Forever Knight Filming Locations in Toronto

 June 23 - July 2, 2006

After nearly a decade as a fan, I finally had the opportunity to visit the City of the Knight. Here, I met my dear friend Ashley (who could seriously be Janette's long lost daughter) and visited many of the locations used in the show. The city is also full of amazing history. After taking 100s of photos, I decided to create a locations gallery for the fans.

A very special thanks to Marg Yamanaka for showing us many of these sites. I highly recommend taking her tour when visiting the city. She's been offering it since Forever Knight was on the air and is very knowledgeable, as well. Greer Watson also joined us during the tour.

CN Tower

"Higher than high..." - The world's highest tower made me feel right at home in the "City of the Knight."

Toronto Skyline

Some beautiful shots of the city...

Casa Loma

By far my favorite site. This castle and its interiors appeared in Crazy Love, Francesca, Father Figure, False Witness, Games Vampires Play, and more. I also revisited the castle on Canada Day for the Renaissance Faire. In addition, I've included a couple photos of Ashley and I in the gardens.

Royal Ontario Museum

Appeared in Dark Knight. Quite a fascinating museum! Definitely worth a visit while you're in Toronto.

Fluid Lounge - The Raven

Many of the greatest scenes were filmed here. Unfortunately, now the interiors and music are completely different.

St. James Church from For I Have Sinned

The beautiful gothic church where Nick spends the day.

BCE Place from Games Vampires Play

Incredible architecture! Appeared in many of the virtual reality shots. Nick also vamps out by the same gate.

Coroners Building

Or shall we say "Natalie's Bed and Breakfast."

Nick's Loft

Another favorite that needs no explanation! However, the water tower was moved to a different location on the building. It's the same one, but they painted it black.

St. George's Hall from Queen of Harps

Used for the auction...

Schanke's Home

As seen in Black Buddha.

Nat's Apartment

Appeared in Only the Lonely and a few others.

The Precient

In reality, it's actually a library. Beautiful architecture, as well.

Beach from The Fix

Nick enjoyed some sun here for the first time in 800 years. (cute dogs were roaming the beach when I took these)

Apartment of the Damned

Used for many of the gueststars, such as Ann from Dance by the Light of the Moon.

Blood Money Flying Shots

Lovely architecture once again.

Toronto Police Station

Didn't appear in the show, but was still an interesting visit!

Sons of Belial Locations

First photo is from the shootout, the second is where Eric Sawchuck hands out flyers, and the 3rd is the alley where the opening explosion occurred.

Stranger Than Fiction Locations

First photo is from the rooftop scene. The second and third are the safehouse and the last two are from the bookstore scene.

Hunted Locations

First two are from the "come to me" scene (and me goofing off lol). The others are some of the alleys used and also the chemical plant that appears in the episode.

Playground from Amateur Night

From the opening shooting scene.

Black Buddha Locations

The hill Nick runs down where he finds the debris from the explosion. Also the fake subway at the end of the episode.

Blackwing Building

Vachon appears on the news here.

Kessel House from Dead of Night

Haunted house from the episode.

Father Figure Building

Where Lisa steals the comic. Also used for some flying shots.

Human Factor Locations

Scene where Nick and Janette walk down the stairs as she tells her story.

If Looks Could Kill Locations

From the opening scenes at The Bay department store.

Unreality TV Locations

From the final scene and also the scene outdoors with Nick and Janette.

Spin Doctor Building

Hotel from the episode.

Yonge Street - popular driveby shot

The world's longest street. Nick and Schanke also walked down this street in The Fix.

And that concludes the location tour! Hope you enjoyed the gallery!

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