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Forever Knight The Trilogy - Part 1

From: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment


The Sexy Cult-Classic Vampire Series Debuts In A Blood-Curdling 5-Disc DVD Collection

Forever Knight The Trilogy - Part 1 All 22 Episodes From The Immortal First Season Premiering Exclusively to DVD October 21

Culver City, CA (August 11, 2003) - A savage thirst for blood. A relentless hunger for redemption. A stylish and sexy television series that became an immediate cult sensation. Debuting on CBS in 1992 and continuing to develop legions of loyal fans from repeat airings on late night TV and the Sci-Fi Channel, Forever Knight chronicles the journeys of Nicholas Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), an ancient angst-ridden vampire from the thirteenth century seeking to regain his mortality in present day Toronto. Available October 21 on DVD for the first time, the Forever Knight The Trilogy - Part 1 features the complete first season of the series in a chilling five-disc DVD set at the collectible price of $79.95 SLP.

After centuries of sinful bloodshed, Nicholas Knight has forsaken immortality and is determined to reclaim his humanity. He now spends his nights as a homicide detective with his "by the book" partner, Donald Schanke (John Kapelos), fighting the city's most brutal crimes. Joining in Nicholas' quest is Dr. Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher), a brilliant forensic scientist, who is inching closer to the cure for his supernatural condition. However Nicolas' quests are hindered by his tormented past, as the seductive master vampire Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett) will stop at nothing to ensure that he remains a vampire for all eternity. In his darkest moments, Nicholas turns to the lovely vampire Janette (Deborah Duchene), who offers him unconditional loyalty despite her prominent standing in the vampire underworld.

As the stakes get higher and his path to redemption becomes burdened with temptations, Nicholas valiantly sets out to conquer his curse night by night in order to emerge from his world of darkness, from his endless Forever Knight.

Episode #101 & 102 - Dark Knight

Nick believes a Mayan cup can help him become mortal again. His old master, Lacroix, arrives in town and begins to kill people to draw Nick's attention. Meanwhile, a savage killer of homeless people stalks the city.

Episode # 103 - For I Have Sinned

A serial killer who preys on young women who all attend the same church confesses his sins to the priest. Nick must overcome his fear and loathing of the Church and its symbols to find the killer.

Episode # 104 - Last Act

A young woman dies, an apparent victim of suicide. Nick's intuition, however, makes him think it was murder. An old vampire girlfriend of his commits suicide, sending him into a slight depression wherein he questions himself.

Episode # 105 - Dance by the Light of the Moon

Nick and Schanke investigate a double murder. In the process, they get tangled up with a stripper who tries to bring out Nick's wild side.

Episode # 106 - Dying to Know You

The wife and daughter of a prominent businessman are kidnapped and held for ransom. Nick and Schanke work with a psychic, who begins to suspect Nick's true identity.

Episode # 107 - False Witness

Nick is faced with the prospect of having to appear in court to testify in broad daylight after a man he is charged with protecting is killed.

Episode # 108 - Cherry Blossoms

A woman targeted in a mob hit in Chinatown survives but is in critical condition. Nick must find her before the mobsters do, but he runs into trouble when the man protecting her recognizes him as the killer of his mother.

Episode # 109 - I Will Repay

After Natalie's brother Richard is shot, she tries to convince Nick to bring Richard over as he did a leper centuries ago. Is this a second chance for Richard and his family, or will history repeat itself?

Episode # 110 - Dead Air

A radio station's on-air psychiatrist comes to the police when a maniac calls in to his show and murders women on the air.

Episode # 111 - Hunters

Schanke's old partner is gunned down in the street. The gunman makes it clear Don is next on the list. Nick hides Schanke at The Raven, but has a difficult time because Schanke won't lay low.

Episode # 112 - Dead Issue

Inspector Tony Fiore's wife confesses to shooting her lover in self-defense. Nick defies orders and pursues the case at all costs.

Episode # 113 - Father Figure

Nick's paternal instincts are invoked when he is assigned to protect the daughter of a victim of a mob hit.

Episode # 114 - Spin Doctor

A journalist covering a civic election is electrocuted in his hotel room. Later his girlfriend is found dead, too. Can Nick find out who committed these murders without Natalie and Schanke going at each other's throats?

Episode # 115 - Dying for Fame

Nick sets out to clear pop star Rebecca when a fan's body is found in her hotel room.

Episode # 116 - Only the Lonely

When Natalie has her 30th birthday, she begins rethinking her relationship with Nick. Now she's met someone else -- and Nick's jealousy is showing. Meanwhile, a killer is murdering his dates.

Episode # 117 - Unreality TV

When Nick is the subject of a "Cops"-like television show, the lead journalist discovers his secret. Nick must then expend all of his efforts to protect her from the Enforcers -- those who kill mortals who learn of the vampire secret.

Episode # 118 - Feeding the Beast

Nick goes undercover to investigate the murders of members of The Twelve Steps, a support group for addicts. Nick is forced to confront his addiction to blood.

Episode # 119 - To Die For / If Looks Could Kill

Nick investigates three women who are members of the same health spa. They're all young, beautiful, and have been involved in sordid violence, but do they share something more than skin deep?

Episode # 120 - Fatal Mistake

The investigation into Stonetree's recent shooting of an unarmed robber is keeping him up nights.

Episode # 121 - 1966

A hostage situation at the police station forces Nick to recall his life in East Berlin, where he helped a family in crisis while they aided him in his search for the Abarat, an ancient book of miracles that may contain a cure for vampires.

Episode # 122 - Love You To Death

Nick is determined to find the killer of a model who has been missing for four months. Meanwhile, another model disappears who bears a striking resemblance to a woman Nick fell for a long time ago.

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: 5-disc set contains complete First Season (22 episodes) Remastered in High Definition Full Screen Presentation Audio: English (stereo) Episode Selections

DVD Release Info:

Title: Forever Knight Trilogy Pt 1
Studio: Columbia TriStar
Release Date: 10.21.03
Number of Discs: 5
Running Time: 1046 min
(Over 17 Hours)
Rating: NR
Retail Price: $79.95 ($55-$59 on sale)

Video & Audio Specs:

Video: 1.33:1 Fullscreen
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0




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