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Temptation Waits: Craig Ferguson

My tribute to the very charming, funny, and ultra-gorgeous Craig Ferguson. Music: Temptation Waits by Garbage Footage:
Born Romantic, I'll Be There, Saving Grace, The Big Tease, Lenny the Wonder Dog, Life without Dick, Modern Vampires, Drew Carey Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Created: 6/17/10

Blind: Wolf +Award Winning+


After being bitten by a wolf, Will discovers he is transforming into a creature even he doesn't believe in. As confusion about his beastly nature begins to overpower him, he finds comfort through Laura's love. These scenes from Wolf are combined with Gary Numan's "Blind." Created: 11/22/06  Reviews (17) | Send Review

Eden: Pride and Prejudice +Award Winning+


This video explores the compelling romance between Elizabeth and Darcy. These scenes from Pride and Prejudice are combined with Sarah Brightman's "Eden." Created: 3/31/06  Reviews (34) | Send Review

Bedazzled Trailer


This video is my own comedic trailer for the hilarious film Bedazzled. The scenes represented are combined with a mix of Yello's "Oh Yeah," R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly," and other music from the Bedazzled Soundtrack. Created: 3/2/06  Reviews (10) | Send Review

Within You: Labyrinth +Award Winning+


One of my favorite movies growing up was Labyrinth due to the never-ending maze of creativity it emits. This video focuses on the intriguing relationship between Sarah and her fantasy - Jareth. These scenes from Labyrinth are combined with David Bowie's "Within You." Created: 1/27/05  Reviews (30) | Send Review

Haunted: Naruto


Naruto music video dedicated to my friend Jackie. I created this video as a gift to her and while I am not very familiar with the series, I think most fans will still enjoy it. It captures the best moments from the first film. These scenes from Naruto(1st movie) are combined with Gary Numan's "Haunted." Created: 9/10/06  Reviews (8) | Send Review

The Crusade: Dragon Heart


This video features the theme "dragon vs man" and was a project for my English class back in October of 2002. The footage is from the movie "Dragon Heart," but it represents characters from the story of Beowulf in which the hero fights a deadly dragon. The music is "Modern Crusaders" by Enigma. I received a 105% for this project. Click here to view the CD cover I made. Created: 10/14/02 Reviews (12) | Send Review


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