Most of these videos are compressed in high-quality DIVX format and require the free codec from here. (To disable the logo, go to Program Files/Divx/config utility: quality settings - disable logo). Please email me for any questions or comments. If you upload these videos to youtube, myspace, etc. please credit me. Thank you.

Forever Knight Trailer +Award Winning+


If Forever Knight were truly coming to a theater near you this fall, here's what a movie trailer might look like... The scenes represented are combined with a mix of Enigma, E.S. Posthumus, and quotes from the characters. Created: 11/16/04 Reviews (46) | Send Review

Damascus +Award Winning+


This special composition in monochrome features the many tragedies in Nick's immortal life. Immortality is not always paradise... The scenes represented are combined with Conjure One's "Damascus." Created: 3/6/04 Reviews (14) | Send Review

Character Theme +Award Winning+


This is another special composition that features each major character in FK season 1. It has representative quotes for each one and the key relationships. This video is kind of like another version of the theme sequence. The scenes represented are combined with Forever Knight's main theme (extended version). Created: 1/3/04 Reviews (12) | Send Review

 What is Forever Knight +Award Winning+


This is a very special composition revealing why Forever Knight is so treasured by its fans and why it is truly an endless show. The scenes represented are combined with E.S. Posthumus' "Nara." Created: 1/9/03 Reviews (20) | Send Review


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