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Current Projects and Events

Forever Knight on Chiller TV:

There is a new petition to help get Forever Knight back on tv. We stand a good chance of getting the show on air. We've brought back Forever Knight twice before, so let's make TV history by bringing the series back to television again.

Go here to sign the petition.

Forever Knight Trilogy Part Three (with my Music Videos as Bonus Features):

Click to Enlarge

Forever Knight (Season 3) came to DVD October 3, 2006 at a price of $59.95 retail. This set also includes 3 of my music videos as extras! Read the Official Press Release below:


Stylish Cult Favorite Vampire TV Series
Starring Geraint Wyn Davies, Catherine Disher, Nigel Bennett and
Ben Bass Is Back with the Final 22 Episodes on DVD October 3

Culver City, CA (July 17, 2006) – Creator James Parriott (TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”) unleashes the undead for the last time when Forever Knight The Trilogy: Part Three, debuts on DVD October 3 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The TV series stars Geraint Wyn Davies (TV’s “24”) as Nick Knight, a stylish and sexy 13th-century vampire working as a police detective in modern-day Toronto in order to atone for the sins of his past. Also starring is Catherine Disher (TV’s “Murder in the Hamptons”) as Natalie, the forensic pathologist who keeps Nick’s secret while battling his nemesis Lacroix (Nigel Bennett from The Skulls) to gain back Nick’s immortal soul. Fans can now complete their collection with this five-disc boxed set featuring all 22 episodes from the series’ electrifying final season. The DVD will be priced at $59.95 SLP.

In 2004, Forever Knight was included on TV Guide’s list of the Top 25 Cult TV Shows of All Time. The series debuted on CBS August 1, 1992, as part of an innovative new programming schedule dubbed “Crimetime after Primetime.” Despite the fervor of its fans, the series was temporarily cancelled after its first season when the network acquired Late Night with David Letterman. Following an aggressive letter-writing campaign, the series returned in syndication for its second and third seasons. The series continues to have a strong following among fans, with numerous websites devoted to deconstructing its mythology and creating new stories based on the original characters. Three novels were written based on the series: A Stirring of Dust by Susan Sizemore, Intimations of Mortality by Susan Garrett, and These Our Revels by Anne Hathaway Nayne. Over the course of its three season run, the series was nominated for 14 Gemini Awards® (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy®), including a win for Bennett as Best Supporting Actor. For this season, the show was nominated for Best Dramatic Series and Best Original Music Score.

Forever Knight The Trilogy: Part Three introduces a new supporting cast of characters. While Nick and his eternal nemesis Lacroix are still at each others’ throats, a new police captain, Joe Reese (Blu Mankuma), takes over the 96th Precinct night shift and Nick has a new partner, Tracy Vetter (Lisa Ryder from TV’s “Andromeda”), who becomes romantically involved with the new vampire in town, Javier Vachon (Ben Bass from TV’s “Queer as Folk”). Other highlights of the final season include tricky murder investigations, spiritual healers, Nick catching a bullet in the head, and a demonic dog.

DVD Special Features Include:

Digitally Remastered Audio and Video
Full Screen Presentations
Audio: English
Three Music Videos - Yes, they're my work!
Bonus Previews
Closed Captioned

Broadcast Year: 1995 - 1996

Forever Knight The Trilogy: Part Three has a run time of approximately 971 minutes and is not rated. SLP: $59.95

Kickstart the Knight Scifi Ad:

Thanks to all of you faithful FK fans, the Summer Auction netted a whopping $1,052—more than enough to place a full-page ad in SciFi Magazine.

The KtK Committee, with the help of the graphic designer at SciFi Magazine, put together an ad to thank TPTB for the first and second season DVDs and to ask for the third season. Preview it at the KTK site here.

Forever Knight Trilogy Pt 2 (Season 2 DVD Set) with Bonus Features:

Forever Knight (Season 2) officially came to DVD January 4, 2005 at a price of $59.95 retail (about $40 on sale). This set also includes extras!

Pictures of the Front/Back Cover:

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

Menu Screen Design:

Click to Enlarge

DVD Release Info:

Title: Forever Knight Trilogy Pt 2
Studio: Columbia TriStar
Release Date: 1.4.05
Number of Discs: 6
Running Time: 1148 min
Rating: NR
Retail Price: $59.95 (about $40 on sale)

Video & Audio Specs:

Video: 1.33:1 Fullscreen
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0


Commentary Tracks:
• Killer Instinct - Jim Parriott and Geraint Wyn Davies
• A More Permanent Hell - Nigel Bennett
• Curiouser & Curiouser - Nigel Bennett
• Crazy Love - Jim Parriott and Geraint Wyn Davies
"About the Show" featurette (20 mins)
Questions from the fans (7 mins)

FK in Top 25 Cult Shows Ever - TV Guide:

FK was featured in the May 30-June 5, 2005 issue of TV Guide. Below is a transcript of the article and and the pic included with it:

#23 Life as a vampire sucked for Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies). So what better path to self-esteem than becoming a big-city homicide detective? Cult-ability: Sensitive nosferatu were nothing new, but fans of Forever Knight were drawn to the show's dark edge. And the cult is growing: When Geraint Wyn Davies performed King Lear with Christopher Plummer in New York City recently, the audience was packed with Knighties. "The show is better-known now than when it was on the air," says the star.

Get a 3rd Forever Knight Sountrack:

I've been in contact with a friend at GNP Crescendo - the company that released the 2 FK Soundtracks - and she's taking requests for a 3rd FK Soundtrack and what songs you would like to see on it (such as the raven music in For I Have Sinned, Near Death, the other version of Black Rose, etc). If she receives enough e-mails a 3rd soundtrack might be released!

Send your requests to:

Forever Knight Trilogy Pt 1 (Season 1 DVD Set):

FK on DVD - 10/21/03 - Use this banner to spread the word!

Forever Knight (Season 1) officially came to DVD October 21, 2003. It's now on sale at many stores including walmart for only $20. The DVD set is entitled: "Forever Knight Trilogy Part 1."

Click here to read the press release and click here to watch the DVD commercial.

Pictures of the Front/Back Cover:

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Zoom in on the Graphics (from Back Cover):

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Large Picture of the 1st Menu Screen:

Click to enlarge

DVD Release Info:

Title: Forever Knight Trilogy Pt 1
Studio: Columbia TriStar
Release Date: 10.21.03
Number of Discs: 5
Running Time: 1046 min
Rating: NR
Retail Price: $59.95

Video & Audio Specs:

Video: 1.33:1 Fullscreen
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0



FK Discs - click to enlarge 

Sci-fi Channel E-mail/Phone/Snail Mail Blitz:

As you all know, Sci-fi returned Forever Knight to their line-up April 1, 2002 and, this time, only aired the show 1 year. Sci-fi was giving people a chance to discover Forever Knight and also reawaken old fans, but they have canceled it again. The fans must take action on this. It's time to let Sci-fi know now, more than ever, we are truly grateful for their airings of Forever Knight. Request *politely* that Sci-fi air Forever Knight again and it can't hurt to also mention your interest in a return movie with original cast as well.

Write to: and/or

Also, e-mail to express your thoughts and have a chance to appear in their weekly newsletter read by 1,000's!

Sci-fi's phone #: (212)-413-5000

Snail Mail Addresses (very important!):

Bonnie Hammer
President of Sci-fi Programming
Sci-fi Channel
1230 Avenue Of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Thomas Vitale
Senior Vice President of Acquisitions,
Scheduling, and Program Planning
The Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10020-1513

Letter Writing Campaign:

Letter Writing Campaign

The best thing you can do is write, write, write to the powers that be!! Send letters, lots of letters!! This is the only way our voices can be heard, so start working those fingers. Please show your support by linking back to this page with the above banner... Here's the addresses, plus NEW addresses to the sponsors that help pay for FK's broadcast on Sci-fi:

*Sci-fi Channel (keep FK on Air and possible NEW movies)*

Bonnie Hammer
President of Sci-fi Programming
Sci-fi Channel
1230 Avenue Of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Thomas Vitale
Senior Vice President of Acquisitions,
Scheduling, and Program Planning
The Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10020-1513

*Tristar/Sony (owners of Forever Knight: license merchandise, movies, etc..)*

Click here for a feedback form on their website also.

Mel Harris
Chief Operating Officer-Television
Sony Pictures Entertainment
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City,CA 90232

John Calley, CEO
Ken Lemberger, Co-President
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Tri-Star Bldg.
10102 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

SPE Columbia Pictures
550 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY 10022
(212) 833-8500

Sony Pictures Entertainment
150 Roger Avenue
Inwood, NY 11096
(718) 868-5800

*USA Networks*

Stephen Chao
USA Networks
2049 Century Park E., Ste., 2550
Los Angeles,CA 90067

Mr. Jean Marie Messier, CEO
Vivendi/Universal Corp.
375 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10152-0192

*For more general FK merchandise*

Marci Gordon
Sony Product Development
TriStar Building, 3rd Fl.
10102 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

P.O. Box 13131
Reading, PA 19612-3131

*For more FK books*

Grace Ressler
Publishing Manager
Sony Signatures
TriStar Building, 3rd Fl.
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Boulevard Books
The Berkley Publishing Group
200 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Berkley Publishing Group
Susan Petersen Kennedy, President
David Shanks, CEO
Penguin Putman, Inc
375 Hudson Street
New York City, NY 10014

*For FK on video/DVD*

Columbia Tri-Star Home Video
2800 South River Rd
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(847) 699-6340

Columbia Tri-Star Home Video
22W645 Armitage Avenue
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 469-0411

Columbia Tri-Star Home Video
2722 Kenwood Drive
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 813-0067

*For fans in the U.K.*

Customer Relations Department
British Sky Broadcasting PLC
Subscriber Management Centre
P.O. Box 43
West Lothion
EH54 7DD

The Sci Fi Channel
77 Charlotte Street

Past Projects and Events

The Return of Forever Knight Petition - Now Closed:

We have tried our best these past 11 years to make FK movies happen. Unfortunately, we were unable to accomplish that. While the fans have been successful in getting other Forever Knight related things, such as CD's and DVD sets, we sadly failed in our efforts with movies, not because we didn't try, but because for whatever reasons, TPTB refused to make it happen.
I praise the fans for their continued support in this effort. You have all been wonderful. If in time we find out that anything is still possible, we will of course re-start the petitions, but until then, thanks again for a valiant effort. KtK is still continuing, just not for movies at this time.

Return of FK Petition

Forever Knight Radio Show (from Sony/Sci-fi):

FK Radio Show

I received this news from Sony (Sept. 19th): I have some very cool news for some very loyal fans of the hit show Forever Knight. In honor of this long awaited release and as a way to say thank you to all of the supportive fans Forever Knight's star, Geraint Wyn Davies (Detective Nick Knight/Nicholas de Brabant) & the show's creator, James D. Parriot will answer your audiences questions about their groundbreaking show.

Fans asked their questions and now you can listen to the radio show online.

Forever Knight: The Radio Show is now online! Click here to tune in.

CD Soundtrack Box Set of Forever Knight:

Box Set Picture

GNP/Crescendo Records released a Box Set of both Forever Knight soundtracks for 2002! To order visit their site below:

Quoting from their site:

"Now back on the Sci-Fi Channel, FOREVER KNIGHT continues to have a very strong fan base. Now together for the very first time are two volumes of the best music from the hit series by Fred Mollin as well as songs by Lori Yates and Molly Johnson. Special guest artists on both volumes are series stars Geraint Wyn Davies, John Kapelos and Nigel Bennett."

While this may not be actual new merchandise, it's very close. I already have both volumes, but I am ordering this nice looking box set for backups and to show my support. I hope you guys will too. Who knows... maybe this will lead to future merchandise like a 3rd soundtrack.

KTK Ad (May 2002):

Below is an Ad that appeared in the May 14-20th issue of "The Hollywood Reporter" on page 30 at the bottom half of the page. You can obtain a copy at your local Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores. This issue is also available online at:

Look below for a picture of the ad...

Hollywood Reporter KTK AD

Forever Knight's Return to Sci-fi (2002):


Forever Knight fans across the USA satisfied their every immortal desire with SCI FI's 12-hour Forever Knight marathon April 1st, 2002.

Please thank Sci-fi by writing this address: and/or

There is also a new bboard post started at Sci-fi's site to specifically thank them for returning Forever Knight. This is also an opportunity to request that return movie with original cast:

Feel free to use the banner above or Sci-fi's to spread the word.

FK Marathon

KTK Ad (Sept 2001):

Below is the Ad that appeared in the September 27th issue of Variety, and was the only ad that large (approximately 8"x 8 2/3"... they called it a half-page, but it appeared more like a three-quarters page) in the whole issue! For information on how to order a copy of the issue directly from Variety contact Variety's customer service at or call (888)674-5656.

NEWS: This one and other Variety ads *have* been noticed by Columbia Tristar (verified in the upper announcement)!

Look below for a picture of the ad...

Variety AD

Bamboo Plant Project:

KickStart The Knight sent Bonnie Hammer at the Sci-fi Channel a very nice gift wrapped Bamboo Plant  on the fans behalf with emails asking that FK be restored to the line-up last fall...

Here is some pictures of the plant Ms. Hammer will get and the box it went in, along with the 60+ e-mails people wrote:

Thanks ahead of time to everyone who has participated in this...and please remember to keep E-mailing Sci-fi online!!

KtK Full Page AD (Dec. 2000):

*Kickstart The Knight* had our very first FULL PAGE Forever Knight Ad in the December 12-17 2000 issue of "The Hollywood Reporter"!

The December 12th through December 17th issue....Page 49 on the right side page. See ad below...


KtK backed this Ad up with a special X-mas package sent to Bonnie Hammer on your behalf.

Fangs for the Knight! A Halloween 2000 Project:

Fangs for the Knight!

Halloween of 2000, Kickstart The Knight  did something special to encourage The Powers That Be to provide us all with not only a return of the original series of FK to the schedule, but also renew it as a series with the original cast and/or return it as one or more made-for-television movies, and for more merchandise.

We purchased vampire fangs, in an assortment of neon colors. We collected your emails and letters and attached them to the fangs and mailed the whole lot in coffin shaped boxes to TPTB. 

Here are pictures of the fangs and of the packages we sent! Thanks to all who sent their messages to be included with the fangs!


**The Fans asking for Forever Knight!!**... A BBoard Letter Post:

This is a post on the Sci-fi bboard asking for the return of Forever Knight. I would like to see ALL of you add your names and letters about what you want and more. We ALL would like to see it stay on Sci-fi wouldn't we? Along with more merchandise and return movies? 

The post can be found here:

Please add your name and letters, and also help to spread the word about this.

Those of you that signed also send copies of your comments to

Early KTK AD (March 1999):

This ad appeared in the Hollywood Reporter in March, 1999. It's one of the very first ones with the character's pictures on it. See picture below...


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