow awesome job kristin! yours rocked! i loved it!
the winners was okay, but i liked yours so much!
Congrats! -

Congrats Kris! Yours was a very polished entry, perhaps a little too good for the organizers...I definately prefered your version over the winners. - mranderson71

WOW!!! Is so awsome to see the other entries. You were runner up? Seriously what were they thinking? This was awsome! It sucks that they didn't use this because they couldn't or wouldn't clear the licensing. And this song...omg just perfect. I have never heard of Gary Numan but now I must listen to every song lol. - fallen_for_lost

Thats fantastic! congratulations for doing so well, the trailer is excellent! good music choice and very creepy! - flood_and_fire

I've got to say Kristin. After seeing yours, I actually prefer yours. The music and the movement of footage and the slight fuzziness was absolutely brilliant. Really well done. Your'e very talented. - eswan

Kristin, you are so talented. I have no idea how old you are - but I'm just blown away put what you can do. I would love to have a go at something like that, but that would mean asking my kids for help - and they have absolutely no idea how much of a SN addict I've become -its my secret and I want to keep it that way! - nellybelly

WOW! that is an absolutely amazing promo!!! great job and congratulations for doing so well on the contest... - g alena

WOW! that is really AWESOME!!!! congratulations on coming soooo close! - Apocalyptic_Mongoloid

Personally I like that one SO MUCH more than the promo that won! I know lots of others liked it, but it was a bit too slow and cold for my taste. =/ I thought yours had that fast and jagged sort of feeling that the show has, but that's just me! Excellent job, though. :) Wish you'd won cuz this one would be awesome to watch on TV. *-* - potthead

That was seriously awesome! :O - hxcfairy

WOW, that was GREAT I loved it :] - city_neon

HOLY SHIT That's AWESOME! - spikestress

That was amazing! Awesome job! It was very professional and creepy. Congratulations on being one of the finalists. Thanks for sharing. :) - sweetie0704

OMG That was the shit!! :D
I don't care if you didn't win they should use this one to promote the show too!!!
Really, really, really great job!!! -

In some ways I prefer this one to the one that won. It's edgy and creepy and very nicely put together. The promo focuses very much on the scary aspect of the show and I think it would really appeal to viewers who enjoy the horror genre. In other words, if I was a new viewer looking for a scary show I'd definitely go for Supernatural based on this promo... the lighting and colors, the editing and the soundtrack actually make the show come off as scarier than it is. Job well done!
The only place where I think you've went a bit wrong is the font. It's not very easy on the eyes and it's a bit difficult to read... I don't think it really fits the show or the rest of the promo either. Since you used the pentagram so nicely throughout the promo, I think it would have worked well to keep the pentagram in the show title like we're used to... still exchanging the fire for the red color, of course, because that worked well enough. Am I making sense? Anyway, it really is a nitpick because I do think the promo is amazing.
I think they should run two kinds of promos at the same time... one showing the scary aspect and the other showing the family aspect.
Conclusion: This was awesome! And congratulations are in order! -

I was watching these over at youtube last night just at random, and when I saw this one it was my favorite of all the ones I watched. Loved the song, the pacing, the cuts, just all of it. Great, great job. The one that actually aired on tv annoyed me; I know the little girl voice was supposed to add to the creepiness/eeriness factor, but it was just so irritating I couldn't even watch the promo. My daughter, who doesn't watch the show (and I've TRIED to get her into it, she's 18 and you'd think she'd love the boys, ha, but if it isn't House or anime, she won't watch, sigh...)heard the promo on tv and said without even looking up, "What is that, that voiceover is SO annoying!" Ha. So I had her look at some of the youtube promo entries just to see which ones MIGHT induce her to actually watch the show since she isn't a fan like I am, and guess which one SHE also picked? Yep, this one! So you would've had our votes for sure. - nerthus

They should run this one too.
While the winner is quite good, it's the classic creepy cliches ( that work because SPN is all about whoring those out lol), but yours matches the overall kickass, fast-paced feel of the show.
The only splinter in the hand would be the font choice but overall..great job! -

WOW. This was fantastic and creepy. It really blew me away. Great job! - maybe_someday8

Great video, you managed to stay just the right side on the fast cutting. (We're not all hot shot video game players!) I'd reiterate the comments on font choice above. I still don't know what all the text said. Congratulations. - odd_for_sods

I loved yours Kristin... you probably spend quite some time on it. The effects were better than in the winning one, but I must say "the Icy" one... is kind of creepy I guess what made the difference was the "music" choice... because your clip was just... wow ! - Lizard971

I liked yours better Kristin. Both were good but I put yours in my bookmark. - Engel_J_Ackles

holy crap those vids were awesome... no wonder they were the winner and the first runner up... very different moods and yet both really creeped me out!!! which is a good thing.- skye2477

that was fantastic! thanks for posting it for us to see! I might actually go try and find Numan's music. I quite enjoyed the song too - and you're right, it did fit well with it
congrats as well for doing well in the competition! -

Serious, serious kudos, mate... -

Very...VERY well done!!! See, it's promos like that that show how cool and amazing Supernatural is!!! Loved it loved it loved it!! I'm having a hard time imagining that the winner was better than that! - Skippy-60

That's awesome!! Congrats. You should be very proud of your work! - RealHooters

Hi, Kristin. I'm Seth Berkowitz from BLiNK, one of the organizers of the contest. You were indeed one of the finalists, and in fact yours was one of two pieces that were singled out as first runners-up. And take my word for it, it was quite difficult picking the winner from all the great entries.
Your piece was outstanding. The graphic you created was particularly spectacular and it received prolonged applause from a room full of people who do this for a living.
Great work! Congratulations! -
Seth (from BLiNK)

::falls out of her chair::
HOLY CRAP! That was so good! I love it! -

I'm disappointed your promo was so much better,should have won,great music of course!I was expecting a little better than that for the winner,Bummer!!! - Gary

i like both the supernatural show and this track from numan and you have made them work great together.. - Paul Easter

oh wow! superb vid clip hon shame it didn..t win ...
to someone like me who has never done anything like that (although i play around with audio tracks) it seems very complex even though the end result only lasts a few minutes .you must be trawling through footage to find the ideal clips and then have to marry them up with the audio track, not an easy task by any means. -

Amazing work Kristin! I liked this one much better and you did an amazing job with the editing! Congrats on being Runner-up! - kevinlongwood

Awesome job, dude. Seriously. Your video editing skills are amazing. The song choice was pure genius. Congratulations! :D -

Brilliant. Awesome song choice, great editing, and I actually liked it better than the promo that won. Congrats! :D - flamingkitsune

Congratulations for being one of the finalists! I gotta say, I LOVED this. In many ways, I think this was superior to the one aired that we assume was the winner. You did a phenomenal job with the editing and adding in effects; it definitely didn't feel as "fan-made" as the one they aired. If this had been on TV, I don't know if I would have jumped to the conclusion that it was from the promo contest right away, just because of how professional it looked. Awesome! - starry_ice

This one was brilliant... I thought this one was better than the winning one. I love the music you added in it, it goes so well with the scences. Brilliant talent you have there.
I like it because this will defently bring more attention to the show than the other one. The other one was to mellow for me and yours was exiting and it kept you on the edge wanting more. LOL.. Loved it... -

That was outstanding, equally good as the winner, IMHO. I absolutely loved it, and felt the music was even better. Fabulous job! - Robin

I just watched it and I have to agree with OLG-- it's fantastic! One concentrated supernatural fear fest! The hair stood up a little on the back of my neck. Excellent effects, professional editing, the music is great too. And Congrats on getting first runner-up! - Amie

Just viewed it! Congrats, it's great! First Runner up is nothing to sneeze at. I'm sure it got you noticed! - gia

Nice work as usual Kristin. The track and visuals really complimented eachother. - priest

The ONLY reason I could think for them not picking this as the winner would be the copyrighted music. Otherwise, they would be absolutely NUTS! Amazing, work, I'm speechless! - Rebel_Majesty

Congratulations! Wow! That's such a great accomplishment. I just watched it and it blew me away! Absolutely stunning! Really, really fabulous job. - sol_se

Liked it better than the winner IMO;) - fangedsekhmet

That's amazing! Love all of your effectes and the style of this! Gorgeous! Creepy! *impressed* - nemo_88

Terrific! I like this so much better than the first place winner. - yourlibrarian

excellent promo! and congrats on being the 1st runner up!!
I can't believe that you didn't win- it must have been really close! -

wow!....Kristen, chica...I'm in awe, that way way better than the CW's. You deserve that internship, I cant believe you didnt win! *shakes head in disbelief* that would make me want to wacth it, if I didnt - Sparkle07

Absoultly amazing! Great work. Kristin this is fabulous.
I can definitely see why you were first runner up. It makes me curious to see who could possibly beat this. -

HOLY CRAP! That's awesome! - Dean's Baby Girl

Wow, that was awesome! Truth be told, I actually prefer yours than the person who won. Good job on getting that far! - Emily

well done kristin..truly is a masterpiece. - Phineas

I thought they were both great, I preferred the runner up video.- supernaturalhot

NICE........had me from the beginning to the gave me shivers....- Kimber

Really, really nice....and way scary too! What a great way to promote the show. - Linda W

Uh, dude. And you didn't win WHY?! Because IMO, the other one uberly sucked. - xphoenixrising

Awesome job :)
I wish i could do that lol
Keep doing what you do. -

No offense to the person who won the contest, but I wasn't really impressed with it.
Kristin, yours is much better in my opinion. The editing, effects, and overall message that it portrays were just fantastic in this. Like I said before, I wish this would have had some VO from the show or FX from the show in it. But the editing and effects are just so good in this. The pacing and rythm in this was just great and I loved the text too. Congrats on being a finalist!! You should have won in my opinion. -

Beautifully done, I think I like it as much as the winner - maybe they'll still use it? Awesome job, and I'm so happy for you :) - Brighette

I like this one better than the winner! Congrats anyway! - rent907

Brilliant! I much prefer this to the winning promo. Let's hope that they will use yours as well. Love the music and the editing you did. Great job! - kayliep

Absolutely top notch effort getting so close in a huge competition with such an incredible amount of talented and creative people entering. You should feel justifyably proud of that. Well Done!! - Mataku

Seriously? That won over yours? Yours is miiiles beyond the winning one, and I was gonna say prior to watching it that perhaps, it having no voice overs from the show might have played a part, but the winning one doesn't have any either, so really... I think yours would have pulled in more viewers, cause it's so in your face, you know? I think that while it looks incredible, it's probably even better on a bigger screen, cause you lose some of the scenes with the effects from it being such a small screen, but on tv? WHOA, I'm sure. - Milly

this video completely blew me away. You should've won :p - bionic

Wow Kristin! That is so cool and well deserved. :) - wst_jen

This is amazing and I much prefer it to the one that aired. This is a winner. I hope that they will use it as well. Congratulations! - kaylie_2

This! Totally deserved the final, or the win. - 2sexyboys

Wow - totally excellent promo! The one that beat yours must have been bloody good, yours would be a hard one to top.
Well done, anyway! -

Omg! That Waas So Good! So Scaryy!!!it Was Defintely The Right Decision To Put You In The Finals! Great Job Man! - Kiwiackles

Excellent video focusing on the scary aspects of Supernatural. Congratulations! When trying to promote the show to friends, I will definitely use your video to highlight the scares and Dragonfly's vid to highlight the brotherly aspect. With this combination, no one will be immune to becoming hooked! - mousitsa

Amazing job, really caught my attention! Congrats on being runner-up! - kayla020

That was such an amazing job. Congratulations on being a finalist. You totally deserved that. - Shelly

Dude. That was so cool and friggin' awesome! Man, I wish I was computer savvy like that. I am in awe of your talent! Very impresive and first runner up! Awesome. - Serenity&Chaos

Awesome job. congradulations! You should be very proud of yourself. First runner up is huge even if you didn't win. A lot of people saw your work and you might get better jobs offers if you want them. - Ashlyns

Wow! Congrats on being a finalist! You did a great job!!! - Alec/X5-494

The music fits wonderfully no wonder you were runner up! congrats! really cool video! the music is amazing! - SNnat17

Whoa. Seriously. Whoa. *applause* - feeniks_to_you

Most of those finalists had exciting vids. My fav is Kristin1228, the first runner up. That was one edgy promo. Something for me to aspire to. I felt that your vid had the right 'feel' for the show and would definately pull in more viewers, of the male variety especially. - Lamington

I got goosebumps when I watched this! Excellent vid and I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the song. Great promo of SPN. :-) - JayEnterprises

that was so good, you must have been the winner instead. You've got so muh talent! - butterflyeffeect

Dude, yours should have won! The music alone is awesome. - darkspectre

Kristin-Yours is so awesome. I think you did a wonderful job. How can it get any better than yours? - NCISsupernaturalVMAR

I didn't see the winning promo, but I can't see how this didn't win. Your talent is friggin scary, Ms Harris. Numan forever!!! hehe!!! - 6castor6

Awesome vid!!! Just, wow!!!! - fpvs

Goddamn! That was friggin' awesome! 5 stars!! Okay, you should've definately won. I do like the winner's vid but yours KICK-ASS and to me, you should've won. :D *applauds* - Serenity113

Wow this promo kicked ass!!!! I wish they could show all of the finalists promos on the CW. I really want yours to be shown though cause it's.......I don't have the words to describe how awesome it is. Loved it 100 stars!! - luvmeorluvmenot

Congrats on being first runner up, Kristin! Thanks for sharing The Supernatural Trailer with us! It's gripping and full of suspense and the music is well-tailored to it. Great job! I am positive that this will bring about new opportunities for you! - balence

If they didn't pick you solely because of the music issue, that blows. They shouldn't have given out an option to use your own music then. I watched the winner and although it's good, I think yours is more professional Kristin. Congrats on getting this far though, you did an amazing job! - Aimee

Hey Kristin AMAZING trailer yours should have deffo been the winner I mean it was so very clearly a better trailer the effects and editing were just brilliant seriously I don't understand...well done on being 1st runner up though - Billy

yours was DEFINITELY much better!! I'm serious. You did an amazing job. But if they tell you you can use whatever music you want! man..either way, congrats! you should be proud of making it this far and mainly because of your talent!
hey, it seems youtube liked yours better too..
now you have to believe we truly think yours was better and that we are not saying so just because you are our friend ! -

holy bajeebers-- brilliant! the song was amazing and so were the clips you used.. - ksupernatural

Wow, that vid is made of awesome! I love how you combined the music and the scenes! - mre_quecky

Wowwwww, excellent video. I can see how hard it would be for the judges to choose between you and the winner. *shivers* So well put together and fantastic song!! -

Wow, that was scary beautiful! - sharvie

How could you not have won? The vid is so cool! - MsKripKeMarryMe

great job! The winer it's good, but yours it's awesome! it's rock! congratulations! - hunterjogirl

One Word: WICKED. - RebeccaMatthews
Whoa!!! that was seriously amazing i have no doubt that IF i hated supernatural before that would 100% turn me around! You should have won! we need more promos like that to get more viewers. It looks totally professional! -

kristin i LOVED your vid
the way the shots were done were AWESOME -

I didn't have any problems with the font, randomly. I agree with a lot of people that this was a better promo than the one that aired. Awesome job, the music, the pace, everything. - likeasunburn

Personally, I think yours works better as a promo overall, if it is to get new viewers/ or people's attention. It's more stylized and fits with the show's theme. Winning one does too, but there's something lacking--makes my eyes jump/distracting me.
Overall is composition and pacing/timing (even if with different music) and yours just kept me rewatching it over and over. -

That was wickd cool. Man even though you didn't win CW should still consider of showing all of the finalist promos every now and then. This vid really grabbed m attention and if they were showing during the CW we would get more Supernatural Fans. Congrats on making it that far though! - Shannon

This is the real winner.
Amazing video & the music matches perfectly. I'd have loved to see this as an extra on the series 2 part 2 boxset when it's released in the UK. Kristin you are so talented. -
Gary P.

I just saw your Supernatural, there's a LOT of work gone into that I can tell, VERY well done. Nice to see you're using Premiere Pro too, which is what I'm using. Keep up the great work!! - Chris Owen

that was awesome kristin! i didnt check out the other one yet, but i find it hard to believe that it was anywhere as good as yours.. i loved the atmoshpere you made.. it was very eerie.. it had an old-school horror movie feel to it with all of the black and white effects.. reminded me of the original bela legusi (sp) dracula era in filming... i liked how you incorporated all of the red overlays over black and white... it was just very well done overall.. great job on all of the accomplishments! your officially one of the best editors ive gotten the pleasure to know! im sure your gonna be huge one day! and when you do, dont forget us littlems. - PowerMonkey

Your trailer had far more energy Kristin. The winning one was sooo obvious.....1st runner up though - wow! - Jo :)

Supernatural trailer blew me away! I just saw your "Supernatural" trailer and it is phenomenal! You definitely deserved to win. - Joe Salazar

Hmm .. cannot believe that it did not win : it really blows me away .. because this is total brilliance. - spinnyroses

Wow that was a VERY, VERY impressive trailer Kris! I can't believe you didn't win, but first runner up is awesome! And it sounds like a ton of a amazing opportunites could come out of this. It still seems really exciting. Congrats! I wish I had your talent, I really do hope you get into this professionally, you're so good at it. - Ericka

Holy Creepy Crapping Awesomeness. The effects and the coloring blows me away. I lovelovelove Supernatural and this promo makes me love it and you even more. I'm going to make people watch this to pimp them into the fandom. Your editing is spot on and the music is perfect. I've watched it slowed down and I love all the little things you put in there. - kiki_miserychic 


Down in the Park (Gary Numan - Berserker 1984)

Okay Kristin ...Now you really got me smiling! I love it! I feel like a little kid in a candy store... It's totally wonderful... with your magic touch written all over it. - Janis

Fantastic video,thanks for sharing it with us,im probably a minority here but i do like the whole Berserker sound/album/live show and i think the B-sides at the time were awesome,the image was a bit over the top but very striking. - dreampolice

Whoa !!!! - Another veritable classic and half here. Loved this in a huge way !!!! - Stevie

That's well cool Kristin. I like the mix up of the Berserker image with Down In The Park. Actually, your vid got me thinking - the Berserker image mixed with one of Garys more recent tracks, one of the heavier ones, would also be pretty cool. As you say, it was quite a strong image.. - Jo :)

Nice job on the new video, Kristin! I reckon Gaz should have stuck to this idea of looking as he did during the Berzerker days. That's just my opinion, though. - Trip

I'll have to share this with my friends back in colorado, the ones that love glame rock. Nice editing; you're a star. - Spective10

Thats just magic Kristin!! Really REALLY love's now on my page...Gary' s such a legend! You are too for doing this!! :D - FB

Simply amazing! *drooool* I'm still drooling over the new video. Great Job once more! - Jackie

Pity you weren't around for the origianl release of the video you could have made it so much better than it actually was..well done again. - trpsarge

Awesome editing, awesome song! - BlueStellaluna

yet another wonderful numan video kristin. I love it ^.^ - gensou_android

Very good vid excellent work - Richard

Great video Kristin. It works really well. I was at this very gig btw, about 3 rows from the front. After this gig was the very first time i met Gary, so it has a real place in my heart. Keep up the great work Kris. - Smiley

Yeah Kristin your video editing work is very impressive.
Unfortunately in 1984 I was listening to an entirely different genre of music :-) -

Rock on babe. Another masterpiece, a great video set to the best Numan track. Keep em coming. - Warrior

This was awesome. I especially loved your overlays in this one. Great pacing with the music as well. I think you are determined to make a video for every one of Numan's songs huh?...LOL You always show how talented you are. - Ryan

Yes, it was very well done. I like the simplicity of the overlays. It was a nice change of pace too. - Ashley

I love this one as well as your other work but this is my favorite Gary look and song. - VIDEOFREAK076

Whoa! I really enjoyed the Berserker Down In The Park video! The Berserker video was very cool. Lots of sweeping motion to accompany the fluid 1979 studio song. Very professional. - Jim Napier


Haunted (Naruto - Anime)

Top quality work as always! Loving the song =) - YourUselessAdvice

Wow Kris U've excelled U'reself yet again - This is quite superb, and it's bound to bring Gary some much needed exposure. U're friend is extremely lucky indeed. - Stevie

One word – DAMN! I absolutely freakin’ HATE Naruto and what America has done to this wonderful Japanese anime but I LOVE what you’ve done with this video! Your editing skills are amazing girl! I am indeed a big fan of your vids…keep em coming! - Deanna A. Crews

That's fantastic Kristin! I'm not familiar with Naruto myself and am not generally a fan of anime, but your video is very cool! Great that it'll get Gary's music so much exposure too :) - Smiley

Ohoh, gorgeous video~ @.@ And a gorgeous song too. For not knowing about the series you really worked it so well! <3<3 =3 The effects that were in the vid were neat too, without being overbearing at all! - orin

Your Naruto video is very beautiful. Even though I don't know anything about the series, I'm sure both fans and non-fans will love your vid. - Joe Salazar

I loved it! Even though you haven't exactly seen the series, it was really good ^.^ - Jackie

Fantastic edit! Am a massive Numan fan and to see your perfectly synched edit of bits of Naruto to one of my fave Numan tracks is stunning! Bravo! - siaxe


Remember I Was Vapour (Gary Numan and His Fans)

That was absolutely fantastic Kristin. I know technically it was nowhere near as advanced as your usual videos, but i think that's my favourite by your goodself.
It was great to see so many people i either know as friends or meet and chat to at gigs. Thanks for sticking my ugly mug in there too ;)Very brave LOL!
I really enjoyed that Kristin. A wonderful tribute to both Gary and his fans. And the music choice was perfect.
Great work! -

Wow,I loved it,cool editing! - thinspark

Kristin, that is absolutely brilliant. I am sooo envious of every single one of those people! Amazing work. - Puskablue

that's flippin fantastic! except for the picture of me where I look around 102 years old. - Cai

What can I say? A totally awesome video! There where a few faces I recognised!!! Great work, I was totally blown away! I loved it, shame I didn't have any good photo's of me and Gary sob, sob, sob. - Steve

nice tribute vid for an artist who well and truly deserves that accolade. - Rob

Wow..great memories! - Suzy

thats an excellent video, brought a lump to my throat, very good, you did a good job with my pic too,!! brilliant! - Jofazer

Looks great well done that must have taken some time. - Paul Green (Dash Productions)

love the video kristin! lovely to see my son gary who is now 21! gave me goosebumps! fantastic! - Caroline

lovely video kristin! It's nice to see see gary with his fans :) - Lyra

fucking brilliant!!!!! you lucky people meeting god,,,,,,,me! i eat dust!!! - vernon

OMGOD I just watched the fanvideo, fucking awesome!!! I think it's great, I watched it three times! - Carrie Moon

Absolutely fantastic Kristin,well worth the time and effort you must put in to your work,please keep on doing what you do. - Dreampolice

OMG - Kristin - This is fabulous !!!!! U're new vid is pure class. Maybe me fave ever by U as a matter of fact. Cheers - Stevie

You are hardcore numan.what great pics!
I do admire your material on gary along side a few others out there! Thanx for sharing this. -

Very cool! Actually brought a tear to my eye - Paul

The Video is fantastic.
The amount of people I knew going back 27 or 28 years really brought a tear to my eye. Two ex-Girlfriends on there too but we won't go there at this moment in time.God I feel really old now i've seen this. Keep up the good work! -
Jon B

I have seen it, it is great, I don't know who that beautiful lady with the black and read hair is tho!!!! Lol. It is good! Well done. - Jo79

i love it !!!!! it made me feel all warm inside , its such a wonderful thing you have done! - Jo Public

Remember I was Vapour is a lovely reflection of Gary Numan with his fans. how it drifts with the tide of different eras of time together. - Myrhia

Unbelievably fantastic, Kristin! It makes Gary Numan so real to see him with his loyal fans. One day I'll join the legions of lucky people that have had their photos taken with him. Great job! You ***rock*** Kristin! It is outstanding. Kudos to you! :-) - MissParker0106

That's excellent i've been looking forward to seeing that.You've done a great job once again.xx - Simon

I just saw your new Gary Numan fan tribute on your MySpace page and it's awesome! And of course, your pics with Gary were phenomenal. Great work as always. - Joe Salazar

Thanx for posting !! I like your work and especially this one , because it is produced in the finest way,to show the special relationship between Gary and the numanoids!!
Doing this theme in your "normal" way,using your technical possibilities-it would have been overproduced ...therefore my honest respect for this vid !!! -

Wow! Your latest creation was very fun! I've seen it more than once! The older pictures were very interesting as a juxtaposition of his ever changing chameleon-like phases.
I loved your style of presenting the photos. You have a unique, talented sort of Ken Burns touch to making static photos come alive in fascinating brilliance. And you were right. Remember I Was Vapour was an excellent song choice as it was originally written for the fans. -
Jim "The Machman" Napier

Very f'ing cool! I've never been in a music video before! And I'm sure this has to be the first music video ever to feature an autographed scrotum! LOL! - Joey Lindstrom

Truly stunning work Kristin. Your vid's just get better and better. You certainly are a very very talented person. If living the good life in texas inspires you to create such masterpieces than i'm emigrating. Well done. I'm sure Numan enjoys the work you do. - Langy

that's really good
nice to see so many happy faces....that's what it's all about isn't it good work kristin. -

Beautiful... So many happy faces. - altira

Great work Kristin on "Remember I Was Vapour". I hope the Numan Camp recognise your potential and appreciate what you are doing. Keep the Numan flag Flying high. - Bernie

WOW i am so impressed with your fan video, i cant beleive how amazing it looks, you have spent alot of time on it its so professional, well done kristin its brilliant, ive put it on my page, i hope thats cool with you. im sure you will make it kristin into video editing into the bigtime
wow, well done hun! -

Superb editing as always. Thanks for the inclusion. - Den

Kristin,another cracking video here,I know a few of the faces too!... - Gary

blimey, thats SMART! lots of familiar faces there - Bazza
That's really well done! She's very talented, well done, Kristin, brought a smile to my face as well!! Thanks for sharing.... -

Excellent Kristin. Enjoyed watching that. Brought back many happy memories. Thanks. - mo shadow

Wow, Kristin, this is the best use of all stills Ive seen in a long time, now this is how you do a slide show!
This took some time, you did an amazing job, you always do... I am so glad I got to see this. you get my 5 stars. I really liked the way you used the stills in your new Gary Numan video, that was a great idea, I'll bet he is touched, and impressed that you did such a great job on it, he does seem like a sweet man,I also though the use of motion was good, and the effects were a nice touch, looked like a Sapphire lense flare maybe... loved the flicker/film effect like overlay. -

I just watched the video and all I could do was smile ..its better than I thought it was going to be what a brilliant idea what a brilliant job thanks for making me smile and smile and smile!!!!!you made me feel and I hope all of us feel as special a fans as the next your a diamond kid thanks again, seriously you really captured the essence of the olden days and then the new ones there was such a unique feeling being a numan fan and its all there good job ....and I really hope he sees it and feels how special he is too us all and what a wonderful girl you are to put in all your time and effort for him . - Samantha

Loved your new fan stills video. Bet there are a lot of happy Numan fans out there. But you know of all the pictures in there the ones of Gary and Ade Fenton got to me the most. You touched something there. I hope Gary see's it sometime. - Janis

What a brilliant video Kristin! I love how dedicated Gary truly is to meet all his fans after the shows. This video shows just how dedicated he has been over the years. I love how you show Gary's playful side with the kangaroo picture and the one where Ade has Gary in a headlock. I know there were tons of photos and I think you did an awesome job of putting them all together. Thanks for the video, I want more! -

Your video looks really great. It was nice to capture all the fans, not just the current ones but the ones that spanned his career as well. That was pretty cool. - Ms Divine

Well done indeed! Great to see pics that would otherwise be unavailable. Keep them coming Kristin! - TheLemonKid01

Many thanks for the 'Remember I Was Vapour' video. It's always a pleasure watching your Numan videos.. And this latest one has turned out to be no exception, especially as you put me in there!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. Keep up the good work. - Warren

Your video was great, so nostalgic, and the song you chose had the perfect atmosphere. - Tracey


Halo (Moonlight/Forever Knight/Blood Ties)

OMG pal..That was true artistry. What passion and fire I felt from this masterpiece. You sure made it entranced and captured the viewer. The music was haunting, and the different clips from the 3 shows flowed into each other very nicely. Lush Roses to you Kristin. This was brilliant. - Myrhia

Wonderful! You have amazing talent, Kristin.
I could go on, but it would all be redundant. -
Walt Doherty

wonderful job Kristin!!! The flow from all the different shows was great and the music was great as well. Thanks. - Rebecca

It's a vision of greatness as always Kristin!
Love the effects, especially in the beginning. -

Whoa Kris, This absolutely rocks !!!! - Another corker of a vid !!! Cheers - Stevie

Another awesome video here Kris, as usual. Sound and vision working perfectly together. Cheers - Smiley

w0o kristin i loved this video! the coloring was beautiful and the effects were so cool. i think im going to put this in my vid recs. =] great job man! - quixoticmisery

Wow that was something insanely awesome! - ashiva

ZOMG that was STUNNING!! The colours were so beautiful... how did you DO that?? :O
Loved the zooms and just the *randomly searches for words of awesome* love how like the throbbing of the action or displaced scenes happened on the beat, and the random zooming in, and I feel like I don't even remember half of those scenes from Blood Ties! LOL (Mind you just about every Moonlight scene you used I had seen... and I don't even watch the show. How odd).
My mind just keep wanting more. I kept thinking of all these other vampire shows that could have featured.
The song was awesome too. Totally suited the club scenes and stuff.
*claps* I'm so impressed. This was so fantastic. -

NICE effects! I liked the video too - I'm a crossover sorta girl - thanks! - Amaranthe

Okay I am significantly impressed!
That was really cool. -

wow, finally a new video coming from you! this was truly amazingly good! the effects was brilliant and the colors were lovely. You truly are talented! :) - thispark

This is just too bloody amazing for words O_O. Absolutely outstanding effects, especially enjoyed this "light/lens" transitions, was brilliantly done and put. The whole atmosphere of the vid is so gypnotic, I love this kind of videos very much. 5 stars, faves...AWESOME work! - SavageAnna

Kristin...this video rocks! You truly are the best at these. No one compares to you lol. - paranormalfan

Loved that vid Kristin
As usual a beautiful and powerful piece of work by your good self . Thank you for sharing! -

Your description is very accurate: "explores the deadly lust and sensuality of vampires"! Isn't this what attracts us? I loved it --great special affects too (the blood coursing across the screen). - MidwestVamp

The look of the vid is fantastic Kristin, and really goes well with the song. Good for you for all the efforts you make with Garys music!!!!! I am sh*t scared of vampires though, and so I found the video a bit scary...........but thankfully not everyone is as weedy as me, lol. - Jo :)

I love the new video! I have to say it made me blush though. Those are some amourus vampires haha - Carrie Moon

I thought that was great. There is definitely something very sensual about vampires - all those bare necks being nuzzled and nibbled! - Puskablue

Wow. That is just awsome. You did a helluva job! - lyndalynn

I love your newest creation; it's a decadent look at the sexuality inherent in vampiric bloodlust. The eye candy of Mick, Nick, and Henry doesn't hurt, either! I liked the song; the only Gary Numan I own was on the Dark City soundtrack (now THERE would be an interesting film to remix!). - Veggiechiliqueen

I love your video. You really have a flair. I love your stuff on Youtube, and I think your videos have really captured the Nick's essence. Glad you like Blood Ties and Moonlight, too. If you don't work for somebody professionally doing this stuff, you should. I can't think of too many videos I see on the commercial networks that can hold a candle to your work. - luirik

I just loved it to death!!! With every video you make, each one looks more and more professional. You know I loved the purple color scheme, kewl. Bravo! - Melissa

Hey, Kristin! I've been a HUGE fan of your FK vids for years. When I saw this post by Kristin1228, I was way too excited. "Kristin did an ML vid!" Anyway, excellent job, as always. I thought you really brought out same of the darker elements from all three shows. I haven't seen too much of BT, but FK and ML are my obsessions. Nick & Mick. Can't wait to see more!! Great work!! - Horizon77

Wow. What can I say? BRILLIANT!!! ! (As usual!) Kristin, you never cease to amaze me with your visual editing style, your creativity, and your imagination! Hon, only you and you alone can fuse vampire shows like Forever Knight with Gary's music. - Robin

I just watched Halo and it was wonderful. You did a masterful job blending the three series together in the vid. - Joe Salazar


Before You Hate It (Gary Numan)

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Gary in slow motion... God I love it and it's done with such excellence! God and so many of my favorite clips! You have a magic touch, the clarity is certainly beyond me. It's incredibly sexy Kristin. Marvelous... I love all the effects... the red especially and the timing. I don't care for the song all that much (I mean I like the album version better) but it's Perfect for what you have done here. One of these days I'm going to figure out how you do this... it's brilliant... - Janis

ooohhh wowie, I swear you make the best videos ever! It looks like it could be the official video for that song! Awesome! - Carrie

 Couldn't agree more Janis - Gary in slow motion is a gift from the Gods (or a gift from Kristin in this case) - lol ! Excellent piece of work as usual Kristin - Puskablue

Excellent job, as always, Kristen! You amaze amaze us all. - RandomEddie

Thank you for making me like Gary Numan! His songs are Grimm (which I like) and Incredible ^^ - GeonTrinity

Great vid there Kristin. Lord knows how many new Numan fans you have won over with your yootoob videos! - Warren

Aaargh...isn 't that hot or what?????!!! !! Super brilliant as usual hon!!!!!! - Mimi

Brilliant Kristen! I love the way you've blended old with new clips on the red effect at start. Gary and you - Two total geniuses at work! Let's have more. - ptp29

I love seeing Gary through Kristin's eyes, as if he isnt hawt enough on his own! You seem to capture him when he is just absolutely irresistable. Your talent is endless! <3~ - TiaBoNStuff

Absolutely brilliant Kristin! As I would expect from your good self :) Superbly put together and a great choice of tune too, with this version being way better than the original. Nice one Kris! - Smiley :)

OMFG that Video is fucking outstanding, the best one you have ever done, i love it. I am DEF adding this to my page. How the hell do you do a video with quality as good as that! Im a big fan of this video AMAZING work yet again. AwSoMe. . . . - Lee


Pure (The Dark Knight)

Your videos are so beautifully well done,and Gary Numan's music & Batman just fit perfectly. - darkknight088

Woah, woah woah woah. o___o
This quality is fantastic!!! The crisp clear images are the stuff of myth and legend!!! lol And th fine details that are included (the overlays, the fact that the black and white clips have a red outer rim) Incredible editing!!!! Such flawless effects!! *fav* -

Unbelieveable, this is by far one of the greatest TDK videos, great quality 5*. - maninblack1389

Such pro editing, amazing use of effects and fantastic quality! You always make sure it's perfect to the very last detail:) - Supsi85

Talk about the perfect synthesis! Superb editing! - BradThunder

Your vids are always so well done. Your grasp of effects is practically unparalleled. I loved this one. Thanks for sharing. - ferdalump

That was one of the best vids I've seen. And usually that phrasing gets thrown around to anyone who can rip a dvd, but this was legit. I'd give it a solid B+/A-. Well done. - Jow

Mate, that was bloody brilliant! I enjoyed the hell out of that. - Silverglade

i really like the red and screen overlay, they're perfect. your videos keep getting better and better. I love it! - Ashley

Always so blown away by your videos! This one right up there..So AMAZING!! You are so talented =) BRAVO *claps* So favorited! - xxtheoraclexx

Magnificent! Wonderful effects, the song gives a new feel to this movie. - xXLovingDelusionsXx

dude i saw this vid, and i say just PURE AMAZING INTRO - Gir78623

That was extremely well done. I love your use of effects and how you portray the characters and their emotions. I really enjoyed watching it. - librarian_byday

i love your videos! you have yet to post one that i haven't adored! thanks so much for sharing! - zackery_faelan

OMG That was fantastic kristin !!!
The editing and the effects are amazing! -

I've been a huge fan of your's for a long time.
Amazing job, once again. -

Another fantastic vid here, Kris! The music and images work brilliantly together. This is possibly my favourite work, Kris. Awesome job! - smiley're good girl, damned good...another excellent vid, is there any end to your talents? top work Kristin. - Langy

Wow - I normally don't rate vids such as this very highly, but that was honestly superb. Well paced, well judged. Well done! - lakatmar

OH MY FRIGGIN GOSH KRISTIN!! that was so amazing! by far the best video ive seen you do so far. i loved the sonar affect you used as the transitions..very creative. i also love the redness to it too...made the video a more dark and sinister one. again i loved it! keep up the awesome work! - quixoticmisery

There's so many things that I loved about this video. The editing was awesome. The way you blended scenes together went perfect with the music. I liked the music as well, it's not the kind of music I hear on most fan vid's. (I'm sick of hearing Metallica and Evanescence on every fan vid lol)
So yea, awesome job! -

THAT was fantastic! i've never seen the film as i'm not into Batman, but I
was absolutely mesmerised by the way that was put together to Pure! Brilliant
work again, Kristin! -

I just saw your vid for Dark Knight with Pure, by GN. BRILLIANT!!! EXCELLENT WORK, AS ALWAYS!!! BRAVO!!!! You really do have a talent for editing! In fact, just as Christopher Nolan has a distinct story-telling and editing style, you have an extremely unique vision of your own, one that is unmistakable! - Robin

Another masterpiece of sheer brilliance! Totally excellent! - melvidge

That was just pure awesome! The effects were amazing and just a great video made for the awesome Heath Ledger and Christian Bale. - mystic89


Replicas (Gary Numan)

Love the vid this is probably my most favorite you have done well done girl. Dash (Paul M Green) give the girl some work, let her loose on the next Numan Vid. - Richard (NumanME)

Phwoar! super-cool hot stuff!! I always love Kristin's work; she makes him look soooo gooood. Yummy choice cuts! - NuSwan

Great stuff Kristin.I can only echo Richards words.Brings back memories of a great night!! Well done. - Numanoid7

One of the best numan vids on youtube. Love this so much Kristin :o) - Lee

waited ages for this....superb work....well done kristin....full volume and neighbours banging on my wall'' asking me to turn it up even must be over the moon with your editing on this one.. - Delvis

You got me smiling as always Kristin. It's such a wonderful song too. I really like that. I really like the light flash effects too. The spiked light or whatever you call it. I was getting a bit concerned as to wether or not we'd see that blond in the crowd. it fit great there at the end. I'm really really glad you used Replicas. That track need attention and I never felt I was qualified to mess with that great classic. It sounds wonderful too. Great job Kiddo... Always love seeing you do the 100% Numan video stuff. - Altira

Very slick/cool video, Kristin!Da overlays and effects look awesome!Good music too!!! 5*****XD! - kurtkords

Should have been released as a product in its own right. Now that i would definetely pay to see. Worthy of a place in the charts of its own fantastic, how privelged we are to be allowed to have insights into Kristins work. You certainly know how to make it work. Well done. - Monday Trooper

As it is often the case with your videos, you've outdone the original. Mr. Numan, hire this girl now!!! - The Lemon Kid

I wish you could re edit it ALL from a lady fans point of view. I love the dvd, but this is freaking beautiful and I think you could make a really good alternate dvd. - Carrie Moon

Really impressive video Kristin, one of your best to date. I'd be very interested to see what you'd do with a full gig to edit from scratch. Maybe one day!!! - priest


Jagged (Gary Numan)

WOW is all I can say! Looks absolutely fucking incredible. The fans are going to go absolutely bonkers watching that. I feel compelled to watch it over and over again lol Seriously, that's an outstanding thing you've done. Your editing skills and my recording skills spawned one hell of a love-child! This could well and truly be the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life. You've outdone yourself, Kristin. WELL DONE!!!! xoxoxoxo *favorites and rates a billion stars* lol - Ryan

Smokein' Kristin totally Smokein! Love the smoke... If only I could do it half as well. Sheesh. It's a wonderful version of this song too. Bravo Kristin! - Janis

Absolutely SHITHOT Edit Kristin, Love the Edge version used on here Infact I think I prefere this version. Love the effects. Nuuuuumaaan Rocks!!! - Lee

You and this video rocks :P - Crystal

WOW I bet his concerts are so awsome!! - yogi4santi

Bloody hell hon...stoooooooooop! No more hot images of Gary!!! This is too painful for me poor eyes!!!!! Hahaha! Gosh sweetie, this is way to hot for mimi!!! :O))) - Mimi

that's really really good
- Felix

I thoroughly dig the Gary Numan 'Jagged' montage. Wonderful memories captured right there! Tops-effort, chickadee. ;) - Trip

Another flawless work of art, Kristin.. I truly can never find the most appropriate or proper words to describe how moving your videos are... - J

thanx for this kristin - i'm going to be having sweet dreams tonight !
amazing in HD. -

I take my hat off ...That video was so F-king KoooooL!!!....Insane good video/audio very LOUD indeed. - Peter

Crackin' vid Kristin as ever. Also love your Replicas Live montage. Love it love it. - Scarlett


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